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Beating story mode with Proof- Fist to win a match the easiest way is to strong  
kick your opponent over and over. Then when you get your opponents health meter down 
about half way start doing  DDTs to them. You may have to raise your states in the 
POWER, SPEED, and GRAPPLE. to do a DDT strong grapple(hold down x) Then press Square 
using no directional buttons. Ok now for the Handicapped match. It’s not that hard 
at all, OK first When you start just body slam house (tap x and press x again) Ok 
your going to run around the ring don't be afraid but after you taunt a few times go 
and beat on house his life goes down super fast. When you get your momentum meter up 
do a couple of those DDTs i talked about earlier and get his life down completely 
then taunt to get into BLAZIN mode then do a strong grapple and move your right 
analog stick any direction then you will knock him out. Then you get to Def Jam 
Tournament. Do the same technique i told you about in the first paragraph with the 
DDTs and Strong kicks. If you are knocked down then hold R1 and press square this 
lets you drop kick, cheap shot, leg sweep, your opponent or you can press x and 
grapple him. Ok Do this technique to the remaining 4 or 5 people. Then you get to D-
Mob. Ok Fist Soft grapple him then do a submission hold keep doing a submission 
holds on him for about 10 tries get your BLAZIN mode on and knock him out it is that 
easy. After that you get a record breaking amount of  $102,995 So after that Pimp 
out Proof and use him to earn money to pimp out other characters before going into 
story mode with any other characters. Raise your GRAPPLE, POWER, SPEED, and DEFENSE. 
And Leave the Stamina and Charisma bout half way full.

Beating story mode with Tank- First to win all the matches to get to Def Jam 
Tournament (Final Battles) Just Strong Kick, Hard Grapple, Reverse, and Taunt till 
your opponents life is down into the danger mode. Ok to do so you must when the 
match starts run at your opponent using circle then pres square and knock him down. 
Perform a Submission hold and press R1 quick before they get to the ropes when they 
do rope breaks their momentum meter goes up. Keep going with the submission holds 
until then hit danger in their health meter. Taunt a few times and if they hit you , 
you must time your reversals at a good time and then reverse them this gives you 
2,000 points for strong grapple reversals, 1,000 points for soft grapple reversals, 
and 500 points for a strong kick and 200 points for a soft kick. Reversals also 
bring your momentum up also. Ok back to Tank. Now when you earn money raise his 
SPEED RIGHT AWAY. Now Get your BLAZIN mode and do a strong FRONT grapple because he 
hits them many times before doing the final touch in his specialty so if your 
opponents health meter isn’t down COMPLETELY then this will make it go down. When 
you get to Snowman, House, and Pockets once again like with everyone else go for 
House his life goes down extremely fast. Ok finish him off then go back to your 
starting technique from the beginning in the Def Jam Tournament to got to D-Mod if 
you time your moves, reversals, grapples, taunts, and submissions at the right times 
then D-Mod will be a sintch to beat.

Beating story mode with Briggs- Ok first go and beat Pee Wee the first guy then when 
you get to the screen that has the three signs (money, caution, and finger pointing) 
click on the caution sign and go to  battle mode and get lots of money do Tag Team 
matches or go up against hard opponents. Raise everything in his stats.  Then When 
you get to the handicapped match with HOUSE, SNOWMAN, and POCKETS make sure Briggs's 
Defense stats are FULL COMPLETELY. Go for House and Woop His Butt. Then  use the 
technique you used to beat everyone to get to that match to go through the Def Jam 
Tournament challengers. Then Beat D-Mob and take the gold just put D-mob in a whole 
bunch of submissions till his health is in the DANGER zone and then  Go BLAZIN on 

Beat story mode with Spider- Ok first beat Pee Wee then get a crap load of cash from 
Battle mode and Raise everything in you guy’s stats then just keep beating people 
and then knock out House in that handicapped match and use the same technique as 
before to beat everyone in the Def Jam Tournament and put D-Mob in Submission holds 
till his life meter goes down and then knock him out when you hit BLAZIN mode. After 
that you will have story mode conquered with everyone. Now you unlock Deebo and Omar 
for in battle mode. 


ARENAS- Club Luda- Beat Ludacris in his club to unlock Club Luda.
	Junkyard-  Beat DMX in his Tricked out Doggy style Junkyard with stadium 
	Def Jam- Beat D-Mob
	Def Jam- Vendetta- Beat D-Mob
	Bounty Club- Beat D-Mob
	Dragon House- Beat the strip of people at the dragon house.
	Warehouse- Beat the strip of people at the warehouse.
	Grimmeyville- Beat N.O.R.E. and unlock his crazy rooftop Paradise haha.
	Face Club After Hours- Beat House, Snowman, and Pockets.
GALLERIES- Deja- Keep her as your girlfriend until you beat Ludacris.
		     Penny- Keep her as your girlfriend until you beat Ludacris.
		     Opal- Keep her as your girlfriend until you beat Ludacris.
		     Angel- Beat D-Mob.

REVERSAL POINTS-               Block- 500
			       Strong Grapple Reversal- 2000
			       Soft Grapple Reversal- 1000
			       Soft Strike Reversal- 1000
		 	       Strong Strike Reversal- 2000

People- Just Pretty Much Beat The Game And You Will Have Everyone Unlocked By The 
End Of The Game.


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