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From: "Franky Tse" 
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 00:53:54 PST

Chase the Express Complete Walkthrough

I should have updated this walkthrough way earlier but I've been lazy...  
Sorry for those who e-mailed me and I hope this update won't let you down.  
There's maybe a thing or two missing but I've tried the best I could have.  
So, Here we go...

Scenario A - This is the big ending of the game.  I have accomplished this 
occasionally but not exactly sure what are the requirements needed.  What I 
suppose the criteria are...  1) you must collect all the memos in the game, 
2) you must ensure you've been to all rooms in the game, not letting off a 
single purple spot in the map, 3) you must play at least at the level of 
normal or expert.  Let me know if you find out differently.  Thanks.
Scenario B - If any of the above criteria is missing, you will end up here.
Scenario C ¡V Not sure how to get it... but who really care anyway?
Scenario D ¡V If you failed to pick up Disc A in cart 10 after killing Boris 
Zugoski, you will end up here.
Scenario E ¡V If you failed to save Billy MacGuire in the first place, 
you'll end up here.

Some Advice before Play...
- Make sure you search all dead bodies, there is always ammo or healing pack 
for your pickup.
- Shoot ONLY when you're within close range (aim is red), or you won't have 
enough ammo to survive the game, unless all you want is the Rookie Level.
- Always squat (R1) in a shootout!  That keeps you alive.
- The save points and storage box is always in the washrooms, indicated by 
the recycling sign.

Story Line...
Your name is Jack Morton, lieutenant of the NATO soldiers who happens to 
guard the French ambassador and his family back from Russia to France, in a 
special train called the Blue Harvest.  However, the train has been captured 
by a group of Russian terrorist, headed by Boris Zugoski.  Your entire unit 
has been wiped out, and you are the only one left to save the day...


Russia - St. Petersburg
You start on top of cart 13 and you need to move over to the hatch on top of 
cart 11.  Kill the 3 troops coming your way and pick up the ammo.  Enter the 
hatch, search the dead body and move down to the first floor.  Go through 
the doors to cart 10 and kill the terrorist who is guarding the two rooms.  
Find the relay box and the memo in the rooms and now go back to cart 11.  
Search the bodies along the way and go upstairs to find your way to a 
washroom.  After grabbing the ammo from your dead colleague, enter the bar 
and find another memo.  Insert the relay box into the elevator and 2 
terrorists will come and greet you.  Don't bother killing them as your ammo 
is more precious at this moment.  Simply go down the elevator and turn on 
the light.  Unlock the doors on both ends and find the cook's memo right 
beside the sink.  Now enter the freezer and find the poor cook's corpse and 
pick up the Gold Cardkey he left for you.  Make sure you turn off the 
freezer before you leave as there's more ammo freeze under ice for your pick 
up later.  Kill the soldier who comes from nowhere and make your way back to 
cart 10, second floor.  Use the Gold cardkey to unlock the door and enter 
the room on your left for a memo.  Now go to the room on the other end of 
the cart and find another memo.  Check that memo for the code to open the 
locked door, don't forget to search the dead bodies along the way.  Unlock 
the coded door and kill the soldier who is guarding there.  Pick up the memo 
on the table and go through the door to meet the French Ambassador Mr. Piere 
Simon and his secretary Mr. Philip Mason...

Russia - Novgorod
Pick up the Blue Cardkey from the dead terrorist and go back to cart 11.  
Make sure you pick up the ammo in the freezer along the way.  Use the Blue 
Cardkey and go straight onto the second deck to avoid the soldier patrolling 
the first floor.  Enter the control room, take care of the two soldiers 
there and get their ammo and another memo.  Find the security disc in the 
emergency room and use it on the computer at the other room.  Unlock room 
12R01 and make sure you take the memo in that computer room as well.  Exit 
and hear the gun shots coming from 12R01.  Enter 12R01 and meet Christina 
Wayborn, the French Ambassador's female special agent.

Russia - Smolensk
Pick up the memo beside the dead body and update your Blue cardkey with the 
computer there to enable it to open the lock to cart 13.  Make your way back 
down to ground floor, cart 12 and search the rooms for memos and ammo.  Now 
enter the shower room and pick up the memo on the wall.  Kill the terrorist 
who followed you in and pick up his healing pack.  Unlock the door to cart 
13 and again go straight up the second floor.  Eliminate the two terrorists 
who are searching the room there and pick up 2 more memos and more ammo.  
Check the laptop there and you now know the code for the second door is set 
as the departure date (Dec 24th) of the Blue Harvest.  Check the memo you 
picked up at cart 12 and you can now open the coded door at the other end of 
the cart.  Before you do that, enter the washroom first and switch on the 
light.  You can find the dead sargent lying beside his own pool of blood.  
Drain the pool and find the key he left for you.  Now unlock the second 
coded door and kill the guard.  Pick up the memo of the sargent and enter 
the next room to meet the French Ambassador's wife and daughter.

Belarus - Minsk
You are about to save the two ladies and enter the first major shootout.  
Don't waste your bullets when the aim's yellow (you won't survive if you're 
playing the Expert Level!)  Run forward and squat behind one of the box and 
shoot at close range.  After you eliminate all the terrorists, you need to 
fight your way back to cart 10 where you first met the French Ambassador.  
And don't forget to check out the rooms you haven't checked out yet for all 
the memos and ammo.
Mason will now tell you his story and you must be wondering why the 
terrorists didn't kill him but just knocked him out cold...  Anyway, enter 
the bathroom at the end of that same room and notice the steamed word on the 
mirror.  Exit and you'll receive a call from the headquarters.  Go back 
through the hatch where you first entered the train and proceed your way to 
the top of cart 9.  Use that 'bloody' key you found earlier to unlock the 
hatch on cart 9 and enter.  There should be a healing pack on the floor, 
pick it up and make your way downstairs.  Move pass the missile room and 
into the control room to meet Billy "Lucky" MacGuire.  Billy will give you 
the screwdriver and now go back to the missile room.  Pick up the ammo there 
before you use the screwdriver or you won't have enough time to exit that 
room.  Once you exit the room two terrorists are on their way to greet you.  
Wipe them out and enter cart 8.
Find a hide in cart 8 to kill two more terrorists and press the switch to 
lift up the box that's blocking your way.  One more terrorist will now enter 
and kill him as well.  Move your way to the back of the cart and another 
terrorist will enter when you're about to make the way upstairs.  Your ammo 
maybe running low at this time already so spare him and just run upstairs.  
Meet yet another terrorist right upstairs and you must kill this one.  Enter 
the launch-control room and kill two more terrorists patrolling this room.  
Pick up the ammo and healing pack from the dead bodies and find two more 
memos in the room.  Switch the launching key and you'll receive a call from 
the headquarters again.  Now go to the end of the room and switch on the 
power supply for room B and get ready for some heli-chopping...

Belarus - Baranavichy
**This is one area I have doubt...  I mean, I tried this more than a dozen 
times now but there doesn't seem to be a clear win/loss in this part of the 
game.  Try it and let me know if you get different result.  Thanx**

Belarus - Brest
Exit room B and Christina will call to ask you to meet her in cart 9.  Go 
downstairs and enter cart 9.  Mason will now give you a Red Cardkey that 
allows you to enter cart 7.  Proceed your way through cart 7, which is 
identical to the old cart 9, and pick up the memo in the control room there. 
  Climb upstairs to the engine room and find a healing pack that you may 
need.  Now enter cart 6.  Kill the two terrorists that are waiting for you 
and switch on the power supply at the middle of the deck.  Don't forget to 
check that cabinet along the way to get the barrel for your MP5 later.  
After switching on the lights, go back to the entrance of cart 6 and kill 
another terrorist along the way.  Christina will now give you another 

Poland - Warszawa
Go upstairs on cart 6 and enter the room on your right.  There you'll meet 
the group again.  Chat with Billy to find out his blood type before you 
leave the room.  Go downstairs to the other side of the cart and go upstairs 
again.  Enter the test lab and find two memos in there showing some test 
results.  Press the button to clear the gas chamber and enter to pick up the 
2 packs of blood and the SP550 ammo.  Exit and go back to the room beside 
the medical room.  Find two memos in that room.  One memo is for checking 
Billy's blood type in Japanese and the other memo is the instruction for 
making the right blood medicine.  Put one pack of blood into the blood 
medicine machine and enter the right code as you checked.  Okay, okay, the 
right combination is Blood type B, Rh+, and medicine C, D.  Now bring the 
blood medicine back to Billy and you have just made him a lucky man again!
You can actually choose to kill Billy by wasting both blood packs with wrong 
combination.  In that case, your track record will be very different and the 
story line will as well be changed.  Should you be interested, here is the 
story line you'll go through without Billy and you'll definitely end up in 
Scenario E, Italy - Milano.

Poland - Warszawa >>> Poland - Wroclaw >>> Czech - Praha >>> Germany - 
Nurnberg >>> Germany - Munchen >>> Austria - Innsbruck >>> Liechtenstein - 
Vaduz >>> Switzland - Geneve >>> France - Lyon >>> Italy - Milano.

Poland ¡V Poznan
Billy will offer you a Grey Cardkey and now you can use that key to unlock 
the door downstairs.  In the cabinets on your left, you can find the 
bullet-proof vest, the night-vision glasses, and the TNT explosive.  Now 
don't hurry your way out into the air vent just yet!  Go back to Billy with 
the bullet-proof vest or he won't be that lucky later on and the best you 
can end up is again in Italy - Milano.
Now go back downstairs and re-enter the unlocked room and unlock the door 
besides the suitcases.  Go into the air vent and you'll be upstairs in the 
vacuum air storage room.  Unlock the door and pick up the healing pack and 
ammo on the floor.  Exit the ladder and get ready for a second round 

Germany - Berlin
This shootout is much more difficult than the first one at cart 14, 
especially if you're playing Expert.  3 terrorists on the front and 2 at the 
back.  My best strategy is to shoot, then squat and roll, then stand and 
shoot, and repeat the squat and roll...  Anyway, you can always use the 
healing packs rather.  After eliminating all, you're ready to face the first 
boss in the game...

Germany - Leipzig
You'll jump onto the terrorist's backup train after the shootout.  Enter the 
hatch on the roof and pick up the ammo.  Enter the door nearby and kill two 
terrorists with their dogs.  Pick up their ammo and grenades for later use.  
I suggest you save the game and put the non-necessary stuffs in the storage 
box now before you proceed further.  Turn the other way and one terrorist 
will come out of nowhere for your shooting practice.  After the killing, 
enter cart 2 on this backup train and face the boss.
This boss is armed with a crossbow but to be frank, he is pretty easy to 
kill.  He moves slow and his shots are easy to duck.  Shoot him 10-15 times 
and he'll be dead.  Pick up microfilm A, the crossbow, and the White Cardkey 
and you can move on.  Once again I suggest you make another save here 
because the next part of the game may not be as easy as it seems.  Use the 
White Cardkey to unlock the door to enter cart 1.  Now the backup train is 
about to crush a dead end and you must jump back onto the Blue Harvest.  
Check the room for a memo and a healing pack and get ready for a driving 
test.  The logic of the test is this, make sure you drive the back-up train 
close enough to parallel to cart 4 of Blue Harvest while maintaining the 
velocity at around 80mph.  If you pass the test successfully, exit through 
the ladder and watch the movie clip.

Germany ¡V Frankfurt
After talking with the headquarters, go through the hatch on the roof of 
cart 4 and find more TNT explosives.  Go downstairs and enter the main 
computer room.  One guard is there to greet you and you can waste him.  Pick 
up the memo in the room and move to the smaller room where there's the 
system maintenance computer.  Now imagine the three keys of the computer as 
, , .  The right sequence for unlocking is , , , .  
Unlock the hatch system and proceed to the other room.  Open the hatch on 
the floor and you'll go through it to cart 5.  Now unlock that door to cart 
6.  Enter the doors in cart 5 and you'll end up in a gas chamber!  Equip 
your night-vision glasses and proceed slowly to the other end of the room.  
Find the switch there and press it and come back.  Don't forget to pick up 
the rope on the floor as well.  Combine the rope with your crossbow now as 
you'll need it soon.  Exit through the doors and now go upstairs in cart 5.  
Enter the room with a robot awaiting you.  Don't bother rolling to avoid 
hits, just kill this damn thing quick and pick up the MP5 ammo it carries.  
Turn the corner of the room and grab the MP5!  Now if you have that barrel 
you picked up earlier, combine it with the MP5 to improve its shooting range 
and accuracy.  Enter the dark room and kill the two guards in there.  
Proceed to the end of room and press the button to release the electric 
field and poison gas in that gas chamber downstairs.  Pick up the memo 
nearby and go back to that gas chamber again.  Now the room is clear and you 
can enter the next door at ease.
The next room is filled with electric field.  Press the button on the 
elevator and use your crossbow up there.  Now move carefully across and drop 
to the stand where you find the IC prototype.  Grab it and all traps will be 
shut off.  Exit the room and you'll hear from Lovely Christina again.  Rush 
your way back to the medical room in cart 6...

Congratulations, you have just finished Chase the Express Disc 1!

Germany - Stuttgart
Get ready for the longest level in this game.  Go all the way back to cart 
12 and be very careful along the way.  There are hand-grenades for your pick 
up in some rooms you've been to, so maybe you want to stop by and check 
again.  And on your way to climb up to the roof at cart 9, the second boss 
is about to greet you there.  Kill his troops and meet him on top of cart 
11.  My suggestion is, don't use your MP5 now, as you should save it for 
Zugoski later.
This second boss has a flame thrower and he is much tougher than the 
crossbow-man.  My advice is, never try to get two shots into him at a time.  
Hit him once, and then run for your life!  You need to be good at jumping 
back and fore between the carts to beat him.  And after you finished him 
off, pick up the microfilm B he carried and move on to cart 12, second floor 
to meet Zugoski.
Boris Zugoski is in the room where you use the computer to released 
Christina in the first place.  If you have done everything right thus far, 
he will be holding Billy MacGuire hostage at the time you reach him.
**Make sure you save the game first before you go up there, Boris is one 
tough SOB to beat in expert level**
Get your MP5 ready and all I can say is, good luck!  Boris Zugoski can duck 
your shots, and the worse is that he throws hand grenades that doesn't hurt 
himself.  Anyway, after you manage to beat him, pick up the pentagon and his 
cigarette box.  And if you have given Billy MacGuire the bullet-proof vest, 
he will survive to talk to you!  Now, exit this area and receive a call from 
Go to cart 10, second floor where you can fix the pentagon onto the wall, 
and find a hidden room behind the mirror.  Pick up the SP550 ammo, the memo, 
and disc A in this room.
**You must pick up Disc A now or the ambassador will die, then you'll 
definitely end up in Scenario D**
Now go all the way back to cart 4 and use the Gold Cardkey to unlock the 
door on second floor.  Pick up the pistol in the cabinet and combine it with 
your other pistol and you can have double shots.  There's also another memo 
nearby and you don't want to miss it.  Move into the next room and find the 
Black Cardkey and a memo on the table.  You now need to go to cart 3 with 
the IC prototype.  Use the Black Cardkey to unlock the door at the end of 
cart 4 and kill the 2 guards who are waiting in the rooms.  Get into the 
small room at the end of cart 3 before you go upstairs and pick up the SP550 
ammo, a memo, and a key to the cabinet in cart 6.  Now go upstairs and watch 
the next movie clip.  After everything is settled, grab the healing pack and 
go to the next room for a memo and the barrel for SP550.  Follow the 
ambassador back to the room of the angel status and get the disc with secret 

Switzerland - Zurich
Now you need to go all the way to cart 15.  When you reach cart 6, enter the 
room you unlocked with the Grey Cardkey and use the key you just found to 
open and find the SP550!  This is definitely the best weapon in this game 
and you can combine the barrel to it to improve its shooting range and 
accuracy.  After that, go on to meet the fourth boss on the top of cart 9.  
This one has a pair of laser beam guns but is relatively easy.  Master your 
rolling skill and you should have little problem dealing with him.  After 
he's dead, pick up the last microfilm C and fight your way to cart 15.  In 
cart 15, pick up the memo, healing pack, and SP550 ammo.  Make sure you have 
THE SECRET INFORMATION DISC with you, now enter cart 16.
After watching the lengthy movie clip, open the briefcase and grab Disc B 
and the key.  Before you use the key to unlock Christina's handcuff, do 
remember to pick up the memo on a nearby box first or you can only end up at 
scenario B.  Exit the room and enter the tank.

Switzerland - Geneve
Now you need to make your way back to cart 4!  Kill whoever comes your way 
with the SP550.  Enter the main computer room in cart 4 and give Billy 
MacGuire Disc B.  Now go to cart 2.

France - Lyon
Make sure you have checked all your microfilms before hand and have the 
drawings in your file.  Now enter cart 2 and you better take Boris' 
cigarette box with you.  Proceed to the front of the cart and pick up the 
pliers and the scope.  There's also a memo on the control panel so don't 
miss it.  Open the 3 bombs one by one and use the scope to scan the 
interior.  Disarm them according to your microfilm drawings and watch the 
movie clip.  Now go upstairs in cart 2.  Kill the terrorist and get into 
cart 1.  There are some grenades and a grenade part for your SP550.  Pick 
them up and combine them with your SP550.  Now move up to the control room 
in cart 1...
**Here you'll know if you have done it right!  If you have followed 
everything I've said thus far, you should be able to detach cart 1 from the 
Blue Harvest and face Mason for one last time**
You're about to face the final boss of the game...  Make sure you MUST have 
the cigarette box and Disc A with you, and your SP550 is loaded with 
grenades!  Pick up the healing pack on the floor and read the memo on the 
control panel.  Now press the button right next to where you pick up the 
memo and you have just detached cart 1 from the rest of the carts.  Watch 
the next movie clip and get ready to battle!  What can I say about this last 
boss?  Just give him all the grenades he deserves and watch him die.
Now after the movie clip, exit cart 1 and find the last nuclear warhead.  
Disarm this one according to the hints written on the cigarette box.  Okay, 
okay, here's what I suppose the hints say, "Blue star, Black moon, and Red 
earth will lay everything to rest."

Congratulations!  You have finished the game and there's bonus for your hard 
work.  If you finished the game with Scenario A, then you can now play the 
'special level', which is not really that special after all, IMO...  Still, 
it's fun to have unlimited SP550 ammo and unlimited double shots for the 
whole game, right?

Thank you for reading this and I hope you all enjoy the ride!

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