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The Strategy Guide and Walkthrough
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Written by CHAZ5000
E-Mail address [email protected]

Legal Information:
This Walkthrough is to be found only at at the moment.It is Copyright 2001 Chaz5000
"Raptor" is copyright Cygnus Studios and Apogee Entertainment.

Current Version:
Version 0.01-01/26/01:My First Version of this FAQ/Walkthrough/Strategy Guide.  


Level 1-
Purchases before you start:Ion Scanner
Level Hints:This being the first level, it isn't very tough.  Just shoot down the enemy planes,
until you make it to the boss.
Goodies in this level:Air-to-Air Missiles, Life Refill

Level 2-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life then save the rest of your cash.
Level Hints:Watch out for enemies, blow up the buildings,just play it like level 1.  It's not 
much harder.
Goodies in this level:Life Refill

Level 3-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life, buy a plasma cannon if you've got the cash but
DON'T sell your Air-to-Air Missiles.
Level Hints:Now the levels start getting harder.  Watch out for the winged oval enemies, they 
leave $50.00 bonuses but they throw energy balls at you from all directions.  Watch out for
boats also.
Goodies in this level:Life Refill, Air to Ground Missiles

Level 4-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life, and if you can afford it, buy Dumbfire missiles. 
Level Hints:Be very careful on this one.  I was killed time after time on this level.  If you
have the Dumbfires, you should be okay.  If you don't have the Dumbfires but have a Phase 
Shield, you should have a hard time, but still can beat it.  If you have neither the Dumbfires
nor the Phase Shield, then you will probably die several times in the course of this level.
Whatever you do DON'T use the MegaBomb you get in this level.
Goodies in this level:Life Refill,MegaBomb


Level 5-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life.  If you have the Dumbfire Missiles, then buy a 
Phase Shield.  If you have a Phase Shield but no Dumbfires, Buy a Dumbfire.  If you have both
already and have about two hundred thousand bucks, buy Micro Missiles.
Level Hints:This level is about as tough as the fourth level.  When you reach the Boss, use both
megabombs you have on him BEFORE he rises from the dirt.  After he does, fly in circles, avoiding
the energy balls, and fire dumbfire missiles at him when he stops shooting.  Repeat until he's 
Goodies in this level:Life Refill, MegaBomb

Level 6-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life and buy as many Phase Shields as you can afford.
You can sell your Dumbfire Missiles because you get a set at the beginning of this level.
Level Hints:This level is TOUGH.  Not only are some of the hardest enemies in this level, but
this is also the first level with a halfway boss.  Just use evasive manuevers to make it through
this level.
Goodies:Life Refill, MegaBomb, Dumbfire Missiles(Yay!)

Level 7-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life.  Buy at least 2 Phase Shields, and if you've got the
cash, 3 MegaBombs.
Level Hints:This is an almost impossible level.  I reccomend you stay on the defensive.  You've
got another tough halfway boss, and an even tougher end boss.
Goodies:2 MegaBombs

Level 8-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life.  Buy as many Phase Shields as you can, but also
try to buy an Auto-Track Mini Gun.
Level Hints:Follow the hints for Level 7.  This level is not quite as tough as Seven was, but it
still is quite a challenge.
Goodies in this level:2 Life Refills, MegaBomb

Level 9-
Purchases before you start:Refill your life.  Buy a Pulse Cannon if you can, but make sure you 
have at least 3 Phase Shields.
Level Hints:This is the toughest level in the game.  Just dodge the enemies and hold down Fire.
Beware of the two toughest bosses in the game halfway through the level and again at the End.
Goodies in this level:Life Refill, 3 MegaBombs


|Weapon                 |Description                         |Strength    |Cost   |
|Machine Gun            |Attacks both ground and air         |Low         |12000  |
|Air-to-Air Missiles    |Does damage to aerial targets only  |Medium      |63500  |
|Plasma Cannon          |Does damage to aerial targets only  |Medium-High |78800  |
|Air-to-Ground Missiles |Does damage to ground targets only  |Medium      |11000  |
|Dumbfire Missiles      |Does damage to all targets          |Medium-High |145200 |
|Micro Missile          |Does damage to all targets          |Medium-High |175600 |
|Missile Pod            |Does damage to all targets          |High        |204950 |
|Auto-Track Mini Gun    |Does damage to tracked target       |High        |250650 |
|Pulse Cannon           |Does damage to anything in its path |VERY High   |725000 |

|Item          |Description                            |Price  |
|Energy Module |Shields for your vessel                |10000  |
|Ion Scanner   |Diplays boss's HP                      |10000  |
|MegaBomb      |Extreme damage on all enemies onscreen |32250  |
|Phase Shield  |Extra shield for your craft            |78500  |

To GameFAQs, For hosting this Walkthrough.
To Prickly Jack and Fritter, My Cats, For sleeping on my arm so I couldn't fire a MegaBomb.
To Noah Webster, because I keep misspelling "strategy" as "startegy"
To Orson Scott Card, For "Ender's Game"
This Reference Guide is copyright 2001 Chaz5000.

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