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Author: Pure Evil
Game: Crash Team Racing (C.T.R.)
FAQ Title: Strategies

These strategies are very helpful. They have helped me successfully complete the 

As you know, when you press the L1 or R1 buttons, you jump and start to skid 
sideways. Hold one, either the R1 or L1 button down and keep skidding until the 
smoke turns black, then press the other button quickly for a turbo boost. If you do 
this three times in a row without letting the turbo slow down then on the third 
turbo boost you will have a long turbo while doing a wheely.

If your a good racer then you should be able to beat Nitros Oxide both times easily. 
Now, we know he cheats. Even though when you hit him he moves forward, he still 
slows down and it should be easy to pass him. If you take a good time to notice that 
when your racing bosses and other characters, on the last lap everybody starts to 
get cocky. When racing Oxide on the last lap is a good chance to get really far 
ahead just in case he passes you.

When you hit a question mark box while racing a boss, you usually get three bombs or 
three missiles. When you pass the boss save the bombs or missiles to hit the boss as 
he passes you.

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