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For the GameBoy Color (R)

Copyright (C) 2000 Caleb Wilson

A: Table of Contents

A: Table of Contents
B: Version History
C: Introduction to the game
D: Roster
E: Match Types
F: Move List
G: Finisher Move List
H: Final Thoughts
I: How to Contact Me

B: Version History

1.2 - February 26 - Very new to this FAQ making stuff.
 Fixed a few errors with the text.  Made it look
better.  Took out the spaces that made it hard to

1.1 - February 25 (wow, two updates today!) - Added a
couple moves I just learned about from my brother. 
(He's so cool!).  Also added the text art at the top.

1.0 - February 25 (Yes, that's right, the game comes
out in two days) - made the first faq.  Has a roster,
match types, move list, and 	special moves.

C: Introduction

If you've played any wrestling game for Gameboy,
you'll know that they all look sort of the same. 
Well, this looks the same, but, you can kick the other
guys ass with a variety of weapons, or even, if you're
tough enough, play with barbed wire ropes.

D: Roster

   This section gives you the names of all the
playable wrestlers in this game
 1: Mike Awesome
 2: Ballz Mahoney
 3: Justin Credible
 4: Tommy Dreamer
 5: Jerry Lynn
 6: Raven
 7: Sabu
 8: Lance Storm
 9: Yoshiro Tajiri
10: Rob Van Dam

E: Match Types

     All the types of matches you can play in this
game can be found below.
   1: Challenge Mode
     If you've ever played Attitude, you'd know there
is a "Run the Gauntlet" option.  There, you choose a
superstar, and fight everyone.  Except that, here, you
have the same amount of health you had when you
finished off the last guy.  HINT: Do not get hurt alot
   2: Career Mode
     This is also known as Championship.  You fight a
whole heap of wrestlers to become the best of the best
of the ECW.
   3: Versus Mode
     Here, you can choose a wrestler to fight, and
then you fight him.  Just the average 1-on-1 match.
   4: Barbed Wire Match
     If you choose this option, you can make the ropes
barbed wire (hence the name).  The only difference
between this and Versus Mode is the barbed wire. 
Otherwise, they're the same
   5: Training
     Here, you can test the controls with some jobber.
 He won't fight back, which is good for you guys that

F: Move List

   This shows you all the combinations for moves. 
There are about 15 different moves (not including
finisher moves).

B - Kick
A - (from a small distance) Punch
A - (very close) Grapple

While opponent is on ground:
A - Pin
B - Kick

With Weapon:
A - Throw Weapon
B - Strike opponent with weapon

A - Clothesline
B - Dropkick
A (While opponent is on ground) - Flying Splash

>From Turnbuckle (NOTE: You can always do these moves. 
Even if your opponent is standing):
A - Elbow Drop
B - Guillotine Leg Drop

To Climb Turnbuckly - Direction of turnbuckle and A
To Enter ring from outside - Press up and tap A twice

Front Grapple:
A+UP - Suplex
A+DOWN - SledgeHammer Pin
A+(Towards opponent) - Headbutt
A+(Away from opponent) - Irish Whip into ropes
B+UP - Knee to the Face
B+DOWN - SledgeHammer Pin
B+(Towards opponent) - Eye Rake
B+(Away from opponent) - Body Slam

Back Grapple:
A - Atomic Drop
A+(Any direction) - Atomic Drop
B - Back Drop
B+(Any direction) - Back Drop

G: Finisher Move List

   This is the move that will finish the guy off.  Be
sure to use it when the white bar below your health
meter is full.
 Mike Awesome - (Grapple) Tap A+B  - Awesome Bomb
 Balls Mahoney - (Grapple) Tap A+B - Nutcracker Suite
 Justin Credible - (Grapple) Tap A+B - That's
 Tommy Dreamer - (Grapple) Tap A+B - Dreamer DDT
 Jerry Lynn (Grapple) Tap A+B - Cradle Piledriver
 Raven - (Grapple) Tap A+B - Evenflow DDT
 Sabu - (Grapple) Tap A+B - Anklelock
 Lance Storm - (Grapple) Tap A+B - Facebuster (?)
 Yoshiro Tajiri - (Grapple) Tap A+B - Dragon Suplex 
 Rob Van Dam - (From Turnbuckle) Tap A+B - Five Star

H: Final Thoughts

	I really liked this game.  Besides Wrestlemania 2000,
this is one of the best wrestling games for the GB(C).
 If you buy only one game this year, buy ECW: Hardcore
Revolution.  If I made any mistakes, or you think I
should make additons, let me know.  

Special Thanks to:
My brother (Malcolm) - who told me what to write and
what not to.
VandalVan (On mIRC) - For the names of the Finishing

I: How to Contact Me

	If you'd like to contact me (like who'd want to,
right?) for any reason, here is the info:
E-Mail - [email protected]
IRC - AlSnow or AlSarven on EFnet
AOL - CalebSW
ICQ - 9111786

Copyright 2000  Caleb Wilson

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