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******************************* INDEX ********************************
1 - Introduction
2 - Legend
3 - Engine
4 - Character moves
  4.1  Sol Badguy
  4.2  Ky Kiske
  4.3  May
  4.4  Chipp Zanuef
  4.5  Dr. Baldhead
  4.6  Potemkin
  4.7  Zato-One
  4.8  Kliff
  4.9  Axl
  4.10 Millia Rage
  4.11 Testament
  4.12 Justice
  4.13 Baiken 
5 - Combos
6 - Updates
7 - Contributors
**************************** LEGAL BITS ******************************
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any way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from
using this FAQ for any purpose, including but not limited to
damage to your Playstation, controllers, hands, eyes, sanity, the
irretrievable corruption of your mind due to exposure to animated
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stylist "just in case".

This FAQ may be freely distributed provided that it is kept unmodified
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Guilty Gear is (c) ARC System Works and Team Neo Blood, 1998.  The
use of any trademarks within this FAQ is not intended to represent
a challenge to their validity.
2 **************************** LEGEND ********************************

These are the abbreviations which will be used throughout this FAQ,
especially in describing moves.

P       The PUNCH button (Square by default)
K       The KICK button (X by default)
W       The WEAK SLASH button (Triangle by default)
H       The HEAVY SLASH button (Circle by default)
S       Either the WEAK SLASH or HEAVY SLASH button - which you choose
          will determine the strength of the attack
T       The TAUNT button ("Chohatsu" in Options) (L1 by default)
C       The CHARGE button ("Keii" in Option) (R1 by default)

7 8 9   Numbers represent joypad directions: refer to your computer's
4 5 6   numeric keypad or the diagram on the left.  5 is the centre of 
1 2 3   the joypad; look at the direction of the number from there.
        All moves are given as if your opponent is on your right.  When
        the opponent is on your left, all moves are reversed left-to-right.
        Hence, 6 means "towards the opponent"; 4 means "away from the

Note:  A direction followed by a direction means "do these in sequence", but
a direction followed by a button means "push this way while pressing this
button", and a button followed by a button means "press all these buttons
at once".  So PK means "press punch and kick at once", not "press punch then
press kick".  In the following entries, a "motion" is either a direction or
a direction+button(s) together:

[]      Do any one of the motions within the brackets 
+       Hold the previous motion for a little while before moving on

3 **************************** ENGINE ********************************

This section is to do with the fighting engine of Guilty Gear.  This
will discuss the basic techniques which all characters possess.

- Dashing/Backstep (Dasshiyu/bakkusuteppu) -
  All characters except Kliff and Potemkin can dash backwards or
forwards by tapping 66+ or 44+.  All characters that can dash may also
dash in the air.
  If you dash towards the opponent for 1/3 the screen distance, your
character glows.  If your chaos gauge is full, you can perform a
special dash tackle by colliding with a non-blocking opponent while

- Dash modifying -
  Any special move that ends with 6 can be modified with a dash by
replacing the final 6 with 66.  So, for example, the move 236P can
be dash-modified to become 2366P.  I will refer to the Dash-modified
form as a move as the standard move name with "D-" on the front.
So "D-Gun Flame" is a Gun Flame with dash modification.
  Dash modifying can lead to some *bizarre* moves, which are
discussed in the move section.

- Down comeback (daun fukki) -
Entering 8[PKS] as you are knocked down causes the indicator "AVOID" to
appear over your character.  I'm not sure what this signifies -
  - Soft landing?
  - Soften throw?
  - Avoid OTG attacks?

- Throws -
Throws are done with the motion 6H or 4H while in close range to your
opponent.  Some characters have super throws with other motions.  Note
that NONE of the super throws in Guilty Gear have missed animations.

- Jumping and Superjumping (Haijunpu) -
All characters can jump in the usual way [789].  All characters may also
double jump by entering a further [789] while in the air.  You may also
Super Jump with 2[789].  During a super jump your character will be much
less manoueverable, but the jump will be a lot higher.

- Charge moves -
There are two types of super moves in Guilty Gear: Charge moves and Chaos
moves.  They are completely seperate from each other.
  Every character (except Axl, Testament and Justice) possesses at least
one Charge move.  Charge moves are executed using the standard motion
shown in the move list.
  You can, however, also start charging the move by doing the same motion
but replacing the final button press with C+.  (Exception: Ky's Stun Edge,
which is performed with 236S but charged with 623C.) When you do this,
flames will burn around your character and an energy meter will appear
and start to rise.
  (Note: This is *NOT* the same as the "energy meter" which is *always*
shown at the bottom of the screen - that's the Chaos gauge.  The charge
energy meter *only* appears while you are charging.)
  The longer you hold C, the more energy you will accumulate.  Of course,
you are vulnerable while charging.  You can stop charging at any time by
releasing the C button.  You will retain all the energy you have
charged until the end of the round.
  If you have charged a move, then the next time you perform that move
(using the normal motion and button) you will perform a more powerful
version.  The movelist will note the differences at each level.  Note
that "Level 1" is the actually the default move that requires no
charging (and would be more accurately called "Level 0")
  Note that if you are charging a move, and you want to stop charging
it and perform the move you were charging immediately, you can do it
by simply tapping the normal button to execute the move while holding
down C.

- Chaos moves -
  Chaos moves are similar to regular super moves.  The Chaos bar at the
bottom of the screen increases as the fight progresses.  When it is full,
you may perform a Chaos move which will reset the meter to minimum.  Note
that that other moves are also affected by the Chaos meter being at
  You may also perform a Chaos move while your character is glowing red.
This is triggered by the exhaustion of your first life bar.  (Note: this
is exactly like the rule for performing S-Powers in Real Bout Fatal Fury,
which which Guilty Gear shares a number of characteristics.  THIS opens
the possibilities that there may be P-Powers in Guilty Gear..)  Note that
having a red glow does NOT grant you the other advantages of having a full
chaos bar.
  Unlike the SF series, the Chaos level is *not* carried between rounds. So
don't feel that you're wasting anything by going for super finishes.
- Ichigeki hissatsu (One-hit certain kill) -
  All characters in Guilty Gear may perform "one hit kill" moves.  If one
of these hits, the message "DESTROYED" will appear and the opponent will
immediately lose the entire battle (both rounds!)
  To perform an Ichigeki Hissatsu, push PK.  Your character will attack; if
the attack hits, the screen will turn red.  You may then activate the
Ichigeki Hissatsu itself by entering 236[PKW].
  If your opponent is using an Ichigeki Hissatsu on you, you may (!) want to
counter it.  To do this, when the screen turns red, you must enter 
214[PKW].  If you do so, the attack will fail.  Alternatively, if you can
enter the 236[PKW] command after the screen turns red before your opponent
does so, YOU will get the attack instead of them.  This can prove a nasty
surprise, especially if they miss their chance to counter because they're
busy doing the attack motion. Hehehe. :)

- Taunt -
All characters can taunt by pressing the T button.  This leaves you
vulnerable to attack and does no damage.  The exception is Kliff, whose
taunt is actually a missile (!)

- Launcher -
All characters may launch their opponents into the air by pressing WH as a
close attack.  This is just like the launchers in the Vs games, but the
motion is universal.  Some characters have other launchers as well, and
quite a few moves appear to have the capacity to act as launchers under the
right circumstances (eg, Zato's H).
  Having launched your opponent, you can jump after them with 8 and hit them
with an aerial combo.  (Note: just as in Vs games, you should press 8
*before* you see if the launcher connected.  Your eyes and visual system are
probably too slow to let you get this feedback before you press the joystick
and still be able to press it in time.)

- Alerts -
 Like many other fighting games, Guilty Gear displays messages about
events during the fight.  Unlike many others, Guilty Gear puts them
right where you can see them - ON TOP of the hit zones that trigger
  The messages I've seen are:

COUNTER         -- Indicates the character was hit out of a move
FAINT           -- Indicates the character will become dizzied when they
                     next stand
POISON          -- Indicates the character is poisoned (by Testament)
CAPTURE         -- Can indicate one of three things:
                   a) The character is CAPTUREd by Testament (cannot move)
                   b) The character's *attack* was CAPTUREd and countered
                      by Axl or Justice
                   c) The character's *missile* was CAPTUREd and reflected
                      by Zato
GAMBLE          -- Indicates the character performed a guard cancel
WINNER          -- ?
DAST            -- Indicates a special type of launcher.  Visible
                   especially when the opponent is hit out of a dash
                   with a 2H.
CLEAN           -- ?
CLASH           -- Indicates a successful dash attack
AVOID           -- Indicates a down comeback

- Flawless Defence -
If you have a full Chaos gauge, and hold down C while blocking an attack,
an animation of small red blocks spiralling away from your character
appears at each hit.  You will take no block damage, but you will lose
Chaos energy for each hit inflicted.  You can begin doing this in the
middle of a multihit move that you are already blocking.
  Note that the !œ$!!$ Justice Gigacheese Laser lasts for too long to be
completely defended with this.

- Counter -
If two attacks executed with the same button hit each other, both are
nullified.  The weapons will crackle with electricity and a weird
sound will play.  There will *NOT* be a COUNTER alert.

- Guard Cancelling -
If your Chaos gauge is full, you may guard cancel with any move.  This
produces the "GAMBLE" alert.

- Dead anger attack -
If you block an attack at the precise instant that the hit occurs (by
tapping 4 with precise timing, holding 4 will not count), the screen will
turn red and you can perform an Ichimeki Hissatsu exactly as if you had
pressed PK. 

- Air reverse -
Any character may turn around in the air.  Tap T in the air to flip around.

- Back attack -
Hitting an opponent in the back may give you a damage bonus.

-- Misc --
A few miscellaneous notes that didn't fit anywhere else:

- On the options menu, when choosing to save or load, make
sure you use the SQUARE button.  Using the CROSS will make the selections

- I'm not quite sure how to exit versus mode, but it's probably done
by holding down START for some length of time.

- The colours of your character are determined by the button you use
to select them.

- The I Can't Be Bothered Code:  When you first boot the game, and
the white "Sony" screen appears, hold (Down + Square + L1 + R2) and
keep them down throughout the booting process up until the message
"Team neo blood" fades out.  When you start the game, Testament, Justice
and Baiken will unlock without you needing to finish the game.
  Yes, this works.  I've done it. :)

4 ***************************** MOVES ********************************

Special legend:

*       Indicates a Chaos move
C       Indicates a Charge move
a       Indicates the move can be done in the air
A       Indicates the move MUST be done in the air

4.1                    SOL BADGUY (Weapon: Sword)
Hissatsu: A huge wave of flame envelops the opponent.

   Ganfuremu                 236S    Gun Flame
     - Ground-based projectile.  W is slow, H is fast.
aC Vorukanikuvaipaa          623S    Volcanic Viper
     - L1: Standard fire uppercut.
       L2: Much bigger and higher.
       L3: Not as much range as L2, but a fire wall is created as he
   Raiottositanpu            214K    Riot Stamp
     - Sol jumps back against the wall then rushes the opponent with
       his foot.
a  Bandeittorivoruba         236K    Bandit Revolver
     - Sol flips over in the air, kicking as he goes.  3 hits.
*  Doragoninsutooru          214214W Dragon Install
     - Sol charges up.  While charged, all Volcanic Vipers are level
       3.  After a few seconds, the charge gives out and Sol is stunned
*  Tairanreiv                632146H Tyrant Wave
     - Sol creates a massive catherine-wheel like fire burst.

4.2                     KY KISKE (Weapon: Sword)

   Sutanejji                 236S    Stun Edge
     - Crescent-wave projectile.  W version goes slowly; H starts slowly and
       speeds up.
A  Kuuchuu Sutanejji         236W    Air Stun Edge
     - Downward version of the Stun Edge.  Starts quite a way away from him!
a  Veipaasurasuto            623S    Vapour Thrust
     - Uppercut.  Button determines strength and height.
C  Sutanejji Chaajiatakku    623C    Stun Edge Charge Attack
     -  L2: Larger than the normal projectile.
        L3: A massive wave which hits 5 times.
   Sutandeippaa              236K    Stun Dipper
     - Ky slides towards the opponent and slashed with his sword.
   Niidorusupaiku            63214K  Needle Spike
     - Ky jumps towards the opponent with his feet out.  2 hits.
*  Raidozeraitoningu         412364H Ride The Lightning
     - Ky is surrounded by a huge ball of light as he rushes at the

4.3                       MAY (Weapon: Anchor)
Hissatsu: She creates a huge rainbow column with several dolphins
inside and the opponent is lifted off the screen.  The "destroyed"
message appears written in rainbow-coloured kana rather than the
usual romaji.

aC Akuarooringu              236W    Aqua Rolling
     - L1: May rolls at the opponent, spinning her anchor around
       L2: Less range, more damage.       
       L3: Very short range, very large damage. 
   Parabolic Aqua Rolling    41236W
     - Same as Aqua Rolling, but goes straight up and then down
       again.  Charges in the same way as Aqua Rolling.
   Parabolic Arrest          4W
     - During Parabolic Aqua Rolling press 4W to make May reverse
       her horizontal direction to be away from the opponent,
       as if she'd bounced off an invisible wall.  You can't turn
       back again.
a  Resuteiwrooringu          623W    Restive Rolling
     - Same as Aqua Rolling, but goes upwards as well as towards.
       Does not charge.
   Houkoutenkan              ...W    Direction Divert
     - Anytime during Restive Rolling, press W and a direction to make
     her roll that direction instead.  You can do this up to 3
     times during the roll.
   Iruka-san!                41236H  Mr. Dolphin!
     - May spins her anchor and throws a dolphin, which flies
       upwards then falls down.
     D:  A D-Irukusan will leave May able to hit the opponent before
         the dolphin hits them from above.
   Misutofuainaa             214W    Mist Finer
     - May twirls her anchor in front of her.
   Soyosoyo Misutofuainaa    WWWWW   Hurricane Mist Finer
     - During Mist Finer, keep tapping W to spin the anchor faster
     and create a wind which blows the opponent backwards.
   Oobaaheddokissu           41236K  Overhead kiss
*  Meidainamikku             463214H May dynamic
     - May jumps and dives anchor-first downwards, creating a massive

4.4                  CHIPP ZANUEF (Weapon: Sword)
Hissatsu:  He jumps past the opponent, then the opponent is split
in half with what looks like a drama mask.

   Alpha Bureedo             236P    Alpha Blade
     - Chipp turns into a flaming ball and charges across the screen.
     D:  Yes, you can do a D-Alpha Blade even though it's a rush
         move anyway.  It doesn't seem to make a lot of difference
         except that he'll move during the startup time.
C  Beta Bureedo              623P    Beta Blade
     - L1: Chipp jumps upwards with an uppercut. 2 hits.
       L2: Same, but bigger and slower. 2 hits.
       L3: Same as L2, but he repeats it once in the air. 6 hits.
   Gamma Bureedo             41236H  Gamma Blade
     - Chipp creates an illusion of himself which charges across the
       screen.  It *may* return a short distance afterwards, or freeze
       at the end (?)
     D:  Chipp will rush in *right* behind his own image!
   Tsuyoshishikiteni         236W    Strong form change ?
     - Chipp teleports to behind his opponent.
   Tsuyoshishikimeisai       214K    Strong form illusion make-up
     - Chipp briefly turns invisible.
   Sehoneori                 632146K Broken backbone advantage
     - Super throw.
A  Sakugankyaku              2K      Cliff edge kick
     - Chipp drops directly down with a foot extended.
A  Tokushunouryoku           [789]   Unique ability (Triple jump)
*  Bankimetsusai             236236K Ten thousand devil overrun
     - Chipp dashes in with an automatic 20(!) hit combo.  He will
       continue with the combo even if the first hit is blocked, so
       you need to know the sequence of heights to block this fully.
       The sequence is:
         4 High, Overhead, 3 Low, 4 High, Overhead, 3 Low, L3 Beta Blade

4.5              DOCTOR BALDHEAD (Weapon: Scalpel)
Hissatsu:  He sticks his scalpel (which is considerably larger than
what that normally means) in the ground with the blade facing
upwards and throws the opponent up.  The opponent falls down and is
impaled on the blade.  A large grave falls on top of them. 

   Soutenenshinranfu         236P    Lance point centrifuge dance
     - Doctor B props himself up on his scalpel.  From here, you can
       do the following (and nothing else):
        66 or 44 : move backwards or forwards (he leans forwards in 
                   the process and can hit the opponent)
        P or K   : weird attacks with his head (in place)
        2        : Get down and return to normal stance
C  Metta kiri                623W
     - L1: Doctor B goes into a frenzy of slashes.
       L2: He raises the scalpel higher, giving a greater vertical
       L3: More damage?
a  Gooingumaiuei             214W     Going my way
     - Doctor B leans back on his scalpel and throws himself
       forwards, spinning.
   Rerere no tsuki           41236H   Thrust of ..?
     - An extremely long range strike with the scalpel.
     D: The D-Rererenotsuki does extra hits.  Also, if you use the
        Yobimadoshi, Dr.Baldhead will wind up where the *opponent*
        was when the move started, instead of where *he* was when
        the move started.
   Yobimadoshi               44
     - If rererenotsuki connects, press 44 to bring the opponent in
       and drill them with the blade.
*  Maddoobereeshon           2363214H Mad Operation
     - Throw range.  Doctor B grabs the opponent and lays them on a
       table, performs some extremely painful high-speed surgery,
       then throws them into the air.

4.6                    POTEMKIN (Weapon: Being big)
   Pochomumukinbasutaa       632146P Potemkin Buster
     - A very painful super throw.
   Nitorofukku               41236P  Nitro Hook
     - Potemkin moves towards the opponent with a throw ready.
   Megafuisuto (Mae)         236P    Megafist
     - Potemkin jumps in the air and extends his fists downwards.
   Megafuisuto (Ushiro)      214P    Megafist
     - Same as the other one, but he jumps backwards instead of
C  Gurawitonsutanpu          623P    Graviton Stamp
     - L1: Potemkin throws himself on the floor, creating an
           earthquake.  Potemkin will hurt the opponent if he
           lands on them; the earthquake will knock the opponent
           down but will NOT do any damage.
       L2: The earthquake WILL do damage.
       L3: As well as the earthquake, a wall of fire is created
         moving towards the opponent.
   Tatakitsuge               6K
     - This is an alternate throw in close range.
*  Giganteikkupisuton        632146H Gigantic Piston
     - Potemkin throws his hand in front of him and spins it, with
       flame on the end of his hand.

4.7                     ZATO-ONE (Weapon: Shadows)
Hissatsu: A massive hand of shadow reaches up and crushes the

   Dorankaashieido           214[PK] Dranker Shade
     - Zato creates a shield of shadow in front of him.  This will
       counter one hit and will reflect fireballs aimed at it.
       The K version reflects fireballs directly; the P version
       has a time delay between absorption and reflection.
   Kuraimudaakunesu          41236H  Climb Darkness
     - Zato sends his shadow at the opponent.  It touches the edge of
     the screen then returns to Zato.  During its motion you can
     cause a claw to emerge from the shadow and attack up to three
     times.  First time: H.  Second time: W.  Third time: P.  First
     time will cause it to reverse direction if it hasn't already hit
     the edge.
     D:  A D-Climb Darkness doesn't do anything special.  Zato stops
         dashing as soon as the shadow appears.
aC Inwaitoheru               22S     Invite Hell
     - L1: Zato creates a shadow drill.  W: at short range.  H: at
        long range.  It always appears on the floor, even if Zato's
        in the air.
       L2: The shadow drill is surrounded by shadow splinters and
        has a larger hit area.
       L3: Three shadow drills with splinters cover almost the whole
   Raizuandofuoore           623P    Rise And Fall
     - Zato jumps upwards, wraps himself in shadow and dives down
       on the opponent.
   Yamikakato                6K      Dark Heel
     - This normal move has a delayed second hit.
   Bureikuzarou              63214W  Break The Law
     - Zato melts into his shadow.  Use 4 and 6 to move the shadow
     wherever on the ground you wish then hit W to come out of it.
     There's a time limit on how long you can spend in the shadow.
     Pressing P will *fake* your appearance from the shadow.
*  Daakusenchineru           412363214H  Dark Sentinel
     - Zato turns into a shadow demon and attacks.

4.8                      KLIFF (Weapon: Cleaver)
C  Houkoukae                 236P    Yell answer death 
     - L1: Kliff fires a small fireball from his palm.  50% range.
     - L2: 75% range.
     - L3: 100% range.
   Sugaisai                  214W
     - Kliff spins at the opponent, holding his knife.
   Kubimatagi                214K    Neck
     - Kliff uses his knife as a vaulting pole.
   Urokohagashi              WWWWW
     - Kliff shakes his knife above him.
   Sennosen                  44
   Jigokutsukomi             P
     - 44 makes Kliff dodge backwards; then press P for a quick 4-hit
       combo.  Sometimes, however, 44 won't work and Kliff will take
       damage instead.
   Bakamon!                  T       You fool!
     - Kliff's taunt involves throwing a set of Japanese characters (which
     spell "Bakamon") at the opponent.  These can do damage.
A  Tokushunouryoku           WH
     - Kliff's Unique ability: he can perform a launcher in the air.
   Sourusavaivaa             4641236H Soul Survivor
     - Kliff slams the ground, causing large numbers of tusks(?) to
       rise from it.

4.9                        AXL (Weapon: Scythes)
   Rensengeki                4+ 6W   Scythe Flash Attack
     - Axl throws out his scythe on the end of a chain.
   Rensenkyokusageki           ..8H  Scythe Flash Curve Chain Attack
     - Press during Rensengeki to make Axl raise his scythe in the air
       as he pulls it back in.
   Bentengari                623W    Braid Sky (?) Advantage
     - Axl throws his scythe right up into the air above him.
   Tenhouseki                214P    Sky release stone
     - Axl readies his scythes, and will counter any attack done to
       him while in that position.
   Raieisageki               41236K  Thunder shadow chain
     - Axl jumps up into the air, then comes down again waving his chain
       below him.  You can steer him while he's in the air, even in the
       times when you can't see him.
   Dototsu                   214K    Angry thrust
     - Axl rushes forward with his scythes ready.  This move seems to have
       different effects depending on the circumstances.  Normally, it is
       a launcher.  Other times, it is a fire attack.
   Youmai                    6H
     - This normal move deals 2 hits.
*  Byakuerenshou             23632H  Hundredfold scythe burning
     - Axl sets his scythe alight and throws it at the opponent.
*  Scythe flurry             63214K
     - This is an automatic sequence of attacks.  I stress -
       *sequence of attacks*.. it is *not* a combo, so the opponent
       can fall out or block in the middle.  Strange.

4.10                 MILLIA RAGE (Weapon: Hair)
Hissatsu:  She jumps on top of the opponent, bunches her hair up,
and stabs them through the stomach with it.

C  Riwinguransaa             236W    Living Lancer
     - L1: Millia fires a spike at the opponent from her hair.  It
           moves a little way then stops. (But, see Hungry Bee.)    
       L2: The spike is charged with energy and does more damage.
       L3: The spike is double the size.
       You CAN have multiple Living Lancers in the air at once,
       but you must be *very* quick firing them or you will Hungry
       Bee previous Lancers in the launching process.
     D: If you perform a D-Living Lancer, the projectile will often
        end up *BEHIND* Millia when she comes out of the dash.  You
        can then hit 6W which will simoultaneously hit the opponent
        and Hungry Bee the spike into the opponent for a 2 hit combo.
   Riwinguransaa Ue          214W    Living Lancer II
     - Same as living lancer but goes diagonally upward.  You can
       have a Living Lancer II and a regular Living Lancer in the
       air at the same time. 
   Hanguriibii               W       Hungry bee
     - If you have any Living Lancers (of either sort) stopped in
       the air, tapping W and any direction will send one in the
       direction you choose.  If you have both Lancers in the
       air, they will be affected in the order you fired them.
   Kandemutoppu              623W    Condemn Top
     - Millia flips her hair around herself, generating a ring of
   Rasutoshieikaa            WWWW    Lust shaker
     - A series of rapid strikes with her hair at close range.
   Zenten                    214K
     - Millia rolls along the ground.  No damage, but can pass
       through opponent.
   Tokushunouryoku           44 or 66
     - Millia can air dash twice in the same jump.
*  Aianmeiden                236236H Iron Maiden
     - Millia creates Living Lancers all around herself and throws
       them towards the opponent.

To play as Testament or Justice, complete the game on Normal Mode with
any Character.

4.11                   TESTAMENT (Weapon: Scythe)
Hissatsu:  She smashes the opponent in half with her scythe, and some
mist (presumably their soul) escapes.

   Exe beast                 41236H
     - Testament creates two alligator-like creatures who attack your
       opponent.  One is created each side, but the rear one may
       still be blockable.    
   Phantom Soul              236P
     - Testament fires a skull missile which floats up and down for a
       while.  You can have up to 3 in the air at once.
   Grave Digger              236W
     - Testament jumps in on the opponent with her scythe.  
   Panzer Centipede          623S
     - Testament throws a ball into the ground.  A few seconds later,
       a creature will fly up from where she threw the ball, regardless
       of what else is happening.  Also, when Testamant raises her
       scythe after the move, the scythe can hit.
   Scythe Detach             214K
     - Testament swings her scythe, and the blade captures the
       opponent in place.
*  Poison Wind               236236H
     - Testament creates a large shield which fires a poison cloud
       at the opponent.  If the cloud hits, the opponent is poisoned;
       they cannot block and will gradually lose life for a short

4.12                 JUSTICE (Weapon: Battlesuit)
Hissatsu: He grabs the opponent and drags them through space (?) then
slams them to the floor.

Pressing C on its own causes Justice to become completely stationary
for a few seconds (missing animation?)

   SBT                       421K
     - Justice flips backwards and shoots a bolt of electricity
   Imperial Ray              641236W
     - Justice fires a laser beam that sweeps across the screen.
       It only strikes in front of Justice, and will dizzy the
       opponent if it inflicts more than 8 hits.  It can hit
       a downed opponent, but it is best used as an air counter.
   Valkyrie Arc              236P
     - Justice rears up.  If he is attacked while doing so, he will
       counter with a throw.    
   Michael Sword             41236W
     - Justice swings his sword, and a beam is fired across the middle of
       the screen (even behind Justice)
*  Gigacheese laser          46463214H
     - Justice fires a massive laser with a ridiculous hit count that
       does 25% damage if BLOCKED. (sigh)  By the way, it *should*
       be called the Gamma Ray.  But this seems more appropriate, for
       some reason.

To unlock Baiken, you must finish Normal Mode with Sol or Ky without
using any continues.  Losing rounds is OK, though.  You will fight
Baiken after the ending credits, and defeating her will unlock
her.  Alternatively, use the I Can't Be Bothered code.

4.13                          BAIKEN

Hissatsu:  Baiken melts? away, and the background changes a view of a
screen.  Baiken puts her sword back in its holster, and the opponent
suddenly dies horribly.   Hmmm.

C  Tatamigaeshi              236K
     - L1: Baiken does an overhead kick forward, and a trapdoor (?)
       opens in the floor where her foot lands and something flies
       out of it.
       L2: 2 trapdoors, in a horizontal line.
       L3: 3 trapdoors.
       [Note: "Tatami" means "mat", so that's probably what the
       trapdoors are.]
   Youzansen                 623W
     - Baiken does an uppercut with her sword.  Some objects (rose petals?)
       fly out of it.  Note also that you regain control of Baiken
       *immediately* she reaches apogee; you don't have to wait
       for her to fall back down again.
   Kamaitachi                41236H
     - Baiken shoots a claw out of her loose sleeve and uses it to drag
       the opponent in.  It does *NOT* have full screen range, and
       you do NOT get the opponent near you afterwards; Baiken automatically
       does a slash which knocks the opponent back.
*  (unknown)                 2363214H
     - Baiken does three big slashes with her sword and some Japanese
       characters fly into the screen.  The slashes do huge damage and
       are completely unblockable, but they have the range of a normal

5 ***************************** COMBOS *******************************

I don't have very many of these yet, because I haven't had time to
find them.. additions are welcome.
  The legend used here is similar to that used by James Chen in his
superb combo FAQs:

  ->           Use button chaining
     - Press the two buttons quickly one after the other. 
  XX           Use special move cancellation
     - Perform the special move while your character is in the process
       of performing the normal move.  The normal move will abort
       early, and the special move will hit as a combo.
  /\           Chase Jump interrupt
     - After performing the move on the left of the /\, hold UP.  The
       opponent will be launched and your character will follow to
       continue the combo in the air.
  \_           Landing
     - Perform the next move on your opponent as they are landing
       from the previous move.       
  { }          Use Passant-Entry
     - For want of a better name.  When you are entering a special move,
       the game does not care if you press extra buttons during the
       process.  This means that halfway through a special you can
       hit a button and have the normal move for that direction and
       button come out, yet still be able to do the special at the
       end.  For example, suppose you're Justice and you want to do
       2H XX Imperial Ray.  You have no chance of being able to do
       2H641236W fast enough.  But because the Imperial Ray motion
       contains a 2, you can press the H for the 2H in the middle of
       it:  6412H36W.  This would be written {2H XX Imperial Ray}.
       The brackets indicate the scope of moves that can entered
       during the motion for the special move at the end.
  ,            No special method required

  In the case of multi-hit moves, you should normally allow them to
hit only once before continuing the combo unless explicitly stated.
  Grand unified combo rules:  It may well be possible that every
character can to P -> K -> W -> H.  Some can double or triple the
button press at each stage.  (Millia can do 4 K's in a row if you
don't mind the range.)
  Note: There are some general button combos listed in the manual.
They will not be included here, since they are easily readable from
the manual (they're in diagram form), and, well, if you don't have
the manual...
5.1                    SOL BADGUY (Weapon: Sword)
P -> P -> P -> P
P -> P -> P -> K (2 hits) XX W Gun Flame
W Gun Flame, Dash
(air) P -> K -> H (2 hits) XX Bandit revolver \_ H Volcanic Viper
(corner) P -> K (2 hits) -> W -> W -> S XX Level 3 Volcanic Viper

5.2                     KY KISKE (Weapon: Sword)
P -> K -> W XX W Stun Edge
P -> K -> W -> H XX Stun Dipper, Ride The Lightning
K -> W -> H (2 hits), Dash -> K -> W -> H XX Stun Dipper

5.3                       MAY (Weapon: Anchor)
P -> W -> W Aqua Rolling
6H Throw \_ W Hurricane Mist Finer

5.4                  CHIPP ZANUEF (Weapon: Sword)
P -> K -> K -> K -> W -> H XX Alpha Blade
P -> K -> W -> H -> W XX Bankimetsusai \_ Beta Blade (corner) 2K
  [ You can leave out the W if you have trouble cancelling into the
    Bankimetsusai.  If you get the whole thing, it's a dizzy combo.]
(jumping) W -> W -> W -> P -> P -> W -> W -> H XX Alpha Blade
  (corner) XX Beta Blade

5.5              DOCTOR BALDHEAD (Weapon: Scalpel)
P -> P -> W -> W -> H
P -> 2K (3 Hits) XX Metta Kiri
P -> W -> W -> H XX Rerere no tsuki, Yobimadoshi
P -> W -> W XX Metta Kiri

5.6                    POTEMKIN (Weapon: Being big)
2P -> 2P -> 2P -> 2W XX Graviton Stomp / MegaFist
  [ Now confirmed.  The Graviton Stomp cannot be blocked but will not
    count towards your combo gauge.  The Megafist will only work
    against taller characters. ]
H or W XX Nitro Hook
2P XX Potemkin Buster, W

5.7                     ZATO-ONE (Weapon: Shadows)
P -> 2K -> H
P -> 2P -> 2P -> H
H Throw \_ Climb Darkness (3 hits) \_ 6P
  [ This will throw the opponent all over the screen.  Looks FUNNY..]

5.8                      KLIFF (Weapon: Cleaver)
P -> P -> W -> W -> W Sugaisai

5.9                        AXL (Weapon: Scythes)
Dototsu, Bentengari \_ Rensengeki
6W -> 6W XX Dototsu, Bentengari \_ 2H
P -> 2K -> W XX Dototsu, Bentengari
P XX Rensenkyokusageki  ** UNCONFIRMED ** 
(in corner) P -> 2K -> 2W -> H
(not in corner) K XX Dototsu, Bentengari
P -> 6P -> W

5.10                 MILLIA RAGE (Weapon: Hair)
P -> K -> K -> W Condemn Top
P -> P -> P -> 2W -> W Condemn Top
(air) K -> W -> W -> K -> H -> H ** UNCONFIRMED **
! (corner) K -> 2K -> 2W -> W -> H XX Living Lancer, Condemn Top
(near corner) W Condemn Top, W Condemn Top, W Condemn Top, W Condemn Top....
  [ Yes, amazingly enough this works.  Have the opponent near the
    corner and Millia at about half screen distance.  Don't try to
    cancel Condemn Tops, just do them one after the other.  You can
    keep the combo going until either a) the second hit of a Top
    misses or b) the opponent gets blown out of the corner (even
    then, they'll sometimes hit the back edge of the top and be
    hit back into the corner.. looks funny :) ) I've reached 20
    hits with this.. with enough positioning skill it could probably
    be an infinate?]
Living Lancer, Living Lancer II, 6W Hungry Bee, 3W Hungry Bee
  [ You must do the Living Lancer II VERY quickly or the 4W at the
    end of the motion will count as a 4W Hungry Bee for the first
    Living Lancer.]
5.11                   TESTAMENT (Weapon: Scythe)
P -> K -> W -> H
W -> H XX W Grave Digger

5.12                 JUSTICE (Weapon: Battlesuit)
P -> H XX W Michael Sword
H Throw \_ W Imperial Ray
  [ If you leave the Imperial Ray late and have the opponent in the
    corner, this is a 12-hit redizzy. ]
2K -> 2H XX Imperial Ray
H XX {2H XX Imperial Ray}
(jumping, very deep) H -> K -> K -> {2H XX Michael Blade}
P -> K -> 2W -> 2H (2 hits) XX Imperial Ray

5.13                          BAIKEN             
(corner) P -> K -> W (2 hits) -> H XX Kamaitachi or Tatamigaeshi

6 **************************** UPDATES *******************************

Additions and corrections are very welcome - especially more combos
or translations of the missing sections of the engine manual.  Please
send updates to:   guilty [at] (humanised for
antispam purposes)

7 ************************** CONTRIBUTORS ****************************

Yagami                          yagami [at]
Tommy                           einhander [at]
Michael M. Wang                 mmwang [at]
Iban                            irungkat [at]
Billy Bissette                  baines [at]
Jesus Zhu                       104552.3276 [at]

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