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Archangel Game-Guide by Koi


Hi all, this is my first guide, so please don't go hard on me! Also please
don't put this document on any site without asking me first, thanks!

I know exactly, that this game is not the best that was ever made or game of
the year or even a good game at all. But if you looked up this guide, it means
that – for some, unfathomable reason – you like it as well. For this reason I
tried to write this guide in a way, so you can get the most out of your
gameplay (e.g. you can Rambo your way through the game with using and upgrading
your chosen form only, but where’s the fun ‘n’ challange in that :D).
Secondly I’ve played the game in normal and this has two reasons: first, you
don’t get any benefits, form playing on hard (extra Essence, etc.) and the easy
game was too easy. Normal is challenging enough to be able to use your other
skills, but not too hard to be forced to use only the ‘forms’. That’s all. Oh,
and use a lot of Quick Saves!!

About this Guide
As this is my first guide (ever), I'll try to explain how I choose what to put
in it and what not to. What you'll find here is

o) Skills
o) Weapons
o) Quests


What you won't however, are hidden items/places, maps, or generally what you'd
consider a walkthrough. I think the game is pretty linear, so it's difficult to
get lost, or get stuck, there aren't any skull-breaking puzzles either, so no
need for a walkthrough. If you happen to get lost though, you may email me
about it, but please be very specific and try it yourself first.

As you make progress, the protagonist, Michael Travinsky, evolves, goes through
transformations, which affect his look, but most importantly his skills. With
each transformation he gains new skills and a new look. You can add a new level
to a skill by gaining enough 'Essence' (basically experience points), which you
have to spend manually. Each skill has 3 levels and each level costs more exp.
than the previous. You gain Essence by killing evil creatures or completing

 o) 1st transformation (at the very beginning, by the Lord of Light himself)

Here you have 2 choices, either choose the ghost form or the warrior form! The
main differences are:

- Ghost form: attacks with energy bursts, which deal are-of-effect damage, is
almost invisible and very silent (adds with level of skill). The description
says, your physical abilities are lower but your spiritual, higher. Actually
this does not affect your "normal form" abilities, so you won't get more energy
when choosing Ghost form or more health by choosing Warrior. Ghost form is just
as (almost) invincible as Warrior, however the Ghost has same movement speed in
EVERY direction!! This is a big difference, because you always walk slower
backwards, except with this ability! Notice, you cannot float over water or
anything, although it might seem like the Ghost is floating, so don't try it :>
Also notice that with ghost form you won’t really need invisibility or silent

- Warrior form: it's basically a brute. Invincibility and high damage output,
nothing special. Actually this one is the more useful form of the two.

You also get a set of skills with your first transformation:

- Regeneration: you should get this skill as your first! It’s extremely useful
and although points added will only increase the speed not the effectiveness of
the life/energy conversion, you SHOULD upgrade! You will spend a LOT of time
standing and waiting for your spirit energy to recover, so the faster you use
this skill, the faster you energy can start regenerating. It might seem stupid
to put points in it just for that, but believe me it’s not!

- Holy Protection: the description to this skill is very unspecific. Actually
as I've observed it, it works to protect against the following special attacks:
- WORKS vs: Poison Vulture, Small Spectres,           Fallen Angels (méele &
ranged attack), Former Human (poison dagger)
- NOT WORK vs: Dark Angels's burst attack, Naakratal's energy-ball, Evil One's
lightning projectile, Spectre's poison attack, Keron's self destruct explosion.
Which means this is a pretty useless skill to buy, because: fallen angels can
only be killed with the Sword of Light, Former Humans can (and will) attack
with guns as well and finally there’s only ONE small spectre in the entire (!)
game! This leaves the vulture the only reason to purchase this skill. NOT

- Darkness Vision: this skill illuminates dark areas it can be useful in caves
or other dark places. It can't hurt to have this skill, especially because it
also highlights living beings’ aura!
You can upgrade it to lvl 3, you won’t loose that much essence and you may be
able to use it throughout the entire game (especially if in act II in great
spaces, where you won’t be able to tell where enemies are, because of the
detailed environment).

 o) 2nd transformation (after beating Aklesiah in the swamps)

- Hypnosis: this skill will paralyze a foe, if: first you turn it on (consumes
energy), you hit it with the Sword of Light (also consumes energy) and it only
lasts for about a second at level one and only adds +2 seconds with each level.
Yet it’s not as bad, as one would think: at level 3 you can use Hypnosis on
enemies you’d anyway have to kill with the sword of light (like bosses or
Fallen Angels), hit ‘em till you run dry, then wait till your energy
regenerates and repeat. You can also combine this with Spirit regeneration
later: you do what I described earlier, then turn on Spirit Regeneration and
repeat. Notice that while enemies are in Hypnosis, they can still attack you.
(!WARNING! only use this if you have a lot of medpacks or in a serious
bossfight) Recommended in Act II & III.

- Light Shield: reduces damage by 25% with each level; consumes energy when
active. So why not use one of the 'forms' instead? They are invincible! But: it
takes time to transform, this only takes a second to activate. Still, you won't
get full invincibility, only about 75% damage reduction, which is pretty good,
especially if you don't plan to invest into the 'forms'. It will also become
mighty good, once you get to New Berlin, where everybody will be shooting at
you from afar and you don't want to transform every time you encounter someone.
Definitely a must!!

o) 3rd transformation

- Silent Motion: it reduces the noise you make while running. It is very
useful if you want to sneak around and once it’s fully upgraded you can walk up
completely to an enemy without being noticed. This makes instant sneak attacks
very easy (especially in Act III where you will encounter lots of Dark
Archangels and killing them in one blow is… priceless :D). It's not as great as
Light Shield or regeneration though.

- Spirit Regeneration: converts life into energy. You can use it in
combination with Hypnosis (see exact method above). Otherwise it’s pretty
useless, but I’d still recommend it to Holy Protection for example. You can
wait with it till Act III where it will truly shine in the boss fights or vs
enemies you can only kill with the SoL. You also need to consider whether to
upgrade or not, because if you don’t you can turn it off so it won’t cost you
too much HP, but if you want to use it with the Hypnosis-technique it is
recommended to upgrade, because you want to do the procedure as fast as you
can, so you can continue to fight with Hypnosis.

o) last transformation

- Invisibility: it’s almost completely useless, although it has some scouting
purposes (if you don’t play as the ghost). In Act II it is superfluous because
of the many narrow spaces you will be fighting in as this skill does not
eliminate the sound only your appearance (and enemies will start looking for
you if they hear you, so you won’t be able to ambush them like this). Effect
wears off if detected (this is actually good, cause you won’t waste energy).
Not  recommended.


I’ve managed to acquire 15’600 Essence points to the end of the game and the
amount that comes from completing quests is Act I (1550) + Act II (2500) + act
III (1750) = 5800. This is 37% of the Essence you can gather, the remaining 63%
comes from defeating enemies.
I’d choose these skills, with these ‘form’ combinations:

First you put one point into Regeneration, then max out Darkness Vision, then
max Light Shield (so it will be lvl 3 in Act II), here you will need one more
into Regeneration, then max Silent Motion, +1 Warrior , +1 Regeneration, +1
Warrior and finally max Spirit regeneration. I’ve found this to be the most
optimal and once you reach the really tough bosses in Act III, you can spend in
Hypnosis from your remaining Essence.

+1 Regen, +3 Darkness Vision, +3 Light Shield, +1 Ghost Form, +2 Regen, +3
Hypnosis, +1 Ghost form, +3 Spirit Regen


Old Ages

1.) Sword of Light: this weapon will accompany you throughout the entire game.
It uses energy, so you can't just swing it around all the time, it ain’t that
strong either (about the damage of the short sword), but there are certain boss
monsters, you can only kill with this particular sword (gets an upgrade later
in Act I, after you take Zealeth's potion to Manalah; you'll get to swing 2
more times, than before)

2.) Knife: standard knife, this has the least damage of all the weapons (4 hits
for a Jaws, 'bout 6 for Naakratal). Use it in the beginning but as you get
others, don't use it any more.

3.) Short Sword: good at the start, but will become weak later. (2 hits vs
Jaws, 4-5 vs Naakratal)

4.) Axe: this is a little better than the short sword, but still takes 4 hits
to kill a Naakratal.

5.) Heavy Sword: the strongest méele weapon in the game. Takes 3 hits to kill a
Naakratal or a Furred monster.

6.) Bow: slow, but strong ranged weapon, difficult to aim though. It has cold
and fire arrows beside     the regular ones. It can be useful later in Act I
(catacombs for example) to freeze a standing     enemy, then hit 'em with a
normal arrow. This'll kill most enemies (and you won't be able to use     the
cold arrows for anything else really).

7.) Crossbow: the description says it's stronger, but actually it's not. It
fires in a straight     line and it doesn't goas far, as the Bow and it only
has one type of ammo. Use it to quickly     dispatch Keron's before they
explode, or hit Ghost Monks before they come close. 1 hit with     crossbow,
then 2 with Heavy Sword, this way they just wont be ably to cast their spell.

Berlin 2039

1. Sword of Light
2. Knife
3. CUW-9 Pistol: great throughout the entire Act II, especially once you get
the silenced version.
4. CUW-9 with silencer: once you get it, don’t use the normal one anymore. It
might happen that even if you don’t see anybody around, once you fire your
pistol, they will swarm at you. It’s great for taking out enemies even if they
are crowded, because they can’t hear you.
5. pump-action shotgun: your regular shotgun. Slow rate of fire, but greater
damage. Avoid use (only if you run out of other ammo)
6. Sniper: use it sparingly. If there’s a rocket-man or something powerful,
take it out first, then handle the rest.
7. GMS-30 rifle: best weapon in Act II. High rate of fire and high damage
output, although you can run out of ammo pretty fast, so don’t waste it!
8. Liberator Rocket Launcher: it’s great for cleaning out rooms at the end of
Act II (especially in combination with Light Shield), but don’t waste it on
single foes. It also uses heat seeking rounds, but I didn’t find use of tehm…

Forgotten Place

1. Sword of Light
2. Axe
3. Shotgun
4. Pi-U energy concentrator: it’s like a spirit energy - rocket launcher. It
uses your spiritual energy as ammo. Very effective but use it sparingly. Does
NOT replace the SoL, so don’t try to fight bosses with it!!

I'll not explain every quest, but only comment on those, that need to be
handled otherwise, than one would think (important is, who gives them). Quests
are not necessarily done in the order, as they are numbered (I just figured
it'd be easier to write 'em down like this :D). Essence reward in brackets.

Act I

1.) from: Abbott of the Azure Order (100)
Your first quest, given right at the beginning. You’ll get this as you make
2.) from: Dirkon, the Librarian (50)
kill 10 evil creatures, the return to him (reward: Bolts). It’s as easy as it
3.) from: Ivy Rose (300)
	Find the three stones. You’ll get this as you make progress.
4.) from: Monk’s ghost (50)
No matter which path you choose at the crossroads, the Forest or the Village
path, you’ll 	come across obelisk-like stones, which if you strike with the
SoL, you can free the Monk’s
ghost trapped inside (although the one in the forest is more hidden, whereas
the other is right in the middle of the road). No matter which one you find
first, he’ll tell you, that his brother is trapped inside the other, so go free
him. (hat’s where you get another quest)
5.) from: Zealeth (250)
You find this hermit on the village path at a solitary tower in the wilderness.
He tells you to get some Flowers (which of course only grow in the Cave where
you can’t go yet), so	he can make a potion, that’ll strengthen your Sword! Once
you are in the Cave of the Seven Signs, you need to look for a place, where
there is a ledge, with water underneath it and with teeth-like spikes on it.
You need to make a big jump over the 	water – better save before you try. Here
you’ll have to make a choice later, whether to do this quest for the upgrade,
or do the quest the normal way. This involves going into the Cave of the Seven
Signs and breaking the ice, that holds the heart stone. If you find the flowers
in the cave and apply the upgrade through Manalah, you don’t need to find the
seven signs, only the stone. If you couldn’t find the flower, you’ll need to
find the seven signs (both are equally hard to find, now that you know where
the flowers are) and melt the ice. The last sign is at the ice. This quest is
more lucrative in more ways: you get to swing your sword 7 instead of 5 times
(!) and you get 250 instead of 200 Essence for completing the quest that you
anyway need to do, to progress in the story. So CHOOSE THIS OPTION!!! Don’t
choose the normal way, 	because it’ll not only net you more Essence, but also
the Sword upgrade.
6.) from: Village Elder (100)
Dispose of the leader of the Bat People, this N’gath. Go to the cave on the
other side of the river to do this.
7.) from: N’gath (100)
	N’gath tells you that the Elder is possessed by evil and needs to be put down.
8.) from: a lady in the village (after you defeat the demon that possessed the
elder) (200)
to get the heart stone you need to place the seven signs into seven altars in
the Cave of the Seven Signs. This will melt the ice prison it is held in.
***WARNING*** do NOT do this quest, ecause you will get less Essence than with
the Zealeth quest (see above). If you 	acquire the upgrade, you won’t be able
to do it this way anyway (because the last “altar” is at the stone and when you
enter the chamber you’ll automatically break the ice, so putting in the last
set of Signs won’t matter anymore).
9.) from: Brother of the Monk (that you freed) (50)
He’ll tell you, that there is something hidden in another runestone somewhere
nearby. It can be found near the Cave of the Seven Signs entrance. Look around,
you’ll only get an axe though, but it’s worth for the Essence.
10.) from: Navaya (150)
	Dispose of Aklesiah.
11.) from: Aklesiah (after you defeat the demon who possesses him) (100)
	He tells you that Navaya is evil and to dispose of her.
12.) from: N’gath (50)
Visit Manalah (this one, after you defeat the Elder in the village and return
to N’gath with the news, then he sends you off with this quest)

Defeating Kreyah: the boss of Act I will spawn ghost monks, until you don’t
kill those, you can’t harm Kreyah. You can hurt them with conventional weapons
though, so don’t waste energy using the SoL. Once you defeat the ghosts, hit
Kreyah with the SoL. He will spawn (now less) ghosts, so just repeat till he’s

Act II

This act is very linear, so you don’t need to “find” the quests, they will be
given to you at the end of the previous one. I only wrote them down, because I
wrote the ones fro Act I as well (:D) and because you can calculate with the
Essence/skill purchase.

1. from: hotel clerk (100)
2. form: Arquan (300)
the blue moon hotel is on Black Rose Square. You can get there via train.
3. from: monk (250)
the Crash Test Dummies bar is also on Black Rose Sqr.
4. form: Anna Polansky (100)
the K.E.O.S. Plaza is on K.E.O.S. Plaza :D – it’s like the square, you can get
there via train.
5. form: Samuel van Dorn (200)
6. from: Mark Houser (?)
7. from: monk (after you bring him the Phantom Device) (200)
8. form: Ivy Rose (once you killed van Dorn) (100)
9. from: Mark Houser (at Arquan’s Bookstore) (300)
10. from: Jack Oshinava (200)
11. from: Leslie (350)
12. form: Mark Houser (via phone) (400)


This Act is even more linear than the previous two. There aren’t many quests
either, but I’ll include boss fights this time (it might be necessary against
some of them).

1. from: Kramath Citizen (300)
2. from: demons in the bar (200)
3. from: returning to the demons (50)
4. from: Garret (500)
5. from: Ivy Rose (700)

defeating Phear: first of all, watch out for the turning blades in the room.
Hit his shield with shotgun rounds, till it is destroyed. Then he’ll use AoE
attacks (I didn’t manage to find out how to avoid those) just hit him with the
SoL and he’ll be down in no time (especially if you have found the sword
upgrade in Act I).

defeating Astaroth: he’ll spawn Dark Archangels to aid him. Ignore them, just
run around trying to hit him and as you do, immediately dodge his retaliating
attacks. Once he’s down, finish his servants and off you go!

Defeating the Warrior: this is your spiritual Warrior’s reflection, so if you
played with this, you’ll be familiar with it’s strengths and weaknesses. If you
have Spirit regen and Hypnosis it’s hight time to put it to use! Sneak into the
room (not to waste energy turning on Hypnosis too soon), once you see him turn
on Hypnosis and charge at him. Once your energy runs dry, quickly turn on
Spirit regen then Hypnosis again. Remember that while enemies are in Hypnosis,
they can still attack, so keep your distance! Repeat until he dies.

Defeating the Ghost: same sh*t here as before. Except that the ghost has an AoE
damage!! This will make things worse if you don’t have enough medpacks (you
need to go sparingly about medpacks in Act III for this single fight, no
kidding). Don’t be surprised if you’ll be using medpacks like crazy. Try to do
the same as with Warrior except without Hypnosis (as he can attack you with his
ranged attack) because it is just a waste of energy vs the Ghost. You’ll use up
a lot of medpacks but don’t worry: if you do this, you’re through with the
worst part.

Defeating the Lord of Darkness: you saw the door behind you in the cutscene? It
has a bar on it. Attack that till it’s broken. While you wait for spirit
regeneration, just run around and try to kill the two Dark Archangels while
avoiding the shots from above you. Don’t care if you can’t kill them till you
get your energy back, just run back to the door and start hitting it, you’ll do
it with the second ‘refill’. Congrats, you’ve beath the game!! :)

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