Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

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Storym mode summary

Note:I took out the mini game info to make the FAQ shorter


DANCE 1:Dance with Toad across the river in a boat

DANCE 2:Dance to get back up the pipe

DANCE 3:Dance in the shpokeeper's garden to get the kids out and get the tower key

DANCE 4:Dance off against Waluigi to get the music note


DANCE 1:Dance on a platform to untwist Toadette's hotel

DANCE 2:Dance and fish against the shopkeeper to get the boat power

DANCE 3:Dance in front of the Blooper to get the music note


DANCE 1:Dance in the roller coaster to catch up to the thief

DANCE 2:You find out the thief is Wario then you chase him  a haunted house and you 
have to dance to shoo the boo's

DANCE 3:Dance against Wario for the music note


DANCE 1:Dance to raise the platform to the higher pipe

DANCE 2:Dance in the house to warm up 

DANCE 3:Dance against the freezies so he'll give you his music note

DANCE 4:While your sleigh riding down the mountain dance to speed up away from the 

Congrats! you beat the game


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