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Version 1.1
Written by Thorn Martin
([email protected])

1.Update History
5.Planets and Starbases
9.And A Note


Version 1.2---12/31/99---Added the FAQ, and other small
Version 1.1---12/19/99---Fixed some typos, added a tip, and
changed the acknowledgements a little.
Version 1.0---12/17/99---Created this FAQ type thing.


Armada is a great shooter/rpg from Metro3D. This walkthrough
is mostly made from information collected from throughout the
internet. If you have any more questions that this FAQ type 
thing doesn't answer, feel free to contact me 
([email protected]).


-The controls are as follows:
 Analog Thumb Pad: Change ship direction
 Directional Button: Press UP or down to ascend or descend 
from planets you orbit
 A Button: Fire Main Weapon
 B Button: Special Power Pod Attack
 X Button: Scanner
 Y Button: Activate Shield
 Left Trigger: Warp Engine
 Right Trigger: Thrust
 Start Button: Pause or Exit from menu
-Only the top 4 items in your inventory are equipped. 

-You are awarded a new ship every fourth level up to level
44. Even after the last bulk upgrade your stats (I wish I
could see them) still go up when you gain a level.

-The last mission is #31. Even after you beat it though
you can still play forever, but their is no ending.

-There is no way to contact the Armada, you can only frag

-The "special" weapons, such as the Phoenix Missile, are
fired randomly by your ship.

-The large green dots on your radar are a chance to do a 
escort mission. Use your Scanner to talk to the large ship.
By doing this you can earn up to 1000 credits.

-Small green dots on your radar are ships that will become
your wingman when you scan them.  

-The red dots are the Armada. The large ones are more harder
to kill, but give more experience.  White dots are your 
mission goals. 


Q-Do all races stop giving bulk upgrades at level 44?

Q-Are there any more "super" Ultratechs?
A-Other then the ones mentioned, no

Q-What is the limit of space?
A-The "fog" ends at +/-1,000,000 in all directions, and the
stars end 130 past that

Q-Is the mission set the same for all races? Does anything
differant happen?
A-Yes and no

Q-The twin missile packs don't seem to work, what's wrong?
A-Like all "special" weapons, they fire randomly when you
hold down the main weapon button, but many, like the twin
missile pack, are hard to see

Q-Are there any more missions after #31? Do the escort
missions count on the campaign screen?
A-No and no

Q-I can only use the sheild 3 times... HELP!
A-That is because it uses up your power pods, I suggest
using the power pods instead


-Allied Starbase: x:-78 y:99

-Terran Starbase: x:-3408 y:2400

-Nomad Starbase: x:2421 y:14343

-Eldred Starbase: x:13652 y:-5886

-Scarab Starbase: x:-128 y:-9822

-Drakken Starbase: x:12421 y:7476

-Vorgan Starbase: x:-12989 y:-5788

-Other Starbase: x:-17650 y:-16500 

-Other Starbase: x:12340 y:14280 

-Drakken Gas Mine Starbase: x:22460 y:6180

-Secret Base: x:-27250 y:30780

-Desert Planet: x:-22998 y:-5327

-Jungle Planet: x:-9330 y:6260

-Ice Planet: x:-14721 y:-20311

-Dead Planet: x:8710 y:-18060

-Gas Planet: x:27421 y:3284

-Volcanic Planet: x:22421 y:24511

-Infested Planet: x:-31250 y:34280


-The best places to get money and experience are the differant 
planets. These ships are harder to kill (because of their 
higher levels), but the money and experience are worth it.

-Hold down the Scanner when leaving a planet. This way you pick
up anything you forgot to in the heat of battle.

-The Eldred are possibly the best for single player because of
their experience boost, critical hit, and their ability to warp 
without using energy.

-The Vorgon are possibly the best for multi-player because their 
homing shots can steal the most kills and also help pick off the
 enemies that dodge.

-How to beat nearly any boss: If it is a boss located out in 
space, then be sure to have a wingman (small green dots). Fly in,
use all your power pods, and then blast away at it. Try to get
behind it because most can't fire out their rear. If you have the
Pod Syphon it is a lot easier.


-Sorry, no cheats.

-After level 16 you can buy a "super" Ultratech, called Shiva, 
at the Allied Starbase for 50,000 credits. This item gives you 
infinite energy and more shots fired.

-After level 32 you can but another "super" Ultratech, called 
Disrupter, at the Secret Base for 95,000 credits. This item 
kills smaller Armada ships in one hit, larger ships in 4 hits,
and bosses in 10 hits.

-After level 44 (the last ship upgrade) you get unlimited 
power pods.


If you wish to use this FAQ, then be sure not to edit any 
part of it, I took time to make this, and would like to be
given credit for my work. Where did this information come
from you ask? Well here's the list:

Basics: from the instruction manuel, my own head, and the 
Metro3D Game Discussion Forum 

FAQ: from questions that people asked me

Planets and Starbases: from the Metro3D Game Discussion Forum 

Tips: from my own head and the Metro3D Game Discussion Forum 

Secrets: from the Metro3D Game Discussion Forum 

The things "from my own head" might be from my own experiences
playing Armada or past websites I have visited but don't remember 
the name or address. If any of these things written are similar to 
what you wrote in the past then your website just might be one of 
those I saw but forgot. If this is true, contact me 
([email protected]) and I will give credit where credit is due.

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