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If only Flicker could win the tournament and marry the Princess. That
is, if only Flicker could first, become a knight, next, enter the
tournament, then, win it and marry the Princess. That is, if he could
initially finish the dishes, then, work as a Squire and unmask the
Black Dragon, in the meantime save the Knights, rescue Flame, become a
Knight, enter the tournament, almost lose it, win it and, finally,
marry the Princess!

CASTLE KP: Before Flicker can pursue his quest for knighthood and the
hand (or claw, as the case may be) of his lady love, he must wash a
palace-size pile of dirty dishes. Flicker's an inventor. Read the Book! 

INFO LADY: Ask the Info Lady for help. She has an important clue for
almost every major puzzle. 

FLAME'S ROOM: Say goodbye to Flame before leaving the Castle.
Preserve her kiss, and later give someone a toadal makeover. 

SAVE THE KNIGHTS: If Flicker is going to succeed at dragging his tail up
the royal ladder, he's going to have to do some knightly networking. This
means sucking, ah, helping out the big Sirs of the Square Table. Sirs
Burnevere, Blaze, Gasflame and Loungealot have all forged ahead
heroically, straight into deep dragon doo-doo. If the truth be known, all
four of these royal warriors are burdened with serious short-comings.
Flicker must save each one and gain favor with all who sit at the Square
Table. The whole dragonly plan is to get hired on as a squire by a grateful

HOME FOR THE GRIMLY INSANE: Sir Burnevere is pulling rubber
room time. Distract babbling Dr. Fraud so Sir Burnevere can escape. 

THE ENCHANTED POOL: Sir Blaze has fallen hopelessly in love as he
gazes at his own reflection in the pool. Break the spell quick before he goes
on his honeymoon. The fly-munching madman is the knight's only hope. 

BEHIND THE CASTLE: Sir Gasflame the Myopic is committing a feudal
faux pas by attacking his own liege. Save him from a bad career move. The
seeds of Gasflame's enlightenment could be in the bag. 

ON THE HILL: Quarrelsome Loungealot is ready to clash on mortal
combat with the ominous Black Dragon. But the Dark Defender is a
no-show. Loungealot's salvation is the cat's meow. 

GUIDO'S PIZZA STAND: Pull off a feather heist to tickle the chef's

ENTRANCE TO TOURNAMENT GROUNDS: The sign handler is your stop Tn drop
source for questing necessities. Don't chew on this puzzle too long.

SAVE THE LADY OF THE LAKE: The lady has taken a shock. Give the
boatmen the same.

FLAME'S ESCAPE: Flame's hand(plus the rest of her) is in jeopardy.
Assist her get-away. A punked-out fair lady provides the modus escapidus. 

TRAPPED IN THE CASTLE: The solution is a real drag, involving a
tricked and tranced Trivet. The word now as always, girls, is: Accessorize! 

SAVE THE DODO: Get eco-aware. Stop the hunter from stalking the rare
bird. A little strategic graffiti will confuse the local constabulary. 

IN THE JUICE BAR: Waiter! What's the juice du jour? 

INFILTRATING CASTLE GRIM: At the moat, you need a specialty food
item. Give Sir George the gift of roughage. A stinking disguise of the
very despised is in order.

SAVING THE DAMSEL DRAGON: Fool the local sorcerer out of his

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