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Fur Fighters

by Bizarre
for Dreamcast

FAQ/Guide ver. 0.7
By Paul {Chase} Salmon ([email protected])

 1.1.Version History

2.Background Information
 2.1.The furfighters
  2.21 Close
  2.22 Bullet
  2.23 Shell
  2.24 Bomb
  2.25 Rocket
  2.26 Energy
  2.27 SMART
  2.28 Thermal
 2.3 Items
  2.31 Bug Shield
  2.32 Bear Disguise
  2.33 Meercat Multiple

3.Playing Tips

4.Baby Guide
 4.1.Demo Level (Complete guide)
 4.2 Fur Fighter Village
 4.3.New Quack City
  4.31.World Quack Centre
  4.32.Lower East Quack
  4.33.Quackenheim Museum
  4.34.Saving Gwyneth
 4.4.Beaver Power
  4.41.Compound Factions
  4.42.God Machine Valley
  4.43.beaver Dam
  4.44.Saving Juanita
 4.5.Cape Canardo
  4.51.VAB Building
  4.52.VLF Facility
  4.53.Space Station Meer (Complete guide)
  4.54.Saving Claude 
  4.61.Dinos Downstairs
  4.62.Dinos Upstairs
  4.63.The Rumpas Room
  4.64.Saving Esmerelda
 4.7.Anatat Tatatanat
  4.71.Jungle of Despair
  4.72.Temple of Gloom
  4.73.The Bad Place (Complete Guide)
  4.74.Saving Winnie and Mai
  4.81.HMS Viggolina
  4.82.The V-100
  4.83.Secret Island
  4.84.The General's Lair

5.Mini Games
 5.1.Sliding Puzzle
 5.3.Balloon Game
 5.4.Bear Game
 5.5.Bombing Game


I'm writing this FAQ as I play the game, so it will be constantly updated as
and when I learn new things. Fur Fighters is a strange game indeed. A mixture
of Cute Cartoon Platformer and first person shooting, with a lot of puzzles 
and comedy shoved in for good measure (mostly Bond based jokes). And there's
no blood.. Just fluff. It works well.. One of the best DC games for a long 

 1.1 Version History
 Version 0.7--> Added the guide for Viggo-a-gogo
 Version 0.6--> Finished the guide for Dinotoplis, except for one baby. Added
                near complete guides for Anatat Tatatanat.
 Version 0.5--> Added unfinished guide for 'The Bad Place' in Anatat Tatatanat.
                Completed guides for Beaver Power and Cape Canardo
 Version 0.4--> Added Guide for Dinotoplis. Completed baby listings for the 
                whole of New Quack City, and Compound Factions.
                Added the Mini Game Guides.
 Version 0.3--> Added Guides for Cape Canardo, and the rest of Beaver Power. 
                My memory really is bad, but I'm currently replaying, so the
                missing babies will be added pretty soon. Corrected the 
                wrongly listed baby in World Quack Centre.
                Corrected the line length, so the text should fit nicely on
       (someone didn't read the directions...)
 Version 0.2--> Added Baby Guides for New Quack City and Beaver Power (not 
                boss) Missing several baby locations, which I can't remember.
                I'll have to replay. I estimate the guide will be complete in
                about another week from now (7/15/2000)

 Version 0.1--> Pre release. Contains info on characters, background and a 
                guide for the demo.  

2.Background Information
The Evil General Viggo, and his army of half witted bears, are planning to 
take over the world.  Last time he tried, Viggo was stopped by the 
Furfighters, so this time he plans to kidnap all the Furfighters' families, 
to hold hostage, in order to stop the Furfighters from thwarting his plans.
However, he didn't count on the Furfighters coming to save their families...

 2.1.The Furfighters
 There are six playable characters in the game, all with different special 
 abilities and stats.
  2.11 Roofus
  The leader of the furfighters, raised in Glasgow, but joined the army to 
  escape the slums. The most experienced Furfighter, who won many medals in
  the army.

   AGE    : 12 Years
   HEIGHT : 5'6" (1.7 metres)
   SKILL  : Can burrow through soft ground

  2.12 Juliette
  Beautiful and athletic, Juliette is also a supreme warrior. She can be 
  temperamental stubborn and selfish, with an annoying tendency not to 
  listen to others. When she becomes frustrated, she is often tempted to go
  it alone, but with persuasion, she decided to stick with the team.
   AGE    : 5 Years
   HEIGHT : 5'2" (1.6 metres)
   SKILL  : Can Climb certain walls

  2.13 Bungalow
  Roofus' best friend, is a fully grown kangaroo.  The strongest of the 
  Furfighters, but lacks slightly in the brains department, and hence 
  prefers to take orders from the others.

   SPECIES: Kangaroo
   AGE    : 7 Years
   HEIGHT : 6'6" (2.0 metres)
   SKILL  : Can jump twice as high as other Furfighters

  2.14 Tweek
  At less than a day old, his siblings were stolen by the evil Viggo. He 
  has to rescue his siblings, but finds the world scary and fascinating. 
  He is helped by instinctive skills with firearms, and the other Furfighters.
  NOTE: Tweek is from Royston Vasey (The setting for "League Of Gentlemen")

   SPECIES: Dragon
   AGE    : 0.002 Years
   HEIGHT : 7'2" (2.2 metres)
   SKILL  : Can Glide for long distances

  2.15 Chang
  Born into a rich family in China, and became a foot soldier in the wars. 
  He has a good knowledge of science and strategy, plus natural agility 
  and cunning, making him a valuable member of the team

   SPECIES: Firefox (red panda)
   AGE    : 7 Years
   HEIGHT : 4'3" (1.3 metres)
   SKILL  : Can squeeze through small gaps

  2.16 Rico
  Raised in the Argentinian penguin comunities, Rico has always wanted 
  more than his mundane life of fishing and dodging orcas.  When he found
  the Furfighters, they taught him and helped hone his talents.  Can be 
  overconfident, but is a natural swimmer

   SPECIES: penguin
   AGE    : 5 Years
   HEIGHT : 5'9" (1.8 metres)
   SKILL  : Can swim
 2.2 Weapons
 The armoury in Furfighters is very reminisant of Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem.
 If you're a fan of PC FPS games, you'll instantly know your favourite weapons

  2.21 Close
  Each Furfighter has a different close attack. None of them use ammo, and are 
  not very strong. Only recommended for smashing frozen enemies or gratings. 
  Roofus headbutts enemies, Juliette scratches, Bungalow punches, Rico pecks,
  Chang has a tail whip attack, and Tweek breathes fire (which is actually very
  good for a close combat attack, as it fries people).

  2.22 Bullet Weapons
  There are 3 weapons that use bullets. The Pistol you start with, it has a low
  rate of fire, and is only good for using on weak enemies. 
  The Sub Machine Gun is more effective due to a higher rate of fire. 
  The Heavy Machine Gun fires even faster, and should be used through most of 
  the game once it has been acquired. However, it has an alarmingly fast ammo 
  You can hold up to 300 bullets at one time.

  2.23 Shell Weapns
  You get the Shotgun early on in the game. Its a great weapon to use close up, 
  and hence extremely effective on crocodiles/rats.  Suffers at long range, 
  though, due to scatter of shells.
  The Automatic Shotgun makes the Shotgun obsolete. Basically the same thing, 
  but with a higher rate of fire.
  You can hold up to 100 Shells at one time.

  2.24 Bomb Weapons
  Basically, the same thing as the grenade launcher from Quake, the bomb launcher 
  is a good weapon for getting rid of enemies on levels below you, or in the water.
  Not good at close range or in a battle, as you're likely to damage yourself.
  The cluster bomb launcher fires 3 bombs in an arc, instead of one.  Better for 
  clearing an area.
  You can hold up to 50 Bombs at one time.

  2.25 Rocket Weapons
  The rocket launcher is very damaging, it should kill most enemies in one shot.  
  The homing rocket launcher is just that. Locks on to an enemy and follows them.
  You must target the enemy you want. Very amusing weapon, as when fired the target
  starts running around to avoid the rocket.. But they always get hit.
  You can hold up to 20 Rockets at one time.

  2.26 Energy Weapons
  The plasma gun fires balls of plasma at a high rate. With the Heavy machine gun,
  this is the best general weapon to use.
  The plasma beamer fires a constant beam, which locks onto enemies until they die.
  Good, but uses up ammo VERY quickly.
  You can hold up to 350 Energy cells at one time

  2.27 The Neutron Gun
  The BFG of Furfighters.  Copied straight out of Doom. Great for clearing rooms 
  (it does so in one shot, wherever you aim). Ammo is extremely limited.
  You can hold up to 5 SMART (the ammo used) at one time.
  2.28 Thermal weapons
  The Freeze gun turns any enemy to ice, in just one shot. When Frozen, enemies 
  need to be smashed, or they defrost (a la Duke Nukem). Its best to smash them 
  with your close attacks, but if you're far away, just shoot them with the pistol.
  The Flame Gun launches balls of fire at the enemies, a hit normally results in a 
  kill (and a pile of ash).  Effective in most circumstances.
  You can hold up to 50 Thermal cells at one time.

 2.4 Items
  2.41 Bug Shield
  The Icon has 3 bugs on it, and looks like a disc. When you get it, the 3 bugs 
  will orbit you, taking any hits until they all die. They take quite a bit of 
  damage before they go away, and I don't think there is a time limit on this item,
  so get it as soon as you see it.

  2.42 Bear Disguise
  A cardboard box with a bear face drawn on. When place over your head, the bears
  think you are one of them (so they really are stupid).  Good for sneaking through
  areas with lots of bears. But, if you shoot a bear, he will start to attack you. 
  Has a time limit before expiring.

  2.43 Meercat Multiple
  4 meercats pop up to help you. They fire machine guns at whatever you attack. 
  Very helpful increase in fire power, but again, only stays for a limited time.

3.Playing Tips
*If there's a baby near you, you should be able to hear them. If you do, look 
 around and try to find it, then try to work out how to get it.
*Try to clear out an area of enemies before you attempt any puzzles.
*If you get stuck, try to find General Bristol, the Walrus. He'll give you hints, 
 and normally pops up around puzzles. However, if you want to solve a puzzle by 
 yourself, keep away from him.
*If you see a group of enemies, it is sometimes possible to get them fighting 
 amongst themsleves. Get one of them between yourself and another, and he'll get
 shot in that back.  Then, stand back and watch them fight.
*Learn to circle strafe. This is used in most FPS games.  Basically, it involves 
 strafing around an enemy or group of enemies, whilst constantly turning to keep 
 facing them, and shooting. It effectively makes you a moving target, and the 
 enemies stay in your sights.

 4.1 Demo Level
 Set in the "Beaver Power" area, you're dropped straight into the action. 
 Clear the first area of enemies, then return to the starting point. To your right
 will be a few small boxes which you can jump up and get onto the crate. Jump from
 there to the ridge, and follow it along to get to a Juliette teleport. Use it 
 (unless you started as Juliette) and then walk back until you see the claw marked
 wall. Climb up, head to the left for the first baby, Philippe. Jump down to the 
 main area, and walk up behind the digger, to get the crank.
 Now, head into the second area and clear the enemies. Use the crank on the back of
 the digger here, then head up the climbing wall (its to the right of the entrance)
 Follow through the passage, changing to Roofus on the way. At the end, go left for
 some tokens, and then right to get the rocket launcher and ammo. Head over to the
 shack you saw in the cutscene, and get the baby, Michael.  Now find the tunnel and
 dig through to the next area. Deal with the enemies around the corner (watch out 
 for the rocket launching peacocks), then press the buttons on the gate, and on the
 digger, and hurry back to the first area to get Juliette. Return, through the 
 gates and proceed along where the peacocks were. Climb the wall to the right, near
 the end. Follow the ledge back to the big gates, and climb up the post. 
 (Carefully) walk along the top, and drop down to get the 3 tokens.  Now head back 
 to where the peacocks were, and go round the corner. Take care of the third 
 peacock (if you didn't already), then continue round. Clear the enemies, but don't
 jump down the cliff (where you can see toilets at the bottom) yet.  Instead, go 
 back and climb the  wall, then turn  around and keeping to the right, try to jump
 onto the crate. Once you're on, carefully walk over the planks to get the third 
 baby, Anton. Now you can head back to the cliff, and slide down.  If you have 
 spare rockets, run to the right, and climb back up. Now walk to the edge of the 
 cliff, look down, and blast the enemies.  When they're dead, or you run out of 
 rockets, go back down, finish them off, and exit the demo.

 4.2 Furfighter Village
 In the real game, you start in the village, and are taken straight to the 
 undermill, which is pretty self explanitory, so I won't do a guide.  The 
 Furfighter village has a few tokens, and acts as the main hub in the game, from 
 here,  you can get to all the worlds. Also of interest is that once you have saved
 a Furfighters significant other (or mother, in Tweeks case), You can go to their 
 house and play mini games, by talking to their babies. If you do these fast 
 enough, or get the highest score, you open a cheat.

 4.3 New Quack City
 Speak to Bristol, and he tells you which area to visit. Its worth exploring the 
 whole of the city before going into any levels, just to get all the gold tokens, 
 and get a better feel of the game (The Undermill didn't contain any enemies as 

  4.31 World Quack Centre
  *In the oriental room, change to Rico, and make your way through the tanks, 
   following arrows when you surface, the first baby is just in front of you.
  *From the first baby, go through the door to the laundry room, and morph to 
   Chang. There is a baby in the corner of the adjacent room.
  *As Roofus, go through the first doors to the outside.  Follow the burrows to end
   up at a baby.
  *As Juliette, there is a baby on a running machine.
  *Again, with Juliette, go into the female changing room. There is a baby in the
  *Bugalow has a baby in the penthouse (get there in the secret lift)
  *On the Roof, activate the swaying mechanism. Press one button, then the next, 
   and continue until there is a new cutscene of the tower falling right over.  
   Now there is a baby dog by the telescope.
  *Bungalow has a baby in the helicopter on the roof.
  *Bungalow has a baby right by the exit.

  4.32 Lower East Quack
  *Near the start, climb up a fire escape to reach a chang teleport. From here, 
   walk round the ledge, and jump through the window. Go through the first door, 
   and get to a room with lots of doors in. Open them in clockwise fashion, 
   starting 2 doors along from where you came out (you can't open the first door
   yet). In the second door, get the bear disguise, and then open the rest of the
   doors in safety. When you open the last door, Chang's baby comes out of the 
   locked door (with a "League of Gentlemen" quote :)
  *Still as Chang, when you get chased by the tank, have it blow up the second 
   fence, and grab the baby.
  *After the first truck, there is a button which lowers a staircase. Lower it, and
   follow the platforms to get to the roof of a building, and a baby dragon.
  *Near the enterance to the subway, climb up a fire escape, and right at the top,
   there is a baby dog.
  *Ride on top of the train (by dropping into the subway) with Rico, and jump off 
   at the first station. 
  *From here, you can follow the path to another station, and a baby dog (the 
   Roofus teleport is right by him).
  *Outside the door to the gun shop there is a baby dog.
  *Just before using Tweek to lower the bridge, drop down to a ledge where there is
   a baby dragon.
  *After going over the bridge, jump down the sewer. Kill all the crocodiles, then
   raise the water level, and when you exit, there is a baby penguin.
  *When going over the foot bridge, jump on top of one of the lorries (to the 
   right) with Bungalow, and ride it till you get to the baby.
  *Right at the end there is a baby dog on some ice jump up to him with Bungalow,
   and then look behind you, near the top of the cinema, there is a water container.
   Shoot it down and it freezes over, allowing roofus to get to the baby.
  4.33 Quackenheim Museum
  *With Bungalow, go through the sword slashing area, and avoid the pit at the end.
  *Get the coat ticket by going to the wardrobe exhibition, and shooting the sign 
   down (one of the ropes is weakened). Then, go to the coat machine and use the 
  *With Bugalow, climb up the cat exhibition, and change to Juliette. Climb higher
   still, with the claw marks, then jump onto the helicopter to get over to the 
  *On the top level, with Bungalow, jump on top of the glass cabinet in the first 
   room, then jump to a baby.
  *In the diamond room, push the glass cubes into the lasers, then use chang to get
   in and get his baby. Tweek's baby can't be got now.
  *In the room before the boiler, climb to the top with tweek, and glide over to 
   the corner for a baby.
  *Right after fixing the boiler, there is a baby dragon at the exit
  *Just before the vault, there is a baby dog if you climb to the top of the 
  *Inside the vault, you can get Tweek's baby, IF you did the diamond room baby.

  4.34 Saving Gwyneth (requires 25 babies to enter)
  Tweek's mother has been changed into a metal monster, and its down to you to save
  Strafe around, concentrating fire at her head. When she flies, you can shoot any
  part of her.  If you shoot her mouth after she breathes fire, it does more damage.
  After awhile, she'll fly to the next platform, and blow up the one you're on.  
  Don't worry, as Tweek escapes on his own. After the cutscene, you can go around
  the building to collect items, and then go up on a lift to get to Gwyneth again.  
  After defeating her again, you go to a third platform.  This time, there are no 
  edges, so be careful not to fall off (if you do, you can glide to safety). When
  you kill her, she morphs back to Tweek's mother.  You'll encounter Bristol, and 
  he gives you a pass for the beaver dam. Head back to the village, and then to the
  Next Area.
 4.4 Beaver Power
 You'll meet Bristol at the start, and he'll tell you the order to do the stages. 
 It doesn't matter much about the order, but it is in order of difficulty, so you
 should follow his advice.
  4.41 Compound Factions
  Hey its the demo level! Except some baby names have changed, and one has moved.
  *Juliette has a baby at the start (as in demo)
  *Roofus' baby in the shack (as in demo)
  *Juliette now has a baby on the wall next to the gate. As before, climb over the
   gates, and down to get the baby.
  *Next to the explosive hut, there is a small hole for Chang to get through. Within
   is a baby Firefox.
  *Go through the explosives hut, and there is a baby kangaroo in a cage. Shoot the
   lock to release him.
  *Use the wrecking ball to smash open a concrete block. Inside is a baby dog.
   On the way back from this area, you can go down a passage. Shoot the rock to get
   a heavy machine gun.
  *Find an area with a large truck, and get inside a wheel. Run around to make the 
   truck move. You can climb the front of the truck, then climb the scaffolding to
   reach a baby dog.
  *From the previous baby, walk all the way up the grass, and you'll come to a 
   passage. Follow this all the way to the end, where there is a baby cat.
  *Get the steamroller out of the shed. To do this, you need to go in one door, and
   climb to the other side of the room. When the steamroller comes towards you, 
   jump on the boxes, and jump over it.  You can then use the steamroller to get
   accros the quicksand, and follow the path to a baby kangaroo.
  4.42 God Machine Valley
  *In the second area, where the digger is, there's a kangaroo baby on the ledge.
   To get to him, get scooped up in the digger, and ride up
  *There is a baby dog in the explosive area. Go in as bugalow, and he sets off the
   explosives. Get out in time, then return as Roofus to pick up the dog.
  *Behind the hut where you get the Union pass, there is a kangaroo baby.
  *On the first Machine, there is a kangaroo baby. You'll need to turn it off first
   though, using the Union Pass, then climb up from the cutting tool, follow the 
   conveyor belts, avoiding squishes.
  *Just after the hut where you found the Union Pass, there are some diggers. Ride
   them up to the top to find a baby cat.
  *Where the Hippy Beavers are, shoot the small rock to make the big rock roll and
   destroy the monument. Now, when the pipes come through, jump into the first one 
   from the base of the monument, and then when the pipe has moved jump into the
   second one. Now, jump out of the end of the second pipe when it has moved up to 
   the higher ledge
  *On the Drilling machine, there is a baby cat.
  *Go throught the laser area with Chang, and at the end, you'll find a baby 
  *Right at the end of the level, get inside the green god machine. In the large 
   room, there is a hole for chang to squeeze through. Follow this path round, and
   at the end, you can operate a crane. Grab the brown part of the pipe, then go
   down the pipe with Chang, to find a baby Firefox.
  *In the same area as the green god machine, there are 2 conveyor belt machines 
   (you use them to get into the green god machine). Go to the bottom, and press the
   buttons on both these machines.  Now, go back to the top, and follow the conveyor
   belts to a new cave. Walk all the way up to the top, and find a baby dog.
  4.43 Beaver Dam
  *In the helicopter near the start, is a kangaroo. Jump up and press a button to 
   get him out.
  *By making concrete (with water, sand and cement) you can get to a baby cat. To
   get the sand working, you'll need to activate the digger by the sand pump.
  *Jump in the water near the concrete area with Rico, and find a pipe. Follow the 
   pipe all the way to the end, and when you get out, close the door. The water goes
   down. Push the box to the middle of the room, then open the door. Climb on the
   box and find a baby penguin.
  *In the same water area, there is a baby cat on one of the gangways.
  *In the Turbine one room, there is a baby cat in an alcove round to the left of the
  *In the room where you fight the Transfromer, there is a baby dragon.
  *Right at the end, there is a baby dragon at the top of the lift that you need to 
   activate turbine two to use.

  4.44 Saving Juanita (requires 50 babies to enter)
  Rico's wife. She can be tricky if you're not careful. Basically, run around the 
  platform, avoiding the fish she throws, then, when she gets to the middle, fire 
  bombs at her. When the water level rises, try to stay above the platform. Don't
  worry too much about health, as the small food cans will regenerate.  After about
  6 hits, she will jump up on to the platform, and run around.  Run in the same 
  direction as her, until you catch up, then blast until she dies. Simple. Don't 
  stop moving, as she fires a lot of fish, which can be very damaging.  When she's
  dead, Rico gets a slapping (hehe), and Bristol gives you his old astrophysics 
  degree, which gets you to Cape Canardo.

 4.5 Cape Canardo
 Have a good look round, as there are a few new weapons on this hub, including the 
 neutron gun.  There's no Bristol around (to my knowledge) so just get started on 
 the VAB Building.

  4.51 VAB Building
  *To get a baby dragon, you have to land the shuttle (go up in the first lift to 
   get to the control panel). This can be quite a tricky task, but if you're 
   careful, you should get it right after a few tries. Don't brake too much early
   on, or you might crash. Try to guide the shuttle downward, controlling the 
   speed. Go around the NASDA building, and there is a runway. Once you get there,
   get the landing gear out and touch down. Then brake all the way, and hope you
   weren't going too fast. To get the baby out of the shuttle, you'll have to climb
   up the big fuel tanks, with Tweek, and glide over to the shuttle.
  *Shortly before the wind tunnels, there is a room on the left. On one of the 
   gangways, there is a baby Firefox.
  *Get through the wind tunnels, and at the end is a baby Kangaroo.
  *After getting the toast, but it on the trolley, and get through a new door by 
   pushing the trolley. In this room, make it through the rocket testing area with 
   Juliette, and right at the top is a baby cat.
  *There is a baby dog at the end of the level, when you have repaired the shuttle.
   You'll need to fix the computer to do this, which I found rather challenging, 
   until I found out how. All you need to do is get the disc from the shuttle. In
   the computer room, there is a door on the top floor, use this to get to the 
   shuttle, go in and get the disc out. (To get the shuttle to this room, you will
   have had to press all the previous buttons). Now, take the disc and put it in the
   computer. One of the fuses blows, so run inside, and push the other into its 
   place. The computer gives you a formatted disk, which you take to the shuttle. 
   Once this is done, you can get that last dog, as the door opens.

  4.52 VLF Facility
  *In the room where there are rotating panels, rotate them so the door gets shot, 
   to free a dog.
  *In the swamp, enter the crashed shuttle with Rico. Swim to the top, then climb 
   up on the seats. Shoot the windscreen to smash it, then jump onto a tree. Then 
   turn around and jump back for a baby penguin.
  *In the second swamp area, activate all 3 satelite dishes, then jump accros to a 
   baby Kangaroo.
  *In the room with pipes, use Chang to fit through a small hole right at the end, 
   and get a baby Firefox
  *Complete the launch sequence by pressing the buttons in order, and you'll free 
   a baby dog.
  *In a room next to the room where you got the elastic band, you can climb the 
   ladder, and jump to a baby dog.
  *Where the rocket is launching, Chang can run underneath, but avoid the fire. 
   At the end, is a baby cat, and a Juliette teleport.
  *On top of the bus shelter, there is a baby kangaroo. To get him, jump onto the 
   bus stop from inside the bus. Then jump up to him.
  *By pumping fuel into the rocket, you can get a baby Firefox. (this is in an area
   just after the bus ride)
  *Right next to the exit is a baby dog.
  4.53 SS Meer
  I found this level pretty tough, so I'll give a fuller guide.
  From the start, head to the left, and go through to the rotating room. Walk 
  clockwise and go through the end door. Note the meercat who wants his gyroscopic
  plans. Continue through, dealing with enemies until you find another meercat. 
  Speak to him, and he'll say nothing exciting ever happens. Try to exit through 
  the door he went through, and you'll trigger an alarm. Head straight to the red
  door and get to the guns. You'll have to shoot down all the asteroids. Remember,
  that you shoot toward the middle of the screen, and also grey asteroids split
  into 3 brown ones.  There are quite a few to deal with, and it may take a couple
  of attempts. After this is done, proceed through the door.  You'll get to the 
  simulated environments. For now, pass straight through on the walkways, and press
  the button in the room at the end. Return to the green room, and as Roofus, jump 
  on the marrow, and jump up to the baby.  Now, go to the next room, and collect 
  the oxygen bottle. Head back to the room where  you pressed the button, and exit
  to the left.
  In the first room, jump on top of one of the boxes for an oxygen bottle. Explore 
  the next area, and turn left. You'll find a room with telescope in. You'll get a map
  of the world, and you can zoom in on various places. Find Cape Canardo (it's 
  down/left of the original focus) and zoom in to find the gyroscopic data. The 
  computer prints out a copy for you to give to the meer cat near the start.
  Next, you'll find a room where you are asked not to touch anything. As Bungalow,
  press down the lever by jumping at it, and a box will start to come towards you.
  When it gets near, jump on top of it. Now, as the box goes back, and you can jump 
  up right at the end to get an oxygen bottle.  
  After this room, you'll encounter a mutant. But, you get saved by a lawyer, for
  copyright infringement. However, you complain, and end up fighting the 31st Century 
  Fox. He's quite tough, and takes a lot to kill. Fortunately, there was a Bug Shield 
  a few rooms ago, and you can use this to blast him at close range with the auto 
  Shotgun. If you get him in a corner, he's history. When I did this, it took about 30 
  shells at close range (he is VERY tough).
  The next room is a generator, and you need to get the right power balance. Press 
  ALL the buttons except the one closest to the door you enter from. This opens the 
  door, that takes you back to the rotating room. Before using it, jump down to the 
  bottom of the generator room, and collect the oxygen bottle thats down there. Head 
  back to the meer cat that wants gyroscopic control info, and give him the printout.
  He'll open the door, allowing you to get the baby inside. Now, go through to the 
  revolving room, and enter the door that has the pressure gauge at the end. Use the
  four oxygen bottles on the gauge.
  Continue through the door, and get the baby kangaroo. Now go back and change to 
  Roofus before exiting. You'll need to land the shuttle (its the same as it was
  in the VAB building). When you get out, there is a baby dog near the exit. Leave
  the level.

  Baby summary
  *In the gyroscopic room, give the meer cat the plans.
  *By jumping on the marrow you can get to a baby dog.
  *After the pressureised door, there is a kangaroo.
  *After landing the shuttle, there is a dog.

  4.54 Saving Claude (requires 65 babies to enter)
  When you enter, Juliette will start arguing with Claude.  He doesn't speak, so 
  Juliette decides to fight him.
  This is a fairly easy fight, jump onto the platform, and run around, jumping to
  avoid his blasts. When you get the chance, shoot Claude a few times, and he'll
  come down from the sky.  When he lands, blast him with the plasma beamer, untill
  he falls over. The platform starts to shake, and will explode, so get off, by 
  jumping to the middle.  The rest of the battle is the same as this, but takes 
  place on progresively smaller platforms, and Claude gets tougher, as well as 
  firing faster. Just remember to keep jumping to avoid his blasts, and grab the 
  health if you need to (it regenerates, and if you need a breather, you can jump
  onto the middle platform where Claude can't get you).
  After the battle is over, Bristol will give you a bullwhip, to go to the lost 
  city, but you need another item, so you'll have to go into Beaver Power, and find
  the drill in God Machine Valley. In the hole it has drilled, use Chang to go into
  Dinotoplis. (after this, an entrance to Dinotoplis will open from the 
  Furfighter's village.)

 4.6 Dinotoplis
 The levels are hidden away at the back of this area. You need to find a door that
 is slightly ajar, and from here you can enter the dino house, and find 3 more doors
 leading to the levels.

  4.61 Dinos downstairs
  *At the start, there is a hole for Chang to fit through. There is a baby 
   surrounded by fire. Use Bungalow to turn the switch on the side of this cupboard
   then get the baby out.
  *From the top of the piano, with Tweek, glide round to the left, and get the baby 
   on top of the plant.
  *Jump onto the globe from the desk, with Bungalow. Then change to Juliette by jumping
   on one of the building and jumping to the teleport. With Juliette, climb to the top,
   with the scratch marks, and get the baby cat.
  *Use Roofus to dig into one of the plant pots (near the young dinosaur watching TV)
   When you come out, change to Tweek, and glide to the remote to switch off the TV.
   Now glide to the TV, and switch to Bungalow, and retrieve his baby.
  *In the fridge, climb to the top with Bungalow, and adjust the temperature control.
   This melts the ice at the bottom, and frees a baby for Rico.
  *Round the corner from the fridge, there is a dishwasher. Look up and shoot the 
   button, then go inside. Ride up on a plate, and get the baby kangaroo in the middle.
  *Next to the exit is a baby dog.

  4.62 Dinos Upstairs
  *When you find the dinosaur in the bath, climb up to the top, and with Tweek, jump 
   into his head. Shoot his brain and he stands up. Now you can glide out of his nose
   to a baby dragon.
  *Where the dinosaur is in the bath, go into the shower, and there is a baby cat 
   riding on a bar of soap. You can either jump to it, or shoot the button and drain
   out the lava, allowing you to easily get the baby.
  *In the room where you fought the vaccuum cleaner, there is a drill machine that 
   needs a battery. Go through to the next room, and drive the tank up on to the bed,
   then shoot the box of the drill. Get out and take the battery. Use the battery on 
   the drilling machine, and then enter the tank with Rico and find a baby penguin.
  *In the room with the tank, there is a flower pot to dig in with Roofus. At the end,
   you'll find a baby dog.
  *In the nursery, jump on the record player and the babiy dinosaurs will hatch. Jump 
   across their heads, and then glide to the mobile for a baby dragon.

  4.63 The Rumpas Room
  *In the first room, when climbing with Juliette, jump off at the first shelf for a 
   baby cat.
  *Glide on to the pool table, with Tweek, and go down a pocket. Find the way out and a 
   baby dragon.
  *Inside the Juke box, there is a baby Kangaroo. Climb up from underneath, and then jump
   on the records. When they move, get to the ledge at the front, and then jump on the arm 
   to ride up (be careful you don't get squished).
  *You can get a baby Kangaroo by jumping from one of the trains. You'll have to jump on
   a digger to get to the train.
  *In the pinball machine is a baby dog. Get here from the table with the trains. To get 
   the dog, you'll need to press the button that opens Viggo's mouth.
  *In the room with the pinball machine, there is a hole for Chang. Go through, and talk
   to some mice. They tell you to get rid of the rats. Do this (there are a lot of rats) 
   and get the baby behind them.
  *There is a kangaroo on the exercise bike. Ride up on the pedals to save him.
  *In the garage, ride on the flying devices with Tweek. Get on top of the car, and then
   glide to a baby dragon on a girder.  
  *In the room with the washing machines, shoot the buttons, and they move along. Now 
   with Juliette, you can jump across them and get to a baby.  To get to the Juliette  
   teleport, you'll need to follow a series of burrows with Roofus.
  *In the same room, with Roofus, there is a flower pot with a hole for you to dig down. 
   In the next room, you can jump across to a baby, by riding in the bras.

  4.64 Saving Esmerelda (requires 85 babies to enter)
  Bungalow's wife, except she's become extremely large! Seems like a tough battle until 
  you know what you're doing, as you can't hurt her by shooting directly at her.
  The trick of this boss is to hide behind the ball whilst she is shooting. When she 
  runs out of ammo, jump out, and examine the float she is on (you don't have much time,
  so be quick). Try to find a yellow stopper. Shoot this a few times, and her inflatable
  will deflate, and she falls into the Lava. Repeat this process for each float, and 
  she's dead. Possibly the easiest fight you'll have.
  After the battle, Bristol gives you a Fedora (Indiana Jones style hat) so that you can
  get in to the "City of Fear" or, Anatat Tatatanat. (Note that you also need the Bullwhip,
  obtained from finishing Cape Canardo)

  4.71 Jungle of Despair
  *In the room with the whirlpool, jump round all the platforms with Bungalow, to reach a 
   Rico teleport. Go through it and then swim down to the bottom, and find a secret tunnel,
   which leads to a baby penguin.
  *Get a skull and a flower for the bug mixing a potion. The skull is in a temple (you have
   to swim across some water to get there), and the flower is in the graveyard (you need to
   be in the wooden elephant to enter).  Then he asks for Beetles. One is in the lift area,
   and there's another in the collapsing bridge area. The third beetle is in the graveyard.
   When he has 3 beetles, push him in to his pot, then collect the baby.
  *In the temple where you found the skull, there is a baby kangaroo.
  *In the lift area, where you need to shoot the elephant to go up, there is a baby cat in
   the hut accessed from the first level.
  *Near the end, there are spiked pits to jump over. Get to the end for a baby cat.
  *In the second beach area, there is a place to burrow with Roofus. It takes you to a bear
   on an island, who wants his raft fixed, in return for a baby.  With Juliette, look at
   the four trees that are close together, and climb the tallest one.  From the top, jump
   backwards onto the smallest one. Then climb on the tops of the trees to get to the Rico
   teleport. From here, jump onto the tallest tree, and get the sail. Now, go into the water
   behind the island, and swim down a tunnel. Where you come out, you can pick up the rudder. 
   Now, head back to the raft, and put on the sail and rudder. The bear sails away, and you 
   can now get the baby dog.
  4.72 Temple of Gloom
  *Near the start, in the room with lots of statues, there is one with a fruit machine. Shoot
   the arm to spin, and continue shooting until you get the baby. When you get 3 bombs, make 
   sure you get out. When you get 3 guns, try shooting the arm again, as the next is normally
   3 bombs. Then get out, and all the bears die.
  *In the room where you lower the idol into the water, shoot off his leg, arm and spear, then
   lower him. You can now get the baby kangaroo by the tube.
  *In the same area, there is a baby penguin on the idol's head. When he is in the water, you
   can easily reach this.
  *In the room where you use the silver key, there is a baby kangaroo.
  *In the room with the maze, there is a baby Firefox near the entrance.

  4.73 The Bad Place
  This level is accessed through the portal in Temple of Gloom (or can be accesed from the 
  main hub).
  As it only contains on  baby, and is VERY tough, I'm going to write a guide for it.
  There are lots of skeleton bears in the first area, so it is probably advisable to use 
  the neutron gun at times. At the start, you are dropped in an area surrounded by fire, 
  with narrow walkways. Go straight, and at the first junction, turn right. You'll find a 
  guy trying to torture a bear, but 4 imps won't let him go about his business.  Head back 
  to the junction, and take the other route. You'll come to a pool of water. Shoot in it, 
  and it lights a fire, which attracts an imp. Now head round on the left route, and find 
  some dinosaur skeletons. Get through them without being squished to find another pool of
  water. Shoot in it. Go back through the dinosaur skeletons, and head through the other 
  route. Light the fire on the way, and then light the final fire after passing a door.  
  Head back to the torture guy, and he'll give you the key to this door. 
  When you enter the door, you'll be placed in an area with loads of doors and corridors.
  You have to find doors with pictures of the Fur Fighters on. They are bigger than the
  pictures on normal doors.
  First off, find the Tweek door. You'll be teleported into a Tweek flashback, where he is 
  still in his egg. You have to get him back to the nest, on top of a big rock, by jumping 
  up the platforms. Some platforms are pretty annoying, as they rotate. Get to the top, and
  you're sent back to the door area.
  The next door is Rico. You are taken back to reality, and are faced with streets and 
  tanks. You'll need to do something similar to Lower East Quack, where you let the tanks 
  destroy the barriers.
  Next up is Bungalow. You are taken into an area with a number of ledges.  All of the tokens 
  are in this area. Collect them all, and then leave.
  Now head for the door with Chang on.  you are taken into an area where all the walls and 
  floors are clear, and the background is totally white. It can be hard to find the way 
  around. Basically, head forward and slightly right, to get to the first enemy. Now you 
  want to go around and head back in the same direction, only over to the left. You'll find 
  a slope on the right, run up it and jump. From here, the route is pretty straight forward.
  With Juliette, you're taken into a room with mini versions of the Furfighters. Dodge their 
  fire at first, and they should end up killing each other, but you'll need to take out the 
  last few.
  The final part is Roofus.  He has a flashback to his days in the army.
  Basically, from the first room, head to the exit on the right, that goes down. Explore the 
  next building, and find a piece of dynamite. Now cross the road and find the other building
  with bears in. Find a piece of dynamite in this one too. Now find one of the bridges, and 
  jump into the water. Find the end of a fuse under one of the bridges, and use one of the 
  dynamites on it.  Climb out of the water through the sewer (the entrance is opposite the
  place where you put the dynamite.  Now, go down, and head back over the bridge the dynamite
  is under. Continue until you reach the plunger, and turn around. Wait until the tank is on 
  the bridge, then push it, and the tank falls down.  Now, head back to the area you started, 
  and go to the place where the exit from the sewer is. From here, you can jump onto the back
  of the tank, and get it to shoot itself. This makes another tank enter, opening up a new area.
  With the new tank, run up behind it, and jump in the hole at the back. This will allow you
  to blow it up with the dynamite you had.

 4.74 Saving Winnie and Mai (requires 100 babies to enter)
 When you enter, you'll need to burrow with Roofus. Inside, Chang teleports in, at the same
 time as Roofus, putting strain on the system. He has to leave, but is still accesible.
 The first part of the boss, is Winnie running around, with Mai on her neck. When she comes 
 towards you, she breathes green gas. Run through under her head, and shoot Mai. Repeat this
 process (about 5 times) and Mai comes off. Now, burrow to the middle and become Chang. Arm
 the freeze gun, and when mai comes through, shoot her head when she is over the green area. 
 She freezes, and can be attacked to damage her. After a while of doing this, it goes back to
 the original cycle, with Winne running round. Repeat the same process again, and you'll get
 back to Winnie running around one last time. This time, Mai has her laser eyes. Repeat the
 same process, and win the battle.
 You get taken to Viggo a gogo.

 4.8 Viggo-a-gogo
 You are taken into an area with a sinking ship.  Climb on it, and get all the items, then,
 exit through one of the arches (there is only 1 you can exit through, excluding the home arch)

  4.81 HMS Viggolina
  You've saved all the babies, and you're going for general Viggo. The first objective is to
  take down his fleet of planes that are planning a strike on your island.  Instead of baby 
  locations, I'll do plane locations, and how to deal with them!
  *After you go up the first ladder, go through the smaller door, and go straight. You'll 
   come out and fight a plane. Keep shooting it to kill it.
  *In Hanger 1, you need to turn on each plane's engine in turn, and then go and press 
   the button to launch one of the homing missiles.  There are 3 planes here.
  *Go out of a door in hanger 1 to fight another plane face to face.
  *In Hanger 2, get in the helicopter and press the button. This slices up 2 planes.
  *In the next room, there is a large engine. Press the button on the ledge to move it, 
   and then turn in on to blast 6 planes.
  *Bring back the engine, then jump on, and ride it to the hole. Go into hanger 3, and 
   jump over the planes to avoid fire (follow the trail of tokens). Go out of the door to 
   get a 3rd plane face to face.
  *In Hanger 4, you can press buttons to drop bombs. This takes out 3 planes.
  *On the deck, fly the plane to take out 3 others, then crash the one you're in to destroy
   it.(OK, you may not have to crash it, but my landing skills weren't up to scratch.. So I
   crashed, but hey, it gets the plane destroyed!)
  *Use the Anti Aircraft Guns to take out 3 planes. To do this, you'll need to get the codes
   from the state room, which is unlocked by the key right at the top of the ship.
  *Go to the armoury, and press the button with the plane by it. Then go up and launch the AA 
   missile to take out a further plane.
  4.82 The V-100
  This level is pretty straight forward. You're trying to destroy the sub, so you need to 
  find the torpedo firing codes. They're hidden in the safe, but you need 2 keys to get them.
  The first key can be obtained by Rico, in the room where you save a Beaver, you can fire 
  yourself out of the torpedo, and get to a room where the First mate's key is (its on the
  There is also the captain's key, which you can get by going through the kitchen until you 
  find the steering room. Enter the commands it tells you (quickly), and the danger passes, 
  then you can proceed to the next area where the captain's key is. 
  To open the safe, you'll need to turn both keys at once, which is simple. Just push one 
  while shooting at the other one.
  Get the codes, and then get to the torpedo room. Enter the codes, and then jump out of the
  torpedo launch.

  4.83 Secret Island
  4.84 The General's Lair
  There are 3 main stages to taking down general Viggo.
  Firstly you get taken into a room with Viggo in the middle and buildings spread around.
  You'll need to shoot the general with about 150-200 bullets (or equivelant) to kill him.
  There is a place with bungalow where you can shoot him without getting shot at. Where
  the tall buildings are, stand slightly to the left, and there is a gap you can shoot through.
  I did this and lost 6 health while shooting straight at and killing Viggo.
  When you've killed him, head into the next room, still as Bungalow.  You'll find out the 
  Viggo you just killed was a clone. There is a machine making clones, and you'll have to 
  take it down. Fortunately, the cloned Viggos here are a lot weaker than the previous one.
  You need to take down 6 fuse boxes, there is one for each Furfighter. 
  Starting as bungalow, go straight, and jump up the computer modules in front of you.  Keep
  going up until you can see the first red box, and blast it.
  Now, head to the lift shaft where the Tweek teleport is.  Jump, and make sure you get into the
  teleport. As you go down, start gliding, and land. Then shoot the fuse box, and take the
  lift back up.  
  From the lift, turn to the left, and look for a passage. Go up, and jump into the water.
  Go down the waterfall and change to Roofus, and climb the ladder. Dig through the hole for 
  another fuse box, then change to Chang. Make a note of the location of the door you're 
  exiting from, then find 2 Chang-size holes near to each other. Go in one of them and 
  find the fuse box, blow it up. Now go and change to Tweek, and head to the door you came
  out of as Chang.
  Climb to the top of the ladder, and then glide to Juliette. Climb all the way up and kill
  the fifth fuse box. Now head back down, and find the place where Julietter can climb. Go up
  and find the Rico Teleport, then jump down. If you don't move, you'll land in a water pipe. 
  Swim down this pipe until you get to a waterfall. Go down this, and climb out of the water, 
  walk around behind the waterfall for the last fuse box.
  Finally, swim down, and out of the waterfall. You'll be able to go through a new door, to
  get to the final General Viggo, so stock up on ammo (you probably won't need much, but do
  it just in case).
  The final Viggo turns into a big green monster, but is relatively easy to destroy.
  All you need to do is circle strafe around him. Start with the flame gun, shoot him till
  he shrinks, then keep shooting till he is dead. If you know how to circle strafe, you won't 
  even get hit :)  You'll probably finish him off using only the flame gun, but if you need
  to, go onto the heavy machine gun to finish him. And just in case you need it, there are
  also a couple of 20 health pickups in the area.
  Once you've killed Viggo, sit back and watch the ending :)

5 Mini Games
As you kill bosses in the game, mini games will open up in the Furfighter village. To play
them, speak to the babies near the TV, and they'll explain how it works.

 5.1 Sliding Puzzle
 After saving Gwyneth, head to Tweek's home, and go down to the area where the lava is. 
 Swim round (it hurts you a bit, unless you're Tweek) and find a secret room. Inside is
 the sliding puzzle game, in which you have to unscramble the face of one of the six
 Furfighters. If you complete this game in a quick time (I think its less than 40 secs)
 you open up a cheat. As the game is sometimes really easy, depending on the scramble, 
 this cheat should be easy to get.
 The Cheat is "Rotate Cam"

 5.2 Snake
 Found in Rico's house (on the beach) after saving Juanita.
 The classic Snake game, now available on mobile phones. Basically you need to guide the 
 snake around, and avoid hitting yourself or the walls, whilst gathering apples (dots). 
 When you eat an apple, you'll grow a bit longer. This game can be annoying, as the 
 screen is at an angle. Also, I recommend using the buttons to move, rather than the 
 D-pad, which is unresponsive.
 To get the cheat, you'll need to get 30 apples.
 The Cheat is "Rocket Cam"
 5.3 Balloon Game
 After saving Claude, head to Juliette's house for the balloon game. 
 This is a pretty tough game, in which you have to guide a balloon to pick up babies. You
 can thrust to go upwards, or move from side to side. If you hit a wall, you die.  As you
 progress, the levels get increasingly harder, with smaller gaps to get through.  When you
 complete stage 5, you'll return to the start, but fuel is now double points.
 To get the cheat, you'll need to get 15,000 points.
 The Cheat is "Honey I shrunk the Fur fighters" and makes the Furfighters all become tiny.

 5.4 Bear Game
 After saving Esmerelda, you can play the bear game at Bungalow's house.
 This game involves turn based action, as you try to take out the bears. You can only kill
 bears by having them run in to each other, or into a barrier (created when they run into
 each other). You can also kill adjacent bears with a smart bomb, but you only get 2 per 
 To move in this game, you need to hold down the D-pad in the direction, and then press A.
 If you just move the D-pad, then press A, you'll stay in the same place.
 If you move to a square next to a bear (or you are next to a bear, and don't move) you 
 die. To make things easier you can teleport, by pressing B, to a random square (useful 
 when surrounded)
 To get the cheat, you'll need to get 30,000 points.
 The Cheat is "Walter" (It changes the voices in cut scenes, and when talking to people 
 within the game)
 5.5 Bombing game
 After saving Winnie and Mai, you can play this at Chang's house.  You can also play this 
 game in "The Rumpas Room".
 It's basically the old game where you bomb buildings so the plane can land. Quite simple.
 In this version, you have 3 types of bomb: red, blue and green. Red destroys 3 sections
 of building, blue 2, and green 1.  This is probably one of the easiest games, although you
 need to spend a long time to get the cheat.
 To get the cheat you'll need to get 100,000 points.
 The cheat is "Big Head Mode"


Thanks to SEGA: For the Dreamcast
          Bizarre Creations: For this game!
          You: For bothering to read this far in my guide! 
, CjayC: For posting this Guide

Copyright 2000 Paul Salmon.
If you wish to post this Guide on your site, I request that you leave it entirely
unchanged, and give me, the author, due credit. 

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