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Crime City - Game Introduction
Crime City is a Facebook game that lets you take command of your own hood and build your career within the crime world. 
Open up businesses to collect money, commit crimes to earn rewards and respect, increase your wealth and influence to 
be the best mafia lord in the city. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Crime City by 
referring to this quick start guide.
Quick Start Guide
Build your Hood
Your hood is your neighborhood where you construct buildings to help you collect resources and materials to do crimes in 
several locations. When you start in the game, you’ll have your own steel mill and get to build your first business, a 
laundromat. Use these buildings to jump start your career in crime to support you in the list of jobs needed to be 
As you progress through the game, you’ll need more cash to buy equipment and vehicles to attain goals. Expand your 
hood by constructing more buildings. Go and click on the store icon and you are presented with 3 types of buildings.

The first two is what you’ll need. Money buildings provide you with cash, which you can collect at certain periods. Some 
need resources for it to be completed, such as paint, concrete blocks or drills. Ask help from your mafia members and 
friends for them to send it over.

Resource buildings provide energy and steel. There is no urgent need to build another steel mill at earlier stages since you 
will have enough to construct your other buildings. For energy, the coffee shop is a must. It will help you finish more jobs 
when your energy runs out.
Special buildings are beneficial but only if you’re willing to spend some real money and credits to get ahead of your rivals.
The rest are for decorative purposes. Having roads, adding trees and road signs will make your neighborhood more “city 
friendly”. Don’t forget to expand your hood to make room for more buildings.
Currency and Resources
There are 3 main currencies you need to collect in order to progress through the game.
Money (cash)
Money is needed to purchase items in the store. You can collect them from doing jobs and buildings you’ve constructed in 
your hood. You can also get money from rivals when you fight and rob their hood. You’ll get more of it when you finish 
goals and level up.
Diamonds are used to purchase equipment such as armor, vehicles, and weapons. You gain them by finishing jobs, 
robbing rivals and attaining goals. The bigger the jobs, the more diamonds you earn.
Respect is gained when you fight and rob rivals. This is also needed for items in the store.
Energy is the most important resource you’ll need. The more you have and increase its maximum level through skill points, 
you’ll be able to finish more jobs.

You can gain energy through time by waiting, collecting it from resource buildings, visiting your mafia members and doing 
Steel is needed to construct some buildings in your hood. You can collect it from the steel factory or when visiting mafia 
Job Preparation and Completion
At earlier levels, jobs are easy to accomplish. You’ll need few energy points and equipment needed are cheap. But, as 
your progress, jobs will take several steps to accomplish.
To complete jobs, it’s best to follow the story line and accomplish the list of goals that appear.

All goals will give you a list of tasks to do at each location. You can click on the links within the window to make it easier for 
you to proceed to the place. Some jobs will entail you to deal with buildings and some to interact with other people 
(avatars). To aid you on what needs to be done, look around and you’ll see green arrows on top of buildings and people.

These are job indicators. Hover your mouse over each to know how much energy and number of steps are needed to 
accomplish the job. Clicking on it will sometimes reveal the equipment required for the job. If you have enough resources, 
go ahead and purchase it.
For jobs that take a lot of steps, your energy level might not be enough to finish it in one go. A tip here is to go to your 
hood and collect energy from your coffee shop. You can also visit your mafia members. You’ll get 20 energy points for 
every visit.

Location Mastery for Skill Points
It’s recommended, not only for goal purposes, but to gain skill points, to master each location. At the bottom, just above 
your neighbor’s list, you’ll see a bar with a number beside it. A yellow arrow is also shown. This is your mastery bar that 
indicates your mastery level for each location.
By clicking on the arrow, it will show yellow arrows that will indicate all the jobs you need to complete to master one level. 
Take note that these arrows are hidden by default.

You can opt to do the jobs to gain rewards. It is recommended to wait for it to appear on the goal’s list so you can get 
that extra goal bonus. You can also go back to the location to increase your mastery level and you’ll get more rewards for 
each job.
Each time you master each location, you’ll get 1 skill point to use to increase your skills within your profile.
Collections and Getting Busted
As mentioned, constructing more buildings in your hood will be beneficial for you to gain more money and energy.
Take note that each building has an “expiry” date (or time). The faster you can collect from it, the shorter grace period 
you have until the cops bust your building. The longer you wait before you collect, the more money you will lose.

You’ll know if your building has been busted if you see an image of a police car within the collect bubble.
Upgrade Buildings
Improving your buildings will increase the number of rewards you’ll get. Upgrade the laundromat to the highest level as 
soon as you can. This will help you accumulate cash to purchase items.
The coffee shop is another key building you need to upgrade. The more energy you can collect every time it is ready, the 
quicker you can finish a job.
Rob and Fight Against Rivals
Fight against your rivals and rob their buildings. This will give you instant rewards.
When you visit the rival’s list, the sure way to win is to pick someone who has less mafia members. Once you enter your 
rival’s hood, double check their profile and check their mafia’s attack and defense strength as well.

Look at the “total item attack and defense” points and compare it to yours. You can find your stats at the bottom, just 
above your neighbor’s list. The number of mafia members, your attack and defense stats will help you decide whether you 
should continue and rob or fight with your chosen rival. If yours is higher overall, then you’ll sure to win.
Take note that not all rival hoods can be robbed. You’ll only see the “rob” indicator if their buildings are ready to be 
The Empire Times
This is where you’ll find any rivals who stopped by your neighborhood, whether you’ve been robbed or fought with them 
during your absence.

Featured items from the store will also be shown, which you can purchase for Facebook credits. New areas will be 
announced as well.

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