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 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue
 Strategy Guide
 2001, February 4 - Version 1

(c) Copyright 2001 Dean Macaoile [[email protected]]
    AOL Instant Messenger: Dean Is So Cool

     This written work is for any non-profit use. That means, don't try
making some money of my work so you can scrounge up some money to buy
burned CDs off your friends or anything. =P You can use this written work on
your web page or print it out, as long as it isn't for money making purposes.
That's all.




Version 0 - 2001, February 4
     The 102 Dalmatians Strategy Guide is started and hopefully completed.


     This is the first time I'm writing something and it's not for school,
or anything academic. I'm merely attempting this because I'm bored, I bought
the game for my little sister and after playing it, found that it is quite a
fun game, I found no walkthroughs for this game, although it doesn't really
need one, and lastly, I'm trying to score some fame for myself. =D

     Yay, I made it this far in writing this. =\ Generally, in each stage,
you have three objectives: Collect 100 bones, rescue 6 of your fellow dog
brothers and sisters, and to actually get to the end of the stage. You will
find the bones in three ways: find them laying around, defeating Cruella's
toys, and by sniffing for buried bones holding the Circle button and then
digging them up by holding the Circle button again wherever the X appears.
     Go down the hill and bark at the jack-in-the-box with the Square button
to destroy it, and collect the three bones it gives you. When you reach the
four way intersection, you can find an X in the ground containing one bone.
Go to the left and enter the garden "room" to find a monkey that will cough
up three bones and one dog trapped in a box. Free it by using the Triangle
button to use your rolling attack.
     Jump up onto the stage to find a steak, which restores your life.
There's also a pigeon here, but we will save that part for later.
Destroy the radio controlled car for three bones, and an additional bone
sitting on the bench. Go towards the water fountain to find another bench
with a bone and find some bones lying within and around the fountain. You
can go down the water "slide" now, but we haven't finished collecting
everything on this upper level yet.
     Defeating the RC car will give you yet another three bones, and another
on the bench near it. Walking around the perimeter, you will find yet
another lone bone. There will be two platforms near there, will you can find
one more bone, and a steak, and if you're just a little kid, you can
practice your jumping skills here. =P Jump up to the stage and you release
another dog.
     Step off the stage, and defeat the monkey and you get, yes, you guessed
it, three bones. Find three buried bones near where you defeated the monkey.
Another bone is buried underground near the two platforms. You can talk to
the squirrel, Fidget, using the Circle button. If you've been following
this walkthrough verbatim, you can finally go to the center area now. =P
Three bones await you there. Talk to Fidget again near the tree with the
bee hive, and he'll tell you what you can use it for.
     To proceed to the next lower portion of this stage, you can take
either the hill or the water slide. If you take the water slide, go left to
defeat the jack-in-the-box for three bones. If you don't see a pattern yet,
defeated enemies give you three bones, and buried bones are usually in sets
of one. Turn around, rescue another dog. I don't feel like repeating the
amount of bones you get anymore, so I'll just tell you to defeat so and so
or dig here and there, until I get bored of that too.
     Anyhow, defeat the jack-in-the-box at the other end of the tunnel.
Find a buried bone between the fountain and the pigeon statue. You can have
your choice of either slide or hill again. I prefer the slide, since you can
pick up three bones there. Find a bone in the flower bed, and defeat the two
monkeys here. There's a stage near the fountain where you can find a
jack-in-the-box, another dog, and Waddlesworth, your parrot friend. I haven't
seen the movie, so I have no idea if the names of these characters are
correct. Talk to him, and you can save your game. This is only useful if you
get defeated, because if you save in the middle of a stage and you turn off
the game, you have to start from the beginning of that stage when you turn
the game back on.
     There's a buried bone at the start of the next hill. But before you go
down, turn around and walk up the hill, since you missed a few bones on the
way down. Get a bone on the hill, and get another bone and a 1-Up in the
fenced off flower bed. Get another bone on the way up, and lead the human,
Jasper, to the bee hive near the beginning of the stage. You get a sticker,
which goes into your sticker book. =P You can talk to Fidget and he asks you
to do him a favor.
     Go back down the hill to where you found the buried bone, and bark at
the RC cars. If you miss the bones on the water slide, go into the hole in
the side of the wall to return to the top of the stage. You will also find
a buried bone there. Defeat the RC car to open the gate and free another
dog. You can also find Fidget's favorite nut here. Return it to Fidget, and
you get another sticker and some bones. Now to do the stuff way at the
beginning. Remember seeing a pigeon and then later on a pigeon statue? Put
the two together, and you get another sticker and some bones, which should
hopefully fill your collection. At the 102 Dalmatians exit area, you can
find another dog. For rescuing all the dogs, you get a sticker. You also
get another sticker for reaching the exit area.


     Whew, that was pretty long, and that was only the first stage. Hopefully
I'll figure out ways so that I can shorten the length of each walkthrough,
but still give you all the information you need to know.
     You start off the stage by talking to Mr. Tibbs, the cat. Ooo, I know,
I'll just skip telling you to defeat enemies and where to go, and just
describe "hard to find" bones and stickers. Bark at the cash register, and
you can find up to three bones there. Just be sure to check every area and
you should be fine. Don't forget about the dogs too, since there's an easy
one to spot in the first area.
     Before going down the slide in the next area, go left into another room
and get bones and a dog there. Make sure you explore this area completely,
because there are many floors to it.
     In the rocket room, you can use the train to easily travel to each area
and find more bones. Back in the room with the slide, you can rescue a dog
by playing with the squirt gun. You also get a nice sticker.
     By taking the train, you can find the secret room, which isn't really
so secretive. Hit all the bumpers to get bones. Each time you hit a bumper,
it either turns on or off. To rescue the dog and get another sticker, you
have to turn all of them on.
     Taking the elevator in the rocket room takes you on your way to the
end of the stage. Some of the bones in the area with the trampolines may
be difficult, but not impossible. Other than that, just follow the path to
the end of the stage. Woo, this section was easier to write than Section 3,
and hopefully you still got all the bones, stickers, and dogs.


     You start off the stage by talking to Fidget. For all you malicious
thinkers, you can't get killed by the bus. =P Just follow the bus to get to
the next area. The side pillars by the huge building lower the pillar in the
center area. There are also other pillars around the area. By jumping on the
center pillar, you can get a sticker and more bones.
     Another puzzle is the one dealing with shapes. This isn't too hard, but
if you have trouble, the most help I'll give you is, look at how many sides
each shape has. =P Getting the dog after that might be difficult if you're
not used to jumping yet.
     To get rid of Horace, simply bark at the manhole cover, and there you
go. Amazing that a little dog can cover it back up too. =\ In the next area,
to get the things that are high up, step in front of where you want the car
to stop, then jump up. You have to be quick, or the car will start moving
again, with you on the roof.

 [6] BIG BEN

     So here we are, at Big Ben. If you haven't gotten your jumping skills
perfected, you better have them soon. This stage requires a lot of jumping,
and if you can't do that, you'll never make it. So call your big brother
or sister or something to do it for you. =P
     On the gears, if you're not sure where to go, just follow the arrows.
I guess you get a sticker for merely making it through the first room. You
can get a sticker and rescue a dog by taking the side rooms in the pendulum
     In the piston room, it can be tricky trying to rescue the dog. It is
imperative that you jump before the piston reaches the top so you can gain
momentum. Why is it that I'm using big words when this walkthrough is
targeted toward little kids? =\
     More tricky jumping in the next room. Not much to say here, but just
keep on going up. Check all the ledges in the room with the counter-weights,
because you don't want to come back after you find that you don't have 100
bones. =P
     In the room with the vertical and horizontal gears, don't think that
you're at a dead end. There are platforms on the sides which act as
elevators. This is also the only room with buried bones, so don't forget
about those. And that's that stage.


     Wee, the first boss stage. The puppy that you're using, either Domino
or Oddball, pretty much tell you what you need to do. Just go to a tomato
cannon, and shoot. You can't aim the cannon, so make sure Cruella is on the
side where you want to shoot her. After hitting her two times, she'll change
her strategy. You also have to keep in mind the view. You can't rotate the
camera, and you keep facing Cruella. This can get annoying at times, but
is nothing you can't deal with. Also, it's nice how they try not to promote
violence by using tomatoes instead of guns and junk. =P When you finish off
Cruella, the Tiltmaze minigame becomes unlocked.


     To finish this stage, you have another mini-objective: to help Fluffy
return all the museum artifacts to their correct places. The first one is
the coin. Watch out for ugly man LePelt too.
     In the room with the red table, you can find additional bones on the
lighting fixtures. In the pyramid room, go inside and you can trap LePelt
there as well as find bones.
     If you are going to each room in a clockwise fashion, you can find the
jungle room with the coin quickly. You can also climb the dinosaur and ride
the pterodactyl to find more bones. By taking the door in this room, you can
find your way to the top floor of the pyramid room. Inside the upper part
of the pyramid, try not to fall down, or else you're back to the lower level.
     The next item is found in the Roman room. You need to recover those
jumping skills, but it shouldn't be that difficult.
     The next item is found in the Medieval room. Simple to get, so return
it, and Fluffy will give you another item to find. The crown is found on top
of the pyramid. The jelly donut is found in the cafe/kitchen, which seems
weird, because all the other items are out of their environment. After you
step through the exit in the Medieval room, all's done.


     Heheheh, Chester, the rat, has an accent. =P He tells you about the
"dangers" of this level. You can find a switch to turn off the electric rail
near the wall and the subway tracks.
     In the next area, Chester tells you that you can swim in the "clean"
water and even the whirlpool. On the right side, you can find a dog by
letting the fan lift you up. In these next few areas, you can get lost
easily, so make sure you know where you're going.
     When you find Waddlesworth on a rail platform spiraling downward, that's
the indication that you're heading towards the whirlpool. If you feel you
haven't explored completely enough, go back now.
     There's a secret room before this area though, if you went straight
instead of left towards the beginning of the sewers. Defeat the toy boats,
then collect the key, open the door, then jump up with the aid of the fan.
     Chester tells you that turning on the lights might help you, so I guess
you should do that. =P On the side, bark at a cover to rescue another dog.
     Aw man, while searching for bones, I missed a few, so I had to
backtrack all the way to the beginning of the stage. Don't do that. =\ You
can also take a ride with Waddlesworth at the end of the stage by pressing
Circle at the blue sparkly stuff, but I'm not sure if that has any effect
on anything.


     You can start off the stage by digging up a bone. It's been awhile
since I've seen one of those. =\ You can talk to Shelby the turtle to the
left. You are going to need tickets for the attractions in this stage. In
fact, on the other side, you can find the fortune teller machine and a ticket
lying right next to it.
     By going through the dizzy tunnel place, you can find more bones,
and some are hidden by defeating clowns or other toys. Make sure you get
the bones on the conveyer belt on the first try before you fall down, so you
can save a repeat trip.
     Getting the bones in "dizzy lights" place can be tricky, since there's
nothing to determine how far you are in relation to the bones. Don't forget
to free a dog at the top.
     Later on, Shelby tells you about Jasper running around. At the water
gun area, walk around the right side and behind the game to find another dog.
If you can't find the last three targets, look above you.
     The gold ticket you got at the shooting gallery lets you enter the
roller coaster. This is a button mashing fest to get all the jelly donuts.
On the first try, I got 7 out of 10, since I didn't think the ride would
stop. =P They should not be too hard to get though.
     Shelby tells you about the magic wagon, which is essentially a warp
to another room, but it's nothing to be excited about. Just keep walking in
and out of the wagon to different rooms. In one of the rooms, you have to
light up the correct path of tiles. Here's what I have. If it's different
from game to game, then you'd have to e-mail me about that. =P
     Take one tile forward, one tile right, two tiles forward, two tiles
left, one tile backward, two tiles left, two tiles forward. You can finish
off the stage in a fun way after you see the locked water gun. Go back
towards the beginning of the stage and let Jasper chase you to the dunk tank.
The rest is yours.


     So here you are, talking to Chester, getting information, that sort of
thing. He tells you about more switches and fun. You can get nine bones by
using the switch near the conveyer belt. In this stage, you use your roll
with the Triangle button as an actual attack, because you need it to destroy
the toy bulldozers. There's also a hiding jack-in-the-box under the stairs.
     This stage is pretty linear, so just make your way, following the
signs. In the blue room, check the upper area first before making your way
through the mini maze. There's another switch you can use near the "pyramid"
where you can get nine more bones.
     In the next area, Chester tells you how to get out. To use the crane,
you need the key, which you can get by destroying one of the bulldozers.
Use the crane to access the previously out of reach dog. Put the log in
front of the exit, destroy the tank, collect your bones, and be a happy


     Yay, Cruella time. This is similar to the last confrontation with
Cruella. Do beat her this time, use your roll to throw the watermelons at
her, and that should be that. Yay, you unlock the Checkers minigame, and you
are now 50% with the game, if you got all the bones and dogs.


     Those airplanes can be annoying, so watch out for those. There are
three of them, and I got hit each time. =\ There's a room if you take the
opening to the left from where the airplanes came from and enter the
opening with the railroad tracks. By the waterfall, you can get some tricky
buried bones on the ledges.
     After that, you can find a cool mole named Manny. =P Explore the area
around there, to find more bones, a dog, and another cave entrance. You can
go down the river for a "secret" area. 
     Scope out the tree for bones and a dog. Manny tells you about some
"jiggly wiggly" stones. In the next room, he tells you that Horace is looking
for you. By walking on top of the stones, which look a lot like Stonehenge,
you can get yes, more bones. Halfway, bark at a standing stone to tip it
over. At the end of the level, lead Horace back to the mock Stonehenge, and
this dish is done.


     Hmm, another level starting with you talking to an animal. I wonder if
there's any pattern? =P Priscilla the pig, heheheh. =\ Hmm, you also have to
do some errands for Priscilla, just like Fluffy way back at the museum.
     If you explore left, you can find Waddlesworth along the way. A lot of
the bulldozers here leave four bones when defeated, so stock up. This place
is huge, so I'm going to have a hard time describing junk. You will find
however, that the area loops around, since I just found myself at the pig
again. =\
     When you meet Waddlesworth again near a house, you can climb the roof
for some bones. If you get lost, use your sniffing to find where to go. This
is handy throughout the game, but I figured that it's most important here.
     There's a buried 1-Up near the big hill, and I think you want that.
There's also a buried steak right next to it. More buried items near the
shed by the tractor.
     The barnyard door can be tricky, since the door to it is only partway
open, and you can miss it easily. When you turn the faucet, it is a mystery,
considering you're nowhere near it. =\ Your next mission, bark at the stick
in the windmill. Funny, it wasn't there earlier when I got lost. =P The next
objective, putting the chickens back in their place, looks boring, but Domino
says it's fun. We'll see about that.
     Go to the chicken area, and bark at the chickens, and try to get them
in the door. Try to circle around them, since the tend to run away from you.
Hmm, I guess that was kind of fun. =P Yay, so now we get to retrieve some
tools for Priscilla at the silo.
     Use the elevator to go inside, then at each interval, hit another switch
to lower the grain more. You don't need to do anything with the tools, just
uncover them and return to Priscilla. Now the next part sounds fun. =P We
get to find a key in the barn, use the tractor, and knock over the outhouse.
     No impressive special effects, nor do you get to actually control the
tractor, but at least you release a dog and get a sticker.
     When Priscilla tells you that it's her birthday, a present
"mysteriously" appears outside the pen. I hope you know what to do with this.
You can also take a ride in this stage like you did at the Underground, but
I'm still not sure if that serves any purpose.


     An ice stage, let it lacks the slipperiness of most games. There're
buried bones in the little passageway between the two areas. Defeat those
snowmen, so you can rescue a dog. In the place with the floating blocks,
there's a dog on the side, so don't forget. Notice that no type of wonder
can hinder this dog, whether it be fountain water, ugly sewer water, or
arctic chilled variety. =P
     Heh, the snowman on top of the castle talks. Getting the bones floating
in air are annoying as well, since if you use the digital controls, you'll
tend to move around a lot. It's easier if you use the analog controls, but
I hate wearing them out. =\
     Okay, the toy penguins are talking to each other. Ooo, Crystal, the
snow bunny. Listen to the voice. Doesn't it sound similar to Huey, Duey, and
Louie from Duck Tales? That's what I thought. The slalom is pretty annoying
too, so you might have to repeat that a few times. You can "cheat" though.
The controls are funky. Press the button on the controller to face where
you want to go. By pressing down, you can actually CLIMB the hill. This
doesn't work for the first two flags though. For those, you have to use your
roll as well. After you do that, you can take on another, more "difficult"
course for a sticker and more bones. But with what I just told you, of course
it's not difficult. =P AWESOME PUPPY!
     At the frozen lake, there are "dancing" bones, so have fun getting
those. Bark at the penguin dispenser to find another dog. Jasper again, but
hopefully you saw the thin ice on the frozen lake. With that, you know what
to do.
     The other four statues that you thought you missed earlier are in the
next area. After that, just stand there and let the bones come to you.
There's a little corner that you might miss and it has another dog for you
to rescue.


     This is the Ancient Castle. You can tell it's ancient, because there's
moss growing on it, or something. =\ This has music that sounds like it
should belong in an RPG. You meet up again with Ivan.
     In the kitchen room, to get on the chandeliers, climb up onto the table
then onto the pillar that is upright. Make your way towards the window, then
jump across to the chandeliers. Further on, there's a blue pedestal where
you can press Circle to find a secret room. In the bedroom, jump onto the
bed and rescue a dog high up. When you open up the castle gate, have fun
watching yourself get launched like those tomatoes from Cruella I. =P
     In the upper areas, use your roll to help you get past the wind. Now
that stage wasn't so hard, now was it?


     Today's theme ingredient...PUMPKIN! Use the catapult to throw pumpkins
at the wall. You have to reload after each shot, so push the catapult to the
side and reload with another pumpkin. After you knock down a layer of wall,
Cruella throws more balloons. In the final phase, just do the same thing.
A WINNER IS YOU! Another minigame, Ice Race, is available.


     Start with the talk to the animal routine to find out what you need to
do. HI LITTLE PUPPY! Crystal tells you about the locked shed. So, yup, we
need to find the key for it. It's easier to take the warp rooms in a
clockwise fashion.
     Get your patience ready in the next area, because you need to remember
how to jump again. =P You meet up with LePelt again, but he's easily disposed
of. If you follow the scent, you'll find a dog on top of a hill. Soon, you
end up back where you started, so pick another warp point and search there.
     When you find the web, you might think you have to fight a spider or
something. Not so. One thing I find weird though, is that the web is bouncy.
I thought they were sticky? Anyhow, back to the shed you go.

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