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A D V E N T U R E  2 : B A T T L E
Strategy Guide
Last Story and Secrets
By [email protected]
Last Story

Cannon's Core: 1st Mission

To get Rank A in the first mission, get over 29,000 points.
To get Rank A in the second mission, get 100 rings in under 3 minutes 30 seconds.
To get Rank A in the third mission, find the lost Chao in under 7 minutes and 30 
To get Rank A in the fourth mission, get over 29,000 points.  The limit is 7 
To get Rank A in the last mission, get over 29,000 points.

Get to the Core of the Colony

After finishing both the Hero and Dark stories, it's time to tackle the Cannon's 
Core.  This unique final stage has you play as five different characters, 
with Tails.  Once you complete one character's section, you immediately move on 
the next, with all points, rings, lives, and time expired carried over.

The key to getting past almost all of the traps in this stage is to blast these 
switches.  They freeze all motion in the room (except yours) for a limited time, 
allowing you to get by lasers, spiked balls, etc.

There is a room with big black moving blocks in it.  To get past this room, shoot 
the time switch just as the block to your near right is emerging.  Jump on top of 
and hover forward from block to block until you get to one with an `X`  on it.  
takes you to the door out of here.
In the last room, begin by shooting the time switch when the blocks to your left 
lined up to give you stepping stones to the lower platform beyond.  From there, 
the switch, and shoot it when the two blocks straight ahead are lined up as steps 
for you to reach the higher platform.

Rather than hunt for treasure in this stage, it's Rouge's job to find the large 
button that drains the core.  Begin by climing up these pillars, gliding from one 
another as you reach the blocks.  Once atop the highest pillar, hit the time 
and then glide toward the bottom of the waterfall and through the door behind it.
In the room with all the green sludge, cling to the wall next to the time switch, 
and hit it as soon as a block has cleared the tunnel above.  Climb into the 
and proceed forward.
The switch in the next room reveals the large red button.  Hit it and work your 

Begin Knuckles' section by swimming down, hitting the time switch, and then 
back past where the lasers used to be.  Smash the iron containers beneath you to 
reveal a spring that will help you reach the pulley above.  After taking the 
hit the switch and then smash the iron containers beyond it to get back down to 
room below.
Dive back into the water and swim to the tunnel with the green pulsing lights 
the same one you were in with Rouge).  In the next room, you'll find a switch 
opens another tunnel straight ahead.  To get through, however, you need to hit 
Time Switch above the door behind you.  Once you get through, you come to a room 
filled with lasers and smelly green sludge.  Carefully swim down, grab the 
halfway through, and hit the Time Switch at the bottom to open access to a nearby 
tunnel.  About halfway through the tunnel, you come across another time switch.  
it to prevent the current from starting up again.  Get through here, and the 
red button is in the next room.

There's no floor underneath an Artificial Chaos, but you must destroy him to open 
the door behind you.  The trick is to perform a Homing Attack, and as you bounce 
his head, push down on the Control Stick and press the A button.  Doing so will 
you safely on the ledge from which you jumped.
Use Sonic's Bounce Attack to move across the first rushing water you find and 
onto a ledge.  Hit the time switch on it, and then somersault under the gate 
The rest is pretty simple.

Cannon's Core: 2nd Mission

Collect 100 rings

By picking up every ring along the main path, it's possible to have 100 by the 
of Dr. Eggman's section.  Just keep firing with both him and Tails to avoid 
hit and losing your rings.

Cannon's Core: 3rd Mission

Find the lost Chao

Finding the lost Chao in this stage is fairly difficult process.

Complete Tails' section as normal, and proceed with Eggman until you come to a 
immediately after the first checkpoint.  Rather than jumping onto the floating 
platform and falling down the shaft as usual, hop up onto the guard rail of the 
ledge you're on, and hover across to the door on the other side.  Blow up the 
containers behind it, and you'll see an ancient shrine straight ahead.  Play the 
Mystic Melody near the shrine, then leave the room and finish the rest of Dr. 
Eggman's section as usual.

In Rouge's section, a new tunnel in the main chamber has opened as a result of 
Eggman playing the Mystic Melody.  Run to the end of the tunnel to find another 
ancient shrine.  Play the Mystic Melody again, and then complete this section as 

At the beginning of Knuckles' section, a few new platforms will have appeared if 
played Mystic Melody with Rouge.  Follow the platforms up to a pulley, and you'll 
taken to yet another ancient shrine.  Play the Mystic Melody here, and finish the 

Finally, proceed through Sonic's section as usual until you reach the mountain-
waterway.  When you get to the peak, you see that a row of rings has appeared.  
Light Dash across them while pushing up on the control stick, and you'll land on 
platform with two enemies and a door.  When you destroy the enemies, the door 
and the lost Chao is waiting on the other side.

Cannon's Core: 4th Mission

Reach the goal within 7:00

If you don't waste any time messing around with enemies or unnecessary rings, 
completion of this stage is possible in less than six minutes.  To score an A, 
lots of enemies wile you're moving with Tails and Dr. Eggman.

Cannon's Core: Last Mission

Clear Hard Mode

Aside from the typical increase in enemies, you'll notice that almost every 
trap has been slightly modified.  Often, time switches have moved or even 
disapeared.  Keep your eyes open, and by this point in the game you should be 
to handle anything.

Boss: The Biolizard

Not to be left out, Shadow takes it upon himself to do battle with the 
This huge reptile begins by trying to bite you.  Run across the circular path 
of his mouth, but don't run too fast, or he'll switch directions and strike you 
his tail.  Also, be sure to jump when you see the wood divider to prevent being 
swept into the water.
After giving chase for a while, the Biolizard stops to catch his breath, and the 
pipe running alongside his neck begins to sparkle.  Jump onto that pipe and grind 
it.  Just before you get to the top, jump up and perform a homing attack on his 
life-support system.  One hit down, five to go.
For the next round, things change a bit.  He begins by chasing you again, but 
he stops moving, he spits energy balls at you.  Jump over the low ones and 
under the high ones.  If you get hit, pick up at least one ring so that you can 
sustain another attack without dying.  Once this barrage ceases, the pipe 
his neck sparkles again.  Grind up and nail his life-support system with another 
homing attack.  This pattern repeats once more.
Upon scoring your third hit, the Biolizard throws another surprise into the mix.  
After he's done chasing you and spitting energy balls, he'll spawn dozens of 
floating pink eggs.  These eggs attack you, so quickly use your homing attack to 
bounce across them to the top of the Biolizard.  You'll have to use your Control 
Stick to navigate your way up there.  Once in range, go after the life-support 
system again.  This pattern also repeats once more.
When you score your fifth hit, the Biolizard immediately spawns more eggs and 
levitates Shadow into the air.  All you have to do is steer Shadow clear of the 
eggs, and move him into the life-support system.  Once there, hit the A or B 
and the Biolizard is done for.

Last Boss: The Final Hazard

Or not.  For the final conflict, you alternate between Super Sonic and Hyper 
Shadow.  Use the Control Stick to direct them, press the A buton to make them 
quickly burst foreward and up, and press the B button to make them quickly burst 
foreward and down.  To damage the Final Hazard, you must slam into his pink 
areas.  Before the first hit, he puts up a defense perimeter of eggs.  After 
before the second hit, he fires at you with a sweeping beam, then, before three 
hits, two beams, four hits, two beams and eggs.  Every time you get hit, you lose 
rings (you start off with 30-50), and if your ring count drops to zero, you lose 
your super form, and lose a life.  Rings are also depleted simply by Super Sonic 
Hyper Shadow moving.  If your ring supply should become dangerously low, switch 
characters by flying under or over the Final Hazard.  Utilize some creative 
maneuvering, and victory will be yours in no time.
Game Secrets

The story may be over, but there's still plenty to unlock in Sonic Adventure 2: 
Battle.  These hidden features include:

Hidden Costumes
Each character has a second costume that's only accesible once you achieve an A 
in all of his or her missions.  Can you master them all?

Hidden Karts
You can open a hidden kart for each character by collecting emblems for all of 
or her missions.  The karts are also accesible in 2P Mode.

Hidden Stage - Greeen Hill Zone
Only the insanely persistent will unlock this 3-D rendition of Sonic's first ever 
stage.  Stock up on food, drink, and toilet paper - it's going to be a long 
To get Green Hill, collect every single emblem in the game.  There are a total of 
180 emblems.

Copyright 2002 Adam Comix Inc.
E-Mail: [email protected]

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