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GameBoy Color
Version 1.2
By Quik0002 [email protected]


Version History
Mode Breakdown
Driving Games
Legal Stuff
Version History:

Version 1.0: First version of this FAQ. Started most of the sections, check 
back later for more info. Thanks.

Version 1.1: Updated more missions and added some new sections.

Version 1.2: Probably the final version unless I decide to put a little more 
in some of the sections.

Welcome to my guide for Driver on the GameBoy Color. I hope you like this 
game as much as I did. If you like this, then try Driver on the Playstation 
also if you don't have it yet. In Driver you play as Tanner, a cop who goes 
undercover to work for the crime underworld. The game is set in the 70's, and 
most of the vehicles are muscle cars. You drive around true to life cities 
and complete jobs in order to find the head of the crime underworld. The 
three cities, Miami, Los Angeles and New York are modeled true to life and 
are excellently detailed. For some reason San Francisco was left out of the 
GameBoy game, but the other three cities are just fine. Driver 2 is set for a 
fall/early winter release and will have 4 new cities, Chicago, Las Vegas, 
Havana and Rio De Janero. Well that's all for this introduction, I hope you 
like the guide. If you have any questions, comments or corrections please 
email me at [email protected]

Here are the controls for Driver:

D-Pad: Turn the car left and right while driving.
       Move around the map screen.
       Move around the menus.

A button: Accelerate while driving.
          Go to the exit command on the map screen.
          Select choices on the menus.

B button: Go in reverse/brake while driving.
          Return to the game from the map screen.
          Return to the previous menu.

Start: Bring up the map screen while driving.
       Exit the map screen.
       Select choices on the menu.

A+B+Start+Select: Reset the game to the main menu.
Mode Breakdown:

Undercover: The story mode of the game, go through 15 missions through Miami, 
Los Angeles and New York. 
Language: Change the language of the game.

Driving Games: A special set of 21 mini games that are unlocked as you play 
through Undercover mode. Play Checkpoint, Getaway, Pursuit or Survival.

Take A Ride: Drive through any city you have been to in Undercover mode. 
Unlike Driver on the Playstation, you can now pick from 7 different vehicles 
to drive. Drive around and learn the layout of the 3 cities.

Options: This modes lets you turn on or off the music and sound effects.

Best Times: Check your best times for the Driving Games mode. These reset 
everytime you turn off the GameBoy.

Here is a complete list of all 15 undercover missions. I have included the 
passwords for all the levels but I suggest you play through the game to get 
the most fun out of it. 

The Passwords: Passwords are made up of 8 different symbols in 4 places. 
Here are the symbols and my abbreviations for them.

Face: FA
Blue Light: BL
Cone: CN
Stop Light: SL
Badge: BG
Red Light: RL
Tire: TR
Key: KY

Miami, Florida: 

Mission 1: "The Bank Job"
Password: FA FA FA FA 
Description: Your first mission and a very easy one. All you have to do is 
get to the bank, pick up the men and take them to the lock-up.
Objective 1: "Get to the Bank" Time Limit: 1'00
Objective 2: "Get to the Lock Up" Time Limit: N/A

Mission 2: "Hide The Evidence"
Password: TR BG CN RL
Description: Take the car to the breakers. Pretty easy, watch out for the 
Objective 1: "Get to the Breakers" Time Limit: N/A

Mission 3: "Boat Chase"
Password: SL KY KY BL
Description: Chase the boat to the island in the middle of Biscane Bay, check 
the map, you'll see it.
Objective 1: "We need that key" Time Limit 0'45

Mission 4: "Ram Raid Race"
Password: CN CN CN BG
Description: Just run around town crashing through all 5 of the restaurants.
Objective 1: "Destroy all 5 restaurants" Time Limit: 2'15
Mission 5: "Superfly Drive"
Password: KY RL RL SL
Description: Just take the car to the lock up with out crashing. The car can 
only take 3 or 4 hits before it's totaled so be careful.
Objective 1: "Take this puppy home" Time Limit: 1'50

Mission 6: "Bait For A Trap"
Password: KY BG TR BL
Description: Drive to Bal Harbour and hit the car, then run away and make 
sure the car follows you.
Objective 1: "Get to Bal Harbour" Time Limit: 1'50
Objective 2: "Don't lose him" Time Limit: N/A

Mission 7: Take Out Di Angelo"
Password: BG CN BG RL
Description: Just chase after Di Angelo's car and take him out.
Objective 1: "Ram Him!" Time Limit: 1'30

Los Angeles, California

Mission 1: "Steal A Cop Car"
Password: RL BG KY TR
Description: Take the newly stolen car to the hideout without damaging it. 
Watch out for the cops looking for you.
Objective 1: "Get to the lock up" Time Limit: N/A

Mission 2: "Get Lucky To The Doc's"
Password: CN BL RL RL
Description: Go pick up Lucky and take him to the Hospital.
Objective 1: "Pick up Lucky" Time Limit: 1'30
Objective 2: "Get Lucky to the doc's" Time Limit: The rest of the 1'30

Mission 3: "Beverly Hills Getaway"
Password: BG BG SL CN
Description: Go to the Beverly Hills hotel, pick up the men and take them to 
the lock up.
Objective 1: "Get to Beverly Hills" Time Limit: 1'00
Objective 2: "Get to the lock up" Time Limit: N/A
Objective 3: "Too many cops, get to the crib" Time Limit: N/A

New York City, New York

Mission 1: "Grand Central Station" 
Password: BL KY KY KY
Description: Get the key, go to Grand Central Station, make the switch and 
head for the lock up.
Objective 1: "Get to the pick up" Time Limit: 1'00
Objective 2: "Get to Grand Central Station" Time Limit: 2'15
Objective 3: "Return the key to the lock up/lose the tail" Time Limit: 1'45

Mission 2: "Trash Granger's Wheels"
Password: SL TR RL BG
Description: Find Granger's car and destroy it, the cops will see you so 
drive back to your hotel.
Objective 1: "Find and wreck Granger's car" Time Limit: 3'30
Objective 2: "Get Back to your hotel" Time Limit: 1'40

Mission 3: "Stop Granger's Gang"
Password: KY BG BG CN
Description: You must destroy 5 cars of Granger gang members, a very hard 
mission in my opinion.
Objective 1: "Track down the car and smash into it" Time Limit: 4'00

Mission 4: "Chase one of Grangers Boy's"
Password: RL BL RL BL
Description: Chase after one of the gang members in a golden sedan, smash 
into him.
Objective 1: "Track down the car and smash into it" Time Limit: 2'30

Mission 5: "Cross Town Record" 
Password: TR KY CN SL
Description: The last level of Undercover. You must race from one side of New 
York City to the other and beat Slater's record.
Objective 1: "Get across town as quick as possible" Time Limit: 1'20
Driving Games:

This info was taken from the Driver instruction booklet. 

Cross Town Checkpoint: Select the city you want to race across. Once the game 
starts you'll have to race from checkpoint to checkpoint in the fastest time 
possible. The waypoints are detailed on the city map, but you'll also have an 
arrow on-screen pointing you in the right direction. Once you successfully 
reach the first flag a second will be shown on the map, and so on until you 
complete the level. The faster the time, the better. There are two checkpoint 
games in each city.

Getaway: At the start of each getaway a cop is on your tail immediately. You 
must lose him by any means necessary. The quicker you lose the cop, the 
better. There are two getaway games in each city.

Pursuit: Choose the city you want to drive in. Once you start you'll have to 
chase the lead car as it tries to out-maneuver, out-brake and out-wit you 
across the streets, parks and alleyways.

Survival: How long can you survive against a barrage of veteran cops, 
dedicated to taking you in, whatever the financial cost of replacing damaged 
cop cars? The idea is to survive as long as possible. The longer you survive, 
the better. 

Driver, You Are The Wheelman, Tanner, Granger, Di Angelo and all other names, 
places or people are copyright 2000 Infogrames, Inc. 
GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Nintendo and all other names are copyrights and 
trademarks of Nintendo, Inc.
Legal Stuff:

This guide is copyright 2000 quik0002. This FAQ cannot be used in whole or 
part on any website or magazine without e-mailing me first. Thanks for 
reading this guide, I hope it helped you.

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