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This is my very first Faq so it won't be as good as some of the others. Of 
course, I don't copy, but I do use some of marshmallow's Faqs as guidelines, 
which I use to help the design and basic structures of the (Hopefully many) 
Faqs I will make in the future. Before I get to the main part of this Faq I 
believe you should know of ways you can contact me so if I leave something 
out, you can remind me of this.  This was created with Notepad, so I have no 
idea how this is going to look when it's viewed with anything else. Lets all 
hope it looks okay...  :)

Date: 11/26/98

ICQ- n64 platinum (My name)

Now on to the part you came here for. This Faq may not be as large as the
others, but I'm gonna put all the info I can here. The way I'm going to do 
this is make a key like the one below, and when you go down to that section I 
will have a little insert about that, what I like about it, and what can be 
done from there.

1.  Info about the game =
2.  Create a Player     =
3.  Trade Players       =
4.  Pitching            =
5.  Home Run Derby      =
6.  Cheats/Codes        =
7.  Statistics          =
8.  MLB Season          =
9.  Credits             =
10. Copyright           =
11. Final thoughts      =
12. Batting             =

*1. Info about the game
My opinion on this game is that it's great. But as with every game, there 
were many parts that could of been improved on. Instant replay would have 
been great. Also the batters swings could of been done better to make the 
look more fluid like. they just look a little jerky, but honestly, that's 
about all that looks jerky. Everything else looks great. I think It was
on the box that it has that there were over 500 different moves that could be 
done. Like diving catches, and that kind of stuff. Also eat features the full 
MLB license so that means all of the teams, and players  can be accessed. 
This game is brought to you by Acclaim. I feel they did a great job of 
bringing it to the N64, but I do think All Star 2000 can be better than what 
this game is.

*2. Create a Player
This is an option that most other Baseball games don't give you. I think it's 
a great option to have. It adds alot to this already great game. This one 
doesn't really have a set good, and bad things. I'll just give you a list 
below of all the stuff that you can edit, and I'll try to give you an example 
of what kinds of the thing.(With me? *lol*)

Skin color- White, Black, etc.
Hair Color-Brown, Black, Blonde, etc.
Facial Hair-Bushy, light, etc.
Heigth-5'3 to 7'
Weight-140 to 400
Position-Outfielder, pitcher, etc.
Stance- Who he bats like, Bonds, Ken, Jr., etc.

Lefty or Righty

Choose their name-First and last

College they attended, Hometown, and State name
Also you choose their speed, agility, strength, and that other physical 

So as you can see there are quite a few options you can choose from to 
costumize your player. You don't get to pick then where your player gets to 
go. You'll need to sign them to the free agent pool, and then when you make 
your season you need sign them in place of the position that you made him.

*3. Trade Players
Most Baseball games have this Option, but there's something different that 
All Star Baseball did with this. Most Baseball games give each player a 
value, like 1 to 100, and you can ony trade players within like a 3 or 4 
point value. That way you can't bulid up a team with Ken Jr., Barry Bonds, 
Mike Piazza, You get my drift. So your team can't be too strong. But All
Star Baseball lets you trade anyone for anyone. I don't really like it this 
way. In other words, you can make an All Star team, and face a bunch of less 
talented people. *LOL* That can be fun because you can get all of your 
favorite players, but then it takes the challenge away. I mean you can just 
get rid of all your bad players for good ones. One thing I do like though is 
that when you create a player, you can add them to the free agents pool, and 
then pick them up here. So that is fun.

*4. Pitching
There's an assortment of pitches that you can choose from. From the normal, 
Fastball, and Curveball, to the not so normal Screwball, and Knuckler. Below 
I'm going to give you the pitch name, and what it does.

FASTBALL- As you can guess from the name this pitch is thrown as hard as the 
pitcher can throw. It is pretty important if you want to keep the batter on 
his toes. It is really good when worked with the Curveball because you can't 
tell which it is till it's almost too late. Fastball's react in different 
ways depending on which pitcher you have. Some throw it REALLY hard with 
little movement, and others throw it slower with a lot more movement. That's 
one of the reasons I feel it's important to take your practice pitches at the 
beginning of each game. That's really it with the fastball. Once you can get 
a good fastball, and have a pitcher with a good breaking ball your in pretty 
good shape pitching wise. I would suggest throwing this 30 percent of the 


KNUCKLEBALL- This pitch can be a great pitch if you practice it enough, and 
know how to use, and when. This ball can go in any numbers of directions, and 
at a number of speeds. About the only thing I can say about this is to 
practice, and try to combat it with a good hard pitch. A fastball would be 
great, but most knuckle pitchers can't pitch very hard so there goes that
idea. Just don't pitch this every time. You have to change it up every now 
and then. I would suggest throwing this 25 percent.


CURVEBALL- Another great pitch. You don't have to practice this very much, 
just enough to find out how much this breaks. Most of these break down so you 
can change this up. Sometimes pitch it just above the strike Zone, and let it 
drop down in it. Then other times pitch it where it will dip out of the 
Strike Zone. You need to combat this and the fastball. Try different 
locations, get the batter not knowing where it will go, and, or how hard it 
will be thrown for best results. I would suggest throwing this 50 percent of 
the time. This is a great pitch, and it won't take up very much of the 
pitchers energy.


SLIDER- This pitch is only useful if your pitcher is really good at throwing 
it like Randy Johnson. Otherwise throw it about 10 percent of the time. This 
pitch will move side to side, and sometimes dip a little. Over-all it's okay. 
Not the best, but not the worst. It can be useful if you pitcher has a good 
fastball. Since the Slider does look like a Fastball up until the very end 
when it sways side to side.


CHANGE-UP- This is one of those pitches you only use if your pitcher has a 
good fastball. The fastball is able to set up this pitch because the fastball 
is pitched very fast, and the change-up "appears" like the same pitch till it 
gets about half-way to you, and by then you've thought it was a fastball so 
you tried to get on top of it and swing early, and then the slow change-up 
leaves them swinging at the air. It will really make you laugh when you see 
someone try try to hit it! But remember not to throw it unless your pitcher 
has a good fastball. I suggest throwing every now and then after a fastball.

*5. Home Run Derby
This is really what the name says. You get to choose how many pitches are 
thrown to you, and you see how many Home Runs you can hit. It's like if you 
choose 20 pitches, it's not 20 outs, but you get thrown 20 pitches even if 
you hit every one for a Home Run. You may not know what I'm talking
about, but there are some games where if you hit a Home Run you get another 
pitch in place of that one. Obviously your best choices for this are going to 
be the biggest, strongest hitters. You can choose any of them though. Below 
is a list of my favorite ones, and the ones that I think are the best.

Ken Griffey, Jr.                      Barry Bonds           Andres Galarraga
Mo Vaugn                              Mike Piazza               Frank Thomas
Albert Belle                          Chipper Jones             Ryan Klesko
Larry Walker                          Mark McGwire              Sammy Sosa

There's a lot more than just this, but if I named them all it would be a 
pretty big list. For beginners I would say Ken Griffey, Jr. would be the best 
because of his bat speed. But veterans would need to just feel the players 
out, and see which one they think is best for them. Also you need to choose 
the right kind of park. The best choose is going to be a park with a short 
fence, and a short distance to the fence.


*6. Cheats/Codes

Here's an assortment of Codes that I have. I got them all from my page
. My favorite code has to be the Ultimate Cheat. 
I also like the code that allows you to get a free hit.

At the cheat menu enter: "gothelium". This enables big head, bat, feet mode.


At the cheat menu enter: "prppaplyr". This enables paper thin players mode.


This is the Code you've been hearing so much about. At the Enter Cheats 
screen, Enter this, "ATEMYBUIK". Now start a game and choose the following 
stadium: Alienopolis. The second team will now be replaced by bug-eyed green 
aliens (from a team called the Abductors") and play in a futuristic stadium 
called Alienopolis. Although the players' appearance will be changed, their 
images and abilities remain normal.


When you are pitching, if the batter squares around for a bunt and misses,
he will automatically do it a second time -- so make your second pitch a 
pitch out, by pushing the B button after you select your pitch, instead of 
the A button. This will really help in the long run in a season.


Here's how to pick off computer opponents EVERY time they reach second: 
Select your pitch, then wait for the stupid base runner to edge past the 
umpire on the screen, then
pick him off. It's that simple. For all those who enjoy finding faults with 
sports games, enjoy. For all the rest of you, who yearn for a real challenge 
when it comes to sports games, collectively groan.


This trick works for a free hit against the computer as well as a manual 
player. To do this trick you need to be somebody who has descent speed. For 
instance, you cannot use a pitcher to do this trick, but you do not need 
somebody as fast as Kenny Lofton. Now when you are batting, hold C-down to 
bunt. While holding C-down, hold left on the control stick until the bunt is 
aimed as far left as possible, towards third base. Then aim your bat to the 
spot at which the pitch aid is. The batter will bunt it down the third base 
line and the defense will not be able to get you out in time.



This Cheat is like a true cheat for all you true cheaters! When playing the 
cpu you hit the ball somewhere, then you pause the game, and move your 
controller to the cpu's, and you make them miss the ball, and then switch 
controllers again, and finish out the play. This is a true cheat!


For a baseball trail, enter GRTBLSFDST at the Cheat Menu.


To get the big baseball, enter the following cheat at the Cheat Menu: 


Want more than just Paper Players? Try this one out: ABBTNCSTLO


Any of these Codes can be entered during the game. Do the following key 
commands in the game
(U stands for up, L for left, A for A-Button, and so on)
Paper thin: URARADDUUD
Big Extremes: LARDBALL
Big Baseball: URALLBULL
Baseball trail: BLURDBALL
Fat & Skinny: ALLRUBR


*7. Statistics

Another option that Acclaim put in All Star Baseball was this. I think it's 
neat. It lets you view the Stats for both the Pitchers, and batters. There 
pretty in-depth too so you should have fun checking out the Stats for you 
favorite players, and comparing them to others. It's also a
great resource to use when your thinking about trading players. It allows you 
to see how good, or bad players are. I highly recommend this when trading 


*8. MLB Season

Once you click on this icon, it takes you to 3 more icons you can choose 
                         A. Exhibition
                         B. New Season
                         C. New Play-offs

*****A.   Exhibition

This allows you to play, or practice, without it actually saving anything. 
You choose who you want to be and you choose who you want your opponent to 
be. After this you will see a screen allowing you to change your Line-up, 
change your stadium, or select some of the Game Options. It's normally a 
pretty good idea to change your line-up. Especially if your playing a season,
and you have got a bunch of sluggers on your team. Like if you trade the 
number 9 batter on your team for someone really good, that person you just 
got would bat ninth. So it's a real good idea to change the line-up.

*****B. New Season

After you select the New Season, you will be given a list of these options:

Injuries- None, 1 Game, Week, or Random
Number of Innings
Season Length-28(13 AL 15 NL),56(26 AL 30,NL),87,162
Game Mode-Arcade or Simulation

>From this you will choose your team, and then you will be given more 

They will be Your team's stats, league leaders, division leaders, All Star 
voting, playing, saving your season to a memory card, and the Season GM. The 
season GM is where you will go to trade, cut, and sign players.

*****C. New Play-offs

Always wanted to play in the Major league play-offs? Well, you can. Just 
select this and you will be asked the same stuff as above, but YOU'LL BE IN 
THE PLAY-OFFS! Without all the work, though.


* 9. Credits

This is where I will place everything that helped make this Faq possible.
1.Acclaim for making this great game
2.Nintendo for making this awesome system
3.Nirvana for such cool music
4.Nintendojo for some of the codes(I didn't copy the codes!)

* 10. Copyright

I have not copied any of this from any other source. This is solely mine, and 
I wish you wouldn't copy it. I know there's nothing I can do to stop you from 
it. Because if you do copy it, the odds of me finding you are like Zero so if 
your going to copy it, please let me know, and just place a link to my page 
and I'll be happy. My page is  Thank-you!

* 11. Final thoughts

This was my very first Faq so I hope you liked it and it was really helpful.
I put this together kinda quick because there wasn't any other Faqs for this 
game yet. I figured there were other people who needed help with this game. 
E-mail me here: [email protected] and tell me what you think, and if you 
have anything to add. I would also appreciate if you visited my Page

* 12. Batting

The best tip for batting is to start off when you play a game hit the start 
button. The select game options, and select ball marker. That helps you get 
used to hitting the ball when you know where it will be, then with a little 
practice you will get better at hitting it without the marker. Also go up to 
the cheats/codes section and look at the Codes I have for the batting 
techniques. So basically to get better at batting, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, 

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