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--- The Online GoldenEye Strategy Guide --- v1.0  11/14/98

This is a strategy guide, not a walk through. I have made this to help people 
beat the game GoldenEye. Please try the game first, then if your stuck refer to 
this strategy guide for help. The body armor count is only on the agent 
difficulty, there is usually a smaller amount of body armor the more difficult 
you make it. I have described how to accomplish the objectives in each level and 
what weapons you can receive. There are secret weapons and a whole cheat menu 
for you to find but those are not in this guide. I have writtin this guide on 
the 1-Player levels, I might write a guide covering Multi. It is best to use a 
program like 'Notepad' to view this, as it is a simple text document.

There are two body armors located in the Dam. They are up in two of the six 
watch towers throughout the level. You start off with a PP7 Silenced but you can 
pick up a KF7, Sniper Rifle, and a DD44. The hardest part of this level is the 
tunnel, there are plenty of guys and lots of walls to duck behind. I suggest 
using your KF7 or your Sniper Rifle. There are four objectives for this level:
-Neutralize All Alarms: There are four alarms throughout the level, three inside 
towers and the other near the satellite dish. Destroy them all to complete the 
-Install Covert Modem: Right before the locked gate there is a small computer on 
the wall below a satellite dish. Throw the modem on the computer to complete the 
-Intercept Data Backup: This is the hardest objective to complete, it requires 
you to go below the Dam surface. The easiest way to complete it is to go to the 
farthest watch tower and go down the flight of stairs. There will be no guys 
waiting for you at the bottom. Head along the tunnel killing all the guys until 
you come up to a door. Open the door and enter the room, kill all the soldiers 
but be careful not to shoot any computer hardware. After there all dead go up to 
the two large mainframes and activate them, a ten second timer will start. After 
the timer reaches zero your objective will be complete.
-Bungee Jump From Platform: Halfway across the dam there will be a small set of 
stairs leading to a platform. Walk off the platform to complete the level.

There are two body armors, one near the beginning and the other half way through 
the level. You start off with a PP7 Silenced and Remote Mines but you can get a 
KF7, and a D5K Duestche. This level is big but not to complex. There are a lot 
of guys and remote doors which doesn't make this level easy. Five objectives 
must be complete to beat the level:
-Gain Entry To Laboratory Area: The laboratory is the second half of the level, 
you will have little resistance getting there. 
-Contact Double Agent: The double agent is never in the same location, this 
makes finding him hard. He looks like a scientist so be careful who you shoot. 
Once you find him he will give you a door decoder to open the door before the 
gas room.
-Rendezvous With 006: Be careful not to shoot him, he looks like a bad guy and 
one shot will fail the mission. Walk up to him and he will start talking to you.
-Destroy All Tanks In Bottling Room: While 006 is talking to you place your five 
remote mines on the tanks. Wait until 006 is done talking and the alarm has gone 
off before detonating your mines. Make sure all the tanks are destroyed, if not 
shoot the ones still remaining. There are two exits to leave the level, either 
one will do but hurry up because the gas is deadly.
-Minimize Scientist Casualties: Don't get carried away with shooting too many 
scientists or you'll fail this objective.

There is no body armor located in the Runway but there are a lot of explosive 
weapons you get. You start off with a PP7 Silenced but you can pick up some 
Grenades, Timed Mines, some Klobbs, some DD44s, a KF7, and there is a Tank 
parked beside the main building. This level is pretty simple, it's a runway, but 
there are three anti-aircraft turrets and a missile battery waiting to take you 
out. After you get on the runway itself guys will start piling out of the 
building where you started. They wont stop coming until you die or you beat the 
level. There are four objectives you must complete before you jump into the 
plane and fly away.
-Find Plane Ignition Key: Off to the left of the runway is a small building, 
inside are two guys standing there aimlessly guarding the key. Throw a grenade 
around the corner to kill them easily or just shoot them, either way you wont 
get hit. After there death you'll find the key on the desk that they were 
standing near.
-Destroy Heavy Gun Emplacements: There are three bulletproof turrets out along 
the runway. Destroy each with the tank or the timed mines.
-Destroy Missile Battery: There is one missile battery in the middle of the 
runway. Throw a couple timed mines at it to destroy it.
-Escape In Plane: After all of the other objectives are complete head for the 
plane but be careful of enemies shooting at you, if lots of stray bullets hit 
the plane it will blow up.

There is no body armor in this level at all. You start off with a PP7 Silenced 
and a Sniper Rifle. You can easily pick up a KF7, some Klobbs, and a Grenade 
Launcher. This level is pretty simple if you know where all the objectives are. 
It's out in the open so you really can't duck behind to many things. Try not to 
stay in one place to long because the snipers will soon pick you off. There are 
four objectives to complete the Surface:
-Power Down Communications Dish: Enter the dish building and head up the flight 
of stairs. Enter the communications room and shut off the computer but do not 
destroy it, this will sound the alarm and fail the objective.
-Obtain Safe Key: The safe key is located in a locked cabin. The key to unlock 
the cabin door is on a general in another cabin. Find the cabin and kill the two 
guys inside to receive the key. Make sure to pick up the grenade launcher inside 
as well.
-Steal Building Plans: Use the safe key to open a safe located in another cabin. 
Grab the building plans inside the safe to complete the objective.
-Enter Base Via Ventilation Tower: The ventilation tower is near the helipad. 
Climb the latter and shoot the four locks on top of it to make the grate fall 
down. Jump down and mission complete.

The Bunker has two sets of body armor, one sitting on top of a box and the other 
in the control room. You start off with a PP7 Silenced but you can get a KF7, 
some Klobbs, and a PP7 throughout the level. Concentrate on not letting the 
surveillance cameras see you. There are five objectives you must complete to 
proceed to the next level:
-Disrupt All Surveillance Equipment: For this objective you wont have enough 
time to smile at the cameras, take them out or be taken out. There are four 
cameras throughout the level, some are in strategic locations so be on the 
-Copy GoldenEye Key And Leave Original: Simply pick up the GoldenEye key in the 
control room and copy it using Q's key analyzer. After you are done copying it 
throw it away.
-Get Personnel To Activate Computer: In the control room there is a guy wearing 
a Hawaiian shirt, go up to him and command him to take you to the mainframes. He 
will lead you right to them, but be careful, he will run off if left 
unsupervised. Once he activates the mainframes the alarm will go off. After it 
says objective complete shoot him in the legs a couple times to let him suffer 
for his mistake.
-Download Data From Computer: After the mainframes are activated use Q's 
datathief to download the data. It will take a few seconds so protect the 
mainframes at all costs.
-Photograph Main Video Screen: Simply use your camera to take a nice picture of 
the main screen in the control room. Make sure it doesn't get destroyed by 
gunfire or a grenade or else you'll fail the objective.

There are three body armors to help you beat this level. Two of them are in the 
fuel rooms and the other is on a catwalk. You start off with a PP7 Silenced but 
you can soon pick up a KF7, which is the main weapon of this level. This level 
can be difficult because of all the scientists, all they do is stand in front of 
their high explosive computers waiting to get shot by a stray bullet or get 
blown up. There are five objectives to this level:
-Plant Bombs In Fuel Rooms: There are four fuel rooms that have to be rigged 
with explosives. Plant the explosives anywhere in the middle of the right wall.
-Photograph Satellite: Use your camera to take a picture of the satellite in the 
fourth fuel room.
-Obtain Telemetric Data: It is in the third fuel room on a scientist.
-Retrieve Satellite Circuitry: There are four circuit boards spread out between 
the first three fuel rooms. They are sitting on tables or on computers.
-Minimize Scientist Casualties: Again your going to have to keep yourself from 
getting carried away from shooting scientists. Yes, it might be fun, but to beat 
this level your only allowed to kill two. Kill three and you fail the objective.

This war vessel has two sets of body armor on it. The first one is in the radio 
room, which is just off of the bridge. The second one is in a room below deck, 
it's by some crates so watch what you shoot. You start off this mission with a 
PP7 and a D5K Silenced. You can pick up some Phantoms, and some D5K's.I suggest 
using the D5K Silenced so you can move through the ship silently. Four 
objectives have to be completed this level:
-Rescue Hostages: There are six hostages throughout the ship. You must rescue at 
least four of them to complete this objective.
-Disarm Bridge Bomb: On the bridge there will be a whole bunch of computers. The 
middle computer there will have a plastic explosive, don't let it get hit by 
stray bullets or it will explode. Use Q's bomb defuser to disarm the bomb, after 
it is disarmed it wont explode no matter what happens to it.
-Disarm Engine Room Bomb: The engine room is at the bottom of the boat. Once 
inside look for two computers up on the catwalks. Walk up to it and use Q's bomb 
defuser to disarm the bomb, make sure there isn't anyone behind you because they 
will probably hit it while trying to kill you.
-Plant Tracker Bug On Helicopter: For this objective you will have no 
resistance. Simply walk to the back of the ship and throw the tracker bug on the 

Two body armors await you in this level. Both of them are in cabins. You start 
off with a PP7 Silenced and one remote/timed mine. You can also get a KF7, some 
Klobbs, and a Grenade or two if your lucky. This level has the exact same layout 
as the first surface level. This time you have 4 tough objectives to follow:
-Disrupt All Surveillance Equipment: There are four cameras in this level, three 
of them are on cabin's and the other is in the dish building. Be quick or the 
mission will get a lot harder.
-Break Communications Link To Bunker: This time you have to destroy all the 
radio equipment in the dish building. To get inside you will need a key, which 
can be received from a cabin.
-Disable Spatznaz Support Aircraft: Head to the helipad and throw the 
remote/timed mine at the helicopter. You will have ten seconds before it blows 
up. Make sure the helicopter is destroyed before leaving the level.
-Gain Entry To Bunker: Beside the helipad is a door, enter it and your done this 

There are two sets of body armor in this level, I suggest using both for an easy 
finish. You start off with no weapon at all, only your watch magnet. You can 
pick up some Throwing Knives, some PP7 Silenced, some Klobbs, and a KF7. Use the 
watch magnet to get the key to your cell and the throwing knives from the sewer 
pit beside your cell. As soon as your free from your jail cell, pick up the key 
to Natalya's cell but do not let her out. I suggest you do not use the KF7 or 
the Klobbs until almost everyone is dead. There are five tough objectives you 
have to complete to accomplish this mission:
-Compare Staff / Casualty Lists: One of the lists is on a table in a room and 
the other on a guy standing in the large room in the basement.
-Recover CCTV Tape: This is found in a room on a table, there is one guy in the 
room that you can take out easily.
-Disable All Security Cameras: There are six cameras throughout the level, some 
of them are well hidden. Destroy them all before the alarm goes off or you'll 
have loads of guys coming after you.
-Recover GoldenEye Operations Manual: This is in a safe in the basement. The 
safe requires two keys to open it, one is in the same room and the other is in 
an upstairs room. You'll find two PP7 Silenced weapons in there so you can now 
use guns to kill people, not knives.
-Escape With Natalya: After all your objectives are complete and every guy is 
dead you can finally let her out of her cell. Head to the control room and she 
will hack into the computers there. After she's done she'll say that the 
GoldenEye weapons satellite is going to fire on the bunker. You will have one 
minute to leave the bunker, more than enough time.

There is one body armor in this level and I guarantee you'll need it on all 
three difficulty levels. You start off with a PP7 but there is a KF7 and an Auto 
Shotgun waiting to be picked up. This level is relatively strait forward, though 
some of the objectives are hard to find. There are a total of five objectives 
you need to complete for this level:
-Contact Valentin: Valentin is an ex KGB agent that will give you information 
for this level. He is located in a red trailer about halfway through the park.
-Confront And Unmask Janus: Head toward a dead end with a tall statue in the 
middle. Wait for a bit and Janus, along with a few men, will talk to you. They 
will ask you to disarm yourself, do so or be shot. After talking to Janus he'll 
run off and the thugs will open fire on you. Run away to minimize damage.
-Locate Helicopter: After talking with Janus you will have three minutes to 
locate the Pirate helicopter, which is at the beginning of the level.
-Rescue Natalya: After you have found the helicopter a proximity sensor will 
make the time limit drop automatically to fifteen seconds. Natalya is on the 
other side of the helicopter, run near her and she'll get up and run away from 
the helicopter.
-Find Flight Recorder: After the helicopter has blown up head down the hill and 
find it, it is never in the same spot.

There are two sets of body armor in this level, it is the shortest level so they 
really wont be necessary. You start off with nothing but a PP7 lays right in 
front of you when you start. It is a better idea to hand chop the guys guarding 
you than to pick up the PP7 and shoot them. You can pick up some Klobbs, DD44's, 
and a KF7. This level can be beat under a minute twenty, just to show you how 
easy it is. There are four objectives to this level, it is a better idea to know 
where they are to complete this mission easily:
-Escape From Interrogation Room: This is pretty easy, chop both of the guys and 
objective complete. This method is a lot better than shooting them and you'll 
not get hit at all.
-Find Natalya: She is on the upper floor, and there is no need for violence to 
free her. Once you find the room she's in simply walk in and walk out. You wont 
get hit and she wont get scared and run off. If you do shoot your gun and she 
does get scared you will have to find her again.
-Recover Helicopter Black Box: The black box is in a safe in the basement. The 
key to the safe is on defense minister Mishkin. You will have to talk to him to 
receive the key to the safe, be careful though, he looks like an enemy so watch 
who you shoot.
-Escape With Natalya: You can escape through windows located on the top and 
bottom floors. Simply shoot the glass and jump out.

There are four body armors hidden well on the streets. Don't bother going for 
them because this level is easy and fun. You start of with a PP7 but there is a 
KF7, some Klobbs, and if you go out of your way there is also a Grenade Launcher 
and a Rocket Launcher. You should get in the Tank to cruise the streets because 
it travels faster and your more protected. This level can be confusing but after 
a while you will learn the correct path in which to go. There are three 
objectives that you must complete to beat the level:
-Contact Valentin: Again he will help you out in this level, he will call his 
contacts to slow down Ourumov and Natalya. This will give you more time to 
complete the objectives. He is inside a building down a narrow alley close to 
where you start.
-Pursue Ourumov And Natalya: You must finish this level in the time limit at the 
bottom of your screen. This will vary depending on if you talked to Valentin or 
-Minimize Civilian Casualties: You cannot run down to many civilians or you'll 
fail the objective. Watch who you drive over or shoot.

The Depot has ten sets of body armor, you may think that since it has so much 
body armor that this level must be super hard, but it's not. If you know where 
to go and what to do it can be real easy. You start off with a PP7 but there are 
D5K's, a KF7, a Rocket Launcher, and some Proximity Mines. There are five 
objectives in the depot that you must complete:
-Destroy Illegal Arms Cache: This by far is the best objective in the game, you 
ambush an illegal arms sale. Not only do you kill people but you get tables full 
of weapons. Grab all the weapons then rack up on ammo. Head up the catwalk and 
shoot one of the ammo boxes, this will start a chain reaction that will destroy 
everything in the garage.
-Destroy Computer Network: In one of the garages their is a heavily fortified 
computer network. Take out all the men in there and then concentrate on the 
turret up in the left corner. Use your rocket launcher to take it out quickly 
because more men will come from behind and attack you. After it is all clear 
take out the two large mainframes and the large screen up on the wall. Before 
leaving make sure to pick up the safe key on one of the tables.
-Obtain Safe Key: This is in the computer network garage. It is sitting on a 
-Recover Helicopter Blueprints: Look for the safe in the last building before 
the train. Open it and retrieve the blueprints.
-Locate Trevelyan's Train: Head to the building with the safe in it. Go through 
the door and down the stairs into the loading bay. Go out one of the bay garage 
doors to get to his train. Open the door to his train and walk in quickly. You 
will be treated to an extra cool ending cinema.

There is no body armor in the train, but there are a lot of boxes to duck 
behind. You start off with a PP7 and a Watch Laser. There are also some D5K's, 
ZMG's, and a RC-P90. Try to save your ammo, especially on the more difficult 
levels. This level is extremely tough on the harder difficulties so try to have 
patients while trying it over and over. From here on in the levels will be very 
difficult, but this game is never frustrating, I guarantee that. There are five 
tough objectives to this level:
-Destroy Brake Units: In every train car there is a brake unit located at the 
front or back. Once the enemies are dead shoot the brake box to destroy it. 
Watch out though, loud gunfire always brings curious enemies to come looking for 
-Rescue Natalya: Destroy the last brake unit and you'll hear the train come to a 
halting stop. Two buffed up guards will come hunting for you, one of them has a 
key to open the door to the last train car. Kill them and retrieve the key, then 
head to the last train car. Once you're at the last door get ready to go through 
another hostage situation. Kill Ourumov and then take cover from Xenia and 
Trevelyan's gun fire.
-Locate Janus Secret Base: After you have been sealed in the last train car, 
Natalya will head for the computer in there, she will hack into Boris' files to 
find where the base is.
-Crack Boris' Password: This isn't really your objective, again Natalya will use 
the computer to crack his password.
-Escape To Safety: After Natalya has cracked Boris' password you will have three 
and a half seconds to escape, this is extremely hard. You will have to have 
perfect timing to complete this objective. To make it easier, shoot Xenia in the 
hostage situation previous to this, she will tell Alex to wait for her. This 
will give you about fifteen extra seconds to escape. After you have left the 
train there will be three guys waiting for you to your left, I suggest you head 
left as much as you can because Natalya is slow on getting out of the train. If 
you go right Natalya will get hit by the explosion and die.

There are three sets of body armor, each beside the first three turrets. You 
start off with a PP7 and some Remote Mines. You can get an AR33, a RC-P90, a 
Grenade Launcher, and a Cougar Magnum. This is the only level where you can get 
an awesome but deadly combination of weapons. You can pair up a RC-P90 and a 
Grenade Launcher together. The hardest part of this level is up until you reach 
Xenia, after this it's pretty simple. There are four easy objectives to this 
-Destroy Drone Guns: There are seven turrets that need to be destroyed, three 
are before Xenia, one right beside Xenia, and three after Xenia. Use the AR33 to 
zoom in on them before they get you.
-Eliminate Xenia: This can be a pretty simple task or it can be death. Before 
you cross the narrow bridge wait until Natalya is near you, she helps you defeat 
Xenia. Cross the bridge slowly until the music changes, back up quickly and 
stand beside the bridge. Zoom in on the other side of the bridge, as soon as you 
see Xenia trying to cross the bridge shoot her with everything you've got. 
Natalya will help out by shooting her with the Cougar Magnum. Xenia will die so 
fast she wont have enough time to cross the bridge but don't let her get near 
you, she has a RC-P90 and a Grenade Launcher, a deadly combo. Pick these weapons 
up after you have defeated her.
-Blow Up Ammo Dump: This is an easy task, find the ammo dump and shoot it. You 
can use the grenade launcher or remote mines if you want but the explosion might 
kill Natalya in the process.
-Escort Natalya To Janus Base: All this means is that Natalya can't be killed in 
this mission. She doesn't even have to be near you when you leave, only alive.

There are two body armors in the Control. The first one is on the third floor, 
Boris will lead you right to it. The second can only be received after Natalya 
has unlocked all the doors. You start off with a PP7, a D5K and some Remote 
Mines can be found in this level too. This is probably the hardest level in the 
game. You have three grueling objectives to perform before leaving:
-Protect Natalya: You must keep her alive at all costs.
-Disable GoldenEye Satellite: Natalya will join you later in the level, she will 
hack into the computer network again. It will take her two minutes to disable 
the satellite, she will also unlock every door in the whole building. She must 
be kept alive during this time, guys will be flooding in from everywhere so 
watch your back. Watch out for the kneeling snipers, take them out fast or 
they'll take Natalya out.
-Destroy Armored Mainframes: There are six armored mainframes, five of them can 
be destroyed before Natalya joins you. You can only destroy the last one after 
she has unlocked all the doors. The mainframes require you to use explosives to 
destroy them, which can be found near the beginning.

Two body armors await you in this level, one at the beginning and one at the 
end. You start off with a PP7, a ZMG, and some Timed Mines. You can also pick up 
an AR33, a RC-P90, an Auto Shotgun, and some Grenades. This level isn't to 
difficult, you just need some patience. Clear all the catwalks before you try to 
take on the communication room guys. There are five objectives, three of them 
are nothing but destruction:
-Destroy Inlet Pump Controls: Near the beginning there is a room with scientists 
and computers. Take out the computers but watch out for the scientists, they 
like to run into explosions.
-Destroy Outlet Pump Controls: In the middle of the level you will enter a large 
room with more guys and computers. There are no scientists in this room so shoot 
everything, but watch out, there's a turret in this room waiting to do the same 
to you.
-Destroy Master Control Console: This is in the communication room, approach 
with extreme caution. The room is filled with gasoline and scientists. The 
soldiers like to throw grenades around so take them out quickly. If the gas 
ignites, you can kiss the scientists goodbye and the objective. Do not destroy 
the radio equipment because you need it for another objective.
-Use Radio To Contact Jack Wade: Walk up to the radio in the communication room 
and activate it. After this destroy all the hardware in this place.
-Minimize Scientist Casualties: Walk in front of the scientists and point your 
gun at them. They will raise there arms, if they don't run after that fire a 
warning shot and then they'll run.

The last level of the game, you might think that because of this it's going to 
be super hard and the only way to beat it is by cheating, wrong. You already 
have played and beat the hardest level, this one will only take practice. There 
are four sets of body armor in this level, you'll need them all to beat it on 
the more difficult settings. One is right behind you when you start, the second 
is in one of the two machine sheds, and the others are beside two of the three 
elevators. You start off with a PP7, but the ZMG's are the main weapon hear. 
There are two objectives:
-Destroy Control Console: Inside one of the two fortified machine sheds is a 
computer console, fill it full of lead and let nothing stop you.
-Settle The Score With Trevelyan: This is really just an endurance competition, 
you run around after him as he shoots pot shots at you and drops grenades. Stay 
on his trail and learn his pattern, shoot him with everything you've got when he 
stops for a breather. Watch out for his body guards, they may be dumb but they 
have great accuracy.

This is a bonus level, you can only acquire it by beating them game on Secret 
Agent. One set of body armor is not enough for this level, but it's all you get. 
You start off with a PP7, but there is an AR33, some Military Lasers, and a few 
Grenades here and there. There are two objectives to this level:
-Reprogram Shuttle Guidance: The computers that you need to reprogram the 
shuttle are behind bulletproof glass. The only way by this glass is with a smart 
card, which can be received from Jaws. You may remember him from older Bond 
movies, an eight foot giant that can take a beating. You'll have to find this 
guy and then kill him, it isn't as easy as it sounds. To defeat him get right up 
in his face, because his arms are so long he wont be able to shoot you. After 
receiving the card head back to the computers and plug the disk Q supplied you 
with into the computers disk drive.
-Launch Shuttle: To launch the shuttle you need a dat tape, which can be picked 
up on the table near the disk drive. Plug the dat tape into the mainframe in the 
launch room. If the exhaust doors are closed the countdown will remain a ten 
seconds. Climb the latter in the launch room and activate the computer at the 
top, this will open the doors.

This bonus level can be acquired by beating the game on 00 Agent. There are 
three sets of body armor scattered throughout this level. There are a lot of 
secret passages and things like that, so exploring this level is a must. You 
start off with a PP7 but you can pick up the Golden Gun, and some ZMG's. There 
are two objectives requiring completion before this level is done:
-Recover The Golden Gun: This isn't as easy as it sounds, the room that the 
golden gun lay in is booby trapped. Once you step in the room it is sealed up. 
The only way out is if you walk across the floor in the correct pattern. I am 
not going to tell you this pattern because that would take the fun away from the 
game. After you've received the golden gun head out the exit.
-Defeat Baron Samedi?: To defeat him you have to kill him three times. He 
appears in a different spot each time. His magic may be old but his weaponry 

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