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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 GameFAQ version 1.0
By Pacdude
Content (c) 2003 Cory Anotado

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>>!) table.of.contents
>.5) updates
>>1) introduction
>>2) amature.levels
>>3) pro.levels
>>4) hardcore.levels
>>5) codes  (More soon! I promise!)
>>7) high.scores
>>8) contact.information

>>version 1.0/june 24
OK, I've added all the level walkthroughs, and I'm in the process of beating the
game over and over and over and over to get more codes, because there seems to
be a lack of codage for this game around. Also, after I watched the credits, it
seems they tell you the song names. So, now, I'm enlightened, and I figured that
y'all might wanna know what it was, too. Enjoy!

>>version .95/june 23
My first update! I've gone through all the levels up to the Skyscraper level,
and I've added a trick book with not only all the tricks, but all the hidden
freestyle trick combos you do when you grind or manual. As an added bonus, I've
added a section which shows all my highest scores. I'm really hyped to go
through this game, and I hope you enjoy my FAQ!

What the hell? Decade the bricks? WHAT BRICKS?

Have you said that to yourself while playing Dave Mirra 3? I was with ya, man. 
This game is hard. HELLA hard. So, as a service to the GameFAQs community, 
whose stuff I've used countless times to beat crap, I've decided to write a 
spiffy FAQ to beat Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 for Game Boy Advance. I'm going 
to assume you know how to move about, and use B to grind, A to bunny-hop and do
easy tricks, L to spin, and R to do harder tricks. If there's a move you need 
to know, you can either look it up yourself under Trick Book as you play the 
game, or be a lazyass about things and I'll tell it to you. A bit of note about
direction. Left is indicated by the left part of your screen, right is 
indicated as the right part of your screen. So, when I say "bottom right" I'm 
talking about making your biker go toward the bottom right part of the screen.
That's how these levels are set up. A word of suggestion: Take a practice run 
of each level before you attempt it in the ProQuest mode.

This, and the Building Site, are the only two levels open at the beginning of 
the game. Plenty of ramps, rails, and pools, as well as lines galore await you.

>>high score - 5,000             50<<
>>pro score - 10,000            150<<
G>sick trick - 1,000            100spraycan challenge            100m-i-r-r-a challenge           100trash the 3 sponsor boards     50transfer the roll-in gap      200>grind the low basement rails  100<<
>>superstar challenge           100<<

High score, pro score, and sick trick scores are easy here. Land solid tricks, 
use spins, and use the bowls. That's how I get the points.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) When you start off, there's a little platform with a quarter pipe, two 
long rails, and a ramp with a kinked rail. Start from the end of that kinked 
rail (near the bowl) and grind the rail. At the end, if you jump off, there's 
spray can number 1.
>>2) After you get that spray can, keep going to the left of the screen until 
you hit the triple set of funboxes, the middle one being the tall DC Shoes box. 
Start at the one from the top, and grind the edge facing forward. Jump at the 
end, and there's can number 2. But don't quit the combo yet...
>>3) Finish the grinding line there (small box to DC box to other small box) 
and you should get can number 3.
>>4) Now, go right, past the spine, and you'll see two funboxes that sorta look
like elongated Tetris T-blocks. You'll have to grind the top part of them and 
then finish the combo (leap to the other side) to get the 4th spray can.
>>5) This one's a toughie, but nothing anyone can't do. The can is located at 
the most top right part of the level, where the pyramid thing is in the corner. 
The problem is, it's located high above the middle of the 2 V-Ramp Rails. The 
best way to get it is to go to the top of the Bottom V-Ramp rail on the left, 
grind, and then half-way down, bunnyhop off. You should get it. If not, try 
again and again.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) The M is in the middle of the bowl immediately to your right as you start 
the level.
>>I) The I is to your slight left immediately as you start the level.
>>R) One of the R's is located at the bowl at the top of the level. To get 
there, from the bottom 	of the starting ramp, go left, then go up the ramps 
that go up, then left, then down until you see a cut-out wall with a door. 
In that room is a bowl, and in the middle of the bowl, there's an R.
>>R) After you get that first R, get down to the basement of the level. 
In the middle of the bowl in the basement, there's the 2nd R.
>>A) On the bottom wall of the basement, there's a funbox with 2 rails in an 
obvious line. Grind one (and get one of the Low Basement Rails), and finish 
the combo to get the A (and the second Low Basement Rails.)

Trash the 3 Sponsor Boards:
>>1) As soon as you start the level, one of the boards is at the top of the 
Kinked Rail Platform in front of you.
>>2) At the extreme right of the level, where the bowl is, there's another 
>>3) In the basement of the level, near where the Low Basement Rails (and the 
A in MIRRA is), there's a black Acclaim board.

Transfer the Roll-In Gap:
>> You know that large roll-in ramp where you started? Well, at the top of 
that, there's a platform, and on each side, a ramp with a rail. To transfer the
roll-in gap, all you have to do is jump over that platform without touching 
it. If it helps, gain speed by using the ramp to the left of the left platform
ramp, then do a nice, breezy trick.

Grind the Low Basement Rails:
>> In the basement, on the bottom wall, there's a funbox with 2 rails in an 
obvious line. Grind one (and get one of the MIRRA letters) to get one of the 
Low Basement Rails. Grind the other, and you got them both.

Superstar Challenge:
>> The Superstar is located above the top side of the bowl in the basement, 
right in the middle. You need to get at least 15 feet of air to get it.

Congratulations! You've finished level 1 for now! You have $1,000, which should
be plenty to power up whatever stats you want. Might I suggest speed and 
balance for now?

I think it's mandatory to have at least one Construction Site in a BMX game. 
Or maybe that's just me.

>>high score - 5,000             50<<
>>pro score - 15,000            150<<
G>sick trick - 1,500            100spraycan challenge            100m-i-r-r-a challenge           100grind the high b.n.d.          50jump the cabin gap            100>find the tools                200<<
>>superstar challenge           100<<

The Building Site has very few ramps, although there are 2 bowls to play with. 
If I were you, I'd get some grinding and 180º practice to get the sick trick 
and high score goals.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) Hold down the Down on the D-pad to not go anywhere at the beginning of 
this level. Turn 90º to the bottom, then head down-left till you see a rail 
under a platform with a lattice for a bottom. The rail is curved, and at one 
end, there's an A. Start grinding the rail from that end. Bunnyhop off at the 
end, and you've got one can.
>>2) At the edge of the bowl nearest to the bottom of the level, you'll see a
rail. Grind that rail, and you'll see a nice, neat combo just waiting to 
happen. Finish the first rail gap, and you have your 2nd can. BUT DON'T STOP!
>>3) Finish the grinding line there (slanted rail to high curved rail over gap)
and you'll get another can. How tidy.
>>4) Go back down until you see a pile of bricks and ramps. One half will take 
you up to the B.N.D rail, and that's the top half. The bottom half is where you
want to go. This will take some practice. Hop from the Starter Brick Pile's 
bottom half to the 2nd Brick Pile, and you'll bump into Can #4.
>>5) The funny thing about this game is, you can unintentionally get one goal 
when going for another. To finish the cans, and get the High B.N.D. rail, go 
back to the Starter Brick Pile and start for the top half. When you begin your 
descent, if you have enough speed, you'll get a tool and start grinding a 
big-behind rail. If you want to be aligned correctly, grind the low rail right 
before the Starter Brick Pile, and then keep on going. Don't turn, or you'll 
become pissed. After you finish grinding the B.N.D. Rail, hop onto the next 
rail straight ahead. You'll hit the 5th can. Way to go!

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) The M is in the middle of the top bowl to your left as you start the level.
>>I) The I is the middle of the other bowl!
>>R) To the right the Pit where you got the 3rd can, there's 2 sets of kickers.
them is an R.
>>R) At the top of the level, there's 2 flights of steps. At the top of the 
steps is the 2nd R.
>>A) The A is at the curved rail under the latticed platform.

Grind the High B.N.D.:
>> If you really want to know, read up on how to get the 5th spray can. 
I explained it all there. Buttmunch.

Jump the Cabin Gap:
>> The Cabin Gap is a gap between 2 of those trailers on the right side of the 
level. One of them is solo; the only way to get to it is by grinding on top of 
the crane. The other 2 are the ones you want to go for. To get there, follow 
these directions. From your starting point, do a 180º and go straight. 
(You'll have to bunnyhop over a rail.) If you run into a quarterpipe, that's 
OK. Turn up. (God bless 3/4th view...) You'll see a U-shaped rail. You want to 
grind it so that you're grinding toward the bottom of the level (facing you).
Near the end of the rail, after it kinks, you'll see a trailer. Bunnyhop on top
of it, and then hop to the other one, and you have the Cabin Gap complete. And,
as an added bonus, you'll have a tool!

Find the Tools:
>>1) A hammer is located in between the halfpipe at the top-left section of the
>>2) Above that halfpipe, there's a rail, which turns into another nice, 
neat combo. Get there, preferably by the stairs, and do that combo. You'll 
grind that high rail, then a lower rail, then a brown support rail. At the end,
there's a saw.
>>3) On your way to the B.N.D. rail, you'll pick up a pickaxe.
>>4) If you go back to the Starter Brick Pile and take the bottom half, 
you will have to jump to the 3rd Brick Pile and you'll get a wrench.
>>5) A shovel is on the first trailer of the Cabin Gap.

Superstar Challenge:
>> You know where the 4th Spray Can, and then the Wrench was? The bottom half 
of the Bricks? Well, if you go one more gap, you'll get to the Superstar. 
When you take the B.N.D. Rail, you'll see where it is.

Well, well, big shot. You've finished Amateur Ranks. Now, it's time to play 
with the big boys. Welcome to Pro Class. Back to the Skate Park!

You have $2,000 by now, minus anything you spent on stats, and I suggest that 
you blow it on a new bike. It should be worth it.

>>high score - 10,000            50<<
>>pro score - 20,000            150<<
G>sick trick - 2,000            100spraycan challenge            200m-i-r-r-a challenge           200trash the 6 sponsor boards    150cross the fun box             250>tag all the skate ramp rails  150<<
>>superstar challenge           150<<

You're getting the hang of things now. Don't forget to use that R button! 
It's a valuable tool to get big points. If you're doing the objectives in order
(like I am writing this stupid document :-)), all you have to do is the score 
objectives here to open up DownTown.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) Above the Roll-In Transfer, in line with the rails, is one of the cans.
>>2) After that, if you go to the right, there will be another can. One way is
to try and grind-and-jump, but I find if you go up the ramp leading down (as 
opposed to the other one, leading right), and then wall-tap off the wall, that 
way is easier.
>>3) After the DC Funbox set at the left side of the level, there's a long 
kinked rail heading down to the basement. Going down, after the bridge, there's
a can. After you pass the overhead thingie, near the middle of the part of the
rail heading downwards, bunnyhop to get it.
>>4) While still going down this rail, there's a short straightway before it 
goes down another set of steps. Jump off while it's still straight to get the 
4th can.
>>5) The last can is where the Superstar was before, at the top part of the 
bowl in the basement.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) The M is on the platform above the bowl in the basement. Your best bet is 
to get there from the beginning of the long HighRoad kinked rail, jumping off 
before it curves.
>>I) If you continue the grind from where you got the 4th Spray can, you'll get
the I.
>>R) One of the R's is right after the Right rail on the beginning quarterpipe 
platform dealie. Grind and jump.
>>R) The other R is in that annoying room thing near the downflight of stairs 
in the middle right part of the stage. Annoying, yes. Impossible? No.
>>A) The A is on the Pyramid in the Left Top Corner of the stage. Go up the
ramp leading down (as opposed to leading left) and wall tap to get it.

Trash the 6 Sponsor Boards:
>>1) The first Sponsor Board is located on the Quarterpipe Platform right in 
front of you as you start off.
>>2) The second Sponsor Board is on the edge of the Upstairs Pool.
>>3) The third one is near the Triple DC Funbox Set.
>>4) The fourth Board is on the funbox on the right part of the basement.
>>5) The fifth Sponsor Board is to the left of that same funbox.
>>6) The sixth and final one is in the bowl downstairs.

Cross the Fun Box:
>>1) You need to transfer over the Funbox in the right side of the basement 
twice. The first time is lengthways...
>>2) ...and the other way is width-ways. There ya go!

Tag All The Skate Ramp Rails:
>> The Skate Ramp Rails are the rails on and surrounding the Roll-In Transfer
"Pavilion," if you will. If you remember grinding on rails and getting a 
V-Ramp Rail bonus, those are the rails you have to grind. They are in a nice, 
neat line (again), so don't worry.

Superstar Challenge:
>> The Superstar this time is the upstairs bowl (the one next to where you 
started) on the top side. You'll need at least 15 feet to snag it this time.

Look at that, you're becoming a Pro now. It's only a matter of time before you 
become somebody in the BMX circuit. Go use your newly-acquired money to power 
up. Try to go for air and hangtime, or balance.

Here we go again to the mandatory construction site. Ya know, they need to 
secure their locks if they don't want trespasser punks like you... 

>>high score - 15,000            50<<
>>pro score - 30,000            150<<
G>sick trick - 2,500            100spraycan challenge            200m-i-r-r-a challenge           200decade the bricks             250do the digger grind           150>break the plates              150<<
>>superstar challenge           150<<

With this new playing of the level, you get a new section open: The Derelict 
Building. The entrance is marked by a blue spinning arrow, in the top-right 
part of the level.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) One spray can is located in front of the bulldozer in the right part of 
the level. To get to it, grind from the rail to the bulldozer. You'll get the 
spray can, and most likely the Digger Grind.
>>2) There's 2 ways to get to the rails on top of that incomplete building in 
the middle of the level. One of them is right next to where you start, and the 
other is next to the edge of the top pool. You'll want that one. Grind up that 
to the top of the incomplete building, then jump the gap. You'll get a can.
>>3) Another can is located in between the 2 trailers that make up the Cabin 
>>4) Remember how I said there are 2 ways to get to the top rails of the 
incomplete building? Well, take the 2nd way (near where you start), and then 
jump off at the end. you'll get can number four.
>>5) Do the B.N.D. Rail, then keep going forward and finish that next rail. At 
the end, bunnyhop off (but not too high), and you should get the 5th can.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) The M is on the 3rd Brick Platform in the bottom right part of the level.
>>I) The I is on the way when you get the fourth spray can. Read up on how to 
get there.
>>R) One of the Rs is on the trailer behind the bulldozer. To get up there, 
do the Digger Grind and then hop onto the trailer. The R is at your level; 
no jumping required.
>>R) The other R is on the top of the latticed platform in the bottom left 
hand of the level. There's a couple ways to get there. The best way is, at the
left of the level, there's a quarterpipe with a bunch of rails above it. Grind
the lower rail going left to get on the platform with the Superstar on it, then
drop down to get it. If, on the other hand, you miss the rail and crash on the
platform that's lower than it, you can go to the narrow part of that platform
and grind on the rail going left. You'll land right on it.
>>A) The A is at the top of the first flight of steps at the top of the level.

Decade the Bricks:
>> Since I've named them so well, you have an inkling of an idea what to do. 
To Decade, you have to hit Down + R. So, practice a bit. Then, you have to 
Decade from the Third Brick Platform to the Final Brick Platform. You will have
to use the bottom half of the platforms for this one. Watch out for the fence. 
The hardest part of this challenge is the alignment; you have to be lined up 
right. Damn 3/4th view.

Do the Digger Grind:
>> To do the Digger Grind, all you have to do is grind the bulldozer in the 
right part of the level. To get there, follow the directions of how to get the 
first spray can, but keep grinding.

Break the Plates:
>>!) All the plates are in the newly-unlocked Derelict Building. If I were you,
I'd take a whole run first to learn the layout of the Derelict Building, and 
then after that, you can go ahead and try this challenge.
>>1) Go up the stairs on the left side of the Derelict Building and into the 
room there. On the bottom part of this room, there's a little wood thingie with
a plate on it.
>>2) If you go up the quarterpipe (hold down Up on the D-pad), there's a 
dresser with another plate on it.
>>3) If you exit the room, then go up the steps, turn right. At the top you'll
see a quarterpipe with another plate on it.
>>4) Jump down to the floor below. In the room with the large Persian rug, 
there's a long dresser and a plate.
>>5) Keep going down until you run into a brick wall. Somewhere along that 
wall, there's the final plate.

Superstar Challenge:
>> The superstar is located on the platform that's higher than the latticed 
platform :-P To get there, try to grind on the lower rail directly above the 
quarterpipe that's near there. You'll have to go at an angle and at a good 
speed to grind the rail and not stall. It's in the middle of that high 
quarterpipe platform. This challenge will put a bald spot in your head, as is
mine, because of the fact that if it's not one thing (getting to the rail),
it's another (not stalling). 

You've gotten through 4 sets of challenges already. But oh, no. Don't think 
you're done yet. Now it's time for a night on the town.

Cop cars, subways... Every urban BMXers paradise. Plenty of rails to go around,
now, aren't there?

>>high score - 25,000            50<<
>>pro score - 40,000            150<<
G>sick trick - 3,000            100spraycan challenge            200m-i-r-r-a challenge           200pick up the trash             250grind the bus shelters        150>do the park transfers         150<<
>>superstar challenge           150<<

Mix up your grinds and air tricks to get the scores. Not that difficult, if you
get the hang of things. Do the first three objectives (if you're going in 
order) and you open up the next level.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) From where you start, go up the steps, then turn up. You'll see a sloped 
rail. That rail	eventually leads you to a nice, long combo which not only 
encompasses the first can, but a Mirra letter and the Bus Shelters. Do the 
whole combo to kill 3 birds with one bike.
>>2) Another can is located in the park (the fenced off area with grass and 
quarter pipes) on the funbox in the top part of the park.
>>3) The third can is located in the bottom section (not all the way down) 
where all those quarterpipes are to form a sort of bowl. Since the can is at 
the bottom part of this pavilion, above the coping, between the rails, you'll
have to grind the coping to combo onto a white rail.
>>4) Back in the park, another can in poised teasingly above the gap between 
the bottom two quarterpipes. You'll have to transfer between the 2 pipes to get
it (and one of the park transfers.)
>>5) At the top part of the level, there's a bridge. The spray can is located 
above a gap in the side walls of that bridge. Grind and jump over that gap to 
get the last spray can.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) The M is on the way when you're getting both the first spray can, an R, 
and then the Bus Shelters.
>>I) The I is in the middle of the Park, on top of the funbox.
>>R) Read M.
>>R) An R is poised high between two rails in the park. To get there you'll 
have to go up some more to the quarterpipe all the way in the bottom left part 
of the level. Go up the ramp at an angle and grind the first pole up. You 
should get it then.
>>A) The A is above the quarterpipe at the far right of the level, in line 
with a Sky Rail.

Pick Up the Trash:
>>1) There's ten of these, so bear with me. The first piece of trash (a box) 
is located straight ahead as soon as you start the level.
>>2) Another one is on the platform above the top left corner of the quasi-bowl
in the quarterpipe pavilion.
>>3) Past the subway stairs, to the left (relatively) is a flapping piece of 
>>4) In the street, past a cop car, is a bottle (DRUNKARD!).
>>5) Allll the way at the top of the level (where the street turns into 
nothingness) is a can.
>>6) From the can, head to the bridge, and at the foot of the bridge, 
there's some more paper.
>>7) On the top wall of the bridge, there's a milk carton. Grind to get it.
>>8) A little further down, on the bottom wall of the bridge, there's a can. 
Grind to get that.
>>9) At the other end of the bridge, there's another bottle (You're drinking 
during my FAQ?).
>>10) And finally, between the two quarterpipes at the right side of the level
is a milk carton (You can't wait to get messed up later... AA for you, 
I guess).

Grind the Bus Shelters:
>> The Bus Shelters are those green things that you grind when you get the M, 
and an R, and a spray can. AKA Acclaim is evil, because they're making you 
think that this game is easy...

Do the Park Transfers:
>> The Park Transfers is simply going from one quarterpipe in the park to the 
other. There's 2 sets, so this should be no problem.

Superstar Challenge:
>> Follow me carefully on this one. You know that quarterpipe you used to get 
one of the Rs? At the bottom left part of the level? Good. Grind the first rail
THE OTHER WAY, toward that wall, but jump up so you get to the platform with 
the long straight rail on it. Get on that rail (a Sky Rail), but jump off and 
do a 180º. Get some speed, grind on the Sky Rail, then jump onto the upper 
rail. Grind that for most of the way, then when you're 4/5ths done, jump off 
and walltap. You should get the Superstar.

If you're a sadist and want to make a FAQ that will test your visual thinking 
skills and literary prose, try to describe a 3/4th view BMX game. How's that 
for pain?

I like the song they used for this level. I can listen to it ad infinitum if I 
had to. Then again, making this FAQ, I actually HAVE to listen to it ad 

>>high score - 35,000            50<<
>>pro score - 50,000            150<<
G>sick trick - 3,500            100spraycan challenge            200m-i-r-r-a challenge           200trigger the detectors         150grind the signs               150>find the lost luggage         250<<
>>superstar challenge           100<<

Again, mix up your grinds and R tricks to not only upgrade them, but to make 
the score challenges.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) One of the spray cans is above the first quarterpipe that leads to the 
"Restaurants and Shops" sign.
>>2) You can get another can by grinding the long curved rail from the right, 
going left, and jumping off at the straightaway before it curves.
>>3) On the right side of the level, across from the phones, there is a kinked 
rail. Grind up the rail and hop off to get the 3rd can.
>>4) After that, if you go left, you'll see a ramp with a piece of luggage on 
it. Get the luggage, then grind the lower rail to the right. Jump off before 
it kinks down to get the fourth can.
>>5) Grind that same rail to the left and finish it, then hop off to get the 
last can.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) The M is next to the phones in the middle right edge of the level.
>>I) The I is in the top left part of the level, where the weird 3/4th bowl is.
>>R) Where the large Curved rail is is the 2nd floor of the Airport. Start up 
the last flight of stairs there, where the metal detectors are, but turn around
and grind that kinked rail. At the end, it stops, letting you transition with 
the curved rail. Jump off to get the R.
>>R) If you start at the left end of that large curved rail, and then jump off
before it curves, you can get the R.
>>A) The A is near the top right part of the level, where the ticket counter 
is. Well, further down.

Trigger the Detectors:
>> The detectors are those blocky grey things. Ride through each of them 
(there's 7 altogether) to get this goal. No big thing.

Grind the Signs:
>> The signs are those 2 blue signs on the 3rd level that say "Restaurant and 
Shops." Get from the quarterpipe to each of those signs and grind on them, and 
your objective is done.

Find the Lost Luggage:
>>1) The first piece of lost luggage is on top of the first metal detector. I 
can not tell you an easy way to get this... the best I can do is, get your 
bunnyhop stats up. I got it by wallriding, but only after 3 runs...
>>2) A briefcase is hiding next to the quarterpipe under the first Shops sign.
>>3) A skinnier briefcase is in the corner of the halfbowl next to the second 
Shops sign.
>>4) On the top part of the level, there's a ramp where you previously got a 
couple of spray cans. In the middle of that ramp dealie is another piece of 
>>5) At the left part of the ticket counter, there's a backpack. (Looks like 

Superstar Challenge:
>> Not a tough challenge per se. All the way at the top left part of the level
is a weird pipe thingie. Where you got the I. Above it is a rail. Grind that 
rail going right, and wall tap off before it curves. You will get the 

You know, this should've been BMX XXX for the GBA, but mini-boobies didn't 
quite cut it. So, here's your taste. Now, you're in the Hardcore class.

So, yeah, this will be your last trip back to the Skate Park for the rest of
this game. You know, I think you get Frequent Biker Miles for coming here so
many times...

>>high score - 50,000           100<<
>>pro score - 65,000            200<<
G>sick trick - 4,000            150spraycan challenge            250m-i-r-r-a challenge           250trash the 9 sponsor boards    250grind the basement-rail       200>take the high road            300<<
>>superstar challenge           150<<

I will tell you now: some of the crap in this level is crap that will put more
bald spots on top of your head out of anger. Have fun!

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) Listen to me carefully. Go to the spine at the top of the level. Start to
grind its coping on the left side (the side facing away from the screen) about 
half-way. Then, before you hit the fence, hold Down on the D-Pad. If Lady Luck 
is on your side, you'll land on the platform and not fall. Go forward to claim 
your first spraycan.
>>2) If, by some miracle by the grace of God, you happen to get on the platform
and get the first spray can, you must be a deity. And, you can keep going 
straight to get the 2nd spray can (and the basement rail).
>>3) On the pyramid at the top right side of the level is the third spray can. 
To get it, you should grind the rail going right (as opposed to up) then 
wall-tap off the wall.
>>4) At the top left part of the level, grind the High Road rail up there and 
hop off at the end to get that elusive fourth can.
>>5) The final can is at the end of the high slanted rail that you can only get
to by hopping off the straightaway rail on the steps.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) The M is above the fence at the lower right part of the top level. To get
there, you'll have to grind the low funbox there and hop over. Not as easy as
it sounds, due to the 3/4 view. Grrrr...
>>I) The I's on the platform above the bowl in the basement. I got there by
grinding the rail toward the wall and then wall-tapping off.
>>R) One R is on the quarterpipe platform in front of you as you start the
level. Hop from one rail to another to get it.
>>R) The other R is between the Low Basement Rails.
>>A) After getting the I, grind the High Road on the platform, then hop off to
that hovering curved rail. After that rail is the A.

Trash the 9 Sponsor Boards:
>>1) Hell yeah, there's 9 of them. As you start, go left, and there's an AKA
board right before the downramp.
>>2) Near the funbox at the bottom right side of the top part of the level, 
there's a black Acclaim board.
>>3) On the right part of the spine, near the T-shaped funboxes, is an AKA
>>4) Near the top side of the bowl is another black Acclaim board...
>>5) ...and there's another one on the left side of the bowl.
>>6) At the top of the steps where the straightaway part of the LONG rail is,
there's an AKA sign.
>>7) At the bottom right corner of the funbox is another AKA board.
>>8) At the little platform thing under the Basement Rail is an Acclaim board.
>>9) A little further up is another AKA board. Can't they have DC boards?

Grind the Basement Rail:
>> Read how you get the first spray can to learn how to get the Basement Rail.

Take the High Road:
>>1) Go to the top part of the level, where the upstairs bowl is. Grind that
>>2) ...jump off to the rail below it. Before it curves...
>>3) ...jump off and grind that rail that's on the platform above the bowl...
>>4) ...then hop off that and grind the suspended curved rail! There ya go!

Superstar Challenge:
>> The Superstar in this level is in the upstairs bowl, on the right side. You
need about 25 feet or so to get it.

You're done! Say goodbye to this level forever! Now, it's on to the Building
Site for the last time.

OK, it's been a while. When are they going to finish construction here? Besides,
what the hell are they building, anyway?

>>high score - 60,000           100<<
>>pro score - 75,000            200<<
G>sick trick - 6,000            150spraycan challenge            250m-i-r-r-a challenge           250suicide the structural wall   300tailwhip over the studwall    200>smash the electrics           250<<
>>superstar challenge           150<<

You will be needing the Derelict Building a bit more for this time around, but
not for the cans, M-I-R-R-A, or the Superstar challenge.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) One spray can is located by going up the kinked rail at the top right 
corner of the top bowl.
>>2) Go up the steps, and then to that rail combo above the half-pipe. At the 
end of the first rail in that combo is one can.
>>3) The rest of the cans are annoying placed at the whole place where the
quarterpipe is at the left part of the level. Bear with me here. OK, if you go 
from the platform up top with the quarterpipe (and an M), grind the rail on the
wall, then walltap off, you should get a spray can.
>>4) OK, again from that platform is a rail peeking out that's perfectly level 
with the floor of the platform. Grind it, and before it curves a 2nd time, jump 
off. That will be the 4th can.
>>5) The final can is at the middle of the lower ledge of the RIGHT part of that
"hallway" to get to the pipe.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) At the quarterpipe platform above the latticed platform, there's an M.
>>I) From this platform, grind the rail that's level with the floor there,
then, when the high rail ends, jump off. You'll get an I and start grinding
the lower rail.
>>R) Between the 3rd and Final Brick Platforms (bottom half) is an R.
>>R) Another R is on the rails that are above the stairs (as opposed to above
the halfpipe). It's over the gap between the 2nd and 3rd ones.
>>A) At the incomplete building, if you take the top route (where you got the
spraycan), go over the gap, but jump off before the rail curves, you'll get
the A.

Suicide the Structural Wall:
>> In this game, there's a lot of crap to Suicide, as we're going to learn.
To Suicide, you'll have to hit DownLeft, DownLeft + R. Not that hard, just
look it up in the trick book. Anywho, in the Derelict Building, if you enter,
then go straight, you'll see a black couch. Go left to the halfpipe there.
Do a Suicide over the wall, and you're done.

Tail Whip the Studwall:
>> To Tail Whip, you'll have to do DownLeft + R. Not so hard, either. Now, the
stud wall is the complete opposite of the Structural Wall. Go straight, see the
couch, but go right all the way to the quarterpipe. Tail Whip over the wall,
and your job is done.

Smash the Electrics:
>>1) Once you enter the Derelict Building, go immediatly left. On the wall is
a breaker switch. Jump on, near, or around it to smash it.
>>2) In the room at the left part of the level, above the quarterpipe, where
you got a plate before, on top of that table, is a light fixture. Jump all
around there to get it.
>>3) After that light, go up the steps. Now, on this platform, on its edge,
there is a rail with a small gap at the end of it. If you go through this gap
down, you'll smash another electric.
>>4) Once you hit landing, go to the top left part of that floor. Go up the
quarterpipe and you'll see another electric.
>>5) The last one's in a sort of odd spot. If you go to the Structural Wall,
you'll see it. Just go in the general direction and jump toward the wall. You
should get it.

Superstar Challenge:
>> To get the Superstar, you'll have to go back to that wretched quarterpipe
on the left side of the level. Grind the pole above it, but not toward the
other quarterpiped platform, but the other way, toward the rail that's higher
than it. Get onto the higher rail, then grind it the whole way and jump off at
the very last second! You'll have yourself a Supa-sta!

Construction is finished. Now, we head back downtown for a good time!

With this new incarnation, you'll be able to go where you've never been before!
Yeah, I know, these kicker lines are getting weak. Bear with me.

>>high score - 75,000           100<<
>>pro score - 90,000            250<<
G>sick trick - 8,000            200spraycan challenge            350m-i-r-r-a challenge           350crack the clock               350suicide the sidewalk gap      400>grind the sky rails           500<<
>>superstar challenge           250<<

Transit time for you! This time, the Subway is unlocked. Head toward the blue
arrow above the Subway steps to get there.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) All the spray cans are located at the extreme top right part of the level.
This may be a little difficult, but it can be done. First, you'll have to get
up there. If you go to the quarterpipe at the top right part of the level,
go up through the middle, and hit B. If you're lucky, you can grind on the rail
and get up there. Once you're up there, go right, then up to get the first can.
>>2) After that, if you go up the steps, you'll see a halfpipe below where you
are. Above the middle of the right side of the pipe is the 2nd can. Be careful
that you don't fall.
>>3) If you go up the steps, you'll see a strangely kinked rail. Grind that rail
going right, and you'll see it goes up. At the end, jump off and you'll have a
>>4) Go back up the quarterpipe and grind that great long Sky Rail. Once you're
over there, come back and jump off. You'll have can 4.
>>5) You'll have to rush big time for this one. At the end of the Super LONG Sky
Rail at the left side of the level is the final can.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) Remember that ridiculous combo to get the bus shelters? Well, do it again
this time, but you're only going to get an M.
>>I) From this platform, grind the rail that's level with the floor there,
then, when the high rail ends, jump off. You'll get an I and start grinding
the lower rail.
>>R) One of the Rs is on the LONGASS Sky Rail on the left side of the level.
It's in a blind spot, so you'll have to remember where it is the first time
you mistakenly pass it :-)
>>R) Another R is on the rails that are above the stairs (as opposed to above
the halfpipe). It's over the gap between the 2nd and 3rd ones.
>>A) At the Quarterpipe Pavilion's entrance, poised above the gap between the
rail and the quarterpipe is the A.

Crack the Clock:
>> We're going to the subway! Go down the steps marked "Subway" to head down.
There's not much here except a halfpipe. As soon as you enter, go straight,
then start to get as much air as possible. When you can get like 25 feet of air,
launch from the halfpipe to above where you entered. You should hit the wall,
and most likely crack the clock.

Suicide the Sidewalk Gap:
>> At the top right part of the level, as you know, there are 2 quarterpipes.
One of which you've used frequently to get to the rooftops. Well, if you Suicide
between the two (DownLeft, DownLeft + R), you'll finish this objective.

Grind the Sky Rails:
>> If you follow my directions to get the spray cans, you will have 2 Sky Rails
already. One is the rail above the quarterpipe, the other is the long one
suspended behind the bridge. The last one is the really long in the left side
of the level.

Superstar Challenge:
>> To get here is a bit tricky, but once you're on the rail, you're set to go.
First, go to the Super-Duper SkyRail at the Left part of the level. Grind it
all the way till you get to a white slanted rooftop. Stop on there (CAREFULLY!)
and then go up to the white rail. Grind it, then jump off and grind the beige
ledge, then go on to grind the long white rail. At the end is the superstar.

All this downtown and no cops busting you? I'm impressed. Let's fly away!

Okei dokie! Now, we've opened up the Travelator. I don't know what quite the
hell it is, but it seems to be a long hallway with TVs at the end.

>>high score - 85,000           150<<
>>pro score - 120,000           250<<
G>sick trick - 10,000           200spraycan challenge            350m-i-r-r-a challenge           350smash the monitors            350find the travel documents     500>suicide the triple            400<<
>>superstar challenge           250<<

OK, now, the scores are heading into 6 digits. If you can't get 90,000 within
100 seconds, I suggest you practice a bit before starting.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) As you start, there's a spray can in transition from one yellow rail to
>>2) ...and if you finish the combo, there will be another one.
>>3) Above the 2nd set of metal detectors is another spray can. Wall tap off the
wall facing the darkness (OMG! There's a wall?) to get it.
>>4) Above the middle of the second Shops sign is a can.
>>5) At the left end of the long curved rail is another can. What does this 
mean? Start grinding from the right side and jump off to get it!

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) Near the R on the 3rd level is the M. Grind the right part of the long 
curved rail and jump off before it curves to get it.
>>I) To get this deceivingly difficult letter, just grind on the rail at the 
right side of the level that's level with the metal detectors, then actually go
on top of the level detectors, then hop off for a big jump and an I.
>>R) One R is located off the coping of the halfbowl on the 3rd level of the
Airport. Grind and bunnyhop to get it.
>>R) On the rails at the right side of the level, if you start to grind them up
and then walltap off before it curves, you'll get the A, and after the A, going
down, walltap off the sign and go back and bunnyhop to get the R.
>>A) See the 2nd R.

Smash the Monitors:
>> There are 5 Monitors to smash, but they're not really spaced apart. If you
enter the Travelator (what kind of name is that?), go all the way to end of
this large, filled-with-obvious-lines hallway. You'll see 2 large quarterpipes.
Go up them and you'll see the monitors. Hit all of them, and you're done with
this weird hallway forever.

Find the Travel Documents:
>>!) This is a lengthy, time-consuming challenge. If I were you, I'd set aside
a separate run to do this. And, if I screw up, I'd just start over. Also, the 
key to all of these is speed: Don't have too much, but don't be crawling.
>>1) It's time to test your grinding skills. Go to the right side of the level
and do what you would do to get the R. Instead of walltapping, keep going until
you see 2 parallel rails. Quickly, now, hop from the bottom one to the top one
and grind. If you can't, get your bunnyhop stats up! After you get to the top
parallel rail, quickly jump to the ledge in front of you and grind it. At the
end of all this, you'll have your tickets.
>>2) Well, since you're already at the odd bowl thingie, go up and grind the 
rail above the ramp. Keep going, and when you get to the parallel rails, go up 
again. Keep on grinding up, and you'll get your passport.
>>3) Keep going around the bend, and then grind the window ledges. The gap from
the first one to the 2nd one is long, so wait till the very last moment to hop
off. Grind the 2nd ledge, and you're good to go.

Suicide the Triple:
>> A relatively easy task given what you've had to do already. Next to where you
start is a set of 3 spines. Do Suicides (DownLeft, DownLeft + R) over 2 of them,
and you're done. Why they make you do two instead of three is not my business.

Superstar Challenge:
>> This will feel vaguely reminiscent of getting the third travel document. Do
exactly the same thing, except try to get speed. More speed than the Document
challenge. You'll need it. The best way to get it is, on the rail above the
quarterpipe dealie, wall tap on each end 5 or so times then continue. Go 
through the whole deal of the rails, then the ledge, and if you have enough
speed, you should get your Superstar. I think there's enough time for you to
do it again if you don't have enough speed the first time, twice if you screw up
somewhere in the middle.

Amidst all the overpriced food and smelly bathrooms, you've finished the Airport
level. Now, we go to a new level, the Port.

This song is extremely annoying. I hope it never comes up in another level ever
again. ;-)

>>high score - 130,000          200<<
>>pro score - 150,000           300<<
G>sick trick - 15,000           250spraycan challenge            400m-i-r-r-a challenge           400no-hand the port transfers    450do the crane ride             400>smash the sirens              550<<
>>superstar challenge           300<<

By this time, get a new bike or 2 or get your stats up. I surely hope you know
how to get 6 digit scores.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) At the right middle bottom side of the level is a set of two medium-high
rails, and between them is a spray can. Grind it from the top going down,
>>2) ...if you then grind on the cargo box thing to the end from there, you'll
get another spray can.
>>3) At the quarterpipe below the flat cargo box with a rail on it in the middle
of the level, at about 15 feet up, is another can.
>>4) For the last two cans, you'll have to go up the steps. Go up by grinding
the rail. By grinding the rail, you assure yourself alignment. Go over the first
gap by using the kicker, but for the 2nd kicker, go in the middle of the kicker.
Hop over, and you have number 4.
>>5) After you land, immediately stop and then grind the rail going back. The
rail kinks up, then you'll jump off. You're done!

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) As you begin, the M is in the gap between the 2 slanted rail dealies.
>>I) The I is on the opposite quarterpipe from where you got the 3rd spray can.
>>R) At the little spot near the first floor top of the level, where all those
sirens are, between the 2nd and 3rd quarterpipe is an R.
>>R) The last R should be the last letter you get, because once you know where
the first four are, you can get them all in less than a minute. Now, go all the
way upstairs, jump both gaps until you're at a straightaway. Grind on the rail
going toward the bottom of the level all the way, then hop off and grind the
rail on the crane (the first rail in the Crane Ride). Jump off, and you have the
last R. Finish the grind to get the Crane Ride.
>>A) At the bottom of the level, there's a three-set of cargo boxes (green-red-
green), a gap, and then another red cargo box. Grind the edge of the three-set,
then jump over the gap to get the A.

No-Hand the Port Transfers:
>> You've probably done a No-Hander without knowing the button combination. It's
really as simple as it can be. It's Up+A. Now, knowing this, go to the extreme
bottom right part of the level. If you see a protruding pattern of red and green
cargo boxes, hop on top of that and keep going. All the way down is a group of
quarterpipes, fancifully set up with Dave Mirra graffiti. Now, you'll see 2
gaps, close to one another. No-Hand them and you're done.

Do the Crane ride:
>> The best way to do this is to read how you get the second R in this level.

Smash the Sirens:
>>1) If you go to the top left hand part of the level, you'll see 3
quarterpipes. The one at the top left part has a siren on top of it...
>>2) does the one in the middle...
>>3) does the one on the right.
>>4) In this same part of the level, you'll see a set of kickers facing a
quarterpipe. On top of the quarterpipe is the 4th siren.
>>5) In the running for Most Randomly Placed Object to Smash in an Extreme 
Sports game, the fifth siren is all the way on the crane. Get there as you would
to get the R, but instead of grinding, stay on the straightaway, near the fence.
Jump off and go on the crane to get the 5th siren.

Superstar Challenge:
>> After examining all the options, I've figured that this method should get you
the Star. Take the Crane Ride, but before the 2nd rail curves, jump off. Don't
wall tap. You will be on this tiny little platform. Go up a bit, and you've got
your star.

You've just earned a one-way ticket into a tanker for some biking and potato-

This level is easy. Plain and simple. No real challenges here, except for one

>>high score - 140,000          200<<
>>pro score - 200,000           300<<
G>sick trick - 30,000           250spraycan challenge            400m-i-r-r-a challenge           400nothing the vert transfers    450grind the engine room rails   400>break the crates              550<<
>>superstar challenge           250<<

If you want to do the score challenges, might I suggest taking a run to shred
the bowls near the top of the level?

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) At the first bowl you come to near the top of the level, on the bottom side
about 25 feet up is the first can.
>>2) From there, if you go to the right side, you'll see a medium-high rail that
combos into a steel looking funbox. Grind the funbox, jump the gap, and you'll
get another can.
>>3) At the right edge of the first bowl you came to, there's a rail that 
kinks up. Grind it, then hop off to get one of the Engine Rails. Finish the rail
and jump off to get can number 3.
>>4) In the middle left side of the level, you'll see 2 quarterpipes separated
by a protruding platform. Above the right quarterpipe is a rail. Grind the rail
going left and jump off to get number 4.
>>5) If you grind the same rail you grinded (ground?) to get can number 4 the
other way, you'll see a nice, neat rail set. Grind it all the way (around the
corner) to get the last can.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) As you begin, the M is in the gap between the 2 slanted rail dealies. 
(Does that sound familiar? Same instruction as the Port. Still applies.)
>>I) From where you started, at the bottom of the level, if you go to your left,
you'll go down a ramp. But, look closer, and you'll see that you can get to
a higher level. Get up to that platform on the left. Turn around, then go up
the ramp there. Grind the rail so you can get alignment, and then go up the
quarterpipe to get the I. (While you're there, get that crate.)
>>R) Make it easy for yourself. While you're up on this platform to get the I,
turn around and grind the obvious rail combo. At the end, there's one R. You
can also get it by going up the quarterpipe below it and grinding on the rail.
But, like I said, make it easy for yourself.
>>R) At the left edge of the first bowl you come to, there's a up-kinked rail.
Grind it, then grind the Engine Rail, then hop off to get the R.
>>A) At the top left side of the level, before the ramp with the rail, is a pair
of funboxes. Grind the left side of the top funbox, then jump off and finish the
combo to get the A.

Nothing the Vert Transfers:
>> There's 2 sets of 2 quarterpipes in this level. One of them is on the left
side of the level, separated by a protruding platform. The other is at the top
of the level. All you have to do is transfer from one quarterpipe to the other
while doing a Nothing (Down, Up + R). I suggest you do the ones at the top first
because I think there's a glitch where it won't recognize that you did the top
quarterpipes if you've done the ones on the left first.

Grind The Engine Room Rails:
>> There are 5 rails in the middle of the level. 4 of them are on either side of
the long black kinked rail. Grind those 4, then the long black kinked rail, to
get this objective.

Break the Crates:
>>1) As you start the level, go right. You'll see crate number 1.
>>2) Do what you did to get the I in this level to get the 2nd crate.
>>3) At the foot of the ramps you started on, on the left, is another crate.
>>4) Directly across from it, on the right, is the 4th crate.
>>5) If you go straight from that crate, near the right edge of the first bowl
is another crate.
>>6) Again, almost directly across from the 5th crate, on the left side of the
level is the 6th crate.
>>7) On the protruding platform between the quarterpipes to your left is the
7th crate. To get it, I would grind the coping then stop (hold Down on the D-Pad
quickly!) then manoeuvre to get the crate.
>>8) On the right side of the 2nd bowl, between the 2 kicker sets, is the 8th
>>9) In the platform between the 2 bowls is the 9th crate.
>>10) Competing with the 5th siren in the port for Most Randomly Placed Item to
Smash in an Extreme Sports Game, here's how you get the 10th crate. You'll need
speed for this one. Grind the rail above the 2nd quarterpipe next to the
protruding platform to the right. Then, get your speed up, as fast as you can, 
then hop on the tiny rail, then the curved rail, then the long rail. If you're
going fast enough, wall tap off and hit B. You should make it to the higher rail
and start grinding it. Land on the platform to get the tenth crate. If there's
time, grind that higher rail the other way to get the Superstar.

Superstar Challenge:
>> I just explained this. Read how to get the tenth crate to get this.

After this level, I'm sort of hungry. Anyone for Chinese?

Now the antes are upped. Harder stuff, more vague challenges... interesting
stuff. Then again, you ARE hardcore. This should be no problem.

>>high score - 210,000          300<<
>>pro score - 350,000           400<<
G>sick trick - 65,000           350spraycan challenge            600m-i-r-r-a challenge           600enter the dragon              550way of the dragon             450>find your fortune             900<<
>>superstar challenge           450<<

If you find yourself frustrated, here's the cheater's way to 350,000. If you 
have a big combo off a vert ramp, before you hit the coping, hit B. You'll start
a stall. Then, keep hitting L rapidly. You'll get nice, neat multipliers.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>1) At the extreme bottom left of the level (street level), you'll see 2
quarterpipes. Next to those, in front of a building, is a kicker. Go on that
kicker to the rail above it. At the end of the rail is the first can.
>>2) Back to those quarterpipes. Above them is a rail. Get on that rail and
grind it. At the end is a kicker. Go off the kicker and you'll get the 2nd can
and a rail. 
>>3) At the top of the level is a bowl. On the left side of the bowl is a
up-kinked rail and 2 parallel rails. Get on that top parallel rail, and at the
end is another spray can.
>>4) The rails on the near-bottom right side of the level lead to the front of
the pagoda where you started. In the middle rail, above it, is a spray can.
You'll need some quick reflexes, but you can do it! Keep this combo going,
>>5) ...because a little further on is the last spray can.
>>!) Go in this order. Because of the immense size of this level, you'll need
to get everything PERFECT to get it all in one run.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) Do what you did when you got the 4th spray can, because you'll get the M,
>>I) ...and, if you jump off of the rail after you get the M before it kinks,
you can get the I, too.
>>R) In the Dragon Plaza, on the left side is a quarterpipe with a rail above
it. Grind that rail. At the end is an R.
>>R) At the top right part of the level, before the pagoda, there's a medium-
high rail that transfers to a high curved rail. Take that rail to get the 2nd
>>A) At the top left part of the level, there's a long, curved rail. Take that
rail and go on top of the pagoda to get the A.

Enter the Dragon:
>> The difficulty of this is finding out what the hell "Enter the Dragon" means.
Grind the dragon in the Dragon Plaza. Plain and simple.

Way of the Dragon:
>> Another hard challenge because you have to find out where the hell the Way of
the Dragon is. Well, there's 2 sets of kickers on each side of the dragon in the
Dragon Plaza. Transfer from one to the other, and you're done.

Find your Fortune:
>>!) Another deceptively difficult objective. It's basically just getting the
10 fortune cookies scattered throughout the level.
>>1) On the right side of the dragon is one cookie.
>>2) Inside the bowl in the middle of the level is the 2nd cookie.
>>3) On street level to the left of the bowl, there's a rail, then a kicker,
then a rail with some Chinese Lanterns hanging on it, then another kicker, then
a curved rail. Take that combo to get one fortune cookie after the first
>>4) ...and after the 2nd kicker...
>>5) ...and at the end of the curved rail.
>>6) On the right side of the front of the Pagoda at the top of the level is
yet another cookie.
>>7) In the pagoda up here, on the floor in the right side is a cookie.
>>8) At the top of the Pagoda Pavilion here, there are 2 rails. Between them
is cookie number 8.
>>9) In the bowl itself is cookie 9...
>>10) Then, if you take the medium rail on the right side to the high curved
rail in front of the top Pagoda, between that rail and the high rail in the 
middle is the last cookie.

Superstar Challenge:
>> After you get the 2nd spray can, finish the combo, hopping on the higher red
rail on the wall. If you have enough speed, you should be able to wall-tap off
the fence and get the superstar.

PHEW! We are done with Chinatown. This was not a hard level, now, was it? Now,
it looks like we've opened up the elegant-looking Sky Scraper level! Save your
game, 'cause this is the home stretch! Up your stats, buy the best bike you can,
cause it's GO TIME!


>>high score - 450,000          300<<
>>pro score - 500,000           400<<
G>sick trick - 125,000          350spraycan challenge            600m-i-r-r-a challenge           600lookdown the vert transfers   550find the hard hats            900>13th floor elevator           450<<
>>superstar challenge           450<<

This is the expert level. You need to do everything in this level FLAWLESS to
get anything here. You need to do manic tricks with no bailing. Go! Now! The
first objective you need to do, besides the scores, is the 13th Floor Elevator
challenge, because once you master it, you're good to go.

The 5 Spray Cans:
>>!) Do the cans in this order. It will save you a lot of trouble.
>>1) At the left top corner of the bottom of the ground floor, past the dozers,
is a quarterpipe with a rail above it. Go on that rail, because at the end is a 
gap to another rail, and between them, a can. It's a low can, so you'll have to 
jump early and not grind on the rail that ends the combo.
>>2) The first rail you grind to get up to the 13th Floor Elevator rails, above
the quarterpipe is the next rail you'd use. Grind that, but don't jump off, 
because at the end of the rail is another can.
>>3) After the long beam you grind on to get up to the 13th Floor rails, there's
another can. But keep going up!
>>4) Now, once you get up past the curve in the last rail before the roof, you
will have to hop up to the rail above it and grind it (your stats are up...
right?), then grind the rail after it, then wall tap before it curves, and go 
back, then, about a second before the rail ends, jump off. You'll make it to 
the next rooftop. Stop immediately, hit L to turn around, then speed up and jump
to get the 4th spraycan, then hit grind, in hopes that you land on a beam.
>>5) If lady luck is your whore, then you'll be on a rail. Go back up to where
you just were, and at the top left side is, there's a quarterpipe with a rail
above it. Grind it going right, and it'll curve. At the end of the rail is the
last can. Jump, and you're done. If you were like me, you'll have about 15 to
10 seconds to spare.

The M-I-R-R-A Letters:
>>M) As soon as you start, go up right, and between the two quarterpipes is the
>>I) On the 2nd Rooftop, right near the rail at the top of the level is the I.
>>R) Get up the scraper via the 13th Floor rails. At the last slanted rail, it
curves and becomes parallel with rails above it. Immediately jump onto the rail
above it, then hop the gap to get the R. Walltap off and come back to get to the
other rooftop.
>>R) At the bottom right part of the 2nd rooftop is a curved rail. Careful not
to overjump it. Grind it, and if you hop a second before the ledge, you should
get the R. If you don't, finish the rail, then stop, 180, and come back to get
>>A) On the ground level, grind the coping of the quarterpipe to the right of
where you got the M. Hop off at the end to get the A.
>>!) You should get the letters in this order: M, A, 1st R, I, 2nd R.

Look-Down the Vert Transfers:
>> This should be a no-brainer by now. There are 3 Vert Transfers on the ground
floor of this level. Find them and do a Look-Down (Left + R) on each.

Find the Hard Hats:
>>!) Here's the one that will slowly curl your spine. First thing you need to do
is know this: the bulldozers are actually cleverly masked platforms and rails.
The bottom one, especially. You should find where these platforms are, and then
perfect getting to them. If you jump on them, hit B to grind, and if you stall,
then hop and stop. You should keep experimenting like this to find out the best
way to get there. I will not tell you how to get the hats; that's too sadistic,
even for me. I can tell you, however, in what order to get them to make your 
life easy.
>>1) On the spine at the top of the bottom part of the ground level is one.
>>2) On top of the bottom bulldozer is another one.
>>3) On the top of the other bulldozer is one.
>>4) On top of the corner quarterpipe on the right side, just up from where you
are is the 4th hat.
>>5) On the way up via the 13th Floor Rails is another hat.
>>6) In the bowl on the first rooftop is another hat.
>>7) On the hoisted cube of beams just off the bottom of the rooftop is another
>>8) On the 2nd rooftop, on the bottom, there's a beam with another hat on it.
>>9) Drop down from the rooftop, and you'll most likely miss where you want to
go, but deal, and underneath the steps is another hat.
>>10) HOME STRETCH! You have about 20 seconds, if it's a good run. Crank it. Go
up the rail and hop off, and if you have enough speed, you'll hit the rail on
the steps. As soon as you're up, turn left, and the last hat is there. Manual if
you can't get there in time to keep your chances up!

13th Floor Elevator:
>> Follow the directions exactly to get this objective. First, there's a rail 
above the quarterpipe to the right of where the M is. Grind that, then hop off
before it curves. Then, you'll see another rail that curves left. Grind that,
and it will give you a prime location to combo onto the beam. Grind the beam,
then combo to the long beam (stop grinding for a sec to get some speed), then 
grind the shorter beam above it, then the curved rail. That will curve up to
a large cube made of beams. Wall tap the cube, then grind on the rail below you.
It'll curve, and you'll see another rail. Grind that rail, but hop quick and 
grind the flat rail at the end. See, this rail is slanted, and it's more than 
likely that you won't have enough speed if you don't jump. After this, quickly
jump to the last slanted, then curved rail, and you are done, and you are on the
rooftops. Do what I did first time I got up here: Practice, practice, practice.
You should be able to get up here PERFECTLY if you want to do this level.
I tell you what.

Superstar Challenge:
>> Relatively simple challenge. The only thing you need, is speed. You can only
attempt this twice in a run, due to the time, but I suggest if you miss, just
retry. OK, head over to the 2nd Rooftop. At the top left corner of the rooftop
is a quarterpipe with a rail above it. Get a LOT of speed and grind that rail,
then combo to the next, then make a giant leap of faith to get the star. You'll
need a lot of speed. Lot of speed. Lots o' speed. Speed-a-plenty. Get the idea?

Congratulations! You have just completed Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3! "You are
the new world champion! Thanks for playing!" You will be treated to a wonderful
little ending cinema of some killer runs, and credits, and, if it's your first
time beating the game, a code! Each subsequent time, you'll get more witty
things. I've beaten it thrice already, and I got a "Roxors" in there. I figure
it pays to watch each time you beat the game, because there might be some codes
in there. I'm not sure quite yet. Well, keep reading for the Trick Book, my
high scores, and contact information.

Do these at the title screen.

>> R, R, L, L, B, B, L, R - Unlocks Metal and Flash, 2 Create-a-Player slots
with full stats!
>> Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, B, R - Tiny Riders mode!

I believe that all the tricks, sans the signatures, are the same for every
rider. If I am incorrect, e-mail me, and I'll change. I promise.

>>single.face.button.tricks      >>multi.face.button.tricks
No Hander (Up + A)               TableTop No Hander (Up, Up + A)
No Footer (Down + A)             TableTop Seat Grab (Up, UpRight + A)
Bar Spin (Right + A)             Superman Seat Grab (UpRight, UpRight + A)
Kick Out (DownRight + A)         Superman BarTurn (UpRight, Right + A)
Rocket Air (DownRight + A)       Superman Foot Grab (UpRight, DownRight + A)
Cross Up (Left + A)              Can Can Bar Turn (Right, Right + A)
Seat Grab (UpRight + A)          Candy Bar No Hanger (DownLeft, Up + A)
Front Peg Grab (UpLeft + A)      Candy Bar Seat Grab (DownLeft, UpRight + A)
Superman (UpRight + R)           Look Down Seat Grab (Left, UpRight + A)
Toboggan (UpLeft + R)            Look Down No Footer (Left, Down + A)
Candy Bar (DownLeft + R)         Look Down No Hanger (Left, Up + A)
Tail Whip (DownRight + R)        One Foot Seat Grab (Down, UpRight + A)
Can-Can (Right + R)              One Foot Cross Up (Down, Left + A)
Decade (Down + R)                One Foot No Hander (Down, Up + A)
Look Down (Left + R)             One Foot Bar Spin (Down, Right + A)
Table Top (Up + R)               Rocket Air Seat Grab (DownRight, Upright + A)
                                 One Hand No Footer (UpLeft, Up + A)
>>grinds                         One Hand Seat Grab (UpLeft, UpRight + A)
50-50 (B)                        Pendulum Air (Up, Up + R)
Tooth Pick (Up + B)              Heel Kick (DownRight, Left + R)
Ice Pick (Down + B)              Suicide (DownRight, DownRight + R)
                                 Big Wednesday (UpLeft, Up + R)
>>manuals                        Superman Indian (UpRight, Right + R)
Front Manual (Bunnyhop, Down, Up)Superman Decade (UpRight, Down + R)
Rear Manual (Bunnyhop, Up, Down) Can-Can Table Top (Right, Up + R)
                                 Can-Can Look Down (Right, Left + R)
                                 Nothing (Down, Up + R)
                                 Candy Bar Table Top (DownLeft, Up + R)
                                 Candy Bar Look Down (DownLeft, Left + R)
                                 Christmas Tree (Left, Up + R)
                                 Superman Table Top (UpRight, Up + R)
                                 Superman Tailwhip (UpRight, DownRight + R)

Dave Mirra (UpRight, Left, DownRight + R)
Ryan Nyquist (Right, DownLeft, Up + R)
Colin Mackay (DownRight, UpLeft, Down + R)
Mike Laird (DownRight, DownRight, Up + R)
John Englebert (Right, UpLeft, UpRight + R)

>>!) All the hidden combos are in order from a starting grind or manual.

50-50 No Footer (Up or Down, B after 50-50)
Hang Five (Up or Down, B after 50-50 No Footer)
Gut Lever (Up or Down, B after Hang Five)
Bar Hop (Up or Down, B after Gut Lever)
Standing Bar Ride (Up or Down, B after Bar Hop)
Reverse Bar Ride (Up or Down, B after Standing Bar Ride)

Tooth Pick Peg Stand (Up or Down, B after Tooth Pick)
Suicide (Up or Down, B after Tooth Pick Peg Stand)
Tooth Pick Seat Grab (Up or Down, B after Suicide)
Funky Chicken (Up or Down, B after Tooth Pick Seat Grab)
Elbow Glide (Up or Down, B after Funky Chicken)
Hitch Hiker (Up or Down, B after Elbow Glide)

Ice Pick Bar Spin (Up or Down, B after Ice Pick)
Ice Pick No Footer (Up or Down, B after Ice Pick Bar Spin)
Reverse Bar Ride (Up or Down, B after Ice Pick No Footer)
Cherry Picker (Up or Down, B after Reverse Bar Ride)
Side Squeaks (Up or Down, B after Cherry Picker)
Naughty but Nice (Up or Down, B after Side Squeaks)

Dork Wheelie (Up or Down, B after Rear Manual)
Cow Manoeuvre (Up or Down, B after Dork Wheelie)
Elbow Glide (Up or Down, B after Cow Manoeuvre)
E-Squeek (Up or Down, B after Elbow Glide)
Forward Rope-a-Roni (Up or Down, B after E-Squeek)
Lawnmower (Up or Down, B after Forward Rope-a-Roni)
Reverse Bar Ride (Up or Down, B after Lawnmower)

Front Manual Peg Stand (Up or Down, B after Front Manual)
Gut Lever (Up or Down, B after Front Manual Peg Stand)
Junkyard (Up or Down, B after Gut Lever)
Karl Cruiser (Up or Down, B after Junkyard)
Steam Roller (Up or Down, B after Karl Cruiser)
Half Cab Pinky Squeek (Up or Down, B after Steam Roller)
Flail Boomerang (Up or Down, B after Half Cab Pinky Squeek)
Miami Hopper (Up or Down, B after Flail Boomerang)

If I've missed anything, it's because I have no sense of balance.

>>skate.park     [139,191]     Yeah, I haven't played this level much, so my
                               high score isn't all that high.
>>  [279,478]     Not bad, but it could be better.
>>downtown       [294,755]     It's a decent score, and decently can be
                               improved upon.
>>airport        [225,879]     Not a good score, seeings as how the Airport is,
                               hands down, my most favorite level.
>>port           [772,796]     I'm proud of that score. Manic, rushed conditions
                               from when I was playing prompted that high score.
>>tanker         [229,938]     Seeings as I only used the bowl for that score,
                               it's OK.
>>chinatown      [361,643]     Bowls and quarterpipes are your friend.
>>sky.scraper    [542,912]     That score was out of complete necessity for
                               achieving the goal.

If you have a high score, e-mail me the level, the score, and I'll start up a
Reader's Scores section.

Tell me to get off my lazy ass, or give me some codes, or whatever...

AIM: ParanoiaCleanMix
YahooIM: pacdude_dot_com
MSNM: [email protected]
MECA: pacdude
e-mail: [email protected]

Don't IM me stuff like "WHAZZUP?" or "L33T" because I will first laugh at you, 
then promptly block you. Tanka.

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