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Frame Gride - Dreamcast FAQ V0.2 
by José Raúl González 
[email protected]


     This is a GREAT game (better than Power Stone IMHO).    The graphics are 
beautiful and the gameplay is awesome and very
deep.  The more I play it, the more cool things I find out.  If you like 3-D 
fighters at all, you have to try it.  If you own 
 a Japanese Dreamcast, go import it NOW.  I recommend The Rage 
( for all your import needs.  This 
game should definitely be brought over to the States (probably in 2000).  I 
don't know any Japanese, so what I have found out 
 has been through trial and error.  Any additions/corrections to this fact are 


	I played it all day today and ended up finishing the single player 
campaign.  The game should only take about 10-15
 hours to finish depending on how good you are (took me about 12).  The last 
boss is very, very hard.  On a sad note, there
 is no CG ending (bummer).  But still, a great game.  And I have yet to get all 
the weapons...

Campaign Mode Menu:

      Once you start a new game (and have gone through all those screens in 
Japanese - which decides which gride you get) 
you encounter this menu:

- Go to Map*
- Practice* 
- Select Gride
- Select and Equip Armaments (Weapons/Armor)
- Select Gride Color
- Select Squires (you must have enough LF to use squires)
- Construct Armaments with Gems
- Miscellaneous Options
     - View Records
     - Save Game*
     - Load Game
- Leave Game

*Note: can only be done if your mech is fully equipped and you have enough Life 
Force for all your selected squires.
       Life Force can be increased by improving your armaments (namely your 
helmet and back module)

Weapon Listing (Incomplete):

The order of the listing is from top to bottom/left to right:
     1.        5.
     2.        6.
     3.        7.
     4.        8.

Rear Mounted Special Weapon:
    1. Circle of Sword Attack (get close to enemy and unleash)
    2. Bazooka Projectile (needs to charge up)
    3. Bolts of Lightning (circle centered around you)
    4. Snake of Fire (enemy seeking)
    5. Rocket Launcher Array (enemy seeking)
    6. Unknown
    7. Fire Cannon (fire area blast around enemy)
    8. Jet Pack (speed up and ram enemy)

Hand Rifle/Projectile Weapon:
    1. Light Single Shot
    2. Very Powerful Single Shot
    3. Medium Multi Shot
    4. Medium Single Shot
    5. Powerful Single Shot
    6. Powerful Multi Shot
    7. Unknown 
    8. Light Multi Shot

First Pod:
The first "pod" defines the energy/material type of your attacks (four in all).
This affects the Defensive Energy Field, the Hand Rifle/Projectile Weapon 
Secondary Mode and the Sword Projectile Weapon.  Each Hand Rifle/Projectile 
Weapon and Sword has a different attack that changes with the type of pod 
selected.  Have fun trying to keep track of them all.

    1. Fire
    2. Ice
    3. Green Energy
    4. Earth 

Battle Options:

On Ground at All Distances
     X: Guard
     B: Sword Slash (requires no energy, can be done in air)
     L: Strafe Left (can be done in air)
     R: Strafe Right (can be done in air)
     A: Jump Jet Straight Up
     Forward + A: Jump Jet Forward - Ground Level
     Backward + A: Jump Jet Backwards - Ground Level
     B+Y: Special Weapon Attack (rear mounted on left shoulder)	
     X+A: Summon Squire
     L+R+X: Defensive Energy Field
     L+R+B+Y: Area Energy Attack (can be done in air)

Up Close:
     Y: Punch (requires no energy)
     L+R+YYY: Combo Punch*	
     L+R+BBB: Combo Sword Slash*
*Note: If any part of the combo is blocked, your gride is pushed back and the 
combo ends

Far Away:
     Y: Fire Rifle (can be done in air)
     L+R+Y: Fire Hand Rifle/Projectile Weapon Secondary Mode
     L+R+B: Fire Sword Projectile Weapon

Energy Bar Colors:
     The energy bar is normally green.  If you are  trying to do an attack that 
requires energy you don't have, the required energy needed for that attack will 
be added in red to the amount you currently have.  Once you have attained that 
energy, your energy bar will turn blue.

Battle Strategy:
     In order to get the harder to find gems, you must kill the opponent's 
squires.  Once the squires have been destroyed,
 they leave a gem.  A good strategy is to get up close and personal to your 
opponent, hurt him real badly, and then let him
 summon his squires. Kill the squires, get their gems, and then finish him off.  
I have gotten up to 6 gems in a battle in 
this manner (and the harder to find gems - like the red triangle one and the 
yellow star).
     If you are defeated in battle, you may lose a piece of armor, so beware.


Map Info:
     Herein I have described all the different locales and cards in the game:

     Fallen Town (can view and select all your boss cards here)
     Fossil Desert (Mordova)
     Fallen Bridge (Cronher)
     Great Ravine (Otlante)
     Vanity Castle (Modorall)
     Huge Hollow (island off west coast)
     Silent Forest (Lechliax)
     Ruins of Ancient (Baraeck)
     Graceful Column (southwest corner of map)
     Malicious Shrine (north part of desert)
     Forgotten Temple (Gudolpho)
     Grudge Arena (Balentine)   
     Deep Cave (Racine)
     Vain Palace (island off northeast coast)
     The Lost Tower (Zyblanel)

Boss Cards:

Random Cards: (do not appear in Fallen Town)
     The Revenger 
     The Mugger 
     The Gub 
     The High Flown
     The Retired Bees
End Boss Card: (does not appear in Fallen Town)

Last Battle Hints:
	Zyblanel is both cheap and tough.  You cannot really damage him with your 
melee weapon.  Your best bet is using the 
 gun with the most powerful single shot in the game (looks like a small hand gun 
- the 2nd from top to bottom/left to right). 
Also, try to get as many squires as you can on the field to distract him (I had 
three).  Always try to stay in front of him.
If he raises his body, run towards him to avoid his projectiles.  If he snakes 
in a semi-circular pattern in front of you,
 watch out!  He can bomb you this way.  Keep avoiding his attack and firing your 
gun.  Eventually, you'll beat him and get 
the sort of lame ending.  On the plus side, you can save your game at the end 
and continue racking up gems (there is one type I have yet to find).

Have Fun!

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