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The following FAQ has been made by me and are property of Saiyans
Rage( Gundam Wing - The Unnoficial
Site( and cannot be reproduced in anyway. Feel free
to ask me any questions about this game by e-mailing me at
[email protected] Ben (Goku_549).

Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M.

Where have we seen this before? An overpopulating race of alien insects from
another galaxy has landed on earth – the perfect place to colonize. The
invading oversized bugs are ruthless, instantly destroying all humans,
putting the fate of the world in jeopardy. Thankfully, the military has a
secret, untested battle suits that may be able to withstand the deadly
insect attacks. OK, so it’s not exactly an original storyline, but amazing
graphics and the powerful Turok graphics engine make Armorines wildly


Name: Tony Lewis
Rank: Private
Age: 38
Height: 6’ 0’’
Defensive Weapon of Choice: Armor Shield
Projectile Weapon of Choice: Shotgun Style
Explosive Weapon of Choice: Rocket Launcher

Name: Kyra Lane
Rank: Private
Age: 27
Height: 5’8’’
Defensive Weapon of Choice: Tazer
Projectile Weapon of Choice: Sub-Machine Gun
Explosive Weapon of Choice: Grenade Launcher

Soldier Bugs
Soldiers are the first line of defense. They are most effective when they
attack in groups. Soldiers rush in for close-range attacks.

Guard Bugs
Guards can attack from a distance with projectile weapons. They are
intelligent and are typically used to protect the brains and queens.

Brain Bugs
It’s no surprise that the brains are the most intelligent bugs. They
organize the guards and soldiers and are also powerful fighters.

The Queen
The queen will not move from her hatchery unless absolutely necessary. If
someone gets past her servants, she will ferociously attack.

The Weapons

Hint: When you need to destroy a swarm of bugs instantly, arm yourself with
a weapon that has a secondary, more powerful attack. When you hold and
release the Z Button, your weapon will produce a devastating blast. Only
certain weapons have secondary fire.

Plasma Shotgun
Private Lewis automatically starts the game with this simple weapon. The
Plasma Gun isn’t very powerful and isn’t equipped with a secondary fire

Sub-Machine Gun
This basic weapon emits single shoots, although you can perform rapid fire
by holding the Z Button. Private Lane is armed with this at the start of the

Kyra Lane’s Tazer may look fancy, but it’s not a very effective weapon. The
Tazer can be used in close combat, or to fire weak energy bursts.

Rocket Launcher
The Rocket Launcher shoots straight and doesn’t offer secondary fire, but
each blast can take out an arm of bugs. Use your rockets wisely and

Grenade Launcher
This handy tool catapults grenades with a lofting arc, sending explosives
bouncing towards the enemy – good for hitting they’re hard-to-reach places.

Mines are fun to play with but difficult to use effectively. Try getting
close to a bug, sticking a mine on it and running quickly for cover!

By strategically waving a thumper, you can attract insects away from their
hiding places and lead them out. Once they’re in the open attack fast!

Laser Rifle
The Laser Rifle projects a long, powerful stream that can be used to knock
out enemies or obstacles. But this gun is not good for a rapid-fire attack.

Chemical Gun
Green gobs of goo are ejected from this unique weapon and can burn through
big bugs or bothersome walls. Once again, it’s not a good weapon for

Sonic Cutter
This is another unique instrument, which fires a spiraling spray that can
cut through anything. The Sonic Cutter will help you defeat the tough queen

Brood Launcher
The Brood Launcher is a strange tentacle-like contraption that can collect
the hatching eggs and then launch them at the enemies.

Staff of Pharoah
This long wand with three prongs can pack a powerful punch, especially with
the massive secondary fire feature. It also fires weaker rapid shots.

Cheats can be either earned by getting Cheat Flags, or can be input before
playing the game. The Cheats are near the end of this FAQ.

Unidentifiable Species Detected In Siberia
In the snowy fields of Siberia, an unknown race of enormous insects has
taken over the missile silos in an attempt to steal human technology. The
Armorines have been flown in to destroy the invaders and save the
scientists. But most importantly, the military must get to the missiles
before the bugs do. Protect any humans you find, because they will help you
complete the mission. And get ready for an intense bug-bashing monorail ride
through dark mines.

Siberia Missions 1 & 2 Objectives:

Collect the goggles as soon as you arrive.
Climb the watch tower and deactivate the energy fence.
Find and escort Dr. Delaney back to the power station.
Ride the monorail and blast the bugs.
Restore power to the monorail.
Deactivate the second energy fence and enter the silo.

Siberia Missions 1 & 2
Get the Goggles
After running off the chopper, look behind the first room and blast the
crate. You’ll desperately need the goggles to find your way around in the

Find the Laser Rifle
After blasting a few bugs, head to the right and go up the ramp. Around the
corner you’ll find a room. Flip the switch in the room to open the warehouse
door, but watch out for attackers. Then make your way to the warehouse and
collect the Laser Rifle and some ammunition.

Deactivate the Energy Field
After roaming around the area, you’ll discover that an energy field is
blocking the only open path. Climb to the top of the watch tower to
deactivate the energy fence. Bugs will appear from under the ground. Quickly
head toward the monorail tracks and follow the path.

Dr. Delaney Has the Code
You’ll reach a tiny path on the left side before the tunnel entrance. Walk
up the path and into the room to find Dr. Delaney. You must safely transport
Delaney back to the power station so that he can activate the monorail. If
the doctor dies, your mission is over.

Take a Ride
Once the power is restored, find the monorail. You can climb into the car
through the opening on the right side. The ride will automatically start,
putting you in control of the rotating gun. Keep firing and blast the swarm
of bugs before they can hop into the monorail. Don’t worry you have infinite
ammo with the monorail gun.

Navigating the Mines
As the wild ride continues, you’ll be blasting insects right and left.
Occasionally, the monorail will come to an abrupt stop and you’ll need to
jump off and find a switch. On the first stop, you must restore the
monorail’s power. Find a ladder that’s hidden in the dark.

Not So Fast
After finding the switch to deactivate another electric fence, you’ll be
able to enter the missile silo. But before you can finish the mission, an
enormous insect will blast you with lasers. Run for cover to the right side
of the dirt mound, then try for a direct shot to the head. NOTE: YOU DON’T

Siberia Missions 3 & 4 Objectives:

Free scientists so they can open blast doors.
Launch the three missiles that bugs have not obtained.
Gain access to the main control room.
Free Dr. Easterbrook and talk with him.
Get back to the surface.
Destroy the gigantic bug blocking the path.
Collect the two cheat-code flags.
Get back to the landing pad and move on.

Siberia Missions 3 & 4
Save the Scientists
As you make your way through the maze of the missile silos, you’ll find
several scientists trapped by bugs. Some are being guarded in rooms while
others are lock in bathroom stalls! Save as many as you can – especially Dr.
Easterbrook, who will help you finish the mission.

Launch the Missiles
The bugs are hoping to use the missiles against the humans. Three missiles
have already been launched, but you can still save the remaining three.
Press the button on the far wall of the launch area to shoot the missiles
into the sky and make them eventually self-destruct.

Collect Mines, Blow Down Gate
You should be able to destroy one missile, but the other two are
inaccessible. Find a pile of mines behind a desk in the room with the large
gate. After gathering the mines, use on to knock down the gate. Then you’ll
be able to find and destroy the remaining two missiles.

Blast the Octagonal Door
Dr. Easterbrook has locked himself in the main control room to keep away
from the deadly insects. To set him free, you must first use a mine to blow
open the octagonal door. Then you can access a switch that unlocks the main
control room and releases the doctor.

The only way to get past the piles of snow is to plant a mine and create an
avalanche. Once it is clear, move ahead.

The Hidden Doorway
Once you reach the main control room, it will seem like there is no way out.
Look for a doorway under the stairs and flip on your goggles. You’ll have to
jump over some boxes and push a button to open a door that will lead you out
of the building and back into the snow.

One Big Butt
Save your missiles for the enormous insect blocking the monorail path. Avoid
his deadly rays while constantly shooting.

Grab the Cheat Flags
After all this hard work, it’s about time for a reward. In the room where
you found Dr. Delaney, collect the Sonic Cutter cheat flag. There’s another
Cheat Flag in the one-story bunker next to the two large cannons. You’ll
need the flags later in the game.

Siberian Missions: Complete

Lost In The Jungle
As it turns out, the insects have taken over an old temple near the jungles
of South America and are using it as a breeding ground to hatch eggs and
expand their army. The Armorines must infiltrate the surroundings, destroy
all eggs and uncover an experimental weapon. These missions involve more
puzzles and mazes, as  well as badder bugs, including the deadly Jungle
Queen. Collect as many extra weapons as you can and strap on those goggles!

Jungle Mission 1 Objectives:

Escape the tunnel by blasting the bricks.
Enter the courtyard and clear out the attacking bugs.
Activate the Stairway to the Sun.
Infiltrate the Aztec Temple.
Seek out the experimental weapon.
Destroy all 34 bug eggs.

Jungle Mission 1
Road to Nowhere
You start in a tunnel that leads to a broken bridge long drop to your death.
Looks for the bricks on the left-hand side and blast your way out.

Round ‘Em Up, Shoot ‘Em Down
Once you enter the open court, attackers will start appearing from all
sides. Before long, you’ll be overwhelmed. Collect as many rockets as you
can, then use Thumper mines to attract the bugs and shoot them all down in
one blast. The Thumper will explode after a few seconds.

A Maze In Mexico
Large walls block off sections of the courtyard. You must step on the short
stones that are protruding from the ground to open passages. Make your way
around the area, collecting mines and rockets, and be prepared to take a
long swim. I hope you brought your swimsuit.

Stairway to the Sun
Notice the large crates to the right of the main entrance. First, you’ll
have to figure out how to lower the front ones. Then you’ll have to jump on
top of them and step on the stone, triggering the gigantic stairs. Climb up
the stairs and open the path to the Aztec Temple.

Entering the Temple
You’re in for plenty more swimming, so you’ll want to save your strength and
find a better way over the moat in front of the temple. Stepping on the
stone should do the trick. Once inside, look for the middle switch at the
back of the room, then shoot it to lower a large column.

Time for a Dip
To collect the Chemical Gun, you’ll need to dive into one of the drowned
passages. Get your head above water and shoot the light brick near the roof.
That will open an underwater wall, which is located to the left. Inside,
you’ll be able to collect some goodies.

Scramble Some Eggs
Your third objective is to destroy all 34 bug eggs before they can hatch.
You’ll find eggs in three different locations: Most can be destroyed in to
gigantic hatchery rooms, and the others are hidden in the ceiling. After
blasting the embryos, watch out for angry parents!

Jungle Missions 2 & 3 Objectives:

Kill all the bugs on your way to the hatchery.
Climb the old ruins and locate the hatchery.
Incinerate the large eggs.
Wander through the caves and destroy all eggs.
Blast through the tunnels and explore.
Locate the entrance to the queen’s lair.
Battle the queen’s protectors.
Finish off the Jungle Queen.

Jungle Missions 2 & 3
Lock On
As you wander through the foggy jungle, use the target lock on the standard
weapon to spot and kill hard-to-see insects.

Big, Bad Brain Bug
This gigantic creature has more than just intelligence . The bug you’ll
encounter in the jungle is fast, powerful and deadly. You’ll have to run for
cover and try to hit the beast from a distance. Moving forward will only put
you closer to the Brain’s treacherous grasp.

Buzz Off
The flying bugs are more of an annoyance than a true threat. Get them in
sight and take them down before they fire back.

Sneak Attack
Guards will be shooting at you from atop an old pyramid. Find a safe place
and take them out from a distance. Then race up the ruins and spot the
hatchery on the other side. From high above, you can destroy the eggs in the
hatchery. Be sure to hit the big egg in the middle.

Going Around In Circles?
As you begin the second mission and advance through the jungle, attackers
will swarm you from all directions. This is another good place to use a
thumper mine. You’ll quickly feel like you’re going in circles – look for a
blocked cave entrance on the side of a hill and blast it.

More Rockets to Blast
Fallen rocks block three separate tunnels. You should be able to advance
through an opening by discharging two rockets to create a hole. Move
carefully through the tunnel on the left. Although it may seem impossible to
slip through the rockslide, you will fit.

Leap of Faith
When you reach the sudden drop, abandon all fear and take the plunge. You’ll
go splashing into water without a scratch.

One-On-One With the Jungle Queen
Actually, it’s more like one-on-twenty. The queen doesn’t budge until
absolutely necessary, and she has plenty of protectors to keep her safe. But
once you get close enough, she will finally stir and release a terrifying
attack. Aim for her body, then her claws, and finally her head. After a
while, she’ll disappear and attempt to replenish her strength. In the
meantime, fend off her many minions.

Jungle Missions: Complete

Conquering The Volcano
The bugs have targeted a volcano lab in Hawaii, where they’ve trapped more
scientists and started several hatcheries. Your job is to destroy the
breeding bugs, save the scientists and finish off the Volcano Queen. These
missions are frustrating, because much of the area’s visibility is very low.
Goggles are a necessity. Walk slowly and look carefully for hidden openings
– most are in unlikely places. Stay alert and try not to shoot fellow

Volcano Missions 1 & 2 Objectives:

Destroy eight bug breeding holes.
Find the crashed bug pod.
Gain access to the research base.
Find the security key.
Gain access to the lower research labs.

Volcano Missions 1 & 2
Home Wrecker
After salvaging what’s left of the crashed ship, go through the tunnel and
spot the bug hole behind the busted tank. Drop a mine and blow it to pieces.

Avoid the Lava
Before reaching the pool of lava, search for a nearly invisible cave on the
right side. Don’t attempt to jump the lava pit, or your game will come to an
end. After traveling through the tunnels and crossing the narrow bridge,
look for a thumper and a Sonic Cutter underwater.

Locked Out
After finding your way through a few more dark tunnels and blasting your way
past a few more pesky insects, you’ll come to a couple of blocked passages.
The switch behind the statute will open the first side door, and the switch
inside will release the closed gate.

Finding the Crashed Bug Pods
Not only is the waterfall refreshing to look at, it’s a passage to the bug
pod. Enter the hidden tunnel behind the waterfall and follow the ledge to
the left. A seemingly dead-end cave will lead to a clearing. To advance,
place a mine on the pod and clear the path.

Pipe Dreams
To get to the research facility, you will have to travel through a series of
large pipes. Turning the first valve will give you access to the pipes.
After moving through the first passage, climb up into the next one. Continue
to twist all the valves to gain access.

Make the Jump
Once you reach the fallen bridge, turn left and search for the exposed pipe.
As always, your goggles will help your vision in this dark area. Try jumping
down and landing on the protruding pipe. Alternatively, you can make your
way around to the right and blast more bugs.

Power Up and Haul Out
You’re very close to completing the second mission successfully! The shiny
silver object sitting on the ledge is an access key to the main generator
room. Once inside the room, you must activate power to the lift and ride the
elevator down to the research labs.

Volcano Missions 3 & 4 Objectives:

Blast openings and crawl through lab tunnels.
Locate the missing scientist and collect bomb beacons.
Shoot rock formations to continue decent.
Blast loose rocks on the ceiling to cross lava.
Run from flowing lava and climb to safety.
Find and destroy the three queen eggs.
Drop smart bomb beacons in three egg hatcheries.
Escape the nesting area before detonation.
Defeat the Volcano Queen.

Volcano Missions 3 & 4
Get On Your Knees
After straining your eyes trying to reach the volcano lab, it’s a relief to
be able to see again! But that won’t last long. Blast obstacles to uncover
secret passages to other rooms. Tap Down on the Control Pad to get on your
knees and crawl through the small ducts.

Trail Blazing
After finding the missing scientist and collecting the bomb beacons, you’ll
spend more time wandering around the base, flipping your goggles on and off.
When you reach what appears to be a dead end, shoot at the loose rock to
create a new path for yourself.

Outrun the Lava
Sounds easy, right? Believe it or not, lava can move pretty quickly. After
jumping down into the hot liquid, start racing in the opposite direction,
with guns blazing to clear out attackers. As you reach the far end of the
tunnel, climb your way up to the large opening.

1:30 and Counting
As if there weren’t enough bugs on the loose, more eggs are about to hatch.
Luckily, you’re ready to blow the area to pieces. Clear out the attackers
and plant the bombs. Be sure to know the correct route to escape, because
you’ll have only 1:30 before mass destruction.

Finish Off the Queen
The Volcano Queen is very similar to the Jungle Queen. Once again, try to
hit her body, then her claws, then her head. Like the Jungle Queen, the
Volcano Queen will try to restore some of her energy and send her guards
after you. The surrounding area has several places to duck and hide,
shielding you from the deadly rays. Also, rockets and nails are on the
ground in abundance. Collect as many as possible.

Volcano Missions: Complete

Not Over Until The Last Bug Is Squashed
The last of the three war heads has landed in Egypt, where the Armorines
will have to destroy the remaining bugs on earth. But to ensure that the
aliens never return, you’ll also be sent into space to find the mother ship
and finish off the race for good.

Egyptian Missions FAQ Coming Soon

Mother Ship FAQ Coming Soon

GOLDENPIE (enables all cheats)

SKIPPY (level select)

GODLY (invincible)

LOADED (all weapons)

SORTED (infinite ammo)

SKETCHY (pen and ink mode)

SONIC (fast running)

GODDESS (female trooper in multi-player. Only one multi-player code can be
used at a time.)

LEGGY (hive guard in multi-player mode)

RUBBER (volcano guard in multi-player mode)

CLAW (egypt fodder in multi-player mode)

UGLY (hive fodder in multi-player mode)

GameShark Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On) F1093178 1000
Master Bryan’s Activator 1 P1 D00F7550 0000

Master Bryan’s Activator 2 P1 D00F7551 0000

Master Bryan’s Dual Activator P1 D10F7550 0000

Enable Cheat Option(s) Modifier 81115936 ???? 

Activate Cheat Modifier 81115932 ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Cheat Modifier Codes
0001 - Invincibilty
0002 - Have All Weapons
0004 - Infinite Ammo
0040 - ? Mode
0100 - Pen And Ink Mode
0147 - All Of The Above

This FAQ has been made by me and are property of Saiyans
Rage( Gundam Wing - The Unnoficial
Site( and cannot be reproduced in anyway. Feel free
to ask me any questions about this game by e-mailing me at
[email protected] Ben (Goku_549).

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