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                      F a r   O f f   P r o m i s e

Evolution 2 : Far Off Promise                                     version 1.1
Last updated: 26th of September 2000
Created by: Clement Chan Zhi Li
E-mail address: [email protected]

Table of Contents

      <1> Introduction  <1>
        [1.1] About Evolution 2: Far Off Promise [1.2] Copyright info
        [1.3] Review

      <2> Basic Information <2>
        [2.1] Controls [2.2] Menu [2.3] Battle Menu [2.4] Saving

      <3> Evolution 2 <3>
        [3.1] Beginning [3.2] Day Two: Blaze Ruins 
        [3.3] Day Three: Forest Depths [3.4] Day Four: Crypt Maze
        [3.5] Day Five: Carcano [3.6] Day Six: Yurka

      <4> Lists <4>
        [4.1] Appraisal Items [4.2] Talents

      <5> Miscellaneous <5>
        [5.1] Story line

      <6> Cheats, Secrets and Tricks <6>
        [6.1] Gameshark Codes

      <7> Credits <7>
      <8> History <8>

<1> I n t r o d u c t i o n <1>

 Hi! I'm Clement Chan and this is yet another Guide I've written, after the 
exciting RPG called Evolution. I hope this guide will help you a lot through 
the game, fighting bosses and etc. as some of them may be confusing and 
 I hate to say this but my FAQ will contain spoilers, which mean, that some 
of the story line will be exposed at certain parts. Read this only if you are 
really, really stuck or just want to know the whole walkthrough. 
 Feel free to e-mail me anytime you like. You may send your comments, 
critics, information that is not available on this walkthrough. I will give 
you an immediate reply because there are times I'm busy with exams. 
 Take note to AOL users. I've spend three times replying to them and all I 
got is a return mail from the server. This happen to some of the AOL users 
because they may have restricted their mails and etc. so I MAY NOT be able to 
reply to you BUT I will credit you for any information you give. 

[1.1] About Evolution 2 : Far Off Promise

 This time, Sting surprises us again with Evolution 2, supposedly a sequel 
for Evolution. The first version, which is in Japanese is released a few 
months after Evolution and the english version for Evolution 2 was in the 
year 2000.
 As this game is an RPG, most of you will already know the basic concept for 
all RPGS. You know, HP, MP, magic and the usual battle system against all 
enemies but this game has slightly different concept, to have FP, TP and 
 Whatever it is, this game is longer than Evolution with a story line 
targeted on Linear with one extra character, Carcano the bandit together with 
Mag, Linear, Chain, Gre and Pepper. This Dreamcast game uses Dreamcast's 
hardwares and they function really well. A really exciting RPG after 
Evolution appears once more.

[1.2] Copyright info

This FAQ is Copyright © 2000 Clement Chan Zhi Li. You can distribute this FAQ 
as long as its contents are not changed. No. Not even a single letter.

Only Clement Chan Zhi Li can make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any 
unauthorized changes and updates without my permission is prohibited by law.

If you want to put parts of this FAQ publicly, at least write down the name 
of this FAQ and the owner's name (mine) together. One more word, don't even 
send parts of this Guide to other FAQs and write it as your own. I will soon 
find out.

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise, names of characters, and others are Copyright 
Sting, UbiSoft, ESP and the rest.

[1.3] Review

If you want to get this game or still doubt Evolution 2's capabilities, read 
this review and decide on your hard-earned money whether this game meets your 

Evolution 2 stands out completely as a terrifically cool sequel to its older 
brother, Evolution. Despite many bashes it got from many other reviews, it's 
actually one game that I find extremely exciting with an intriguing story 
line which made you want to know more about it. Furthermore, lots of new 
special features which made Evolution 2 a more fun game to play.

Graphics - 10

What can you say about the graphics? They're interestingly cool with sharper 
and clearer graphics compared to Evolution. Very detailed graphics, colourful 
pictures and scenery, added with nice, modeled background make this game 
better. The rendered characters themselves are certainly great to look at. 
Enemies at least now have better and scarier looks instead of fighting 
against insects always. 

The colours are managed accordingly and the lighting effects are used more 
often already. At almost all ruins you'll notice the new feature added. Ah, 
Sting has really done a great job creating Evolution 2. The FMV sequences, 
set at certain parts of the game are definitely nice with the combination of 
several graphical elements. Realistic. 

Music - 10 

Thankfully enough, Sting has done it again by enhancing the background music, 
making them suitable at each right moments. If you're a rapid player of 
Evolution, you're sure to notice the difference in the music. Moreover, the 
clear and realistic sound effects of explosions, hits and others are better 
than before. Best of all, the remaining voices of each characters could be 
heard at last, including cute Linear. Most of the time (during dialogues and 
automatic sequences), you will hear them though they're in Japanese. 

Gameplay - 10 

More than a sequel! Evolution 2 has been added with more features with a 
refreshing new look to it that reflects the capabilities of Dreamcast and 
Sting, for producing this type of RPG. Not that I want to say that Evolution 
is now not a nice game all together but Evolution 2, you know, it's longer 
and fun.  

As a normal RPG would have, you'll expect to find HP and all other similar 
stuffs. This game follows almost the same as Evolution, having a Cyframe, a 
type of weapon that adventures would use, special attacks which would drain 
FP out together with a new option to the game, Talent. Talent will 
automatically upgrade to a better one when you use it more often without 
telling you what it has upgraded into. The downside is, some characters' 
talents are restricted to a certain number of times while some can be used 
always but must be 'recharged' first. 

More types of parts for the Cybernetic Frame (better know as Cyframe 
throughout the game) which an extra attack for all characters which you can 
also get but harder. In order to learn new skills, you'll need to use TP, 
which are automatically earned throughout the battles. This new enhancement 
makes the attack much stronger and more effective against new enemies. 

Fortunately, Sting has decided to remove the 'automatically generated ruins' 
through the game which made ruins more easily to be navigated. Only one part 
of the game which has this old type of feature, the Tower of Despair, a 
special tower created for you to practice and upgrade your skills here. The 
floors will be much higher the more ruins you've been and conquered and at 
the highest floor, you're sure to get a special item, be it a special part 
for your Cyframe or just a cool accessory of item. 

Talk about accessory, you can now equip two instead of one as restricted 
before. Whenever you buy your items, you can see whether it will upgrade your 
status or downgrade yours instead of telling after you had bought it as in 
Evolution. As you're now in the new town of Museville, you can buy special 
tickets for the lucky draw by using Prehistoric Coins which could be found in 
ruins and battles against enemies. 

You can now take more items, as the adventure goes on. You can even combine 
items into much more powerful ones or just make it into one full set in order 
to save space for other items. Find more appraisal items and the correct ones 
can be combined into Rare Appraisal Items which you can sell in a higher 
price and get more money. When you had finished the game, you'll see how you 
rank yourself, whether, S, A, B, C or lower so collecting appraisal items, 
what level you are now, how many battles you've gone through and etc. affects 

There is also one new character you can play as, other than your good old 
main character, Mag Launcher, the mysterious girl Linear, the Launcher's 
family butler Gre, Mag's rival Chain and Pepper. So many choices, you'll find 
it hard to choose who to select into your party (only three in one party) as 
every character has their own special abilities and attacks.

Story - 10 

If you had played Evolution, you'll understand what had happened and what 
battles they had gone through before. If you don't want to buy Evolution just 
to know the story, you'll know it here. Just a brief one what had happened 
(some from Evolution 2 official website), in Evolution, Eugene from the Eight 
Empire Army head to Pannam Town in search of Evolutia, the legendary Cyframe. 

Eugene kidnapped Linear and found out that Evolutia was really Linear (then 
why can't we choose Linear in her Evolutia form?)! Mag, Gre and his other 
best friends, Chain and Pepper crash-landed on Eugene's ship and went for a 
huge battle. Linear used the power of Evolutia to restore Mag back to life 
and rescued him.

It has been a half-year after the riot with the Eight Empire army. The 
Society field office in Pannam Town received a request from the Society 
museum in Museville, which is located far south of the Palldian continent. 
The request was to send the best adventurer in Pannam. Never one to avoid 
challenge, Mag Launcher rises to the call and boards a transcontinental train 
with his friends, Linear, Gre and Chain to heard to Museville. Uncertain as 
to why he has been called, Mag's new adventure begins the moment his train 
leaves the station, against a new, secret enemy with a struggling story line 
of Evolutia!

Replay Value - 7  

Replay? I won't expose any spoilers but Sting has managed to do something in 
order to let you replay the whole game again, while accomplishing a new task 
(if you are an Evolution player, you'll guess it right) that you haven't and 
won't do when you start a new game. When you replay all together, this don't 
really fit in the near-ending story line but oh well, if you've got nothing 
to do, you can re-sharpen your fighting skills again. The downside? You'll 
start at Level 6 once more, no matter how high your level is before. 

Overall - 10 

A fun and longer sequel and I've always made the right choice on Dreamcast 
games. Sting managed to surprise us once more with its English and Japanese 
version of this game (mind you, get the English one!) and better English 
translations with almost no grammar and spelling mistakes. As I had explained 
thoroughly to this game, grab enough money out of your wallet and you'll see 
that Evolution 2 don't really burn your pocket. 

- Better and enhanced graphics! 

- Voices in Japanese! Cool! 

- Longer, better and super sequel! 


- Ruins, ruins, ruins...

- Few bosses are a bit hard. 

- Replaying it is a bit disappointing. 

<2> B a s i c   I n f o r m a t i o n <2>

Evolution 2 controls have been changed slightly but still, you could easily 
get used to it (except for me. I keep figuring out how to bring up the menu 
until after the first ruin). Anyway, at this section, you'll find out the 
basic thing that you need to understand before you're steered away to the 
real game.

[2.1] Controls

You can still change the default controls if you don't like the feel of the 
real ones. Here's the list of each buttons do (for the default controls).

D-Pad        - Move characters up, down, left and right.
Analog Stick - Move characters up, down, left and right.
A button     - Activate items, destroy secret walls, confirm and others.
B button     - To cancel and jump.
X button     - To change the order of the characters.
Y button     - To arrange items.
L button     - To change the camera and to change from menu to menu.
R button     - To change the camera and to change from menu to menu.
Start button - To bring up the menu.

[2.2] Menu

Items  - Select items that you want to use.
Skills - You can learn any moves for your characters once you have enough TP.
Equip  - Equip any weapon, armor or accessory that is suitable for your
Status - See your character's status in this screen.
Party  -
       Battle Formation - Select your character's position during battle.
       Disperse Party   - Take away any optional character that you use.
System -
       Sound -
             Sound type   : Stereo       Mono
             Event sounds : On            Off
             SFX volume   : 1   2   3   4   5
             Music volume : 1   2   3   4   5
                            Low <---> High
       Text Speed -
       Window Color -
                    Blue        Green
                    Red         Yellow
       Map Options - 
                   Normal size, scroll
                   Normal size, synchronize map with camera
                   Large size, scroll
                   Large size, synchronize map with camera
                   Normal size, fixed position
       Vibration -
                 Vibration on
                 Vibration off
       Key Assignment - Assign your buttons to perform certain moves.

[2.3] Battle Menu

Attack  - Attack enemies with your character's respective weapon.
Skills  - Use your character's special attacks against enemies. Use FP.
Talents - Use your character's talents that don't use FP. Will upgrade itself 
          to a better version based on number of times it have been used.
Items   - Use items either to cure party or attack enemies.
Move    - Move towards the front row or back row.
Defend  - Defend oneself. Enemies' attacks will be cut into half.
Escape  - Once all your characters are in the back row, use this option to 
          escape. Will not work against bosses or if your characters are in 
          other rows.

[2.4] Saving

Saving is slightly different than Evolution. Instead of searching for a save 
point, you can now save anywhere by going to the menu except in ruins (which 
you must search for a save point there).

In the Tower of Despair, you cannot save at all except using the pause saving 
by selecting Save & Exit when you go up or down the levels there. 

[2.5] Combining Items

Yes, you can combine certain items to make it to more powerful or into one 
set to save some space for other items. Example, you can combine two Naolins 
together to create Naolin Set [2] and combine another Naolin with it to make 
Naolin Set [3]. Some items like Red Viper cannot be combined. Wind-protection 
Pack combined with another Wind-protection Pack will give you Typhoon Shield. 
Try it! It's really exciting to see what items you can form.

<3> E v o l u t i o n   2 <3>

The real walkthrough is beyond this section. Find the parts which you're 
stuck and try the tip tht I gave to see whether it works. If you don't, drop 
by an e-mail to me at [email protected] and you'll see your reply 
quickly. Also, please remember that this walkthrough is based through my 
experience and fighting bosses are based on which characters I choose. If you 
want to follow my FAQ easily, use the characters I choose.

[3.1] Beginning

You'll start by a nice music together with a train chugging around. Next, 
you'll see Mag running after the train because he's late. The emergency alarm 
will then rang and Nina will explain that there are many bandits around this 
area and the alarm has been installed for safety precaution. 

Once you get control of Mag and his party, run towards to the front (by going 
to your right) and you'll see Chain. Chain will say (when you talk to her the 
second time) that she's not the one who cause the alarm. Go back to the left 
and you'll get to see an automatic sequence of Carcano.

Fight with him. It's an easy battle so just slash him and his two henchmen. 
I'll be surprised if you lose in the battle. Right after that, head back to 
the tram that you came from and talk to Nina. Apparently, Carcano has ran off 
with his real objective, an appraisal item that was going to be taken to 
Museville while distracting Mag. 

Once your reach the town, you might want to wander about, try some controls 
to get used to the basics of the game (and the town, it's most important that 
you don't get lost). There will be a mini-map to show you where you are and 
in your first day here, you can't buy any items or weapons. Occasionally, you 
may see Julia, the little puppy.

After you are quite satisfied, head back to the hotel, it's opposite the bar 
and is orange in colour with a fountain. Enter it, talk to Gre and then the 
manager. Select 'Let's hit the sack!' and you'll be asleep. 

[3.2] Day Two: Blaze Ruins

The next morning, you'll see Linear at the hotel garden. Yurka will appear 
and introduced himself and have a little talk with her. Then, he'll fly away 
and be gone (ain't that mysterious now to you?).

Head to the Society (on the map, it's at the north) and talk to Lisa, the 
receptionist. Go upstairs and head to the second door you passed. Professor 
Whitehead and Nina will start talking to you and if you had played Evolution 
before and have the save file in your VMU, he'll say about how high your 
level is in the previous game.

After getting your assignment (and through lots of 'ehems' from Whitehead), 
go down and talk to Lisa again. You might want to hear about the exhibits 
which is the door on your left and right or hear more about Blaze Ruins.

Choose your character, whether Gre or Chain and buy some weapons, equipments 
and items for yourself (and upgrade your Cyframes too if you want. The shop 
is south and near the entrance, you'll need to jump on stairs to enter it). 
Buy Wind-protection Pack too but it's not a must. 

I recommend that you head to the Tower of Despair which is located on the 
west (if you don't want to, it's all right) to get lots of TP and items from 
enemies but very few experience points. On every ruin you go, PLEASE bring at 
least one Escape Incense (buy it at the Item Shop). If you don't want to do 
so, it's fine.

Blaze Ruins - 5 Floors
Secret items to obtain: Map of Blaze Ruins and Old Doll.

This level is pretty straightforward. You can demolish stones to get hidden 
treasure boxes. On Floor 3, fall down a brown hole and you'll gain access to 
a secret place in Floor 2. Grab the items there, Map of Blaze Ruins, Old Doll 
and other curative items.

Look out for treasure boxes and try and fight every single enemy to gain lots 
of experience points and TP. Actually, there is not much to say. Once you 
reach Floor 5, save the game there and head towards to the transporter to 
bring you back to the town to get full HP and FP. Then, head to Blaze Ruins 
at Floor 5. Press open the button (slightly hidden) and walk towards the door 
to fight a boss.

Boss - Storm Bird

Mystery Sound - Wouldn't hurt you but you need to be careful because it will
                sleep you (?).
Gust          - Will attack your whole row.
Wind Breath   - Will attack your whole row and throw you to the back row.

If you have Magna Combo, use it on this enemy. Any of your special attacks 
will do very well against it. Linear should cure (Serious First Aid work 
perfectly here) and use Protection Spell and Strength Spell. There is not 
much to say as this boss is really easy. Just continue using special attacks 
and if your FP runs out, use normal attacks. Repeat until it dies.


Once you finished fighting, Mag will be happy and smiling all over with 
Linear(what happen to the other character?). Suddenly, the monster came back 
to live but a blast hit it and it flew to the other side. It's Pepper! 
Apparently, she had been asked to search the ruin too but since Mag got there 
first, he'll take the treasure.

A short FMV will take place and he'll get the Lapis orb. You'll be 
automatically transported back to the Society and Professor Whitehead will 
ask you to go down to the receptionist to receive your reward. If you use 
Chain, she'll take some of your share but if you use Gre before, he would not 
touch it (remember, he is the Launcher's family butler).

Sell any appraisal items you have and if you suspect any of them can be 
combined (but cannot be combined because you have missed some of them), keep 
it. Once you're finished, head back to the hotel and have a good night sleep. 
Keep any items you don't use or sell the useless one. 

Linear will play with the ocarina and Gre and Chain will talk to each other. 
Some parts of it is really funny but I don't know whether it's humourous to 
you. Anyway, Mag will appear and the whole talk is cut off.

[3.3] Day Three: Forest Depths

Head to the Society, grab your assignment and choose your characters (I 
prefer Pepper the most. She's really powerful of the lot). By the way, if 
you're scratching your head over the Old Doll that you got from Blaze Ruins, 
you can make use of it.

Go to the weapon shop and talk to the guy inside it. He'll want to change 
your Old Doll for a Fashionable Chain. Head to the Item Shop and talk to the 
person inside it. He'll trade it for Meissen Ornament. Now, head to the 
Lottery Shop and talk to Anita. She'll exchange your Meissen Ornament for a 
Dowsing Stone. Now, you can check secret rooms by using your Jump Pack and 
VMU. Cool, huh? After getting it, head for Forest Depths.

Forest Depths - 10 Floors
Special item to obtain: Map of Forest Depths

Forest Depths is a different ruin as it is almost like a jungle. The first 
floor will contain jet parts for Chain. There will be boulders and try to 
grab all the four treasures there. 

After that, the rest is up to you. Enemies can be real difficult but just 
attack with all your special attack you've got. If you ever have the urge to 
exit, do so with your Escape Incense and buy a new one later on. Then, head 
all the way up to the tenth floor and exit the ruin (as explained in the 
Blaze Ruins). 

You'll find yourself back at Museville and head back again to Forest Depths. 
Save there and prepare for another battle with the boss.

Boss - Blocker

Spiral Upper - A powerful attack against one character.
Chest Beam   - An equally powerful attack against one character.
Smoke Bomb   - A smoke attack against all characters.

Basically, this boss use the same principal as when you attack Storm Bird in 
Blaze Ruins. Use your most powerful attack (not Dive Punch or Mach Punch), 
preferably Magna Rave, Magna Combo or Magna Punch and your other 'optional' 
character's powerful attack.

Linear should always cure your party and use Protection Spell and Strength 
Spell (together with Agility Spell, if you had learned it). Attack this boss 
until it bangs itself head first into a wall and exploded.


Finish that, talk to Whitehead and collect your reward from Lisa. Pepper or 
Chain will take some of your money while Gre wouldn't. After that, exit the 
Society and go out.

Then, you'll see a cut-scene of Whitehead and Yurka talking about the Orbs 
that they are collecting. Now, you can go back to the hotel and keep any 
unwanted items or sell them. Then, sleep for the day.

Yurka will appear once more and destroy the balcony flower. Linear will use 
her healing powers and the whole row of flowers are alive again! After some 
more talk about Linear giving power to Yurka, he'll go away.

[3.4] Day Four: Crypt Maze

Next morning, head to the Sociery once more and get your assigment at Crypt 
Maze, a cold freezing place. Select your character and buy some weapons, 
items or upgrade your Cyframes. You may want to get Cammies, to protect 
against fire and ice. 

Head to Mrs. Valeria's house (next to the Item shop) and talk to Veronica. 
She'll give you a small quiz so do enter it. "What's the name of the lady at 
the Loterry shop?" In case you don't know, it's Anita. Answer it correctly 
and you'll get a Coconut as your prize (cures 650 HP!).

As usual (as what I always did), you can choose to go to the Tower of Despair 
to get the powerful item on the highest level and to gain more TP. 

Crypt Maze - 15 Floors (Basement)
Special item to obtain: Map of Crypt Maze.

Be prepared as this place is way slippery at certain points and a bit foggy. 
Enemies are bigger and harder than ever (depends on your characters' levels). 
There's one floor that is crammed full with enemies (I guess around Basement 
Floor 10). Find your way at the south and then go up the stairs. At the other 
floor, head east go down the stairs and continue your way.

Beware of Rhinoceros and Super Horn. They will unleash powerful attacks but 
their agility is quite low so attack them with your special attacks 
(espeacially those agility-lowering enemies). Find your way to Floor 15, exit 
to Museville, save if you like and re-enter the ruin. Look for the door, 
enter it and prepare to fight the boss.

Boss - Pomornik

Vice Press           - This will sort of 'squash' one of your characters to        
                       make them long and thin and hurt them at the same 
Freeze Volley        - Pomornik will unleash ice attack that affects all    
Auto-Repair Function - This will cure Pomornik's life a little bit (rather 
                       than Prince Eugene's Naolin 3000 in Evolution).

Basically, use the same ol' technique. Attack, cure, attack, cure, attack 
cure. Linear should cure whenever it's half of the life already and use 
Protection Spell, Strength Spell, Agility Spell and other useful cures. Mag 
should use Magna Rave, it's hyper effective against a boss like this. 

Using the optional character like Gre, Chain and Pepper helps too. Gre may 
use Critical or any Mag-only type powers. He can also help to cure if it's 
not Linear's turn or extremely urgent matters. Chain, on the other hand, can 
help Mag by attacking while Pepper can do the same.


Right after defeating Pomornik, Mag will take the treasure and the almost-
same scene will appear again (what a cool-looking robot!). Take the Amber orb 
back to the Society and take your most-deserved hard-earned money. After all, 
you go through those tough battles and it's worth it.

Now, talk to Nina and as usual, she'll give you her long rant about 
conquering the ruins. Then, she will ask Mag whether he heard anything from 
Pepper. Choose between "No, what do you mean?" and "Oh, that...?". None of 
them are really funny but if you like, you can answer "Oh, that...?" and she 
will reply "How embarassing!"

If you want to know what's happen, exit the Society and talk to Pepper and 
ask "How are you feeling?". She'll then tell you about it. Ask her yourself. 
I'm not going to reveal what she had said exactly.

Then, head back to the Hotel, keep any items or sell them and hit the sack. 
You'll see a cut-scene where Linear is hanging out at the balcony. Mag will 
be there and ask her to go back so that she won't catch a cold (what a caring 

[3.5] Day Five: Carcano

Just like any other days, wake up and head for the Society. Go upstairs and 
talk to Whitehead. He'll tell you that Carcano had put off a robbery and 
stole all the Society Appraisal items (the ones that Mag have been getting). 
Apparently, a bug had been put at the items and they can just generally say 
that he's in Pine Village.

Buy any powerful items and weapons that may suit you, upgrade your Cyframes 
and most importantly, go to the Tower of Despair if you want to. You can now 
go up to Level 40. Go to the entrance (the place that you can choose whether 
you want to go to other ruins or not). 

Top-left will be a selection for Pine Village. Select it and go there. Once 
you reach there, you may want to press Y to go to first-person view mode. 
Now, you must find Carcano. 

From where you stand near the entrance, head right and climb the stairs to 
the top. Head a little bit to the left and you'll see a ladder which you can 
climb. It's located in the middle against a wall. Enter the door and you'll 
have a nice little cut-scene where Carcano sent them down to the basement for 
a trap!

Bandit's Trap - 3 Floors (Basement)

Important item(s) to obtain: Map of Bandit's Trap and Recovery Blast Level 1 

There will be a Level 26 enemy, a scorpion-like and SaberLynx. Most of all, 
try and keep your Level about 30 and you'll find fighting with Carcano and 
the other enemies easier. 

You must remember now that you have to go UP instead of down (to find your 
way out, of course). Basement 3, where you first start, will have a locked 
door so you need to go all the way up and find the key. In Basement 2, you'll 
also find Recovery Blast and Map of Bandit's Trap. Remember to equip Recovery 
Blast to Pepper, it's important and crucial later on.

Anyway, just fight your way right to the top, get the key, go all the way 
down (easiest way is to jump down a hole) and you'll reach Basement 3. Use 
the key and open the locked door (all automatic, you just need to press the A 
button at the door). Then, go all the way up back while fighting against 

Save your game at the savepoint nearby and press the A button at the ladder 
to go up. Prepare for the battle against Carcano!

Boss - Carcano (Level 35)

Wire Drill   - An attack which will pull your character to the front row    
               while hurting him or her.
Drill Attack - A powerful drill attack against one character.

Boss - Bandit Henchmen 1 and 2


Death Punch - A powerful death blow against one character.

If you've learned Magna Reverse or Grand Beam, use it against your three 
enemies. It's important to kill the two Henchmen first and then concentrate 
on Carcano himself as the Death Punch, delivered by the two Henchmen could 
lower your life a lot.

This strategy is for characters Level 32 and higher (from my personal 
experience). Actually, one Magna Reverse added with Pepper's Grand Beam is 
enough to kill the Henchmen (if you're on Level 32 or higher). Then, finish 
Carcano off with Magna Rave and Super Beam. 

If you don't have Magna Reverse at all or even Grand Beam OR Level 31 and 
lower, it's going to be a bit difficult. You'll need to concentrate attacking 
the Henchmen and then Carcano (or eitherwise, as I killed Carcano first 
before the Henchmen once). If you use Gre or Chain, just attack the enemies 
normally, while curing and using useful attacks such as Critical and etc.

It's not at all a hard enemy, just depending on the Level you are now and 
special attacks that you've learned.


After fighting, you'll have a short talk with Carcano. Then, Mag will hear 
someone calling him (I'm positive that you know who's the person who called 
him). Head outside (it's almost dark out there) and walk all the way to the 
entrance as Mag will keep hearing and talking.

Later on, you'll see a cut-scene with Mag and Yurka. He'll ask you stop being 
together with Linear and she herself will appear. She'll prevent Yurka from 
hurting Mag further but will ask Mag to 'stop talking bad things of Yurka'. 

Mag will feel surprised towards Linear and feel a little cold about it. Now 
everyone will have the wrong idea (this proves out but talking to people at 
Museville later on). 

Anyway, you'll sleep at Carcano's hideout and awake the nice day. If you're 
loaded with money, you may want to buy Appraisal items at one of the shop 
there or buy any other accessories as they're not available anywhere. Return 
to the entrance and you'll be automatically at the Society.

Chat with Professor Whitehead for a while and go down to get your reward. 
Head back to the hotel and keep or sell any useless items that you got (like 
Puriol and others). You may choose to take off any accessories or weapons off 
Linear as you won't be able to use her later. Then, sleep for the day. 

You'll see another cut-scene of Linear and Yurka talking together. Yurka will 
tell Linear that she'll just be a load to Mag and ask her to leave him. 

[3.6] Day Six: Yurka

In the morning, you'll see Gre running down the stairs (in a real funny way), 
stating that Linear has disappeared! 

Then, you'll have a long talk with Gre and Chain so head to the Society 
afterwards (Prepare for a cut-scene between Linear, Yurka and Whitehead later 
on). The door to the Society has been locked and Pepper will appear suddenly. 
After some more discussion, Mag will decide to bring Carcano in.

Carcano will agree and show you how he pull off a robbery and enter without 
anyone seeing him. He'll open the door and you can now go in. Choose your 
characters (I use Pepper and Carcano) before you go inside. Buy any powerful 
weapons or armors and PLEASE, buy Escape Insence. It's crucial later on. You 
can choose to go to the Tower of Despair first to get lots of TP. Head 
towards Professor Whitehead's room and Mag will talk to him.

Save your game first and jump to the teleporter. You'll be in a new world of 

Society Dungeon - 25 Floors

Quite a big number right? Try and fight every enemy you see if you want to 
Level up yourself. Currently, you can go up to 16 Floors for the first part. 
Just fight your way through, while collecting treasures and important items. 
Once you're in Floor 15, exit by using Escape Incense from the dungeon to 
automatically cure yourself. 

Remember to buy Escape Incense first from the Item Shop and three Almost-
broken Light (equip them or any other status-preventing accessories). Then, 
head towards the teleporter near you (at the Society entrance) and choose 
Level 15 (Remember to save first!). Head towards Level 16 (without any 
enemies disturbing) and you'll see Linear and Yurka. Yurka will try and 
prevent you to go any further and as you may guess, you'll battle with him.

Boss - Yurka (Level 59)

Natural Disaster     - A well-hated attack from me which will wipe off a 
                       deal of life from all of your characters.
Absorb HP            - He'll absorb a little of one of your characters' HP 
                       cure himself. If you left 1 HP (that's what happened 
                       me!), he can only abosrb 0 HP.
Spellbound Blindness - It'll blind all of your characters while lowering 
                       HP a bit. That's how your Almost Broken-Light come in 
Time to Freeze Solid - Not really that powerful but will still hurt all of 
                       your characters all the same.

How to defeat him? Remember to get all of your characters at least Level 51 
and above (that's why your should fight ALL enemies). He's a bit hard and 
Pepper is down when I succeeded in defeating him.

Pepper should use her Recovery Blast more effectively while other characters 
attack (Magna Rave and Tower Bringer, no Magna Reverse and other all-enemies 
attack as they are not really good).

The only thing I can say is that you'll have to use your Naolin Royal+ much 
more often (if you got lots of them) and other curative items. Use your Green 
Moss and Blue Moss when you see your character's FP is low, or even Cosmos 
which will cure one of your character's HP and FP to the fullest.


Once you defeat him, you'll be treated to a FMV of the ancient civilization 
with Yurka briefing you. Then, you'll have to enter the door with Yurka and 
Linear escaping. Professor Whitehead and your two other optional characters 
which didn't join your party will come together.

He'll leave you a teleporter which could be used to go back down to the 
Society anytime. 

Society Dungeon - 25 Floors

Special item to obtain: Map of Society Dungeon

Continuing from Floor 16, you'll have to go all the way to Floor 25. You'll 
fight dinosaurs, Spider and Giant Spiders and other ancient forms. Seek for 
treasures and remember, you can jump on to the moving platform but be careful 
that you don't fall down to the wide hole.

Remember to collect the Map of Society Dungeon by looking everywhere 
(including secret passages). Once you reach the top, grab the Naolin Royal 
and the other item and then save. Head up the stairs and you'll find the 
Ulticannon standing there.

It will be a totally LONG cut-scene so enjoy it to the fullest. After that, 
you'll see the Ulticannon changing to its evil form with Yurka inside it. 
Prepare for the final battle!

Boss - Ulticannon (Level 65)

Temptation to Sleep     - It will be used against all of your characters but 
                          only occasionally it would sleep one or two of your 
Life-Weakening Beam     - A powerful laser beam against one of your 
Sublimation of Humanity - An attack against all of your characters.
Gravity Free            - Will make the ground and your characters fly up to 
                          the air and drop all of them on the ground (your
                          formation will be changed).
Return to Nothingness   - If you use Typhoon Shield or other increasing 
                          items, it will use it and make your character back 
                          to normal (and even cure your sleeping character!)

At least Level 57 and above is needed here. If you have Santa Maria, equip 
it! Any sleep-preventing accessory is also needed for this fight. Despite 
being a final battle, if you have a higher level, Ulticannon will be an easy 

Use Magna Rave repeatedly and Carcano should use Tower Bringer too. Pepper 
must remain to cure all of your characters and revive with Viper Blast if one 
of your characters died. Like other bosses, just attack and cure, attack and 
cure. If your FP is low, use Green Moss or Blue Moss if you have them.


Once Ulticannon is destroyed, prepare for a long and heart-wrenching cut-
scene (not really!). Yurka will die and fly off to the sky, leaving the 
Evolutia feathers behind. After finishing the cut-scene, you'll see yourself 
at the Millenium Express with Gre and Whitehead. Linear is not there and Gre 
asks you to fetch her at the hotel.

Head towards the hotel and you'll see Linear very sad. Mag will talk to her 
and give her the present and a letter. See the credits roll off and save the 
game. Check how you fare towards the whole adventure (I got an A-rank - First 
Class Adventurer for my first time through!). 

No, it's not yet finished. You'll see the party in the train and Gre will 
open a letter. You'll have to pay a debt amounting 300,000 dinars for a one-
week stay at the hotel! Then, you'll start all over again but on your second 
time through, you'll see lots of new features added and a few changes.

<4> L i s t s <4>

This section will have an in-depth lists on Appraisal items, Talents, 
characters' special attacks and others.

Lists section completed - 45%

[4.1] Appraisal Items

For the appraisal items, there are only a quarter of the items which I will 
include the prices. If you could help me with this incomplete list, feel free 
to do so and send it to me at [email protected] and I'll credit you 
for them.

My own Apparaisal Items found:
No. 122 found
61% Complete

This section's Apparaisal Items:
No. 136 listed
68% Completed

This section's Appraisal Items' prices:
71/136 Appraisal Items

001 - ??????

002 - Broken Light
Light that used to be used for adventuring
[Appraisal Item]

003 - ??????

004 - Small knob
Knob for turning something
[Appraisal Item]

005 - Thin plate
Small, thin palm-sized plate
[Appraisal Item]

006 - Broken cooking stove
Cooking stove with a slot for something
[Appraisal Item]

007 - Blue tube
A long blue tube
[Appraisal Item]

008 - Small blue car
Small 4-wheeled toy car
[Appraisal Item]

009 - Old opera glasses
A broken tool for letting you see far off things
[Appraisal Item]

010 - Small chip
Small black oblong chip
[Appraisal Item]

011 - ??????

012 - Color monitor
Large square box with glass on the side
[Appraisal Item]

013 - Small metal rod
Small metal rod with a groove
[Appraisal Item]

014 - ??????

015 - Archaeophage fossil
Fossil of Archaeophage, ancestor of the Phage
[Appraisal Item]

016 - Broken Cyframe
Completely smashed, useless Cyframe
[Appraisal Item]

017 - Motherboard a
Board with many narrow silver lines
[Appraisal Item]

018 - Motherboard ß
Board with many very narrow silver lines
[Appraisal Item]

019 - Reeled tape
Long tape wound up tightly inside a small case
[Appraisal Item]

020 - ??????

021 - ??????

022 - Adventure Novel 1
The battles of Red the Adventurer
[Appraisal Item]: Volume I

023 - ??????

024 - Adventure Novel 3
The battles of Red the Adventurer
[Appraisal Item]: Volume III

025 - ??????

026 - ??????

027 - ??????

028 - Love Story 1
Passionate love story of John and Kara
[Appraisal Item]

029 - ??????

030 - Love Story 3
Passionate love story of John and Kara
[Appraisal Item]

031 - ??????

032 - ??????

033 - ??????

034 - ??????

035 - Smiley doll
Smiley doll that makes you feel happy
[Appraisal Item]

036 - Huge glove
Leather glove so huge you can't wear it
[Appraisal Item]

037 - Crystal
Sparkling clump of crystals
[Appraisal Item]

038 - ??????

039 - Shiny disc
Mysterious rainbow-colored disc
[Appraisal Item]

040 - Big shiny disc
Big rainbow-colored disc
[Appraisal Item]

041 - Propane tank
Spray-size propane tank
[Appraisal Item]

042 - Perforated tank
Gas tank of unknown use
[Appraisal Item]

043 - Small engine
Looks like a very small engine
[Appraisal Item]

044 - Big engine
Big engine with a large turbine
[Appraisal Item]

045 - Book on making ethane
Describes how to make fuel
[Appraisal Item]

046 - Astral projection book
Structural theory and projection methods
[Appraisal Item]

047 - ??????

048 - Tachyon theory book
A book from the prehistoric age
[Appraisal Item]

049 - Z boson fusion book
How to generate new materials
[Appraisal Item]

050 - Sooty pot
Poorly-made worthless pot
[Appraisal Item]

051 - ??????

052 - Black box
A box with lots of buttons
[Appraisal Item]

053 - Broken telescope
A broken old precision telescope
[Appraisal Item]

054 - Crystal offering vase
A beautiful crystal vase
[Appraisal Item]

055 - Rainbow-color feather
A pretty feather used for decoration
[Appraisal Item]

056 - Cloudy lens
A lens that can be used in something.

057 - ??????

058 - Automatic computer
Big device for even complex calculations
[Rare Appraisal Item]
<010 Small chip + 012 color monitor + Motherboard ß>

059 - ??????

060 - ??????

061 - ??????

062 - ??????

063 - Unexploded shell
A used shell that did not explode
[Appraisal Item]

064 - Hourglass
Measures a period of time with falling sand
[Appraisal Item]

065 - Backward-running clock
Clock with its hands running backwards
[Appraisal Item]

066 - Astronomical telescope
Telescope for observing the stars
[Rare Appraisal Item]
<053 Broken telescope + 056 Cloudy lens>

067 - Spoiled canned goods
An old dangerous can that is bloated
[Appraisal Item]

068 - Bent parasol
A huge bent parasol
[Appraisal Item]

069 - ??????

070 - Red capsule
A capsule containing solids

071 - Transparent capsule
A capsule containing liquid
[Appraisal Item]

072 - ??????

073 - Ice crystal
A kind of arctic crystal
[Appraisal Item]

074 - Leaden mineore
Lead ore often found in mines
[Appraisal Item]

075 - ??????

076 - Slate shard (top R)
Says 'Put...' or something
[Appraisal Item]

077 - Slate shard (top L)
Says 'all hope'
[Appraisal Item]

078 - ??????

079 - ??????

080 - Broken gear
Beat-up gears that can be put into something
[Appraisal Item]

081 - ??????

082 - Flowered portrait
Portrait done with many flowers
[Appraisal Item]

083 - Golden portrait
Portrait entirely of gold
[Appraisal Item]

084 - ??????

085 - Hoop
A big hoop made of a light material
[Appraisal Item]

086 - Small bottle
Bottle containing a small ball
[Appraisal Item]

087 - Pictorial fauna guide
A pictorial guide to ancient fauna
[Appraisal Item]

088 - ??????

089 - Broken trolley wire
Electric wire formed into a circle
[Appraisal Item]

090 - Bouncy ball
Mysterious ball that bounces high
[Appraisal Item]

091 - Small motor
Small motor fixed to a dirty box
[Appraisal Item]

092 - Junk board
Board that looks like a junk
[Appraisal Item]

093 - ??????

094 - ??????

095 - ??????

096 - ??????

097 - Fried-egg medal
A medal from some ancient country
[Appraisal Item]

098 - Rounded metal triangle
Has a big hole in the center
[Appraisal Item]

099 - Instant adhesive
Glues broken things back together
[Appraisal Item]

100 - Red/blue eyeglasses
Eyeglasses with different-color lenses
[Appraisal Item]

101 - ??????

102 - Thick cable
Very thick cable
[Appraisal Item]

103 - ??????

104 - Old fountain pen
Fancy pen from an ancient age
[Appraisal Item]

105 - Crab signboard
A large crab-shaped object
[Appraisal Item]

106 - ??????

107 - Musty device
Device said to suck in air
[Appraisal Item]

108 - Round target
A target used for something or other
[Appraisal Item]

109 - Broken arm
A small robot-type arm
[Appraisal Item]

110 - Glass cylinder
A long cylinder made of glass
[Appraisal Item]

111 - Smashed photograph
An old faded photograph
[Appraisal Item]

112 - Foot pedal
Though to be some sort of foot pedal
[Appraisal Item]

113 - Small valve
A very small valve
[Appraisal Item]

114 - Large valve
A large, heavy valve-like item
[Appraisal Item]

115 - ??????

116 - Broken motor
Looks like some kind of motor parts
[Appraisal Item]

117 - ??????

118 - ??????

119 - ??????

120 - Statue's shard
Stone shard from a broken statue
[Appraisal Item]

121 - Fungus spores
Mushroom spores taken from a Fungus
[Appraisal Item]

122 - Poison flower seeds
Seeds shot from a Poison Flower
[Appraisal Item]

123 - Self-destruct circuit
Part dropped from a Bomb Pod
[Appraisal Item]

124 - Gun pod part
Part dropped from a Gun Pod
[Appraisal Item]

125 - ??????

126 - Old empty cartridge
Empty prehistoric Mech cartridge
[Appraisal Item]

127 - Chestnut's thorn
Thorns from a chestnut
[Appraisal Item]

128 - Havoc's propeller
Propeller attached to the top of Havoc
[Appraisal Item]

129 - ??????

130 - Spider bolt
Large bolt; probably a Spider part
[Appraisal Item]

131 - Two rings
Steel parts with two overlapping rings
[Appraisal Item]

132 - Red cloth
Pretty red decorative cloth
[Appraisal Item]

133 - Star-shaped cloth
Cloth with tiny stars
[Appraisal Item]

134 - Net-covered box
Mystery box with a net over the top
[Appraisal Item]

135 - ??????

136 - Long scissors
Scissors with very long handles
[Appraisal Item]

137 - Old world map
Map of the world in ancient times
[Appraisal Item]

138 - ??????

139 - ??????

140 - Mystery cube
Palm-sized cube with colors on each side
[Appraisal Item]

141 - ??????

142 - Cat slupture
Cat sitting with one front paw beckoning
[Appraisal Item]

143 - Broken ice axe
A sharp pickaxe-shaped item with a broken handle
[Appraisal Item]

144 - ??????

145 - Rusted rod
A rod covered with rust
[Appraisal Item]

146 - Rusty claw
A large claw-shaped item
[Appraisal Item]

147 - Brown aromatic wood
Natural aromatic wood with a clean smell
[Appraisal Item]

148 - Beige aromatic wood
Natural aromatic wood with a sweet smell
[Appraisal Item]

150 - Broken camera
Old-type camera with a large lens
[Appraisal Item]

151 - ??????

152 - Broken cane
Plastic rod that looks like a cane
[Appraisal Item]

153 - ??????

154 - Oblong pottery
Tall, thin piece of pottery
[Appraisal Item]

155 - ??????

156 - Clogged tube
Tube with something clogging it
[Appraisal Item]

157 - Round-bladed scissors
Steel scissors with round blades
[Appraisal Item]

158 - Small card
Small card made of metal
[Appraisal Item]

159 - Glass fruit
Small fruit made of glass
[Appraisal Item]

160 - TH-f3
Prehistoric mechanical part
[Appraisal Item]

161 - LX-a7
Prehistoric mechanical part
[Apparaisal Item]

162 - V-205
Prehistoric mechanical part
[Appraisal Item]

163 - Broken Fight 182
Prized medicine that is handy to come by
[Appraisal Item]

164 - ??????

165 - Metal pole
Long hard metal pole
[Appraisal Item]

166 - Antique glass
Glass product of an ancient age
[Appraisal Item]

167 - Antique doll
Wooded doll of an ancient age
[Appraisal Item]

168 - ??????

169 - Extinct plant seedling
Seedling of a fern plant that is extinct
[Appraisal Item]

170 - ??????

171 - Jet-black plate
Jet-black plate with hard-to-see square inlay
[Appraisal Item]

172 - ??????

173 - Children's book
Entitled 'Working Adventurers'
[Appraisal Item]

174 - Adult book
A book of scary ghost stories
[Appraisal Item]

175 - Broken bottle
A bottle that once held something
[Appraisal Item]

176 - Mechanical earmuffs
Earmuffs that you fit over your ears
[Appraisal Item]

177 - ??????

178 - ??????

179 - Rod with buttons
Has numbered buttons on the back
[Appraisal Item]

180 - ??????

181 - ??????

182 - Small screw
Small screw that secured something
[Appraisal Item]

183 - Large screw
Large, very heavy screw
[Appraisal Item]

184 - Shoes with wheels
Shoes with wheels attached
[Appraisal Item]

185 - ??????

186 - Gold disc
Disc-like item made of gold
[Appraisal Item]

187 - ??????

188 - ??????

189 - ??????

190 - Fish print
Paper with the print of a whole fish
[Appraisal Item]

191 - Bird-men's scribbles
Sketch drawn bu a bird-like man
[Appraisal Item]

192 - Golden cup
A large gold-colored cup
[Appraisal Item]

193 - Ruby ornament
Old ornament covered with rubies
[Appraisal Item]

194 - Sapphire ornament
Old ornament covered with sapphires
[Appraisal Item]

195 - Cat's eye ornament
Old ornament covered with cat's eyes
[Appraisal Item]

196 - Big balloon
A big broken leather balloon
[Appraisal Item]

197 - Old corkscrew
A corkscrew from ancient times
[Appraisal Item]

198 - Dirty bottle
A slightly soiled old bottle
[Appraisal Item]

199 - Mythical liquor
Ancient drink thought to exist no more
[Rare Appraisal Item]
<197 Old corkscrew + 198 Dirty bottle>

200 - O-Parts
Completely unknown prehistoric item
[Appraisal Item]

[4.2] Talents

Everyone's talents will be able to upgrade to a better and effective version 
of them. Below is a list of them.


Give Spirit
Carcano giving Mag spirit restores FP

Give Courage
Carcano giving Mag spirit restores FP

The Usual
Carcano giving Mag confidence greatly restores FP


Cheer up
Pepper's cheering restores Mag's HP.


Talk to them
Talk to them so that low-level enemies leave; EXP bonus

C'mon please!

Persuade them
Persuade them so that low-level enemies leave; EXP bonus


Pepper Attack
All-or-nothing attack; maybe big damage to enemy
Comments: Pepper will fire enemy by using her Cyframe and hit it in the air.

Pepper Crash
All-or-nothing attack; maybe big damage to enemy
Comments: Pepper will kick enemy in the air, fire it while in mid-air and hit 
to the ground.
Pepper Flash
All-or-nothing attack; maybe big damage to enemy
Comments: A combination of Pepper Attack and Pepper Crash. Pepper will defend 
herself, run forward while flashing and kick the enemy in the air, fire it 
while in mid-air, hit it to the ground and kick it to the air again. The 
enemy will fall down after that.


Gimme an item the enemy has

I'll Take That
I'll take an item the enemy has

Smash 'n Dash
Smash 'n Dash grab for an enemy item

<5> M i s c e l l a n e u o s <5>

If other Evolution 2-related stuffs can not be included in other sections, 
this section will contain them.

[5.1] Story line

The story line here is straight off from the official Evolution 2 website.

Mag, like his parents, had dreams of becoming the world's greatest 
adventurer. With the company of his butler, Gre, and Linear, Mag set out to 
explore the ruins of the ancient civilization.

One day during their adventures, a warship from the Eight Empire landed at 
Pannam Town. They were on a mission to find "Evolutia" a piece of the ancient 
world that was thought to only exist in legend. Eugene, the leader of the 
troops from the Eight Empire, kidnapped Linear, so that he could interrogate 
her as to the whereabouts of Evolutia.

Mag, Gre, and their steadfast freinds, Chain and Pepper, stormed into 
Eugene's warship to rescue Linear and after numerous battles with Eugene's 
troops, Mag and Company got close enough to approach Eugene. To their 
surprise, Eugene discovered that "Evolutia" was, in fact, Linear! After a 
fierce battle with Eugene, Mag and Linear found themselves trapped in a 
rapidly sinking ship. Using the power of Evolutia, Linear saved both Mag and 
herself from certain doom.

It has been a half-year after the riot with the Eight Empire army. The 
Society field office in Pannam Town recieved a request from the Society 
museum in Museville, which is located far south of the Palldian continent. 
The request was to send the best adventurer in Pannam. Never one to avoid 
challenge, Mag Launcher rises to the call and boards a transcontinental train 
with his friends, Linear, Gre and Chain to head to Museville.

Uncertain as to why he has been called, Mag's new adventure begins the moment 
his train leaves the station.

<6> C h e a t s ,  S e c r e t s  a n d  T r i c k s <6>

This section will lists out tricks and secrets that contain in Evolution 2 
(if they have, anyway) and Game Shark codes if you have the nifty gadget.

[6.1] Game Shark Codes

If you have the Game Shark for Dreamcast, plug it in and enter the following 
code to activate the cheat. All of these codes are NOT CONFIRMED and I am not 
responsible for any damages that it may have done.

Infinity Money - 57FF79FB000000F0 

Quick Level Up for Mag - 600B64FB0000FFFF 

Maximum TP for Mag -  865B82BB0000270F 

Maximum HP for Mag - 42BA10720000270FFDE9993D0000270F 

Maximum FP for Mag - 5B8778EC0000270F5BF778EC0000270F 

Quick Level Up for Linear - 20876CFF0000FFFF 

Maximum TP for Linear - 4C9210730000270F 

Maximum HP for Linear - B20635370000270F886382BA0000270F 

Maximum FP for Linear - 1454192B0000270FC2BBE8420000270F 

Quick Level Up for Gre - B6D635370000FFFF 

Maximum TP for Gre - E0CF172E0000270F 

Maximum HP for Gre - 8BC382BA0000270F4F4A10730000270F 

Maximum FP for Gre - B06635370000270F9F58054D0000270F 

Quick Level up for Pepper - 533778ED0000FFFF 

Maximum TP for Pepper - 52CF78ED0000270F 

Maximum HP for Pepper - B46635370000270FDA788C650000270F 

Maximum FP for Pepper - 24876CFF0000270F1234192B0000270F 

<7> C r e d i t s <7>

Clement Chan - ([email protected])
The writer of this guide. I've taken quite a long time to finish the whole 
thing and well, it's worth it.

Cheat Code Central - (
Thanks for providing the Gameshark codes for Evolution 2.

thadarkman78 - ([email protected])
Thanks to this helpful guy for providing me some of the Appraisal Items list, 
pushing it from 58% to 68%!

<8> History <8>

Version 0.9 - 19th September 2000
The whole Guide was completed but the Lists section is incomplete. I'll work 
out on that in a few weeks.

Version 1.0 - 22nd of September 2000
Fixed the wrong formatting for the review section which looks all mixed up.

Updated loads of stuff for <4>Lists<4>. Still incomplete but 40% of the whole 
section is completed.

Added <6>Cheats, Secrets and Tricks<6>

Version 1.1 - 26th of September 2000
Added [2.2] Menu and [2.3] Battle Menu. I forgot to put them before. Tee-hee! 
*laughs like Chain*

Updated [4.1] Appraisal Items and [4.2] Talents. Thanks to thadarkman78 for 
providing some of the Appraisal Items! Expect more coming soon!

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