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                         My Home Town
                         Community Pom 

                     [email protected]
                           ver 1.5
                  Last update April 1st, 1998
                  Next update April 3rd, 1998

                        Table of Contents

        Section         Contents

        1               Table of Contents
        2               Introduction by Jaymes
        3               Game Controls
        4               Items List
        5               The Poms, and their abilities
        6               Statistics of Luru and Poms
        7               The actual walkthrough ( get a snack... 
                        this might take a while )
        8               Thanks


I recently came upon this Japanese game around two weeks ago,
and have found some time to play and enjoy the game.

The game was worked on by "Fill in Cafe" and "Witch Switch Team",
developed in 1997.   Check out

Check out 
for a great Community Pom page.

I highly recommend The 09th MS Platoon: Anime Game Emulation
for Anime Game faqs and walkthroughs

Make sure you can read japanese, and have a gibberish to japanese converter
installed.  njwin 1.6 is good.

The game itself is *very* cute, and plays between a mix of Zelda, 
Alundra, and Sim City.  

As my Japanese is limited to the sounds uttered by Anime girls
being attacked by tentacles :), I will try my best to translate
the game from body language, facial expressions, etc.
If I mess up, email me with the correction, as I love constructive 
critisism, and hints! ;)


"Luru" can      run     when you press twice in any direction.
                []      (square)  Attack!
                []      hold for a parry spin, release for super hit
                []      hold and hit your poms for their abilities
                []      use if front of tent for save/load
                        and to get poms in party
                 O      magic, or item use
                 X      Jump
                /\      ? (triangle) searches?
                R2      bring up a map
                R1      Call your poms to battle, or to follow you
                L1      Bring up your character statistics/INV
                L2      Bring up your pom statistics		
                Start   Pause
                Select  Inventory/Stats ( same as L1 )
                /\      Picks up poms, throws them

       *Note:   you can't attack or use magic in town, unless the pom
                community is under attack, but never use a summon in
                the pom community, or it will lock the game. 50/50 
                chance. I used the sphinx.		

The Map is *cute*. What more can you say. Checking map shows you in
the town. 
Getting used to the character/item screen takes almost no time. 
To select the current item for use, choose [] on either magic, 
item, weapon, Misc, or exit.  Note the cute person on the right.

                         ***Items List***

Potions         Blue Potions    Small heals about 1/2 life
                                Large heals all your life	
                Green Potions   Small heals poisoning
                                Large heals poisoning
Pills           +1,+2,+3        Increase Stats for Poms, 
                                consists of many colors
                Pink            ??? I toss it, it goes away
Summons         Lantern         Sphinx for impact damage
                Fishbowl        Healing ( doesn't hurt enemies )
                Fire Ring       Fire Muscleman for fire damage
                Flower          Healing ( also resurrects dead poms )
                Seashell        Whirlwind for air damage
Misc            Food            Increases the condition of your sheep
                Party Toy       Breaks rocks / secret walls
                Magic Dust      Allows access to mushroom dungeon
                Sheep           Put them in sheep pen using O
                Keys            Allows you to open doors in dungeons
Paint           Red             Increases stats on housing
                Blue            Increases stats on housing
                Brown           Increases stats on housing
Food            Ham Steak       +1 Love, +1 Like, -2 karma, +iq
                Ham             +1 Love, +1 Like, -2 karma, +iq
                Shishkabob      +1 Love, +1 Like, -2 karma, +iq
                Chicken Leg     +1 Love, +1 Like, -2 karma, +iq
                Hambone         +1 Love, +1 Like, -2 karma, +iq
                Bread           +1 Love, +1 Like, -2 karma, +iq
                Eggplant        +1 Love, +1 Like, -5 karma, +iq
                Tomatoe         +1 Love, +1 Like, -5 karma, +iq
                Squash          +1 Love, +1 Like, -5 karma, +iq
                Frankfurter     +1 Love, +1 Like, -2 karma, +iq
                Honey Dew       +1 Love, +1 Like, -5 karma, +iq
                Strawberry      +1 Love, +1 Like, -5 karma, +iq
                Blueberry       +1 Love, +1 Like, -5 karma, +iq
                Walnut          +1 Love, +1 Like, -5 karma, +iq
Cards           1-40+           The cards are used to trade items in the shop
Unusable items? Trowel          ?
                Golden Frog     Summons other poms when you use the middle option
                Diamond Ring    ?
                Scissors        ?
                Eyeball         ?
Dungeon Maps                    Allows you to see full dungeon map,
                                including staircases
Magic           Fire Book       Fireball attack
                Ice Book        Icering attack/defense
                Teleport        Teleports out of dungeon
                                If on map, teleports to pom town
                Bomb            Large radius explosive damage
                Invisibility    Makes party invisible for short time
                Heal            Heals Luru, takes health temp. from poms
                Tambourine      Make enemies dance. ( bosses too? )
                Squeaky Shoes   Makes beeping noise as you walk/run

                           ***The Poms***

They look like Rabbits, but with cute hats. They talk too!
Here is a listing of the poms I have run across in order, 
and what they can do to the best of my knowledge.

Turban Pom              Hammer and Snowman icons, ice breath spin attack
                        Hammer might mean construction can begin
Ribbon Pom              Pom icon, attracts male pom in water town.
Feather Hat Pom         Sheep and Fire icon, breathes fire, makes sheep pen
Farmer Pom              Crops and Fire icon, allows farms, breathes fire
Viking Pom              Hammer and Sword, allows for bashing of wood barrier
                        Pick him up and throw him at a barrier
Needle Pom 1            Pill and balloon icon, allows for hospital and 
                        blows leaves ( and whistles... )
Needle Pom 2            Pill and balloon icon.  Later creates library,
                        gateway to another town...
Scimitar Pom            Shuriken and Tongue, may allow for espionage?,
                        allows crossing of drops by sticking out tongue
                        when bonked
Indiana Pom             Axe and Mallet, once again, allows barrier crossing.
                        Axe ??? more to come...
Mastermind Pom?         Hidden in maze in lego town...  more to come...


Luru's Statistics 	Strength	Constitution	IQ	Life
			Max Life	Level		Exp

Pom    Statistics	Strength	Max Life	Life	IQ
			Like		Love		Luck	Karma
			Hungry		Tech

Town Statistics		Mey Mey		Happy		Level	Number
			Ranking		Tech		Life	Pom

Strength		The more the better, allows you to hit harder
Constitution		May influence how much life you have
IQ 			How smart you are at you tasks
Life			How much health you have 'right now!'
Max Life		How much life you can have in total
Level			Your level of experience
Exp			How much experience you currently have
Exp to next level	Just like it sounds
Like			How much your poms like you
Love			How much your poms love you
Karma			Raises when your poms kill things. Higher=bad?
Hungry			If more than 1, feed your poms
Tech			Beats me.  Guess they know how to reinstall dial
			up networking...
Mey Mey			Number of sheep in the town
Pom			Number of poms collected so far


The game begins with a cute introduction, of a number of skulls
floating down from a moon, and landing in the general vicinity of
the "community", or the first village ( might be the only village ).
After landing, there are a number of screens which show a boy 
being brainwashed by the skull, and shown some dark magic, as well, 
he reqruits three girls to help him.
Next to these, are screens of a cute girl playing with 2 poms,
who reveal to her a magic staff.

Then some really catchy music comes on, showing "Luru" walking with
the staff down a path. *cute*

				***Start of Game***

A farmer comes rushing into town, huffing and puffing, and tells 
the villagers that he has been attacked by a large watermelon. The 
villagers laugh at him, then the screen scrolls to the home of the
hero, let's call her "Luru". 

"Luru's" grandpa tells her that she's the only hope for the
village, or some other RPG cliche.  Then she leaves the house.  


The first town consists of a hospital in the northeast corner, 
where the doctor will heal you, and the nurse will save your game.

There is a church in the center of the North end of town, which will
allow you to resurrect your poms if they die. ( This is assumed only, 
as I have not had any die, yet... )

There is a shop in the Northwest corner, where you can buy healing
potions, magic dust, and a green potion. You can also sell "meat", 
which you find aplenty, as you defeat monsters outside of town.

There is a house in the southeast corner which will reward you with 
a "card" if you snoop around.  

A house in the Southwest corner has a large healing potion in it.

Just north of that house is a house with a lady who yaks with 
you, but does little else.

		              ***People in Town***

There is a wino in the northwest, living under a cardboard box or
hiding under a poncho.  I have no idea what he does, but you meet 
him in the second dungeon. Let's call him the "wino". 

In the center of town, there are 3 girls sitting next to "Luru's" 
house, a gaffer, a kid with a butterfly net, a kid, and a lady.

Talking to any of them does a whole lot of nothing.  Next to the 
town square is the house with the card in it, just to the right.

I know its vague right now, but any help is better than no help.

Peter is by the house with sheep.

		           ***Watermelon Mission ***	

First thing to do is to talk to the 3 girls hanging out next to
your place.  They yak for a while, then disappear!  Seems they 
might be the some of the witches that you saw during the intro.

After they disappear, go and talk to the shopkeeper in the NW 
corner of town, and see if you have enough money for magic dust, 
or a small healing potion.  Saying no to the shopkeeper will 
result in "Yada Yada", meaning 'no'.  *cute*   Nevertheless, you
don't have the cash, so leave.

Talk to the "wino", he looks like me after a really good social.

Go to the house with the chest, grab the healing potion.

Before leaving town, be sure to head into the house in the SE 
corner of town. You can't miss it, it is the one with the sign 
and the sheep pen.  Snoop around the shelves, and take the "card".

Talk to Peter.

After procuring the card, leave town. Just head south.  

Outside of town, there are 3 types of monsters.  There are bats, 
which move in swirls, melons which roll left and right, and 
pumpkins, which roll, and walk around. 

After beating up 3 or 4 monsters, "Luru" will level up. *cute*

To the south, there is a gate, and a sign which likely says, closed
until you defeat the bat boss. 

Anyway, from the sheep pens, head west, and there are two chests on 
a rise you can't jump up to. *get them much later*  Head north now, 
bashing the sparse monsters you come across.  

Note that many monsters will drop 'meat'. Don't sell the meat to the 
store owner, as it comes in really handy later. You can feed your poms.

Heading West, you head into a big area, with the same monsters. 
Beat them up, then go North. You will come to a really big tree, and
a vampire that looks like an egg, or vice versa.  Your attacks on the
'egg vampire' are fruitless, so head into the tree.  


In the tree,  head north. There are two pits you can jump over, the
left pit blocks your access to a chest containing a potion of healing.
The right pit blocks your access to the basement.  In the basement, 
beat up a few monsters, then grab the chest.  It will contain a 
magic book of fire.  Do yourself a favor and equip it. Power it up.

Power up the magic book, by holding down the O button.  After it is 
fully charged, you will hear her exclaim 'fire!'. *cute*

Go back up.  Press the L2 button, and it might show you a map of the 
current dungeon.  Exit the map.

Now, head up the stairs to the left.

Upstairs, beat up the pumpkins and wolves, then grab the other chest. It
should contain a potion.

Exit the upstairs level by walking out onto a branch. Grab the chest. 
There will be a cool item, which will summon a powerful syphinx to drop
meteors on your enemies. Save it for much later.

Now, jump down off the branch. Smash the egg/vampire with the magic fire
attack, and continue West.  There are a number of chests lying around, 
make sure to take their contents.  Note that there are some steppes that
you can't jump up to.

Head through the exit to the West. 


This has to be one of the goofiest bosses I've ever seen, on any console.
A worm jumps down, and bites eyes and a mouth for the watermelon, which 
then animates, and attacks you.  

Using a comination of the fire attack ( which will NEVER run out, just keep
powering up by holding 0 ), and fast staff attacks, you can quickly
beat the watermelon.  The worm will fall out, then you can quickly finish 
the watermelon.  

The watermelon will spit a seed at you from time to time, but just walk out
of the way.  As soon as the worm appears peeking out from the top of the 
melon, attack as much as you can.

After the watermelon withers into nothing, step on the worm on your way 
North.  You will come to a small mushroom, so you will want to throw some
magic dust on it.  After it grows, head on into the mushroom.


You may want to head back to town before tackling this level. Save the

Okay.  Now, note that there is a pom imprisoned within a stone brigade
here. Watch out for faux mushrooms, which will grow and attack you. They
just a little bigger than normal mushrooms.

Mushrooms, bats, and wolves are the only monsters around here. 

Grab the chest contents first, food and ??????.  

Then head East. To the east, you will need to north.  There are some
stairs, and further north, there is a staircase down. Go up the stairs.
Cross the bridge, and go into the door in the west area. 

Go down the staircase ( or go south to grab the two chests on the ledge of
the first room. )  Keep heading down the stairs, grab the key in the chest.

Now go back across the bridge, and down the staircase on the far east 
screen.  After heading right down, open the door with the key, and jump 
( note the hint written on the floor ) across, get the second spell book, 
and the second key.  Now head back to the middle area.

To the extreme North, you should see 2 doors, one to the left, one to the 
right.  The one on the right should be the only accessible door. Once
grab what you need, then talk to the "wino".  Leave.  

Then go into the left door.  Defeat a few monsters, then push the statue 
into the middle of the room.  You might have to attack the statue to push
Go downstairs. Get the final key, then head back to the brigade.

Now, back into the right door, and go into the final area. 

There will be a door to the north, and a bridge next to the door. Cross the

bridge, then talk to the scared sheep.  It will join you.  You will collect
many sheep as you go along. 

You will enter into a room, playing neat boss music. The boss is a bat
which seems to love eating sheep whole.  It spits out their skeletons like
spits out chicken bones.  ( Come to Kum Koon Garden and see! )

The boss has a dive bomb attack which is easy to avoid, just watch his
shadow and run around the room.  Once on the ground, hit him with fire 
really quickly.  ( The boss keeps his distance, so stand still until 
you get a chance to hit him )

The other attacks consist of a fast sweep to the left or right, which is 
pretty difficult to avoid.  Watch your health meter. If low on health, 
use a potion. You will toss it, and it will form a pool. You need to run 
into this pool asap, as you are only healed when standing in the pool,
which doesn't last long.  

If in doubt, use the Syphinx magic. COOL!

Okay, after defeating the boss, you gain a pom member to your party.  You
can even name him.  He wears a turban, and has good tech skill.  ( See 
later section, on Construction. )

Leave the area, and step on a pentagram to exit the dungeon really fast. 
Go back in, and allow the next pom to join you.  The stockade opens as soon
as you push the statue into the middle or the room earlier. 

				***Back to Grandpa***

Head back to town, then talk to your grandpa.  He will talk with you for a 
while, and the scene will switch to the area south of the town ( south of 
the gate you couldn't open earlier.  You will talk to the two poms, which 
will then appear on the map as white dots.  Now, you will finally have a 
use for all that food you've been saving up.  

				   ***The Food***

Equip some food, doesn't matter what right now, as I haven't logged what
does what.  I'll make a list, and tell you what each does.  Some food will
make a pom farm, plant seeds and water the farm, build a house, build a well, 
etc.  Note that the poms are not equal..  

Turban pom is okay for building right now, but jungle hat pom is better. 
Cute ribbon pom is not good at much now, except love.  

There is hope!  Feeding poms certain foods, will make them increase their
stats.  I know that Ham slices will do this, squash will do this, and so 
will chicken.  

Anyway, make them create a farm, as it has a high durability factor.  999
in all stats ( Shock resistance, Fire resistance, Rain resistance, and 
cold resistance I believe ).   Houses run from 15 - 40 in all ranges, that's
why you should wait, and only let jungle hat pom make houses. You get him
later in the first castle, in the mountain in the far NW.  Train them too.

Once finished, head out the west gate.

			    ***Western Crags***

Time never stops for this game.  The date should be April 12, or higher if 
you've been leaving the game run when you go to the fridge, or whatever.
Make sure to PAUSE the game, whenever you can.  I'm guessing you have a year
limit to finish the game.  

Anyway, some new monsters are located to the west.  Cute fairies which are 
pretty slow, little guys with tridents, which are also slow, and gargoyles.
The fairies and little guys will offer little resistance, however, the 
gargoyles are fairly fast.  As soon as they see you, they rise up in the 
air and divebomb the direction you are coming from.  I find that a tactic
of running at them, and bashing them with the staff to be very effective.
As well, use fire attacks when the gargoyles are at the periphery of your 
screen vision.

There are some chests that are protected by some stumps. I don't know how to
break them yet, but I'm sure that the stone face in the west area here has 
something to do with it.  Now, if he'd only open his mouth to a dungeon or 

Head north from the "Stone Elemental" and you will encounter the mountain.
There might be a chest lying around, and some sheep. Grab the sheep.  There 
are 2 caves which you can't get to by jumping, but you can get into the far 
left cave by falling off a ledge just above it.  Go into that cave.  There 
are 2 doors, left and right. First go into the left cave by flipping the 
switches in the proper order. Don't ask me how, there are only 2 switches!

There should be another pom in this area.  I call him speedy, as he looks 
confused.  Try picking the second option, I would like to know what happens. 
If he either joins you fighting, or if he comes with you to the village, and 
lives there...  ( Just got confirmation that 2nd option will make him walk 
around with you, but he won't fight yet... maybe some well fed poms will )

Grab the chest(s) in the room, and the sheep.  Now go back, and grab the 
chests from the right room.  You will need a lot of potions in the castle
up above.  Now go back to the switch room, and bash the ice wall with fire
attack, then head through the simple rooms, and you will exit out the right
cave, back into the crag area. Head east down the path, then grab those 2
chests you couldn't get at the beginning of the game.  Go back to crag area,
and jump down.

Head up, up, up. Go into cave at the top of the mountain, and encounter the
second town, "Dwarf Village".  

			    ***Dwarf Village***

This place is a lot of fun.  You can buy some summoning magic, potions, 
save the game, go to the church ( I still have no use for it ), etc etc.
There is a guy in the north end of town who will wager that he can mine 
more gold than you.  Take his bet, and by quickly pressing [] and X, 
you will mine more gold than him.  He rewards you with +10 stamina. 
If you fail, try again.  

After resting at the doctors, you have a *cute* dream about poms dancing 
around you in a circle, then they give you the staff.  If you rest again,
you might also see yourself ( or another forest protector ) grown up with
the staff.

			    ***Mountain Castle***

The mountain castle is easy.  When inside, you will see a cut-scene of the 
head Warlock talking to the witches.  The skull talks too! After the scene, 
head north, grab all chests in the first huge area, which consists of ramps, 
stairs, and an exit to the north,and east.  

Take the east exit first.  It will take you to a room with a button
on the floor, and a switch.  I haven't figured this one out.  You might need 
a pom in your party to assist you.  Now how do I get a pom to come with me?

Head back into the huge area, and exit through the north exit.  Now, it's been
about 48 hours since I finished it, so my memory is a little foggy.

There will be an area where you need to ride some moving tiles over long drops.
Ride them, but keep riding them until they cycle back to the start. This will
let you find chests hidden out of view. Of course, you need to ride more than
one tile...

Also, higher up, there will be ghosts to fight.
Your staff is ineffective. Use fire.

After much running about, you will face a huge ape boss. Kick his butt!
He will be very fast, and does many fast horizontal attacks, left and right.
Keep using fire, just don't get close.  You may need some potions.  Summoning
a spirit for help is a good idea, as they prove ineffective on the next boss.

Just when you are about to finish him off, he will grab you ( you have no 
choice ), and throw you through the left wall.  Look at the imprint you leave.

Grab the key in the chest after flipping the switch, then step on the 
teleporter pentagram.  There will be a series of teleporters, you're on
your own here.  Grab the chests of course.  Once completing the series, 
you will be back in that switch room I had problems with. 

Go back back back, to the door you see just before 
the ape boss, and open it.   There are some captives here, a sheep, a pom
( Jungle Hat pom! ), and a baby ape.  Free all three, then go back up.  

The huge ape will be very happy, and apologize to you.  He smashes the north
door open, allowing you acess to the next area.

			       ***Witch Sisters***

These girls can be tough.  The first witch has a good fire attack, but is 
easy to beat in retrospect.  Just run up to her and bash her with staff
quickly, or use fire.  If you need to power up the staff, do so well away
from her.  Note that you can only attack when a witch attacks, otherwise a
barrier will protect her.

The second boss is the toughest.  She fires arcing lighting which takes up 
1/2 the screen, so watch it.  Rush in and attack like before.  Don't be 
afraid to use a summoning spirit for help.  Health is cheap, use it!

Finally, the third boss.  She teleports around, firing a homing laser, and
her skull friend will nibble on your bum.  The summoning spirit is not 
worthwhile using on her.  Tough it out.   I have no advice, other than the 
tried and true rush in and attack.

Once defeated, they will go back and get an earful from their Warlock 
boss ( reminds me so much of Sailormoon, always returning empty handed ).

As a reward, you will get the magic book of teleport. Use it to exit the
dungeon, and also to teleport back to the tent ( when outside ).  

			       ***Tent Area***

Sol mentioned to me that the tent has options of its own.  You can 
recruit poms to join you in battle as you run around, or you can 
remove them from the party.  You can also save/load.  

			     ***Bridge to East***

Now head east of the town, through the gate which is now open.  There is
an area with a chest you cannot get yet, and a sign which has some music
on it.  I don't know how to break the rock yet, so I'll move on.  If you
try to leave to the North, you will be faced with a mean looking guy. 

You can't blow him up like egg/vampire man, so head back south, then East 
again.  In this area, talk to the gatekeeper, and say yes to whatever he 
asks.  He will lower the drawbridge, allowing you access to the next area.


In the caverns, you will encounter the first monster you can't beat, 
a floating jellyfish monster with an electric defense.  Loose the poms
on them to beat them.  Grab all the chests in sight.  There is one you 
cannot grab yet, until you get the viking hat pom.  

Talk to a lost man in the caverns, and he will walk away to the east.
I have no idea of what happens if you say no to him while talking to him.

There is a pom in the lower level area, in the SouthEast, as well as a 
new sheep.  After a long chat, he will join your group.

I can't remember if it was viking pom, but if it was, head back to town
and get him to join you before going any further.

Now head back out, and head north to the Water Town.

			      ***Water Town***

As you enter, a small group of people form around the king/queen.
After a short dialogue, you can continue.

Water town is pretty big.  The graphics are great.  

In the Southeast is an area to save your game, and in the Southwest is 
an area to buy potions.  To the far East is a game where you have to 
bang rats on the head, for a prize.  

The rat bonking game has a time limit of 60 seconds.  You have to hit a 
rat once every 1.5 seconds, and if you hit a rat with a bomb on his back,
you lose a point.  If you bash a bomb you also lose a point.  Take your 
time when playing it, or drink about 2 liters of coffee.  It's not too 
hard.  I forget what the prize was, but who cares!  The game is kawaii!

To the NorthEast is the church, and to the NorthWest is the bar.  Check
out the jukebox and booze price list in the bar.  Too pricey for booze.

The coolest thing in town is the center of town, where you first meet 
the band and their groupie.  Also, there is a pom hanging out with the
groupie.  Talk to her when you have ribbon pom with you, and doc pom 
will join you, for a price.  100 gold ( could be 100 a day, cheap! ).

Make sure he joins you, or you might regret it later.

Note: If someone could translate the song for me, I would happily add 
it to the walkthrough.  I give credit where due.  Sol and I mimic the 
guys while driving, heh.  You should see other drivers reactions...

Make sure you searched all the houses.  There is a house in the North-
East with a hentai book for sale, a radio, and a playstation.  Wish
I knew what she said regarding the book and playstation...

After the song, head North into the Castle.  

			      ***Water Castle***

The castle consists of 3 main areas, and subsequent rooms.  
Talk to everyone.  Search everywhere, and you will be sure to find a 
few more trading cards.  I have heard there are about 41 in total.

Talking to the King's chancellor will begin a scene in the dining room.
Looks like a Sherlock Holmes scene.  Apparantly, the maid that Sherlock
talks to is about as smart as Mihoshi from Tenchi-Muyo.  Talking to the 
chancellor again provides the only real clue.  

Someone has gone missing, and it's up to you to play detective.  After 
talking to ALL the maids, talk to the king and his chancellor again, then
talk to the guard in front of the single doorway you could not get to.  He
will step away, allowing you to enter the Water Dungeon. 

			      ***Water Dungeon***

This dungeon isn't too big. But it's big enough. Start by heading south 
down the narrow area, jump the gap, and then open the chest for the first 

Then jump back over the gap, and head through the east door.  There will
be an area with moving water with currents.  Beat up the fish men 
( good xp ) and exit from the SouthEast corner.

This will take you to a huge area, with 2 chests located on islands you 
can jump to at the far south, and three exits at the far North.  You come 
out the NW exit.

Beat up the fish men, grab the chests, then head down the middle exit. 
This will take you to the main dungeon.  The main dungeon is divided into
4 large rooms, containing monsters you saw in the Caverns south of Water 

There is a flowing causeway, which if you use, will quickly take you 
through the corners of all 4 main areas.  Each of which has at least 2 
chests lying around.

In the NorthEast area is a staircase, which will lead you to the ice area
of the map.  You can get the East chest you saw when walking up to Water
town ( it's just a large blue potion, what a ripoff ).

There is an area in the NorthEast section where you finally get the bomb 
book. You'll need to get on the upper paths, and flip a switch or two in 
order to get that book.  

After you get the bomb book, look for the second key.  I'm sorry, I 
forgot where it is.  Gomen!

Then head through a doorway in the NorthEast area.  This is a puzzle 
room. You can read the sign, which hints at what you must do, or you 
could just use viking pom to bash the barrier to the left with his 
forehead.  Head into the room to the west.  

You will fight a huge miniboss.  The boss looks like a large jello 
octopus. After beating the boss ( requires no special skill.  He's a wimp. )
head through the North door with key in hand. ( your reward for beating the
miniboss. ) 

This new room is just a moving platform room.  Ride the platforms to the 
Northeast door, and exit.  

You will eventually come into a room containing the boss, a huge squid
woman, who was either going to eat the kidnapped guy in the cage, or make
him watch a Walt Disney flick.  ( Same deal ).

Use your new bomb book on this boss.  It's very effective.  Dodge the 
smoke attacks without fail.  The attacks will consist of a wide range 
spray of smoke, and a deadly stream of smoke.  You can always exit battles
with the bosses if you really need to, just walk out the door.  However, 
any damage to the boss is lost.  

If hit by smoke, you will become poisoned.  Make sure to use a small or
large green potion, as you cannot heal until you get your health meter 
back to green instead of sickly blue.  

After beating the boss, it shrinks to a small octopus, and falls into the
pool.  Cross the newly formed bridge, and hit the switch.  You will save
the prisoner.

Head back to the king and his chancellor via teleport, and get a pat 
on the back.

No cash, no bonus.  Sounds like AT&T.  Anyway, back to the pom town.

			     ***Back in Town***

Feed the poms, and switch the current poms you have for Feather Hat, Farmer, 
and Needle pom.  You will need the ability to blow air.   Your town may have
been attacked by now, and it's your job to defend it when this happens. Rush
up to monsters on the map, and bash them before they destroy your houses.  

Sometimes, if you don't have a balanced town, let monsters destroy the 
houses you have in excess, then build other houses later.  Wood houses 
for life statistics, Stone houses for Strength, and Brick houses for Tech.

Anyway, head south through the newly opened gate.


The woods here consist of a dungeon to the far West, and the Tree 
elemental to the far East.  Talk to the Tree elemental, as you cannot 
get in the West dungeon.

After this, head south into the second large town.  


As you walk into town, you will watch a little cut-scene.

Okay.  This town is bigger than Water town.  In the Northeast corner, 
is a warehouse with a single trading card in it.  Next to it is the 
palace. East of the palace is a house containing a huge square table, 
and east of that is a church. 

South of the church is a music school.  Not much in here, but search 
for cards anyway.  Next to the music school is the town square.  West 
of this is a dancing school.  

South of the dancing school is a house with a man hard of hearing, and 
east of that is a fortune teller's tent.  I have no idea of what she 
does, but she may offer advice to our japanese readers.  East of the 
fortune teller is a potion shop, and to the east of that, a painter's 

South of the painter's house is a sculptor, and west of this house is 
a shipmaker or modellers house.  Finally, in the Northwest corner of 
town is a place to save your game. Do so.

Talk to everyone in town, and be sure to nose around for the trading
cards.  Enjoy the scene in the middle of the town, in the town square.

Talk to the princess in the castle, and grab the trading card from 
her room.  I agreed to whatever she said during a dialogue.  Saying 
no results in the same dialogue, so choose yes.

Not much else to do in town ( let me know if anyone has found a way
into the west dungeon, just Northwest of the town ).

Now, make sure you have some good summon spells, and those poms I 
mentioned earlier, and head south of town.  


The main enemies here are turtles, which you cannot beat up.  Use the 
poms to beat them up, or just run around them.  If you take to the 
walkways, you can rescue a single sheep, and talk to a guy blocking the
path to the West.  Now, go East.  

There are a number of holes in the ground here, so be sure to jump over
them, and head due East.  


Beat up the zombies which rise up from the ground for good xp. Luru 
should be at level 13 or better now.  Bang the gravestones, and 
one of them will slide up, opening the door to the catacombs.  

Attempting to get into the house will prove fruitless.  Looks like 
you have to complete another mission first.  Head into the catacombs.


Inside the catacombs, grab any chest you see, and watch out for the
bats.  Keep moving, and the bats can't hurt you.  Grab any chest you 
can, and you should end up finding a pair of scissors.  Exit the 
catacombs, and you should now be able to enter the Haunted House.

Note that you will have to go back to the Catacombs later, with 
Scimitar pom, as there was a large gap you could not cross, leading
to ???

			     ***Haunted House***

This dungeon is a lot of fun.  As you walk in, you'll note that all the
doors are locked.  Go North.  The warlock will appear, and show you a 
trapped sheep and Scimitar pom.  There is a barrier preventing you from 
talking to them, so head North, up the stairs.

Upstairs, all the doors are open.  Almost every room is a trap, but
enter each room anyway.  

A room in the NorthEast needs you to light up the candles to exit, just
use the fire book.  

A room in the SouthEast contains a large mirror, which will make about
15 ghost Luru's to fight, just beat them up.  

There is a long hallway full of statue heads, beat up the third head from
the left, to make it stick in place, then walk all the way to the east.

All the heads will stick in position, and the door near the book will open.
Get the chest.  It should contain the key to the lower levels. 

A room in the Northwest area will contain some knights, use the bomb 
spell on them, or beat them up.  Poms are ineffective.  Go into the 
room with the huge whistle, and use needle pom to blow the whistle over 
to the left.  Get the book of invisibility.  
After cleaning up the entire upper area, head onto them main floor, 
and clean up all the rooms here. 

East rooms:

There is a kitchen containing a number of pumpkins which breathe fire.

There is a dining room where silverware and cups will attack you.  Beat 
up the silverware, then exit.  ( come back here later with Scimitar pom ).

A room whose chandeliers drop, and the room fills with fire clouds.  Use
bombs or poms.  Oooh, that rhymes.

West rooms: 

A large dining hall containing dancing ghosts.  The ghosts turn to 
floating fire clouds like before.  Use poms on them, and bomb attacks.

There is a room which will give you the key to the door east of the 
statue heads. Go up there, and get the key to the basement.


Zombies in the West room, full of coffins. 
And two chests in the rooms to the west of all the coffins. 

There is a tough miniboss in the east room.  It's a totem pole. Beating
him will free the barrier, so you can rescue the sheep and pom.   

Place your poms stragetically.  Put the fire poms near the top of the 
screen, facing inward.  When the totem pole begins running around, bonk
the fire poms.  You have to hit them, facing the direction you want them
to breathe fire.  Also, the bomb attack is useful.  After beating him, you
will get a new key.

You may need to use health once or twice.  I was lucky and didn't have to. 

By now, you should be level 15 or better.  Go back to the main floor, and 
find the warlock.  He will spirit the pom and sheep away.  Go back to the 
third floor, the far southwest room containing all the pipes, then go into
the north door.

Make sure your bomb magic is fully powered, and that you have 8 healing 
potions, and 8 anti poison potions.  The boss will appear after you defeat
the zombie wave 3 times.   

This boss is tough.  Strategies include picking up the two fire poms, and 
placing them facing inward toward the boss, near the top of the screen.

-------------------		-----------------
 pom1> boss 

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