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Created 09/25/00

Write by Jean Fariña aka Kaiser_IV   

E-MAIL: [email protected]



1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. General
   3.1. Menu
   3.2. Controls
   3.3. Gameplay
   3.4. Characters
4. Walkthrough Chapter 1
5. Walkthrough Chapter 2
6. Moves
7. Items
8. Anime story
9. Legal Notice


1. Introduction*

Devilman game released by Bandai, what a surprise huh, i know that Bandai release most of 
the Anime based games but i never expected to see Devilman, and whats more important, the
game is actualy good, not a master piece but great for any Devilman anime fan.

So i though what a best chance to make a faq, anyway this is my first faq so don`t expect
any master piece, i will be more than glad to receive any suggestions, corrections, 
questions, etc, just contact me by E-Mail ([email protected]) and i will answer any
question related to devilman game.


2. Updates*

- 09/25/00 First faq attemp, done in 5 minutes ;)

- 09/25/00 Faq V0.2 Second attemp, this time with a better design.

- 09/27/00 I started to play the game again, this time on psx Emulator more info added, 
           Faq V0.3
- 09/28/00 I finished the first chapter, full Walkthrough, Faq v0.4

3. General*

3.1. Menu

Well here is the options menu of the game, some of options don`t need any explanation.

OPTIONS--> Difficulty easy/normal
           Vibration on/off
           Audio Stereo/mono
           Control Descriptions

3.2. Controls

If will put the controls of the two modes (human and demon)


Square     : Item button/Action button can be used to opens door, take items.
circle     : Slow walk, usefull to walk in dangerous places.
triangle   : knee walk, just like a baby, can be used to walk in small places.
X          : Jump, no explanations needed.
L1         : fast turn around.
L2         :
R1         : Hold it to run, while u move the pad.
R2         :
Select     : Game menu, here u can select items.
Start      : Pause + Vibration option can be used to skip some cinemas.
Tap leftx2 : Fast move to left, looks like a small jump, usefull to dogge enemy attacks.
Tap rightx2: Fast move to right, looks like a small jump, usefull to dogge enemy attacks.
Tap Downx2 : Fast move to backward, looks like a small jump, usefull to dogge enemy attacks.

3.3. Gameplay status

Well playing with character in Human form there are two energy bars:

HP  : This is your life, can be regenerated if u got a full Stamina bar and u

ST  : Stamina, when u run or do some other actions, it will decrease, finally u won´t
      be able to run. It will increase if u don`t run,climb.

3.4. Characters

Akira fudo : the protagonist, he is Devilman aka the result of Akira + Amon.
Ryo        : friend of akira, his father discovered that the demons where alive.

4. Walkthrough Chapter 1*

Tip: Don`t worry to much about saving medic packs, u won`t use them in chapter 2.
     u only got 10 continues, and is better to save them when fighting bosses.

Floor 1:   

Items: - RED Medic Pack

First than all select new game and prepare yourself for RUNNING!! u start chapter 1, after 
a lots of real time generated videos, u will appear in a room, here u can take a medic pack
that is on the left, then walk out of the room, and go to left (there is a door if u walk
to front but u need a key), keep walking until your character stop and scream something, 
then go on until the first demon appear, a Real time cinema will appear, u will see Ryo
shooting the demon with a shoot gun and your character will go down stairs. 

Floor 2:

Items: -  RED Medic pack
       -  Stamina 
       -  GREEN Medic pack
       -  Big Red medic pack
       -  Map
       -  Key

U will see a door next to you, enter and get a Medic pack and a Stamina restore item that
is under a table, knee to get it. This is a SAVE room which is very important, u can save
all the times u want. Go out of room by the door next to Save, walk until a spider web and
enter the door, take the items, push a barrel to take the map and leave the room by the door 
next to the barrel, u will see a small real time cinema, after that u need to go across the
hole in the ground, u can go jump and climb to the other side, or just walk by the left and 
follow the path, use the map, once u are in the other side enter to a room, not the one a 
big door, take the item, and leave the room, enter the big door here starts the fun, a big
demon spider will appear, so run for your life!! check the map and go to the first room, take
items, keep running until u find a small passage with a stamina, go throught it and enter the 
room and leave it by the other door, run and enter a room with a SAVE, thanks god ;), move the
box to reveal a way, go through it dogde the spider and enter the room take the items, here u
find a key, go back all the way :(, go to stairs and go the locked room, use the key, the room
go to the machine with a control panel, use it, choose A then B, the spider will enter the room
but it will go to hit the machine that`s vibrating, run a push the barrel that is on the floor
and BOOM u can leave the rom by the door that was blocked,(maybe u can do this in other order)
just walk, map is not usefull anymore, u will find some items and a save right to a statue, go
the door, u will be in a passage, jump the spider web of floor, climb the others, enter to a 
door take the items, leave by the other door and u will be in the outside run until a Real time
cinema will appear showing a cat, after the cinema enter the door right to u, another cinema,
a giant demon worm will appear of the ground, run and jump over the holes take the item, avoid
the worm (sounds easy ;) go to stairs

Floor 1 again

Items: -Key
       -Medic packs

Up stairs, enter to room, SAVE. Leave it, a demon will appear behind u, RUN!! and keep move 
to left right to avoid his attacks, u will reach a door, enter there, go to the next door
and SAVE and take a KEY, leave the room by the other door and u will find a Demon head, the
one u saw on Real Time cinema before, Action button on it, another cinema, leave the room, 
and go to main hallway, the place where is the door u arrived after being pursued by the demon,
walk to left, i think u already noticed that u were here at the begging of the game, u will 
a find a door that was previusly locked, open it, there u will find some items and other KEY, 
now go to the door that u diden`t were able to open before, throught the room  u started the 
game, cuz the way is blocked, open the door dummy ;) now u are in a dark blue passage walk a
cinema will appear, the demon will throw u some broken glases, run and avoid them go to the door
take the items, u will hear the cat again, take the map and key, open the locked door, SAVE ;)
then leave by the locked door,a small cinema will show Ryo running, go to left and another 
cinema will show that the spider asimileted the cat, i hope u got a lot of stamina, u will need
it, here there are 7 stairs in 2F map should looks like this:

            --------------------------    2F    I put a numer to each stair:
	    |   3 |  4  | 6   |   7  |@
	    |	  |  5  |     |      |*
            |	2 |	|     |      |*
	    |	  |	|   1 |	     |*

If u need a Big Red Medic pack go to down stairs 2, stamina too. every time that the spider is
goin to catch u, go through stairs. all the 1F is with items.

To get out go to stair 7, then u will be on 1F, go to stair 1, now u will be on 2F, go by the
way that reachs to @ and u are done. When u are about to reach @ a cinema will show u how Ryo 
kills the spider, after that keep the way until u find Ryo, after all the cinema go up and get
2 items, go up then to left and get the map that is on the floor then SAVE. U will see a broken
stair, go under it and get a Item (i dunno what is this, maybe some transistor), go back where 
ryo is, go down to the end, then left and then up (the demon fear the lights) then Right, down
now u should be in place where are lots of boxes, check there and u will find a item(transistor)
after that go all the way down, then to left, follow the way until u find a way to go down
go down and SAVE, Go down until u find that the road is broken, climb keep the way until u find
a door, there is some kind of demon on the room, go right and jump to a rock that is on the 
water and climb  go up, then to right until u see a Stamina on the floor, climb again and go up
to the end, climb again and go left until u reach a door, enter and SAVE, u will be in a small
room go up to a machine and Action button, after that go up stair, move the box and take the 
item, go down and use the machine, then a ciname, after that the demon catch u by the leg, to 
escape press square + circle + tringle + X, really fast, super fast, until!!!! CHA CHAN!!!! 
DEVILMAN WILL BORN!! here ends the first chapter, i finished it in 1:20 mins.

5. Walkthrough Chapter 2*
6. Moves*
7. Items*

Note: all the items can be saved on the menu, except bottles.

RED Medic pack    : Restore a lot of life.
GREEN Medic pack  : Restore a lot of stamina.
Stamina bottle    : Instant Restore a amount of Stamina.
Health bottle     : Instant Restore a amount of Life.
Key               : Open doors ;)


8. Anime story*

A long time ago, demons ruled the land. Life for them was survival of the fittest and they
constantly fought amongst themselves. After a cataclysm, they found themselves to be 
imprisoned in ice, sleeping until the fated Armageddon. Now, they have awakened and are 
wrecking havoc on humanity. 

To fight a demon, you must become a demon. A demon may possess a man's body and be in 
complete control of it. It takes a pure man to retain control of this hybrid form. 
Mankind's savior is a devil with a soul. His name is Devilman. 

9. Legal Notice*

This document is © Copyright to Jean Fariña . If you want to put this faq on a site please
contact me at ([email protected])

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