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| F I N A L  F A N T A S Y  T A C T I C S | Straight Character Challenge
                [presented in THX surround sound]
  ##===##=====#==                            written by MunkiBleedsGreen
  ||== ||==  ||  <==Bad Ascii              ([email protected]) ¬©2001
  ||   ||    ||    At It's Worst            {best viewed at full screen}

Foreword: This FAQ has been compiled by me through an on running post of
mine on the FFT message board at While I did my fair share
of the research, much of this document came from a large group of people
whom I will thank later on. I do not claim to be the originator of much
of this information, but I have received all of their consent as to post
this on this topic. Without further ado, I present to you the
Straight Character's Challenge.

|Table of Contents\______________
|1. FAQ Information               \        * Denotes Updated Section
|    1.1 Updates/Version*         /        ! Denotes New Section
|    1.2 Needs                    \
|    1.3 Upcoming/News*           /
|2. The Challenge Basics          \
|    2.1 Introduction             /
|    2.2 Rules and Regulations*   \
|    2.3 Comments on Classes*     /
|3. The Strategies                \
|    3.1 Generic Strategies*      /
|    3.2 Job Class Specific*      \
|4. Miscellaneous                 /
|    4.1 FAQ*                     \
|    4.2 The Thanks*              /
|    4.3 Random Stuff*            \

-_-_-_-_-_-_       ________________
|Section 1  \_____/ FAQ Information\___________________________________

-1.1- Updates/Version

V0.4-May 9th, 2001-   Well, added some new strategy. Most notably, I
                      totally re-evaluated Mediators and added new
                      accompanying strategy, buffed up Oracles, and a
                      whole load of new strategy has been added to
                      Samurai and Lancer, courtesy of Saint Ajora and
                      TallgeeseVI. I even added a Calculator section!
                      All together, about 12k of information.

-1.2- Needs

        -I'm always in need of Class Specific strategies. Credit will be
         given to the senders in all cases. Please, e-mail me at
         [email protected], or post under one of the relevant topics
         at the FFT message board. I also need a lot more time to work on
         this... Oh, if you believe that you have better Basic Descriptions
         of the Classes, send them along my way. Anything you want to add
         at all is plenty welcome.

-1.3- Upcoming/News

        -Must... put... up... more... STRATEGY! The big thing upcoming
         is a job Class Stat Chart. Speed is the first thing, and if
         the demand is there, I'll put one up for PA and MA. Other than
         that, I'm a bit low on ideas to be honest.

-_-_-_-_-_-_                      _________________
|Section 2  \____________________/ Challenge Basics\____________________

-2.1- Introduction

     Well now, surely many of you are familiar with the Squaresoft game,
Final Fantasy Tactics. If you're not, are you really that bored and dull
of a person to go checking out FAQs for games that you don't know about?
Shame, shame on you! Well, for the rest of you, it has always been a
common complaint that this game is, with the exception of a few battles,
too easy. However, the job system of Tactics keeps us all addicted to its'
gameplay and in love with the game itself.

     Another complaint is the uselessness of certain job classes, and the
abuse of more powerful ones. As a supporter of the less popular classes,
and someone who adamantly believes this game should be harder, I went out
and did something. I devised a bit of a challenge for us all. Perhaps I
didn't devise it, but I definitely popularized it.

     The basic idea of this challenge: play with only one job class. This,
ultimately, creates new challenges abound. Old battles, once thought easy,
suddenly smack you in the face. Old skills you once ignored suddenly find
reborn usage. Most importantly, you find a new appreciation for job classes
you may have not regarded so highly.

     Does this interest you? If it does, read on, young warrior, and enter
the Straight Job Class world.

-2.2- Rules and Regulations

 >>1. Party must consist of 5 Characters, all set to the same job class.
      Characters must attain Job before Dorter Trade City, and remain in
      that class.

 >>2. Characters can not use any other abilities of any other class at all.
      Any Support, Movement, and Reaction skills must come from their own
      Job Class.

 >>3. Special Characters are not allowed, as their enhanced growth can
      dilute the challenge.

 >>4. High leveling up is not allowed either. The following Level Caps have
      been set as maximums for all job classes:
          -Chapter 1: 20
          -Chapter 2: 35
          -Chapter 3: 50
          -Chapter 4: 70 - Before Murond Death City
      However, remember to use your judgement. These levels shouldn't be
      approached with most classes. The stronger your class, the lower your
      levels should accordingly be.

 >>5. Again, you may not use Gained JP Up, Secret Hunt, Move-Find Item, etc.
      unless your character naturally has it in their class. This is the
      same as rule #2, but I need to state it twice because this is the most
      common mistake.

 >>6. Guest Characters can become whatever you wish. A strong Algus and
      Delita are pretty much required to beat early battles for many classes.
      Guest Characters may be stripped of their equipment.

 >>7. Important to Mediators: Monsters can NOT be recruited. If a Human is
      recruited through Invite, he must be stripped and then kicked out. Any
      Special Character can also be stripped and then removed.

 >>8. If you have a problem in the game, namely Wiegraf, use your better
      judgement. Depending on how into your game you are,  judge whether or not
      to give yourself some leniency for this battle. Several classes may find
      it totally impossible to beat Wiegraf, such as Archers, Thieves, and
      Bards, and thus give yourself some leg room in this fight if you need it.

 >>9. Later in the game, at Chapter 4, you may use a full party of Special
      Characters in a few random battles, just for the sake of your sanity.
      This applies mostly to people with very tedious jobs like Summoners,
      Mediators, and Bard/Dancers. Special Characters may NEVER be used in
      Story Battles or in the Deep Dungeon. [Mucho Gracias Dr Goofy]

 >>10. You may not Dupe Weapons or use the Level Up/Down cheat. Neither of
       these is technically possible if you stick to the challenge, but it
       should be said anyway. [Thanks to Cyrus Viruz for pointing this out]

 >>11. The eleventh rule of the Straight Character challenge is... don't tell
       anyone about the Straight Character challenge... unless you really
       want to, then I guess it's okay ^_^

-2.3- Comments On Classes

     General comments on each class are listed here. This is intended to
     interest you into playing different classes and trying as many
     challenges as possible.

      Though seemingly difficult, Ramza will be a key figure with
     his power and equips. Cheer Up is very helpful. However, Throw Stone
     isn't much against a Zodiac Monster, eh?

     Perhaps the "safest" of all classes. Their healing and reviving
     is quite nice and comes in handy in ALL situations. However, their
     battle power is horrible throughout most of the game, and their mediocre
     stats can hold you back.

     The slow, powerful warrior. High battle power will make early
     fights easier than most. However, a complete lack of long range attacks
     causes them to rely on melee fighting, and evasion. Handy ability set,
     but vulnerable.

     The first class I ever tried this challenge with. Their attacks
     are crap early on. However, their long range superiority makes most
     random battles a breeze. There are some story battles which give them
     advantages, but there are many more which totally handicap them.

     A real conundrum of possibilities here. Waiting for enemies to
     come to you and then unloading with powerful spells seems pretty
     effective, but when enemies with low Faith or better Speed come around,
     you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

     The second job class I know to have been started in this
     Straight Challenge campaign (Maligant did it, go Mal...). They have
     healing, revival, auto-revival, protection, and even one of the
     strongest attack spells in the game, as well as balanced stats and good
     Speed. Don't forget though, for the better part of the game, enemies
     will be killed with their sticks, and their healing and revival is quite

     A powerful class, in both stats and skillsets. The obvious
     advantages come in HP healing, status curing, revival, and long range
     attacks. High Brave characters will dominate the game early on, and moves
     like Wave Fist and Earth Slash will become powerful staples to strategy.
     Remember though, they do have pretty poor HP. Still a fun class.

     Obvious advantages come in the Steal set. You can get nice EXP
     early on, some equipment you couldn't get otherwise from Secret Hunt
     and the Steals, and even the glorious Move and Jump +2s. They have
     great Speed too! Of course, they have horrible PA and must depend on
     the very very "iffy" Steal Heart to do their damage for them. Also,
     they have low HP, and no actual long range attacking. Don't even get
     me started on how they can beat Wiegraf or Velius...


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