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Shinji Ikari, The 10 o'Clock Assassin
7/4-5/99, 7/20/99, 7/27/99, 9/16/99, 11/08/99
[email protected]

                 ASUKA 120% FINAL BURNING FEST
               FAQ FOR JAPANESE PSX, VERSION 1.4


Hello, all!  I'm the writer of most Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfics, as
well as some other fanfics.  I also give out my opinions of the games I
played.  This is my very first attempt at writing any game FAQ.  It'll be
a hard one for a fact that I'm writing about a Japanese game.  I only
know a few terms in spoken Japanese, and I've gotten a small idea of
what some terms mean in written Japanese.  Nevertheless, I'll do the
best I can to give you some info about the best *blank* game to hit the
market since Street Fighter II.

Asuka 120% must've spawn from the frustrations that came during the
time when Street Fighter and Fatal Fury were made.  Sick and tired of
the fact that men outnumbered women 12-to-1; games like this one was

But despite the fact that it stars high school girls with short skirts,
Asuka 120% is a combo-based game (much like Capcom's Marvel Vs.
Capcom game).  Basically, anything you throw at your opponent will
connect. The highest possible ranking can be 30+ "Rush Hits."  At
times you can get away with doing the same super moves twice in a row
or connect two different super moves together.  Nothing much in the
sence of "cheesecake" (Except maybe for the victory pictures).  Just a
bunch of schoolgirls beating each other silly.

"Final Burning Fest" gives the impression that it might be the last
Asuka 120% girl-brawl after hitting many platforms (PSX and  Saturn
are the main ones).  They seem to have improved through time,
utilizing several elements from the better known fighting style games.


In Septembers Gamefan Magazine, Eggo (one of the editors)
proclaimed that the game's only made to feed the needs of perverts and
what have you.  He (I believed) stated that whoever actually likes this
game should have one's "Hardcore Video Game Player" licence
revoked.  And meanwhile some company's about to release Wu-Tang
Clan for the PSX (which is basically a re-edited Thrill-Kill).  Who do
you trust?


KNOW THE MAIN STORY! (This is all to the best of my knowledge.)

At the Ryouran High School For Girls, the "Mega-Fighting
Tournament" is being held.  Hundreds of young ladies from all walks of
Japanese life are encouraged to participate in this greuling event.  But
only the best of the best have taken home the trophy and the title
"Queen of Fighting."  Will the proclaimed "Queens" be able to keep
their titles?  Or will they give way to hard-boiled rivals and brightly
burning newbies?



X:('Nuff Said)Light Attack
A:(Triangle)Medium Attack
O:(Circle)Heavy Attack
[]:(Square)Knock-Down Attack

U-U:Recover from being knocked down.
B-B:Hop Back
U-U:Double-Jump In The Air

At the Select Screen, the O button picks what you want while the []
button takes you back.  The controls are backwards, the game being
Japanese and all.

Color Select:
(Press one of the top buttons while pressing the O button.)
O:   Normal
R1   First Color         R2   Second Color
L1   Third Color        L2   Fourth Color

U, B:Air Guard
Start:Pause Game
Select:   Taunt or Variable Combo when guage reaches 120%:
Screen turns dark until guage reaches zero.  Can't be knocked out of it
like in Street Fighter Alpha series.  Some of these taunts and victory
poses hit for minor damage.

When the character loses by time-out, she does a stance from last
game's dizzy.  Ichiko's all new, so she'll just wobble back and forth.

R1/R2:     Easy Attack (Character will do specific moves when those
buttons and the control pad are pushed at the same time.)

DF:Half Circle From Down To Forward (Mainly fireballs.)
DB:Half Circle From Down To Back
D-D:Tap Down-Down Quickly (Mainly Uppercut Moves)
PPP:Tap Attack Button Repeatedly
DU:Quickly Press Down-to-Up (Hard to do)
J:Must (Also) Be In Air To Perform This Attack
DP:Dragon Punch Controller Move
RDP: Reverse Dragon Punch Controller Move
#:Super Move



After you picked your character; the story is explained, and she fights
her way through her opponents towards the trophy.  Open your ears as
the talented crew of voice-actresses and voice-actors give this game a
colorful feel.

ARCADE:   Forget the plot!  I just wanna kick some butt!

Fight the computer.  Fight your friend.  Or just sit back and watch as
your favorite girls go at each other's necks.

SURVIVAL: Pick your character and try to bulldoze your way through
all the characters!

TRAINING: Want to find the best way to plummel your opponent? 
This is where to go!
     CPU 1, CPU 2, CPU 3, USER

RESULTS:  Here's where your highest scores, wins, and "Rush Hits"
are kept.  Use the control pad to pick your character and see how much
she got for dishing out her damage.

      GAME LEVEL:***
      GAME SPEED:***
      TIME COUNT:30-60-90-8(continuous)
     MATCH POINT:   1-2
      VISUAL SKIP:ON - OFF (Makes the game go faster.)
     SOUND:         STEREO - MONO
     VS. OPTION:
     (Gives you a list of names instead of pictures of chara's.)
          LOAD (from card)
          SAVE (to card)



Sophmore C, 151 cm, 44 kg, A blood
VO Rico Sayama

The main heroine.  This "average" girl represents the Chemistry Club. 
Under the harsh training of her upperclassmate Tetsuko Ougigaya, she
turns out to be a powerfully "average" fighter with destructively
"average" skills.

O:   Blue
R1:  Orange    R2:  Green
L1:  Black     L2:  Purple

Centrifuge Slash    DF + X/A/O
Phenomenon Crash    (J)DB + X/A/O
Chemical Impact     DD + X/A/O (A/O smashes down if connecting.)
Mach Jab                      X/A/O PPP
#Centrifuge Destroyer         DF + []
#Super Phenomenon Crash  DB + []

Intro:         Throws off lab coat.
Taunt/Victory: Test tubes in her hand. (Hit)


Sophmore B, 151 cm, 45 kg, B blood
VO   Kae Araki

She's Asuka's childhood friend, building a Ryu-Ken relationship.
Karina's parents work all the time, so she never gets to see them.  Her
only true friend is her pet frog Kero-pyon.  Biology is her major, and
when she talks to you, she says "kimi;" (like you and her are in some
loving relationship or something)...

O:   Blue/Orange Hair
R1:  Green/Purple Hair   R2:  Brown/Brown Hair
L1:  Black/Red Hair      L2:  Purple/Black Hair

Kero^2 Attack       (J)DF + X/A
Kero^2 Heat Press   (J)DF + O
Kero-pyon Setup     DB + X/A/O (Kero-pyon charges guage for her.)
Biological Impact   DD + X/A/O (A/O k\Kicks you to the ground.)
Somersault Shoot    DU + X/A/O
#Kero^2 Megahit     (J)DF + []
#Kero^2 Squadron    DB + []

Intro/Taunt:   Shrugs and points. (Hit)
Intro Vs. Asuka:    Shrugs and asks her a question.
Victory:       Shrugs.


Sophmore A, 158 cm, 43 kg, AB blood
VO   Masaki Miki

The epitome of Japanese women: She cooks, cleans, doesn't boast
about her skills, and her politeness is considered unreal in most
countries.  This expert in Rhythmic Gymnastics (Gymkata, jokingly
called "Gymkaki") has met Asuka during the high school enterance
exam.  Becoming quick friends, everyone else starts to wonder if
Asuka, Karina, and Kumi will be the next new King Of Fighters team of
the future.

O:   Orange/Blue Hair
R1:  Dark Blue/Dark Blue Hair
R2:  Green/Turquoise Hair
L1:  Black/Dark Blue Hair     L2:  White/Pink Hair

Ball Attack    F + O
Stick Shot          DF + X/A/O (From high to low)
Spinning Swan Kick  (J)DB + X/A/O
Ribbon Cutter       DD + X/A/O
#Ribbon Slicer      DD + []
#Needle Shot   DF + [] (Sometimes it's unavoidable)

Intro/Taunt:   Bows. (Hit)
Victory:  Throws her coat on. (Hit)
Victory Vs. Tamaki: Bows. (Hits once more.)


Junior A, 157 cm, 47 kg, O blood
VO   Noriko Hidaka (Akane Tendo for you Ranma-heads)

A cheerful girl who represents the Baseball Club.  She has a one-track
mind.  But when she gets her mind on a subject, her full energy follows
suit.  Well liked by her peers.  Note that her bat will appear from out of
nowhere during some of her moves.  Her glove sits on her head whilst
she "swings" her bat.  Also note that her "fireball" has less range than 
Rival Schoolkid Shoma's.

O:   Pink Clothes/Blue Hair
R1:  Green/Brown Hair    R2:  Brown/Pink Hair
L1:  Black/Blue Hair          L2:  Purple/Black Hair

Great League Pitch #8    DF + X/A/O
Dust Raising Swing       DD + X/A/O
Burning Catch            (J)DB + X/A/O
#1-2-3 Strikes, You're Out!   DF + []
#Tower-Striking Homerun Swing DD + []

Intro:    Gets "Ready."
Victory/Taunt: Holds ball in her grip.


Junior A, 152 cm, 42 kg, O blood
VO   Yuki Asakara

A traditional Japanese girl who respects her elders.  Nana is head of the
Dance Club, but she wears an Aikido gi and attacks with fans and a
bladed stick.  People like Principal Shindou usually stop by her
clubroom and have tea with her.

O:   Red Aikido suit (Nakoruru)
R1:  Blue Aikido suit (Rimururu)
R2:  Yellow Aikido suit
L1:  Black Aikido suit (Evil Nakoruru?)
L2:  Purple Aikido suit

Windy Moon Fan (J) DF + X/A/O
Dance of the Young Cow(?)     DD + X/A/O
Splitting Blade          DB + X/A/O (Sends opponents flying back.)
"Sakura Season" Rendering     X/A/O PPP
#Dancing Flame Slash Spread: Part 1     DD + []
#...Slash Spread: Part 2 Quickly press UU + [] during Part 1

Intro:   Gets in her stance.
Taunt:   Gets in her stance. (Hit)
Victory:       Turns her back.


Junior B, 148 cm, 43 kg, B blood
VO   Yukana Nogami

When not sleeping in class, this popular cheerleader can be found
lifting the spirits of her teams and classmates.  An expert in
cake-tasting, her cheerleading skills are reminiscent of SFII's Vega. 
Now all she needs is a mask and a claw. ^_^

O:   Red Dress/Orange Hair & Pompoms
R1:  Green/Yellow Hair & Pompoms
R2:  Dark Red/Yellow Bows & Socks/Orange Hair & Pompoms
L1:  Black/Grey Hair & Pompoms
L2:  Purple/Pink Hair & Pompoms

Pom-Pom Attack
     (J)DF + X/A/O (In air, X/A are angled, O is straight.)
Pom-Pom Upper  DD + X/A/O
Twin Kick Punch     DB + X/A/O
Rolling Pom-Pom Dart     (During Dash,) FF + X
Hunting...          DU + X/A/O
...Stepper          X/A/O
...Backdrop    B/F + X/A/O
Fanny Drop     J, D + O
#Rolling Pom-Pom Barrage DD + []
#Really Big Pom-Pom Attack    DF + []

Intro:    Swishes pompoms and giggles.
Taunt:    Swishes pompoms once. (Hit)
Victory:  Swishes pompoms 3 times. (Hit 3 Times)


Junior B, 168 cm, 48 kg, A blood
VO   Akira Morimoto

She's a fun pal to have around, even though her study habits are poor. 
She spearheads the Volleyball Club through the inter-club activities. 
Her only enemy is Tamaki Shindou, the tennis player she lost to during
the last Mega-Fighting Tournament.  Hmmm...  Maybe I should create a 
shrine dedicated to people from the mountainside.  (Ryuji of Fatal Fury, 
Sakura of Blue Seed...)

O:   Red Lines on Shirt, Socks, & Bloomers
R1:  Green     R2:  Yellow
L1:  Black     L2:  Purple

Cyclone Receive
     DF + X/A/O (X/A go straight, O goes diagonal.)
Lightning Serve     DB + X/A/O
Quick Driver   DD + X/A/O
#Hyper Tackle  DF + []
#Mountainside Buster     DP + []

Intro:         Stretches.
Victory/Taunt: Thumbs up. (Hit)


Senior C, 176 cm, 56 kg, O blood
VO   Reika Inoue

An exchange student from a "sister school" in Florida, Cathy comes to
Japan to experience it's culture.  Her naturally large (BODY) size
makes her a perfect candidate for the Wrestling Club.  Will sometimes
speak her language when she's in her English class.  And some of the 
classmates she fights will speak some English to her.  (Karina's is 
really funny...)

O:   Blue Gear/Blonde Hair
R1:  Red/Blonde     R2:  Green/Dark Blonde
L1:  Black/Grey
L2:  Purple/Light Blue/Dark Skin (Elena Cathy)

Dashing Knee
DF + X/A/O (A/O has her kicking forward.)
Hyperbomb           DB + X
Back Drop           DB + A
Headbutt Stun       DB + O (Repeatedly press O to hit three times.)
Cathy Lariat        DD + X/A/O (A/O has her lariating again.)
Powerbomb      DP + X/A/O
Thigh Press         J, DF + X/A/O
Clothesline         (During Dash) F + O
#Coconut Special    DD + []
#Coconut Crush RDP + []

Intro:         Rips shirt off.
Victory/Taunt: "Ichi-ban!!"


Senior A, 167 cm, 47 kg, O blood
VO   Rieko Ogawa

Her proper accent, her popularity among seniors and juniors, her love
of music and tennis, and the fact that her father (Principal Shindou)
always watches over her. She's A Princess!  I'm amazed one of her
moves didn't include smacking someone, laughing obnoxiously, and
saying, "Call Me Queen!"  She's the past Mega-Fighting Tournament

O:   Dark Red Dress & Hair
R1:  Purple    R2:  Blue
L1:  Black     L2:  Blue/Dark Skin (What The Heck?)

100-Rendering Serve (J)DF + X/A/O
Victory Attack      DB + X/A
Victory Ambush      DB + O
Racket Drop
     DD + X/A/O (A/O sends opponent flying frontwards)
#Dynamite Serve     DF + []
#Victory Dance      DB + []

Intro:         Swishes hair.
Victory/Taunt: Turns her back and swishes hair. (Hits at a certain


Senior C, 172 cm, 58 kg, A blood
VO   Mio Ito

She trains herself and her followers harshly in the arts of Karate.  She's
loved by her classmates because she is so "manly."  So strong is her
will that she refuses to sink so low as to "Shotokanize" her karate. 
She's Tamaki Shindou's chief rival.

O:   White Gi, Grey Hair
R1:  Red/Blonde Hair (Ken Masters Tomari)
R2:  White/Red Hair (Takuma Sakazaki Tomari)
L1:  Grey/Light Grey Hair
L2:  Purple/Black Hair (Akuma Tomari)

Majestic Fist       (J)DF + X/A/O
Paired Dragon Fist  DD + X/A/O
Anti-jumping Heeldrop    (J)DB + X/A/O
Vacuum Foot Sword        J, DD + X/A/O
#Lightning Dragon Majestry    (J)DF + []
#Lightning Dragon Column      DD + []
#LD Vacuum Foot Sword         J, DB + []

Intro:    Gets into her stance.
Vs. Tamaki/Taunt:   Points at opponent. (Hit)
Victory:  Palm, kick, "Yosh!" (Hits Two Times.)
Victory Vs. Tamaki: Bows


College Freshman F, 149 cm, 48 kg, B blood
VO   Hiroka Nishizawa

She's a gang leader at the Touyou Harimadana College.  She challenges
the county's toughest fighters and does battle with each of them.  She
then hears of the Mega-Fighting Tournament at Ryouran High School
for Girls.  Like a vicious eagle she lays and waits for her prey; either
the MFT champion Tamaki Shindou, or anybody else who can best the
tennis queen.  (Akuma's niece?  Best hope she doesn't learn the Shun
Goku Satsu.)

O:   Dark Blue Dress/Purple Hair & Socks
R1:  Purple Dress/Red
R2:  Dark Blue/Blue (Rei Ayanami Shinobu)
L1:  Black/Black
L2:  Purple/Blonde/Dark Skin (Dennis Rodman Shinobu?!)

Gangboss Berserker Surge      DF + X/A/O
Gangboss Dynamite Uppercut    DD + X/A/O
Gangboss Hurricane Kick       (J)DB + X/A/O
Gangboss Needle Kick          J, DF + X/A/O
#Murderous Megaton Berserker       DF + []
#Murderous Megaton Dynamite        DD + []

Intro:    Fist up.
Vs. Tamaki:    Makes an angry fist at her.
Victory/Taunt: Another fist up.  "YO-SHA!!"



     (Made & Tested on 2.4 Version Game Shark)

1 P1 Infinite HP
8005B00C 4B00
2 P1 Infinite Defense Bar
8005B00E 3200
3 P1 Infinite SP
8005B010 0078
8005B01A 01C9
4 P2 Infinite HP  
8005B270 4B00
5 P2 Infinite Defense Bar
8005B272 3200
6 P2 Infinite SP
8005B274 0078
8005B27E 01C9
7 All Characters
8005A42C 0007
8 Some weird stuff
8005A42C FFFF
(Credit given to Mike Sacco for code 8.  It shows the small boxes 
around the area of the fighters if you press L1.  It also slows down 
the game if you press L2.  They can be on simultaniously, but it ends 
up reseting the gave configurations.  Use it at your own risk.)



Senior, 158 cm, 47 kg, O blood
VO   Minako Hino

Head of the Chemistry Club and "Sempai (Upperclassmate)" to most of
the girls.  She's ranked by her followers somewhere between Torami
and Tamaki.  But her fighting style is ranked somewhere around Saishu
Kusanagi (KOF.)  A young lady shrouded with mystery, she never
leaves for home without a trusty book about philosophy.

O:   Blue Dress, Hair, & Hat/White Labcoat
R1:  Red       R2:  Green
L1:  Black     L2:  Blue/Black Labcoat

Centrifuge Slash         DF + X/A/O
Phenomenon Crash         DD + X/A/O or J, DB + X/A/O
Ougigaya Combination     DB + X/A/O
Mach Jab                 X/A/O PPP
#Centrifuge Destroyer         DF + []
#Super Phenomenon Crash  DB + []

Intro:    Rolls up sleeves.
Victory/Taunt: Shrugs.


Junior, 150 cm, 44 kg, B blood
VO   Kaoru Morota

Ichiko is the cute announcer (i.e. talking head) you had always seen
during the past Mega-Fighting Tournaments.  Now she's back and here
to kick butt!  But it seems that she has the worst of luck.  Her skills
have been paralleled towards Dan Hibiki on a good day.  Never the
less, she's getting those interviews whenever she's liked or not!

O:   Blue Dress & Hair
R1:  Green     R2:  Red
L1:  Black     L2:  Purple

Surge Microphone         DF + X/A/O
Rising Microphone        DD + X/A/O
Sky Cutting Microphone   (J)DB + X/A/O
Microphone Dropper       J, D + O
#Certain Victory With Unreliable Interviewing Skills "^_^"
     DF + []
#Exploding Microphone    DB + []

Intro:    Throws glasses off.
Victory/Taunt: Throws hand up & speaks into mic.


Principal, 175 cm, 72 kg, O blood
VO   Touru Sawara

Principal Shindou believes that a person must be strong as well as
smart and cultured.  He also believes that mothers and wives should be
great role models for the families of Japan.  The students look up to
him as some sort of father figure.  So why's this guy the secret boss in
this series?!  I have Advanced Variable Geo 2 and never have I seen a
man fight in there!  Oh well...  "GOOD WILL TOWARDS HUMANKIND PUUUUUUNCH!!"

O:   Dark Green Suit & Hair
R1:  Dark Blue R2:  Red
L1:  Dark Grey L2:  Dark Purple

Flaming Ring        DF + X/A/O
Natural Truth Punch DD + X/A/O
Duck 'N' Scold
     DB + X/A/O (O has him producing flames at the end.)
Socking Principal        (During Dash,) A
Sock 'N' Slam Principal  (During Dash,) O
#Principal Surge         DF + []
#Heavenly Dragon Fang    DD + []

Intro/Taunt:   Shrugs.
Victory:  Second shrug.


Head of Teaching, 173 cm, 58 kg, A blood

He's some genetic crossbreed between a vice-principal and a rat. 
Anyway, he currently has secret plans to take over Genichirou's job as
principal.  The students don't like him though; being called petty,
stingy, and snobbish.  But Megumi hangs around him for some reason.  
And he looks better in his picture since "Limited Burning Fest."  He's 
yet to be seen fighting during the games, but I guess he's more of a 
planner and a mastermind than a fighter.




     *Translations of what the characters say during fights and
     *Translations of each character's game story

     Khris G. (The KiD)  
     Asuka 120% Limited Burning Fest FAQ
     "This KiD kicks butt!"

     Lips for the Game Shark/Action Replay Codes

     Ichimonji Batsu 
     Asuka 120% Exellent Burning Fest FAQ

     K. Megura  
     Many Special Move Translations
     "We're learning from the Godz!"

     Family Soft  ,
     ASK Kodansha, & Fill in Cafe
     "Making games where cute girls kick butt!"

     TGL (Technical Group Laboratories)
     Advanced Variable Geo 1 and 2 (as well as the OAV)
     "Rivaling Family Soft in the "Cute Girls Kick Butt" area."

     Games Et Cetera in San Francisco &
     Game Masters in Citrus Heights
     "They Got Games!"


Capcom for Street Fighter and Rival School related resemblances.
SNK for King Of Fighter/Fatal Fury related resemblances.

11/08/99:  I've played the game some more, using all the playable 
characters and seen the stories.  A lot of people have been asking me 
about how to get Ichiko.  I really don't know.  All I did was use the
Game Shark codes.  Sorry. ^_^;  Added one more move each to Cathy and
Ichiko.  Removed the speech translations.  Small stuff.
9/16/99: Busy working, finding a new place to live.  Updated this FAQ
and added some more stuff.  Some translation of speeches.  A new
code.  Another way to attack bordom.
7/27/99: Another update out of sheer boredom.  Move names
changed and updated.  Special intros and victory poses added. 
Spelling and grammatical errors corrected.  Whew! ^_^;
7/20/99: Just had my computer upgraded.  Added colors, how to
pick them, and other stuff like introes, taunts, and victories.  Also
added a little note in the BASICS portion.
7/4-5/99: Just started doing this FAQ out of boredom... ^_^;

     Any other information at all about this great game and it's
     characters can be sent to:
     [email protected]



"Asuka 120% Final Burning Fest" Copyright 1999 Family Soft Co. Ltd.
This FAQ Copyright 1999 Shinji Ikari the 10 o'Clock Assassin.  All
rights reserved.

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