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From: beng wah 

Last updated on: 02/01/2000

Revision 1: Corrected the piano key sequence.


Welcome, I am a lover of Warp's cinematic horror games. Those who have
played both 'D' and 'Enemy Zero' will get to see their favourite heroine
again in this game, which is not a sequel to any. However, characters from
'Enemy Zero' do appear in this game, even though they were all killed off.
The graphics are excellent. However, this is really a 'to and fro' game,
you will know what I mean when you play the game. I do not know any
Japanese, so please do not ask me to explain the complicated and
bewildering storyline. Lastly, this walkthrough contains many spoilers, so,
read it at your own risks. This is a relatively simple game and I believe
that Warp is capable of making more difficult ones. Lastly, I will
definitely have missed out some items (ammo and recovery) because they are
scattered everywhere. There are several places on the maps that can be
highlighted, but are not accessible. I also do not know whether there are
any secrets or multiple endings and I would greatly appreciate it and will
acknowledge those who can help me. Likewise, those who have questions can
contact me at '[email protected]'.

This walkthrough is my original work, so please obtain my permission before
posting it on any other sites. Do not use this walkthrough for any
profiting purposes. This is my second walkthrough and the lesson I have
learned is this: If you want to write a walkthrough, make it a thorough one
(and not recollect it from memories) because someone else will want to
write a better walkthrough, making you look and feel bad about it. If you
want to write a walkthrough and use my idea, please give credit where it is
due and not just rip it off.    

There are actually 4 different packaging covers for D2. They are 1) Hope:
Hope Against Hope (white cover), 2) Bliss: Bliss for loving and being loved
(silver cover), 3) Eclipse: Eclipsed by Anger (dark cover, 4) Laura 's face
on the cover. The release date for this game is on 23/12/99 in Japan.    

X - LEFT (while fighting)
B - RIGHT (while fighting)
L1 - ITEMS Select
R1 - WEAPONS Select

ANALOG - directional control for snow mobile

Throughout the game, you can and should hunt animals for food to regain
your life. You can shoot at 1) Caribou, 2) Moose, 3) Hare and 4) Snow
Grouse. The bigger the animal, the more meat you will get. Each meat will
roughly recovers about 20 plus HP. Select the rifle and you will be in
Sniper mode. Press R1 to zoom in and L1 to zoom out. To eat the meat,
select the portable cooker twice.  

Throughout the game, you can also take photos. You can name them and I
think you can probably send them to friends via the modem.

1) Laura Parton, 
2) Kimberly Fox
3) David Brenner
4) Parker Jackson
5) Jannie
6) Larry (Terrorist)
7) Cliff (Terrorist)
8) Conjurer (Norex)
9) Stewardess
10) Jannie's grandpa

- Shoot the enemies that are closest to you first.
- Shoot the enemies that are approaching you and are about to inflict
damage on you. You can tell when either the 'X' or 'B' buttons flashes red
to indicate the direction of their approach.
- Finally, take out those in the distance. 
- Using the submachine gun is good enough (even for bosses). When you get
the submachine gun (+), switch to this because it is better.
- The Shotgun is a powerful weapon and you can kill normal enemies with 1
to 3 rounds (depending on their proximity).
- The grenade will kill all normal enemies, but is ineffective against some
- The Handgun is above average.  
- Try not to use the shotgun and get as many shotgun bullets as you can
because only this is really effective for the last boss during the initial

The number indicated in the flame at the bottom middle screen is Laura's HP. 
Green First-Aid Spray - 20 HP
Yellow First-Aid Spray - 50 HP
Red First-Aid Spray - 100 HP
Meat - 30 HP 
Resting on the bed heals your HP completely.

The opening movie is actually in Disc 4. When you first load in Disc 1 and
select the 'Opening Movie' a screen will tell you to insert Disc 4. See FMV
of terrorist (Larry) walking in the snow dripping blood. Kimberly is
sitting by the fireplace while Laura is sleeping. Change scene to space. A
meteorite is falling towards Earth. The date is Dec 25, 2000. Flash back to
the past. Laura is onboard a plane and dozes off in front of her laptop,
spilling her cup of drink and dropping her locket. She sees the little girl
Jannie for the first time. David picks up Laura's locket and sees this
inscription 'To Laura from your mother Lucy'. You can see that Parker and
Kimberly are onboard too. Finally, you see the conjurer who is chanting
into a glowing crystal ball. David tries to return the locket to Laura,
only to be interrupted by the death of the air steward. Terrorists are
onboard the plane. A man tries to overcome Cliff the terrorist, but is
unfortunately shot dead. Larry approaches a crying Jannie. Before he can
shoot her, David shoots Larry. Meanwhile, Cliff starts to act funny. David
picks up the locket and sees the future (of the aeroplane crashing) and
pulls Laura out of harm's way. Scene of aeroplane going down and resting on
the snow.  

Disc 1
- Laura wakes and sees Kimberly prodding the fire. Kimberly introduces
herself to Laura.
- Larry stumbles into the mountain hut and transforms into a monster.
Kimberly takes out a shotgun, but is gripped by the tentacle. The alien
life form enters her mouth and this is the point where Kimberly is infected.
- Laura takes the shotgun and you now face the tentacle around Kimberly.
However, you cannot shoot yet. 
- Parker arrives and shoots the monster instead. The monster scrambles into
the snow.
- Parker introduces himself, while a suspicious Kimberly demands more
clarifications from him.
- After talking, Parker leaves the hut. Kimberly talks to Laura and
mentions Jannie's name.
- You can start to control Laura now. The gameplay is in first person mode.
- Talk to Kimberly. 
- Open the cupboard to get a 'submachine gun'.
- Head outside to see the vast expanse of snow. Kimberly comes out and
teaches Laura how to hunt for food. You will see through the rifle's scope. 
- Kimberly begins to talk and appears to be telling Laura that it is
necessary to do so. 
- Press 'R1' to zoom in and 'L1' to zoom out. Press 'A' button to shoot a
hare. If you miss, Laura will simply reload and try again.
- Kimberly praises Laura's shooting. Now, shoot 2 more hares and Kimberly
will clap afterwards.
- If you go back into the hut, you will see Kimberly resting on the bed. 
- Go out into the snow and explore around. Pick up a grenade (near the
wooden fence next to the hut).
- Go up the slope and pick up a green first-aid spray (near the snow-buried
tractor). Continue going up the slope and enter the 'stone hut'. 
- Pick up a green first-aid spray.
- The shelf is locked for now and you do not have the e-card key yet. 
- Pick up the phone. There's nothing though. Examine the photo frame and
Laura sees a picture of Jannie with her grandfather. She is surprised by
the voice gadget within the frame and drops it. She cuts herself
- Leave the hut and head back to the mountain hut to find Kimberly. Pick up
a green first-aid spray on the table. 
- Kimberly wakes and talks to Laura. She gives Laura a 'shelf key' and goes
back to sleep. 
- Go back to the stone hut and unlock the shelf with the 'shelf key'. Pick
up 1) grenade, 2) magic stick.
- Laura will automatically pick up the radio cassette recorder.
- Head back to the mountain hut to find Kimberly again. Talk to her and
Laura will show her the radio cassette recorder. 
- Kimberly produces a cassette and mentions the name of the song, which is
'Counting the Roses'. She talks to Laura.
- Kimberly is standing by the window. Talk to her.
- Go out into the snow. You will hear the recorder play. Head for the
crashed plane at Bacon Farm Historic Park.
- You can pick up a grenade on the roof of the stone hut as you pass by it. 
- Keep on going up the slope. You will see a signpost. Continue moving up
until you see the billboard that says 'Kook Valley' on the mountain. 
- Take the left path down. Pick up a green first-aid spray down the slope.
- You will see the crashed aeroplane's red blinking distress light. Head
for it. If you had skipped some events and came earlier on, nothing will
happen inside the plane. Save and heal before you enter.
- Search around and one of air stewardess will stand up and transform into
a spider-like monster. Boss fight.
- Shoot at the butterfly that is hovering around her. When you are up close
facing her, shoot at her head.
- After the fight, her head splits into half and another monster emerges
from it and goes for Laura. Kimberly arrives and saves Laura.
- You will then see the butterfly lying on the ground. 
- Kimberly gives Laura her locket.
- Laura faints. FMV of snow and male voice talking to Laura. 
- Laura wakes up to see Kimberly's face. They are still in the plane.
Together, they ride the snow mobile back to the mountain hut.
- CG of conjurer walking in the snow.
- Laura wakes up in the mountain hut and sees Kimberly's letter on the
table. She has left apparently.
- Go out and Laura sees the snow mobile outside. She retrieves a pair of
keys from the snow mobile. You cannot ride it yet.
- Head to the billboard sign again and choose the right path now.
- Follow the path and round the bend to 'Tyrell Gold Mining Industry' until
you see a truck.
- You cannot enter the building yet, so enter the truck.         
- Examine the dashboard and pick up 1) shotgun bullet, 2) green first-aid
- Examine the steering wheel. Laura will use the 'Snow mobile key' and the
truck will come to life and crash into the gates of the mining company,
allowing for further access. 
- Save and heal before entering the building because there will be a boss
fight when you come out.
- Enter the mining building and pick up a shot gun bullet on top the crate.
- Examine the lift. You need to input a passcode for the life to work.
However, you do not know the code yet. (Note: even if you are playing it
for the second time, the number which worked earlier will not work now.
Perhaps and also logically, this is to force the player from skipping any
- Go out and see Jannie's grandpa driving a truck towards Laura. Laura
shoots at the windscreen and he falls out from it onto the snow. Laura
approaches him and he transforms into a monster. Fight him.
- Wait for his tentacle to open (it will give off some white snow-like
substance) and shoot it. Grenades are not effective here.
- Occasionally, a dove will fly by and attack him and carry him around. 
- After the fight, he inflates and literally bursts like a balloon and many
doves fly out.  
- Laura picks up the photo that was hung around his neck and realises with
horror that he was Jannie's grandpa. She will also obtain the 'e-card key'
from him. 
- FMV of snow and male voice again.
- Laura wakes up in the mountain hut and sees Kimberly. She sees that
Kimberly has been popping pills (probably to suppress her transformation).
- Kimberly mentions David's name and gives Laura a 'Flashlight'. She leaves
- Go out and head for the Stone hut to use the 'e-card key'. 
- The safe opens and pick up 1) transceiver, 2) grenade, 3) shot gun. 
- Laura hears Jannie's voice on the transceiver and it goes dead. 
- Note the Gate Key Code on the piece of paper that is stuck on the side of
the safe. (I've played this game twice and received different numbers: 6811
and 9530 on both occasions. This randomness is probably to prevent players
from skipping the boss fight with Jannie's grandpa).
- Before Laura goes out, she hears footsteps approaching and hides under
the bed. She sees two pairs of feet and hears a male and female voice.
- The male (looks like Cliff the terrorist) is subsequently killed by the
female, who seems to be an alien.    
- Go out and head for the mining industry.
- Input the code number that you noted in the safe earlier on. 
- The life opens and Laura gets in and descends. She arrives in the mines.
- Enter the iron door. Laura will automatically use the flashlight. Here,
you need to navigate your way out of the mines without the aid of a map
(similar to the absolutely horribly difficult to navigate labyrinths in
'Enemy Zero'). 
- When you encounter enemies, the flashlight will go out, but the enemies
can still be seen clearly. 
- I cannot describe the way I navigated through this mines, but watch out
for the signs on the wooden shafts (indicating either the distance left to
go or covered). The exit (another iron door) is located near the 150m sign. 
- Enter the iron door and Laura arrives at another platform. Go up the
stairs and Laura will descend further. 
- Enter another iron door and Laura arrives at what seems to be the mining
workers' store room. There are several toolboxes with names on it. These
people are all from 'Enemy Zero'. 
- Examine Mercus's toolbox. An enemy will drop down. Kill it. There is
nothing in this box and you cannot examine it any further.
- Examine George's toolbox to obtain a green first-aid spray. 
- Examine Rony's toolbox to get shot gun bullet.
- Examine the canned gases and helmets on the ground.
- Laura hears Jannie's voice and runs out to see her at the bottom of a
pit. She uses the 'magic stick' to pull Jannie up. A relieved Jannie hugs
- Suddenly, there is rumbling and the mines collapse.
- FMV of an eclipse and Laura in the snow. She picks herself up and walks
on, until she sees a door appear in the middle of nowhere in the snow.
- She opens it and sees flashbacks of dinosaurs and their extinction. 
- Laura wakes up in the mountain hut together with Jannie.
- Kimberly talks to her and their laughter wakes Jannie up. They talk. 
- Together, all three ride away on the snow mobile.
- Disc 1 ends.         

Disc 2
- CG of conjurer.
- Laura, Kimberly and Jannie arrive at the 'Forest Hut'. Kimberly talks to
Laura and she leaves with Jannie on the snow mobile, leaving Laura behind
- Go up the stairs. Turn right to pick up a green first-aid spray. Turn
left and examine the chair to pick up 1) grenade, 2) shot gun bullet. Go
down to original position again.
- Examine the drawer in the shelf (with a vase on top of it) to pick up 1)
Map B, 2) green first-aid spray. Go back to original position again.
- Turn left and go down the stairs. Enter the door and you can see a bed.
Rest now and save.
- Go back to exit again and turn right to enter the door. Laura comes to
another door which says 'Restroom'. Go forward and Laura will drop out.
There is nothing on the other side. Laura climbs back and hears a scream. 
- She sees a scientist pointing a gun at Kimberly who is wrapped around in
a towel. The scientist pops some pills into his mouth and we know that he
is infected too.
- Laura tries to switch on the light and trips over some boxes and knocks
them down. She is discovered and is subsequently tied up with Kimberly. 
- The scientist threatens to shoot them. He vomits and pops more pills.
- He shoots Kimberly in the leg and she bleeds green blood. Before he is to
shoot again, a tentacle springs out from Kimberly and snaps off his head.
Kimberly stands in front of Laura and just before she is about to kill
Laura, the real Kimberly arrives and shoots at her clone. 
- Kimberly coughs and we know that she is sick too.
- Talk to Kimberly and she will untie Laura.
- The Kimberly clone sneaks up behind Kimberly. Fight her. 
- Shoot at the green patch on her stomach and her head. After the battle,
she falls dead to the ground.
- Kimberly talks to Laura and spits blood. Jannie is at the door.
- All three sit on the sofa. Kimberly talks again and shows Laura the pills
that she is taking. Kimberly gives another long talk. 
- Talk to Kimberly.
- Talk to Jannie (she is sleeping).
- Talk to Kimberly again and she will rest on the sofa.
- Rest up now.
- Try going out of the room and Kimberly will wake and give you a 'Small
key' and go back to sleep. 
- Go out of the room and examine Kimberly's clone's dead body. Laura will
close her eyes. You can also see the dead scientist lying further back.
- Go out of the Forest hut and pick up a green first-aid spray by the side
of the hut. 
- Ride the snow mobile to Brenner (!) Pharmaceuticals Inc. Investigate the
building first and pick up a shot gun bullet (next to gates).
- Go inside the building.
- Examine the device next to the door and Laura will turn it on with the
'Small key'. There are two switches (left and right) and a round 'enter'
button. You need to on the switch to number 2. Simply turn on the left
switch once and the door will open.
- Laura will step inside and see a trail of green blood. It is another dead
Kimberly clone. Examine it.
- Enter the doorway. 
- Examine the shelf to pick up 1) shot gun bullet, 2) green first-aid spray.
- Examine the valve and Laura will find it hard to turn. Examine the
lock/entry device. This time, you need to switch on to number 7. 
- There are 4 switches from left to right. If you switch them on, they will
give you 8,4,2,1 respectively. Simply switch on 4,2,1 to add up to 7. The
door opens.
- Enter it and examine it. There is a 'Set' button and Laura's hand will be
resting on it. It will generate 6 random numbers every time you press it. 
- Simply decide on one set of numbers and note it down. You will need to
input this code later on (e.g. 767458).
- The screen will show you the numbers one more time when you leave.
- Leave the building and head for Yoho Basin to Kenny's Observatory. (If
you go back to the Forest Hut, Kimberly and Jannie will still be sleeping).
- You will come to a building at Yoho Basin. Go inside. Input the number
code for the 'Sugam Security'. This is the number that you had set earlier
on in the Pharmaceutical building.     
- Laura goes up the escalator leading to Kenny's Observatory and a huge
door opens.
- Follow the stairs until you see the giant telescope. Examine it. 
- There is an old man talking to the computer. He is infected and seems to
be asking Laura to kill him. 
- Examine the glass cabinet. It is locked, but Laura smashes the glass. She
picks up a flame-thrower (sorry, but it will not be in your weapons list)
and burns the old man and sets the observatory aflame.
- He mentions David's name and thanks Laura.
- FMV of snow and male voice.
- Laura is now outside the building. Head back to Brenner Pharmaceutical Inc. 
- This part is optional. It is to pick up several items. Before you reach
the building, you will pass through the underpass. Slightly after it, watch
out for an opening in the fence. Ride your snow mobile through it (You can
see a stretch of white path on the map).       
- Do not ride your snow mobile on the frozen ice as it is very difficult to
control your snow mobile. Park it on the snow and run across the stretch of
ice to the island-like area in the middle of the lake to pick up a grenade.
- Run back to your snow mobile and ride it towards the mouth of the river
as much as you can without skidding on the ice. If necessary, reach there
by foot. At the mouth of the river (there is a wall), pick up 2 shot gun
bullets and a grenade. Head back to Pharm. Inc.
- Enter the building and examine the valve. Laura will use the
flame-thrower and loosen the valve. She can turn it now to reveal a flight
of stairs. Go down.   
- She is in a sort of laboratory. Examine the plant in the glass tank. 
- Examine the white board and she sees both the dead scientist's and
David's photo. 
- Someone is outside and closes the hatch.
- The temperature falls and Laura faints, clutching David's photo.
- FMV of Laura in the snow and female voice. Laura has some mystical powers
and her hands start to glow. Flashback to the past to see civilizations and
- Disc 2 ends. 

Disc 3
- Parker is driving in his truck. He hits something and sees a glowing
light on his truck's bonnet. 
- It is Laura! They push the truck together. Kimberly and Jannie come along
in the snow mobile. All go back to the 'Musician's House'.
- CG of Parker, Kimberly and Laura eating.
- Talk to Kimberly.
- Talk to Parker.
- Turn right and enter room to see Jannie sleeping.
- Examine drawer, obtain 1) Map C, 2) first-aid spray.
- Come out to the living room, pick up grenades on top of the shelf. (You
cannot go out yet).
- Go up the stairs, turn the door to hear someone playing the piano in the
room. Laura knocks the door, but it does not open.
- Go down, talk to Kimberly. Sleep with Jannie.
- See scene of Conjurer walking in the snow.
- Laura wakes, hears glass breaking. Parker seems to disapprove of Kimberly
taking the pills and subsequently slaps her.
- Talk to Kimberly, exit the house.
- Explore around (still not out of the gates yet) and pick up 1) red
first-aid spray (near hedges), 2) grenade (near dried fountain), 3) shotgun
bullet (near wall).
- Go out the gates and explore round the house's wall to pick up 1) green
first-aid spray (near wall).
- Path to the left leads to Parker's abandoned truck.
- Go down the path that slopes down to reach a y-shaped fork. Choose the
left path to reach a broken down pillar-like structure. 
- Explore the mountain fringes to pick up 1) shotgun bullet (under a pine
- Enter the pillar-like building to see a red parrot and another mystic
with a robotic hand. After he finishes his speech, talk to him twice. Go
out and up the slop to see the meteorite's landing spot. 
- Go back to the house to see a panicky Jannie. 
- Go up the stairs and enter the door. Examine the bookself and pick up 1)
first-aid spray, 2) shotgun bullet.
- Examine the piano. Pay attention to the tune that is being played, you
are to repeat it. There are five playable keys. Number them 1 to 5 from
left to right. Play in this sequence: 42125 and a door will open. Go in and
see a room full of pinned up butterflies. Open the frame to obtain 1)
submachine gun (+), 2) music note key. 
- Go back and talk to the mystic with the parrot (this might not be
- Go to the house with the music note on the door. You will use the music
note key and see a middle-aged woman. She is infected with the disease.
- Examine the tray and she treats Laura to a cup of drink. Leave the house.
It's getting dark soon. Go back to the main house, Kimberly will talk to you. 
- Go up the stairs and into the room. A record is playing. Enter the door
to the pinned up butterflies. A dead body will drop out. Parker comes to
comfort Laura.
- Talk to Parker. Go to the mystic's house. He is dead already. Obtain the
'silver key' from his hand. Go past him and open the closet on the right to
obtain a 'Hand gun'. Open the closet on the left to obtain a 'time bomb'.
- Go back to the main house and you will show Parker the time bomb.
- Go to the music note house. Before you enter, save and heal up first.
There's nobody there and you will come out to see an infected guy. He will
transform and you will have to fight him. Shoot at the flying insects (when
they appear) and at him as well. After the battle, he will be lying on the
snow. Do not do anything yet.
- Go inside the music note house. Pick up 1) a first aid spray, 2) hand gun
bullet, 3) grenade (inside cupboard).
- Go outside and use the machine gun on him as the exit is blocked. He
wakes and a tentacle will grab Laura and she will have one of her
flashbacks. She will then be transported to the main house next to Parker.
You can rest now.
- Talk to Parker twice. Go up the staircase. The piano room is locked
again. Go out of the house.
- Go to the bridge. Kimberly is there. Welcome back to the main house
again. You got about 4 minutes to get to the bridge before the time bomb
detonates. Ride that snowmobile!
- After the bomb detonates, you will be back at the house again. 
- Parker will give you a necklace. It will not appear in your inventory.
- Talk to Kimberly who is resting on the bed. Parker cuts himself with a
knife and you can see that he's infected as well from his green blood.
- Kimberly and Laura will take the snow mobile to the bridge after Parker,
who is nowhere to be seen. The bridge's gate has been destroyed and it is
assumed that Parker sacrificed himself.      
- Take the snow mobile back to the main house. Save and heal before going in. 
- You will see a scared Jannie and the middle-aged woman from the music
note house. You will have to fight her. Always kill the twin tentacles
first (they will regenerate) and then aim for her head.
- After the battle, Jannie runs to one corner while Kimberly appears. Rest
- Talk to Jannie. 
- Go out of the house. See FMV of conjurer walking to the meteorite. Jannie
comes out too and leaves with Laura on the snow mobile to the bridge.
Parker is not dead yet! (as expected). In an embrace, he impales Kimberly
with a tentacle and Kimberly shoots him with a shotgun. Both end up dead.
Jannie picks up Kimberly's letter. FMV of Laura in the snow again. Jannie
shakes Laura out of her trance and they go across the bridge on the snow
mobile. Finally! 
- Disc 3 ends.

Disc 4
- FMV of conjurer. Laura and Jannie arrive at Lucy Parton (Laura's mother!)
Laboratory. The surveillance camera asks for an identification and Laura
identifies herself. They enter. Laura enters another room alone. 
- Laura is greeted and can choose to know more about the following: 1)
About this Lab, 2) About L.P.L Corp, 3) About Ph.D. Lucy Parton, 4) about
Clone Technology.
- Laura enters a lift. She goes to level B5 (Xilo). All is dark and Laura's
locket starts to glow. It drops to the ground. The lights come on and Laura
sees clones in gyro tanks. Fight another boss now. 
- Shoot the machinery's lighted yellow plates and side arms. Shoot the
clones in the gyro tanks too. 
- See conjurer scene. FMV of Laura in the snow. Laura falls into a chasm.
Flashback to scenes of atomic bombs fallout. 
- Laura wakes up in a small hut and sees Jannie.
- Map D is automatically in your inventory. Basically, it's still the same
- Talk to Jannie and she will wake up. There's an explosion outside. Laura
runs out to see. She hears Jannie's scream and runs back inside. Jannie
literally melts, leaving her brooch behind. Laura gathers herself and you
can leave the hut now. However, watch Laura's HP as the enemies here are
tough and seldom alone.
- Outside the hut, pick up 1) shot gun bullet, 2) grenade, 3) red first-aid
spray, 4) yellow first-aid spray (on the path).
- If you go back to the hut and rest and come out again, all these items
will be lying on the snow again. You can do this over and over again. If
you are short of ammo or first-aid sprays, it is a good idea to stock up on
this items before proceeding ahead to the final confrontation. Besides, you
can also gain experience points and level up.   
- When you are ready, follow the single path and head out for Death
Mountain. Near the igloo-like structure, pick up 1) shot gun bullet, 2)
yellow first-aid spray, 3) grenade, 4) another yellow first-aid spray, 5)
grenade (near grass).
- Follow the path until you come to an open patch of flowers. There are
scattered items of 1) grenade, 2) green first-aid spray, 3) yellow
first-aid spray, 4) red first-aid spray, 5) shot gun bullet.
- Pick up 1) first-aid spray, 2) shot gun bullet outside the hole made by
the meteorite. Save before you enter!
- FMV of Laura in the snow again. She comes upon a single flower. Flashback
scenes again. 
- Laura faces the alien life-form from the meteorite and she sees the
conjurer encased under it. Fight it. Watch your life at all times. Although
this final boss is easy, there will be a time when your HP is reduced to 1
- Use a shot gun and shoot the middle part (just below the center eye). Any
other weapons are not effective or simply useless.   
- It pauses for a while and you continue the battle again, but this time in
darkness! Keep on shooting the middle of the screen.
- The alien is slowly taking out Laura's senses. Now, she cannot hear. FMV
of the alien weakening Laura again. 
- David's voice talks to her in the darkness and bids her goodbye.
- Go to items. Select the 'compass' and use the 'flower'. 
- Laura hears David doing something to the monster. Laura regains her sense
of sight and hearing again.
- In its final form (you can tell by the swirling background and images of
Kimberly and others), shoot the eyes with the submachine gun (+) to defeat
it quickly.
- The monster 'explodes' and a prismatic sphere envelops Laura. 
- Press 'A' button when the whole screen is white.     
- Laura teleports back to the past to Dec 31, 1999, in a library. She picks
up Kimberly's book and her locket drops to the ground. It is picked up by
David (again). They see each other for the first time and they talk. They
leave and Laura gives David a hug while the countdown to year 2000 is
flashed on a timer. This is a touching scene where she knows that David
will die (?) in the future. 
- Now you can see a replay of all the flashback FMVs (of dinosaurs,
civilization and wars etc) clearly without those interrupting flashes.
These are thought-provoking scenes for they portray the senselessness of
violence, wars, destitute and racism etc. Finally you see where these are
taking place, a picture of our planet Earth. 
- What you are going to see next are brief descriptions, data and
statistics regarding: planet earth, global human population and its
expected increase, aids and its increase, death rates, malnutrition, life's
expectancy, earth's increasing temperature, endangered species etc.   
- Credits roll. Song 'Counting the roses' by Arto Lindsay.
- After everything is over, the screen will show a date (based on your
dreamcast's internal clock setting) and show the time counting (time left
to year 2001 if your setting is the current time) or time after 2001 (if
you deliberately set your system's internal clock to after 2001 to see what
happens like what I did). 

'D' is available on both Playstation and Saturn. The protagonist is of
course Laura and she goes in search of her missing father. This is also
where the infamous locket appears. Whenever you are stuck and do not know
what to do next, simply look into the locket and it will let you gaze into
the future (where to go). However, you can only use it a few times before
it cracks. You will need to complete this game within 3 hours or you will
lose. Towards the end, Laura comes upon her father and discovers that he is
a vampire of some sort. What you do next will result in different endings.  

For those who have not played 'Enemy Zero' on the late Saturn, here's a bit
of info about this game. This game revolves around several space crew
members who are on their way back to Earth. They are transporting some
aliens back to Earth. The aliens break loose and kill off the members one
by one. These aliens are INVISIBLE and Laura and only detect them with the
aid of a hearing device. An alien who approaches Laura form different sides
will cause the device to give out different noise signals. Parker is
Kimberly's husband/lover (I cannot remember) while David is Laura's lover.
Both David and Laura are actually robots. While Parker was killed by an
alien, Kimberly killed herself next to him to join him in death. David was
also killed by an alien, but his robotic brainwaves live on in the
spaceship's computers and guides Laura out of the maze towards the last
part of the game. Cinematically, it is a great game. However, gameplay is
greatly marred by the fact that 1) you do not have maps for some labyrinths
(they can really make you go round and round in circles without realising
it), 2) saving relies on batteries, which is limited, making you think
twice before saving, 3) you have limited ammo (usually 3 shots before the
gun runs flat and you need to recharge it again for another pathetic 3
shots, 4) the enemies are invisible. I salute those who completed this game
without any game shark codes. Despite all these real tough challenges,
there are still people (I am one of them) who love WARP's games. As WARP
has mentioned that we will see the last of Laura in D2, who knows who we
might see in their future games. A grown up Jannie perhaps? 

Juggernaut (Playstation).

- GameFaq for posting this walkthrough.
- Video Game Strategies for posting this walkthrough.
- WARP for making this game. We need more of this! All Characters and D2
are copyright of WARP. 
- You for reading this walkthrough.  
- My girl J for helping me with the piano sequence. Learning the piano pays.  
- 'Saffanet' for pointing out the wrong piano key sequence. Sorry
everybody, I missed out a number in my excitement.

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