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_________Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Game Boy/Game Boy Color) FAQ__________
Complied by: VGW Man at [email protected]
Version 1.75 Finished 5/17/99

	Hello, and welcome to my 2nd FAQ.  This time, we will look at the 
classics of Game & Watch Gallery 2.  The sections are as follows:

1. Version History
2. History about Game & Watch (tentative title)
3. The Star System
4. The Games
5. The Galleries
6. Future Plans
7. Copyright Info
8. Credits

With all of that said and done, let us begin!
----------------------Section 1: Version History-----------------------

A plus sign means something big (like a new section) or something small 
(like a hint) was added in.
A minus sign means that something was taken off this version.
An asterisk means that something was revised.

Changes from version 1.7:

*: Yet another future plans section makeover.  I guess this FAQ is 
pretty much completed by now.

Changes from version 1.65:

*: The future plans section had a makeover.

Changes from version 1.62:

*: Again, the future plans section has been messed with.

Changes from version 1.61:

*: The future plans section has been changed a bit.

Changes from version 1.6:

*: The name is really Ben Kosmina, not Koshina.  I regret the error.

Changes from version 1.51:

+: All of the other museum titles have been added.
+: I added another hint for Modern Helmet, though it's more of a cheat.
+: There is also some CAST info gotten.  Check in the Gallery section.

Thanks to Ben Koshina for all of the above stuff.

Changes from version 1.5:

*: I changed the future plans a little to reflect what happened.

Changes from version 1.2:

+: I added Bowser's Modern Ball.
*: I changed a couple of hints for modern ball.
-: I removed the high scores section because no one was sending in high 
*: Some parts of the FAQ have been redesigned.

Changes from version 1.1:

+: I found a new Game & Watch Gallery Museum title.  Look for it in 
section 5 (Galleries).
*: The entire museum part of section 5 has been redone, mainly because 
of some incorrect information in there.

Changes from version 1.0:

*: Mr. Popo provided info on the mystery point in classic Helmet.  

If you have any suggestions for this FAQ, notice mistakes, have 
something that I am missing, or just want to ask me a question, then 
please email me at [email protected]  It will help both you and me on 
what you want.
--------Section 2: History about Game & Watch (tentative title)--------

	Back in the early 1800s, little pocket-sized games were released 
throughout all of America.  They were called Game & Watch.  Each one 
had a different game and a fresh challenge.  Dying, or losing a life, 
was from common (getting hit) to downright silly (getting clothes wet).  
These games were a hit all over the United States.
	Now, 6 out of the 20 or so games are given new life in the Game & 
Watch Gallery games.  Four of the 20 are on the original Game & Watch 
Gallery.  The others are in a museum in this game, but you can't play 
----------------------Section 3: The Star System-----------------------

This section is going to be like a mini-manual.  The main focus, 
though, is on the stars you get.

On every Game & Watch Gallery game you play, you can get points.  
Whenever you get 200 points, you will get a star.  You can get up to 
five stars on each variation (Classic or Modern; Easy or Hard) of the 
same game.  If you are in a modernized version of the game and get all 
five stars (1,000 points), you can play in Star Mode.  Star Mode is 
even harder than Hard Mode, but you can't get stars in Star Mode for 
some reason.
If you are having a hard time with a game, and you can't get a 
star, a hint will appear for that game.  You can always read the hint 
for that game back at the store.  If you discover a secret while you 
play, you will see that secret as well, and can access it later at the 
same store.  Other stuff will be at the store, too, like information 
about Star Mode and Interrupt Save.
You might be wondering, what is the deal with the stars?  Well, the 
more stars you get, the more stuff you can access.  Most of it will be 
stuff for a museum, but I haven't finished the game yet.  If you come 
up with info I missed, email me the info and you will get credit for 
-------------------------Section 4: The Games--------------------------

	There are five normal games and one hidden one in G&W 2.  I will 
tell you about each game, both Modern & Classic Mode.  We will start 
with Parachute, because that is the first on the list.
	Note: In the classic games, difficulty is either Game A (easy) or 
Game B (hard).  Modern Mode has a Mushroom for easy, a fire flower for 
hard, and a star for super-hard (star).  If a hint is only for a 
certain difficulty level, I will tell you if that hint is for easy, 
hard, or super-hard.
***************************CLASSIC PARACHUTE***************************

Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: Good portions of the citizens have volunteered to jump from a 
helicopter with parachutes included, and you must catch them.  If you 
miss a parachutist, though, Mr. Shark, who is in the water below, will 
chase the citizen and eat him/her up.  When that happens, you lose a 
life.  Learn the patterns of the `chutists and you will succeed.


1. If the citizen jumps directly below the copter, they will fall 
faster than if they jump far away from the copter.
2. While Mr. Shark is eating someone, you can still move the boat.  
This way, you can line up your next parachutist.
3. In Hard Mode, some `chutists can get stuck in the trees.  They will 
hang there for a while, but when they get free, you must move it.
4. You can clear misses when you get 200 & 500 points.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point each for successfully catching a parachuting citizen.
***************************MODERN PARACHUTE****************************

Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: The story is really the same, except that there is a cannon 
instead of trees, a floating ship takes place of a helicopter, and 
Mario characters are in this game.  The three groups who volunteered to 
jump are the Toads, the Yoshis, and the Monkeys.  The Monkeys always 
activate their chutes right before they touch the water, no matter 
where the ship is.  The Toads always apply their parachutes at the top 
of the screen.  The Yoshis vary their styles.  If the ship is in the 
middle, they will always activate their chutes in between the Toads and 
Monkeys.  If the ship is on the sides, then Classic Parachute hint # 1 
will apply (sort of).
	If you miss a parachutist, the Cheep Cheep that is in the water 
will start to chase him/her.  Lakitu will rescue he/she in time, but it 
will count as a miss.  Try to prevent that.


1. If you see a Toad drop down to mid-range before opening his chute, 
then he/she will go in the cannon.  He/She will be fired out at a 
random time, and when he/she is fired out, get him/her.
2. At every 100 points three eggs will come down from the ship.  One 
contains a star, another contains a ghost, and the third has squat.  
Go for the star if you can.
3. If you get a star, try to catch them for big points.
4. If you get a ghost, you must avoid the bombs that are shot to you.  
Catching one will make the ship break, and will count as a miss.
5. If you get 200, 500, or 700 points and have a miss, three question 
marks will appear instead.  One hides a heart.  Get it for an extra 

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point for each Mushroom Kingdom citizen you catch.
You get 5 points for each star that you get.
****************************CLASSIC HELMET*****************************

Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: You must go see your friend's house many times, despite the 
horrible weather.  You were told the forecast today was a chance of 
scattered tools, and it is correct.  Getting hit in the head with a 
tool will knock you unconscious, and will count as a miss.


1.  You can get an extra life when you get 200 & 500 points.

Point Distribution:

You get 5 points for going through the door each time.
You get 1 point for letting three tools fall in front of or behind you 
while the door is closed. (Thanks to Mr. Popo for that info)
******************************MODERN HELMET****************************

Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: Plug in Mario characters and new stages and this is what you 
get.  Each stage looks different, but the main objective is the same.  
That is to get to the other side while avoiding stuff.  To get to the 
other stages, get 500 or 1,000 points and get to the other side, where 
Toad will be.

Stage 1: You are in the mushroom kingdom.  A koopa troopa will toss 
various objects down to you.

Stage 2: You are in the sky.  A shy guy will toss spiked bombs down at 
you.  Sometimes they will go into what I call a "changeroo".  That is 
when they are fired either to another changeroo or to the ground.

Stage 3: You are in Bowser's Castle.  There are three Podaboo's that 
bounce up and down at the left, center, and right.  Immediately next to 
the center Podaboo are two thwomps.  When you get on a thwomp, 
sometimes it will rise to the spiked ceiling.  Just get off it to avoid 
the spikes up top.  However, don't get caught under the thwomp when it 
comes down.


1. Coins can be gotten when you hit a P-Switch.  The more coins you 
bring to the other side, the more points you get, but every 3 coins 
you get, you will move slower (until you get 9 coins).
2. In stage one, you will encounter hammers, spiked bombs, and the 
not-in-easy-mode ghosts.  Ghosts fall slower than hammers, which 
fall slower than spiked bombs.
3. When you get 200, 500, or 700 points, a heart will come down.  Get 
it to receive an extra life.
4. If you want to be Wario, die with less than 100 points and choose 
retry.  There doesn't appear to be a difference between the two 
except the clothes.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point for each coin you pick up.
You get 5 points for getting to the other side with no coins.
You get 6 points for getting to the other side with 1 coin.
You get 7 points for getting to the other side with 2 coins.
You get 8 points for getting to the other side with 3 coins.
You get 13 points for getting to the other side with 4 coins.
You get 15 points for getting to the other side with 5 coins.
You get 17 points for getting to the other side with 6 coins.
You get 26 points for getting to the other side with 7 coins.
You get 29 points for getting to the other side with 8 coins.
You get 32 points for getting to the other side with 9 coins.

I think you get the pattern.  After you get 32 points for bringing 9 
coins to the other side, you will be given three more points for each 
extra coin that you bring to the other side.  For instance, if you 
bring 11 coins to the end, you will get 38 points as a bonus.  For all 
of you people who know a lot of algebra, a perfect equation would be 

I do not know how much a star is worth, but I'm assuming you can get 
between 20-70 points with it, depending on how many coins you get.
******************************CLASSIC CHEF*****************************

Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: Two (easy) or three (hard) chefs toss food in the air along with 
you and leave you alone to flip them.  The object is simple; keep the 
food from touching the ground. However, it can get tricky.  Sometimes 
the food is flipped high; sometimes it's flipped low.  You must move 
fast, because if some food touches the ground, a mouse will come and 
pick it up, counting as a miss.  Just watch the food and you will be 
just fine.


1. Sometimes the cat on the left side will grab the hot dog with a 
fork.  While he has it, it stays on until he takes the fork back.  
Catch it quickly.
2. If you get 200 points, a miss will be erased.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point every time you catch a piece of food before it drops to 
the ground.
******************************MODERN CHEF******************************

Left-Move left
Right-Move right
A/B-rotate direction

Story: You probably have heard that in the old days, women had to cook.  
A similar scenario is taking place here.  As Princess Toadstool, you 
must keep on flipping eggs, fish, and other stuff until they are medium 
rare.  Then, feed them to Yoshi who is behind you.  To do that, move 
the Princess so that Yoshi is under the food.  You can also eat food 
that hasn't been "cooked" yet, though you will get fewer points.  If it 
is well done, or overcooked if you will, Yoshi will hate it so much, it 
either makes him lose an egg or shrink him.  If you drop food, both the 
Princess and Yoshi will be steaming mad, and will count as a miss.  
Well, that covers it.


1. If Yoshi eats five medium rare foods in a row, an egg will come out 
of Yoshi.  Eat 5 more medium rare foods in a row to hatch the egg 
and take care of Baby Yoshi.  Allowing the baby to have 5 medium 
rare foods in a row will allow him to grow.  The cycle repeats 
itself then.
2. While Yoshi is growing or is getting an egg out of him, he won't 
move for about 2 seconds.  You will have to catch food that is 
coming down, unless it falls under Yoshi.  Yoshi can eat food while 
3. When you get 200, 500, or 700 points, a heart will come into play.  
If Yoshi eats the heart or falls on the Princess's frying pan, you 
get an extra life.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point each time you flip food before it touches the ground.
You get 1 point when Yoshi eats anything that hasn't been cooked.
You get 2 points when Yoshi eats a medium rare egg.
You get 4 points when Yoshi eats a medium rare sausage or steak.
You get 7 points when Yoshi eats a medium rare fish or drumstick.
You get 5 points when an egg is coming out of Yoshi, or the baby grows.
You get 20 points when the egg hatches.
*****************************CLASSIC VERMIN****************************

Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: Moles are coming into your garden, and you must stop them with 
hammers.  To stop a mole, get next to one when it comes out.  The 
hammer does the rest.  If you don't stop one in time, it counts as a 
miss.  Note the patterns to the moles to win here.


1. In hard mode, the middle spot is used as well.  Remember to stop 
the moles that get there.
2. In this game, no misses can be cleared whatsoever.  When you miss a 
mole, you can't "erase" the miss.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point for each mole you smash.
*****************************MODERN VERMIN*****************************

Down-Move down
Left/B-Move left
Right/A-Move right
Up-Move up

Story: As Yoshi, you must protect your six eggs from Koopa Troopas, Shy 
Guys, and ghosts.  The Troopas move the slowest.  The Shy Guys are the 
fastest.  The ghosts are shy and won't move while you see them.  When 
an enemy gets to an egg, move to it, and you will kill the enemy 
immediately and automatically (Yoshi swings the hammers for you).  Each 
egg can be hit twice.  If one is hit for a third time, you lose, since 
all six eggs must be standing to play.  Protect the cracked ones first 
and you will succeed.


1. At every 200 points, the non-cracked eggs will expose bonuses.  If 
you want more stars faster, save the eggs.
2. At 200, 500, and 700 points, a heart will appear on the bottom row.  
Move to it to strengthen the eggs by one.  If some eggs weren't 
harmed at all when you get the heart, it won't affect them.
3. If you have 200 points and have no damaged eggs, you will get the 
bonuses.  If you have a damaged one, a heart will appear instead.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point for each enemy you stop.
You get 5 points for each unbroken egg at every 200 points.
**************************CLASSIC DONKEY KONG**************************

Left-Move left
Right-Move right
B-change screen size

Story: Your girlfriend has been captured, and you must get her back.  
The object sounds easy, but is actually difficult.  You can only jump 
when there is a gap in the ceiling, hitting barrels flattens you, & 
jumping into a moving spiked platform impales you (they are on the 
second floor, hanging on the ceiling).  To top it off, missing the hook 
hanging from the crane at the top means death.  This game was the first 
Game & Watch game, but still can be tricky.


1. It is easy to mess up while jumping towards the hook on the crane.  
You will have a better chance of not losing a life if you jump 
towards the hook when it comes back up.
2. When you get 300 points, you will get an extra life.  If you 
haven't died yet when you reach 300, point values will be doubled 
until you do. 

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point for jumping over barrels at the lower level.
You get 2 points for jumping over barrels at the middle level.
You can get a time bonus (from 5-20) if you get to the top and jump on 
the crane fast enough.

Note: The above is assuming that you don't have the double up bonus.
**************************MODERN DONKEY KONG***************************

Left-Move left
Right-Move right

Story: Donkey Kong (later known as Cranky Kong) has kidnapped Princess 
Toadstool, and you must rescue her!  Barrels will come down at pretty 
good speeds, so watch out.  If they hit the bottom pipe, the Koopa 
Troopas that were in will come out and walk to the right until they are 
stomped on or go off screen.  A Para-Troopas sometimes guards the 2nd 
floor, making it even tougher.  And at the 3rd floor, if you miss 
getting to the top, at least you will survive (unless a barrel meets 
you down below).  This game also has three stages.  While the main 
stage is the same, getting to the top of each is different.

Stage 1: In the factory, hit the switch at the 3rd floor (to do that, 
press left) to activate a moving platform.  The platform moves like a 
clock (3:00, 6:00, 9:00, & 12:00).  Jump on it when it is at 9:00, and 
jump off when it is at 12:00.

Stage 2: In the jungle, hit the switch to activate a swinging platform.  
The only difference is that there is no 12:00; it instead goes from 
9:00 to 6:00 to 3:00 to 6:00 and so on until you die, you take too 
long, or you get to the top.  Jump on at 9:00; jump off at 6:00.

Stage 3: In the snowy mountains, hit the switch to activate stationary 
clouds.  These work differently than the platforms.  The first time you 
go across, you can just keep jumping and be fine.  For the other times, 
though, do the following strategy.  Get on the 1st cloud, wait for the 
2nd could to disappear and reappear, then jump on the 2nd cloud and to 
the top.


1. In later levels, a Para-Troopa will fly across the screen.  If it 
stays up, don't jump until it is safe.  If it comes down, the only 
safe spot is under the 2nd platform.  You can try to jump on the 
Para-Troopa, but it is risky.  That, and when you jump on him, you 
will be stuck temporarily.
2. If you want points fast and barrels are coming down to the first 
floor, try this tactic.  Get in the middle of the floor and jump 
over the barrel.  Jump on the Troopa that comes out, then quickly 
jump again over the next barrel.  Repeat until it is clear to go.
3. When you get 200, 500, or 700 points and have a miss, a heart will 
be at the pipe where you enter the 2nd floor.  If you earned the 
heart in a stage and go to the next one before collecting it, don't 
worry.  The heart will still be there for you.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point for jumping over a barrel on the 1st floor.
You get 2 points for jumping over a barrel on the 2nd floor.
You get 5 point for jumping on a Para-Troopa on the 2nd floor.
You get 3 points for jumping on a Koopa Troopa on the 2nd floor.
You get 5 points for jumping on a Koopa Troopa on the 1st floor.
You can get a time bonus (from 5-20 points) if you get to the top fast 
*****************************CLASSIC BALL******************************
Note: You need at least 15 stars to play this game.


Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: You are forced to juggle glass balls as long as you can until 
you miss one.  They move slowly at first, but will speed up.  This is a 
simple game, but your hands must be very fast.  And I mean, very.


1. Once you miss a ball, its game over.  Not the patterns of the balls 
to win here.

Point Distribution:

You get 1 point for catching a ball in easy mode.
You get 10 points for catching a ball in hard mode.
*******************************MODERN BALL*****************************
Note: You need at least 25 stars to play this game.


Left/A-Move left
Right/B-Move right

Story: Some Mario characters have decided to do some juggling-with 
tennis rackets.  Keep the eggs, mushrooms, or whatever it is, in the 
air without letting them touch the ground.  There are four variations 
of this Modern Ball, each of which can be selected by pressing up.  The 
1st one, called Yoshi Ball, is the easiest.  The 2nd one, called Mario 
Ball, requires at least 35 stars.  It is harder than Yoshi Ball.  Wario 
Ball is even harder, and needs 45 stars to access his variation.  Even 
Bowser will join you if you get 100 stars, but he's the hardest.


1. For every 100 points (Yoshi), 200 points (Mario), 300 points 
(Wario), or 400 points (Bowser) you get, you have a chance to get 
some bonus coins.  If you miss them, don't worry; it won't be game 
2. In all of the modes, whenever you are close to getting to each 100-
point interval, bombs (Yoshi & Bowser), fireballs (Mario), or 
spiked bombs (Wario) will come down.  Catch one and it's bye-bye.
3. Easy Mode requires you to balance two things, while hard makes you 
juggle three.  There doesn't appear to be a Star Mode in this game.  
If anyone can find it, please tell me.
4. It doesn't matter which mode you play to get stars.  Once you can 
play another variation of Ball, you can play that variation to get 
stars instead of being forced to play Yoshi Ball.
5. In Wario Ball, when the creature that you are balancing goes up and 
off screen, he will come back down pretty soon.  To catch him, make 
the tennis rackets be in the center.
6. In Bowser Ball, the Koopa shell can behave like the enemy that 
Wario juggles, but the shell will come close to Bowser.
7. In Bowser Ball Hard Mode, a goomba enters the fray.  He can bounce 
high into the air and land at ANY POINT!  Be careful of him.

Point Distribution:

You get 2 points for each coin that you get.
You can get a 20-point bonus for catching all of the coins.
You get 2 points for juggling a heart, koopa shell, or goomba.
You get 3 points for juggling anything else.
-----------------------Section 5: The Galleries------------------------

	This is the other half of Game & Watch Gallery 2.  The number of 
stars you get in the games will determine what you can do and can't do.  
There are four main things in the gallery corner.

The Note Board: This is the upper left square on the gallery screen.  
You can look at new hints or old.  Old stuff you have looked at will be 
down at the store.  You don't have to pay to see those hints.  You 
don't need any stars to visit here.

The Music Room: This is the upper right square on the gallery screen.  
You can listen to the games' music.  When you access Modern Ball, that 
music will be added here as well.  Five stars are needed to access 

The Museum: This is the lower left square on the gallery screen.  You 
can see some other Game & Watch games that were released in the early 

There are 24 games in the Museum.  Eight of them come for every ten 
stars you get, until eighty stars.

You get Donkey Kong at 10 stars.
You get Oil Panic at 20 stars.
You get Green House at 30 stars.
You get Life Boat at 40 stars.
You get Donkey Kong Junior at 50 stars.
You get Tropical Fish at 60 stars.
You get Rain Shower at 70 stars.
You get Spit Ball Sparky at 80 stars.

The others are trickier to get, but Ben Kosmina has helped.  In his 
exact words via email...

"The 16 games that you are missing in the museum are: Ball, Parachute, 
Judge, Fire Attack, Flagman, Octopus, Manhole, Mario Bros., Vermin, 
Chef, Helmet, Mario's Cement Factory, Fire, Turtle Bridge, Lion and 

"No matter how many stars you get in Game & Watch Gallery 2, you won't 
get these titles. What you need to do is get 1000 points in all the 
games in Game & Watch Gallery 2, then link up with another Game boy 
(one with Game & Watch Gallery, another with Game & Watch Gallery 2) to 
see all the titles in Game & Watch Gallery 2. This information can be 
found in the Note Board under 'The Museum'."

I misunderstood that note in the note board.  Honest.  Now I know what 
it means, but does anyone know who owns the original Game & Watch 
Gallery game in Wilmington, North Carolina?  If anyone can answer that 
(or if you have other questions that need to be answered), please email 

The Gift: This is the lower right square on the gallery screen.  It 
really only comes to play when you access a new variation of ball.  You 
need 15 stars for Classic Ball, and an extra 10 stars for each 
additional variation (except Bowser Ball, he needs 100 stars).  In 
other words, to access Wario Ball, you need 45 stars.

There are two things not shown on the gallery screen: the credits and 
the cast.  When you get 50 stars, you will see some of the credits.  To 
see them again, on the gallery screen, hold down and press A.  Get 120 
stars to see the cast.  To see the cast again, hold UP & A. (Thanks to 
Ben Kosmina for that info).
------------------------Section 6: Future Plans------------------------
My Donkey Kong Country 3 FAQ has been updated, & my Link's 
Awakening DX FAQ is currently A-OK.  I do plan to update this FAQ, but 
I now have to work on my DKC2 one.  Currently, only the first two 
worlds are done, but I'll have the rest in time.
	Well, the deal has been done.  NickWhiz1 & I have successfully 
combined our Donkey Kong Country 2 FAQs into ONE.  We are probably the 
first two ever to do a joint FAQ.  With his experience on ASCII & my 
expertise on elaborating, this will probably be my most important FAQ 
to date-& his.  If you are concerned about what is going on, or you 
just have a question on this FAQ, please contact me at [email protected]
----------------------Section 7: Copyright Stuff-----------------------

This FAQ is Copyright 1999 VGW Man.  There are some rules about the 

1. If you want to use my FAQ on your web site, just ask me.  You can 
copy my FAQ and use it on another web site, as long as I am 
2. You cannot make money off of my FAQ.  I put a lot of effort into 
this, and no one is allowed to rip me off.
3. If you want to use any of my info on your web site, just give me 
proper credit.
4. You are allowed to have a printed copy of this FAQ (limit 1 per 
person).  However, you can't sell it (see rule #2).
-----------------------Section 8: Special Thanks-----------------------
I would like to thank Nintendo for thinking of such a good game.  Their 
web site is at

I would like to thank Mr. Popo for helping me with the mystery point in 
classic Helmet.  His email address is [email protected]

I would like to thank Ben Kosmina for loads of help on this FAQ 
regarding the galleries.  His email address is [email protected]

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