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Liberty City Stories FAQ

Ver. 1.3
November, 2006

Warning: I did not try to avoid spoilers in any way shape or form, so if I
have accidentally ruined the game for you, then I apologize.

This guide is copyright 2005 of Chris Taylor, AKA nobodys_savior. You may use
this guide for personnal use only.  No selling, I worked hard on this.  Also,
you may place this guide on your site if you wish, but only if you send an
e-mail requesting it, and if you send a link to your site, so that I may
review it.  No changing of the guide, and all credit goes towards me.

Current sites allowed:  (my personal website)

If you have any questions, comments, or find this guide on a site not listed,
please send me an e-mail at assclown_king(at)  Any e-mails sent
to my previous address after this guide is posted will be ignored, as it will
no longer be used.

A Simple Note from me:  Well, after a full year of not doing anything with
this guide, or this game, I finally decided to finish it.  Sadly, that also
means that I haven't found all the hidden packages, or the rampages, or any
of the other bagillions of other hidden goodies that most guides already have.
If you would like to submit anything to me, feel free.  I'll be sure to add
you to the credits part of the guide.  Thank you very much, and I hope you
enjoy reading this guide as much as I have... ignoring it.  Nyes.


Version History

Version 0.2
Originally posted: October 28, 2005
- First 11 Hidden Packages
- Completed up to Mamma Cipriani's Missions
- Brief Descriptions of sub-missions

Version 0.35
Originally posted: October 30, 2005
- Added 4 Hidden Packages (up to 15 now)
- Added 2 Unique Stunt Jumps
- Missions completed up to the end of Portland
- Included Custom Soundtrack Instructions
- FLYING!!!  Added instructions (and controls) for flying
- Added a Version History

Version 0.4
Originally posted: November 3, 2005
- Added 12 hidden packages (up to 27)
- Missions up to Salvatore's phone missions
- Added Trashmaster Sub-mission
- Added a few weapons for Staunton Island
- Re-formatted rewards for Hidden Packages
- Added a forgotten detail for Custom Soundtracks

Version 0.75
Originally posted: November 20, 2005
- Added 7 hidden packages (up to 33)
- Added Bike Salesman side mission AND REWARD!!!
- Finished missions up to first set with Sal on Shorside Vale.
- Checked for (and fixed if found) grammar, spelling, and sentence
  structure mistakes.

Version 1.3
Originally posted:  November 1, 2006
- Finished main story missions
- Added Excuse... I mean *reason* why I haven't finished until now
- Corrected spelling and grammer that I found
- Double checked the strategies I had for the previously written 
- Changed e-mail address.

Table of Contents

[1] Introduction

[2] Controls

[3] PSP Features

[4] Characters
    (a) Toni Cipriani
    (b) Salvatore Leone
    (c) Vincenzo
    (d) JD O'Toole
    (e) Mamma Cipriani
    (f) Maria
    (g) Donald Love
    (h) Father Ned
    (i) Leon McAffrey

[5] Missions
    (a) Vincenzo
    (b) JD O'Toole
    (c) Mamma Cipriani
    (d) Salvatore Leone
    (e) Maria
    (f) Salvatore Leone (revisit 1)
    (g) JD O'Toole (revisit)
    (h) Vincenzo (revisit)
    (i) Salvatore Leone (revisit 2)
    (j) Donald Love
    (k) Salvatore Leone (revisit 3)
    (l) Father Ned
    (m) Leon McAffrey
    (n) Donald Love (revisit 1)
    (o) Salvatore Leone (revisit 4)

[6] Sub-Missions
    (a)  Taxi
    (b)  Vigilante
    (c)  Ambulance
    (d)  Fire Truck
    (e)  Car Salesman
    (f)  Toyz 
    (g)  Punk Noodles
    (h)  9mm Mayhem
    (i)  Trash N' Dash
    (j)  Bike Salesman

[7]  Extras
    (a) Hidden Packages
        (i) Portland
       (ii) Staunton Island
      (iii) Shoreside Vale
    (b) Unique Stunt Jumps
    (c) World map weapons
       (i) Portland
      (ii) Staunton Island

[8]  To Do list

[9]  In Closing

To those who are wondering, I haven't fixed up the table of contents at all.
In my next update I shall rework the entire thing to fit with the guide.



Egads!  I'm back?!?  Who would have thought that a year ago I would attempt to
make an FAQ on GTA LCS (oh holy Acronym HELL batman!) and NOT complete it.
In all seriousness, I am ashamed, and if you're willing to forgive me, I'm 
willing to complete it... hopefully.  Problem is, when I took a SMALL break 
from this game, I had also accidentally deleted my save file.  Now I'm playing
it on the PS2, but since they're both exactly the same (minus the custom tracks
cheat device and multiplayer), it shouldn't cause any harm.  I'm essentitally
playing the game from scratch, following my own guide just to make sure that
everything is alright with it.

While this is also in the manual, This is in next to every single strategy 
guide, so I might as well add it here.

On Foot:

Triangle = Enter Car

Square = Jump

Circle = Attack

x = Sprint  *helpful Hint*  In past GTA's, with the exception of San Andreas 
due to the stat system, if you pushed x repeatedly, rather than just hold it, 
you had what was essentially unlimited sprint.  It seems to work here too.

Analog Stick = move around

L Trigger + Analog stick = Look around

R Trigger = Targeting.

Left and Right D-pad = Change weapons.  (If targeting, it changes targets)

In Car:

X = Accelerate

Square = Slow Down, then Reverse.

Circle = Drive-bys when looking to the side in a car, or forward while on 

Triangle = Get out of car

Analog Stick = controlling the car

Left and Right D-pad = Changing the Radio Stations

L Trigger + Analog Stick = Moving camera

R Trigger = Handbrake

Up D-pad = Horn

Down D-pad = Special Missions.  (Taxi, Vigilante, etc..)

In Helicopter

X = Ascend

Square = Decend

Triangle = get in or out of Helicopter

R = While turning, change direction of the front of the copter.

Analog Nub = Controling Helicopter

Left and Right on the Nub / D-Pad = Changing the radio stations.



This is the section where I describe all the features that are exclusive to
the PSP version of the game.


Probably one of the most asked about questions on the message boards since
it's release is an option called Custom Soundtracks.  At it's release, the
section on the menu always had "unavailable" right next to it.  The public
was stunned.  How do you unlock this glorious feature?  Was it unlocked after
a mission?  Collecting hidden packages?    Well, search no more, for the 
answer is here!

In reality, Custom Soundtracks was added as an afterthought.  Rockstar noticed
all the rumors about this option being incorporated somehow, and always trying
to satisfy the customer, they added it at the last minute.  BUT, they did it
in such a way that you couldn't find it in normal play.  It requires a 

First, go to the official Liberty City Stories website:

On the bottom of the screen will be a bunch of different titles for the
seperate sections you can go in.  Click on Downloads.

When the downloads screen comes up, it should be the very first thing
at the top, Rockstar Custom Tracks (v. 1.0 as of this typing).

Download it, re-start your computer, than run it.

Make sure you have a USB cable that can hook up from your psp to the

Put the PSP into USB mode, and place a CD in your CD Rom drive.

Hold the CTRL button, and click on all the tracks that you want.

There should be a picture of a CD with an arrow coming out if you've
got everything set up right.  Click on that.  It will ask you
for what game you want to add the custom tracks.  

Select Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, (p.s. it will only
recognize GTA: LCS if you have a saved game on the memroy stick.  If
you don't, then start a new game, do the first mission, then save.)

Once all the tracks have been uploaded onto your PSP, exit USB mode,
and close the Rockstar Custom Tracks program.

When you're in your game, press start to bring up the pause menu,
then go into the Audio section.  You'll notice that Custom Tracks
is now set to 'Off' instead of 'Unavailable'.  

Press the right directional button so that Custom Tracks are
now 'On', and BAM!  You've got you're own music on GTA: LCS.

Of course, if you don't want to search on the Rockstar page, you can always
just get the file straight from here:


MP3 Conversion

Ok, let's say you've got a bunch of songs already on your computer, and don't
want to waste time (and effort) burning them onto a cd before putting it
on your psp?  Well, here's the solution.

Go to either of those, install the Easy Audio Copy program.  You'll notice
that the Rockstar Conversion program's icon has changed to that of
the new program you just installed.  Now, take you're mp3's, drag them
into the blank space on the open EAC program, and it'll convert it
into a .TOC file in your custom soundtracks folder on the psp.

Go to the SAVEDATA folder.  Find the folder that has a bunch
of numbers at the front, and CUSTOMTRACKS at the end.

The .TOC file that you've converted will be there.  Just change the ending
from .TOC to .gta.  You now have your former MP3 file as a custom track.

Just remember, the program is only Ver. 1.  Rockstar is bound to make
improvements as time goes on, so stay patient and things will work
out for the best, eventually.

Please Note: This method is only if you've already ripped some songs via
CD onto your memory stick.  If you haven't, then you have to make the folder

First, connect the PSP as you usually would.

Open My Computer from your desktop, then look for the removable drive that
corresponds to your PSP.

When in that file, double-click on the Folder PSP.

Look for SAVEDATA, then double click on that.

Within this folder, create a new folder called: "ULUS10041CUSTOMTRACKS"

Now you can put on your mp3's whether you own the CD or not.

Warning:  I've heard that some songs can't be transfered this way.  I
personally haven't had this problem, so I don't know any solutions right
now, but I shall update this section once I do.


Maxbot Cheat Device:  Alrighty, I don't condone, nor do I wish to endorse any
form of cheating that exists.  BUT... in an effort to make this guide as 
complete as possible I must at least mention it.  Now, I cannot in fact
mention where to get it, but it's on enough topics on the boards that you can
probably find it easy enough on your own.  Essentially, depending on what 
firmware version you have on your PSP (since I always update mine, I can't
actually use the device anyways), you can get a cheat device that gets you
any car, anywhere, that lets you essentially do damn near anything within the
game.  It's not available for the PS2 version (to the best of my knowledge),
but in all seriousness, Edison Carter has done a great service to many people
who own a PSP, for they now have the ability to have almost unlimited replay-
ability with GTA LCS.  I applaude you.



(a) Toni Cipriani:  The character you, the player, controls.  After killing a 
main man, Toni has been in hiding for several years.  Tired of laying low, he 
has returned to Liberty City, only to find it even worse than when he left.  
His goal:  Completely take over Liberty City, and prove once and for all that 
he IS worthy... or at least have the Leone's in control.

(b) Salvatore Leone:  The Don.  The Head Hancho.  The Boss.  The Leader! Ok, 
that's enough Euphimisms.  Sal Leone is the one that sent you away in the first 
place, after hitting some made man in Liberty.  He's usually untrustworthy, but 
it's yet to be known whether or not that's the case this time around.  (By the 
way, did I mention that he's the leader?)

(c)  Vincenzo:  One of Sal Leone's thugs.  He's nicknamed "lucky", but he treats
Toni like a dick the whole time.  One of the new characters, little is known 
about this man except he's easily angered, and has a tendency to treat Toni as 
an underling, whether it's deserved or not.

(d)  JD O'Toole:  Runs Paulie's Revue bar in the Red Light District, O'Toole has
a big fat ass, and is disgusting in other, non-physical ways as well.  He's 
currently with the Sindacco's, but wishes to make a switch to the Leone's.

(e)  Mamma Cipriani:  Toni's mother.  Has very high expectations of Toni, ones
he can never seem to match up with.  Mamma Cipriani will give Toni missions 
later on in the game.

(f)  Maria:  Wife of Salvatore Leone, Maria spends most of her time higher
than a rockstar and easier than a 2 piece jigsaw puzzle.  When she's not too
busy hitting on anything with two legs, she's trying to remember where she 
left her last "Zap".  Probably some of the funniest moments in the game

(g)  Donald Love:  After a certain mission, Donald Love is in the race
to become mayor, working for Salvatore Leone of course.  A man who seems a
bit eccentric, and likes hanging out with the dead, even so far as to ingest
some human carcass!

(h)  Father Ned:  You first get the Church bell contact point after the first
mission for Donald Love.  Father Ned is helping Toni down the path of
righteousness by making him do the lord's dirty work... and helping out
ankerman Ned Burner (see the similarities?) in the process.  More Toni killing
things = more exciting news to report.

(i)  Leon McAffrey:  A bent cop looking for his cut.  Salvatore has enlisted
his help in keeping tabs on the Forelli's and Sindacco's.  Basically, you
get a bunch of missions that will piss them off.  Oh great, more gang members
to kill.

(J) Toshiko Kasen:  The wife of the leader of the Yakuza, you get her missions
right after the "Shogun Showdown" mission in Shoreside Vale.  Essentially,
you do little things to piss off her husband.  It's a lot of fun, I'm sure.



The Vincenzo Strand. (V)

Home Sweet Home:  Watch the Opening scene of the game, in it's portable GTA 
sweetness.  Toni steps off of a bus with a suitcase in hand, and walks towards 
a payphone where he proceeds to make a call.  (We don't hear what he says, but 
it's safe to assume that he's calling Sal, since that's where the next scene 
takes place.  Entering Sal's Mansion, he and the Don embrace, (aww, how sweet, 
a hug from uncle Leone...), but rather than get missions straight from the 
masters mouth, Toni gets pawned off on a man named Vincenzo, some new kid that 
the Don calls "lucky".  Toni begins to question Sal's decision, but a simple 
warning from the Don quenches any form of thought from our Main Charactor.  
The scene ends with you standing outside the mansion, getting into lucky's 
black Kuruma.  This is where you start controling the character.  

Firstly, I advise you to press start.  That brings up the pause menu.  Switch 
the controls so that the movement is by the D-pad and NOT by the Analog Nub.  
For one thing, your thumbs wont break being bent at an odd angle if you use 
the D-pad.  For another, it's a hell of a lot easier to control the cars, and 
the bikes, and the trucks, and... basically everything.

Now look at the bottom, left-hand side of the screen.  That circle with the 
black lines in it is your mini-map.  It'll usually have a bunch of letters on 
it, unless you're in the middle of a mission, like now.  When in a mission, 
it'll have a colored blip on the screen.  A Circular blip means that whatever 
the targetis, it's on the same level as Toni. An arrow up means it's above, and 
an arrow down means it's below.  Easier than stealing a Manana from a grandma.
A bunch of instructions will appear at the top left hand side of the screen, but
it just explains everything that the control section already explained, so you 
don't have to worry about it.

Now enter the car.  (Press Triangle, for those who didn't read above, or those 
that haven't ever played a GTA game before.)  A new blip will appear on the 
mini-map. That's the one for your safehouse.  Head over there now.  When you 
arrive, Toni will comment on how crappy it looks, obviously thinking he deserves
better. Vinnie tells him he's lucky he's got anything at all.  Head inside the 
safehouse by heading into the yellow field.  A cut-scene will explain everything
that's inside. The save icon, which is a CD, and you can only use it when not on
a mission. There's also the T-Shirt Icon which allows you to change clothes, and
a heart can be found in the kitchen.  (Apparantly, getting all your health back 
simply by saving isn't possible anymore, although to be quite honest, I've yet 
to try). Change into the Leone Suit, and head back to Vin.

When you get into the car, You'll get a new blip on the mini-map.  That's where 
your new target is, Vinnie's place up in Atlantic Quays.  Follow your way there 
where Vinnie will proceed to bad-mouth you yet again, and tell you to make sure 
to come back.  It isn't actually said, but an "or else" is definitly implied. 
And he calls YOU a wise guy.  At least you got $100 for your troubles.

When you enter any car, there will be an announcement on the radio, telling you 
this years excuse for being locked up on the first island.  This time, it's the
ferry people on strike. (Not to be confused with the Fairy people, that's an 
entirely different game here).  At this point, the "Open Ended-ness" of the 
game truely begins.  You can continue doing missions for Vin, you can go off 
and search for hiddon packages, stunt jumps, Rampages, Odd-Jobs, hell, you 
could just go on random killing spree's.  I'll list these in alternate sections 
rather than have it all bunched up as one.  Since you can't buy guns at this 
particular moment, getting extra money isn't of major importance, but who knows,
you might want to make more money, so go ahead.  I'll be waiting here until you
get back...

Ok, back now?  Good.  ONWARDS!


Slacker:  Vin is upset that one of his dealers hasn't been selling for days.  
He wants you to convince him to start dealing again.  Follow the blip as 
always. (In case you haven't noticed, this will be a running theme from now on,
so rather than always say "follow the blip", it'll just be implied unless 
otherwise stated).

When you arrive, the dealer tries to convince YOU that he's terribly sick 
(rather poorly I might add).  You'll end up taxi-ing him to Chinatown anyways,
with a reward of $100.  You're sure rich now..... Not.


Dealing Revenge:  Vin's in the bathroom, complaining about "blockage", and about
how the dealer you talked to earlier got whacked by some Sindacco dealers.  It's
your job to take care of things.  The first blip is in Chinatown, so go ahead 
and beat the crap out of him.  (Ok, just a re-cap, Press R to target, then press
Circle over and over again until a big pile of animated blood appears underneath
his cold, dead, pixelated corpse). Don't forget to grab the Hiddon Package 
that's around the corner here.  After you're done, there will be 2 more blips.  
Red this time.  Rather than risk your tiny, meager health, just grab a car and 
ram them to death.  It's so much easier than actually fighting, just ask the 
random pedestrian that jumped in front of your car while driving!  Once the last
 Sindacco dealer is wasted, you get $500, and also the cash that you recieve 
from the dead bodies.  (You do check dead bodies for those floating piles of 
green, don't you?)  A message at the top of the screen says that Capital Auto's
is looking for a new salesman, which opens up the Car Salesman side mission.  
Now, there's also a bat in front of your save house.  (It was probably there 
before, I'm just blind and didn't see it until now).


Snuff:  JD O'Toole, currently working for the Sindacco family, wants to be a 
Leone.  The problem is, there's a Sindacco family keeping an eye on him, making
sure he doesn't do any talking that he shouldn't be.  That's where we come in.  
Vinnie has this crazy idea that O'Toole could be our man on the "inside", 
providing kick-ass tips on the Sindacco family dealings, so we have to go and 
relieve a burdon in the form of blasting the Sindacco "eye in the sky" into a 
bloody pulp of human flesh.  Head over to Ammu-nation, (the one opposite the 
subway, for those GTA III'ers in the audience), and grab yourself a nine.  It's
not in the backyard this time, (that's a hidden package), you get the gun by 
going inside.  The first one is free, but every other one you want is gonna set 
you back $240.  When you're heated up, head over to the construction site in 
Hepburn Heights.  Shoot the 2 guards up front, take their guns for more free 
ammo, then head inside.  2 More guards are there, so blast them.  Last and 
least, the Sindacco Beast is hidding like a chicken behind a car.  Run around, 
and shoot him too.  You'll have to pick up the phone as "proof" that you 
actually completed the job.  You'll get a disturbing phone call from O'Toole 
himself, where he insinuates a naughty act with the corpse of the guy you just 
killed, and tells you to take the car to the Pay N Spray.  (This time is free, 
and I suggest you familiarize yourself with the area,  as that Pay N Spray will
come in handy really soon).  Mission accomplished, with rewards including $500 
cash, a new contact, and now with 15% less fat... well, maybe it's more, 
depending on if you've played III or not.  As for the car... You may want to
hang on to it for a little while.  Those GT Hallenbach's are hard to come by,
and there's a car-list to complete once you get to Staunton Island.


Smash and Grab:  Before starting this mission, grab yourself a taxi, or a Van 
or something, anything that has 4 seats but is fast enough to outrun the police.
Vins pissed that his boys couldn't rob a simple gas station, and since, at least
for the time being, you happen to be his bitch, it's up to you to go pick up his
guys.  Drive over there, pick them up, and hit the gas.  You've now got yourself
a 3 star wanted level.  Nice going!  Whenever a cop pulls out one of the gang
members, the bottom of the screen says to keep the gang together, but at this
point, that's merely a reminder for later.  Head over to the Pay N Spray
immediatly.  Wait until the stars stop flashing, and THEN go pick up the guys.
Drop them off at Vinnie's place for a cool Mission Completed sign, and $1000...
if you forget the one hundred you spent on the re-spray that is.


Hot Wheels:  We find vin talking on the phone when we enter again, talking to
his mother of all people.  How sweet, right?  A Mafioso talking to his parents
still, that's gotta count for something, right?  Well, not if he's getting a 
blow-job at the same time.  (And hidding it poorly I might add, although the 
sucking sounds are hilarious on headphones).  Toni remarks his lack of respect, 
while Vinnie merely shrugs him off since technically, he's higher up in the food
chain.  For the moment anyways.  Vin tells you about a car he's got stuffed with
cokaine, and he wants you to go get it.  He'd get it himself, but the "feds" are
watching him.  I smell trap... well, I smell something, and it definitely rhymes
with trap.  Anyways, once you get into the car and attempt to drive off, the 
cops will surround you, and you'll have a 3 star wanted level.  Surprise, 
surprise.  Drive as fast as you can, (which is clearly not that hard, 
considering it's a banshee.  Drive to the Pay N Spray, get rid of the cops, 
and drive it to Vinnie's place.  He rattles on and on about how he's done 
nothing but help you out, set you up in this town.  Toni agree's... with the 
set-up part!  While Vinnie claims to have been nothing but help, YOU say he's 
been nothing but a pain in your ass!  Toni's sick of it, and now it's time for 
a little sweet revenge.  New mission, crush the car.  Simply drive it up the 
street, and let the crusher do the rest.  You're momma's gonna call, and wonder 
why you haven't seen her once since you've been back!  And rightfully so, after 
all, she is your mother.  BUT, JD O'Toole was the first one to contact you, so 
let's head over there, shall we?

Vincenzo Strand Complete!


JD O'Toole Strand. (JD)

Knock Knock:  Head over to Paulie's Revue bar.  (Anyone remember this place?  
It was luigi's before, but the Leone's don't have influence in this part of 
Liberty yet).  Enter the yellow marker, (exactly like Luigi's was...) and 
you'll see Toni knock on the door.  BUT, if you've been following this guide, 
then you'd know that you can't talk to JD Yet.  That's because you haven't 
changed your clothes yet.  Head back over to your save house, and get changed.
Then head back here.


Bone Voyeur:  Toni goes 'round back of Paulie's, looking for JD.  He comes out 
dressed in a gimp suit!  Not only that, but he offer's Toni an opportunity to 
watch, to which Toni (thankfully) declines.  Anyways, JD thinks that his hookers
are stealing money from him, so he wants you to personally accompany him while 
he goes and checks up on them.  It's a pretty simple mission, just drive around
until JD spots one of his hookers.  They're all in the Red Light District, so 
it's not too long a drive.  The only catch is, they all get off (no pun 
intended) the job at in 4 minutes or so, so you've got until then to find them 
all. One is being harrassed by a pimp, whom you must kill.  Another is already
"serving a customer" in one of the alley's, so just honk your horn so that 
she'll come out and hand over the money.  When you get them all, (you'll know
because the $700 limit will be fulfilled), the mission will be passed, and 
you'll receive $500 for your troubles.


Don in 60 Seconds:  JD got a tipoff, the cops are raiding the place.  
Unfortunately, Salvatore is attending to some "private business" inside!  You 
have to rush him out of there before you get busted by the cops.  But, rather 
than being a difficult mission, this is really rather simple.  Grab the car, 
advance to the pay and spray, then bring him to the blip in St. Marks.  You'll 
recognize the area, mostly because you were here at the very beginning.  
Salvatore will become a contact point now, but since we still haven't finished 
up with JD, and we also need to deal with Mamma, Salvatore will have to wait.  
Which is all well and good, since he made you wait before you could deal with 
him in the first place.  Also, at the end of this mission, the Micro-SMG is 
available for purchase.

At this point in time, you should NEVER EVER go without armor and weaponry. 
I've listed the area's where there are armor further down, so just go check 
that list whenever you're running low.  Ammu-nation is the place to go for 
Micro-SMG ammo.


A Volatile Situation:  JD is catering to some "specialists", ones that smell 
bad and that are going to make him loads of cash on the net.  He tells Toni not
to worry about the smell, but instead to prepare himself for battle!  The 
Sindacco's are pissed at the Leone's due to the casino that they run, and now 
they're looking for some revenge.

Before heading over to the Casino, buy loads of Micro SMG ammo at the 
Ammu-nation.  It'll help you like nothing else.  Also, grab a bike, pretty 
much anything other than a Faggio.  The Sindacco's come in three waves, each 
one more terrifying then the last, or at least in greater numbers and stronger 
weaponry. The great thing is, you don't even have to risk the casino at all.  

The casino can take 2 explosions before it's mission failed, but rather than 
wait for the sindacco's to go to you, take your bike and go to them.  It's 
easier doing drive-bys from a bike since you don't have to aim to the side. 
Once whatever car their driving goes on fire, they'll leave the vehicle, at 
which point you get off your bike and pick them off like flies.  Do this 3 

Once the foot soldiers are 6 feet under, the Sindacco's have a change of plans.
Rather than fight face to face, they're going to blow it up in one, well placed 
car bomb!  (Well, it's a van bomb, but I digress).  Again, just go straight to
the source, it's so much easier.  Grab your bike and blast that sucker to 
oblivian.  This time, the drivers won't leave the car, and when it's destroyed,
you get $1000 for your troubles.


Blow up 'Dolls':  It's time to return the favor to those Sindacco's.  JD tells
you about a casino/bordello hybrid that the Sin family runs called the "Dolls 
House".  If you blow that building sky-high, you'll be in real good with 

Go in front of Paulie's bar, and get into the white car that's parked.  That
should be the Sindacco gang car.  Go over to the red blip on your map, that's
8 Ball's place.  Once it's fitted with a bomb, be extra careful, because a few
little bumps and it's KaBLOOIE for Cipriani.

Drive it over to the Doll House, and wait on the outside, in front of the 
gang members.  One of them will say "who is that?  I've never seen him 
before", or something like that, and another will say "he must be new", at 
which point they'll let you in, no damage at all.  Park it in the yellow 
marker, get out of the car and prepare to run for your life, because the moment
they see you, they'll be shooting to kill.  Once you're a fair distance away,
press the detonator, and watch the amazing fireworks display, and don't forget
to catch the falling $1500... ok, you get it automatically.

Alternativly, you don't really need the right car, just drive really fast 
into the marker, running over as many of the gang members as possible.  Try
not to get the car overly damaged due to the bullets, or it'll blow up on you, 
and if your stuck inside then it's mission failed.

That's it for JD for the moment.  When you get into a car again, there will 
be a news announcement about how you blowed up the Doll House, and 
how Salvatore is denying all relations to said explosion.  With JD out of 
the way, why don't we drop by and see your mother?  She is family afterall.


Mamma Cipriani Strand  (C)

Snappy Dresser:  Aww, see what happens when you don't call your mom while your 
away?  She compairs you to a pervert.  Now remember kids, don't forget to stay
close to family, or else they'll never let you forget how rotten you really are.
Toni insists that Giovanni Casa, the perv in question, is up to no good, and is 
totally whacked out, and it's up to us to help Toni convince his mother.

Head over to Casa's deli, and watch him leave in a van.  You have to follow 
slowly, but not too slowly because he doesnt show up on the mini-map.  You also
can't go too fast or he'll know you're on to him and won't be able to catch 
him doing something rotten.  Sooner or later, he'll pick up two prostitutes, 
and head off once again.  Soon after, he'll drive into a secluded area with his 
girls for hire.  Telling the girls he's going to slip into something that's a
little more him, he pops out wearing a diaper!  He's full on into that baby 
stuff.  While he chases after the girls, you have to sneak closer, (not too 
close), and take a picture of him in the baby costume.

As long as you stay in the tree's, you'll be alright.  Just keep an eye on the
bottom of the screen, (it gives warnings on how close you are, "don't get too 
close" is ok, but "you're too close" is exactly that, too close) and take a 
pic of him and the girls together.  Right after, grab your vehicle, and head
back to moms.

You'll attempt to show her the picture, further proving how much better a 
son you are than the diaper freak.  Instead, she calls YOU a freak for 
chasing after guys in your spare time, and diaper or no diaper, Giovanni
Casa will always be a better man than you will ever be.  A deflated Toni
leaves the area, with a measly $100 added to his pocket.


Big Rumble in Little China:  Not only are you more screwy than a pervert, but 
now your no longer your mothers son.  A daughter maybe, but not a son.  You 
have to go to chinatown, and kill off 2 groups of triads.  Head over to the 
Ammu-Nation if you need more guns, (although following my line further up in 
JD's strand, you should be keeping up with guns and armor...) then head over to

One set is in a bullet proof fish van, so ram it a few times to get them to come
out.  You could get out and fight fair, but why fight fair when you can win? 
Run them all over.  Next is the group behind the steel baracade.  You either
go through on foot, or grab a bike and shoot forwards to kill them all.  You 
get NO money from this mission, but at least mom respects you now... right?


Grease Sucho:  Well, maybe not.  See, there's this guy, Sucho, treats his mom
like a saint.  He's holding a race.  Your mom gives you a guilt trip about how
your pa, God rest his soul, would enter that race, win it, then kill that 
greaseball.  Well, you can't be outdone by your old man, so it's racing time.

Grab a car that has some decent speed.  A Leone Sentinel works well, but if
you can't find one there's always the GT Hallenbach that SHOULD BE in your
garage.  When you win, Sucho will glare at you then drive away.  Ram his car
until it catches fire (or untill he gets out), then run him down for a cool
$1000.  Don't worry about his car, one will appear periodically at the old
school hall near the Callahan bridge.

There will be a message on the top of the screen saying that since you've 
proved yourself in this race, other racers will contact you for races.
How wonderful, MORE side-missions.  


Dead Meat:  Congrats Toni, because you've got a baby fetish, Mamma don't love
you no more.  Baby Casa isn't paying protection money anymore, and according
to mother dearest, your daddy would have slaughtered him by now.  What are
YOU gonna do about it?  Grab a car and meat Casa at his deli.

Casa's talking to some cops, but you manage to get him to join you anyways. 
Bring him over to the Sawmill.  Once inside, Toni scares him into running.
You can't use guns, only an axe.  WALK behind him, running will send him 
running too, then smash him with the axe. When the cut-scene (get it?  CUT
scene?) is over, you'll be beside a white van filled with meat, and have
a 2-star wanted level.  There's a bribe near where you are, in the foresty
patch next to joey's car shop is, then you can just drive around until the 
second star disappears.  Drive the van to the deli for $500


No Son of Mine:  Ok, you've done it now. Now mom is REALLY pissed off.  She's
clothed you, fed you, raised you, bathed you, and all you ever do is shame her.
Well, I guess it's for the best that she's hired a bunch of hitmen to kill you.

Ok, just a reminder: Armor, and LOTS of SMG bullets. It might also help if you
do the Punk Noodles side mission, as it adds a little bit to your health.

At the beginning, there's a shotgun, so pick it up, it might help you.  The 
Hitmen come in 4 waves, 1 in the beginning, and 3 more that show up while you're
killing them.  There's not much strategy that CAN be given, just keep firing,
when one hitman dies, switch targets with the analog nub rather than letting
go of R and switching that way.  There is no cash reward for this mission, and
to top it off, ma's hitmen will continue to hunt you down.  Each hitman comes
with a free armor, (not in the mission, when it's done) so that's kind of
a plus.


Salvatore Leone  (S)

The Offer: Somewhere in between calling himself a dildo and a man of honor 
(tell me how that makes ANY sense at all...) Sal tells us about how he wanted 
complete access to the docks while the strike was going on (strikes that he 
helped with in the first place) to offload drugs.  The union boss wants to 
talk to Salvatore, so go and meet her down by the docks.  When you get there,
you try to get her to come with you, but she see's right through it and sets
up an ambush!  Make your way out of the docks for $500


Ho Selecta:  Since you can't convince the union boss to play on your side, 
why not try her employee's?  There's a bunch of "working girls" scattered
all across town.  Grab a 4 seater car, (like the Leone Sentinnel that's parked
right outside the mansion) and bring 3 at a time to the docks.  You only have
about 5 minutes to get them all, so hurry, but don't go so fast as you destroy
your car.  It takes more time to find a new 4 seater car than it does to drive

There's a hooker near the gas-station that's already on the job.  Try NOT to 
go there, as the guys that are waiting in line will come after you, and you'll
have to kill them before you can get her to come with you.  The other's are
all just roaming the streets, so it's easier to just grab them and bring
them over to the docks.  Once you've got 6 there, you'll have an extra $500
in your pockets.

Also, if you drive around a little after this mission, Maria will give you
a call, opening up her set of missions.  You'll also here a radio
announcement about the Avenging Angels.


Frighteners:  Sal is getting impatient with those that don't see things his
way.  He wants you to go help convince the higher up's to do things the Leone

There's 3 red markers on your map.  Each one represents one of the guys that 
you've got to scare.  They're driving around town, and you've got to smash 
their cars until they come out.

The one in the Perennial will come out and fight, so punch him until he runs
away.  Don't run him over as he leaves.

There's another one inside a Stallion.  He's got himself a gun, so be careful.
If you get up close, he'll pistol whip you instead, which takes less damage,
AND gets you close so that you can punch HIM out too.

The last guy is in a Kuruma, and once you smash his car, he'll just leave
rather than fight.  What a coward!  $1000 is your reward for this, and so
is the Avenging Angels costume.


Rollercoaster Ride: The scene begins with the union leaders voice on the radio.
She claims that the strike won't stop until she see's progress, and that
they won't just give in because of the mafia.  Well, I don't know about you,
but that sounded like a challenge to me.

First, you've got to get to the Head radio station before she leaves.  Kill
the chauffeur, and then when you're in his clothes, get in the limo.  When
she gets in, there will be a scare meter underneath your money counter.
You have to fill that completely.  Start driving fast, smashing into other 
cars, running people over, and hitting some jumps. You'll get $1000 for 
doing this, and the chauffer costume is yours to keep.

That's all of Sal Leone's missions for now, so head over to the M marker
on the map to see Maria.


The Maria Strand   (M)

Shop till you Drop:  You've been upgraded from Fido to a typical man, all 
because you're late. Your job is to taxi Maria around town while she shops.
And by shop, I mean shopLIFT.  The first place you go, you'll get one star
for her theft.  Just drive around until the star goes away.  You'd think
she'd learn, but no, she's still got one more place to go.  Head over
there for a 3 star wanted level.  Also, beware because this store owner's
got a shotgun.  The place she robs this time is close to her apartment, so
just drive straight to Maria's for $100.


Taken for a Ride:  Maria's on the phone talking to her dealer.  You have to
take her over there (even though you're a little thin...).  When you get
to the drop off in Chinatown, Maria will get out of your car and into that
of the dealers.  Problem is, the dealers want more than just money.  The car
takes off.  Ram it a few times so that they get out of the safety of the car,
leaving you free to kill them however you want.  Bring Maria back to her
place where she offers you some "Hot Coffee" (which thankfully you refuse),
and $500.


Booby Prize:  Talk about psychotic.  Maria's not there, but she left a lovely
little note about how she's selling her body as a prize in a race.  If you 
want to stay out of hot water with Salvatore, you better get over there as 
fast as possible with a bike and win the race.

There's really only 2 different choices for bikes.  The Sanchez, and the PCJ
600. (You COULD go for a Faggio or a Freeway, but you need speed to win
a race.)  The PCJ will give you a huge lead if you know how to handle it
properly, but it's really easy to go flying off with one wrong turn.  The
Sanchez is a little easier to handle and you don't fly off as much, BUT it's
also a great deal slower.  The choice is yours to make. (For those that are
curious, I went with the Sanchez, and so did all of the competitors.)

When you win, you don't get any money at all, and rather than getting Maria,
she leaves with one of the biker thugs!  Not that I'm complaining or anything...

This mission opens up the Bike race that's in Chinatown, and you'll get a 
phone call from Salvatore saying he's got more work for you.  We aren't
quite finished with Maria yet though, so lets get this over with.


Biker Heat:  I'm never ceased to be amazed by just how stupid Maria really is.
That guy that she left with in the last mission, Wayne, well it turns out he
beats her!  Sure, he's a great source of drugs, but who cares?  NObody messes
with Toni's bosses' girl.

First, make sure you've got some SMG bullets.  Then, make your way over to 
Chinatown.  Wayne will grab a bike and leave the moment you get there, leaving
you to contend with some of his little buddies.  You don't need to kill any
of them, just grab a bike and get to Wayne before he gets too far ahead of you.
(Again, Sanchez works best, but the PCJ and the freeway are there for those
who want something different).

When in a bike, you can shoot forward with an SMG, making this a piece of
cake.  The biker goes fast, but it's not hard to catch up to him if you
don't fall of the bike.  Keep shooting forward and eventually he will die.
Alternatively, you can just chase him down until he gets back to 
Chinatown, he'll get off the bike, making him an easy target for the
R button.  You'll get $1500.


Overdose of Trouble:  You walk inside to find Maria stumbling around, higher
than the skirts of high school cheerleaders.  She starts panicking, saying
she needs a zap because she's OD'd.  She tells you she left one at the diner
in Callahan point.  

Unfortunately, the only thing there is the gang of thugs that Wayne used to
hang out with.  They recognize YOU as Wayne's killer, and decide to chase you
down for the entire mission.  

Maria then says the Zap is in the trash at Hepburn Heights, but the trash
has already been taken out.  Then it's back to her apartment, then she says
she MEANT to say Sal's mansion.

When you get to Salvatore's, Maria tell's you never to hit on her again,
because she's Sal's girl.  Yup, that's right, she's completely delusional.
Mission Completed, $0, and the Goodfella's outfit is your only prize.
Unless you count not hearing Maria's God-Awful voice a prize... which
I do.

On a bit of a side-note, Whenever one of the biker goons pulled me
out of the car, the game seemed to severely slow down.  I'm not sure
if it's a glitch that ALWAYS happens, or if it was one of those
"too much on screen" moments we've been told about.  Just a warning
to those who haven't done this yet.

Now that we're done with Maria, SALVATORE AGAIN!


Contra-Banned:  You catch Sal and his extraordinarily annoying wife in the 
middle of a lovers spat.  (Definitly one of the funniest GTA moments that
I've personally seen)  Somewhere between getting called impotent and saying 
that SHE's the village bicycle, he tell's you about a huge shipment of
"you know what" that's coming in, and that it's enough to put both you
AND him on the map.

Grab the Leone Sentinnel in front of the mansion, then make your way over
to the 3 blue blips that represent your backup.  Get over to meet Miguel
at the Portland Docks.

After the Patriot shows up, the cops decide to bust your deal.  Waste all of
the drug dealers, then steal the Patriot.  You've got a 3 star wanted level
and you've got to get rid of it before delivering the goods.  There's one 
bribe at the numbered garages right here at the docks, and another
in the patch of grass on the left side of Joey's auto shop.  Just wait
out the last star, and bring the Patriot over to the lock-up for $1000
and a phone call.

It's JD, saying to drop by.  Since you don't have to do anything else for
Salvatore, head over there right now.


Salvatore's Salvation:  JD's upset, REALLY upset, so upset that he's babbling
non-stop about prison and 18 year old girls to Toni, who manages to stop him
long enough to hear that Sal's been kidnapped!  You better find him before
JD starts talking again.

When the initial scene is over, you see a Sindacco Gang member enter a car.
Follow him (but not too closely).  He'll lead you to an alleyway near Joey's,
talking about crushing the car with Salvatore in it.  Once you get close, they
take off.  Drive there as fast as you can.  You don't really need to follow 
them, since you know they're going to the crusher in Harwood.  Once they
park the car under the crusher and get out, smash the car out of the way.
You only have about 4 seconds at most before the crane picks up the car.  
Kill all the Sindacco's and bring Sal back to his mansion for $1500.


The Guns of Leone:  Sal's pissed off (as usual it would seem).  JD's high 
tailed it, and Sal is on his way right now to clear out the Red Light district
of all the Sindacco's.  JD's planted a rifle on a nearby roof.  There's a 
yellow marker and an adrenaline pill.  Go to the marker first to trigger Sal's
arrival.  Then grab the adrenaline pill, so you have more time to aim at the

Shoot the first set of goons.  Then, you'll see sal's gang move to the left.
More Sindacco's appear straight ahead, then another set to the left. When
those guys die, more appear behind the building.  Once you shoot them,
cops arrive.  Guess what you've got to do?  If you guessed shoot them, you'd
have guessed right.  And if you DID that already, then you'll get $3000.

Alternatively, you could just grab the adrenaline and fall straight down, 
then shoot them up close where you can see them.  That's what I did, and it
seemed a lot easier than using the sniper.

Now, it's no longer Paulie's Revue Bar, but "under new ownership".


Calm Before the Storm:  HELICOPTER!!!  This is the mission where you can
steal a helicopter, so at the very end of this level's description, I'll
give you the way how.

Sal's totally wiped out all Sindacco influence in the bar, BUT he's still 
suspicious.  He wants you to get to his mansion and follow the guy that's there
right now.  You have about a minute and a half before he takes off, so speed 
over there before he leaves.

Massimo (the guy) gets into his helicopter, so follow him.  Since you can't
really see him, you're gonna have to follow the route using the mini-map, OR
you can just follow this guide.  First, he goes to the construction site in
Hepburn heights, telling the diablo's that if they do "his associates" work,
Hepburn Heights will belong to the Diablo's.

Once he leaves again, he heads for Chinatown.  He lands too far away for you
to hear anything, so get closer.  He'll tell the triads to hold off the 
Leone's for a little while, in exchange for control of Chinatown. Of course, 
they end up spotting you, and you have to kill them all.

On 2 of the corners are snipers that you've got to be careful of.  Grab
the adrenaline pill that's here, and kill off one of them. Then, when all the
other Triads on the roof are dead, use the sniper rifle that you get from
killing the first one to kill the second one.  There's more Triads on the 
ground, and a Heart next to a nearby Faggio.  You'll get $3000 for killing
everything in sight.

Now for the helicopter.

First of all, from the very beginning of the mission when you get to Sal's
mansion, grab the PCJ 600 that's in front.  After you see the helicopter
land on the roof in china town, try climbing up the stairs with the bike.
You have to hold either left or right while climbing up.  When you start to
fall, switch what direction you were holding.  You'll fall a bit, but not
as much as you would if you just tried going straight up.

While on the second landing, drive THROUGH the yellow marker to avoid starting
the cut scene.  You can then drive straight up to the helicopter and get
into it without the Triads shooting at you.  

You now have the helicopter!  But.... only for a short time.

You can only fly a certain distance away.  Get too far away from the roof
and you'll get wasted. Most of the roofs are solid enough, but some that you
can land on you kind of go through the top a bit.  


The Made Man:  Please note, there's a major spoiler for this mission, you
should attempt this mission on your own first, THEN if you're having
trouble read this.

JD's going to be a made man, and it's all thanks to you.  Go in the Sentinnel
and drive it to Harwood.  On the way, a couple of Sindacco hitmen show up,
trying to ram you off the road.  Kill them via drive-by's.

Once you get there, Mickey (who's sitting in the back seat, and is the
doorman of Luigi's strip club in GTA III) shoots him in the head.  He tell's
Toni that Salvatore could never trust someone who betreyed his own boss.

And it's all thanks to you.

Drop off Mickey, then dump the car in the river.  Be careful, because if
the cops see you, you'll get an automatic wanted level that can't be
reversed.  Drive to the docks, then while going top speed near the ledge
before the river, bail out of the car.  You'll get $1500 for breaking a man's
heart... and his head!

After this mission, Vinnie will call you, saying Salvatore wants both you 
and him to grow up, that he's sorry, and that he wants you to meet up
with him at the usual spot.


The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade:  This is a major roadblock for many players.
In reality, this mission is only difficult for those who are unprepared.

The mission starts out with Toni getting a phone call from Vinnie.  There's a
huge "shipment" (never specified what, but drugs are most likely) on a nearby
ship, and vin wants your help because that's what he says Salvatore wants.

When you first enter the ship, you'll see someone running past.  Walk forward
until you get to the end.  Turn right, and you'll see a Colt Python.  It's
absolutely necessary for the strategy I'm giving you.  Now turn around and 
go down the staircase.  After the first set of stairs, turn left and you'll
see an armor.  Grab that too (although you should always have full armor
anyways).  Go through the door at the bottom of the staircase and you'll
see some psycho with a chainsaw closing the door.

Stand in the middle, right where you start.  Keep pressing the Target button
(R is the default).  Everytime you do, Toni will target the nearest guy, 
whether he's on the screen or not.  Everytime he aims, fire the Colt.
It's always a one shot kill.  If you target fast enough, you'll target most
of the chainsaw guys before they even appear on the screen.  And yes, he
can even target guys behind him by doing this.

After killing all the chainsaw guys, Vin will show up running his mouth.
When he's done, he's behind a bunch of boxes.  Switch to your Micro SMG,
then go around the boxes.  Empty an entire clip into him, and he will die
before even firing off a single shot.  Exit the ship for $3000, and the
Chainsaw costume will be at your apartment.  It will allow you to access
a mini-game at this ship, if you come here at night.

As an alternate method, you can try gunning down a couple of guys down on one
of the bottom corners, then just stand there and take pock shots at the ones 
that get close.  Again, aiming should be relatively automatic, but a little bit
of facing the right direction shouldn't hurt.

Your phone will start ringing.  Answer it to get more missions from Sal.


Sindacco Sabatoge:  Diablo's and Leone's are fighting over control of Hepburn
Heights.  Sal's stashed some Uzi ammo and an Armor in his garage, so grab it
and head over to the construction yard at Hepburn Heights as fast as possible.

When the Mission starts, the Leones have lost about a third of it's troops. By
the time you get over there, no matter how fast you are, it'll be reduced to
about half.

The only strategy I can offer is keep an eye on the mini-map to see from which
direction the most Diablo's are at the moment.  Keep taking the guns that have
fallen from dead Diablo's just to make sure you've got enough for the entire
mission.  Eventually, you'll succeed.  $1500 for beating this mission.


The Trouble with Triads:  The mission starts simple enough.  Sal and Maria are
in their brand new black banshee.  Sal says he's got a ton of money in a 
warehouse, and that you are the only one he trusts enough to go and retreive it
for him.

When you get to the warehouse, you'll see a bunch of triads plant a bomb!  The
entire building explodes, leaving the money scattered all over the burning
wreckage.  Dodge the flames and collect all the cash before the timer runs
out.  The Triads are all over the place, shooting you whenever they're close,
so be sure to take them out first.  Once you've got all the cash, make your
exit.  3 Triad Fish van's prepared to chase you down as you escape, but
they're easy to avoid.  Make it back to the mansion for $1500.


Driving Mr. Leone:  The mission starts with Salvatore pointing a gun to your 
head.  He thinks the mayor is going to blame everything that's wrong in Liberty
City on HIM, and not just the things he really did do!  He wants a ride out of 
town.  I strongly advice AGAINST taking the PCJ 600 in front of his house, 
unless you can steer really well.

Sal want's to go to the ferry station, but once you arrive, the police are all 
over the place!  With a 3 star wanted level, drive as fast as you possibly
can to the Callahan bridge.  Go in by the right side, and floor it to the
ramp.  The camera pans out like it's a Unique Stunt Jump (it isn't) and soon
after you land, you'll get a loading screen saying "Welcome to Staunton 
Island".  Drive to the safehouse.  If you've played GTA III, it's close by
to the Pay n' Spray and 8'ball's garage.  Park in the yellow marker to get
$4000, an excuse for why you can't get to Shoreside Vale, and a bunch of
new things for Multiplayer.

Please Note:  There's been a lot of questions about Multiplayer.  Some have
said that this is where you unlock it, but you can get to it from the 
moment you load the game!  Doing this mission just unlocks a bunch of
extra costumes for Multiplayer.  I hope that ends all the confusion.


A Walk in the Park:  The mayor is messing with Salvatore, and Sal wants him
dead for it.

Grab a PCJ 600, and drive it through the park.  If one of the FBI see's you,
the mayor will run off towards a group of cars that are parked off to the 
side.  If you can't gun him down while he's in the park, then gun down his
car, (made so much easier by the forward shooting of the bike).  Grab his 
phone, then speed over to your safehouse for $1500, and the sweat suit outfit.

Alternatively, you can lob grenades at the group of cars just as he's getting
into them.  All of the cars will blow up, and you'll be free to grab the 
phone and make your way out of there.

ALSO, you can just walk straight into the park!  As long as you have your
fists showing, and not any form of weapon, the guards wont do anything,
and you can walk right up to the mayor.  THEN pull out your guns and pump
him full of lead.


Making Toni:  In an effort to not spoil the story as much as I already have,
this is just a free $2000 and a news report.

After this mission, Sal will call, opening up the Donald Love mission set. Not
long after, you'll get another call from your Ma, saying that she's called off
the hitmen.  You get now have the Antonio outfit.


The Donald Love strand  (D)

The Morgue Party Candidate:  Donald Love is holding a party!  Unfortunately,
all of the guests have already passed on.  A few of his guests are riding in
a hearse, so it's up to you to chauffeur them to the right location.

First, get a fast and durable car.  Cheetah's, Banshee's, Yakuza Stinger's,
things of that nature.  Follow the blip to the hearse.  Ram it a few times to
make the driver come out.  Once he's left the hearse, enter it.  You'll
get a 3-star wanted level.  Get out of the hearse and back into whatever
car you brought here.  Speed off to the Pay N' Spray to get rid of the cops.
Get back into the hearse and drive it to the lockup for $1000.

Salvatore will call at this point, which opens up his next strand.  You'll
also have a contact point at the church which you will read more about in
the next update.  Right now, lets finish up Donald Loves missions first.


Steering the Vote:  O'Donovan, the other guy running for mayor, is winning
just as many voters as Donald, and you have to go to some of the area's that
he's one to try and get the public on Donald's side.

There are several area's marked on the map, and you can get to them in any
order.  The problem is after you get to the second marker, some of O'Donovan's
boys show up in an attempt to win back the area's you just stole.  If at any
time you have zero area's converted, then you failed the mission.  Once you've
gotten 5 area's on your side, you're free to destroy the vans.

Unfortunately, because they have 2 vans, and you're stuck with one, you're
going to have to improvise.  Once you have a couple of area's already, 
intercept the closest van.  Do drive-bys to pop the vans tires.  If you
can get to the other one too, that will make this mission a little easier,
but one is usually enough.  $1500 is your prize.

Please Note:  If you destroy the vans, O'Donovan will just send more, so it's
a useless attempt.  It does take time for the vans to get in a good position,
so if you feel the need to completely destroy it, go right ahead.


Cam-Pain: You walk in on Donald sitting down for a nice meal of human carcass.
Toni asks how to take care of O'Donovan once and for all.  As it turns out,
there are a bunch of representatives for O'Donovan's party going face-to-face
with the public.  They aren't hanging around forever though (Around 6 minutes)
and you have to kill them all.  Make sure to have lots of ammo for your guns
like the Micro SMG and the Shotgun, and as usual, a full set of Armor.  The
reps have Forelli's protecting them too.  There's a free Armor on the roof
of the closest set of O'Donovans guys, and the others are on the ground,
making easy targets for Drive-Bys.  Kill 'em All for $1500.


Friggin' The Riggin':  The Forelli's are part owners of the machines that will
be counting the votes.  Since they are enemies of the Leone's, there's no 
trusting them, so you're going to have to destroy them.

First, head over to Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked gun shop.  Donald's already
paid for a flamethrower, so all you have to do is go pick it up.

But just because you have a flamethrower doesn't mean you HAVE to use it.

After you pick it up, head over to the Ammunation.  On the right side is a
space between the ammunation and the building right beside it.  In that
alley is a bunch of Grenades.  Go back outside and buy some more.  Head over
to the warehouse now.  Before you go inside, notice the 2 white vans?  You're
going to have to destroy them.  If you don't then as soon as you're done 
blowing up the machines, those vans are going to take off, and you're going
to have to chase them down.  Why bother when making them go bye-bye with
no effort is... well, easier!

There are some guards inside. Only kill the ones you have to, as they're
just going to end up re-spawning anyways.  There is a heart inside if you 
need it, but if you move fast enough then you won't.  Keep tossing grenades
at the machines and the pallets of paper.  It's a lot faster than the 
flamethrower.  When everything in site is destroyed, make your way out of
Newport for $1500.

Everything except the mini-gun is now available at Phil's.


Love and Bullets:  Love is afraid that he's going to get killed by the 
Forelli's, so you're going to have to drive with him, as a bodyguard kind of
thing.  The limo will get stopped and a gang of the Forelli's will be shooting
at it.

Donald tells you there's a rifle in the trunk, so head out and grab it.  The
driver is going to get shot, and a damage meter is going to appear.  Snipe
all of the Forelli's, (there really isn't all that many, easy pickings), enter
the limo and head back to Donald's place. If you want, there is a Spray place
in this section, use it if you got shot a lot before you managed to kill
all of the Forelli guys.  Another car filled with Forelli's heading on it's way,
but the limo (or at least this one) seems to go faster,so there's no risk at 
all, as long as you don't crash that is.  Get Donald back home, safe and sound 
to make yourself $2000 richer.


Counterfeit Count:  This mission is simple.  There's a van going around 
delivering ballots to the counter's.  All you have to do is follow the van, 
kill the receivers of the ballots, grab said ballots, rinse, repeat.  3 times.
If you miss one of them, it's not the end of the world, but miss 2 and it's
an automatic failure.  Get all 3 for $2500, and the end of Donald Love's 


Next up is a set of Salvatore missions all recieved via Payphone.

Caught in the Act:  The mayor's assistant is in with the Forelli's.  While Sal
is having a little chat, you are to gun down all of the secret service boys
trying to stop you.

Sal will tell you where the gunmen are going to be.  If you press the L button
the target will slow down a bit, allowing you to aim just a little bit better.
Everytime there's gunmen on the jetty's, look for red barrels.  Those are
explosive, and hitting one will wipe out a lot of secret service agents in
one shot.  When it's a boat, try aiming for the guys themselves, because
generally if you miss, you'll at least hit the boat, and enough hits to
the boat will cause it to blow up.  At the very end, there will be a 
helicopter.  Aim for the guys hanging on the side, there are 2 on each.  
Then aim for the 'copter itself.  Blowing up the helicopter will net you a
nice little $2000.  Sal will call telling you to get to a payphone in 
Torrington.  It's one that's near Donald Love's place.  Also, he knows
someone who's going to help put pressure on the Sindacco's and the Forelli's.
Head over to the S first.


Search and Rescue: Sal was spying on the Forelli's and the Sindacco's, but he
got caught and now both sides are trying to cap him.  Grab his limo and bring
it to him.  You may want some extra fire power.  Grenades, Rocket Launcher,
definitly get some sniper bullets and of course, the Armor is a given.  The 
area where Sal is is blocked off, so you're going to have to go in on foot.  
Snipe the guards in the front, then move to the alley.  Sal is in front of 
some trash cans.  (behind those cans is a hidden package, so get it while
you're here, my directions at the end are mediocre at best).

After getting Sal, even MORE guards show up.  This is where the extra fire
power comes in handy.  Also, you might want to do the Punk Noodle and Pizza
Boy missions.  Individually it's an extra 25 health, and if both are done
that's a total of 50 extra health points!  If you can do the vigilante
missions without the tank (or use cheats and spawn one), you can do that
as well to add 50 to your armor.  BUT, if you're like me and only do the extra
missions at the end, here's an alternative strategy to just blasting your
way out.

Right after you park the limo, snipe every single Forelli that's in the 
straight part of the alley.  When they're all dead, grab some form of bike
and drive through.  While still on the bike, shoot down the 2 guys in front
of Sal.  When you get close to him, he'll hop on the bike too.  Drive 
straight through the barricade, shooting the guards on the way.  Don't waste
too much time though, or they'll blow up your bike with you and Sal.  Once
you get into the limo, drive Sal to his place in Newport, shouldn't be too
hard to find since it's close to your hideout.  You'll get $2000 for the
efforts.  He'll also call you, for the payphone on Liberty Campus.


Taking the Peace:  Paulie Sindacco is trying to negotiate peace with the 
Forelli's.  There's a van near the hospital that's rigged with a device that
will let you take control of the Sindacco car.  You have 5 minutes starting 
from when you start controlling the car to get rid of all the Forelli's.  You
can't shoot, you can't get out of the car, and you can't even switch to a 
different view.  Keep running over the Forelli's.  A few of them might run 
outside the alley, so run them over too. You'll get $2500 and another phone
call from Sal, this time it's in Belleville.


Shoot the Messenger:  Someone's found out that it's really the Sicillian mob
that's started the war between the Forelli's and the Sindacco's.  Since having
those 2 mobs fighting against each other keeps them AWAY from the Leone's, this
blabbermouth is going to have to be fitted with some cement shoes.  Sal's left
a boat in a nearby dock.  Take it and rush over to where the other guys boat
is.  You can either trail slightly behind and do drive-bys on the enemy boat,
OR you can go side-by-side to attempt to shoot the man himself.  Killing him
will net you $3000 and the Wiseguy outfit will be at your safehouses.


The Father Ned Strand  (church bell)

Lc Confidential:  Father knows you've ben bad.  You can either beg forgiveness
or the do the lords dirty work.  Since the second option is more your style,
Father tells you about a man who's about to go to the FBI.  It would be better
if he didn't, so you've got to kill him.

This mission pissed me off forever... until I learned you can go behind
the firetruck and still have time to get to the meeting...

First thing you have to do is steal an FBI car.  There's one on a bridge, 
and it's surrounded by more cops.  You could just drive straight through, but
it would be much easier just to go around.  The cops won't suspect anything
until you get inside the car, whereas if you go straight through the cops
will be over you like grease on a porkchop.  From the bridge, drive in 
between the 2 cars at the end, and get to the meeting place.

The Informant will know right away that you aren't the guy he's supposed to
be talking to, and he'll run away.  Chase him down, run him over, and grab
the report.  Make your way as fast as possible to the Liberty Tree building.
Once you get close, the wanted level will disappear.  You shall be blessed
with $1500.


The Passion of the Heist:  A gang of thugs has stolen a bunch of diamonds, and
you must steal them back.

Make your way to the ferry station.  There will be a bunch of guards, and a
helicopter to shoot down.  Luckily, there's also a Rocket Launcher just 
floating there.  Gun down all of the guards that are in your immediate area,
then use a Sniper Rifle to gun down the ones further away, as well as those 
hanging from the edge of the helicopter.  Use the Rocket Launcher to down the
copter, then grab the briefcase filled with jewels.

Instantaneous 3-star wanted level.  Make your way back to the Liberty Tree
to get rid of the cops and add $1500 to your pocket.


Karmageddon:  Father is upset about all of those filthy cars defiling Eden, so
you should smash them all and teach Liberty City a lesson.

Grab a Firetruck.  You've got 4 minutes to cause as much mayhem as possible.
Underneath your money counter is a bar that shows how well you're doing.  
Causing cars to flip over, explode, turn around 180 and 360 degrees, smashing
them into the water, and knocking bikers off their bikes will cause the meter
to fill, but running people over will cause it to drop.  When you've filled
the meter, you have to destroy the truck for $1500.  Also, as long as you
aren't doing a mission, you can return to the fire station and redo this
to attempt to beat you're score.  


False Idols:  Father thinks celebrity's have become too much of an influence in
Liberty City.  There are 3 in particular, and they're all heading to the LCFR
radio station.

First, head over to Phil's.  Father has already payed for a Rocket Launcher.
From there, grab a bike.  You can gun down the limo first.  The bullet proof
Patriot is not that far behind, but that's what the Rocket Launcher is for.
Hunt down the Helicopter, or just wait until it shows up near the building.
Use the Rocket Launcher to blow it out of the sky.  When you kill them all,
make your way back to the church.  You'll find out who the priest REALLY is,
and get $1500... again.


The McAffrey Strand  (R)

Sayonara Sindacco's:  Leon Mcaffrey is the guy Sal said would help you out.
He says he's only in it for his cut, so help him get his money's worth.

Drive his car to Sindacco territory.  He'll leave you high and dry to defend
yourself in the middle of the enemy surroundings.  Blast all the Sindacco's in
the area, there's not many, then get back in Leon's car.  From here on, it's
almost exactly like Sal's "Caught in the Act" mission, except fewer numbers.
Hell, there's even a Helicopter at the end, what a rip-off.  Once all the
Sindacco's are wiped out, you'll get.... yup, that's right, ANOTHER $1500!


The Whole 9 Yardies:  The Yardie's want the Forelli's turf.  Unfortunately, 
that won't be happening as long as there's any Forelli's left alive in that
section.  What you've got to do is lure the Forelli's out in the open so that
the Yardie's can ambush them.

First, enter Forelli turf and steal a bike.  The ambush is behind the Hospital
and from where you are, it's one straight road that curves to the kill-zone.
Don't kill any Forelli's, as that will just make you fail the mission.  It
helps if you lean forward in your bike. It's the one thing that will make
you faster than them, since it seems like your bike slows down, and theirs
are completely perfect.  When you get to the target area, help the Yardies
eliminate the Forelli's for $2000.


Crazy '69':  In this scene, we're introduced to "Mr. Hip", Ray Machowski, the
guy living in a toilet stall in GTA III.  You've been given a katana, and 4
entire minutes to kill 20 Forelli's dwelling in Belleville Park.  You can't
use anything but the katana, but it only takes one hit to kill them all.  One
of, if not the easiest missions as far as killing people is concerned.  Doing
this mission to its completion causes your wallot to fill by $2000, and the
dragon suit magically appears at your safehouse.


Night of the Living Dreads: The Sindacco's want the turf you just got for the
Yardies.  Go in and make sure they fail like the idiots they are.

At first, it's only a couple of guys.  One Yardie gets shot, and another runs
off to grab an ambulance.  In the meantime, the entire alley gets filled with
Sindacco's!  Use grenades, rockets, sniper rifle, anything you can get your
hands on to blast your way out.Don't forget that there's an Armor pick-up in
this alley, as well as some free grenades.  Don't forget to take all the ammo
that the guys you kill leave, so that you won't run out.  Once all of the
Sindacco's have new holes to bleed from, the ambulance shows up, and you
get $2000.

McAffrey will call, saying he's got info for Salvatore, so go find out what
it's all about.  You'll also get a news report.


Munitions Dump:  The Forelli's are stocking up on some major artillery.  2 
trucks are making their way to a Forelli base of operations, and it's your job
that they miss their target destination.

The first thing you're going to want to do, no matter what, is buy rockets.  
It doesn't matter how much you spend, (although having a minimum of 4 is a nice
start).  Grab the Sanchez that's right in front of you, and find the truck 
that's closest to the northern part of the map.  Try and drive slightly ahead
of it before getting seen, then blast it with a rocket.  If one doesn't work,
use a second one.  Then, find the second one and blast that one too.  You'll
get $2500, and Donald Love will call soon after for one last mission, so head
over to the D on the map.


Love on the Rocks:  Someone's linked Love to Salvatore!  One of Love's guys has
been following him, so meet the guy under the overpass in Newport.  

Get in the Car.  He says there's a van up ahead with the evidence, but it's
heavily guarded.  You're going to have to shoot your way in.

Once you get out, a banshee will follow you, so get out and shoot that down 
too.  Go to the Pay N' Spray to clear up any wanted level greater than 1 star,
then get to the drop-off point for a cutscene.  All that trouble and you get...
NOTHING!  Well, new island and extra multiplayer costumes, but no money.

Another report after says that Salvatore Leone has been arrested.  We also here
about a mysterious "Mr. Big".  You'll also get a call from Sal, who says that
you are now his lawyer.


Shoreside Vale Pre-Mission:  Make your way to the cop station in Shoreside Vale.
You can't speak to him yet because the cops will only let his lawyer get in, 
and you're not dressed like one.  Nearby is a Mr. Benz clothes shop.  Go there
and you'll appear again, dressed in a suit and glasses.  You can now start 
Sal's missions... Lionel.


Rough Justice:  Sal thinks both the Sindacco's and the Forelli's deserve a good
beating for sending him to prison.  The Forelli's are stationed in 2 places on
Shoreside Vale, so that's who we're going to attack first.  You're gonna need
some back-up though, so get the hoods.  There's also an Uzi and Armor here in 
case you need it, (but if you've grabbed all the hidden packages on the list
so far, then you won't need this armor because you've got enough for some for

Go to the car closest north first.  Ram it to have the Forelli's come out.
Just start killing all the Forelli's you see.  Pick up all the ammo that they
drop so you don't run out.  When this section is done, head over to the next.

When you get to the car, before you smash it, look around for a police bribe.
The doorway behind it has a hidden package.  Proceed to ram the car and kill
all the Forelli's, just like the first place.  Wipe them all out for $2500.


Dead Reckoning:  Paulie Sindacco is trying to run away via boat.  You have to
kill him, (wow, what a surprise ).

When you get to the dam, before you step into the marker, grab the rocket
launcher and sanchez nearby.  Drive into the marker to see him leaving.  Drive
ahead of the boat, and use a rocket to blow it up for $3000, and a call from
Donald Love.  Keep doing Sal's missions though.


Shogun Showdown:  The Yakuza are attempting to take over Liberty.  They've got
a supply of weapens coming in, and you've got to destroy them before they can
put them to any use.

When you get to the compound, the gates close.  Kill the guards and the gates
will open again.  Drive inside to find that the weapon is a TANK!  Since 
you have to destroy it, go plant a bomb in it from 8 Ball's.  Drive it into
your garage, then just as the door is closing, blow it up.  First, your reward
is $3000 and a call from a japanese woman.  Also, you'll get a free tank, 
which (as in every GTA game) will make the Vigilante mission EXTRAORDINARILY
easy. You'll also get a phone call from a mysterius woman who needs your help
with a "delicate matter".  Lets hold off on that for a little while though.

So, now that we've done with Salvatore... for now, lets head on over to 
Donald Love and deal with THAT rich Asshole.


Panlantic Land Grab:  You find Donald Love with a beard and a bad attitude.  He
apologies... like an asshole of course, and asks you to go with him on a little
drive.  In your car of course.

Whatever that something big is, it's at the airport, so head over there.  You'll
see Avery Carrington, the Limo Driving, Jet Driving... ok, I forget the rest of
Ric Flair's stuff, but it totally fits with Avery!  Either way, he's working
with the Columbians to get some buildings... built, and Love can make Hugo
Dinero or however thats spelt in stealing it.  Of course, that requires killing

Hopefully you're in a car.  Do drive-bys on the Columbians, just don't devote
all of your time on them.  When Avery gets scared (which is after the first 
bullet is fired) he drives away, so knock out his tires, and keep shooting at
his car until he pops out.  Kill him, grab the papers, and make your way over
to Donald's Love nest (ha ha, see what I did there?... not funny?  Didn't think
so).  If you left any Columbians alive, they'll chase after you, as well as a
couple of cops depending on your wanted level.  Make it back to Love's place
for $3000.


Stop The Press:  Egads!  Someone saw you kill Avery?  Survey Says?  It's that
priest from before... except he's not a priest, he's a reporter.  You're job
is to break one of the commandments:  Thou shalt bring harm to another... great
harm... You gotta kill him, ok?  Don't look at me like that.

First, make your way over to the church.  You'll find Ned talking to someone,
and a "scare" meter will show up underneath your wanted level.  You can either
beat him up, or just aim a gun at him.  Once the scare meter is full, you have
to go back to the Liberty Tree place to get his camera... which is set on a
timer for the flash, and as soon as you get blinded Ned makes a run for it.
He's in a Faggio, and there's another one conveniently placed for you.  Take
it, and follow him.  Luckily he can't drive to save his life, and in this
particular situation a few driving lessons wouldn't have killed him... 
literally.  He crashes often, so wait until he does, then gun him down before
he gets back on his bike for $2000.


Morgue Party Resurrection:  Pan Lantic cut a deal with Donald Love for the
building plans that you stole 2 missions ago, and now it's time to celebrate
in a way that only a sick freak like Donald Love can:  MORGUE PARTY!  If 
that's not a fun sounding party then I don't know what is.

You have a time limit though. About 9 minutes to get both Avery Carrington and
"Father" Ned to the Airport.  Race across the bridge to Ned, as the hearse 
that's carrying him never moves.  You get an instant 2 star wanted level, but
there's a star on the way to the Airport, so grab that.  After bringing Ned, 
race over to wherever Avery's Ambulance is.  It might be easier to press Start 
and look at the big map instead of relying on the mini-map.  Just outrun the
cops back to the Airport for $2000

Soon after, you'll get a phone call from Donald telling you about a section
of land that needs clearing, so head over to 8 ball now.


No Money, Mo Problems:  Alright, a short cut-scene that costs you about Twenty
Thousand Dollars.  Basically, you gotta wait for a phone call.  Oh well.  Head
over to the T in Staunton Island to begin the next set of missions.


More Deadly Than the Male:  Alright, so now we're dealing with the Yakuza... in
a way.  The woman that you talk to wants you to murder her husband, but first
you have to torture him a bit.  He's got a shipment of weapons coming in and 
you've gotta steal them.  

When you get to the area, there's a ton of red arrows pointing downwards.  They
represent all the enemies you've gotta kill, so I hope you packed a ton of ammo
and a couple of sammiches, cuz this could take a while.  Sniper ammo will help
you at a distance, while the rest can be popped off with Uzi clips.  Make sure
to pick up all the ammo to avoid running out, but as long as you go moderately
calmly then they shouldn't gang up on you.  Use Sniper bullets to gun down
the guys standing in the boats, then get into the boat with a blue marker
on it.  More boats come after you as you go on, so drive briskly.  After a
short cutscene, you'll get $2000 AND the mini-gun will be available for 
purchase at Phil Cassidy's place.


Cash Clash:  Toshiko's husband is moving a lot of cash, fast, and it's your
job to destroy it all.  Sure, it would be nice to pocket a little bit of it
for yourself, but since you "Aim to please", then sadly you must destroy it.
The cash is in Securicar's, so you'd better get some heavy artiliery.  A 
Rocket Launchcer would be ideal.  Destroy them all for $3000, and since they're
bunched up together, you should only need 2 or 3 shoots.


A Date with Death:  So Toshiko's husband is pissed off at how easily you keep
destroying his wonderful little toys, but he still doesn't know who is behind 
it all.  Miss Kasen wants to give him a little nudge in the right direction,
and taking her out to the opera is the perfect plan.  Problem is, some 
Forelli's have caught you, and right after the singing comes the street fights.

This mission is far from difficult, just gun down the 5 guys that are nearby, 
and use the limo to speed away.  You'll probably have a 2 star wanted level, 
but that's not too hard to outrun.  Also, a couple of Forelli cars will attempt
to intercept you on your way back, so take evasive maneuvers.  Make it back
to Toshiko's place for $2000.  You'll also get the Tuxedo outfit at your
safe houses.


Cash In Kazuki's Chips:  So Kazuki has finally found out what the hell is going
on.  He wants to kill you AND Toshiko.  Well it's time to do what you do best:
Get to him and kill him first.  Race down the road to where he is (GTA 3 vets:
This was your 2'nd safehouse), and kill everyone that's there.  Kazuki will
flee in a helicopter and head for the Casino.  More Yakuza will chase after you,
so get there as fast as you can.

More guards to kill as you make your way up.  When you get to Kazuki, he wishes
to "Thrust his sword in you".  Just empty a clip of Uzi ammo in him.  It 
worked for me.  If not, then kill the other 2 guys first, then run over to the
corner and grab the Armor pickup.  Once he's dead, bring his sword to Toshiko
for a cutscene and $4000.

Now, this is the part where you've gotta wait for a phone call from 8 ball.
I just stood in front of his building and he called after about 30 seconds, but
sadly a lot of people have to wait a lot longer.  I don't know why, but just
stand in front of his area and eventually he will call.


Bringing The House Down:  So now that the bomb is ready, all you gotta do is
bring it to the right spot and blow that mother canucker sky high!  Drive the
red van to one of the entrances of the Porter Tunnel.  You've got to drive fast
AND Accurately, because the Forelli's are chasing after you.  Too much damage 
and KABOOM!  Mission failed.

As soon as you see the Forelli's, kill them.  There's only 2 of them so it
shouldn't be that hard.  If your truck gets too damaged, go back up to near
8 balls to the Pay N' Spray.  Drive carefully through the tunnels, until you
get to the 2 construction workers.  Kill them, then plant the first set of

Once they're set, you have 3 minutes to plant the other 2, and escape.  There
is one more worker to kill, and the other two areas to plant the bombs are 
relatively close.  Problem is, they're full of crap that you have to avoid,
and visability is not all that great.  Plant the 2 bombs and make your way out.
OH NO, Forelli's have blocked the exit!  Kill them, then make your way up
to the other yellow marker, bust your way through the metal gates, and watch
a fiery explosion of a $5000 reward.


Once that's done, make your way to the D in Shoreside Vale.  It's the mansion
for the final mission in GTA 3 for those that find it easier that way.

Love on the Run:  Donald Love is meditating, but he still can't calm down.
Columbians are on their way to kill him, so YOU Mr. One-Man Army are gonna
have to bring them down first.  Hope you remembered your armor.

The Cartel come in waves.  Start picking them off with an M16, or Snipe them
if they're far enough away.  Don't spend too much time in one place, and try to
stay near walls and such.  Once the pathway starts getting blocked up a bit,
use the Rocket Launcher to blow up some cars and (hopefully) some Cartel
guys with it.

Once this part is finished, you've got to bring Donald to the Airport.  You can
wait a few seconds and another Cartel Cruiser will pull up.  Kill the guys,
then take the car, and drive to the Airport for $6000.  You'll soon get a phone
call from Salvatore, so head on over to the Police Station.


The Shoreside Redemption:  Sal's getting out of jail!  Problem is, the
sicilian's aren't going to want him to make it to the court house, and you have
to make sure that Sal does.  Grab a cop car, and meet him out front of the
police station.  

Sal gets into a Securicar, and you've got to follow it.  It doesn't take long 
before a road block appears.  Now you've just gotta protect the securicar to
it's destination.

Along the way there are 4 Blockades.  2 Gunners outside of cars, and 2 cars
blocking the way.  Smashing into the cars will cause one of them to speed off.
The good part about this is that if you're ahead of the van carrying Sal, there
is a good chance that the car will speed off away from him.  The bad part is
if the van gets ahead of you, then the sicillian cars will constantly ram the 
crap outta the car, causing damage and eventually causing it to blow up.
Just try to stay ahead of Sal's van, killing the 2 gunners right away then 
smashing into the blockade.  Also, you can't get too far ahead of the Van,
otherwise it'll just be a mission failure.  It took me several tries to get
this one, but that's the best strategy that I could come up with.  Get Sal
to the courthouse for $4000, and the final mission at Sal's mansion in 


The Sicilian Gambit:  You walk in while Sal is on the phone with the
sicilians.  They want peace, but Sal just told them to go... well, you're
watching the scene I'm sure.  Sal also wants to go see the Mayor to get his
charges dropped, so grab a car, and Sal (but not in that way, don't wanna upset
your ma...) and go to the Mayors office.

When you start, a Sicillian car is tailing you, and there's a guy on the 
roof of the car trying to take you out.  Just stop, do a couple of drive-bys
to eliminate the people, not the car, and then make your way over the 
Callahan bridge.

When you get to the City Hall, the Sicillians are already there, so leave your
car and start killing them all.  As soon as you kill them, Sal pops out and 
says that they've already taken him, so grab whatever car you can and make
your way to the Pier.

The Sicillians are in boats now.  Take out the one guard that's there, and 
Sal will grab a boat.  All you've got is the circle for aiming, so make every
shot count.  Then again, you've got a Mini-gun with unlimited ammo, so I guess
aim isn't nearly as important as Death to Sicillians.  There are numerous boats
and a helicopter shows up as well.  Kill them all, and Sal will eventually get
to the Lighthouse.  More killing.  Make sure to grab the Hidden Package that's
here.  Make your way up killing more Sicillians on the way.  When you get to the
top, Massimo, the guy from the mission where you can steal the helicopter, is
holding the Mayor hostage.  After threatening him a little bit, he flee's on
a helicopter, and you've gotta gun him down.

Grab the armor if you need it, then go up and grab the M16.  Stand near the 
wall of the lighthouse, and don't let go of the trigger for the gun.  Once
you blow up the Helicopter, the mission ends.  That also ends the story
missions section of this guide.

OH, before I forget, you get the "The King" outfit at your safehouses...


Not that you can buy anything but weapons, but hey, money is money am I right?
Of course I'm right.  I'm the Assclown King, I can never be wrong!


Side Missions:  These are the little odd-jobs you can do in-between missions.  
Some will give you extra little goodies, most are just a great source of extra 
income.  This is an incomplete listing of the odd jobs of the game, and in
a future update will actually be organised a hell of a lot better.

Taxi:  Push down on the Analog Nub inside a taxi to access this mission.  
You must find a fare, and deliver him to a location somewhere on the island that
you are on.  You earn money based on how much of the Tip meter is filled by the 
time you reach the destination.  (It's the San Andreas version of the Taxi 
mission, and frankly, that's my first and so far only complaint about this 

Vigilante:  Grab a cop car, (they're everywhere) and attempt to stop the 
criminal threat within the time limit.  Grab a bunch of Uzi ammo's, and shoot
the enemy cars into oblivion.  Tanks work extremely well in this situation, 
and since you get one at the end of "Shogun Showdown" if you follow my
instructions, just use that.  You get 50 extra points of armor for doing
this mission.

Ambulance:  Go to the hospital, (dying is a common way of doing this), and grab
the Ambulance.  Hit down on the control nub and start saving peds rather than 
killing them!  Basically, you collect peds that are already bleeding.  
For each one you collect, you get time added.  Start ramming into too many 
cars and buildings,  and the ped will die, resulting in a mission fail.  Also,
each level you pass adds one ped the next time.  Example:  Lv 1 is one ped, 
Lv2 is 2 peds, and so on and so forth. You unlock unlimited sprint by getting
up to level 12.

Fire Truck:  Enter the fire truck, (either by starting a fire or by going 
to the fire station near Capital Auto's).  A car will be on fire, go to 
the fire and put it out with the Circle button.  The more fires you put out,
the more fires you'll have to put out for the next level.  Once you reach 
level 12, you become fireproof, making the Molotov weapon actually useful!

Car Salesman:  Enter the Capital Auto's marker.  4 cars will appear, with a
customer next to each.  Each customer will want to be driven around in a 
different way.  The object is to fill the sales meter, and get the customer
back to the Auto place before the timer runs out.

Bike Salesman:  Pretty much the same as the Car Salesman mission, only with 
bikes instead.  There are 4 of them:  The Freeway, the Faggio, the PCJ 600,
and the Sanchez.  In order to fill their "sales" meter, drive the Faggio
really slow, the PCJ really fast (and try not to crash), the Sanchez on the
grassy area's (actually, to the left of where you start out, there's a white
strip of land that seems to fill up the meter really fast), and drive the
freeway somewhere in the middle... of the sidewalk.  You have to sell at 
least 10 of each bike to unlock the Protection money.  After that, a
limitless amount of bikes get spawned, allowing for easy money.

Toyz:  Scattered across Liberty City are Toyz vans.  Basically, Rc style 
missions, like races.  I've only found one so far, but I'm sure there's more.

Name:  Thrashin' R.C.
Location: Hepburn Heights Construction Site.
Reward: lv1 $1000
An Rc race.  Drive through all the checkpoints, trying to get in first place.  
All the checkpoints are around the construction site, and to make it even 
easier, they have arrows pointing to the next one.  

Punk Noodles:  Kinda like the Pizza Boy Missions in Vice City and San Andreas,
you're goal is to deliver Noodles to people all around Liberty.  It's found 
outside Punk Noodles in Chinatown, right where the first cut-scene is.  
You deliver said noodles via drive-by.  You have to get all the customer's 
their delivery of noodles before the time limit, or it's mission failed for 
you.  Get an extra 25 points of health for getting up to level 10.

Pizza Boy:  Much the same as Punk Noodles, you drive around on a modified
Faggio delivering pizza's via drive-by.  This place is located  Near Phil
Cassidy's Fully Cocked gun shop.  Another 25 points of health for level 10.

9MM Mayhem:  In front of Paulie's Revue bar, there's 2 alleys.  
One of them has a freeway parked underneath some stairs.  That triggers
this mission.  You're on the back of a bike being driven by some other
random guy.  Your goal is to beat the high score.  You do this by shooting at 
the targets as they are assigned.  The first 2 are on Bikes, but the rest are in
cars.  With unlimited ammo, and limited health (for the bike that is), you have
3 and a half minutes to kill as many targets as possible.  You get a small cash
reward for each target you kill, and the reward gets bigger for each kill.
The mission ends when the timer runs out, the health gets completely depleted,
or you shoot the driver in the head for kicks... yes I know that last one 
from experience.

Trash N' Dash:  Enter a Trashmaster and push down on the Control Nub. (Up on
the D-pad of that's what your control setting is).  In this mission, you use
the Trashmaster to pick up all of the green garbage cans around the City before
the timer runs out.  Each garbage nets you some more time on the clock.  In
Portland it adds 30 seconds, in Staunton Island it adds 40.


EXTRAS:  In this section, I'll be going over the locations of the Hidden 
Packages, Rampages, Stunt Jumps, and Weapons.  Although it's just the Packages
right now, bear in mind that it's a work in progress.  Also, the order they're
marked in is the order in which I've found them, and not necessarily any 
particular order.


Portland Packages:

#1  Behind Vincenzo's contact point, behind the fence, at the dock.  Either 
    bust through the fence, or walk around it.

#2  In a field patch near the old school hall, next to the Callahan Bridge.

#3  In a busted-up car, next to Capital Auto's.  OR, behind 8 Ball's place.

#4  Between 2 green dumpsters, on the east side of the most eastern building 
    next to Vincenzo's.

#5  Around the Corner in the alley, after you kill the first drug dealer in 
    "Dealing Revenge".

#6  Behind the Ammunation.

#7  In between the last 2 trailers at the end of portland harbor.  (GTA III 
    Vets,this is where one of the unique stunt jumps was.

#8  At the C for Toni's Mom's missions, go up the street a bit until you see
    some ramps.  Go down the ramps, and underneath one is this Package.  (when
    lookingat the mini-map, it's not too far behind the C)

#9  On the last silver railing between the two halves of the Callahan bridge, 
    portland side.

#10  On the left hand side of Mean Street Taxi's near Portland Harbor, there's 
     a foresty area.  Look around there for this package.

#11  Drive over the edge onto a titanic colored ship in portland harbor.  
     Around the bend on the bend is this package.

#12  2'nd floor of Marco's Bistro

#13  On the northern part of the bus station, behind one of the buildings.
     (it's near Portland Harbor)

#14  Down the rocks on the pathway leading to Salvatore's Mansion

#15  In the Red Light District, along the main road (farthest left on the
     map) there's a grassy, raised median, and a Hidden Package.

#16  Behind the crusher in Harwood, just past Capital Auto's.

#17  At the lighthouse.  You can get it during the "The Sicilian Gambit"
     Final mission of the game.

Staunton Packages:

#1  As soon as you enter Staunton via bridge, the first grassy median going
    straight ahead holds this package.

#2  Leaving Staunton via bridge, underneath the little jump.

#3  At the far corner of the graveyard in Bedford Point

#4  Facing away from the casino (it was Kenji's contact point in GTA III), go
    down one street.  Look at the medium on the right and you'll find this
    near a tree.

#5  In Belleville Park, behind a giant statue overlooking the bathroom stalls.

#6  At the ver end of the raised pathway that has a Pay N' Spray and 8 Ball's,
    Between 2 garbages.

#7  Behind Asuka's old place, behind a pillar holding up a bridge in Newport

#8  Climb the stairs to Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop.  Hop over the
    barricade and follow the path.

#9  In the mission "Search and Rescue", behind the garbage can that Salvatore
    Is hiding in front of.

#10  Facing the hospital, turn right.  There's a road that curves, and a gray
     building.  Behind the furthest wall is this package.

#11  On some gray rocks at the construction site behind the hospital.

#12  To the left of the entrance to the ferry station, in front of a trailer.

#13  There's a bridge in Fort Staunton that has rails shaped like semi-circles.
     If you're facing North, it's on the upper-left side, almost underneath it.

#14  In Bedford Point, follow the road in a way that start's with Phil's Gun
     Shop is on the left, and the Pizza place is on the right.  Go forward
     2 roads, and this package is at the top of the steps on the white building
     on the right.

#15  Behind the gray ramp near McAffery's contact point.

#16  Next to a tree in the parking lot south of the Stadium.

Shoreside Vale Packages

#1  In a doorway behind a police bribe in Wichita Gardens.  (see the Rough
    Justice mission from Salvatore for more details).


10 Packages = Pistol at your Hideouts
20 Packages = Shotgun at your Hideouts.
30 Packages = Armor at your Hideouts.

More to Come.....


Unique Stunt Jumps


#1 Near Salvatore's, there's a police bribe.  The grassy ramp leading up to
it is this Jump.

Congratulations!  You've earned the underwear costume at your safehouses.

#2 Bring a PCJ 600 to collect Hidden Package #11.  The ramp leading out of
the ship is this jump.

More to Come.....


WoRLD MAP WEAPONS:  This is just a small list of the weapons that I've found 
while exploring this new and improved liberty city.


On the eastern side of the Mean Street Taxi's building is a set of Brass Knucks.

Behind the Saw Mill in Trenton, you can find a Chainsaw.

Face Rusty Browns Ringed Donuts.  Turn left, then keep looking left while going
forwards.  You'll eventually see a part where the wall breaks away into a cave
like thing.  (GTA III Vets, this is where Maria, Fido, and Asuka leave 
Portland and enter Staunton Island).  Go to the docks and go down the little 
stepway.  The Armor is here.

There's another Armor in Portland harber in front of 2 large, gray container
things with yellow bases.  Do a 180 turn and you'll see the ship for Hidden 
Package #11.


There are some grenades in the alleyway beside the Ammu-Nation.

Keep following the Alley to find some Armor near a Patriot.

There's another Armor beside the pool on the building across from Asuka's
old place in Newport.

There's a hockey stick in front of what used to be the stadium.


TO DO LIST:   A list of things I might add to this guide.

Find more hidden packages

Fix any grammar mistakes

Find Rampages

Find stunt jumps

Find extra weapons

Reorginize and add to the Odd Jobs section

Reorginize (and update) the Table of Contents

Make a section for FAQ's and Rumors

Fill up space with more cruddy jokes.  (as if I need a reminder for this.)



Please remember that I was away from this guide for a year, and essentially
just rushed through all of the missions to get it finished.  I will be updating
it again sometime in the next couple of weeks to add to the incomplete sections,
and to reorginize and such.


Thanks to...

GameFaqs, for hosting this guide,

You, for reading it,

Me for writing it,

JustChillin, JC, for helping me out with the margin formating.  Without his
help, you might not be reading this until next year.

neptunez and SpartanM, for posting the links to a program that allows
mp3 songs to be converted to something that GTA LCS can read.

gmrxbox for originally posting (on that you could fly

Ryan Kemper, who pointed out something I overlooked in the Custom Tracks

God, for being at the ass end of so many jokes I've made over the years.  
Remember, God does indeed have a sense of humor, case in point, Jack Thompson
is walking the earth.  How can God NOT laugh at such an idiot.

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