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Tiberian Sun Bible
Strategy FAQ

Release version 1.0
Last updated Wednesday 15th of September 1999 AD
Written by Allan "Machette" McKay and Chris "Imodium" Anderson


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Section 1
	About the tiberian sun bible
	Where to get this faq
	Adding to the faq
	Tiberian sun interface

Section 2
	Global Defense Initiative
	Brotherhood of Nod
		Tech tree
Section 3
	Questions & Answers
	Manual clearups

Section 4
	Third party programs
	World Wide Web Sites
	What's at the bottom of the page?


-[About this Tiberian Sun Bible]
This FAQ is being written by Allan "Machette" McKay and Chris "Imodium" 
Anderson for the game Tiberian Sun. 

Allan McKay wrote the Dark Reign Bible which was picked up by Online Game 
Review and also put on PC gamers' site within the first week of it's release.
And instantly became a hit. As well as writing plenty of strategies
and being a large fan of most RTS games since Dune 2.
Allan has also worked on a couple of strategy involved games including 
working on Team Fortress 2 by Valve Software (a hardcore strategy game
based in 3d and first person perspective) and a small selection of 
other games and mods from the late '90's.

Chris Anderson: Well in a nutshell I'm an avid gamer, who is mainly interested
in the real time strategy and first person shooter genres. I'm in my last year
of school then I'm off to hopefully do a diploma of multimedia which will give
me the skills I need to get into the art side of the gaming and film industry.
Anyway hope everyone enjoys the TS:Bible we will be constantly updating it
through our site Be sure to look
out for more gaming bibles written by myself and Allan on our in progress
Gamers Bible site which will be located at

This FAQ was designed to give overview of all units and structures in the game 
and help improve players skill in the game Command and Conquer. By no means do I 
Allan McKay or Chris Anderson take any responsibility for readers actions
including hurting themselves or others, launching ion cannons into space
and destroying states city by city or cross country killing spree's.
In fact we do not even claim responsibility for our own actions.

Also I am using an American dictionary for spelling this time around, I copped a 
lot of emails about the 'poor spelling' back on the Dark Reign bible, when in 
fact it was just because I was spelling with my native spelling (Australian) :)

The FAQ is broken up into sections.
Section 1 covers the general section, Section 2 covers all of the Nod infantry, 
vehicles and structures and other info, and Section 3 covers Multiplay, Q&A and 
other stuff.
Revision classification works something like the following. If a new version of 
the FAQ has only a small amount of information changed or added, the version 
number is increased by 0.1, and is called a 'minor revision.' If a new version 
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FAQ has a huge amount 
of added or changed information, major parts of the FAQ are rearranged, or major 
parts of the FAQ are rewritten, the version number is increased by 1.0, and it 
is called a 'major revision.'

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Well my eyes sure hurt! Here is version 1.0 of the Tiberian Sun Bible FAQ. 
Basically this is pretty much a mirror of the Tiberian Sun Bible up at but it is compiled into text format 
with a few extra things. Here's some trivia though, the Tiberian Bible site was 
originally this FAQ before we decided to move to making it a whole webpage so I 
guess in a way this is de ja vu :)

Anywy enjoy, also if you have any feedback, comments or ideas or ANYTHING at 
all, mail me! [email protected]

									- Allan McKay.

If you have a strategy, tip, or want to voice your opinion on a unit or 
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Allan McKay:
Thanks westwood for a kickass game, hope you fix the damn bugs and hit the ' 
make it pretty like in those screenshots' switch but! ;)

Roger Wong in the man 'nuff said. He made the C&C strategy FAQ which is 
basically what inspired my Dark Reign Bible, which lead to this.	

Everyone for reading this FAQ! And everyone who in the past and future has or 
will contribute to this faq.

Chris Anderson:	
Well basically all of the above, and thanks to for hosting the 
initial site and the soon to be Gamers Bible which you will be able to find at And last of all our new hosts Rising Sun Network, 
thanks for helping us get this out to the public guys.


The options button is located at the top lefthand side of the 
screen. This gives you access 
to the options menu. 
The minimap is supplied via your Radar. Basically it will give you 
an overview look at the whole map via satellite. You can select 
units and tell them to move to various positions on the radar, or 
you can go to areas on the map by just clicking on them. 
Power Meter 
This is a little bar on the side of the command panel, which 
indicates via color code and length how much power you have. Red, 
orange and green show the amount of free power you have left. Where as green is 
good, orange is low but still enough to run and red is out of power. This is 
essential that you look at this bar constantly to make sure you don't have a 
black out in the middle of a battle. If it looks like you are running out of 
power, build more power plants. 
Construction Panel 
This is where you build all your structures, infantry and vehicles 
and aircraft and the rest. Basically scroll up and down the two rows of icons 
and click on items to order them, right click to put on hold, double right click 
to cancel. You can also cue via clicking on an item more than once (note: this 
does not work with structures). 
Sybolized as the dollar sign this enables you to sell any of your 
structures or units if they are on the Repair Depot. 
Looks like a lightning bolt, this allows you to turn off the power 
to structures which require power. Usefull if you are low on power 
and you need to speed up Construction of Power Plants by allowing 
the Construction Yard to have full power and thus faster build 
times. Nod will benefit from this button the most as their defences require huge 
amounts of power, so if at any time you are under attack and your power level 
goes down you can turn off structures such as the hand of Nod and War Factory to 
channel power into more important things like the Obelisk and Laser Fences. To 
turn power back on to your powered down structures simply select them with the 
power button again. 
Looks like a wrench, this lets you repair structures. When repairing structures 
and your credits run out they will stop repairing so be sure to select them to 
be repaired once you have credits to finish the job. 
This turns on the waypoint mode which allows you to make paths for 
your units. 
The total amount of cash you currently have is listed at the top of the screen. 


Global Defense Initiative


Light Infantry -
Cost: 120
Weapon: M16 Mk. II pulse rifle
Ability: None
Armor: None
Strength: 125
Sight: 5
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: Scatters automatically when under threat
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 1

Cheap and expendable, mainly used for taking out other infantry, if used in 
groups they can be quite effective at taking out heavier units and buildings 
aswell. Because of their cost a large amount of these soldiers can be built if 
the need arises. Best to keep a few groups guarding around your base to prevent 
Engineer attacks.

Disc Thrower -
Cost: 200
Weapon: Aerodynamic grenades
Ability: None
Armor: None
Strength: 150
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: Scatters automatically when under threat
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 2

Best used in groups of 10-15, Disc Throwers are very effective in taking out any 
ground based unit from an Attack Buggy to the Mammoth Mk.II. They are also 
effective against infantry units and for bringing down structures. These units 
are also great to 
have guarding the base to help out with stationary defences as they can take 
down heavy units fast.

Jumpjet Infantry -
Cost: 600
Weapon: Vulcan cannon
Ability: Fly
Armor: Light
Strength: 120
Sight: 6
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: Invisible on radar
Prerequisite: Barracks, Radar
Tech Level: 6

Best used for taking out any types of infantry which do not have air support. If 
used in larger groups they are also effective at taking out heavier units and 
airborne threats. If you are being harrassed by Artillery these are the best 
units to use as they cannot be hit by their shells. Only drawbacks to this unit 
is it's slow pace and weakness against air attacks.

Medic -
Cost: 600
Weapon: None
Ability: Heals infantry, Self heal
Armor: None
Strength: 125
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerquisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 4

Healing all units in their vicinity the Medic is an imperative unit to include 
in any force which contains infantry. If placed in guard mode the Medic will 
search for damaged infantry and heal them back to full health. Over time Medics 
heal up to full 
health but to get the best effect have at least 3 Medics so they can heal your 
infantry units faster and heal eachother.

Engineer -
Cost: 500
Weapon: None
Ability: Repairs bridges/structures, captures structures
Armor: None
Strength: 100
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 2

Used for capturing enemy structures, repairing bridges and repairing your 
structures this unit is valueable to any army. If placed in guard mode the 
Engineer will automatically repair any structures which go into the red zone, or 
if near the enemy base will capture the nearest building and sell it.

Ghost Stalker -

Cost: 1750
Weapon: Rail gun, C4
Ability: Heals in Tiberium
Armor: Light
Strength: 200
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Barracks, Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

Equipped with a powerful rail gun and C4 charges the Ghost Stalker is one of 
GDI's best Forgotten affiliates. Only one of these units is available on the 
battlefield at any given time. Transport this guy into the enemy base and let 
the fireworks begin, click on enemy buildings and watch them explode as the 
Ghost Stalker detonates them with his C4 charges. If standing in Tiberium the 
Ghost Stalker will heal up to full health as he is of the Forgotten race. An 
overlooked feature of the Ghost Stalker is his powerful rail gun, with the 
ability to travel through multiple victims the rail gun can take out lines of 
troops and light units advancing on him.


Harvester -
Cost: 1400
Weapon: None
Ability: Self heal up to 50%
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 1000
Sight: 4
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tiberium Refinery
Tech Level: 1

Used to collect the various types of Tiberium and return it to the Tiberium 
Refinery where it converts the Tiberium into credits. Without Harvesters your 
war machine is crippled, keep them safe at all costs. They are heavily armoured 
so can withstand a punishment before help arrives.

Wolverine -
Cost: 500
Weapon: Dual assault cannon
Ability: Immune to veins
Armor: Light
Strength: 175
Sight: 6
Speed: 7
Veteran Abilities: Vein proof
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 2

Fast and agile the Wolverine is excellent at scouting. With it's dual assault 
cannon the Wolverine is also effective at taking out groups of infantry and 
lightly armoured units. Should always be a part of your attacking force if you 
do not include infantry as enemy infantry will make short work of Titans and 
Hover MLRS's who cannot deal with infantry effectively.

Amphibious APC -
Cost: 800
Weapon: None
Ability: Holds 5 infantry
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 200
Sight: 5
Speed: 8
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Barracks
Tech Level: 6

Can transport up to 5 troops to anywhere on the battlefield. Able to pass 
through water the Amphibious APC can deliver it's troops to unguarded parts of 
enemy bases which were thought to have a natural barrier. It's heavy armor will 
protect your troops from a 
fair amout of fire until it gets to it's destination.

Titan -
Cost: 800
Weapon: 120mm cannon
Ability: None
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 400
Sight: 8
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: Detects cloaked/subterranean units
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 3

The backbone of GDI's fighting force. Excellent at taking out almost every 
ground based unit on the battlefield except infantry. This makes Titans great 
for base defence. Their main purpose though is to be in the front lines of the 
battle against enemy 

Hover MLRS -
Cost: 900
Weapon: Missiles
Ability: Hover
Armor: Medium
Strength: 230 Sight: 7 Speed: 7 Veteran Abilities: Self heal
Prerequisite: War Factory, Radar
Tech Level: 7

GDI's fastest ground unit, great for scouting as it can pass over any type of 
terrain be it water or Tiberium Veins without a loss in speed. Also has a long 
ranged attack which is great for taking out structures from afar. It's missiles 
are also capable of 
taking out airborne units so they should be a part of any large force and base 

Disruptor -
Cost: 1300
Weapon: Harmonic reasonance wave
Ability: None
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 500
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: Explodes when destroyed
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tech Center
Tech Level: 9

The Disruptor uses a harmonic resonance wave channeled into a wide beam to shake 
apart anything in it's wake. Main purpose of these guys is to bring down 
structures and to help out with base defence. They can also take a beating which 
means more destruction 
in enemy bases.

Mobile Sensor Array -
Cost: 950
Weapon: None
Ability: Detects subterranean and cloaked units/structures
Armor: Medium
Strength: 600
Sight: 10
Speed: 6
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Radar
Tech Level: 6

Nods worst enemy the Mobile Sensor Array should be a part of any GDI 
installation. Able to detect and notify you were subterrainean or cloaked units 
are within a large range this unit will help you ready your forces for the 
inevitable attack. Also if fighting against a stealthed based, deployed in a 
secure position this unit allows you to see what is going on under the stealth 

Mammoth Mk.II -
Cost: 3000
Weapon: Dual rail guns, anti-aircraft missile launcher
Ability: Self heal up to 50%
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 800 Sight: 8 Speed: 3 Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

The strongest and slowest unit on the battlefield. At 3000 credits a pop and 
being able to only have one of the battlefield at any given time the Mammoth 
Mk.II needs to be used to it's full potential...base wrecking. Toting dual rail 
guns and anti-aircraft 
missiles the Mammoth Mk.II can hold it's own for awhile before backup units 
arrive. With the ability to heal up to half health the Mammoth Mk.II can take a 
huge amount of punishment, retreat, and come back for some more once it has 
regenerated. The most effective use for this unit is destroying structures and 
heavy units. Because of it's slow pace the Mammoth Mk.II should be used in 
conjunction with a Orca Carryall to get to it's destination.

Mobile Construction Vehicle
Cost: 2500
Weapon: None
Ability: Deploys into a Construction Yard
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 1000
Sight: 6
Speed: 3
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

The Mobile Construction Vechicle deploys into a Construction Yard when you have 
selected an area for it to deploy at. If enabled in the options the Construction 
Yard can redeploy back into a Mobile Construction Vechicle and be taken to a new 
location and be 
deployed again. If your Construction Yard is destroyed you will be severly 
crippled until you can purchase another Mobile construction Vehicle.


Orca Fighter -
Cost: 1000
Weapon: Dual missile launchers
Ability: None
Armor: Light
Strength: 200
Sight: 2
Speed: 20
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Helipad
Tech Level: 5

The quick and agile Orca Fighter can offer support on any location on the 
battlefield quickly. Its air to ground missiles are great for taking out heavy 
units if in groups and attacking Harvesters. Their light armor makes these units 
vunerable to air defences such 
as Sam Sites or Rocket Infantry.

Orca Bomber -
Cost: 1600
Weapon: High explosive bomb
Ability: None
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 260
Sight: 2
Speed: 12
Veteran Abilities: Invisible on radar
Prerequisite: Helipad, Tech Center
Tech Level: 8

Heavily armoured and slow the Orca Bomber contains a heavy payload. Usefull for 
destroying structures or finishing them off after a super weapon strike. Also 
excellent for taking out large groups of infantry and softening up heavier units 
on route to 
your base. If used in groups they are also effective against Harvesters.

Orca Carryall -
Cost: 750
Weapon: None
Ability: Transports 1 unit
Armor: Light
Strength: 175
Sight: 2
Speed: 16
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Helipad, Service Depot
Tech Level: 9

Able to transport any unit on the battlefield the Orca Transport is usefull for 
getting valueable units out of sticky situations and delivering Amphibious APC's 
or the slow lumbering Mammoth Mk.II to their desired locations. Beware the Orca 
Transport is 
very lightly armoured which makes up it's speed increase but therefore is 
hopeless against any air defences.


Construction Yard -
Cost: 2500
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Mobile Construction Vehicle
Tech Level: -1

The Construction Yard is where you start your empire. All your buildings are 
constructed from this, therefore if you lose your Construction Yard you are in a 
whole load of trouble. 
It is always a good idea to place Pavement, Concrete Walls and Component Towers 
around your Construction Yard to ward off any attacks.

Power Plant -
Cost: 300
Strength: 750
Prerequisites: Construction Yard
Tech Level: 1

The Power Plant is needed to power all your structures and stationary defences, 
Power Plants are always a popular target for Ion Cannon or Multi-Missile strikes 
so place them apart from eachother to minimise damage caused.

Power Turbine -
Cost: 100
Strength: N/A
Prerequisites: Power Plant
Tech Level: 7

The Power Turbine is an upgrade for the Power Plant which increases their power 
output. Two Power Turbines can be placed on each Power Plant, this saves space 
and money by not having to construct another individual Power Plant.

Tiberium Refinery -
Cost: 2000
Strength: 900
Prerequisites: Power Plant
Tech Level: 1

This is where your Harvesters dock to convert the harvested Tiberium into 
credits to fund your war machine. Without Tiberium Refinerys you have no income 
and are pretty much screwed until you can purchase another. Each Tiberium 
Refinery comes with a Harvester.

Tiberium Silo -
Cost: 300
Strength: 150
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
Tech Level: 1

When you are harvesting large amounts of Tiberium it is a good idea to build a 
few Tiberium Silos to store the Tiberium in, otherwise once the Tiberium 
Refinerys reach their full capacity any further processed Tiberium goes to 
waste. Be carefull 
about how you use Tiberium Silos as any credits which you are storing in them 
can be deducted if the Tiberium Silo is destroyed or captured.

Barracks -
Cost: 300
Strength: 800
Prerequisites: Power Plant
Tech Level: 1

The Barracks is where GDI produces all of it's infantry based units. A good 
strategy is to build a Barracks near the enemy base to serve as a front line 
reinforcements base.

War Factory -
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery, Barracks
Tech Level: 2

GDI produces all of it's vehicles from the War Factory. At 2000 a pop it would 
be a good idea to have some defences around these at all times.

Service Depot -
Cost: 1200
Strength: 1100
Prerequisites: War Factory
Tech Level: 7

The Service Depot repairs any vehicles or aircraft which are sent onto it. 
Multiple units can be queued to be repaired by selecting all the damaged units 
and sending them to the Service Depot.

Radar -
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
Tech Level: 3

The Radar activates the minimap in the top right corner of the screen. This 
allows you to see oncoming attacks and enemy structures.

Helipad -
Cost: 500
Strength: 600
Prerequisites: Radar
Tech Level: 5

The Helipad is required to build and reload the Orca aircraft. Once the Orca 
Fighter and Orca Bomber have depleted their ammunition they must return to a 
Helipad and reload, the Orca Carryall does not require a Helipad to operate as 
it has no weapons.

Tech Center -
Cost: 1500
Strength: 500
Prerequisites: War Factory, Radar
Tech Level: 6

The Tech Center is required to build more advanced units and structures such as 
the Mammoth Mk.II and Ghost Stalker. Destroying this structure will disable the 
enemy from producing these units, usually all the Tech Center requires is one 
Ion Cannon hit to be 


Pavement -
Cost: 75
Strength: 150
Prerequisites: Barracks
Tech Level: 6

Essential for any GDI commander up against Nod. Where Pavement is placed 
subterranean units will not be able to surface, so it is recommended to place 
pavement around all your important buildings or even your entire base if you are 
paranoid about 
subterranean attacks. Another advantage of Pavement is that it prevents heavy 
fire from deforming the terrain and causing craters, thus you will never lose 
valueable building space.

Concrete Walls -
Cost: 50
Strength: 150
Prerequisites: Barracks
Tech Level: 6

The Concrete Wall is great for denying the enemy access to your base. Component 
Towers and Automatic Gates can be placed within Concrete Wall sections and 
become an integrated part of them, this offers for some great base defencive 
options. It is also a good 
idea to place Concrete Walls around your Construction Yard to deny the enemy 
Engineers access to it.

Automatic Gate -
Cost: 250
Strength: 350
Prerequisites: Barracks
Tech Level: 6

The complimentary component to Concrete Walls. Where Automatic Gates are placed 
between Concrete Walls they will allow your units to exit and enter your base 
but will not lower for enemy units. This keeps your base completely closed off 
at all times with no 
sections being open at any time.

Component Tower -
Cost: 200
Strength: 500
Prerequisites: Barracks
Tech Level: 2

The Componet Tower serves as an upgrade station where either the Vulcan Cannon, 
RPG Upgrade or SAM Upgrade can be placed on. The Component Towers can be 
integrated into Concrete Walls or place on their own. It is always a good idea 
to have a few Component Towers in key area's of your base.

Vulcan Cannon Upgrade -
Cost: 150
Strength: N/A
Prerequisites: Component Tower, Barracks
Tech Level: 2

The Vulcan Cannon Upgrade for the Component Tower is a great static defence for 
taking out infantry and light vehicles. Place these near important structures 
such as the Construction Yard or War factory to prevent Engieer takeovers. These 
also serve 
well on the front line of base defence to take out squads of advancing infantry.

RPG Upgrade -
Cost: 600
Strength: N/A
Prerequisites: Component Tower, Barracks
Tech Level: 9

The RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) Upgrade is the best static defence for 
ripping apart heavy vehicles with it's high damage grenade. These grenades can 
be lobbed a fair distance and are great for taking out most heavy vehicles in 
two or three hits, 
light vehicles are usually demolished in one or two hits. These should be placed 
at the main entrance to your base to serve as rush eliminators. If possible hit 
the oncoming units with 
the EMP Cannon when the RPG is within range of the units and it will rip them 
apart before the units regain fuctionality.

SAM Upgrade -
Cost: 300
Strength: N/A
Prerequisites: Component Tower, Barracks
Tech Level: 5

The SAM (Surface to Air Missile) Upgrade is primarily used for air based 
defence. If you are being attacked by Orca Bomber or Banshees place a few of 
these around the base and they will make short work of any airborne attack. A 
good idea is to place SAM's 
near key buildings such as the Construction Yard and War Factory, this way if 
you are hit with a Multi-Missile or Ion Cannon follow up aircraft which will try 
to finish off the damaged structures will be taken down before they can do any 
serious damage.

EMP Cannon -
Cost: 1000
Strength: 500
Prerequisites: Radar
Tech Level: 6

The EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) Cannon is essential to any defensive 
installation. Once charged the EMP Cannon can fire it's electro-magnetic pulse 
within a large range from the center of where it is situated, the pulse will 
disable all mechanical 
units within a fairly large range of the impact point of the EMP blast rendering 
the mechanical units caught within the blast inoperable until the effect wears 
off. This is a great anti-rush 
defence and allows you to take out a large amount of mechanical units without 
any return threat. A good unit to use against the disabled units is the Orca 
Bomber or a squad of Disk Throwers.

Upgrade Center -
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery, Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

The Upgrade Center contains two expansion slots in which the Ion Cannon Uplink 
and Seeker Control can be activated once built.

Seeker Control -
Cost: 1000
Strength: N/A
Prerequisites: War Factory, Upgrade Center, Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

The Seeker Control allows you to facilitise the use of the Hunter Seeker Droid. 
Once the Hunter Seeker Droid is ready hit the release button and it will 
randomly seek out a target and destroy it. Anything the Hunter Seeker Droid 
attaches itself to be it a unit or structure will not survive the explosion. 
These are great for harrasing the enemy but not very effective for specific 
targets, as it is a game of luck.

Ion Cannon Uplink -
Cost: 1500
Strength: N/A
Prerequisites: Upgrade Center, Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

The Ion Cannon Uplink serves as an uplink to the Ion Cannon Satellite in outer 
space. When charged you can select which target to hit with the Ion Cannon, it 
is great for taking out Power Plants or Obelisks and groups of infantry. To 
destroy a stronger 
structure such as the Construction Yard a follow up force will be required to 
finish it off, Orca Bombers serve this purpose greatly as their heavy armor will 
protect them from at least a few hits from anti-aircraft units or structures 
which gives them enough 
time to drop their payload and destroy the target. Another usefull structure to 
take out is the Radar as this will blind him from seeing any oncoming attacks 
you may have onroute to their base.

Firestorm Generator -
Cost: 2000
Strength: 800
Prerequisites: Tech Center
Tech Level: 9

The Firestorm Generator allows the construction of Firestorm Wall Sections to be 
built, where the Firestorm Wall Sections are placed an infinately high shield is 
emitted. Once charged the Firestorm Generator can be turned on for a limited 
amout of time until the 
generated power for the Firestorm Generator runs out and then must be recharged 
again to be used.

Firestorm Wall Section -
Cost: 50
Strength: 200
Prerequisites: Firestorm Generator
Tech Level: 9

The counterpart of the Firestorm Generator, placed just like normal Concrete 
Walls the Firestorm Wall Sections emit an infinately high shield of energy which 
is impenetrable. 
Be sure to turn the Firestorm Generator off before your Orca aircraft come in 
contact with the shield otherwise they will be destroyed. The same goes for 
enemy aircraft, Multi-Missiles, Chemical Nukes or Hunter Seeker Droids. When you 
hear the 
"Missile launch detected" warning, wait a few seconds and then turn on your 
Firestorm Generator, this will prevent the warhead from entering any region 
which is blocked off by Firestorm 
Wall Sections.


GDI's available units for attacking are mainly heavily armored and built to 
last. An Army of GDI heavy units is something to be feared. Listed below are 
various strategies and formations of units which can be used to attack.

Initial attack force -
Group 1: 15-20 Disc Throwers, 3-4 Medics, 4-5 Titans
Group 2: 8 Disc Throwers, 2 Engineers, 2 Amphibious APC's
Group 3: 4-5 Hover MLRS's, 1 Amphibious APC, 5 Disc Throwers

Path 1: Just outside the main entrance to the enemy base
Path 2: Location hidden just outside the backdoor of the enemy base
Path 3: Enemy Harvesters current Tiberium field

Select each group and give them the corresponding group number. Set them on 
their paths and start building a Barracks and Engineer (stop the Engineer just 
before it is completed). Once all the groups are in place move your main attack 
force in to draw enemy units out and start destroying them, set group 3 on guard 
mode to harass any Harvesters in thier vicinity and leave group 2 on standby. 
Once all the units are drawn out and the enemy is focusing on the 2 attacking 
forces move group 3 into the enemy base.

Bypass all defences and unload the Amphibous APC's near the Construction Yard, 
unload your troops and take over the Construction Yard and the next most 
important building near it (War Factory, Tiberium Refinery etc). Place down your 
prebuilt Barracks and set it as primary then finish building your Engineer. Take 
over another important building and sell everything but the Barracks and keep 
pumping out Engineers.

Build a Component Tower or 2 around your Barracks to ward off attackers. Keep 
taking over buildings and selling them to help fund building reinforcement 
troops and Engineers.

This tactic works very well and your opponent will not realise what is going on 
inside his base for quite sometime because he will be preoccupied by the 2 main 
attacking forces 
outside his base. Once you have destroyed all units that were assigned to attack 
your main groups move them in to finish off the remaining buildings.

A good idea while you are doing this would be to build an Orca Bomber or 2 to 
take out excessive units that may be advancing on your main groups, this will 
help them out severly.

Large scale attack -
Group 1: 5-10 Titans, 15-20 Disc Throwers, 3-4 Medics, 3-4 Disruptors

Path 1: Secure location just outside the enemy base

When the enemies base is too well defended and you cannot seem to crack it you 
need to build some overwhelming firepower. A large army made up of Titans, Disc 
Throwers and Medics will be required to break through their front line of 
defence leaving it open. Keep 
sending the units you finish building on the path until a large group of them 
have accumulated. Continue building units throughout your attack to serve as 
Group all your units and concentrate their fire on one thing at a time for 
maximum efficiency. You could also have an Ion Cannon strike ready to knock out 
either an Obliesk or Power Plant before you move your attack force in to disable 
any power hungry defensive structures which will help your attack force out 
greatly. If credits permit build some Disruptors ontop of the other units, these 
things take out buildings fast.

Sneak attack -
Group 1: 1 Amphibious APC, 2 Engineers, 1 Ghost Stalker, 2 Medics

If your opponent has left the backdoor open to his base and there is no defence 
to be found this attack will work extremely well. Move your Amphibious APC into 
their base by using the most unused/seen route, once inside let the havoc begin. 
Take over 
the Construction Yard and another valuable building (War Factory, Tiberium 
Refinery etc) selling them both, then procede to use the Ghost Stalker to 
demolish as many buildings he can before he is overwhelmed. Assign the Medics to 
guard the Ghost Stalker to 
keep him alive as long as possible.

Alternate strategy is to have a Barracks prebuilt and an almost complete 
Engineer. Before selling one of the captured buildings place down the Barracks 
and set it as primary then finish constructing the Engineer and take over 
another building and sell it. Meanwhile keep pumping out Disc Throwers and wreak 
havoc from the inside of their base.

Construction Yard strike -
Group 1: 2 Orca Bombers
Super: Ion Cannon

If your opponents Construction Yard has no air defence or very little of it, 
this attack is perfect. Have 2 Orca Bombers on standby near the enemy base, 
select their Construction Yard to be attacked and let them make thier way to it. 
Just before they drop 
thier payload hit the Construction Yard with an Ion Cannon blast. This will 
destroy the Construction Yard completely and will cripple your enemy serverly.

Harvester hit -
There are many ways to harrass Harvesters but the best ways are listed below.

?	6 Orca Bombers
?	5+ Orca Fighters
?	2 Disruptors transported via Orca Carryalls
?	10 Disc Throwers transported via Amphibious APC's

Hitting Harvesters before sending in a large scale attack will work wonders as 
it will cripple their income and thus limit the forces they can send at you. 
Also they will be preoccupied with defending their Harvesters which will give 
you the edge when 
you move in for the strike.

Kamikaze Harvesters -
If you have ungodly amounts of credits lying around and can afford to spare a 
few this tactic works like a charm. Build a Harvester or 2 and fill them up with 
Blue Tiberium, send the Harvesters into the base via Orca Carryalls or just 
drive them straight in. Park the Harvesters near key buildings and watch the 
fireworks begin. Because Blue Tiberium 
is extremely volatile when the Harvesters are destroyed they will take out a lot 
with them, usually the building they are adjacent to and any units surrounding 

Distruptor drop -
Build 2 Disruptors and 2 Orca Carryalls, send the Disruptors with the help of 
the Orca Carryalls into the enemy base where there is little base defence and a 
lot of buildings. Concentrate the Disruptors beams on the same building and 
watch it quickly fall apart. The Disruptors are very versatile and will be able 
to withstand some serious punishment 
before they are destroyed. This usually means they are capable of taking out at 
least 3-4 buildings if not more depending on the measures the enemy takes. 
Beware of EMP Cannons when attempting this as it can render the attack useless, 
quickly pick the units up with the Orca Carryalls and take them to safety if 
they are hit with the EMP Cannon.

Mammoth Mk.II drop -
Exactly the same as the Disruptor drop except that you only need one Orca 
Carryall, and of course you can only have one Mammoth Mk. II. Drop the Mammoth 
Mk.II deep behind enemy lines and let the fireworks begin, once it becomes 
overwhelmed by heavy fire quickly get it out of their with your Orca Carryall, 
try and avoid anti-air defence as you dont want your $3000 unit to fall out of 
the sky. A note to remember is that the 
Mammoth Mk.II self heals up to 50%, so by just taking it out of the line of fire 
for a little while will give it time to recharge and be ready for more action.

Think about mutation -
A good way to annoy your opponent and to keep him distracted from more important 
things like your oncoming attack is to create some Viscaroids near his base. 
Simply march a groop of Light Infantry into one of their closest Tiberium fields 
and keep moving them around until they eventually die. They will then turn into 
baby Viscaroids and begin 
to roam around the map, hopefully near their base. Eventually they will turn 
into Adult Viscaroids and begin to start causing some rather large troubles for 
your opponent.

Waypoints -
Set up waypoints outside your Barracks and War Factory which lead to key 
locations on the map such as the front entrance to the enemy base. Then when you 
need reinforcements in any parts of the map you can simply select your produced 
units and send them along the desired waypoint. If you would like your units to 
engage any enemies they come across when they are following the path simply hold 
down CTRL + ALT with the selected units and left click the path you want them to 

Amphibious APC access -
When the enemy base is located near water they may believe it to be a natural 
barrier and not bother with defences in that region. If you Amphibious APC's can 
get access to the enemy base off the water then this is a great opportunity. 
Build about 3-4 Amphibious APC's and fill them up with various troops and go in 
for the attack. But be sure 
to make it effective as this will probably be the only time you will be able to 
use this entrance as most opponents will build defences in the previously 
neglected area once they have been attacked through that way.

The wicked witch -
Jumpjet Infantry (which if you look closely look like witches flying on 
broomsticks) can be used to a great advantage against your opponent. Since most 
units do not have air support a pack of these guys can make short work of any 
unguarded structures or units and can be a great hassle to the enemy if you use 
them to harrass enemy Harvesters. 
Although the Jumpjet Infantry will not do that much damage to the Harvester your 
opponent will still be very worried about it and will take their mind off what 
they are currently doing most of the time and attend to the little witches. 
Wolverines can also be a great unit to harrass the enemy Harvesters, just send 
2-3 Wolverines to the enemies 
Tiberium field and set them to guard.

Titan distraction -
A good distraction to any enemy installation is a force of about 5 Titans, these 
guys can do a large amount of damage against any structure. Use this distraction 
group just before you send in your main attack and it will work wonders as the 
enemy will be divided and 
confused. Most of the time the enemy will be so worred about the Titans 
advancing on their base that they will probably send most of their forces your 
way if they dont have adequate stationary defences, then your real attack can 
just waltz right in and really screw them up. For good measure throw in a few 
Wolverines into this group to take out 
any infantry threats as Titans cannon effectively deal with infantry.

Orca Fighers are your friends -
Orca Fighers are great for taking out most units in packs and are excellent 
against unguarded structures. Attack with at least 5 Orca Fighters when 
attacking weak structures and you will be sure to take them out. Watch out for 
SAM's and Rocket Infantry though, as these will rip apart your Orca Fighters 
pretty fast. Use the Orca Fighters in 
conjuction with the Ion Cannon for taking out stronger structures, but your best 
bet is to use the Orca Bomber which is covered below.

Orca Bomber raid -
When there is little air defence around their base build up about 5-6 Orca 
Bombers and air raid thier base. The Orca Bombers will usually take out any 
structure you attack in one run, it is a good idea to hit the more valuable 
structures such as the Construction Yard, War Factory, Tiberium Refinerys, or 
the Temple of Nod. If you are ready to attack 
a Nod base it is a good idea to hit their Power Plants before you move in with 
your ground base force, this will disable Obelisks, Laser Fences and other power 
hungry structures as Nod requires mass amounts of power to run it's war machine. 
Be sure to hit the Advanced Power Plants first and foremost rather than the 
lesser Power Plant. 

If playing against GDI, Power Plants are not something which they require so hit 
their Radar or Tech Center to cripple them before your attack, without the Radar 
they are unable to detect your ground force approaching their base, and if you 
take out the Tech Center it will disable them from building Orca Bombers which 
will make short work of 
your oncoming attack force.


Defensive options for GDI are not up to the high standards of Nods powerful 
defensive structures such as the Obelisk and Laster Turret, and thus require the 
assistance of the powerful GDI units to lend a hand to the stationary defensive 
options available to GDI. In early stages of the game GDI relies heavily on 
these units as it's more powerful 
stationary defence is not available until later in the game.

The almighty Orca Bomber -
Keeping at least 2 Orca Bombers on standby in your base is a must for any 
defensive installation. These units can take out large forces of infantry and 
heavy units alike and are used in many of the key defensive strategies listed. 
Just select the middle unit within the approacing attack force and the Orca 
Bombers will take out most of the squad 
leaving the infantry in pools of blood and the armored units in pieces.

Use the EMP Cannon to it's full potential -
Never forget about the usefullness of the EMP Cannon. Often overlooked the EMP 
Cannon can stop a large rush of mechanical units in thier tracks leaving them 
easy prey for Orca Bombers or Disc Throwers. Also usefull to disable APC's which 
may have plans of taking over your base with their cargo of precious Engineers.
The EMP Cannon also works great against subterranean units. If any subterranean 
units are hit with the EMP Cannon they will be forced to surface and deactivate, 
this is great for preventing Subterranean APC attacks full of Engineers. To 
effectively use this tactic 
you must have a Mobile Sensor Array deployed so that you can see where the 
subterranean units are.

Cloaked or subterranean units giving you a hard time? -
The answer to your troubles is the Mobile Sensor Array, deploy one of these in 
the center of your base and get the knowledge you need to take action against 
cloaked or subterranean units. When a unit of the description breeches the 
Mobile Sensor Arrays detection field you will be alerted and their presence will 
now be shown to you so you 
can take action before they surface or uncloak. By having this edge it will give 
you a little time before the units will inevitably attack therefore you will be 
able to position your units in the optimal position to take on the attack.

Component Towers, GDI's defensive upgrade deluxe -
Place Component Towers around key areas of your base to keep your units and 
structures safe. RPG's are best placed near the main entrances to your base and 
the outer perimeters.
Vulcan Cannons should be placed amongst buildings to eliminate any Engineers 
which may get the better of you, and also are helpful near the RPG's to waste 
any infantry which may overwhelm them. Last but not least SAM's, place these 
around your Construction Yard and other valuable buildings to prevent air raids 
by the likes of Orca Bombers and 
Banshee's, this will also prevent the mentioned aircraft from finishing off your 
structures once they have been hit by a super weapon such as the Ion Cannon or 

Shields up! -
The Firestorm Generator, often overlooked because of it's power consuming 
features and it's time and hassle to set up. But when the time permits the 
Firestorm Generator is excellent for protecting your Construction Yard from 
attacks. Simply build Firestorm 
Wall Sections around your Construction Yard and turn it on when it becomes under 
threat. Another great use for this is around the perimeter of your base, when 
Artillery begin shelling your base turn the Firestorm Generator on and the 
shells will not be able to penetrate the shield, but act quickly as the sheild 
only stays up for a limited amount of 
time, so take those Artillerys out as soon as possible. The shields emitted are 
infinately high, so they will also block attacks from Multi-Missiles, Chemical 
Nukes or Hunter Seeker Droids if they come in contact with the shield.

Walls, Automatic Gates and Pavement, Oh My! -
To build the ultimate defensive installation these are the required components. 
Concrete Walls first and foremost, place these around the perimeter of your base 
to keep units from ducking in and out, with the use of Automatic Gates between 
Concrete Wall sections your units can still pass freely from inside and out your 
virtual Fort Knox. Pavement is GDI's best defence against Nod subterranean 
attacks. Simply pave the entire floor of your base and subterranean units will 
not be able to surface inside next to your precious structures. Not only does 
the Pavement offer protection from subterranean units it also prevents heavy 
fire from cratering your base and deforming the terrain rendering the area 
useless to build upon.

Infantry dismissal -
If you are being attacked by large amounts of infantry early in the game such as 
Rocket Infantry or Cyborgs build up a force of mainly Light Infantry and some 
Disc Throwers these will decimate any amount of infantry that they throw at you. 
For good measure add about 4-5 Wolverines which are also effective against 

Later in the game the far most effective way of taking out large groups of 
infantry and light vechicles would have to be Orca Bombers, these are only 
available once you have a Helipad and Tech Center but are well worth the wait. 
In one run 1-2 Orca Bombers will take out all most all the infantry onroute to 
your base.

Heavy unit disposal -
Against large groups of Tick Tanks or Titans the most effective units to use are 
Disc Throwers. The weapons that these types of heavy units have are almost 
usless against any type of infantry so a group of 10-15 Disc Throwers can 
totally wipe out a large group of heavy units not being escorted by anti-
infantry units such as Wolverines or Devils Tongue Flame Tanks. When attacking 
the units be sure to have them all selected 
and concentrate their fire on one unit at a time for maximum efficiency, this 
also allows you to scatter the units by hitting X if they attempt to run you 
over. Use this strategy in conjunction with the EMP Cannon to totally disable 
all their units leaving them vunerable 
to your barrage of Disc Throwers.

Artillery troubles? -
If you are being shelled by Artillery the best units to use are Jumpjet 
Infantry, these guys can effectively rip apart all the Artillery units which are 
shelling your base without needed to reload like the Orca aircraft. If you are 
only being shelled by one or 2 Artillery 
the best bet would be to use an Orca Bomber, one run past will destroy the 
Artillery and if thier is another one lingering around the Orca Bomber will have 
enough bombs left to destroy that aswell.

Hasta la vista, baby! -
Cyborg Commando's are no longer a threat to your base when you have Orca Bombers 
on standby. Simply grab 2 of your Orca Bombers and strike the Cyborg Commander 
from the air, one run from the Orca Bombers is usually enough to take the Cyborg 
Commander out fast and effectively with minimal losses.

Air defence -
Since GDI have very little air defence it is always best to keep a few Hover 
MLRS's around about your base along with Jumpjet Infantry to ward off any 
Banshees or Orca aircraft. Until you can build SAM's these are the best units to 

Enemy giving your Harvesters a hard time? -
Simply build a few Hover MLRS's and Wolverines and set them to guard a 
particular Harvester by Ctrl+Alt clicking them. The units selected will follow 
the Harvester around and defend it from any potential attacks. This also works 
great with Orca aircraft, they will patrol the skies around the unit and reload 
automatically when they are out of 
ammunition and continue guarding.

Setup patrols around your base -
By using the waypoint system you can set up a looping waypoint around your base 
in which you can assign units which will follow the path around your base 
continously and engage any unit which breeches it's perimeter. This also works 
with Orca aircraft, they will patrol around the points and reload automatically 
when they are out of ammunition 
and continue patroling when they are reloaded.

Brotherhood of Nod


Light Infantry -
Cost: 120
Weapon: M16 Mk. II pulse rifle
Ability: None
Armor: None
Strength: 125
Sight: 5
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: Scatters automatically when under threat
Prerequisite: Hand of Nod
Tech level: 1

Light Infantry are the standard infantry in Tiberian Sun. The lowly grunts that 
most people consider to be weak and expendable. But in fact in large groups 
these guys can be more than effective at taking out enemy soldiers and light 
armored vehicles. Plus for just chucking at the enemy occasionally to keep them 
on their toes.

If someone rushes at you with ten, twenty or thirty Rocket Infantry units, here 
is a cheap and effective solution. Build about eight or more Light Infantry and 
attack their Rocket 
Infantry with them in groups, shoot them all one by one, so all of your men 
focus on one unit at a time. Not only are Light Infantry cheap, but the rockets 
hardly take any damage off of them, plus when they are ducking on the ground it 
hardly takes any damage 
off at all, Light Infantry are great for this tactic of defence.

Rocket Infantry -
Cost: 250
Weapon: Shoulder mounted rocket launcher
Ability: Can attack aircraft
Armor: None
Strength: 100
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: Scatters automatically when under threat
Prerequisite: Hand of Nod
Tech level: 2

Rocket Infantry are identical to the Light Infantry except they carry rocket 
launchers instead of pulse rifles. They are the opposite to the Light Infantry 
in the aspect that they 
are hopeless against infantry but against structures and armored vehicles and 
aircraft they work like a charm. Place them in packs randomly around the map, in 
bushes and cities ect. Then they can take potshots at incoming aircraft and 
vehicles as they pass 
by weakening them before they arrive at your base.

Cyborg -
Cost: 650
Weapon: High power pulse rifle
Ability: Regenerates in Tiberium
Armor: Light
Strength: 300
Sight: 5
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: Increased strength
Prerequisite: Hand of Nod
Tech level: 4

Nod's prized infantry. They can cut infantry down in seconds, and are very 
effective in groups at taking out defenses that other vehicles and infantry 
cannot handle because of their armor. Great for walking into enemy's line of 
fire when up against Obelisks or 
Artilleries when in large packs. The Cyborg packs a huge pulse ifle in place 
where his left hand is meant to be. Unfortunantly the Cyborg lacks any anti-
aircraft support and therefore aircraft can easily attack squads of them and 
they have no way of defending.

Also take note that Cyborgs do not lose health when they walk on Tiberium, 
instead it actually refills their health due to some whack stuff Nod has done to 
their Cyborgs. On occasion Cyborgs can go berserk and start shooting their own 
men. Of course you can 
still control them but they shoot anyone in range, so in a case like this tell 
the Cyborg to go stand in the corner... or better still the enemies base.

Cyborgs are the key element of any infantry attack. They have short range but 
they are quite powerful, plus they cannot be run over, therefore they are great 
to be at the front line of a giant attack.

Engineer -
Cost: 500
Weapon: None
Ability: Repairs bridges/structures, captures structures
Armor: None
Strength: 100
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Hand of Nod
Tech level: 2

Engineers lack any weapons, but in their own way are weapons. Able to repair a 
building to full health instantly just by running into it (you lose the unit 
but) or stealing enemy buildings by running into them. If you steal an enemy 
structure it will be claimed yours automatically, this is a very effective way 
of sabotaging enemy bases. You can steal Construction Yards and build the 
enemy's technology, or sell it ect.

If you steal an enemy Tiberium Refinery and their Harvester is docking at the 
time, you steal the Harvester as well! Plus all the Tiberium stored inside. Plus 
if you steal Tiberium 
Silos you take the money from that too. If you steal enemy Barracks, War 
Factory, Construction Yard ect, you can build all of their stuff, minus things 
like the Ion Cannon.
Stealing a Helipad when the aircraft is on it will let you keep the aircraft, 
same goes for Repair Depots.

Always have an Engineer near your Construction Yard so if they send in Orca 
Bombers or Ion Cannon your base or a Banshee flyby then if they damage it really 
bad, before they get to turn around for another run you can quickly send your 
Engineer in to repair it so it doesn't blow up. If you put an Engineer on guard 
(select them and press G) then they will automatically repair any building that 
is on red energy.

Cyborg Commando -
Cost: 2000
Weapon: Plasma cannon
Ability: Regenerates in Tiberium
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 500
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Hand of Nod, Temple of Nod
Tech level: 10

Cyborg Commandos can only be built after you have established a Temple of Nod. 
You can only build one of these at a time, but these babies put in the right 
hands can take out a 
whole base with a little bit of backup. Though meant to be the equivalent to the 
Ghost Stalker, they can match the Mammoth MK. II in methods of destruction.

Building a Cyborg Commando and four Rocket Infantry and sending them in an 
Subterranean APC into the enemy base is sometimes all you need to win. Hotkey 
your Cyborg Commando as squad one and your Rocket Infantry as squad 2 and 
basically hit everything in sight. Cut down the infantry with your Cyborg 
Commando and everything 
else as a pack, you can hit aircraft, structures, vehicles and infantry, and 
basically you are unstoppable unless you are up against a really experienced 
player who can think and act 

Mutant Hijacker -
Cost: 1850
Weapon: None
Ability: Hijack vehicles
Armor: None
Strength: 300
Sight: 6
Speed: 7
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Hand of Nod, Temple of Nod
Tech level: 10

Mutant Hijackers are expensive bastards and you can only build one at a time. At 
1850 a pop you better use them wisely. Their ability is soley aimed at hijacking 
enemy vehicles. They can take any vehicle from a simple civilian car to a 
Mammoth MK. II. The 
Mutant Hijacker has no weapons, but of course his ability to steal vehicles 
makes him well worth while.

If you have a Mammoth MK. II approaching you, run a Mutant Hijacker in and take 
it over. This is the most simplest tactic and it will piss your oponent off to 
the extremes, plus you score a free $3000 vehicle of destruction. And if you 
want to piss your 
opponent off, run it through his base and kill everything in sight!

If you are planning to steal enemy Harvesters with the Mutant Hijacker, and want 
to hide somewhere near the Harvesters Tiberium patch until it returns from the 
Tiberium Refinery, a good tip at blending your Mutant Hijacker in with the 
terrain is to 
place him in a civilian area close to the enemy base until you are ready to 
strike. Mutant Hijackers look almost like civilians and with the civilian's 
running around it's the perfect 
camouflage to make him not stand out to the enemy.

Hijacking civilian trucks is perfect camouflage for troop transport. Taking one 
of these and filling them up with Engineers or Cyborg Commandos and leaving them 
in civilian ground until the time to strike. The enemy will probably not notice 
it and consider it a civilian truck, until it deploys your troops that is. The 
secret of camouflaging yourself so that you do not look like you are at all a 
threat is a real art to perfect. One problem is that 
the truck will turn into the colour of your team instead of remaining white, 
whereas if you pick up a civilian vehicle via a crate it remains the good ol 
white colour meaning it's perfectly harmless looking.


Harvester -
Cost: 1400
Weapon: None
Ability: Self heal up to 50%
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 1000
Sight: 4
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Refinery
Tech level: 1

Harvesters are the most important unit in the game. Without these babies you 
have no income. Harvesters harvest Tiberium crystals from the Tiberium patches 
and return to their Tiberium Refinery to dock and transfer all Tiberium which is 
then converted to cash.

Harvesters are rather dumb to tell you the truth (well what do you expect, I 
think Westwood made the Harvester AI quite realistic...They don't hire rocket 
scientists to drive Harvesters afterall).

Harvesters are about medium speed, an their armor is quite strong, they have no 
weapons to protect themselves thus they need to be guarded at all times, and 
they are usually a large target to the opposition if the enemy recognises their 
importance to you. 
When a Harvester loses more than 50% health it will automatically self heal up 
to 50%, but this is a very slow and time consuming process.

Protect your Harvesters, they are the most important unit in your game 
(excluding your Mobile Construction Vehicle) without Harvesters you will have no 
income and you will be rendered 'screwed' nuff said.

The most effective way of harvesting is to manually harvest the mature Tiberium 
crystals since the others are still onyly growing and do not contain as much 
cash and the mature crystals fill the Harvester up quicker.

Notice how the Blue Tiberium is explosive?? Filling your Harvester up with Blue 
Tiberium and then tranporting him or driving him into the enemy base and parking 
your Harvester as close as you can to their most valueable structures is the 
perfect weapon. 
When they destroy the Harevestor it blows up, destroying more ground with more 
force than any super weapon can. After you do this to them a couple of times 
they will probably be telling their allies "CRAP! I am under attack! They're 
sending multiple 
harvesters into my base!" :)

Harvesters may lack any weapons but they are great for running over infantry. If 
the enemy base is quite unguarded and packs a lot of infantry, you can drive in 
and run over as many as you can and usually get out without taking too much 
Harvesters armor is pretty strong and can take a pretty large amount of damage.
Try to build as many Tiberium Refineries as possible. On occasion Harvesters 
waiting by the Tiberium Refinery for it to be free will virtually fall asleep 
and just idle. Call it stupid 
AI but you really do need to nurse your Harvesters, they are your babies after 
all. So build as many Tiberium Refinery's as possible so less Harvesters will 
idle, then you will also have more harvesting bays so more money comes through 
and you can store 
more cash without the annoying "Tiberium Silos needed" message coming up.

Weed Eater -
Cost: 1400
Weapon: None
Ability: Immune to veins
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 600
Sight: 4
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tiberium Waste Facility
Tech level: 10

The Weed Eater is the counterpart of the Tiberium Waste Facility. The Weed Eater 
seeks out the lethal Tiberium Veins and harvests them for processing at the 
Tiberium Waste Facility. Once the Tiberium Waste Facility has a sufficient 
amount of Tiberium 
Veins it will produce a Chemical Missile.

Attack Cycle -
Cost: 600
Weapon: Twin rocket launchers
Ability: Can hit aircraft
Armor: Light
Strength: 300
Sight: 5
Speed: 12
Veteran Abilities: Immune to Tiberium Veins
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech level: 5

Attack Cycles are fast and pack a punch. They are usually the choice unit when 
it comes to scouting, they pack rockets and therefore can attack enemy aircraft 
(note: only veteran bikes can attack aircraft thanks everyone for pointing that 
out) as well as group troops. 5 Attack Cycles are a great harassment tactic, 
they are fast and in small packs they can do some considerable damage, you can 
easily attack someone's Harvester and then drive away at the first sign of 

Now this is a pretty killer strategy, humans can't really cope with it and it 
can cripple them in no time. Build about 12 Attack Cycles and send them out in 
packs of 3 to attack the enemy Harvesters. Attack all of them whether in a base 
or outside 
harvesting. They'll all drive down and start attacking them, most humans will 
not know who to attack first, and they'll be panicking since they're risking 
losing all their income this way. From here 
you can either follow up with an assault or just continue to take their 
Harvesters, but either way you should cripple them. If you have more cash try to 
invest in 5 Attack Cycles for each Harvester, then they are screwed.

Attack Buggy -
Cost: 500
Weapon: Raider cannon
Ability: Immune to Tiberium Veins
Armor: Light
Strength: 220
Sight: 6
Speed: 10
Veteran Abilities: Crushes infantry
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech level: 2

From the original Command and Conquer, Attack Buggy's are a tiny bit slower than 
Attack Cycles, and pack a raider cannon (better against infantry than the Attack 
Cycle) and their sight is a bit better so they're probably the unit of choice 
for covering wider 
ground. Attack Buggy's are great in packs for cutting down infantry. You can 
send in a small group of them and hit any incoming infantry traffic.

Attack Buggy's are better for scouting maps that have heaps of Tiberian Veins on 
them because they do not get damaged from crossing over them, so they can roam 
the map without having to worry about being destroyed.

Subterranean APC -
Cost: 800
Weapon: None
Ability: Subterranean
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 175
Sight: 5
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tech Center
Tech level: 6

Nod's Subterranean APC's burrow underground, and can surface pretty much 
anywhere on the map (with the exception of water and paved areas, and unwalkable 
areas, but you can still go UNDER water just not surface). This makes this 
infantry transport 
unit very powerful, and can carry up to 5 infantry units around the map in a 
short amount of time. Carrying packs of 5 Rocket Infantry or 5 Engineers into 
the enemy base can be deadly.

Devils Tongue Flame Tank -
Cost: 750
Weapon: Fireball launcher
Ability: Subterranean
Armor: Light
Strength: 300
Sight: 5
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: Self heal
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tech Center
Tech level: 7

This unit is quite expensive for it's use, but still can be worth it on 
occassion. These units can burrow underground like the Subterranean APC. If your 
oponent is building lots of 
infantry (such as those pesky Disk Throwers) and lining them up outside his 
base, sending two or so Devils Tongue Flame Tanks underground towards their 
Barracks is great fun. Surface just outside his Barracks and quickly light up 
all of his units, and then leave again, he should lose his whole stock 
preventing any future large attack, and also should waste thousands of their 

Tick Tank -
Cost: 1850
Weapon: 90mm cannon
Ability: Burrows
Armor: Light
Strength: 350
Sight: 5
Speed: 6
Veteran Abilities: Detects cloaked/subterranean units
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech level: 3

Tick Tanks are quite powerful for attacks, basically in Tiberian Dawn terms, 
they are like Light Tanks, but when they deploy into turret mode they are like 
Medium Tanks. Very good as an anti-tank vehicle but kind of suck against 
infantry. A pack of 10 Tick Tanks 
can really put a dent in the enemies base. If you are attacked by Disruptors, 
Tick Tanks are very effective at taking them out. A couple of Tick Tanks in a 
group should make haste in wiping them out.

Stealth Tank -
Cost: 1100
Weapon: Dragon rockets
Ability: Stealth
Armor: Light
Strength: 180
Sight: 5
Speed: 6
Veteran Abilities: Explodes when destroyed
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tech Center
Tech level: 8

Stealth Tanks are quite fast and have the ability to sneak up on oponents 
without being seen until they unleash their wrath upon their victim. They are 
very effective in packs and can really make a great suprise attack. These are 
great for Harvester protection, if you hold control + ALT and click on your 
Harvester, four or five of these can follow your Harvester around. The opponent 
will see a lone Harvester harvesting in a Tiberium patch, 
but when they send their attack aircraft the Stealth Tanks will uncloak and take 
the aircraft out.

Artillery -
Cost: 975
Weapon: 155mm artillery cannon
Ability: Long range attack
Armor: Light
Strength: 300
Sight: 9
Speed: 5
Veteran Abilities: Self heal
Prerequisite: War Factory, Radar
Tech level: 6

Artillery are extremely powerful (infact I think too powerful) with pin point 
accuracy and very large power, for defense they can be a killer, and in small 
packs they can level a base within a short amount of time. They are slow and 
defenseless to up close 
attacks, but for long rage firepower these guys are great for sitting in the 
background and taking out structures and apporaching infantry.

To use these units you need to tell them to deploy before they can fire, meaning 
move the mouse over the unit when it is standing still, and then click when the 
icon changes, once the Artillery has been deployed it is imobile until it 
undeploys, which is 
pretty simple, just tell it to move and it undeploys.

A great method for defending is to place one or two Artilleries in your base and 
set them to guard. If you are rushed by infantry or any ground units, Artillery 
can usually rid most of them from your sight before they even reach the base! 
Very effective, especially 
against Disk Thrower rushes.

When taking on Artilleries, they are very powerful and can take out squads of 
men in just a couple of shots. But if you get some infantry right up close to 
the Artillery they cannot fire at you because you are too close. If you have a 
group of Artilleries and a Attack Cycle or Light Infantry or some other unit is 
attacking right up close to one of your Artillieries so you cannot hit it, pack 
up the Artillery that is being attacked and drive him 
away from the others, as the unit(s) chase it they will walk into firing range 
of the other Artilleries, so now pick off the men as soon as they become in 
range, then drive your Artillery back into your group and resume your original 

An effective way to open up their base, send 4-6 Artillieries into the enemies 
base, just outside of the walls of their base, deploy and begin taking out all 
of their turrets and other defensive structures and units, this can be very very 

Blue Tiberium is explosive, roughly 12-16 Artillery shells will cause the 
Tiberium to begin it's fireworks. Attacking the enemies Blue Tiberium patches 
and doing this not only wastes their valuable Tiberium, but hopefully there will 
be Harvesters stupid 
enough to go into the patch to harvest.

If your Nod enemy has cloaked his base, send a few Artilleries up to the board 
and select them all and hold control and start firing random shots around his 
base, when his Stealth Generator decloaks, press control and fire on that exact 
location and take out his Stealth Generator so the whole base decloaks.

Mobile Repair Vehicle -
Cost: 1000
Weapon: None
Ability: Repairs vehicles
Armor: Light
Strength: 200
Sight: 5
Speed: 6
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech level: 7

Not bad speed and armor, this unit is a mobile repair bay pretty much, it goes 
around repairing your units. Very handy. Put a Mobile Repair Vehicle near the 
Tiberium Refineries, right next to where the Harvesters dock. This way if people 
attack your Harvesters, then whilst they are docking and emptying all the 
Tiberium into the Tiberium Refineries the Mobile Repair Vehicles can repair them 
automatically without wasting any time or having to manually repair them. Hotkey 
2 or 3 Mobile Repair Vehicles (I use hotkey 0). So then you can easily press the 
hotkey and tell them to repair units ect. This works very well, as you can 
quickly call them up to go repair you or your allies units.

Mobile Sensor Array -
Cost: 950
Weapon: None
Ability: Detects cloaked/subterranean units
Armor: Light
Strength: 600
Sight: 10
Speed: 6
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Radar
Tech level: 6

Basically a harmless unit in the aspect that it cannot fire or do anything other 
than see cloaked and underground units, but still a great unit to have. Sending 
one of these near the enemy base and deploying will allow you to see their 
stealthed units, so if 
their base is cloaked you can basically see it all and attack it, very handy 
indeed. It's got an okay speed and the armor on it is pretty piss poor, but it 
has good range and it is quite small so 
you can easily hide it behind a cliff face or under a bridge.

Mobile Construction Vehicle -
Cost: 2500
Weapon: None
Ability: Deploys into a Construction Yard
Armor: Heavy
Strength: 1000
Sight: 6
Speed: 3
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory, Tech Center
Tech level: 10

Keep a spare Mobile Construction Vehicle lying around your base, just incase 
your War Factory and Construction Yard get screwed over. Then you can easily 
deploy it again and not be stuck in any sticky situation where you cannot build 
structures. Plus as a safety precaution, if you have a repair bay keep your 
Mobile Construction Vehicle sitting on the 
repair bay the whole time, so if any aircraft or units attack it, it will 
automatically repair without any problems.


Harpy -
Cost: 1000
Weapon: Vulcan cannon
Ability: Invisible to radar
Armor: Light
Strength: 225
Sight: 2
Speed: 14
Veteran Abilities: None
Prerequisite: Helipad
Tech level: 5

Harpy's are quite weak compared to GDI's Orca Fighter. Instead of using air to 
ground missiles they pack a vulcan cannon. And therefore instead of quickly 
unloading their stock of firepower into the target they have to hover drilling 
at the target for quite sometime leaving themselves open to enemy fire. Though 
they are still quite effective for nailing infantry, and in return it means they 
are great for chopping up incoming 
Engineers or Ghost Stalkers.

Banshee -
Cost: 1500
Weapon: Twin plasma cannons
Ability: None
Armor: Light
Strength: 280
Sight: 2
Speed: 18
Veteran Abilities: Invisible on radar
Prerequisite: Helipad, Tech Center
Tech level: 9

The Banshee uses stolen alien technology. Very cool aircraft type, instead of 
hoving over the enemy and firing, it does a hit and run type tactic as it flies 
right past and unloads it's load onto the target. Though quite weak as 
individuals in packs they are a great 
asset to your army. When your oponent throws a large attack at you, of tanks and 
other large forces. Whilst they are advancing up the map, the most effective way 
to weaken them is to send some squads of Banshee's at them to weaken their 
stronger units while 
you arrange your defence in formation and prepare for the inevitable attack. If 
you want to bring Harvester harrassment to a new level, build 6-7 Banshee's and 
attack Harvesters, they can take them out in one session.

Tech Tree

		Tiberium Refinery
			NOD Radar
				Laser Fence Post
				Nod Tech centre	(Banshee)
					Stealth Generator
					Temple of NOD
					Oblisk of light
					Missile Silo
				EMPCannon	(Artillery, Mobile Sensor Array, EM Pulse)
				Helipad	(Harpy)
			Tiberium Silo
		Hand of NOD	(Light Infantry, Rocket Infantry, Engineer, Cyborg)
			War Factory	(Harvester, Attack Cycle, Tick Tank, Mobile Repair 
Unit, Nod Buggy)
				Advanced Powerplant
			Nod Wall


Construction Yard -
Cost: 300
Strength: 750
Prerequisites: Mobile construction Vehicle
Tech Level: -1

The Construction Yard is where you start your empire. All your structures are 
constructed from this, therefore if you lose your Construction Yard you are in a 
whole load of trouble. It is always a good idea to place Pavement, Concrete 
Walls and Laser Turrets 
around your Construction Yard to ward off any attacks.

Power Plant -
Cost: 300
Strength: 750
Prerequisites: Construction Yard
Tech Level: 1

The Power Plant is needed to power all your structures and stationary defences, 
Power Plants are always a popular target for Ion Cannon or Multi-Missile strikes 
so place them apart from eachother to minimise damage caused.

Advanced Power Plant -
Cost: 500
Strength: 750
Prerequisites: War Factory
Tech Level: 7

Advanced powerplants produce more power than standard ones and have better 
armor. These are more usefull than the lesser Power Plant once you start going 
up the tech tree because of the massive power drain the higher tech structures 
Nod has later in the game.

Tiberium Refinery -
Cost: 2000
Strength: 900
Prerequisites: Power Plant
Tech Level: 1

This structure is what you would consider a bank. You dock your harvesters full 
of Tiberium in here and exchange it for cash. This is essential to survival, 
without at least one Tiberium Refinery you will have no way of getting money. 
Your Tiberium Refinery when built includes a Harvester with the deal. If you do 
not have sufficient amount of Tiberium Silos and you sell or destroy your 
Tiberium Refinery you can lose money, since Tiberium Refineries also store 
Tiberium like Tiberium Silos, and therefore contain Tiberium inside.

It is more efficient to build more Tiberium Refineries than to build more 
Harvesters, since the Harvester AI kind of bites when it comes to waiting for 
other Tiberium Refineries to dock their Tiberium and leave so they can dock 
theirs and sometimes the 
Harvesters stall and do not do anything, whereas if there are more Tiberium 
Refineries free then they will not stall as often, nor will they end up driving 
to the other side of the map to dock.

Tiberium Silo -
Cost: 150
Strength: 300
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
Tech Level: 1

When you are harvesting large amounts of Tiberium it is a good idea to build a 
few Tiberium Silos to store the Tiberium in, otherwise once the Tiberium 
Refinerys reach their full capacity any further processed Tiberium goes to 
waste. Be carefull 
about how you use Tiberium Silos as any credits which you are storing in them 
can be deducted if the Tiberium Silo is destroyed or captured.

Hand of Nod -
Cost: 300
Strength: 800
Prerequisites: Power Plant
Tech Level: 1

This structure allows you to produce infantry units available to Nod. If you 
build two or more Hand of Nod's they increase production speeds. Also if you 
have more than one then you can double click on the structure to set it as the 
primary building, 
which is where all your units will come out of.

War Factory -
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery, Hand of Nod
Tech Level: 2

This structure produces all the vehicles available to The Brotherhood. If you 
build two or more War Factories it increases vehicle production speeds. Also if 
you have more than 
one War Factory, double click on the structure to set it as the primary building 
wich is where all your vehicles will come out of.

War Factories have pretty good strength and can withstand a lot before they bite 
the bullet. If you are looking for something to kill in particular via a quick 
in and out attack, 
don't go for the War Factory unless you actually intend to keep attacking it 
'til the end.

Radar -
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
Tech Level: 3

This gives you access to the radar minimap allowing you an overhead view of the 
map via satalite.

Tech Center -
Cost: 1500
Strength: 500
Prerequisites: War Factory, Radar
Tech Level: 6

The Nod Tech Centre will let you build the more technological structures like 
the Temple of Nod and the Missile Silo. Remember it consumes a lot of power so 
be sure to have excess power before you construct one of these.

Temple of Nod -
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

Temple of Nod allows you to use the Hunter Seeker Droid, and gives you access to 
Cyborg Commando's and Mutant Hijackers. In Tiberian Dawn it had more of a point, 
but still is useful for creating Cyborg Commandos. Once you build the Temple of 
Nod, you 
can sell it and as long as you do not lose all of your Hand of Nod's and have to 
rebuild you can still produce Mutant Hijackers and Cyborg Commandos. But you 
won't have access to the Hunter Seeker Droid.

Tiberium Waste Facility -
Cost: 1600
Strength: 400
Prerequisites: Missile Silo
Tech Level: 10

The Tiberium Waste Facility allows you to build a Chemical Missile from Tiberium 
Veins. It comes with a Weed Eater which will seek out any Tiberium Veins and 
bring it's load back to the Tiberium Waste Facility to be processed into a 
Chemical Missile. When 
the Chemical Missile is ready launch it at a desired target, when the Chemical 
Missile impacts it causes a fairly large explosion then releases several poison 
gas clouds which will wreak havoc in the enemies base.

Missile Silo -
Cost: 1300
Strength: 1000
Prerequisites: Tech Center
Tech Level: 10

The Missile Silo prepares a Multi-Missile for you to launch at any target you 
desire. When the Multi-Missile is ready simply target the desired location. The 
Mutli-Missile will launch and went it gets to it's location will explode in mid 
air and drop a cluster of smaller missiles around the target.


Pavement -
Cost: 75
Strength: 150
Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Tech Level: 6

This placed down on the ground stops subterranean units from surfacing in your 
base. Also prevents terrain deformations from heavy fire which renders the 
terrain useless to build upon.

Concrete Wall -
Cost: 50
Strength: 150
Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Tech Level: 6

This is a Concrete Wall which can be used to product your base from incoming 
attacks and such.

Automatic Gate -
Cost: 250
Strength: 350
Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Tech Level: 6

This is essentially a gate, which automatically opens and closes as units go 
through it but will not open to the enemy.

Laser Fence Post -
Cost: 200
Strength: 300
Prerequisites: Advanced Power Plant
Tech Level: 8

This is a step up from the ol' Concrete Wall. Though they are $200 a pop rather 
than $50 you can build one and then build another a couple of metres down from 
the other and they will work as a wall. Very cool, it works like getting two 
sticks and a 
string. Basically when aligning these up, make sure you compensate for the 45 
degree angle you play from.

When playing against the computer on tech level 10, earlier on in the game you 
might notice Hunter Seeker Droids always get distracted by the Laser Fence and 
try to attack it. It's a good idea to put lots of these up around your base 
since though it will 
destroy it it will save you from losing something more valuable.

If you were impressed by the Firestorm Defence GDI owns, well NOD has a cut down 
version of this! If you power down your Laser Fence, and let units cross it, 
quickly power it back as they are crossing the fence to destroy them! Pretty 
nifty but it requires perfect timing.

Laser Turret -
Cost: 300
Strength: 500
Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Tech Level: 2

Laser turrets are a cheap defense that will shoot at any ground units and 
protect your base. In packs of 3 in a line can really help keep enemy attacks 

Obelisk of Light -
Cost: 1500
Strength: 725
Prerequisites: Tech Center
Tech Level: 9

This is a very powerful structure. Puts the Laser Turret to shame, it is a very 
accurate laser that burns up pretty much any infantry that walk into range. 
Unfortunantly it has no splash radius and takes about 1-2 seconds to charge, but 
two of these next to 
eachother work well as a defense weapon.

Cost: 500
Strength: 600
Prerequisites: Radar
Tech Level: 5

Surface to Air Missile. Basically a turret designed to take out aircraft, puts 
LOTS of these around, they are essential.

EMP Cannon -
Cost: 1000
Strength: 500
Prerequisites: Radar
Tech Level: 6

This is essential to your defense. It will temporarily take out every battery 
operated structure and vehicle in a certain radius from where it's projectile 
lands. Basically it will prevent any vehicles (yours or theirs) to function for 
at least 2 minutes. When large vehicle attacks are launched this is perfect for 
shutting them all down so you can destroy them whilst they are defenseless. 
Unfortunantly it does have limited range for where you can launch it so you 
cannot just lob one at the enemy base, but it's range is still pretty good.

Build a Mobile Construction Vehicle and drive it near the enemy base, deploy it 
and have a prebuilt EMP Cannon ready to deploy, and then you can take out all of 
the vehicles and power in their base and launch a large assault on them.

Stealth Generator -
Cost: 2500
Strength: 600
Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery, Tech Center
Tech Level: 9

This will cloak a huge radius making everything of yours invisible within the 
radius that it covers. This is great for setting up secondary bases that you do 
not want the enemy to know even exsist. But if your power goes down then it will 
not be able to 
function until the power is back up again meaning everything decloaks.


Standard frontal attack -
Make a small group of Tick Tanks and Attack Buggy's, group them both separately 
to hotkeys so you can select all of your Tick Tanks or all of your Attack 
Buggy's at once. When attacking send these guys in first, use the Tick Tanks to 
take out all vehicles and structures. Whilst the Attack Buggy's hit all 
infantry. This works well and you can efficiently wipe out the enemy's frontal 
attack plus weaken them whilst your primary 
attack gets into position.

Cloaked base -
If you are dealing with an opponent who has cloaked their base, a good idea is 
to scout out their base and see what structures are there, a good way to do this 
is by sacrificing a few men and sending them into the base to get killed so 
their Obelisks and Laser Turrets decloak to fire at them. When you see their key 
structures, use a marker and place a waypoint marker on each of the buildings, 
such as the Obelisks and Construction Yard ect. Then you can fire your Mutli-
Missile at these structures as well as send Harpy's in by holding down control 
and selecting an area. Basically the markers just tell you where each structure 
is so later on you can fire at targets which look invisible and usually get a 
direct hit on them.

Engineer attack -
An effective way to weaken and perhaps even crush the enemy's base is through 
Subterranean APC's and Engineers. Though of course getting 5 Engineers into an 
enemy base without some offensive infantry can sometimes be quite hard and even 
if you do manage to take some buildings a lot of people consider the only thing 
to do from there is to sell them before they get taken over again. A really 
effective way of damaging their base is to queue 5 Engineers to be built before 
hand and right click to 'hold' the first engineer from being built at 99%. 
Construct a Hand of Nod as well. Then when you get your Engineer to take over a 
building using whatever methods you have chosen to get him in there, quickly 
deploy the Hand of Nod somewhere in their base, double click on it so it is the 
primary building and then resume producing those Engineers. Soon you can quickly 
rush those Engineers to other choice structures, and whilst all of the Engineers 
are being built you may even start building an Obelisk or some other powerful 
structure to help efend yourself with whilst in their base.

Hit Harvesters to empty their income -
When the enemies base is virtually inpenetratable the best solution to weakening 
their defense is to cut their money making process, meaning hit all of their 
Harvesters and make sure no money makes it back to their Tiberium Refinery. If 
they have no income from Harvesters they cannot produce defensive or offensive 
units, or repair the structures 
that you attack. Meaning that now you can focus on weakening the exterior 
defense and force your way through.

Harvester stealing -
Look around for Harvesters which go to a remote area that's near cliffs and 
isn't really out in the open. If there are Harvesters in any areas like that 
then you can usually silently steal them away from the enemy without them 
knowing. Meaning you get a Mutant Hijacker and transport him via Subterranean 
APC to the selected area and deploy him, then leave again. Let him hide under 
the shadow of a cliff or somewhere not in 
the open until the Harvesters arrive again, and then hop in and take the 
Harvester for a spin. Drive it down towards your base and either destroy it to 
get the Mutant Hijacker back or keep it for your own personal use. Repeat this 
and take another and another until they realise what is happening. Then just 
replace the Mutant Hijacker with some Rocket 
Infantry and start taking out the Harvesters the old way.

Cyborg Commando attack -
This tactic can be extremely effective, or quite weak depending on who you are 
playing and their base layout. Put four Rocket Infantry into a Subterranean APC 
along with a Cyborg Commando, and deploy them in the selected area, preferably 
away from any RPG's or Vulcan Cannons, or infantry. Then attack everything in 
sight, all of them focusing on one unit at a time. Any units that try to stop 
you will easily be crushed, and if any infantry try to stop you, just instruct 
the Cyborg Commando to kill them since Rocket Infantry are quite ineffective 
against infantry. You can easily wipe someone's whole base out if they do not 
know how to prevent this attack. You can also use this tactic 
to cut the enemies Harvesters down since they are gone in no time, and if they 
send any defensive units at you destroy them too, and then get back onto the 
Harvesters. If they send aircraft at you, just let the Rocket Infantry attack 

Hiding your attacks under the shadows of cliffs -
Parking surprise attacks under the shadows of cliffs can be very effective, half 
the time the opponent will miss them and not see them, plus if they are spotted 
it is very hard to fire at them since they are practically under the cliff. You 
can leave Subterranean APC's, 
Mobile Sensor Arrays etc, under the cliffs waiting for the right moment to 

Luring Viscaroids into the enemy base -
Attack a Viscaroid and then drive into the enemy base. You will have to 
sacrifice that unit, but the Viscaroid will attack the enemy structures, if it 
is near Tiberium and there's lots of infantry around, this might actually do 
considerable damage and kill a lot of people, plus if they are in the middle of 
attacking or defending they will not really be able 
to concentrate on it. It takes at least 4 Rocket Infantry at once to take it 
out, not one at a time but all together, or else it will reheal, plus it can get 
bigger and faster and more powerful so this foe can sometimes become your 
friend. Trust me.

Taking advantage of neutral ground -
With artillery, place some around deserted cities, put them behind buildings, 
and deploy them and tell them to guard. This way they will fire at any incoming 
or outgoing units, and the enemy will not be able to see where the firepower is 
coming from without a thorough inspection. Plus if the enemy sends packs of 40 
Disk Throwers at you, then 
your Artilleries hidden in the city will take out 70% roughly of their men, 
they'll be piss poor by the time they reach you.

Avoiding the EMP -
If your opponent relies religiously on the EMP Cannon, and tends to EMP your 
whole vehicle attack EVERY TIME. Then send a decoy attack of about 3 or so 
units, maybe a few more to tempt him into using his EMP on them, and then send 
your real attack at his base whilst he has no EMP to protect him.

Blind the enemy from seeing what's coming -
When launching a large attack destroy their Radar with a Multi-Missile. This 
will prevent them from seeing your attack on Radar, therefore by the time their 
Radar is back up you should be close to their base and they will have no time to 
prepare. Also if they are not watching when you strike their Radar, they may 
think you just hit one of their Power 
Plants and waste valuable time building excess Power Plants before they even 
realize it was actually their Radar struck.

Flanking, two forces are better than one -
If you flank the enemy from both sides it's a lot harder for them to defend 
since there will be more to concentrate on and also it will require them to 
focus on two areas at once meaning either they wil only defend against one side 
or their forces will be split into two groups meaning they will be a lot weaker 
and easier to take out. Plus to them it will seem like a lot bigger attack than 
it actually is. Effective ways of pulling these types of attacks off without 
much planning is to set up two or more attack routes and tell your forces to 
follow different ones.

Cloaked takeover -
This is a killer strategy with Nod. Load up a Subterranean APC with 5 Engineers 
and prebuild a Stealth Generator. Make sure you have lots of power before you do 
this, now send the Subterranean APC through the enemy base and unload and 
capture one of their buildings, quickly place the Stealth Generator down. Now 
all of your base is invisible, 
and now take as many buildings as you can, all the enemy will see is their 
buildings cloaking! No Engineers or anything. Now build a Hand of Nod and pump 
out more Engineers!. If you are playing against Nod and they have a Stealth 
Generator, take over theirs, you'll save some cash this way.

Attack support -
5 Artilleries in your attack can sit in the distance and wipe out a lot of key 
structures whilst your grunts take out a lot of the infantry and take out the 
front crust of the base. The Artilleries in a pack of five or more are 
practically a base killer.. of course that is as long as Orca Bombers or 
Banshees don't attack them.

Streaming your infantry and vehicles -
Build a standard waypoint path from your Hand of Nod and War Factory directly 
down into the action in the enemies base. Then you can easily click units and 
tell them to move directly down the path into the action without having to nurse 
them, so you can quickly go back to your base and send streams of men down to 
constantly back you up in the battle.

Using the enemys resources against them -
Just like with attacking bases via sending your Harvesters stocked with Blue 
Tiberium at 
them. Attacking Harvesters that are on the way back to their Tiberium refinery, 
destroying them will blow up considerable amount of their defense and troops. 
Harvester containing enough Blue Tiberium is a moving time bomb, remember that 
monitor every Harvester harvesting Blue Tiberium, they may be a useful weapon.

Taking out their credits -
If you have a Multi-Missile ready or want to work out a way to cripple the 
enemy, attacking their Tiberium Silos can remove deplete their credits. The 
Tiberium Silos that have plenty of green inside of them (indicating they are 
full) contain credits basically. And by destroying them or taking them over you 
will either destroy their credits or steal 

Sacraficing for the ability to see -
If your opponent has cloaked his base, that can make life pretty hard, of course 
sacrificing one of your men by sending him as far into the enemy base as he can 
get so some of the structures decloak and you can Multi-Missile the Stealth 
Generator or excess Power Plants is one useful method of shutting it down.

Mutating your infantry -
If your men die from Tiberium radiation on the Blue Tiberium they turn into baby 
Viscaroids. One thing is over time and after killing and eating various things, 
these babies grow bigger. And eventually can become REALLY dangerous. If you 
have a lot of men you don't need anymore, one idea is instead of charging them 
at the enemy base, 
instead tell them to go stand in the enemies closest Blue Tiberium patch. Soon 
they'll have a lot of Viscaroids running around their base annoying them.

Erasing local Tiberium -
An effective but slow method of weakening them is to take out their Tiberium. By 
sending aircraft or ground units into their Tiberium patches and force them to 
attack the Tiberium or by Multi-Missile you can remove their Tiberium from their 
base and force them to have to go dangerously further and further away from 
their base to harvest. 
Leaving their Harvesters open to attacks from you, and making them slower 
returning to the Tiberium Refinery.

Two layer Harvester attack -
When sending infantry only attacks to kill Harvesters, build a bunch of Rocket 
Infantry (around 10 or 20) and about 10 Cyborgs. Send them up and basically tell 
the Rocket Infantry to attack and focus on the Harvester whilst if the opponent 
sends large rushes of units to save the Harvester, let the Cyborgs stand there 
and stop them from getting to the 
Harvester until the Rocket Infantry have finished their job and can back up the 
Cyborgs. Cyborgs have great armor and will cut down any infantry, and seriously 
damage all vehicles.


Defence against subterranean units -
If your opponent is sending subterranean units into your base, especially 
Subterranean APC's full of Engineers and Cyborg Commandos then an effective way 
of preventing this from happening is to build a Mobile Sensor Array to detect 
them. Then if you detect one, quickly fire your EMP Cannon at the area it 
detects. This will shut down the Subterranean APC's and force them to surface, 
none of the infantry inside can deploy and therefore they are screwed unless 
they survive you destroying the Subterranean APC's. Cyborg Commandos usually 
survive from the Subterranean APC's destruction without more than a scratch so 
be aware if you suspect that a Cyborg Commando is in a Subterranean APC prepare 
to kill it as soon as it gets out.

Engulfing the enemy -
A great tactic for large or powerful forces, create a kind of arc of units 
around the path they are heading, and as they pass you, close off each end and 
move in, they can only fire at one direction at a time and cannot hit masses of 
units at once, this way you are hitting them from every direction and they 
cannot really do anything to defend themselves. This tactic is very powerful, 
especially again units like the Mammoth Mk. II and others which usually will 
wipe out any units in their path, but this time you are not in their path so 
it's very hard for them to do anything to stop you.

Preventing airstrikes -
If you have worked out your enemies aircrafts flight path, litter the map in 
specific areas with loads of Rocket Infantry. They can stand there and whenever 
aircraft flies over them they can set off a load of rockets at them and 
hopefully drop them before they even get close to your base, or at least damage 
them enough so one or two SAM Sites will 
take them down. The enemy half the time (more than half) will not even notice 
what is happening and why their aircraft leave with full health and are nearly 
dead by the time they reach your base.

Guarding your Construction Yard -
Place some Light Infantry, Laser Turrets and preferably a Concrete Wall around 
your Construction Yard, better safe than sorry.

Building trenches -
If you really want to focus on building a great defensive base with Laser Fences 
and the rest of it, using Artilleries or whatever your strongest unit is to blow 
holes in the ground really will help in the long run. Build trenches around your 
base from this, then when enemies attack their attacks hopefully will be 
useless. Devil Tongue Flame Tanks, Cyborg Commandos and a lot of other infantry 
cannot fire up elevated ground, so whilst they are down in the trenches you can 
quickly rid them from your sight with your defense and they will not even get 
near your Laser Fence. It takes a lot longer to go up hills which 
will slow them down plus they cannot attack you until they get onto equal 
ground, and if you have Laser Fences blocking their way this will really help 
with your defense.

Slowing down the enemies attack -
If the enemy tries to send a huge amount of infantry or units towards you, send 
as many units as you can to meet them half way, and also if they are crossing 
through Tiberium Veins on the way, send some aircraft to attack the Tiberium 
Vein Mouth so it emits poisonous gas. This will hopefully cover the area the 
opponent is crossing and weaken if 
not kill them.

Stopping scouts from revealing your good stuff -
If you cloak your base, it's a good idea to put Laser Fences up around your 
important structures like the Stealth Generator and Construction Yard ect. So 
that if your opponent sends a scout through your base it will not see any of 
your important stuff and then attack it with a Multi-Missile or Ion Cannon.

Taking advantage of the terrain -
If you are being attacked by Devils Tongue Flame Tanks or Cyborg Commandos, 
attacking them from higher ground gives you an excellent advantage. They cannot 
fire uphill so therefore their firepower cannot get at you. One or two Rocket 
Infantry can take out a Devils Tongue Flame Tank without getting hurt if you 
know what you're doing. 
Place your stationary defences on hills, even if it's just slight elevation this 
will give them time to attack before the enemy repositions it's units.

Harvester defence -
If your opponent is sending Harvesters filled with Blue Tiberium into your base 
expecting you to destroy them, you can hijack them with a Mutant Hijacker and 
drive them back to their base, or just dock them and get the money out of them. 
Mutant Hijackers are an expensive defense unit but sometimes it's all you have 
to protect yourself.

The EMP Cannon, nuff said -
The EMP Cannon is very powerful, if enemies attack with large squads of 
vehicles, just EMP their attack and take them out. So simple and self 
explanatory and it can save your ass so many times.



Tiberian Sun like any other game which comes out today has it's multiplayer 
Sure single player is fun for the first time through but where the real fun is 
found is in multiplayer games. Tiberian Sun supports up to 4 people over 
Westwood Online, 8 people over LAN and 2 people via serial or modem. The by far 
most popular way to play Tiberian Sun is over Westwood Online. They offer 
tornaments, a great chat system and a 
whole load of other benefits for your multiplayer games. 
If you are not quite up to taking on another human opponent you can practise 
your skills in a skirmish game. This is a simulated multiplayer game against up 
to 8 AI controlled opponents whose skill level can range from 0, 1, or 2. This 
mode of gameplay will offer you practise and an idea of just how multiplayer 
works. You can also play against the AI 
with human opponents. 
Anyway the above sections offer information on the various aspects of 
mutliplayer Tiberian Sun. The general section covers, well general information 
about multiplayer games and tactics that can be used by both GDI and Nod, for a 
more comprehensive list of tactics for the side you wish to play check out the 
factions section. The terrain section 
offers information on the different types of terrain you will be playing on and 
how they affect gameplay. Last of all is the crates, a detailed list of all the 
crates is available giving information on what powerups or disasters they 
Well that's about it, check back often to see more tactics in the general 
section and possibly new mutliplayer sections which we will be working on in the 


The following information contains general tactics and information which will 
help you in your multiplayer games. These tactics can apply both to GDI and Nod, 
if you want a more comprehensive list of strategies for the side you wish to 
play check out the factions section.  
Essential - 
Always use pavement throughout your base to prevent subterranean units from 
surfacing. This will save your structures from sneak attacks and also prevent 
the terrain from deforming from heavy fire rendering the terrain useless to 
build upon. Keep a Mobile Sensor Array deployed in your base to compliment this 
When time permits construct a Concrete Wall or Laser Fence around your base and 
use Automatic Gates to let your units in and out, this will prevent any quick 
strikes from Attack Cycles or Wolverines who would like to just run in, hit a 
building or two and run out. 
The fear of the Engineer - 
Install the fear of god into your opponents with Engineers. When you are sending 
an attack force into the enemy base be sure to include a few Engineers for good 
measure, group them so you can select them when in need. When the enemy see's 
the force coming towards their base they will have a shit when they see a few 
Engineers included in the fray. More often than not your opponent will 
concentrate all his efforts on getting rid of those Engineers, this is great 
news for you other units who will promptly start ripping apart the base. If your 
lucky you will be able to get the Engieers into a building but it is not 
imperative as they are mainly used for a distraction (an expensive distraction 
at that, 
but is not much of an issue considering the advantages it has). 
Front line of offence - 
Try to set up a front line offensive base to supply reinforcements to your 
attacking troops. Undeploy your Construction Yard if it is an option or build a 
Mobile Construction Vehicle, transport the Mobile Construction Vehicle to it's 
desired position via an Orca Carryall if you are playing GDI, if you are playing 
Nod you will have to drive it there manually which could take some time. When 
you get to your desired location deploy the Construction Yard and build a 
barracks, a few stationary defences, and if credits permit a War Factory. This 
front post will serve you greatly in swiftly attacking the enemy base. 
Threat assessment - 
When opposing another force, prioritise their threats. Summerise in numerical 
order what is their most deadly and weakest units when opposing you. If you have 
lots of armored units then Light Infantry will be weak and therefore left until 
last whilst their Tick Tanks or Titans may be very deadly towards them, just as 
with your infantry flames and 
pulse rifles are a lot more deadly than rockets and 60mm cannons. Strike what is 
more likely to damage and kill your units, and then their scraps will be no 
match against your squads. 
Base assessment - 
Before you move in for the attack assess the enemies base and find it's weak 
points. Use this knowledge to exploit them and use it to your best advantage. 
When attacking with a large amount of heavy units stay clear of RPG's and 
Obelisk's, send in a group of infantry before your heavy units to take out these 
defensive structures as they are almost useless 
against a large group of infantry. After that send in your heavy units and start 
ripping apart their base, be sure to have Wolverines or Attack Buggy's in your 
force to take out infantry as the weapons the heavy units carry are usually 
useless against infantry. 
Escort your Harvesters - 
The most popular unit that your enemy will want to attack apart from incoming 
Engineers is your Harvesters. This is why you should always set some units to 
guard your Harvesters (select the units and CTRL + ALT click on the Harvester to 
instruct them to guard it). The best units to include in the group are ones 
which are immune to Tiberium and Tiberium Veins such as Wolverines which are 
also useful for taking out infantry. 
Another imperative unit to include in the group are ones which have anti-air 
abilities such as the Attack Cycle. Be sure to only guard your Harvesters with 
units which can keep up with the Harvesters, setting a Mammoth Mk.II to guard 
your Harvester will be near useless as it will be constantly trying to catch up 
with the Harvester and will never be 
near it in times of need. 
Scouting - 
Try to scout out the map as soon as possible to establish where the enemy base 
is and if fog of war is not turned on try and get rid of all the shround in and 
around their base so you can keep an eye on them. 
After doing some recon around the map it's a good idea to look at the map and 
the enemy base and work out a few really effective routes to the enemy base, 
ones that go around any Tiberium Veins, and that may keep you out of the enemy's 
site so they don't know you're coming and have time to prepare. Plus it's good 
to have a few really long routes that go all the way around the enemy's base and 
enter from behind. And then when 
the time comes to attack you can select squads and tell them to follow different 
routes, and then they will all come in from different directions and hit 
independent structures and units without you needing to guide them all 
religiously into the base. Plus occasionally you can use the back routes to send 
Engineers in ect. without having to mind 
them the whole way to make sure they don't walk through Tiberium ect. 
Side color - 
Kind of a cheap trick to pull off but when you are playing multiplayer games 
against humans, change your color to green or dark blue. These two colors will 
effectively blend you in with the Tiberium on the radar map, so it will not be 
as easy to spot incoming attacks on the map. Plus sending lone vehicles and 
Engineers down a remote path out of the normal attack route will be hard to 
detect, these two colours (especially 
green) can be VERY effective but like I said it's a bit cheap. 
Quick repair - 
Set a hotkey for your repair bay, such as "f9" so that way you can easily select 
a bunch of units and hit f9 and then click on your repair bay because the screen 
will go directly to the bookmarked location. 
Sharing technologies - 
If you are teaming up with a friend and you want to trade technologies (NOD and 
GDI) then you will notice you cannot just take over someone's building by 
holding down CTRL and clicking on it. Instead you have to un-ally and take it 
over then ally again. It can get messy doing that but it's well worth it, the 
best deal is to deploy a MCV each and 
unally quickly, take them and ally again, and then share in the wealth of each 
others techs. 
Mutation is a good thing - 
Chemical Missiles can sometimes poison enemy infantry and turn them into baby 
Viscaroids. If you notice your opponent has built up a large number of infantry 
outside of his Barracks, sending a Chemical Missile directly at the Barracks can 
sometimes turn all of the enemy troops into Ciscaroids who will hopefully do a 
lot of damage to the enemies 
base, and hopefully grow into adult Ciscaroids. You never know, one Chemical 
Missile could eventually take the whole enemy base out over time! 
Scatter out your base effectively - 
Do not keep all of your Power Plants or Tiberium silos together, though it may 
look efficient this means if someone destroys all of your Tiberium Silos or 
Power Plants with an Ion Cannon strike or Multi-Missile then you will be left 
with no money or power, whereas if they are spread out you will lose much less 
and it might not even be 
Low tech warfare - 
If you play on tech level 5, it's a low tech warfare of just infantry and light 
armored vehicles. It can sometimes be really fun to play on this tech level 
since it's more of a balanced fight of skill and gruntal attacks. 
Viscaroids - 
These guys show up in multiplayer games. They are Tiberium created mutations 
which survive on Tiberium. In Tiberium Dawn they breathed green poisonous gas 
but it seems this time around they attack you physically. They start out small 
and mature into adult Viscaroids which are more fearsome and can do a lot more 
damage, also they can be 
extremely fast at attacking. They heal quickly and are almost invincible on 
Tiberium so don't even try attacking them unless you can get them away from 
Tiberium. They appear in the form of a skin colored blob. If your infantry die 
on Tiberium they will be mutated into baby Viscaroids (this can also work as an 
offensive strategy.. weak Light Infantry 
will be stronger as viscaroids but will not be under your control). 
Civilians - 
Civilians are everyday people caught in the middle of a giant war between GDI 
and NOD. Though most of them are harmless neutrals, there are some which can be 
You may see on some maps an Assassin protecting his city from attacks and 
attacking trespassers, he is quite powerful but nothing to worry about.

They come in all shapes and sizes, hijacking them will make them useful 
transport vehicles. Destroying them



Listed below are the various hotkey shortcuts which you can use to speed up 
commonly used commands. Each of the keys listed are the defaults and can be 
changed to whatever you please in the options menu. To cancel out of most of 
these commands simply right click your mouse and it will return to the normal 
Options (ESC) 
Opens the options menu. 
Guard (G) 
Instructs your units to guard their position and attack any enemy units who 
Guard Object (CTRL + ALT + Left mouse click) 
This instructs the selected units to guard the clicked unit. This works great 
for defending your Harvesters, simply tell a few units to guard the Harvester 
and they will follow it around and defend it from any threats. 
Scatter Units (X) 
Scatters all selected units. Good for evading enemy fire and from being run 
Stop Units (S) 
Tells your units to stop their current action. If you select aircraft in the air 
and press s. they return to base immediately, great for getting them out of the 
enemy base in a hurry 
away from SAM's. 
Follow Unit (F) 
This makes the screen follow a selected unit, useful for monitoring Orca Bomber 
attacks without having to worry about manually scrolling the screen. 
Force Fire (CTRL + Left mouse click) 
Forces the selected units/structures to fire upon the selected location. Good 
for attacking cloaked units/structures. 
Force Move (ALT + Left mouse click) 
Forces the selected units to move to the selected location or get as close to it 
as possible. 
Set Rally Point (CTRL + ALt + Left mouse click) 
Instructs the selected production structure (Barracks or War Factory) to send 
the units it produces to the selected rally point. 
Move to Radar/EVA Event (V) 
Centers screen around last ingame event. Example, when you hear the "Harvesters 
are under attack" warning hit V and it will center the screen around your 
Harvester which is being attacked. 
Waypoint Mode (W) 
This turns on waypoint mode which allows you to select different waypoint 
Loop Waypoints (SHIFT + Left mouse click) 
Allows you to select a waypoint path and make it continously loop. To create the 
loop SHIFT + Left mouse click on the first waypoint in the path. This is usefull 
for setting up patrols around your base, simply set the waypoints put them into 
loop mode and 
then set the desired units on the path. 
Waypoint Guard Patrol (CTRL + ALT + Left mouse click) 
When you have created a path for your units to follow if you want them to engage 
any enemy units they encounter, select the group of units and CTRL + ALT + Left 
mouse click them on the selected path. The units will follow the path and 
destroy any enemy units they encounter to their destination and then return to 
the path. 
Delete Waypoint (Delete) 
This command deletes selected waypoints in your path. 
Set Tactical Map Locations (CTRL + F9-F12) 
This will place a bookmark on the current screen location. Usefull for 
bookmarking important locations on the map like the enemies base. 
Center Tactical Map on Base (H) 
This command centers your view around your Construction Yard. This is good for 
quickly returning to your base to select produced units and placing down ready 
Sidebar Up (Page Up) 
Scrolls both the units and structures sidebar up one full page. 
Sidebar Down (Page Down) 
Scrolls both the units and structures sidebar down one full page. 
Toggle Power Mode (P) 
Activates the power mode which allows you to turn power off an on to selected 
Screen Capture (CTRL + C) 
Takes a screenshot of your view and places the file in your Tiberian Sun 
Next Unit (N) 
Selects the next unit on the map. 
Previous Unit (B) 
Selects the previous unit on the map. 
Select All (E) 
Selects all your units within your view. 
Create Team (CTRL + 0-9) 
Creates a team of the currently selected units. This makes selecting specific 
squads of units easier. 
Select a Team (0-9) 
This selects one of the previous teams which you have created. Usefull for 
setting up flanks and keeping tabs on your units. 
Center on Team (ALT + 0-9) 
This selects and centers the view on the chosen team. 
Add unit to Team (SHIFT + Left mouse click) 
Add's a new unit to the selected team. 
Toggle Alliance (A) 
This commmand set up an alliance between you and the player you wish to be 
allied with. Simply select one of their units and hit the A key to set up an 
alliance. To break an alliance simply repeat this procedure. The other player 
you are forming an 
alliance with must also form an alliance with you for it to be complete. 
Toggle Radar Map (TAB) 
By hitting the TAB key it toggles the view between the minimap and multiplayer 


The terrain available to play on comes in a few different flavours, they include 
desert, temperate, taiga and targa. Basically just desert and iceland is a 
better description of the terrain. The timeframes range from dusk, morning, 
afternoon and night. Not much of a difference between morning and afternoon, 
dusk is a little darker but night 
offers you a different way of playing the game. Under the cover of night the 
enemy will not be able to see your lines of troops advancing on their base that 
well and may give you the tactical advantage you are looking for. 
Amongst the multiplayer maps that are already included with Tiberian Sun you can 
also use the random map generator to create your own. A mutlitude of settings 
are available from time of day, type of terrain, tiberium amount and how many 
cliffs you want. You can also select the surprise me option whic will randomly 
select all the values for you. 
Basics - 
Terrain is deformable so watch out for heavy fire around your base, as craters 
which are formed cannot be built upon. To counter this effect place concrete 
down around your base. Not only does this stop craters it also stops Nod 
subterranean units from emerging in your base. 
Units will move over different types of terrain in different ways. When moving 
uphill vehicles slow down and hence when moving down hill they increase speed. 
Infantry units maintain thier speed on all types of terrain and through forests. 
Vechicles are once again slowed down through forests. 
Tiberium - 
Tiberium in Tiberian Sun comes in two flavours, your average green Tiberium and 
the new blue Tiberium. 
Blue Tiberium is much more volatile as it contains more minerals and nutrients 
than the green Tiberium, if blue Tiberium comes in contact with heavy fire it 
will begin exploding which usually lasts some time and depletes most of the blue 
Tiberium in that 
particular field. Blue Tiberium is more expensive thus you will get a lot more 
credits when your Harvester docks at the Tiberium Refinery with a load of blue 
Tiberium. As mentioned before these Harvesters are now very dangerous, if they 
are destroyed they will 
go out with a huge bang which is enough to destroy and structures and units in 
the radius of the explosion. 
Tiberium is spawned on the map through Blossom Tree's which usually are found in 
each Tiberium field, these Blossom Tree's will keep the Tiberium fields 
replenished as new Tiberium grows from it. 
Tiberium Veins, deadly but useful - 
Tiberium Veins, a waste product of Tiberian is a lethal orange weed which will 
make short work of any vehicle crossing over it without vein protection. The 
orange weed wil continue to grow across the map at a fast rate and can block off 
certain areas 
entrances. this can be exploited by you to serve as a natural barrier against 
enemy vehicles, it can also work against you in cutting off major routes to the 
enemy base. The veins grow from the mouth which resides in the center of the 
weeds, if a unit 
gets too close to this the mouth will swallow it whole. If the veins are proving 
to much of a hassle to you than they are worth you can destroy the mouth, once 
the mouth is destroyed the 
veins will begin to retreat. Note while you are attacking the mouth it emits 
poison gas which is lethal to your troops. When playing against Nod it is best 
to destroy the mouths as the veins will provide Nod with byproducts to produce 
chemical missiles with 
which are devastating to your base. 
Consealing your units - 
Since the viewpoint is now isometric terrain can be used to conseal your troops. 
Hide units behind cliffs and civilian structures, amongst trees and shrubs, and 
under bridges. All of these features can be used to set up ambushes, keep 
Amphibious APC's ready near a base without being detected until the best time to 
move in, and deploy Mobile Sensor 
Arrays near Nod bases to uncloak stealted units and structures. 
Water a natural barrier, or is it ? - 
Water is inaccesable by all units except for the Hover MLRS and Amphibious APC, 
use this to your advantage when planning attacks on the enemy base, they may 
think they have a natural barrier working for them and not place defences where 
water lays. If playing on an ice map water will eventually freeze over making 
new paths for units to cross over. Light units and infantry can pass over ice 
without any worries but 
if heavy units such as Titans or Disruptor Tanks pass over the ice it will begin 
to crack, keep your heavy units on the hard ice and keep them moving and they 
will be fine. If they pass over already cracked ice it will break and the unit 
will fall into the water and be lost. Note 
Mammoth Mk. II's and Mobile Construction Vehicles move too slowly to travel 
across ice, as it will start to crack and they will not get off the cracking ice 
in time. 
Tunnels - 
Tunnels are on various maps and will allow your units to pass through them. The 
tunnel could be small shortcut to the other side of a cliff or a passage to the 
other side of the map. Your units travel through the tunnels at the same speed 
they would usually pass over terrain, this just acts as a straight quick line to 
your destination without any terrain troubles to worry about. 
Trains - 
Originally you could transport units on the trains to locations around the map 
but I think Westwood cut that idea. The trains now only serve the purpose of 
looking pretty and destroying any of your units which you may have left on the 
tracks, now kids what did your mother always tell you? "Never play on the 
tracks" and she was right.  
Use darkness to your advantage - 
As mentioned in the introduction, darkness can be a great advantage. Hide units 
where visibility is very low, like APC's and Mobile Sensor Arrays under the 
dense shadow of a cliff. Also the enemy will not be able to see advancing units 
coming towards his base as well as they could during the day so this is a great 
advantage. Try taking out 
the light posts around their base, this will decrease their visibility even more 
so and they might not notice that sly Engineer sneaking into one of their 
precious buildings. 
Bridges - 
Bridges can be destroyed to deny the enemy access to your terrain, but this 
works both ways as you will not be able to get to their base that way either. To 
repair a bridge simply send an Engineer into the construction hut which is 
positioned near the bridge and it will 
be repaired. Mammoth Mk.II's can sometimes fall through weak bridges because of 
their weight. Not a pretty sight to lose your beloved Mammoth Mk.II as you walk 
over a bridge to get to the enemies base.


Crates spawn in multiplayer games if you set the option to allow them in the 
multiplayer menu before you start the game. Basically one or two will spawn in 
the map, and every 3 minutes they will disappear and respawn somewhere else. If 
your unit(s) run over one of the crates one of many different things can happen: 
Unit upgrades 
Armor - 
Armor of nearby objects increased, this is great if one of your heavier units 
picks up the crate, now they will be a mean lean fighting machine with enough 
armor to keep them going for that little bit longer. 
Cloak - 
This is a great crate to pick up if you have a lot of units around it, they will 
all be cloaked and you will now have an elite squad of stealth units to use at 
your will. 
Firepower - 
Firepower of nearby objects increased, great for giving your Disc Throwers that 
extra punch they need to take out Harvesters that little bit faster, would also 
be a great powerup for a bunch of Titans or Tick Tanks. 
Invulnerability - 
Another powerup which I have never seen is the invunerability. Supposeably this 
gives the units which picked it up invunerability for one minute. If anyone has 
seen this, drop me a line. 
Veteran - 
Usually because you pick up crates with infantry to avoid explosions (well I do 
anyway) is pretty much useless as the veteran upgrade which infantry recieve 
does not really seem 
to do much. But if you gamble it an risk using a Titan to pick it up you will be 
rewarded with it's veteran abilities (able to detect cloaked and subterranean 
which are more useful than what most infantry get (automatically scatter, 
although I dont see my veterans doing this at all). 
Speed - 
This increases the speed of all nearby units, great if your Harvester or Mammoth 
Mk.II picks it up as they now will be a little speed demon, well maybe not.  
Reveal - 
My favorite crate and it should be yours too, this little beauty reveals the 
entire map. If youve got fog of war turned off you will be pleasantly treated to 
a live broadcast showing 24 hours a day of the enemies base and plans. If fog of 
war is on quickly take a look around their base and memorise it before the fog 
sets in. 
Heal - 
Another great crate to pick up, this heals all of yours units back up to full 
Multi-Missile/Chemical Missile - 
Even if you do not own a Missile Silo this crate will place one Chemical Missile 
or Multi-Missile in your sidebar fully charged and ready to go. 
Money - 
The most common crate which you will be picking up is money. Just like winning 
the lotto this crate will place 2 grand in your bank balance ready to be spent 
on candy and other various sweets such as Titans and Banshee's. 
Squad - 
This supposeably gives you a group of 5 infantry, I personally have never seen 
it in all the multiplayer games that I have played. If you have seen it drop me 
a line so I can correct this. 
Unit - 
Gives you a random unit ranging to anything from a civilian truck to a Mammoth 
Mk.II. Most civilian units that you recieve are able to transport 5 infantry 
units, this is a great way of sneaking your Engineers into the enemy base 
without being detected. 
Irritating or useless 
Darkness - 
This crate is one bitch of a thing to pick up, all your hardwork scouting the 
map will be lost as the black shroud will cover the entire map once again. 
Explosion - 
This triggers a huge explosion which will basically destroy or damage all units 
in it's vicinity. 
Napalm - 
Just hope that a group of your infantry dont pick this little beast up because 
they will be barbequed and their ribs served up to the heavens. Mmmm 
Gas - 
This nasty crate will release about 9 poison gas clouds which will start 
wreaking havoc on nearby units, just hope you dont pick this up inside your base 
as you will be in a bit of trouble. Would be nice if you picked this crate up 
right outside the enemy base, 
now that would be something to behold. 
Tiberium - 
Pretty much useless, this sprouts a small patch of green or blue Tiberium. Will 
eventually grow into a bigger field but probably not worth waiting for, unless 
that is you enjoy 
watching grass (or Tiberium for that matter) grow.

Questions and Answers

Q: What music do you recommend listening to whilst playing Tiberian Sun?
A: Personally I do not find Tiberian Sun's music to really match Tiberian Dawns 
music, but that's just my opinion. I have to say Limp Bizkit's (www.limp- Significant Other album is GREAT with Tiberian Sun, it really goes 
off. Also The Matrix Soundtrack ( is another great CD to 
listen to whilst commanding and conquering.

Q: Hey Tiberian Suns music bites! I miss that good ol' Command and Conquer 
music. Damn that kicked ass! Is there any way I can get C&C1's music to play in 
Tiberian Sun?
A: Sure! First of all you will need to extract THEME.INI from Tiberian Sun (you 
can download all of the TS .INI files from Camelot Systems ( 
Secondly you will need an old mix editor like mix manager that works with Red 
Alert or C&C1 (Mix manager is what I used).

Extract the songs you want from scores.mix on your C&C1 CD. Next up place all 
the songs in your Tiberian Sun root directory. Remember the names of them (such 
as CCTHANG.AUD) ect. Now using notepad or edit or whatever you choose, open 
THEME.INI and edit the following values. At the top it will have a list of 

4=FLURRY ect.

Now at the end of that put in your songs like: 23=CCTHANG below the other songs. 
Basically the number is the song ID in numerical order, so put in 23, 24 ect, 
going down the list of all the songs you want in Tiberian Sun. Anyway and the 
name is the file. So if the song is called CCTHANG.AUD then put in CCTHANG 
(without including the extension). Next up go down to the bottom of the page 
where it has the last song, and put in at the very bottom:

Name=C&C: C&C Thang! (Name is where you specify the track title that will be 
displayed in Tiberian Sun under the music menu)
Normal=yes (Normal specifies whether you can access it from the sound menu or 
Repeat=no (Repeat specifies whether to repeat forever or go onto the next song 
at the end of the track)

There are other options you can put in but they are not essential, for more info 
read through the notes in THEME.INI. Now save it and load up Tiberian Sun and 
you should have all of the songs in your sound menu.

Thanks to Kit ([email protected])  for his help whilst I tried to figure all of 
this out.

Q: How do I run Tiberian Sun at a resolution above 800x600?? Is it even 
A: Yes it is possible, but Westwood tech support will not help anyone if they 
have problems with their 1024x768 res ect. It's recommended to stay at 800x600 
or 640x480 but.. if you do want to increase your res. Edit the sun.ini file and 
change the following values to the resolution you want.


Q: Can I make my own maps for Tiberian Sun? I know I can with the random 
generator, but I'm talking about a REAL map editor!
A: There is a map editor being made by Camelot Systems , they are responsible 
for some very cool ultilities.

Q: Does the computer cheat?
A: Yep. Here's a list of some of the things it does:
Can see the whole map if without scouting out the map.
Can build as many structures and units as it wants at the same time.

I remember back in Tiberian Dawn I played Covert Operations and once I sent my 
Engineer into my own building cause it was about to be taken over by the enemy 
Engineer, we both ran into my Construction Yard at the same time, and then it 
considered the structures to be his but I could funnily enough build and cancel 
all of his orders! He was making them and I could see them (even the infantry 
and vehicles) ect. And I actually got to see inside how the computer works. 
Pretty amazing, it was building several tanks and infantry and structures all at 
once. Now with Tiberian Sun you may notice when under attack with GDI it might 
build a Component Tower and then place an upgrade down a few seconds after it's 
placed, not within realistic building times, it's cause it builds both at the 
same time.

Q: The video runs really choppily, how do I fix this?
A: Hold ALT and TAB to multitask back into windows, from there open my computer 
and right click on your cd drive and click eject and then close the CD tray 
again. Now if you go back into Tiberian Sun the vide should be fine, 
unfortunately you will have to do this every time you start up Tiberian Sun.

Q: I need help with Tiberian Sun or I want to post a question to the public, are 
there any news groups around for Tiberian Sun?
A: Yup, go to or

Q: How come I can't ally in multiplay?
A: If you are playing a modem or serial cable game with your friend then you 
might be asking this question. It seems Westwood forgot to add alliance support 
to modem games of Tiberian Sun. But network and internet games allow alliances, 
just enable it in the multiplay menu where the harvester truces and fog of war 
options are kept, and then select a team and press A on their unit during the 

Q: Are there any good add-ons for Tiberian Sun?
A: Yep. Tiberian Sun Gold is just a rules.ini modification but it's pretty darn 

Q: I've heard some magazines mention Command and Conquer: Renegade, is this a 
mission add-on pack or something?
A: No this is Westwoods new game they are currently developing. Currently there 
are a few screenshots which have been released.

Q: Are there any good trainers out there?
A: Trainers are for losers, nuff said.

Q: Are there any cheats for Tiberian Sun?
A: No. And if there were any you would get the same answer as above :).

Manual Clearups:

In the TS manual it specifies a lot of things which aren't really true. Here 
I'll try to clear up a lot of them.

Page 33: "For Multiplayer games, either side may attempt to enlist the efforts 
of the alienated Mutant Tribes known has the forgotten"
This is false, so far it does not seem likely that you can communicate or work 
in anyway with the forgotten.
Plus it specifies that you can use civilian buildings and the civilian mayor 
might lend a few tanks your way to back you up against whoever has attacked 
their city. That's also BS.
On page 15 it says that harvesters "automatically avoid threat areas and will 
inform you when it cannot enter an area because of nearby threats. Tiberium 
Harvesters will not enter a hostile area unless specifically ordered" unless you 
call "harvester under attack" avoiding threats then that's also BS.Plus heaps 
others like dynamic lighting, threat assessment, chameleon spy, the whole 
civilian thing and such. Plus if you look at the screenshots released by 
westwood showing C&C2 before it came out and then look at your C&C2 they do not 
look the same now do they? The AI kind of bites too, but I never get my hopes up 
when I see "improved" AI anymore.One thing that ticks me off is the AI basically 
just floods you with super weapons, very uncool.


As a lot of you may have noticed, there are a lot of bugs and a lot of 
overbalanced units in TS. I assume Westwood will release a giant patch 
soon to fix a lot of it.
At the same time if we compile a list of things we would like changed 
or added, then perhaps we can get some of this stuff implemented into 
the next patch. Email any wishes/suggestions to [email protected]
with the subject heading "wishlist" if you want some added here, if 
they are not too far fetched and I think they are a good idea I will 
add them.

*note* This applies to the whole game, you do not have to restrict your 
ideas to just being NOD related.

*	Nuke and hunter seeker recharge times increased, and the hunter 
	seeker toned down.
*	Westwoods voxel exporter released to the public (worth a shot).
*	Devils tongue more powerful.
*	EM Pulse cannon to also effect aircraft. I think this was 
	originally planned, and it'd be the same effect as with ion 
	storms where it will just make them drop from the sky and crash. 
	Very neato.


Third party programs

nova editor:
Sun Edit 2000:

World Wide Web Sites

Westwood Studios
	This is Westwood Studios official Site, contains information and news 
about thier upcoming 	games.

Tiberian Sun's Official Website
	This is Tiberian Suns official website, check it out it's great.

Rising Sun Network
	Our gracious host and one of the best Tiberian Sun sites on the net.

Battle Ground:Tiberian Sun
	This is a very popular news site for Tiberian Sun, contains just about 
anything you would 	want to know about Tiberian Sun
	Another really good Tiberian Sun site which has been operating for longer 
than I remember. 	Keep up the good work guys

Tiberian Sun Bible Official Webpage 
	This is the official home of the TS bible.

Allan McKay's Portfolio
	These are personal websites of Allan McKay.

What's at the bottom of the page?

Welp hope you enjoyed the first release of Tiberian Sun Bible. I'm sure 
as you're reading this we're working hard at improving and adding to 
the FAQ.

We will try to add in walk-throughs and more single player information 
soon, as well as heaps of other stuff, plus as you can expect lots more 
kickass multiplay strats.
Also we should be improving the websites look quite soon and make it 
easier to use and prettier.

Since this is our first release, I'd just like to say if you want to 
mirror this FAQ please email us and we can put your URL in there, plus 
if you want to set up a DCC bot so that people can come on IRC and get 
the latest version of the FAQ, please email us the details! Same goes 
for BBS' and everything else.

If you would like to send us comments, flames, words of encouragement, 
tips, your own strategies, thoughts, ANYTHING at all, please do! 
[email protected]

Thanks for reading and please check back to for the latest version.

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