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Bust-A-Move: Dance Rhythm and Action 
FAQ version 1.0 by Rowena Wendy Lim 
April 13, 1998

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. Objective of the Game
III. Starting Up
     - 1 Player Game
     - 2 Player Game
     - Practice
     - Options
     - Dance View		
IV. Getting into the Rhythm / How to Dance
V. Winning the Game
VI. Secret Characters
VII. Attacking and Dodging
VIII. Endings  *--spoiler!--*
IX. Credits

I. Introduction
Bust-A-Move Dance Rhythm and Action is a Japanese game by Enix and Avex 
Trax. It is similar to Parappa the Rapper.  The difference is, instead 
of rapping, you are dancing. IMHO, Bust-A-Move is Parappa meets Tekken. 
Well, enough of this, let's get to the game!

II. Objective of the Game
Beat everyone in a 12 stage dance contest. You pick a character just as 
you would any fighting game. You compete with a different character 
every stage, and then you have to beat the boss in the 12th and last 
stage. Simple enough? It actually depends if you've got the beat. This 
is a game where button mashing simply doesn't work.

III. Starting Up
After a hot FMV intro sequence, you will see the title screen. Upon
pressing start, you will be presented with the following options:
1 Player Game
2 Player Game
Dance View

1 Player Game
Selecting this will take you to a 12 stage dance contest vs. the 
computer. After beating the boss, you get a cool FMV ending for the 
character you played. 

2 Player Game
This is player vs. player mode.

This allows you to pick a character and practice using him/her. In the 
practice mode, you will see a horizontal bar with a vertical green bar  
towards the end of it.  A vertical white line will move towards the 
green bar. You must press the button(s) that appear on top of this, 
timing the last button that you press exactly as the white line hits 
the green bar. It's easier if you get into the rhythm and tempo of the 
music of the stage you are in. 

This will take you to another menu:
Sound Options (lets you adjust the volume and test the sounds)
Game Options (lets you to set the difficulty level)
Memory Card (lets you to load and save data; it always saves to slot 1) 

Dance View
If it's the first time you are playing, chances are you will not be able 
to access this. After you finish a character and save it to the memory 
card, you will be able to select Dance View. Dance View allows you to 
take a look at ALL the moves that a particular character can execute. It 
also lets you experiment with different dance step combos and various 
camera angles. You can only look at characters you've finished so don't 
forget to save! There are roughly around 40-50 individual moves available 
per character. 

IV. Getting into the Rhythm / How to Dance 
Different stages have different beats and tempos. In order to dance, you
must press the correct sequence of buttons in tune to the rhythm. You can
"get into the rhythm" easier by counting to four as you press the buttons.  
For example:

               x   =   button(s) to press
1    2    3    4   =   beat count

          ->   x
1    2    3    4

     ->   <-   x
1    2    3    4

->   ->   ->   X    
1    2    3    4

<-  <-  ->  -> x    
1    2    3    4    
The button on the rightmost corner must always be pressed at the count of 
four. Anything before it must be pressed ANY time before the count of 
four, no matter how long it gets. The longest sequence consists of six 
buttons total. In dance sequences, all you need to use are the d-pad (up, 
down, left, right) and the x and o buttons. You would notice that when the 
time comes for you to press the buttons, they would flash briefly.

V. Winning the Game
You can tell when you're winning because the camera angle focuses more on 
you instead of your opponent. If it focuses more on your opponent, it means 
he's winning.

For high-scoring moves, consult the moves sheet compiled by Henry La Pierre
at Gamefaqs!

VI. Secret Characters
NOTE: Special thanks to Henry La Pierre for the Burger Dog and Columbo tip!

This game has several secret characters.  Here is how to get them:

1. Capoeira - Just play through any character on Normal setting.
2. Robo-Z - Just play through any character on Hard setting.
3. Columbo - After getting Robo-Z, beat the game with Shorty.
4. Burger Dog - After getting Robo-Z, beat the game with Hamm.

VII. Attacking and dodging
You can attack your opponent and he can attack you. You can also dodge each
other's attacks. Attacking also subtracts points and lowers your chances of
winning. Since I have beaten the game without attacking or dodging, I do not 
as of yet have the complete details for this section. What I have observed 
is you can attack with the L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons but I am unsure which ones 
do what. Also, your meter must be full before you can attack.

The computer will always attack you when you are in the middle of executing
a cool / chilling move successfully. 

VIII. Endings
Warning: Spoiler!

1. Heat - Robo-Z will explode once Heat defeats him. A ray of light hits 
Heat. His eyes suddenly glow and an evil expression appears on his face.

2. Frida - Frida is painting on a canvas. She then pushes it aside and 
splashes the paint all over the wall. She then steps back and looks at her
handiwork... an abstract multi-colored mural.

3. Strike - Strike is shown walking down a hall towards a door, imagining a
crowd of media people on the other side fawning over him and taking pics.
When he actually opens the door, he is met by lots of policemen instead. 
Strike takes his guns out and starts shooting.

4. Hamm - After beating Robo-Z, Hamm will lean back and Robo-Z will explode.
A ray of light hits Hamm and a tin can rolls towards him. His reflection
will be seen and he is no longer chubby or weird-looking, upon zooming out
you will see that he's now a normal guy in the diner.

5. Kelly - Kelly is holding a teddy bear and a baby bottle. She seems to be 
in a nursery of sorts. Someone is coming towards a door marked 'secretary'. 
That someone opens the door and Kelly is shown seated on her desk all prim 
and proper. After the person leaves and closes the door, the teddy bear, 
bottle, and some toys are shown under her table.

6. Shorty - Shorty is playing with her playstation. She is losing. She 
tosses the controller and goes inside the TV screen. She dances and then
comes out of the TV.

7. Pinky - Pinky is shown in fortune teller garb with a crystal ball in
front of her. She waves her hands over the crystal ball, a black shadowlike
thing comes out of it and she laughs.

8. Gas-O - He turns on the gas chamber and laughs.

9. Hiro - Hiro is shown working in front of his computer. Suddenly he's in
the middle of the dance floor and he dances.

10. Kitty N. - Kitty N. is shown as some sort of crime fighter and she beats
up some thugs. She's shown in a variety of poses and actions and angles.

11. Capoeira - After beating Robo-Z, the aliens board their spaceship and 
fly off. A meteor/asteroid hits their ship and they crash back to Earth. 
They land in the middle of a tribal village and the natives get down on 
their knees and worship the two. 

IX. Credits 
Special thanks to:
Henry La Pierre - for the secret characters tips!
My brother Jan - my gaming partner -- who finished this whole game with me!

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