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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                -TRACK STRATEGIES
                                 -PAWN SERIES
                                 -KNIGHT SERIES
                                 -BISHOP SERIES
                                 -QUEEN SERIES

Blame Nintendo's choice for the Japanese title of F-Zero's handheld debut for the 
fact that many people thought this game is simply a rehash of the SNES title. Called 
simply F-Zero in Japan, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity does share a lot in common with the 
SNES game, but all the tracks and cars are new. Developed by newly founded second 
party Ndcube, F-Zero Advance basically pretends F-Zero X never existed. The 
innovative X power management system is gone and there are no attack moves to speak 
of. Instead, the game heavily relies on the "one new boost per round" rule started 
by the SNES original and also features a few shortcuts for those daring enough to 
try to cut corners. The initial two difficulty settings aren't too tough once you 
have figured out the controls, but there is no way you can win the Expert or Master 
difficulties without correctly managing your boosts. 

Despite these similarities to the original F-Zero, F-Zero Advance handles very 
differently from both predecessors. The cars slide much more, requiring you to 
master both leaning and stabilizing in turns to keep you from slamming into walls. 
The trick is to counter your inertia by tapping the accelerator whenever you skid 
too much. It's a cool little technique, but it'll also leave you with a sore thumb 
before you know it. 

This guide is designed to teach you the basics of F-Zero racing. If you're having 
difficulties figuring out how to turn and boost correctly, start by reading through 
the Game Basics section. We have also detailed each track, complete with maps that 
show you where the tough spots are. 

Have fun -- and be sure to have some ice packs ready for your right thumb... 


So you've beaten the original F-Zero as well as the N64's F-Zero X and you think 
you're ready for F-Zero: Maximum Velocity? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but 
you'll have to start all over again. This Ndcube-developed sequel may look like F-
Zero for the Super NES, but it handles so differently, it will take a while till you 
get the hang of it. 

Gameplay progression
At the outset of the game, you can select any of the three racing series: Pawn, 
Knight or Bishop. You can then choose from three different difficulty modes 
(Beginner, Standard and Expert). The default color for a selected mode is yellow. 
Once you clear said mode, it will turn green to remind you that you've already 
finished it. You can of course play a completed mode again, but it won't unlock any 
new features. A fourth difficulty mode, Master, is unlocked when you beat the Expert 
difficulty for each respective class. 

The Queen Series (with five additional courses set on Crater Land, Tenth Zone East, 
Epyrean Colony, and two tracks on Fire Field) is unlocked by beating all Pawn, 
Knight and Bishop tracks on Expert difficulty. 

The tracks don't actually change on the different difficulty settings. It's the 
drones that get tougher and tougher to beat. Especially the Master difficulty 
opponents can be a real pain in the butt as they tend to bump into you and knock you 
into obstacles. There is only one way to deal with them: leave them alone. Stay out 
of the way (don't always drive in the middle) and pay attention to the indicator 
mark that lets you know a craft is behind you. 

Expert Technique 1: Rocket Start
F-Zero's quick start is a bit different from most Nintendo racers -- so forget about 
trying to hit the A-Button when the lights turn green. To get the fastest start 
possible, hold down your accelerator prior to the start and rev the engine to the 
point where your fuselage(s) begin to light up. Now listen to the engine sound. You 
want it to be in the mid-range, not the high-pitched sound that occurs when you 
continue to hold down the accelerator. If the engine is in the mid-range when the 
race starts, you will get a fast start that propels you in front of the pack. If you 
rev the engine too high and overheat it, you will also boost ahead -- but then lose 
power and slow down for a few seconds. 

Expert Technique 2: Correct Cornering 

Even though the physics in a hover racing game are a bit different than those in 
regular racing games, the cornering rules are very similar. Try to get as close to 
the apex (the inner portion) of the turn as possible. Looking at the illustration to 
the right, follow the read arrow from the outside of the track to the first yellow 
dot. As you turn left into the curve, your craft will begin to skid. To minimize the 
loss of speed and drift more effectively, you should always turn left while holding 
the L shoulder button, and right while holding the R-Button. To stop your craft from 
skidding too much, use the Blast Turn technique discussed below. 

It will take some practice, but you should almost always follow a standard racing 
line when going into a turn. Force yourself to move to the outside of the track 
before turning, even if the turn is not very sharp. Once it's become second nature, 
you can always alter your approach for slight curves and chicanes. 

Expert Technique 3: Blast Turn
Like the Rocket Start, the Blast Turn is another expert technique. To successfully 
maneuver tight corners without bumping into the guard rails, take your finger off 
the accelerator (A Button), then press it again to stabilize your racer. Combine 
this with the L and R drifting to get the best times. 

Some curves only require you to tap A once or twice when you're drifting too close 
to a wall (to stabilize your trajectory), but 180-degree turns, icy patches, and 
sharp corners require constant tapping to make it through unscathed. The 
alternative, tapping the brakes, causes you to lose too much time and won't work 
against the tougher opposition on higher difficulty leves. 

Expert Technique 4: Perfect Landing
Many of F-Zero's later tracks contain shortcuts that let you jump ahead of the pack 
by using jump plates. Be sure to look at the track layout in the lower left corner 
of your screen to see potential shortcuts. But knowing where they are isn't enough. 
You also need to know how to properly land without losing speed. If you just touch 
down on the track, your craft will bounce and you will slow down. You can avoid this 
by pressing down on the pad just prior to landing. 

Expert Technique 5: Watch the Mark
On the higher difficulty levels, your opponents will become more and more... well, 
nasty. Nothing is more frustrating than racing a perfect race, only to see your 
victory turn into a disaster because you got knocked into a wall by a CPU driver. 
This is why you have the "Mark" indicator. This helpful little feature lets you know 
when an opponent is right behind you. If you see the indicator, move to the side (at 
least on the higher difficulty levels). Don't risk a collision that could ruin your 

Linking Up
As you know, F-Zero supports the link cable for great multiplayer battles for up to 
four players. While it's possible to play a limited one-track, one-machine four-
player challenge with only one cartridge, it's nowhere near as cool as the four-
player multipak races. The best thing about the four-player battles is that every 
player's best times for that track are transferred to the other GBAs after the race. 
This way, you will be able to get "mixed rankings" that contain the names of your 
opponents -- which gives you another incentive to compete for even better times and 
send your buddy a long-lasting reminder who the real F-Zero champ is... 

Championship Mode
Not to be confused with the standard Grand Prix Mode, Championship is a hidden 
option that lets you race a Time Attack challenge against a ghost car on a special 
Synobazz track. The mode also offers the ability to see a replay of the winning run, 
complete with button commands display. This Synobazz Championship Circuit track is 
viciously difficult, which why it is featured in its very own hidden mode. There is 
no margin for error. Use your the Blast Turn technique to make it through the tight 
and icy turns and don't miss a single Dash Plate. 

To unlock Championship Mode, register your name in the rankings of every race in 
every series. 


Just because a racer is at the bottom of the list doesn't mean it's the best one for 
the track at hand. Be sure to try out every machine you unlock, but don't be afraid 
to go back and select a "lesser" racer if you're having problems beating a track. 
Some machines are all speed - and thus better for tracks with lots of straights, 
whereas others are balanced for steering and acceleration and thus more fitting for 
complicated courses with lots of turns. 

Hot Violet 
Max Speed Normal: 422 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 579 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 6 
Body Strength (/100): 69 
Turn Performance: B 
Turn Balance: C 

Fire Ball 
Max Speed Normal: 440km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 565 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 6.5 
Body Strength (/100): 82 
Turn Performance: C 
Turn Balance: B 

J.B. Crystal 
Max Speed Normal: 418 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 560 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 9.5 
Body Strength (/100): 63 
Turn Performance: C 
Turn Balance: A 

Wind Walker 
Max Speed Normal: 428 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 585 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 5.3 
Body Strength (/100): 50 
Turn Performance: A 
Turn Balance: D 

Sly Joker 
Max Speed Normal: 436 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 591 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 3 
Body Strength (/100): 75 
Turn Performance: C 
Turn Balance: A 
Note: Beat the Pawn, Knight and Bishop series on Standard difficulty to unlock this 

The Stingray 
Max Speed Normal: 460 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 525 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 12
Body Strength (/100): 85 
Turn Performance: C 
Turn Balance: C 
Note: Beat all Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks on Expert difficulty to unlock this 

Silver Thunder 
Max Speed Normal: 464 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 589 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 3.7 
Body Strength (/100): 90 
Turn Performance: D 
Turn Balance: B 
Note: Beat the Queen series to unlock this machine. 

Falcon Mk-II 
Max Speed Normal: 448 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 573 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 7.2 
Body Strength (/100): 66 
Turn Performance: C 
Turn Balance: B 
Note: Beat the Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Queen series on Expert difficulty to unlock 
this machine. 

Fighting Comet 
Max Speed Normal: 412 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 593 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 9 
Body Strength (/100): 56 
Turn Performance: D 
Turn Balance: B 
Note: Beat every series on the Master Class difficulty to unlock this machine. 

Jet Vermilion 
Max Speed Normal: 456 km/h 
Max Speed Boost: 602 km/h 
Boost Time (Sec.): 4.2 
Body Strength (/100): 100 
Turn Performance: E 
Turn Balance: B 
Note: Beat each racing series on Master difficulty with each machine or complete the 
championship 255 times to unlock this machine. 


At the outset of the game, you can select any of the three racing series: Pawn, 
Knight or Bishop. You can then choose from three different difficulty modes 
(Beginner, Standard and Expert). The default color for a selected mode is yellow. 
Once you clear said mode, it will turn green to remind you that you've already 
finished it. You can of course play a completed mode again, but it won't unlock any 
new features. A fourth difficulty mode, Master, is unlocked when you beat the Expert 
difficulty for each respective class. 

The Queen Series (with five additional courses set on Crater Land, Tenth Zone East, 
Epyrean Colony, and two tracks on Fire Field) is unlocked by beating all Pawn, 
Knight and Bishop tracks on Expert difficulty. 

To read racing tips for each of the game's tracks, select the series from the links 
below. You can also choose the series directly from the top navigation by clicking 
on the respective chess pieces (from left to right: Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Queen). 

-Pawn Series 
-Knight Series 
-Bishop Series 
-Queen Series 

There is of course one more track that doesn't fit neatly into a racing series: the 
Synobazz Championship. Not to be confused with the standard Grand Prix Mode, 
Championship is a hidden option that lets you race a Time Attack challenge against a 
ghost car on a special Synobazz track. The mode also offers the ability to see a 
replay of the winning run, complete with button commands display. This Synobazz 
Championship Circuit track is viciously difficult, which why it is featured in its 
very own hidden mode. There is no margin for error. Use your the Blast Turn 
technique to make it through the tight and icy turns and don't miss a single Dash 

To unlock Championship Mode, register your name in the rankings of every race in 
every series. 


1. Bianca City 

Stretch Circuit 
F-Zero's first circuit is an easy affair. However, if you haven't yet familiarized 
with the game's driving techniques, it may appear like the hardest thing in the 
world. You need to know how to skid and, more importantly, feather the accelerator 
to make it through turns. The energy strip that lets you replenish your health is 
right after the start line, but you shouldn't really have problems maintaining your 
shield integrity. You're best served using your turbo boost on the long straight 
before and after the finish line, to cut across the large black track area in the 
west, or on the long straight in the south. 

(A) After the first left turn you are given the opportunity to shave off some 
valuable time by taking the ramp and jumping over to the right. However, your basic 
craft speed isn't going to get you very far. Unless you're using one of the faster 
machines or you utilize your boost, you won't make it across. This short cut is not 
necessary to beat the track on any difficulty, but it does lead to better lap times. 

For the rest of the track, be sure to avoid the black patches that slow down your 
speed (B). Stick to the right and stabilize your machine by tapping the accelerator 
whenever you get too close to the wall. When entering the straight in the south, 
stay in the middle of road, then use the R or L Button to steer around the next 
black patch. Tap the accelerator to get through the last curve, immediately move to 
the center to catch the first boost (C), and then steer slightly to the right or 
left to catch the second arrow. 

Remember to use your boost early in the last lap to get the most out of it. 

2. Stark Farm 

First Circuit 

The first two turns are just there to warm you up to what follows. Remember that you 
don't need to feather your accelerator for the smaller curves - just use L and R - 
but once you get to the north-eastern corner of the track (A), start tapping the 
accelerator as you weave left and right. Try to stay in the inside of the curves to 
make the fastest time. Like in the previous track, there are strips of dirty track 
that slow you down. Stay in the middle to maintain your top speed (B). As you come 
towards the end of the first such strip, steer hard right as the next curve requires 
you to stay on the inside. Now you have to do the same thing again. Move back into 
the middle, pass the damaged track area, then move right to get yourself into the 
best position to make it through the S-Curve that follows. 

Once you're through this part of the track, the striped pattern on the ground tips 
you off that it's time to use your boost (C). If you need an extra advantage over 
your opponents on your last lap, use your next boost early - as soon as the previous 
one wears out. There are no shortcuts on this track, so it's all about taking those 
turns correctly. 

3. Empyrean Colony 

Dash Circuit 

This circuit is all about speed. The track is wide at all times, so you should have 
no problem avoiding the walls even at high speeds. Most curves are 90 degree turns, 
so remember to skid using L and R as well as tap your accelerator to stabilize your 
craft. Yes, your thumb will start to hurt, but a few hours down the road you won't 
even feel it any more. 

It's easy to get carried away - but it's not necessary to tap A all through the 
turn. Start tapping as soon as you start to slide too much, or when you're getting 
close to a guard rail. The first series of curves really gives you an opportunity to 
practice driving the apex (A). Steer from the outside of the track into the curve

The next turn is a 180 degree curve (B). Steer from the outside (right) to the 
inside (left) and get as close as possible to the inner rail as possible. As soon as 
you're in the apex, turn hard left and start to tap your accelerator. You should 
make it through without problems. 

You will now come up to your first split track element (C). Both sides are the same, 
so don't worry too much about which way to go - but I suggest sticking to the right. 
This will automatically place you on the outside of the track and beautifully set 
you up for the next turn. Don't miss the Dash Plate before the split. Once you hit 
it, stay in the middle of the track to get the next three boosts as well. Resist the 
urge to tap your accelerator on this stretch. It will just slow you down. 

All that lies ahead now are two S-Curves. The first one may need some A tapping, but 
the second one is so short you can just speed and skid right through the center 
without losing any speed. Use your boost on the final stretch. 

4. Stark Farm 

Second Circuit 

This second Star Farm track is pretty easy, except for one major 180 degree turn. 
The challenge on this track isn't trying to avoid smashing into walls, it's trying 
not to lose momentum. Most of the track surface is lined by dirt patches that slow 
down your ship. But you should still treat these sand patches as if they were 
regular walls. This means staying in the middle for most of the race, as well as 
correctly turning into the apex of a turn. Most portions of the track can be 
navigated without much A tapping, with the notable exception of the 180 degree turn 
in the north-west of the course (A). After the long straight, stick to the left, 
then immediately move to the right after the first 90 degree turn to get to the 
outside of the track. Tap A repeatedly as you turn left until you clear the turn. It 
will take some practice to get the timing right, but don't get discouraged. Even if 
you hit the wall, there are plenty of opportunities to out-boost your opponents to 
win this race. 

Pay attention on the third long straight (B). It may appear as a straight on the 
map, but the sand patches actually turn it into a split road. Simply R- or L-turn 
right or left. This is a good spot for your final boost, although it may also come 
in handy on the final stretch. Remember that the energy/pit strip isn't right after 
the finish line. It's after the first turn on the right (C). 

5. Cloud Carpet 

Long Jump Circuit 

This first Cloud Carpet course can be a bit tough for beginners who aren't used to 
the controls yet. After the first 90-degree turn (A), move all the way to the right 
(the track widens slightly to let you set yourself up for the turn). Taking the next 
curve correctly is crucial to making it through the track's toughest spot, the 180-
hairpin turn. Turn left into the curve, but instead of going straight when you exit 
the apex, keep on turning left while tapping A to get as close as possible to the 
left wall. Once you are back on the left side of the track, keep on tapping A while 
turning hard right (don't forget to hold R) and drift through the hairpin turn. The 
track is slightly widened to allow you to make it through. 

The next series of curves is nothing to worry about, but there is one more tricky 
part: the jump. As you enter the southern straight, stick to the right and hit the 
Dash Plate on the ground (B). If you miss the boost, the only way to save yourself 
in a slower car is to manually engage your boost (if you have one) by pressing L and 
R. You then hit the jump at a high enough speed to clear the gap. Before you land, 
press down on the control pad so that your racer doesn't bounce and lose momentum. 

It's tough to do with the beginning craft, but the more advanced ones (beginning 
with Crazy Horse) can easily take a short cut to get ahead of the competition. 
Instead of taking the right Dash Plate, head for the left one and jump across the gap

Don't forget to push down at the end for a smooth landing. The next S-turn is an 
easy one if you remember to tap A to stabilize yourself (C). Once you're around the 
corner, engage your boost to make the most out of this long straight. If you need to 
replenish your shield, stick to the right after the finish line. 

Congrats. You have made it through the Pawn Series. With this knowledge you 
shouldn't have any problems beating this series on all the difficulty levels. 


1. Tenth Zone East 

Snake Circuit 

The first track in the Knight Series is actually easier than some of the Pawn 
courses. There are no notable traps, jumps or hairpin turns here. However, there are 
plenty of 90-degree curves as well as a few sharp corners. The key to getting the 
best times is to follow a perfect racing line. Since most right turns on this track 
are followed by a left turn, it's a matter of moving from one side of the track to 
the other, always taking the quickest way through the apex of the curve. The first 
curve (A) doesn't need tapping A to stabilize yourself, but the following turns (B) 
are much easier if you feather the accelerator - and the sharp north-eastern curve 
requires the technique to get through. For the fastest possible lap times, try to 
drift as much as possible, only stabilizing yourself when you get close to a guard 
rail. Again, the north-eastern curve is an exception. 

The south-western portion of the track features a short slow-down strip (C), but 
it's easily avoided if you double-tap the accelerator after you drift through the 
curve. A short second after this turn, you will bump into a sharp corner. Don't lose 
any time zig-zagging and drifting here. 

There are two long straights that are tailor-made for boosts. For maximum speed, you 
should use a boost each round on the final stretch (as soon as you pass the sharp 
corner) - except for the last one. To make the last boost worth it, use it on the 
striped straight leading south. 

2. Beacon Port 

Crossroad Circuit 

The key to winning this high-speed track lies in your ability to hit the Dash Plates 
without losing control and slamming into walls. The first arrow is in the middle of 
the northern straight. After you hit it, move over to the right, then turn hard left 
(tap A), then right again to get around the following S-curve (A). The next boost 
comes right before the "figure eight" crossroads portion of the track. It doesn't 
matter if you take the right or the left fork - both cross over in the middle and 
lead back to the main road. To make it easy, take the left fork, then turn slightly 
right and go straight at the crossing (B). Do not turn left at the crossing as that 
wastes valuable time. Go straight and hit the next boost. This whole portion can be 
navigated very easily via the L and R Buttons. You can floor the accelerator all the 
way. You may also want to avoid contact with opponents by picking the opposite road 
the CPU drone in front of you is going. Stick to the left side of the track as you 
will have to make a hard right very soon. Don't get confused by the slight left turn 
(C) and mistakenly move over to the right - the real curve follows right after it. 

 Continue to race on the left side of the track and hit the next Dash Plate in the 
center portion of the track. The next chicane requires you to weave quickly right 
and left (while tapping) to get through at boost speed. Try to stay in the center as 
the next Dash Plate is just around the corner. Approach the turn from the very left 
side of the track, then turn hard right into the center to hit the boost. Keep on 
feathering your accelerator as you turn right. If you simply head straight into the 
arrow, you will bump into the wall and lose valuable energy and time. Once you're 
clear, it's time to use your machine's own turbo boost to gain speed on the long 
straight. Replenish your shield energy on the green strip to the left. 

3. Synobazz 

Explosive Circuit 

Synobazz is synonymous with nasty traps and damaged roads. You really have to be on 
your toes or your ship's energy will be gone before you know it. It starts off all 
very innocently. The S-Curve in the northeast is easily navigated by utilizing what 
you've learned in the Pawn Series (A). Move from the outside of the track into the 
inside, drift with L and R, and feather the accelerator. As you head towards the 
circular portion of the course (B), things get tricky. Landmines are placed 
strategically in the middle and on the left side of the track. Hitting a mine has 
three effects. 1) It detonates the mine, causing damage to your ship. 2) Your speed 
is temporarily increased through the explosion - but your trajectory is altered 
depending on the impact, often knocking you into a wall or an opponent. 3) The mine 
disappears and the track is irreparably damaged. The damaged track portion causes 
shield damage and slows you down when you drive over it, so treat it just as you 
would a mine and avoid it. The safest way through this minefield is to stick to the 
right railing at all times. The final mine is placed in the middle towards to right, 
so don't increase the distance between you and the guardrail simply because all the 
other mines are far away. 

 Once you pass the final mine, you will approach the track's second major chicane 
(C). The next track portion is severely damaged by lava and causes shield depletion 
if you drive over the it. Stick to the right side and hit the blue ramp to jump over 
most of the damaged track. While in the air, steer slightly to the left and push 
down to land as soon as the ground is solid again. Stay on the left side and take 
the next right turn wide so that you don't touch the lava. Move into the center of 
the track. This final stretch contains small pools of lava that you can easily avoid 
by maneuvering left and right with your shoulder buttons. After the third pool, move 
to the left and prepare to make a wide right turn (D). The inside of this curve is 
made up of dirt, which causes you to lose speed. Turn as close to the sand as 
possible, but don't touch it. Another quick left turn and you'll be on the final 
stretch. The stripes on the road tell you that it's time to engage your boost. 

Pay special attention to your opponents on this track. Nothing is more frustrating 
than being knocked into a wall or damaged track portion by a rogue driver who slams 
into a mine. Don't overtake in the dangerous portions of the course. 

4. Ancient Mesa 

Split Circuit 

The first series of curves on Ancient Mare are a cinch. You know the drill -- skid 
and stabilize. But the next portion of the track needs some explaining. As you hit 
the western straight, the track widens and leads to four Dash Plates and a fork in 
the road (A). It's up to you which way to go, but let's pick the right branch to 
make things easier. Since the track is covered with ice, you need to tap the 
accelerator a lot if you don't want to lose control. Head for the very right Dash 
Plate, hit it and follow the right branch of the course. Tap the accelerator rapidly 
as you're making a sharp left turn. If you don't tap fast enough, you will skid into 
the guardrail. Two Dash Plates await right around the corner. Once again, hit the 
right one. As you boost forward, start turning to the right (but don't tap A). You 
will hit a long Dash Plate head-on (B). The moment you hit it, tap A repeatedly 
while turning right to stabilize yourself and turn the ship into the right 
direction. The force of the boost will knock you 90-degrees around the corner 
without losing time. Alternatively, you can be a wuss and brake while turning right 
without hitting the Dash Plate. 

The ice patch ends and parts of the regular track are exposed. Maneuver through the 
next series of turns by sticking to the regular track portions. The road widens and 
you are heading right for a blue ramp (C). If you have a boost to spare (or a ship 
with very high top speed, such as Silver Thunder or The Stingray), now is the time 
to pull off a flashy little shortcut. Hit the jump, then quickly turn to the left. 
You can bypass the whole icy corner by cutting across to the solid road. Push down 
when you're ready to land. Even the slower cars can bypass at least a small portion 
of the curve. Instead of jumping straight across the gap, cut across diagonally and 
land right before the final turn. 

The final stretch following this curve lets you replenish your battered shields. If 
you're playing it safe, this is the place to utilize your ship's turbo every round. 

5. Stark Farm 

Third Circuit 

This track requires you to make a decision and pick your favorite route. The first 
half of this race is a no-brainer with simply turns that won't give you any trouble. 
But then the road splits into two. If you take the left branch (A), you have to 
stick in the middle of the track to avoid being slowed down by dirt patches on the 
side. It's fairly easy if your thumb hasn't yet fallen off from tapping the 
accelerator. The right branch (B) is easier - a quick left turn and a small jump -- 
but it's got a nasty little dirt strip that's designed to slow you down. Ultimately, 
the left branch is a tiny bit faster (unless you want to waste your boost on the 
slow-down strip), and most CPU drones go the other way, so you aren't facing as much 
opposition. However, there is another alternative. You can also take the right 
branch and instead of jumping straight at the ramp, jump right onto the lower track. 
This way, you bypass the dirt strip that slows down your momentum. However, the 
margin for error is a bit larger than if you take the left branch in the first 
place, so you might as well stick with the standard left path. 

Whichever way you take, don't miss the turbo Dash Plates on the southern straight 
(C). If you have taken the left way, the Dash Plate will knock you into the right 
direction - simply steer right (and hit R) and you will end up the same way as if 
you had hit the arrow from the other direction. Stick to the left side. There is a 
flattened portion on the left side that lets you speed into curve's apex and turn 
right before you hit the wall. Getting through this curve without hitting the 
guardrail (or braking) is a difficult task and will take a lot of practice. There is 
also an easier way that works well with vehicles that have a long boost time. Simply 
slam head-on into the guardrail (D) while turning right (and holding R) and let it 
knock you into the right direction. Rapidly tap A to stabilize yourself. If your 
racer is still boosting, you will quickly regain your former speed and lose very 
little time. 


1. Bianca City 

Tightrope Circuit 

This is one of the most straightfoward tracks in the game. No traps, no jumps, no 
chicanes. But before you get too happy, remember that this means there is also very 
little chance of your opponents messing up. Especially on the higher difficulty 
levels, a little mistake can give the opposition just the time it needs to beat you. 

Luckily, the track isn't so terribly difficult to figure out. But since much of the 
track is rather narrow, the biggest challenge is to stay out of the CPU drones' way. 
Watch the indicator mark that lets you know when someone is behind you and drive 
defensively. Feather your accelerator to get through the tight turns and utilize 
your boost to overtake the other drivers on the long straight leading up to the 
finish line (A). In the final lap, you can also boost on the other long straight in 
the eastern portion (B) of the course. 

2. Ancient Mesa 

Skating Circuit 

The icy patch (A) in the middle of this simple circuit is the biggest problem. 
Everything else is easy stuff. Here's how to get through the track the quickest 
possible way. As you exit the curve right before the O-shaped ice patch, head to the 
right. Since you're prone to skidding on ice surfaces, it's important that you tap A 
whenever you change directions, even if it's just a slight correction. In other 
words, try to get through this section with as little direction changes as possible. 
Steer towards the inside corner and turn left while rapidly tapping A until you're 
heading south-east. Go straight, then correct your trajectory to go south when 
you're back on the regular track. You will notice that the track is lightly widened 
on your left. Even though it's possible to head left into the ice rink, the right 
path is easier because of this extended exit track piece (B). 

Your next challenge is to make it through a tight S-turn (C). Since you're drifting 
on ice, you have to tap your accelerator much more than you usually would. There is 
one final sharp turn that you have to drift through. The trick to making it at high 
speed is to over-skid (your vehicle has to actually be turned 45 degrees to the 
right as you're skidding through the turn) while tapping A. Hit L and R to boost as 
soon as you exit the turn (D) (the striped track lets you know that you're on the 
final stretch) and try to overtake as many opponents as possible on the following 
straight. Don't give up. This track can be tamed. 

3. Crater Land 

Skid Zone Circuit 

Crater Land is one of the easiest tracks in the game once you know the way around. 
Seriously, if you're worried because you're having problems coming in first in the 
previous circuit, you should restart the series if you're not getting a first place 
ranking on this track. Crater Land is characterized by its three split passages. One 
way often leads you to a recharge strip, the other one provides you with boosts. 
Which one should you pick? Well, unless your racer is severely damaged, boosts are 
the way to victory. Here's a quick "race-through" of the whole track. 

Stay left after the start. The road will split, providing you with four boosts on 
the left and a pit strip on the right. Take the boosts unless your machine is 
severely damaged. After the fourth boost (A), move right, then turn left into the 
apex of the next curve, then turn right again. The following curves are exceedingly 
easy, even at boost speed. Just remember to tap the accelerator when you get too 
close to the guard rail. The track splits once again. The left branch is identical 
to the right branch, but taking the right one gives you an advantage when it comes 
to entering the apex of the next turn (a left turn) (B). 

The final portion of the course is characterized by conveyer-belt-like moving track 
elements. These elements push you either right or left - and they alternate in 
direction. The first few conveyers are easy to beat if you just stay in the middle 
of the road (C), but the final hairpin straight is a bit trickier. As you head into 
this final narrow passage, stay right (as the conveyer is pushing from the right) 
(D). To get through this passage the fastest way possible, steer only with the 
shoulder buttons. Push R, L, R, L (to counter the left, right, left, right belts). 
Memorize this combination. It will make you slip right through without losing any 

Next, stay on the right side of the track (E). There are some additional boosts 
there that help you maintain your top speed as you're approaching the finish line. 
If you're low on shield energy, you can also take the left side. Be proactive. If 
you see CPU drones overtaking you, don't hesitate to use your boost when you're 
going over the pit strip. If you used the Dash Plates, engage your remaining manual 
boost (in the later laps) as you come around the corner. Again, the striped track 
tells you you're on a long straight. As you're going into the next lap, remember: 
left branch, right branch, right branch. 

. Cloud Carpet 

Icarus Circuit 

Your biggest problem on this Cloud Carpet track isn't the course itself, it's the 
opposition. Getting around this track in Training Mode is one thing, but going up 
against the CPU drones on these narrow roads often becomes a game of chance. 

The track itself is straight-forward. Maneuver through the first set of turns using 
the shoulder and the A buttons, then get ready to hit one of two Dash Plates (A) 
when the track widens and heads south. It doesn't matter which boost you take, as 
long as you hit one of them. Subsequently, stick to the right side of the track (the 
left side will slow you down). After a quick 90-degree turn, you will have to make 
it through a very narrow passage. Watch your opponents. Don't get in their way. 
Around the corner, you will find the first of two ramps (B). You can use it to cut 
across the next corner and shave off a few milliseconds. The second jump plate is 
just around the corner. Stick to the left and use the ramp to cut across the corner 
once again (C). Don't land too close to the right, though. A tough hairpin turn 
awaits. Tapping A while skidding with R is key to making it through this one. The 
rest of the track is simple. 

Once you pass the finish line, you are awarded your first boost. This changes 
everything. Instead of using the second jump plate to gain a small advantage over 
your opponents, you can now use it to completely circumvent the hairpin turn (D). It 
may take a couple of round of practice, but once you've got it down, you won't know 
how you beat this track without this technique. Let the light-blue track surface 
serve as a reminder to engage your manual boost in a few seconds. Now hit the jump 
plate and steer over to the right. You will effectively bypass a significant portion 
of the track. If you still lose the race despite this technique, it's time to go to 
your local videogame store and sell your GBA and copy of F-Zero. You're hopeless. 

. Bianca City 

Ultimate Circuit 

There is not much that can be said about the final Bishop Series track except for 
the fact that every turn will bring you very close to the guard rail. The first 
curve already requires some quick tapping to make it through unscathed (A), then 
follow some simple chicanes that you can avoid by weaving left and right with your 
shoulder buttons (B). Move to the left after the last one to set yourself up for a 
sharp right curve. You can then floor it until you arrive at the track's toughest 
hairpin turn (C). 

Steer from the very right side into the apex and keep on tapping that accelerator! 
Another chicane sequence follows, which, again, can be avoided via the shoulder 
buttons. As soon as you pass the last "dirt" patch (D), hit L and R to boost. That's 
it. Your ability to perfectly take the turns and make the most out of the long 
straight will determine whether you win or lose. 


1. Crater Land 

Loop Circuit 

NASCAR fans rejoice. F-Zero gives you a track that's 100% right turns. After the 
start, follow the right guard rail around the corner to hit the first Dash Plate 
(A). Next, you've got the choice between another boost or a jump plate (B). It 
depends on your current vehicle which one you should choose. If your boost time is 
long, stick to the left and take the boost. If your boost time is short, use the 
jump on the left to cut across the turn. 

Whichever one you choose, try to end up on the right side of the course so that you 
can hit the next jump plate. This will allow you to jump over the dirt patch ahead. 
Land on the left side and hit the next jump plate (C). Depending on your speed, you 
will either clear the whole patch, or you will have to steer over to the right side 
to take advantage of the standard road surface. 

Stick to the left from here on. There are a couple of landmines in the middle and on 
the right of the track (D), but you're fine if you stick to the left. One quick turn 
(tap A rapidly to make it without touching the wall), and you're on the track's 
final stretch before the finish line. Engage your manual boost if you're in Lap 2 to 
overtake even the fastest opponents. 

2. Tenth Zone East 

Plummet Circuit 

This is your chance to practice your jumping skills. After some quick and easy right 
turns (the second of which requires feathering the accelerator), you're heading for 
your first jump (A). Hit the jump plate and head straight. As you're about to land, 
push down on the directional pad to properly land on the magnetic landing strip that 
follows (B). Another jump follows, but you need to steer slightly towards the left 
to land on solid ground. But that's not all. A left and right turn later, you will 
hit the next jump plate. Once again, you go straight and push down. 

Next, maneuver the S-curve and hit the last jump plate. This one's tricky. You can 
either go left or right - going straight will cause you to crash and burn (C). Which 
ever way you go, hit down before you land, then head back to the opposite direction 
to jump back to the center track. If you've successfully made it through this part 
of the course, turn right for the final stretch. As with most tracks, this is the 
place to boost. If it helps you, remember: straight, left, straight, left, right. Or 
just keep an eye on the track map in the lower left corner - or the track ahead... 

Once you have completed the first lap, you get your first boost. If you think you're 
good enough, you can now pull off some cool shortcuts. You can take the first one 
(D) by boosting immediately after you land on the first magnetic strip. Steer all 
the way to the left and jump across the gap. Have faith. It's possible. If your 
machine has long boost time (and you don't mess up the landing), you can actually 
take the second shortcut (E) as well. It's tough, but if you do it, you will be an F-
Zero god amongst men. 

3. Empyrean Colony 

Twist Circuit 

This course would be the easiest thing in the world if it wasn't for those nasty 
little twist traps. These round patches turn your vehicle in exactly the direction 
that you're not planning to turn into. The only way to make it through this course 
without going crazy is to learn where the twisters are. To make things a little more 
confusing, the developers have added some Dash Plates. It's all too easy to mistake 
an arrow for a trap and steer around it. 

After the first turn, you will bump into two twist traps on the outside of the track 
(A). Stay in the middle, then head for the right side of the course to hit the first 
Dash Plate. Stay on the right side until you pass two twist traps that are located 
in the middle. Immediately steer into the center of the track, or you will bump into 
a twist trap in your path (B). As you pass the traps, move back to the right side to 
avoid another two and turn left around the next corner. Welcome to the track's 
hairpin portion (C). The track is so narrow, two racers next to each other will 
cause some major trouble. So if you're worried about a CPU drone being right on your 
tail, don't hesitate to utilize a boost, if available, to get out of harm's way. 
Next, hit three boosts in a row located in the center of the track (D). Please pay 
attention as there are twist traps on the left and right sides between the 
respective boosts. If you haven't used your boost yet, hit it the moment you enter 
the final stretch (once again signified by the striped track surface). 

4. Fire Field 

Landmine Circuit 

If you make it through a race without hitting a single mine, you truly are a master. 
Out of all tracks in this game, this one is most likely to blow up your ship. Start 
off the race by moving over to the right side. Stick to the right (A), avoiding the 
land mines on the left and in the center until you arrive at the track's 180-degree 
turn. As you get close to the curve, cut across from the right to the left and head 
through the curve to the left side of the track (B). You can stay on the left to 
avoid the next batch of landmines, then move over to the right to get around the 
next patch. Finally, move to the middle and avoid the alternately placed mines by 
using the shoulder buttons and the directional pad. 

There are many ways through this mine field. You will soon find a way that suits you 
best, but remember that no mines are ever placed right next to the guard rails. 
Stick to the walls and you're good (well, unless you touch the walls). 

5. Fire Field 

Warrior Circuit 

This track has it all. Stick to the right after you start the race (the left branch 
features the shield-replenishing pit strip). After an easy S-curve, you will hit a 
medium straight leading south, containing a jump plate and a series of mines. Take 
the ramp and push up to get as much air as possible, then push down to land after 
you have cleared the mines (A). Even if you don't have enough speed to make it, 
you'll be fine if you stay in the middle of the track. Another jump plate follows 
(B). This one poses an interesting dilemma. If you think your speed is high enough, 
you simply go straight and clear all the mines. But if you're too slow, turn toward 
the left (and mine-free) side of the track. The trick is that the left side is 
magnetic and pulls you down, so use it as your last resort if you're in danger of 
hitting a mine. 

The final portion of this track is comprised of a conveyer patch (C) (you can easily 
clear it by staying in the middle) and a widened area lined by dirt patches (D). 
Again, stay in the center of the track, tap the accelerator to stabilize yourself in 
turns, and you will emerge victorious. 

Once you have gotten your first boost, you can pull off a nice little shortcut (E), 
but you might actually want to save your boosts for the long straight so that you 
can outrun your CPU opponents on the higher difficulty levels. 


Unlock Sly Joker
To unlock a fifth car, the Sly Joker, beat the Pawn, Knight and Bishop series on 
Standard difficulty. 

Unlock The Stingray
To unlock the second hidden car, the excellent Stingray, you have to beat all Pawn, 
Knight and Bishop tracks on Expert difficulty. Good luck. You'll need it. 

Unlock Silver Thunder
To unlock the super-fast but a little less stable Silver Thunder car, you need to 
beat one series on Master difficulty (Pawn is the easiest, of course -- so go for 
that one first). 

Unlock Falcon MK-II
You thought that was it, eh? Nope, here's yet another cool hidden F-Zero racer: the 
Falcon MK-II. To get it, you need to beat the Pawn, Knight, Bishop AND Queen series 
on Expert difficulty. 

Unlock Fighting Comet
And just when you thought they'd run out of cars -- here comes the Fighting Comet. 
But you need to work to unlock it. Beat every series on the Master Class difficulty. 

Unlock Jet Vermilion
Here's the ultimate F-Zero racer. Jet Vermilion is insanely fast -- but it's so hard 
to get, most gamers will give up and run away in horror. You have to actually 
complete each racing series on Master difficulty with each machine (chess icons next 
to the track selection screen show you which series you have already beaten with the 
respective racer). If that sounds too difficult, you can also unlock Vermilion by 
completing the championship 255 times. Which one sounds more appealing? Good luck. 

Unlock the Queen Series
Like the Stingray car, the Queen Series (with five additional courses set on Crater 
Land, Tenth Zone East, Empyrean Colony, and two tracks on Fire Field) is unlocked by 
beating all Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks on Expert difficulty. 

Unlock Championship Mode
Not to be confused with the standard Grand Prix Mode, Championship is a hidden 
option that lets you race a Time Attack challenge against a ghost car on a special 
Synobazz track. The mode also offers the ability to see a replay of the winning run, 
complete with button commands display. To unlock Championship Mode, register your 
name in the rankings of every race in every series. 

Unlock Master Difficulty
To open up the hidden Master difficult level (in addition to (Beginner, Standard and 
Expert), you have to first beat a series' Expert difficulty level in the Grand Prix 
Mode. Note that this will unlock the Master setting only for that series. You still 
have to beat the Expert setting on the other cups as well to get access to all the 
Master classes. 

Hidden Demo Mode
To see an explanation of the above expert techniques and watch the computer complete 
a perfect lap and show you when to brake and when to boost, simply press the Select 
Button at the title screen. 

Erase All Data
If for some reason you would like to delete all your scores and saved game data, 
simply hold L and R while switching on your GBA. You will then be asked whether you 
would like to delete everything -- select Yes to execute the function. 

Reset Game
F-Zero has a built-in soft reset. If you want to reset the game without actually 
using the on/off button, simply press the following buttons at the same time: A, B, 
Select, Start. 

Ranking Password
Nintendo has designed F-Zero with tournament play in mind. Since you can't upload 
your best times or take screenshots, the game features a built-in ranking password 
system. To obtain an encrypted password for your best track times, select Course 
Ranking from the main menu, then select your name and the track you would like to 
get a password for. Now hold the L-Button and press up, right, right, B, left, B, A. 
Your tournament entry password will now appear at the top of the screen and you can 
write it down. Nintendo uses passwords like these to let you enter into official 
tournaments, so keep an eye out for them. 


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