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by Ryuusei 
ver. 1.5

Please take note that this guide is made by fans for fans only. Those
who want to comment, correct or add something for this guide please 
notify me via email.

Revision history :

ver. 1.0 The first launching of my own guide to Brave Saga. Added an
         introductional line about the Yuusha series and the broadcast
         schedule of the series. Also add scenario script from the 1st
         episode and other stuff.

ver. 1.5 Some corrections, some addups for the misc. stuff section and
         more units added, especially from the guest series. Weapons 
         list added.
Intro to Yuusha :

The Yuusha series first started at February 1990 by the broadcasting of
Yuusha Exkaiser. The word 'Yuusha' here is translated here as 'Brave',
hence the title 'Brave Saga'. The Yuusha series were made by the good
people of Sunrise (one of Japan's major anime companies) with Nagoya 
TV (Japan's local TV station which broadcasts all the Yuusha series) 
and Takara (one of Japan's software company as the Yuusha series' main
sponsor). Sunrise's staff, inspired by the American made series, Trans
formers begins a new concept of anime show called Yuusha series. As far
as I know, the Yuusha series' formula is a coorporation between humans
and robots, or vice versa. Note that the title of the Yuusha series are
the name of the main robot, except for Yuusha Shirei Dagwon. Below are
list of Yuusha series, including the schedule of each show.

Yuusha Exkaiser - Brave Exkaiser 
Broadcast : '90/02/03-'91/01/26
Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird - Brave Of The Sun Fighbird 
Broadcast : '91/02/02-'92/02/01
Densetsu no Yuusha Da Gaan - Legendary Brave Da Garn
Broadcast : '92/02/08-'93/01/23
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine - Brave Express Might Gaine
Broadcast : '93/01/30-'94/01/22
Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker - Brave Police J-Decker
Broadcast : '94/02/05-'95/01/28
Ougon Yuusha Goldran - Golden Brave Goldran
Broadcast : '95/02/04-'96/01/27
Yuusha Shirei Dagwon - Commander Of Braves Dagwon
Broadcast : '96/02/03-'97/01/25
Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar - King Of Braves Gaogaigar
Broadcast : '97/02/01-'98/01/31

By the end of Gaogaigar, there will be no more Yuusha broadcasts on TV.
However, in Brave Saga there's a new Yuusha named Baan Gaan. If you 
started a new game, means that you've encountered a new Yuusha story. 
The story is entitled Yuusha Seisen Baan Gaan, literally Crusade Of 
Braves Baan Gaan. It has opening movie of the story and eyecatches for
commercial breaks, just like a normal anime series. Also the stages are
counted as episodes, just like any anime series and in Super Robot War
games. Now, here the list of series that in Brave Saga.

The Yuusha series :
Yuusha Exkaiser
Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird
Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker
Ougon Yuusha Goldran
Yuusha Shirei Dagwon

Special guest series (non-Yuusha series) :
Taiyou no Kiba Dougram - Fang Of The Sun Dougram
Soukou Kihyou Votoms - Armored Trooper Votoms
Kikou Kai Galient - Panzer World Galient

Original game Yuusha :
Yuusha Seisen Baan Gaan

As for your notice that Dougram, Votoms and Galient are few of Sunrise's
anime shows in the early 80's, and their appearance only as one shot 

Story :

On a planet, the evil emperor Grandark intended to build a new order of
darkness through out the universe. To acomplish that, he send his hench
men to invade Earth. However around the Earth's orbit, a mysterious 
life force notice that. This triggers the story of Yuusha Seisen Baan
Gaan, with its original opening song 'Mezameta no Yuuki' ('Awakened Cou
rage'). Note that the next will be based on the first episode, entitled
'Yuusha Kourin'.
Meanwhile on Earth, in a seaside dome there's a VARS competition. 
(VARS (Variable Robot System) is kinda like Pocket Monsters (Pokemon 
in the US), but you have small robots to deploy. Seems that VARS is 
one of the most favourite and challenging games at that time.) To be 
exact, the VARS Finals between Serizawa Shunpei and his friend Sakashita 
Hiro. After the announcer (Hiromi) has spoken, the two are back in their 
places. Shunpei and Hiro both have to settle this to determined whose 
really the best, despite of their friendship. 
However outside the dome two Geistars (Armor Geist and Horn Geist)
attacks the dome, almost destroying it. King Exkaiser appears first to 
stop them (this triggers the first gattai movie sequence, Kyodai Gattai
King Exkaiser), along with Bussou Fighbird (the second gattai movie,
Bussou Gattai Fighbird). Inside the dome, Shunpei wakes up and find
that the whole place is in fire. He tries to look for Hiro but no use.
As he start to cry, his VARS shines and introduce to Shunpei as Sei 
Yuusha Baan (lit. Holy Brave Baan). This freaks Shunpei out, of course.
Baan tells Shunpei that an evil force attempts to take over the world
and need Shunpei's assisstance. Shunpei tells Baan that he is just a
normal school student, so he don't know how. Baan tries to tell Shunpei
that he sense a potential courage inside Shunpei, which is the reason
Shunpei is chosen for. Shunpei still can't do that because he is scared
(I personally didn't blame him, since he is just a kid). Until ......

(taken from the scene where Shunpei's friend Nanako looks for him)

Nanako : "Shunpei!"

Nanako : "Shunpei! Are you alright?!" (sound of cracking appeared and
         one of the building structure falls)

Nanako : "Kyaaaa!!" (feints, as the pieces almost crushed her)

Shunpei : "Nanako! Brave Charge!" 

Then Baan appears in robot size, stop the falling pieces, let Shunpei
retrieve Nanako to safety. This triggers your first battle map.

Gameplay : (As for robots in this game, I use the term 'Yuusha' for 
           the rest of the guide)

For my personal opinion, Brave Saga is kinda like Sakura Taisen in the
game stucture and Final Fantasy Tactics in the battle. You'll be presen
ted by a story plot, choose your Yuusha and go. Unlike SRW games, Brave
Saga doesn't have psycho spells so you have to rely on items and suppli
es. Also if two specific Yuushas are together, they can perform a combi
nation attack. I'll put that on the guide but first, here's options for
your Yuusha in any battle.

Kidou   : This option lets you to move your Yuusha. Any airborn Yuusha 
          will have extra advantage, by going through unpassable terrains.
Kougeki : This option lets you to attack with your Yuusha. Pick your
          target, choose your attack (depends on your range) and go.
          After attacking, your Yuusha's turn will be over.
Hangeki : This option lets your Yuusha to counter attack if an enemy do
          attack your Yuusha. This option available only your Yuusha is
          selected. When the turn comes to your Yuusha to move, use the
          chance to do this option, select your attack or bougyo (block)
          or even kaihi (evade) and go. Note that your Yuusha will coun
          ter attack only with the attack that you have selected.
(wait)  : This option lets your Yuusha to wait for the next turn.
Aitemu  : This option lets your Yuusha to use your items and supplies.
Kaifuku : This option lets your Yuusha to heal other Yuusha. Note that
          only certain Yuusha can do this.

Yuusha cast : (If there's a combination between Yuusha to form a more
              powerful Yuusha, I use the term 'gattai' in the rest of
              the list. The word 'gattai' means 'combine' or 'combina

Next is the list of Yuusha that available for you in Brave Saga, along 
with their respective series and the guest series. 

From Yuusha Exkaiser :

King Exkaiser => Exkaiser + King Loader -Kyodai Gattai- 
Dragon Kaiser => Exkaiser + Dragon Jet -Kyodai Gattai-
Great Exkaiser => King Exkaiser + Dragon Kaiser -Chou Kyodai Gattai-
Ultra Raker => Blue Raker + Green Raker -Saiyuu Gattai- 
God Max => Sky Max + Dash Max + Drill Max -Sandai Gattai-

From Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird :

Bussou Fighbird.
Jet Gattai Granbird. 
Great Fighbird => Bussou Fighbird + Fire Shuttle -Saikyou Gattai-
Guardion (Kaifuku Yuusha) => Guard Team -Sandai Gattai- 
Super Guardion (Kaifuku Yuusha) => Guardion + Sky Guard gattai.
Thunder Baron => Baron Team -Godai Gattai- 

From Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn :

Da Garn X => Da Garn + Earth Liner + Earth Fighter -Chikyuu Gattai- 
Pegasus Saber => Sabers + Hawk Saber gattai. 
Land Bison => Landers gattai. 
Ga Orn. 
Great Da Garn GX => Da Garn X + Ga Orn -Chou Densetsu Gattai-
Seven Changer.

From Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine :

Might Gaine. 
Might Kaiser.  
Great Might Gaine => Might Gaine + Might Kaiser gattai -Great Dash-
Kou Ryu.
Hi Ryu.
Guard Diver (Kaifuku Yuusha) => Divers gattai. 
Battle Bomber => Bombers gattai. 
Black Might Gaine.

From Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker :

J-Decker => Deckerd + J-Loader -Keisatsu Gattai- 
Power Joe. 
Drill Boy. 
Super Build Tiger => Maclane + Power Joe + Dumpson + Drill Boy gattai.
Shadow Maru.
Gun Max.
Duke Fire.
Fire J-Decker => J-Decker + Duke Fire -Dai Keisatsu Gattai-
From Ougon Yuusha Goldran :

Goldran => Dran + Golgon -Ougon Gattai-
Sky Goldran => Goldran + Kuuei -Taikuu Gattai-
Leon Kaiser.
Great Goldran => Sky Goldran + Leon Kaiser -Ougon Jyuu Gattai-
God Silverion => the Silver Knights -Chou Shiruha Gattai-
Captain Shark.
Usarin MK II.

From Yuusha Shirei Dagwon :

Dag Fire => Fire En + Fire Stratos -Yuugou Gattai-  
Fire Dagwon => Dag Fire + Fire Jumbo, Fire Ladder, Fire Rescue -Kaen 
Power Dagwon => Dag Fire + Fire Shovel -Gouriki Gattai-
Super Fire Dagwon => Fire Dagwon + Power Dagwon -Chou Kaen Gattai-
Dag Turbo => Turbo Kai + Turbo Liner -Yuugou Gattai- 
Dag Armor => Armor Shin + Armor Liner -Yuugou Gattai- 
Dag Wing => Wing Yoku + Wing Liner -Yuugou Gattai- 
Dag Drill => Drill Geki + Drill Liner -Yuugou Gattai- 
Super Liner Dagwon => Dag Turbo + Dag Armor + Dag Wing + Dag Drill 
-Chou Juuren Gattai- 
Dag Shadow => Shadow Ryuu + Shadow Jet -Yuugou Gattai- 
Shadow Dagwon => Dag Shadow + Shadow Guard (Guard Lion, Guard Wolf,
Guard Hawk) -Hijyuu Gattai- 
Dag Thunder => Thunder Rai + Thunder Bike -Yuugou Gattai- 
Thunder Dagwon => Dag Thunder + Thunder Shuttle -Raimei Gattai- 
Uchuu Kenshi Lian, friend of the Dagwons and a 'kenseijin'.
Gun Kidd, friend of the Dagwons. 

From Yuusha Seisen Baan Gaan :

Baan Gaan=> Baan + Gaan Dasher -Ryuujin Gattai- Brave Charge.
Mach Sperion => Sperion + Mach Fighter -Houou Gattai- Fire Charge.
Great Baan Gaan=> Baan Gaan + Mach Sperion -Yuujou Gattai- Brave Fire

From Soukou Kihou Votoms :

Scope Dog (Kiriko Cuvie)
Brutish Dog (Phantom Lady)
Purple Bear (Enemy)
Fake Scope Dog (Enemy)

From Taiyou no Kiba Dougram :

Dougram (Cleen Kasheem)
Club Gunner (Enemy)
Round Phaser (Enemy)

From Kikou Kai Galient :

Galient (Geordy)
Vingarl (Enemy)
Monocourt (Enemy)

After I show you the list of Yuushas and the guest units, now the list 
of their supporting human characters, also with their respective 

From Yuusha Exkaiser :

Kouta (he is the partner of the Kaisers, especially King Exkaiser)

From Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird :

Katori Yuutarou (actually he is an android, named Fighbird. Loves the 
Amano Kenta (he is the partner of Fighbird and co., whose also in 
charge of the Amano Rescue Team)

From Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn :

Takasugi Seiji (the partner of Guardians)
Sakurakoji Hotaru (she can sense all the troubles on Earth, which is
very helpful for Seiji to make his move)
Yanchar (Seiji's friend, who is the partner of Seven Changer)

From Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine :

Senpuuji Maito (the partner of Might Gaine and the pilot of Might 
Kaiser, also the head of the Yuusha Tokkyuu Tai).
Raibaru Joe (rival of Senpuuji Maito, who rides Kou Ryuu and Hi Ryuu).
Yoshinaga Sally (Maito's girlfriend).
Hamada (a friend of Maito, whose in charged for the mechanics division
in Yuusha Tokkyuu Tai)

From Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker :

Tomonaga Yuuta (the Boss of the Brave Police)
Saejima Jyuuzou (the police chief who often give assignments to the
Brave Police)

From Ougon Yuusha Goldran :

Takuya (the partner of Golrdan)
Kazuki (the partner of God Silverion)
Dai (the partner of Advenger)
Iitar (or Waltar as his original. He is the partner of Captain Shark)
Chanlala (a girl who always after Waltar for a big cute reason, She is
the pilot of the Usarin MK II)

From Yuusha Shirei Dagwon : (In this series they are the Yuusha, hence
the word 'Dagwon' means 'Brave' according to the alien Brave)

Daitouji En (Leader of the Dagwons, Dagwon form => Fire En)
Hirose Kai (Dagwon form => Turbo Kai)
Hashiba Ryuu (Dagwon form => Shadow Ryuu)
Sawamura Shin (Dagwon form => Armor Shin)
Kazamatsuri Yoku (Dagwon form => Wing Yoku)
Kuroiwa Geki (Dagwon form => Drill Geki)
Utsumi Rai (Dagwon form => Thunder Rai)
Luna (a galaxy officer, friend of the Dagwons.)

From Yuusha Seisen Baan Gaan :

Serizawa Shunpei (shuujinkou and partner of Baan)
Sakashita Hiro (Shunpei's friend and partner of Sperion)
Serizawa Manami (Shunpei's sister and the head of the Valiant Attack
and Rescue Staff (VARS))
Aoba Nanako (close friend of Shunpei and Hiro)
Hiromi (VARS member, who often announcing at VARS programs. She is also
handles the computers)
Masaru (VARS member who speaks with the Kansai dialect. He works as a
system engineer in VARS and calls Shunpei 'Bon')
Satoru (VARS member who is chosen in VARS mechanics division)
Himitsu Tantei (A detective who often gets his own conclusion without
any reason and has a big hammer)

From Soukou Kihou Votoms :

Kiriko Cuvie (The shuujinkou of Votoms, who is an expert AT pilot. In
Brave Saga he rides his Red Shoulder Custom Scope Dog)
Gort (companion of Kiriko)
Phantom Lady (The mysterious female AT pilot, who often bothers Kiriko
quite well)

From Taiyou no Kiba Dougram :

Cleen Kasheem (The shuujinkou of Dougram. He rides Dougram and a member
of a rebelion group called Taiyou no Kiba (Fang Of The Sun), which can
stand up for their homeplanet Detroia against the Earth Federation 
Rocky (Good friend of Cleen, whose also the leader of Fang Of The Sun)

From Kikou Kai Galient :

Geordy (or Jojo for short. The shuujinkou of Galient, who fights in a
rebelion group against the Empire. He also wants to rescue his mother,
who are kept in an ice coffin by by Empire)
Marder (The Empire's own Prime Minister, who has his own goals)
Hay Schaldat (Marder's loyal warrior)

Yuusha combination attacks :

As promised, heres the list of combination attacks that your Yuusha
can commance. As I says in the gameplay section, a combination attack
can be done only if two specific Yuusha are together facing their tar
get. Now here they are, in random order.

Thunder Baron's Ganzeling Slash.
Two Yuusha needed : Thunder Baron and Bussou Fighbird.

Super Build Tiger's Tiger Fang.
Two Yuusha needed : Super Build Tiger and J-Decker.

Mach Sperion's Burning Plasma.
Two Yuusha needed : Mach Sperion and Baan Gaan.

These attacks doesn't need to be upgraded, 'cause they already on level
5. However these attacks uses 80%-90% of your EP, so use them wisely.

Misc. stuff :

After you've done one story episode, you'll be inside the VARS HQ (this
only available after episode 3). If you kinda confused on this, I'll 
try my best to list them up for you, so here we go.

3rd floor ;
VARS Main Room (In this room, you can either train your Yuusha (first
option) or talk to Hiromi (second option). Sometimes when you talk to
Hiromi, you may have a chance to enter a sub scenario. Select the top
option to let you enter the sub scenario, which is a very good chance
to level up your weaker Yuusha)
Data Room.

2nd floor ;
The rooms here are for the anime Yuusha to rest. Sub-scenarios often
occurs in thses rooms, so take that chance for Yuusha powering. 

1st floor :
Hangar (lets you proceed onto the next episode)
Maintenance Room (the room on the right side of the hangar allows you
to modify the parameters (attack, accuracy, defense) of your Yuusha.
However, the only Yuusha you can modify is Baan Gaan and Mach Sperion)
Item Shop (this room allows you to buy items and supplies for your
Yuusha in the battlefield, located on the next to the Maintenance
Main Computer (located near the Item Shop, allows you to save/load your 
game or look into the library.)
Weapon Modify Shop (the room on the left side of the Hangar allows you
to modify/increase all of the Yuusha attacks, which only available af
ter episode 15. Certain Yuusha can gain new attack if you modify one
or more attacks on a certain level). 

The library here in Brave Saga allows you to view FMVs, check out the
game digest, view the list of units and characters that you have so
far, etc. You can do this only if Shunpei in inside the VARS base,
either in the seaside dome or inside the Moby Dick. Here's how it works:
1. Go to the Main Computer.
2. Choose 'Load Game' and confirm your choice.
3. Highlight the Brave Saga episode that you've done and press R1. 
4. Confirm your choice and choose Yes.
And then you've entered the Brave Saga Library, which have some cool
options. Those options are :
1. Digest. Allows you to the summary of the series available in Brave
   Saga. Including the guest series (Votoms, Dougram, Galient) and of
   course, Yuusha Seisen Baan Gaan.
2. Character List. Allows you to look into the characters that you see
   in the game. How ever there are two sub-options that you'll face.
   2.1. Title. Allows you to search by looking at the title of the 
        series they're in.
   2.2. 50 Alphabets. Allows you to search in Japanese alphabetical
3. Unit List. Like Character List, this option allows you to view the
   units that you received so far. It also has two sub-options, which
   is :
   3.1. Titles. From the title of their respective series.
   3.2. 50 Alphabets. In Japanese alphabetical order.
4. Scenario List. Allows you to view summaries of the game episodes
   that you've completed. It has two sub-options, consist of :
   4.1. Main Scenario. View the summaries of the main storyline of the
        game, which is numbered in episodes.
   4.2. Sub Scenario. View the summaries of the sub storyline of the
        game, which is not numbered. I'll give you the list of those
        subs in my next update.
5. Sound Test. Allows you to hear all the BGMs in Brave Saga, which 
   consist of instrumentation of the Yuusha series in the game, inclu-
   ding the guest series and Yuusha Seisen Baan Gaan.
6. Movie. Allows you to view some FMVs that you received without playing
   the game all over again. Most of these are gattai movies and my per
   sonal favorites are those of the Dagwons.
7. Exit. Like it says, lets you exit the library and go back to the
   Load Game screen.
At the end of episode 20, Senpuuji Maito arrives with Might Gaine to
ask our Yuusha to help Maito and Yuusha Tokkyuu Tai regain peace in 
his own world (Neuvell Tokyo City). The desicion has made that the 
Dagwons and the Amano Rescue Team joined Maito while the others 
(Kaisers, Legendra Braves and Brave Police) stayed on guard, searching
for the last Power Stone. Shunpei will be given two options, which are :
1. To join Maito and go to Neuvell Tokyo City to restore peace.
2. To stay and help the Legendra Braves searching for the last Power

Please take note that the episodes 21 and 22 will be affected by your
choice of answer.

Some Yuusha can turn into a weapon, which only a significant Yuusha
can use. Here's some of them :

1. Gun Max.
   Weapon form : Max Cannon.
   User        : - J-Decker.
                 - Fire J-Decker.

2. Lian. 
   Weapon form : - Lio Sword.
                 - Fire Lio Sword.
                 - Power Lio Sword.
                 - Super Lio Sword.
   User        : - Fire Dagwon (Lio Sword, Fire Lio Sword)
                 - Power Dagwon (Power Lio Sword)
                 - Super Fire Dagwon (Super Lio Sword)

3. Gun Kidd.
   Weapon form : Mugen Hou.
   User        : - Fire Dagwon.
                 - Power Dagwon.
                 - Super Fire Dagwon.

For more info on those weapons, please refer to the weapons lists just
located below.

Yuusha weapons :

Here's the list of weapons for your Yuusha, and their level needed num
bers. Please note that if you level up weapons here in Brave Saga, the 
result will also increase the attack rate of them as well. 
So here we go.

From Yuusha Seisen Baan Gaan

Baan :

Baan Magnum
Baan Thunder
Dragon Burst

Baan Gaan : 

Baan Knuckle
Cross Impact
Spark Cannon
Dragon Burst
Lancer Shoot -> Cross Impact lv.3
Serious In Pluto (?) -> Lancer Shoot lv.3
Impale Nova -> Cross Impact lv.4

Sperion :

Phoenix Storm
Superior Blade
Gatling Needle
Fire Finish -> Superior Blade lv.3

Mach Sperion :

Phoenix Storm
Mach Shot
Fire Wing
Star Beam -> Phoenix Storm lv.3
Burning Plasma (w/ Baan Gaan)
Burning Spartan -> Mach Shot lv.3 + Fire Wing lv.3

Great Baan Gaan :

Phoenix Blade
Star Blaster
Great Cannon
Hyper Flame Burst
Burning Lancer -> Phoenix Blade lv.3
Great Finish -> Burning Lancer lv.3
Fire Arrow -> Burning Lancer lv.4

From Yuusha Exkaiser

King Exkaiser :

Kaiser Sword
Kaiser Beam
Kaiser Blaster -> Kaiser Beam lv.3
Thunder Flash -> Kaiser Sword lv.4

Dragon Kaiser :

One Two Punch
Dragon Anchor
Dragon Archery
Thunder Arrow -> Dragon Archery lv.3

Great Exkaiser :

Kaiser Sword
Great Flame
Great Crusher
Thunder Flash -> Kaiser Sword lv.4

God Max :

God Slicer
God Cosmic Buster
God Sonic Buster -> God Cosmic Buster lv.3

Ultra Raker :

Ultra Double Chain Crusher
Ultra Cannon Beam
Ultra Shoulder Crash => Ultra Double Chain Crusher lv.3   

From Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird

Bussou Fighbird :

Flame Sword
Sun Slicer
Flame Cannon
Full Blast -> Flame Cannon lv.3
Flame Sword Charge Up -> Flame Sword lv.4

Jet Gattai Granbird :

Lazer Rod
Gran Rocketer
Gran Cannon -> Gran Rocketer lv.3

Great Fighbird :

Flame Sword
Burn Slicer
Great Cannon
Flame Sword Charge Up -> Flame Sword lv.4

Guardion :

Extension Ladder
Guard Discharger
Guard Blaster

Super Guardion :

Shinkuu Tobi Hiza Geri
Guard Blaster
Water Tornado
Freezing Tornado -> Water Tornado lv.3
Guard Flash -> Guard Blaster lv.5

Thunder Baron :

Thunder Cannon
Separation Attack
Thunder Anchor
Canzeling Slash (w/ Bussou Fighbird)
Drill Crusher -> Separation Attack lv.3 + Punch lv.4
Thunder Crash -> Thunder Anchor lv.3

From Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn

Da Garn X :

Da Garn Blade
Earth Vulcan
Earth Glazer
Earth Flare
Ichimonji Giri -> Da Garn Blade lv.2
Breast Earth Buster -> Earth Glazer lv.3 + Earth Flare lv.3
Jyuumonji Giri -> Da Garn Blade lv.3

Ga Orn :

Ga Orn Tomahawk
G Vulcan
G Cannon
All Fire -> G Vulcan lv.3 + G Cannon lv.3
GX Buster -> All Fire lv.2

Great Da Garn GX :

Great Buster
G Vulcan
G Cannon
GX Buster -> G Vulcan lv.4 + G Cannon lv.4

Pegasus Saber :

Saber Tempest
Saber Disperse
Saber Arrow -> Saber Tempest lv.3 + Saber Disperse lv.3
Saber Strom -> Saber Tempest lv.4

Land Bison :

Land Crusher
Land Cannon
Land Crash -> Land Crusher lv.3

Seven Changer :

C Schtrumen
C Schwertz
C Bletzen -> C Schwertz lv.3

From Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine

Might Gaine :

Mighty Slicer
Mighty Vulcan
Signal Beam -> Mighty Vulcan lv.3
Gatsu Ichimonji Giri -> Dourinken lv.4

Might Kaiser :

Kaiser Hurricane
Kaiser Vulcan
Kaiser Beam
Drill Crusher -> Kaiser Hurricane lv.2 + Kaiser Vulcan lv.2 + Kaiser
                 Beam lv.2

Great Might Gaine :

Mighty Slicer
Mighty Vulcan
Great Dourinken
Signal Beam -> Mighty Vulcan lv.3
Makkou Karatakewari -> Great Dourinken lv.3
Perfect Cannon -> Signal Beam lv.3 + Mighty Slicer lv.4 + Mighty
                  Vulcan lv.5

Battle Bomber :

Battle Burst
Bomber Gauntlet
Battle Launcher

Guard Diver :

Hydro Cannon
Diver Detonator
Diver Attack
Missile -> Diver Detonator lv.3

Kou Ryuu :

Rocket Punch
Kou Ryuu Cannon

Hi Ryuu :

Hi Ryuu Blazer

Black Might Gaine :

Black Vulcan
Black Signal Beam
Black Dourinken
Black Gatsu Ichimonji Giri -> Black Dourinken lv.5

From Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker

Deckerd :

Police gun
Police gun 2 -> Police gun shot lv.3

J-Decker :

Electric police stick
J-Buster Gun Mode -> J-Buster lv.3
Max Cannon (Gun Max)

Duke :

Sword 2 -> Sword lv.3
Police gun
Police gun 2 -> Police gun lv.3

Duke Fire :

Fire Sword
Fire Buster
Fire Sword 2 -> Fire Sword lv.3

Fire J-Decker :

Fire Sword
Max Cannon (Gun Max)
Burning Fire Sword -> Fire Sword lv.4

Maclane :

Granade -> Shotgun lv.3

Power Joe :

Police gun
Police gun 2 -> Police gun lv.3
Nunchaku 2 -> Nunchaku lv.3

Dumpson :

Police gun
Police gun 2 -> Police gun lv.3
Dumbell 2 -> Police gun lv.3

Drill Boy :

Soccer Ball
Soccer Bomb -> Soccer Ball lv.3

Super Build Tiger :

Drill Punch
Tiger Cannon
Tiger Fang (w/ J-Decker only)
Tiger Beam -> Tiger Cannon lv.3

Shadowmaru :

Katana 2 -> Katana lv.4
Shuriken 2 -> Shuriken lv.2

Kagerou :

Shuriken 2 -> Shuriken lv.2

Gun Max :

Big police gun

From Ougon Yuusha Goldran

Goldran :

Arm Shooter
Shoulder Vulcan
Super Ryuugaken
Ittou Ryouzan Giri -> Super Ryuugaken lv.2
Launcher -> Shoulder Vulcan lv.3
Fire at once -> Shoulder Vukcan lv.5 + Arm Shooter lv.4 + 
                Launcher lv.3

Sky Goldran :

Arm Shooter
Shoulder Vulcan
Super Ryuugaken
Shippuu Jinrai Giri -> Super Ryuugaken lv.3
Launcher -> Shoulder Vulcan lv.3
Fire at once -> Shoulder Vukcan lv.5 + Arm Shooter lv.4 + 
                Launcher lv.3

Leon Kaiser :

Kaiser Javelin
Dai Metsu Sai

Great Goldran :

Arm Shooter
Shoulder Vulcan
Great Archery
Launcher -> Shoulder Vulcan lv.3
Fire at once -> Shoulder Vukcan lv.5 + Arm Shooter lv.4 + 
                Launcher lv.3
Golden Arrow -> Great Archery lv.4

God Silverion :

Tri Lancer
Tri Shield
Tri Finish -> Tri Lancer lv.2
God Finish -> Tri Lancer lv.5

Advenger :

Smart Gun
Mega Rifle
Foot Launcher
Gatling Shot
Shoulder Launcher
Fire at once -> all weapons lv.3 (Mega Rifle lv.4)
Galactica Buster -> Fire at once lv.3

Captain Shark :

Captain Sword
Spiral Launcher
HI Galactica

Usarin MK II :

Carrot Bit
Picopico Hammer
G Picopico Hammer -> Picopico Hammer lv.3

From Yuusha Shirei Dagwon

Dag Fire :

Fire Blaster
Star Burn

Fire Dagwon :

Fire Blade
Fire Star Burn
Fire Blade 2 -> Fire Blade lv.3
Lio Sword (Lian)
Fire Lio Sword (Lian)
Mugen Hou (Gun Kidd)

Power Dagwon :

Drill Arm
Magma Blast
Power Burn
Power Drill Arm -> Drill Arm lv.3
Power Lio Sword (Lian)
Mugen Hou (Gun Kidd)

Super Fire Dagwon :

Super Fire Burn
Super Mega Kouha -> Super Fire Burn lv.3
Super Lio Sword (Lian)
Mugen Hou (Gun Kidd)

Dag Turbo :

Break Foil

Dag Armor :

Armor Vulcan
Final Buster -> Armor Vulcan lv.4 + Lazer lv.2 + Missile lv.2 +
                Cannon lv.2

Dag Wing :

Freeze Beam
Blizzard Typhoon

Dag Drill :

Drill Crash
Drill Pulsor

Super Liner Dagwon :

Turbo Foil Cutter
Armor Buster
Liner Blizzard
Super Liner Crash -> all weapons lv.2
Liner Tackle -> Kick lv.4

Dag Shadow :

Shadow Shuriken
Dragon Plasma Burn

Shadow Dagwon :

Shadow Gun Beam
Shadow Dai Shuriken
Ga-ou Giri -> Kagemurasaki lv.3
Shadow Cannon -> Shadow Gun Beam lv.3

Dag Thunder :

Thunder Burn
Bolt Shoot
Plasma Arrow -> Thunder Burn lv.3

Thunder Dagwon :

Moon Cutter
Thunder Javelin
Spark Thunder -> Moon Cutter lv.3

Uchuu Kenshi Lian :

Lian Vulcan
Lian Flare

Gun Kidd :

Kidd Cannon
Yuusha codes :

This section talks about some codes if you're having a tough time in
Brave Saga, altough its easy. Here some Game Shark codes list. (Thanks
to GSCCC ( for providing these codes.

CP 65535
80037F8E FFFF

Infinite EP
D00488E6 014B
800488E6 0140

Main Character Max HP
301C6E78 00FF

All Max EXP
800335A8 FFFF
800335E0 FFFF
80033618 FFFF
80033650 FFFF
80033688 FFFF
800336CO FFFF
80033768 FFFF
800337D8 FFFF
80033B20 FFFF
80033B58 FFFF
80033C38 FFFF
80033C70 FFFF
80033CA8 FFFF
80033FB0 FFFF
80034098 FFFF

All Items
80037FC0 6363
80037FC2 6363
80037FC4 6363
80037FC6 6363
80037FC8 6363
80037FCA 6363
80037FCC 6363
80037FCE 6363
80037FD0 6363
80037FD2 6363
80037FD4 6363
80037FD6 6363
80037FD8 6363
80037FDA 6363
80037FDC 6363
80037FDE 6363

Yuusha games :

Right now there are four games that includes Yuusha series, one for
the SNES, two for the PSX and one for the Dreamcast. Here's the list.

- Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird
  Availability           : between 1991 and 1992
  Genre                  : Side scroll schooting
  Yuusha series included : Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird

- Shin Sedai Robot Senki Brave Saga (New Generation Robot War 
  Chronicle Brave Saga).
  Availability           : now.
  Genre                  : Strategy RPG.
  Yuusha series included : all except Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar.

- Yuushaou Gaogaigar -Blockaded Numbers-
  Availability           : April 8th 1999
  Genre                  : Adventure.
  Yuusha series included : Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar. 

- Eiyuu Tan (Hero Tale;working title)
  Availability           : December '99
  Genre                  : Stategy (hopefully)
  Yuusha series included : Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar.

Acknoledgements and credits for this guide :

- The good staff of Sunrise and Takara for making this Yuusha game.
- Philip L. Yee ([email protected]) for the inspiration of making
  this guide. Also give the credit to him, since this guide get its
  little inspiration from his Brave Saga guide, although there's a few
  glitches like the game's name (Shin Sedai Robot Sakusen Brave Saga/
  New Generation Robot Operation Brave Saga) and his own meaning of
  Yuusha, which is Hero (I think that 'eiyuu' is more appropriate for
  it. Please visit his Super Robot War Continuum page, which its URL
- Yoshii "RaidenG" Kiyohiko  I liberately took
  the Yuusha broadcasting list and other stuff from his Gaogaigar info
  text (he is a big fan of GaGaGa, anyway), so give him a big Yuusha 
- And you, the reader of this guide. You know who you are.      

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