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                                 -GAME BASICS
                                 -CRAZY CHEATS
                                 -CRAZY MOVES
                                 -CRAZY BOX
                                 -LEVEL TIPS
                                 -ARCADE MODE
                                 -ORIGINAL MODE


So you think you're crazy enough to drive for the Crazy Taxi Cab Company? Well, if 
you think you were good at Crazy Taxi in the arcade, you've only just begun. The 
home version of Crazy Taxi perfectly recreates the arcade experience (well, without 
the giant machine of course), and throws some brand new challenges at you. 
Although unchanged from the Dreamcast and PS2 versions, the GameCube incarnation of 
Crazy Taxi offers many new features over the arcade original. First off is the Crazy 
Box. This little option is filled with mini games that will make you the best cab 
driver anywhere. Not only that, but there is an Original mode with a whole new city 
to drive around in. 

This guide will lay out the objectives for the mini games with strategy on how to 
complete them, detail the special moves and combos in the game, explain the ranking 
system, list the differences between the four drivers, as well as essential 
strategies for both the Arcade and Original cities. 

For those of you who are looking for some cool secrets and cheats, be sure to give 
the Game Basics section a look. After all, you do want to take this baby for a spin, 


Crazy Taxi has been translated to the home perfectly. You get the classic Arcade 
mode, as well as the new Original mode that features a new, larger city. 

The basic goal of Crazy Taxi is to pick up customers (who are identified by a dollar 
sign floating above their head), and take them to their destination of choice as 
fast as possible. Now, since this is the Crazy Taxi Cab Company, you don't have to 
abide by the rules of the road. This means that you can break every single law to 
get your customer to their destination. But, if you drive well (by narrowly avoiding 
traffic), and give the customer a fun ride you can perform crazy combos for a higher 

The way the game works is you see customers (or fares) along the road, which are 
identified by different colored dollar signs above their head. By stopping next to a 
fare, they will jump into your cab and tell you where they need to go. You then have 
a certain amount of time to get them to their destination (an area surrounded by a 
transparent green wall), which is pointed out via an arrow. 

If you run out of time, the game ends and you are ranked according to your 



There are four main drivers in the game each with their own strengths and 


Axel is the balanced, all around character. He is a very good choice if you are a 


A more advanced character than Axel, B.D.'s care is extremely fast. Due to his high 
speed, traction is sacrificed making maneuvering on non-paved surfaces tough. 


The area where Gena really shines is in acceleration and braking. However, her car 
is so light, head-on collisions can be very bad. 


Gus is a favorite of many. His car is very heavy, which cuts down his top speed, but 
his maneuverability and traction is unmatched. 


There are a couple of very cool cheats in the game. Below, we highlight a couple of 

 Taxi Bike 

At the character select screen hit L + R three times quickly. You will now be able 
to drive a fast taxi bike. If you can't get this trick to work -- you can also gain 
access to the bike once you beat all Crazy Box challenges. Simply press Up at the 
select screen to get it. 


 No Arrow or Destination Markers 

This chode allows you to play without arrows, destination markers, or both. If you 
want to switch off the arrows, press and hold R + Start before the driver select 
screen appears. To play without destination markers, just press and hold L + Start 
before the driver select screen comes up. And to switch off both at the same time, 
simply hold down both L + Start and R + Start before the driver select screen. 

 Alternate Viewpoints and Speedometer 

Hold L and R then press the face buttons for different viewpoints. 

 Another Day Mode 

Press R at the driver select screen, then press and hold R again while you select 
your crazy cabbie of choice. You will now see the words "Another Day" appear on 
screen, followed by a car horn. This will change the game slightly with new fare 
locations and altered starting positions. 


Crazy Taxi wouldn't be that crazy if you weren't able to pull off insane moves and 
combos. The special moves are a crucial part of the game, and absolutely necessary 
to getting your fares to their destination quickly. Most average players simply do 
not know that moves such as these exist in the game, and that is where this section 
of the guide comes in. 

When performing the moves, timing must be perfect. The moves where you need to 
switch gears must be done very, very quickly.Out of all the moves, it is absolutely 
imperative that you master the following three:

Crazy Dash 
Limit Cut 
Crazy Drift. 
While the other moves are very useful and needed in the game, those three are 
crucial to success. Master them and you will see your cash increase quickly. 

As for the combos, an easy way to pull off a Crazy Through is to find a straight 
area of the road with traffic coming both ways. Do the "Crazy" thing and drive 
towards the head-on traffic and you will start to rack up the cash. 

 Crazy Dash 

To perform a Crazy Dash let off the accelerator, shift into Drive, then press the 
accelerator. The easiest way to pull this one off is to hit both Drive and the 
accelerator at the same time while in motion. This is one of the most useful moves 
in the game, and should be used at all times to keep your speed up. 

 Crazy Backdash 

Basically a Crazy Dash in reverse. Just do a D-R switch while stopped and then floor 

 Crazy Stop 

The exact opposite of a Crazy Dash, push R and Brake at the same time to stop on a 

 Crazy Drift 

This is the power slide move. To perform it, shift into R, then back into D. The 
easiest way to do this on the controller is to roll your thumb across the two 
buttons, or hit both at once, while turning the wheel in a direction. 

 Crazy Drift Jump 

To do this move, you need to do a Crazy Drift across a gap or off a platform. 

 Crazy Drift Stop 

Just as it sounds like, this allows you to slide into a stop. It's easiest to do a 
Crazy Stop at the end of the drift to complete the move. 

 Limit Cut 

When you are going your max speed in a straightaway, you can release both pedals and 
press R+D+Accelerator at the exact same time while in motion for a speed boost 
beyond your top speed.Learn this and the Crazy Dash and you will be all set. 


It is imperative that you master both the Crazy Dash and Limit Cut to maximize your 
time. You should practice enough to get a Crazy Dash off 100% of the time and a 
Limit Cut almost as often. 

There are three main types of combos that you can perform: 

 Crazy Jump Combo 

To perform a Crazy Jump Combo, perform many consecutive jumps in a row. 

 Crazy Through Combo 

A Crazy Through Combo is where you narrowly pass a car or object at high speed. The 
more you pass in a short amount of time, the higher your combo. 

 Crazy Drift Combo 

When you perform a Crazy Drift, and you keep the drift going, combo points will 
begin to rack up. 


The Crazy Box is filled with mini-games that serve one main purpose, to teach you 
the ropes and make you the most insane cabby on the planet. 

Each tier gets more and more difficult, and some will frustrate you to no end. But, 
as with the rest of the game, practice will allow you to excel in the game. 

The games start out simple, teaching you the core gameplay elements and moves. First 
off, you will learn Crazy Dashes and Drifts, and then move on to more complex 

These mini-games will burn the Crazy Moves into your brain so you will be able to 
perform them in your sleep, and believe me you will need to be able to do so to 
master the game. 


 1.1 Crazy Jump 

This one is easy. Simply Crazy Dash and Limit Cut all the way to the end to get the 
longest jump. To perform a Crazy Dash let off the accelerator, shift into Drive, 
then press the accelerator. For a Limit Cut, release both pedals and press 
R+D+Accelerator for a speed boost beyond your top speed.

 1.2 Crazy Flag 

You need to run over the flag. Since it is behind you, spin the car around then 
Crazy Dash and Limit Cut to the flag.  To perform a Crazy Dash let off the 
accelerator, shift into Drive, then press the accelerator. For a Limit Cut, release 
both pedals and press R+D+Accelerator for a speed boost beyond your top speed.

 1.3 Crazy Balloons 

In this mini-game you need to pop all the balloons. Crazy Dashes and Drifts are 
necessary to complete the game. To perform a Crazy Dash let off the accelerator, 
shift into Drive, then press the accelerator. To perform a Crazy Drift, shift into 
R, then back into D. The easiest way to do this on the controller is to roll your 
thumb across the A and B buttons.

 1.S Crazy Bowling 

Evil. Pure Evil. That is the only way to describe this, the first of the "special" 
mini-games. The goal here is to knock down 70 pins in the time allowed. The hard 
part is not missing a single pin. In order to complete it, Crazy Dash constantly, 
and then Crazy Drift into the pins. Be sure to Dash when coming out of each Drift. 
If you miss even one pin pause and re-start the game. If you are having trouble with 
this one, you may want to try 2.1 Crazy Drift first as it will allow you to perfect 
your drifting.

 2.1 Crazy Drift 

This game teaches you how to do Crazy Drift Combos, but it also helps you perfect 
the technique of drifting. The large flat areas are the best to rack up the combos. 
You need a 15-hit combo to complete the game. To perform Drifts, shift into R, then 
back into D. The easiest way to do this on the controller is to roll your thumb 
across the A and B buttons.

 2.2 Crazy Turn 

In order to complete this one, you need to have Crazy Dashes and Drifts mastered. 
Dash to a corner, then Drift around it and then Dash coming out of the Drift. For a 
Crazy Dash let off the accelerator, shift into Drive, then press the accelerator. 
For a Crazy Drift, shift into R, then back into D.

 2.3 Crazy Bound 

Although it's one of the more advanced levels, Crazy Bound is actually pretty easy. 
Simply Crazy Dash and follow the arrows while coming off the ramps. To perform a 
Crazy Dash let off the accelerator, shift into Drive, then press the accelerator. 
But you knew that already, didn't you? 

 2.S Crazy Zigzag 

Another evil mini-game, this one requires you to get a customer to the target very 
quickly without falling into the water. Crazy Dashes are absolutely necessary for 
success as are Drifts and Limit Cuts. In case you forgot, a Limit Cut is executed 
by  releasing both pedals and pressing R+D+Accelerator.

 3.1 Crazy Rush 

Crazy Rush is can be a fun mini-game if you start out, and follow through correctly. 
You need to get five customers to their drop-offs. If you look at the fares, they 
are in a star formation, with each one pointing to where they need to go. So, if you 
park next to them correctly, you can be facing where they need to go. Also, the 
Crazy Dash Stop is crucial to complete this one on time. If you pull the move off 
correctly, you will be facing the group as your drop off a fare.

 3.2 Crazy Jam 

This is the first mini-game that actually puts you in with traffic, so let's hope 
you have honed your evasive skills. You also will learn how to park near your next 
fare when dropping one off. Just keep an eye open for a fare in the target as you 
head in for the drop off, and get as close as possible when you park.

 3.3 Crazy Pole 

This one is very easy. You need to drop off the fare right next to a pole, but your 
next fare is also standing next to that pole. So, when you drop off one person, the 
next one immediately jumps in your cab. Just don't get stuck behind a pole and 
you'll beat this one in a heartbeat.

 3.S Crazy Zigzag 2 

The second Crazy Zigzag game is probably one of the hardest in the game. You have a 
carload of people and you need to drop each one off. The problem is, the drop off 
points are very small and on the edge of the platform. What you need to do is to 
absolutely master the Crazy Drift Stop and Crazy Stop (along with the same tricks 
you used to beat the first Zigzag course). Tapping your breaks before starting the 
slide can help slow you down faster.

 S-1 Crazy Through 

Another easy mini-game, Crazy Through requires you to get a 30-hit Crazy Through 
combo. Either ride the center lane, or if your are daring, bob and weave in and out 
of the oncoming traffic and the combos will build up. Whatever you do, never hit 
anything head on. If you do so before you get to the rough section of the freeway, 

 S-2 Crazy Parking 

This mini-game has you driving a single fare up the many levels of a parking garage. 
You just need to Crazy Dash and Limit Cut while avoiding the cars, and Crazy Drift 
around the corners to complete the game.

 S-3 Crazy Party 

Crazy Party is meant to test all the skills the previous games have taught you. You 
need to pick up seven people and drop them off at the end. If you've completed all 
the above mini-games yourself, you should be able to blaze right through this one.

 S-S Crazy Attack 

The final Crazy Box game is the toughest, but it gives you the greatest reward. In 
this one, you are placed in the arcade mode, and the game is basically set 
to “Expert Mode”, and you must complete it within four short minutes. That means you 
have a passenger, but no arrow or destination marker. Throughout the stage are 
checkpoints, so when you find those you know you are on the right track. 

In order to complete it, you must complete master all moves of the game. The most 
crucial is the Limit Cut. To perform the Limit Cut, release the gas and press 
Reverse+Drive+the accelerator at the exact same time when you are going your maximum 
speed. This is easily done after a Crazy Dash. To perform a Crazy Dash, release the 
gas, then hit Drive+the accelerator at the same time. Also, the strategy and 
shortcuts used in the Arcade mode can be used here, since they are the same map. 

When you complete the game, you will gain access to the bike in all modes of play, 
without using a code. To use it in the mini-games, just scroll past Gus in the 
character selection. To use it in the Arcade and Original games, press up on the D-
pad at the character select..


Crazy Taxi has a ranking system that scores you on how much money you gather in your 

Money is, of course, won by taking people where they want to go. The fares are color-

$ Red usually are the closest, but give you the least amount of money. 

$ Orange are usually further than Reds, but give a little more money.

$ Yellow again is even farther away, and gives more money.

$ Light Green are very good.

$ Green are the farthest, but they give the most money out of all. 
Money can also be gained by performing Crazy Combos while you have your fare. For 
example, if you pick up a green fare and perform many combos along the way to your 
destination, you will rake in the cash. 

Here are the ranks:

No Money = No License (hard to get unless you let the game just sit there)

$.01-$999.99 = E License

$1,000.00-$1,999.99 = D License

$2,000.00 - $2,999.99 = C License

$3,000.00 - $3,999.99 = B License

$4,000.00 - $4,999.99 = A License

$5,000.00 - $9,999.99 = S License

$10,000.00 - $19,999.99 = AWESOME! License

$20,000.00 or more = CRAZY TAXI! License 

You are also scored on how quickly you get a fare to their target:

Bad = Customer will usually jump out of the car.

Slow = The person will be mad, very mad.

Normal = +2 second time bonus

Speedy = +5 second time bonus 
There are many schools of thought on how to get the best fairs. Some people say to 
stick to nothing but reds and get as many customers as possible, while others go for 
a mix. 

We tend to agree with the mix strategy. Red fares can be very useful to extend your 
time when you are getting low. Speedy drops will net you five extra seconds and Red 
fares are usually very close to their spots making Speedy a very easy score to get. 

Oranges and Yellows are more than acceptable when there aren't any Greens in the 
immediate area. Not only that, but they can frequently net some awesome cash. When 
you do get a Green, piling on the combos can really pump up the fare. 


Ok, now we get down to it. The real meat and potatoes of the game -- the Crazy 
Driving! The key to winning big is finding the fastest route in each area. One thing 
to remember is that there are no cops in this game, so you can drive anywhere you 
want, and even try to run over pedestrians without any penalties (although they will 
always dive out of the way). While driving anywhere is good to cut your time down, 
you never want to hit an object, or a car, head on. Not only will it bring any combo 
string you were working on to an end, but it will also slow you down big time. 

Another big thing is to memorize the moves. The mini-games are great for burning 
them into your brain. You will want to be able to Crazy Dash, Limit Cut, and Crazy 
Drift Stop in your sleep. Getting those three moves down is absolutely crucial to 
success (but the other moves are very handy as well). 

Also, memorization of each city and the locations of the drop-offs is very helpful. 
By doing so, not only will you spend less time looking for the location, you really 
don't need to pay attention to the arrow as much. That way you can concentrate on 
hitting the shortcuts as much as possible. 


The Arcade City is exactly the same as it was in the arcade. In comparison to the 
Original City, this one is compact with most areas pretty close together. The city 
is broken into two areas separated by a long freeway. You will want to try to avoid 
taking the freeway as much as possible simply because it takes so long to cross. If 
you do take it, try to make it a one way trip with all your fares taking place in 
the downtown area. Now for the tips:

At the start, you can get two longer fares right behind your starting position. Spin 
the car around to get them.

When flying down the hills at high speed try to aim the jump at an angle. If you 
don't you stand the chance of hitting a car when you land, bringing your combo to an 

At the beach, underwater, are a couple Yellow and Green fares. 

After the Harbor, take the shortcut through the small park, then across the café 
using the ramps.

When you are going from the park area to the Levi's store or KFC, use the parking 
garage as a shortcut. At the top of the ramp do a Crazy Drift and then Dash past the 
parked cars for a Crazy Through combo.

At KFC there are two ways to get to the Church. The left way is much, much faster 
than the right. 

Headed to the R.B. Station, there is a small shortcut where you can cut through a 
building's front area, down and into a small yard crashing through stacked boxes.

If you are going to the Baseball Stadium from the Helipad area, you can shave some 
time by doing a hard Crazy Drift off the ramp leading to the Station and then speed 
through the parking lot.

When crossing the freeway, if you do the psycho driver thing and weave between the 
head-on traffic you can rack up some Crazy Through combos.

Also, using the same strategy getting Crazy Through combos on the freeway is a good 
way to pump up a Green's fare.

In the "square" area with the Hospital, Bank, etc. there is usually a Red fare or 
two that can be used to catch up on time. 

If you have a customer who wants to go from the West Gate of the Mall to the North, 
have some fun and drive through the mall.

When a fare needs to go from the downtown area to the parking area or lookout tower, 
there is a part of the road where you can go underground or stay above ground. Stay 
up top, it's easier to weave in and out of cars going straight rather than on a 
curving section of road.

Try to stay in the "town" part of the map (before the freeway) until you have an S 
license and plenty of time to cross the freeway. That will maximize your chances of 
getting an Awesome or Crazy Taxi license.

With that in mind, Greens near the Station and Baseball stadium will usually want to 
go across the freeway, so you will want to find fares that will take you back 
towards the University where you started. 

As always, Crazy Dash and Limit Cut whenever possible. With those moves, even Gus 
can seem very fast. 


The Original City is much different from the Arcade City. A major difference is that 
the Original is much more spread out than the Arcade. Because of it being so spread 
out, you need to play it slightly differently. Here is a map to give you an idea of 
where all the major locations are.


Original Mode Tips

Many fares will be going in the opposite direction that your car is when you pick 
them up. So, you need to perfect the technique of spinning around into a Crazy Dash.

The arrow is evil, do not pay attention to it. Play a couple ten-minute games to 
learn the layout of the city so the arrow will not throw you off. In comparison to 
the Arcade City (where the arrow was actually helpful) it can hurt you here. Since 
the city is so spread out with so many various streets, the arrow will still point 
to your destination, but there are usually buildings blocking the way. If you learn 
the basic layout of the city, you won't have to really worry about that. By the way, 
if you don't want the arrow to pop up, check out the cheat in the Game Basics 

There are canals of water here, and while it may be tempting to just drive through 
the water instead of taking the drawbridge and you can. It's good to use when you 
are going to the used car dealership from the other side.

Speaking of the drawbridge, cross it at high speed, and do a Crazy Dash in mid-air 
to avoid slamming into the buildings on the other side.

Or if you are going to either of the locations on the other side of the buildings 
from the drawbridge, Limit Cut on the way up and you can fly across the buildings to 
your target.

There are a couple drop-offs that are similar to the park in the Arcade City where 
you have a small round target to hit. Be sure to perfect the Crazy Drift Stop for 
these, because one of them will toss you into the water if you miss.

When you get to the downtown area, cut the corners short. The area is rather small, 
but there are a lot of turns, and many of the drop-offs are on corners.

The used car dealership has some fares waiting behind the cars. These are more 
trouble than they are worth, do not bother with them.

There is a major shortcut to the train station where you can fly over a hill and 
land right in the station. But if you do not do a Crazy Stop the instant you hit the 
ground, you will fly over the brick wall and need to turn around, hurting your time. 

                             THE CRAZY END

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