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The Guilty Gear X FAQ, v0.1, by Mark Green
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  mark [at] antelope [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk

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******************************* INDEX ********************************
1 - Introduction
2 - Legend
3 - Engine
4 - Character moves
  4.1  Sol Badguy
  4.2  Ky Kiske
  4.3  May
  4.4  Millia Rage
  4.5  Baiken
  4.6  Jam Kuradoberi
  4.7  Chipp Zanuef
  4.8  Anji Mito
  4.9  Potemkin
  4.10 Zato-1one
  4.11 Axl Low
  4.12 Venom
  4.13 Faust
  4.14 Johnny
  4.15 Testament
  4.16 Dizzy
5 - Combos
6 - Credits
**************************** LEGAL BITS ******************************
Neither the author of this FAQ, nor any person who distributes it in
any way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from
using this FAQ for any purpose, including but not limited to
damage to your Dreamcast, controllers, hands, eyes, sanity, the
irretrievable corruption of your mind due to exposure to animated
violence, your girlfriend making a very strange request of her
stylist "just in case", or occurances of deja vu.

This FAQ may be freely distributed provided that it is kept unmodified
and in its entirity.  This FAQ may not be sold, or included as part
of a publication that is sold, without the author's express

Guilty Gear X is (c) ARC System Works and Sammy, 2000.  The use of
any trademarks within this FAQ is not intended to represent a
challenge to their validity.

1 ************************** INTRODUCTION ****************************

  Guilty Gear X is a Dreamcast fighting game produced by Arc System
Works and published by Sammy.  The original Guilty Gear on the
Playstation caused a stir by including a real-time decompression
system that improved the quality of the graphics massively compared
to Playstation games of that era.  Guilty Gear X takes a similar
step in the Dreamcast era by running in full VGA resolution.


  Some copies of Guilty Gear X are "limited edition".  These copies
contain a very small audio-CD with a single music track on them, and
the GD-ROMs in these copies have a cool colour illustration of Sol
and Ky.  There is no other difference between the versions.  There
is no extra cost for the limited edition - Sammy just produced a
certain number of them at the beginning of the run, and if your
importer happened to get one, so will you.

2 **************************** LEGEND ********************************

These are the abbreviations which will be used throughout this FAQ,
especially in describing moves.

P       The PUNCH button (X by default)
K       The KICK button (A by default)
W       The WEAK SLASH button (Y by default)
H       The HEAVY SLASH button (B by default)
S       Either the WEAK SLASH or HEAVY SLASH button - which you choose
          will determine the strength of the attack
T       The TAUNT button (RESPECT in menu, R by default)

7 8 9   Numbers represent joypad directions: refer to your computer's
4 5 6   numeric keypad or the diagram on the left.  5 is the centre of
1 2 3   the joypad; look at the direction of the number from there.
        All moves are given as if your opponent is on your right.  When
        the opponent is on your left, all moves are reversed left-to-right.
        Hence, 6 means "towards the opponent"; 4 means "away from the

Note:  A direction followed by a direction means "do these in sequence", but
a direction followed by a button means "push this way while pressing this
button", and a button followed by a button means "press all these buttons
at once".  So PK means "press punch and kick at once", not "press punch then
press kick".  In the following entries, a "motion" is either a direction or
a direction+button(s) together:

[]      Do any one of the motions within the brackets
+       Hold the previous motion for a little while before moving on

In move lists, the following notation is additionally used:

..      Do this move only after the previous move at the same level of
a       This move may be done in the air
A       This move *MUST* be done in the air
*       This move is an Overdrive (50% Tension consumed)
D       This move is a Destroyer (see 3, Ichigeki Hissatsu)
!       This move is new to Guilty Gear X.  Note that all the
          Destroyers are changed from the original GG, but these
          aren't marked, because only the animation changes - the
          basic effect is the same (ie, they're still Destroyers)

3 **************************** ENGINE ********************************
- Dash -
  All characters except Potemkin can dash with the motion 44+ or 66+.
They can also air dash by performing the same command while in the

- Super Jump -
  All characters can jump with [789].  They can also Super Jump with

- Throws -
  Throws are performed with 6H or 4H, depending on where you want the
opponent to be after the throw.  Most characters will throw the
opponent in the direction you're facing with 6H and backwards with
4H.  Some are the other way around.

- Ichigeki Hissatsu -
  Yes, the Ichigeki Hissatsu ("One-hit certain kill") moves from the
original Guilty Gear are back.  Also known as "Destroyed" or "Destroyer"
moves, these moves will kill your opponent in a single hit.
  UNLIKE the original Guilty Gear, you can't just do them whenever
you feel like.. they've been made a good deal harder to do.  Also
unlike the original GG, destroying the opponent will NOT end the
entire fight: it will just win you the current round.
  To perform an Ichigeki Hissatsu in GGX, first you need to have some
energy in your Tension gauge.  Once you have some, hit all four attack
buttons at once and your Tension gauge will be transformed into an
"Attack meter" which runs down.  You've got until the meter runs out
to do your Ichigeki Hissatsu.  If you let the meter run out, you will
not be able to do the move.. and you will *not* gain any more tension
while the attack meter is showing.  You can restore the tension gauge
from the attack meter by hitting all four buttons again (and you can
do this at any time, even if the meter isn't empty).
  So, once you've got the attack meter, you must do the motion for the
Ichigeki Hissatsu, and it must hit the opponent.  If it misses, or
gets blocked, YOUR TENSION BAR WILL SHUT DOWN - you CANNOT do any
more Awakenings, Ichigeki Hisstasu, Dead Angle Attacks, or Roman
Cancels for the remainder of the round.
  Now, if despite all the risks, you still want to go for Ichigeki
Hissatsu, be my guest.  Good luck. :)

- Dust Attack -
  A "dust attack" is performed by pressing WH (both at once).  Your
character will brace themselves for a second and then perform a big
attack that will send your enemy flying into the air.  You can press
[89] quickly after the attack to jump up after them and attack them.
When you begin to attack, a big flame wave will start to appear in the
background.  This is just a visual effect, though.

- Sweep -
  All characters can perform a standard sweep move, to knock the
opponent down, by pushing 2WH.

- Fortress Defence -
  The fortress defence can be performed by pressing PK+ while blocking.
A green ring will surround your character and you will avoid taking
block damage.  This reduces your tension gauge.  You will stop
the fortress defence when 50% of your tension gauge has been spent.

- Overdrives -
  Overdrives are the standard super moves of Guilty Gear X.  You may
perform an Overdrive any time your tension bar is above 50%, and it will
consume 50% of a full tension bar to perform the move.

- Dead Angle Attack -
  This is a form of counter usable by any character.  To perform it,
block an opponent's hit and then press forward and any two buttons.
It costs 50% of a full tension gauge.

- Roman Cancel -
  This is "the most interesting new feature of GGX" (Arc Systems' words!)
Hit any three buttons at once while performing a move to immediately
abort the move and recover instantly.  Costs 50% of a full tension
gauge.  Also, the Roman Cancel can only be done AFTER the move has made
contact with the opponent.  If you whiff, you can't Cancel.
  You can buffer in the command for a move you want to do after the Roman
Cancel while the move you're going to Cancel is occuring.
  Note that it is very hard to actually hit three buttons on the standard
DC controller.  Several possibilities for getting around this exist.
First, you can get away with all four buttons - you can't prepare an
Ichigeki Hissatsu while you're in the middle of a move, so this will do
just as well and is easier to enter (just push your thumb in the middle
of the button diamond).  You could try using a programmable pad.  Or you
could play with your fingers rather than your thumb on the buttons.

- Survival mode -
  Guilty Gear X's survival mode is a bit different from the norm.  You
will still face a string of opponents with a single lifebar, gaining
a bit of life after each one.  However, every few hits you will gain a
"survival level".  This increases the difficulty of opposing characters.
Whenever you gain a survival level, you'll hear the announcer say
"Let's Rock" very quickly and quietly.
  When you reach Survival level 20 you will fight Testament, and when
you reach Survival level 30 you will fight Dizzy.  These characters
jump in to your existing battles ("HERE COMES DARE DEVIL"), so you
DON'T get to gain health before you fight them.  However, if you beat
them, you gain a LOT more health than other people.  Also, beating
them in this way will unlock them for you to play in all modes other
than Arcade.

- Medal Mode -
  Medal Mode can be turned on in the Options menu.  If switched on, score
for hits will be given in the form of medals that drop from the opponent
when you hit them.  You must pick the medals up for the score to count.

- Damage Scaling -
  The Damage levels listed in the move list and combo below are
approximate due to the scaling that is performed by the game.  The
following factors are used to scale damage:

* Opponent.  You will do different amounts of damage depending on whom
  you're hitting.  As an example, Sol's standing H deals 38 to Potemkin,
  43 to another Sol, 51 to Baiken, and 53 to Millia.

* Opponent's life left.  You appear to actually do less damage based on
  the opponent's remaining life.  As long as they have 50% of their life
  bar, you do full damage, but once they're below 50%, you actually do
  less and less damage as they lose life.

* Combo scaling.  Moves done later in a combo do less damage.  As an
  example, May's W deals 33 on its own, but as the second hit of a
  combo, it deals 29, then 26, then 23.  Here the difference is flatly
  fixed at 3 or 4 but it's different for other moves and I haven't found
  a clear proportion rule yet.

- Secret Characters -
  The characters Testament and Dizzy are "secret"; they are bosses in the
normal game and you will not be able to play them yourself until you unlock
  The characters can be unlocked in Arcade or Survival mode.  In Survival
mode, you can unlock Testament by reaching level 20 and Dizzy by reaching
level 30.
  By the way, to get the secret characters out on the arcade version, have
your operator put the machine in Test mode, go to the password option,
and type the password MISOSOUP (from the Arcsystem web page).

- Background -
  The full background can be read at  A brief summary:

A Gear is a biological creature made into a weapon.  A Gear must blindly
follow any orders given to it by its commander; when it has no orders,
it acts like the creature it was before it became a Gear.  Several
years ago a powerful Gear called Justice took control of all the other
Gears and fought against mankind, but Justice was defeated (at the
end of the previous Guilty Gear game).  As well as taking over all
the other Gears, Justice erased their memories.  So when Justice was
killed, all the other Gears had not only no orders, but also no memory
of their old forms, and so become completely dormant, unable to even
keep themselves alive, and were easily eliminated by mankind.

Now the news has arisen that a new Gear has been discovered which is
somehow still functioning normally.  The Gear has not harmed any innocent
people, not even by accident, but mankind is still terrified of the
Gears and fears that the new Gear could be another Justice.  Several
attempts have been made to eliminate the Gear, but they have all failed.
So it has been announced that there is a $500,000 "world dollar" bounty
on the Gear's head.  Several people are interested...

[I hope a world dollar's worth a lot.  Hey, you can get $1m by answering
15 questions.. sounds a lot easier than duelling and killing a
bio-engineered combat machine for half the price.]

- Character Selection -

The following characters are back from GG1:  Potemkin, Sol, Baiken,
Millia, Chipp, Axl, Zato, May, Ky, Dr. Baldhead (as Faust), and

The following characters are new to GG2:  Anji, Venom, Jam, Johnny,
and Dizzy.

Kliff and Justice are lost from GG1.

The layout of the character selection screen is as follows:

          Potemkin   Sol    Baiken
          Anji       Millia Chipp
          Axl        Random Venom
          Jam        Zato   May
[Dizzy]   Johnny     Ky     Faust   [Testament]

4 *************************** CHARACTERS *****************************

4.1               SOL BADGUY (Returner, Weapon: Sword)
   Ganfureimu                236P     Gun Flame
  - Sol creates a series of fiery bursts up from the ground.
    The range has been reduced from GG but the "missile's" area is
    wider. (50 damage)
a  Vorukanikkuviapaa         623S     Volcanic Viper
  - Sol's fire uppercut move.  W is short range (53 damage),
    H is long (56 damage).
!  Tsuikakougeki             ..214K   Following additional attack
  - After H Volcanic Viper, you can add this to do a kick at the
    end. (brings total to 76 damage)
!  Gurandovaipaa             214W     Ground Viper
  - Sol charges in low and then performs a Volcanic Viper up from
    the ground. (58 damage if the whole thing hits)
   Bandittorivoruvaa         236K     Bandit Revolver
  - Sol flips over, kicking the opponent twice in the process.
    (36 if the last kick hits, 57 if they both do)
   Raiottosutanpu            214K     Riot stomp
  - Sol flies off to the edge of the screen and then charges the
    opponent with his foot. (40 damage)
!  Bukkirabouninageru        623K     Brusque Throw
  - Throw.  Sol grabs the opponent and throws them over his
    shoulder, bouncing them off the floor in the process.
    (66 damage)

*  Doragoninsutooru          214214W  Dragon Install
  - Sol.. uhh.. installs a dragon.  In himself.  He will start to glow
    and remain so for a little while.  While he is glowing, all H Volcanic
    Vipers will be massive fire streaks that deal about 13 hits (174-
    182 damage) if they fully connect.  Also, all Sol's moves will be
    much, much faster.  When the charge runs out, Sol is briefly stunned.
*  Tairanreibu               632146H  Tyrant Wave
  - Sol creates a massive wave of energy.  It has relatively little
    actual range, though.  The wave does 73 damage, and if Sol hits
    the opponent while he's creating it, the total damage rises to
    about 140.

D  Napaamudesu               236236H  Napalm Death
  - Sol dives upwards propelled by a large wave of fire.  If it
    hits the opponent, they are thrown back and DESTROYED.

4.2                 KY KYSKE (Returner, Weapon: Sword)
a  Sutanejji                 236W     Stun Edge
  - Ky creates a small arrow of electricity and throws at at the
    enemy. 42 damage.
!  Sutanejji Chyajiatakku    236H     Stun Edge Charge Attack
  - Ky charges up the arrow before launching it, making it bigger
    and making it deal more hits. Damage: 21-18-16 for a total
    of 55.  There is no damage dealt while the arrow charges.
a  Veipaasurasuto            623S     Vapour Thrust
  - Ky's uppercut: an upward slash with his sword.  Button determines
    height.  Damage: W 44, H 52.
   Sutandippa                236K     Stun Dipper
  - Ky performs a slide kick and then slashes low with his sword.
    The two hits do not combo.  The sword deals 37 damage and
    the slide 12.
!  Kureshentosurasshu        214K     Crescent Slash
  - Ky flips over, towards the opponent, and performs a weird
    upwards Vapour Thrust.  37 damage and a launch.

*  Raido*Za*Raitoningu       632146H  Ride*The*Lightning
  - Ky surrounds himself with an epicycloid of lightning balls and
    charges the opponent. 140 damage if the whole thing hits.

D  Raijingu*Foosu            236236H  Raging*Force
    - Ky does a huge stab with his sword, surrounding it in energy
      in the process.  If it hits, they are DESTROYED.

4.3                   MAY (Returner, Weapon: Anchor)
!  Irukasan! Yoko            4+ 6S    Mr. Dolphin! Horizontal
  - May's dolphin appears and she rides it towards the opponent.
    Button determines distance.  52 damage, regardless of
!  Irukasan! Tate            2+ 8S    Mr. Dolphin! Vertical
  - May's dolphin appears and she rides it up a parabolic arc and
    down again.  Button determines distance.  52 damage, regardless
    of button.
a  Resutiburooringu          623W W   Restive Rolling
  - May spins onto her anchor and rolls upwards in the air.  While
    she's in the air, you can change her direction by moving the
    pad in the new direction you want and hitting W.  31 damage
    if you hit in the initial jump, 25 any other time.
!  Hokushudemukaetekudasai   41236any  Please come out and recieve
                                       the applause!
  - May's dolphin appears and does a little dive at some point on the
    screen.  23 damage.  The button chooses which point the dolphin
    appears at:
          P - On top of May.
          K - Directly in front of May.
          W - About one May's-width in front of her.
          H - About two May's-widths in front of her.
    If you are too near the edge of the stage for the dolphin to appear,
    it will appear at a variable location.  (I think the distance
    measurement bounces off the stage edge, but I'm not sure)
   Oobaaheddo*kissu          463214 K  Overhead*Kiss
  - Special throw.  May grabs the opponent and flips backwards.  63 damage.
!A (no official name)        2H        Anchor Ride
  - May dives out of the air with her anchor below her.

*! Kyuukyoku no Dadakko      63214 H   Ultimate Unmanageable Child
  - May swings her anchor in front of her.  If it hits, she goes into a
    frenzy with it.  133 damage if done very close, but could go as low
    as 31 because the frenzy strikes have less range than the first
*! Gureeto Senta Attakku     236236 W  Great Whale Attack
  - A whale dives across the screen, hitting the opponent.  115 damage.

D  Mei to Yukai na nakamada  4123641236H The enjoyable arrival
                                         of May's friends
  - This is almost impossible to do - not only is the motion harder
    than everyone else's, it must be done at THROW range.  If you
    get it, May throws the opponent over and jumps up.  The entire
    crew of her ship runs across the screen, trampling on the
    opponent.  At the end, a fat cook runs across, and then a little
    girl behind the cook falls over.  The cook turns around to help
    the girl and trips over the opponent, landing heavily on them and
    DESTROYING them.  As in the original GG, "DESTROYED" appears in
    rainbow-coloured bubble letters instead of the normal ones.

4.4                MILLIA-RAGE (Returner, Weapon: Hair)
   Rasutosheikaa            WWWWW..  Lust Shaker
  - Millia goes into a flurry of strikes with her hair.  Unlike GG
    she is now smart enough to LEAN FORWARD while doing it, giving
    her much more range.  Damage depends on number of hits: damage
    seems to go 22-25-16-14-13-11..
   Tandemutoppu             236S     Tandem Top
  - The Condemn Top from GG renamed and without the cute dash cancel
    bug.  Millia flicks her hair around herself creating an energy
    ring. 40 damage.
A! Baddomuun                236P     Bad Moon
  - Millia wraps her hair in a sphere-like shape around herself and
    barrels down on the opponent (if you pause, you can see the shape
    is actually a crescent moon, complete with man-in-the-moon face)
    82 damage if all hits connect.
A! Kousokurakka             236K     High speed fall
  - Millia shoots down abruptly from the air.  This deals no damage
    but brings millia to the ground fast.
   Zenten                   214K     Forward Roll
  - Millia rolls along the ground.  She can pass through the opponent
    this way.
!  Aianseibaa               214P     Iron Sabre
  - Millia wraps her hair into a missile on which she rides, and
    flies at the opponent.  40 damage.
!  Shiikurettogaaden        214H     Secret Garden
  - Millia charges up and creates a ball of energy, which comes out
    above her and flies to the right.  While she's charging, you
    can enter commands for the ball of energy to follow by moving
    the joypad in any direction and pressing H - this will cause
    the energy ball to move in that direction.  So if you do
    214H6H2H, the energy ball will move right once (for the start
    of the move), right again (for your 6H) and then down (for the
    2H).  The energy ball deals 30 damage.  You can enter up to
    4 commands, but you must be very quick if you want all 4.

*! Uingaa                   2141236H Winger
  - Millia sprouts wings and flies up into the air, then down about a
    characters width in front of her, hitting the opponent.  80 damage
    if she hits on the way down; up to 154 damage if she hits on the
    way up.
*! Emerarudorein            236236W  Emerald Rain
  - Millia creates 3 tandem tops.  If the opponent is nearby they'll be
    caught, and even if they're not, the energy rings created by this
    move fly across the screen to hit them.  Damage: 36 for the first
    Tandem top, 31 or so for the second and 16 for the third.

D  Aianmeiden               236236H  Iron Maiden
 - Range is about one character width away.  Millia plants her hair on
   the ground, and strands of it fly upwards, juggling the opponent.
   Then two huge, spiked ponytails tear into the opponent and
   DESTROY them.

[Yes, the Living Lancer is GONE!]

4.5         BAIKEN (Former Secret Character, Weapon: Sword)
a  Tatamigashi              236K     Straw-mat change
  - Baiken stamps her foot on the floor, and a tatami mat appears in
    front of it, which hits for 42 damage if it hits as it pops
    up (only way the ground version works), or 21 if it hits as
    it falls down.
!  Zakuro                   412P     Kill unlucky carriage
!  Mawarikomi               412K     Rotation mixture
!  Sakura                   412W     Tear gauze
  - All of these moves must be done as counters - the 4 guard
    must block an opponent's attack.  Then, the P (Zakuro) will
    have Baiken twirl her sword in front of her; the K (Mawarikomi)
    will have Baiken charge forward through the opponent (doing no
    damage), and the W (Sakura) will fire a short blast of energy.
   Suzuran                  63214K   Peerage run
  - Baiken charges in, and.. uh.. doesn't do anything...??
A  Youzansen                623W     Attractive murder fan
  - Baiken flips over, spinning her sword with her.  46 damage.

*  Tsuramitowata            236236W  Crossing three connected roads
  - Baiken performs three hard slashes with her sword.  No range at
    all, but good damage and priority.  168 total damage.
*! Shiba*Ki                 463214P  Bind*Turtle
*! Shiba*Rin                463214K  Bind*
*! Shiba*Ryuu               463214W  Bind*Dragon
*! Shiba*Hou                463214H  Bind*Phoenix
  - These are also counters, and I've never managed to do them.

D  Garyoutensei             236236H  Picture dragon point eye
  - Baiken runs at the opponent.  If the hits, the view changes
    to show Baiken and the opponent behind a screen.  Baiken doesn't
    move, but the opponent is messily DESTROYED.

4.6     JAM KUADOBERI (New, Weapon: Being able to stand on one leg
                         for huge amounts of time)
!  Asanagi no kokyuu        22[KS]   Breath of the morning calm
  - Jam concentrates for a moment.  If you use the K button, Jam
    will gain a Dragon Icon.  If you use the S button, she will
    gain a Grace Icon.  You can have up to 3 of each type of
a! Ryuujin                  236K     Dragon Edge
  - Jam performs a fast kick forward with long range.  75 damage.
    If Jam has any Dragon Icons, one will be consumed, and this move
    will pass through projectiles and deal 110 damage.
a! Gekirin                  214K     Reverse fish scale
  - Jam arcs into the air and then comes down with a fire-powered
    axe kick. 42 damage.
a! Kenroukaku               623K     Blade high Tower
  - Jam flips into the air, hitting multiple times directly above
    her, doing 4 hits and 51 damage.  If Jam has any Grace Icons, one
    will be consumed, and this move will do 3 extra hits and a total
    of 90 damage.  Don't forget to tag a Gekirin on the end.
!  Bakushuu                 236S any Bursting kick
  - Jam charges towards the opponent low.  Hit any button while she's
    doing this to have her do one of these:
      P - A quick jink forward which can pass through the opponent.
      K - A low slide kick. (31 damage)
      W - A fire energy ball attack (not a missile). (48 damage)
      H - A fire energy ball attack from behind.  69 damage.
!  Hochifu                  214W     Exorcising axe
  - A counter of some kind.
A! Houeikyaku               2K       Young Hawk Leg
  - Jam kicks down at an angle.  If she hits, she starts stomping on
    the opponent.  The initial kick deals 16, the first stomp deals 8,
    and each subsequent stomp deals 1 less.

*! Renhoukyaku              632146H  Darling destroyer girl
  - Jam creates a huge fireball around herself.  122 damage if the
    whole thing hits.  But you've gotta use this just for the name.. :)
*! Choukyahoukoushou        632146W  Trillion Leg Phoenix Couple Rise
  - Jam rushes in at the opponent and pounds them for a while, then
    summons a large dragon for the last few hits.  149 damage if the
    whole thing hits.

D! Gasenkotsu               236236H  Self covet admire
                                     [ie, "Aren't I wonderful?"]
  - Jam rushes in, and the screen whites out and shows several poses
    of Jam doing karate moves and characters.  Finally we see Jam
    doing a huge kick in front of a sunset, DESTROYING the opponent.

[Did Jam mean to go to Variable Geo and get off at the wrong stop?
 She even works in a restaurant...

 Also note that reading Jam's name in the regular Japanese order with
 the last name first makes her name refer to a preserve, although
 I'm not sure what - "Cranberry Jam"?

 One last thing.  Her 6H/4H throw shows her to be a graduate of the
 Naga-Kodachi School Of Evil Female Laughter.]

4.7                CHIPP ZANUEF (Returner, Weapon: Sword)

a  Alphabureedo             236P     Alpha Blade
  - Chipp crouches and rushes across the screen instantaneously,
    hitting the opponent along the way.  52 damage.
a  Betabureedo              623W     Beta Blade
  - Chipp does a hard uppercut with his knife. 2 hits, 33-24 (57
    total) damage.
   Gammabureedo             41236H   Gamma Blade
  - Chipp sends out an image of himself which performs an Alpha
    Blade.  33 damage.
   Tsuyoshishikiteni        22 any   Form change move
  - Chipp teleports to a location depending on the button:
     P: Forward of his present location.
     W: Back from his present location.
     H: Into the air in front of the opponent.
     K: Behind the opponent if you're fairly close, otherwise in front
        of them.
   Tsuyoshishikimeisai      214K     Form illusion camouflage
  - Chipp turns semi-invisible.
!  Genrouzan                41236K   Phantom haze murder
  - Chipp jumps forward and vanishes in a flutter of leaves.  He lands
    as if he'd just performed a small jump.  If he lands on the
    opponent, he deals 87 damage.
!  Resshou                  236W     Cold palm
!    ..Rokusai              ..236W   Mountain foot break
!      ..Senshuu              ..236K Drill ?
!    ..Senshuu              ..236K   Drill ?
  - Chipp rushes forward with two fire attacks and a kick.  You can
    abort to the kick early if you wish; the kick is an overhead
    attack.  The first Resshou does 18; Rokusai does 21.  Senshuu
    does 31 whenever you do it, but doesn't combo with the others.
A!                          2K       Spinning top kick
  - Chipp spins directly down from the air, hopefully onto the opponent's
    head.  The first hit deals 16, and every further hit deals 2 less.

*! Zanseirouga              632146H  Murder star wolf fang
  - Chipp performs a series of Alpha blades back and forth, higher and
    higher, and then slams down on the opponent.  183 if the whole
    thing hits.  The final slam deals 61.  The Alpha Blades deal
    31, 28, 24, 21, 18.
*  Bankimessai              236236K  Ten thousand devil destroy break
  - Chipp charges in with an automatic combo ending with a Beta
    Blade. 139 damage if the whole thing hits.

D  Dieruta*Endo             236236H  Dieter*End
  - Chipp jumps in the air and turns into five fireballs.  If any of
    them hit the opponent, they are sucked into the centre, where the
    five fireballs shoot out lines to form a pentagram that DESTROYS
    the opponent.

4.8                       ANJI (New, Weapon: Fans)

!  Shitsu                   236P     Rapidity
  - Anji swings his fan and creates a butterfly that flies at the
    opponent.  18 damage.
!  Fuujin                   236S     Wind soul
  - Anji does a tiny dive forward surrounded by a blue energy wave.
    This deals 42 damage if it hits.  Even if it doesn't, you can
    follow up with..

!      Nagiha               ..P      Calm Edge
         - Anji jumps into the air and throws some sticks down at the
           opponent.  First stick to hit does 9, later ones do 1 less.

!      Shin*Nishiki         ..K      Stinger*Style Two
         - Anji jumps into the air and creates an energy field.  This
           deals 71 damage.

!      Shin*Ichihiki        ..W      Stinger*Style One
         - Anji swipes low with his fan.  This is the only followup
           that combos, and brings the total damage to 70.
!  On                       623H     Shadow
  - Anji jumps up to try and catch the opponent in the air.  If he
    succeeds, he traps them in a huge fan and shocks them for 86
!  Kai                      214P/K   Commandment
  - Anji jumps forward and performs a stomp.  P is short range, K is
    long.  25 damage.
A! Shin*Nishiki             214P     Stinger*Style Two
  - Performs the energy wave that Anji does as the K follow up to the
    236S.  Better damage potential though: 81 if all hits connect.

*! Ichitsuseiougi*Sai       632146H  One true heart honour*paint
  - Anji spins a fan horizontally in front of him.  If it hits, it
    whacks the opponent a few times and then snaps shut around them.
    138 damage.

D! Zetsu                    236236H  Terminate
  - Anji turns into an energy ball and flies backwards off the
    screen, then comes back on riding a dragon that DESTROYS the
    opponent if it touches them.

4.9               POTEMKIN (Returner, Weapon: Being Big)

Potemkin cannot dash or air dash.

   Megafisuto Mae           236P     Megafist Front
  - Potemkin jumps into the air and extends his fists downward.  52
   Megafisuto Ushiro        214P     Megafist Back
  - Same as above, but he jumps backwards. 52 damage again.
   Suraidoheddo             236W     Slide head
  - Potemkin headbutts the floor (!).  If Potemkin hits the opponent
    he will do 42 damage, otherwise the floor will shake and the opponent
    will be knocked down.
!  Hanmafooru               4+ 6H    Hammer fall
  - Potemkin charges in on the opponent and hits them with a scissor
    fist.  63 damage.
   Pochomukinbasutaa        632146P  Potemkin Buster
  - Special throw.  Potemkin grabs the opponent in a fire-powered
    backbreaker.  137 damage.. ouch!
!  Hittonakkuru             623H     Heat knuckle
!  ..Hittoekusutendo        ..63214H ..Heat extend
  - Potemkin grabs the opponent in the air and sets them on fire.  54
    damage.  If you throw the Heat Extend in, they get one extra big
    flame, and the total damage becomes 94.

*! Gaigantaa                632146H  Gigantor
*!   ..Gaigantikkuburiddo   ..4123641236P ..Gigantic breed
  - Potemkin creates a mirror-like field of energy in front of him
    briefly.  If the mirror hits the opponent, it does 52 damage.
    If you perform the Gigantic Breed and the mirror hits, Potemkin
    does another big charge on the opponent, bringing total damage
    to 200!

*! Hebenriipochimukinbasutaa 236236W Heavenly Potemkin Buster
  - Potemkin jumps into the air to grab the opponent and give them a
    Potemkin Buster.  180 damage.

D  Magunamuopera            236236H  Magnum Opera
  - Short range.  Potemkin throws the opponent up in the air, kisses
    his fist, and DESTROYS them with a colossal punch.

4.10                ZATO-1ONE (Returner, Weapon: Shadow)

   Invaitoheru              22S      Invite hell
  - Zato creates a shadow drill up from the floor.  The button
    determines the position of the drill. 48 damage.
   Bureiku*za*rou           214K+    Break*the*law
  - Zato shrinks into his shadow and stays there as long as you hold
    the K button.  You can move the shadow left and right during this
!  Edi Shoukan              236any   Eddy Recall
  - Zato has brought along a stan... uh, shadow pet with him.  I'm not
    sure if it's actually called Eddy, or if I'm mistranslating it,
    but I'm going to call it Eddy for a laugh anyway. :)
     Anyway, doing this move takes control of Eddy and also makes him
    do the move corresponding with the button you pressed (except for
    H - you'll just take control of him in that case).  Once you
    do the move, you will then control Eddy *as well* as Zato until
    you do this move again.
     There is an "Eddy bar" underneath Zato's life.  The bar goes
    down all the time you're in control of Eddy, and when it runs
    out, Eddy will vanish and you cannot use him again until it
    fully recharges.  If you stop controlling Eddy the bar will start
    to go up again.  If the Eddy bar is not visible, it acts as if
    it's full.  If the opponent whacks Eddy, the Eddy bar will
    empty immediately.
      Eddy has one move for each button, plus an Overdrive.  Eddy
    cannot cancel his moves at all.  Eddy will ignore moves done
    while he is busy, but Zato will still perform the appropriate
    move for the button.
         Shoukougeki           P    Small attack
        - Eddy does a little close bite attack. (18 damage)
         ? Sorakougeki         W    ? sky attack
        - Eddy does an uppercut. (101 damage if all 3 hits connect)
         Idoukougeki           K    Motion attack
        - Eddy turns into a shadow wheel and rolls at the opponent.
          (78 damage if all hits connect)
         Dorisupesharu         H    Drill Special
        - Eddy turns into a mine.  If the opponent hits the mine or
          a time limit runs out, it will turn into a huge shadow drill.
          The Eddy Bar will immediately empty when you use this move.
          (129 damage)
       * Megarisuheddo        632146W  Mega Rise head
        - Yes, an Overdrive that must be done while in control of
          Eddy!  Eddy does an Amorphous which inflicts 158 damage
          and empties the Eddy bar.
   Dorankaasheido           214W     Dranker Shade
  - Zato creates a shield of shadow in front of himself.
!  Damudofangu              623W     Damned Fang
  - Throw range.  Zato wraps his opponent in a shadow sphere, jumps out
    of it, and stabs the opponent inside.  102 Damage.
A! (no official name)       8+       Fly
  - Zato's shadow wraps around him in the air, and he turns into a
    winged shadow demon, that flies for a while.

A*!Iguzekyuutaa             236236W  Executor
    - Zato turns his shadow into a sword and turns in place to bring
      the blade onto the opponent.  First hit deals 19, each subsequent
      deals one less.. damage about 120 can be gotten.
*! Amorufasu                632146H  Amorphous
    - Zato creates a big wave of shadow directly in front of him.  It
      deals 192 damage.

D  Burakku*In*Maindo        236236H  Black*In*Mind
    - Throw range.  Zato grabs the opponent, and the image of a
      beautiful woman appears, who transforms into a skull and the
      opponent is DESTROYED.

4.11                 AXL LOW (Returner, Weapon: Scythes)

   Bentenkari               623S     Braid Sky Reap
!  Tsuika Akuserubonbaa     ..623H   Following Additional Axel Bomber
    - Axl readies his scythes and is surrounded with a flash of energy.
      With the H version, he also throws his scythe out upwards,
      inflicting 29 damage if the opponent hits it.
   Rensengeki               4+ 6W    Scythe Flash Attack
    - Axl throws out his scythe on the end of a chain incredibly fast.
      This hits low for 54 damage.  As it returns, do..
   Kyokusageki              ..8+     Curve Chain Attack
    - Axl flicks the chain up as his scythe returns to him, letting it
      hit in the air for 38 extra damage.
!  Sensageki                ..2      Rotation Chain Attack
    - Axl twirls his scythe on the end of the chain when it comes back.
!  Rashousen                4+ 6H    Gauze chime rotation
    - Axl throws a scythe at his opponent.  If it hits, it catches the
      opponent, and Axl runs over and pulls the chain over some pulley
      hidden above the top of the screen.  He then pulls his end of the
      chain, hanging the opponent, and calls "Yes."  79 damage.
   Tenhouseki               214P     Sky release stone
    - Axl readies his scythes to counter an attack.
!  Raieisageki              63214S   Thunder Shadow Chain Attack
    - W: Axel jumps up to middle height and then dives down with a
         scythe.  60 damage.
      H: Axel jumps offscreen, then lands waving his scythes below
         him.  3 hits for 64 total damage.  You can steer Axl during
         this move, even when you can't see him.
A! Akuserubonbaa            623H     Axel Bomber
    - Axl creates a diagonal burst of fire.  This will boost his
      jump and also inflict 72 damage on an opponent.

*  Byakuerenshou            2363214H Hundredfold scythe burning
    - Axel sets his scythe alight, spins it around, and then throws
      it.  The throw does 119 damage.  The spin deals 136 damage.
      It is very unlikely that both will hit as the spin will
      lift the opponent up.

!  Midaregami               236236H
    - Medium range.  Axl throws a series of scythes which carry the
      opponent higher and higher up.  Near the top, a huge number of
      scythes all appear at once, tying the opponent up in chain, and
      then the opponent explodes and is DESTROYED.

4.12           VENOM (New, Weapon: Snooker Equipment (!!!))

!  Sutingaaeimu             4+ 6S    Stinger aim
  - Venom hits a cueball out of the air at the opponent.  The
    button used determines how fast it moves.  W does 36 damage,
    H does 50.
!  Kaakasuraido             2+ 8S    Ka-ka slide
  - Venom hits the cueball into the edge of the screen where it
    bounces off.  W makes him hit it down so it bounces once and
    heads off a long way.  H makes him hit it at a tight angle so
    it bounces twice but doesn't actually go as far.  W does
    43 damage.  H does 60 damage.
!  Booruuseijyou            63214any Ball life create
  - Venom summons a cueball.  If Venom hits any cueballs with
    his cue, they will head off in the appropriate direction; they
    will also cause harm if the opponent hits them in place.
    Venom can have up to four cueballs in the air at a time, but
    you can only summon ONE with each button on the controller.
    (So if you want all four, you must use each button once in
    turn.)  As well as summoning a new ball, any existing balls
    will also change formation based on which button you press,
    as follows:
         P -   Diagonal line up and away from Venom.
         H -   Diagonal line down and away from Venom.
         W -   A fin-like shape in front of Venom.
         K -   A diamond of four balls.
      The formation change will happen without a new ball being
      summoned if you already have four balls in the air or you
      have already summoned one with the button you choose.  If you
      press the button for the formation that's already active,
      the move will do nothing at all.  Cueballs vanish after a
      certain time.  Being hit with a cueball does the opponent
      46 damage.
!  Daburuheddomoobitto      623S     Double head move it
  - Venom rushes at the opponent spinning his cue in the air.  W will
    make him spin straight away; H will make him charge in with the
    cue held up and spin when he gets nearer the opponent.  W does
    a maximum of 66 damage; H does a maximum of 86.
A! Maddosutoraguru          236S     Mad struggle
  - Venom dives down from the air, stabbing madly with his cue.  If
    you use H, venom does a flip at the end.  W does about 46
    damage; H does about 68.
!                           623K
  - Venom teleports into the air.

*! Daakuenjeru              2141236W Dark angel
  - Venom throws a large ball, with an eyeball in the centre, toward
    the opponent.  It hits continuously.  If it passes over the
    opponent completely it does 175 damage.
A*!Reddoheiru               236236H  Red hail
  - Venom creates a fountain of balls from the end of his cue.  The
    first ball does 31 and later ones do 2 or 3 less than the last
    one.  Average damage is about 154 if many balls hit.

D! Deimubugaa    236236H             Dame Booger?
  - Normal move range.  The opponent turns into a ball.  Venom walks
    over and creates a series of other billiard balls surrounding the
    "opponent-ball" and a cueball for himself.  He then hits the
    cueball into the balls, and each one of them circles into the
    air and smashes into the opponent-ball, DESTROYING them.

4.13      FAUST (Kinda-Returner, Weapon: Scalpel and weird stuff)

[Note: I'm sure Faust says "Iku wa yo" a few times..]

   Rerere no tsuki          41236K   Rerere Thrust
  - Faust sticks out his scalpel and stabs the opponent with it.
    Long range.  36 damage.
   Hikireishi               ..4      Pull backwards
  - Faust pulls the opponent in with his scalpel.
!  Oissu!                     ..236P Oisu! (grunt)
  - Faust launches the opponent in the air from the end of the
    scalpel. 29 damage.
!  Koe ga chiisai               ..236P  Voice is small
  - Faust jumps up to meet the opponent in the air.
!  Mouchou Oissu!                 ..236P   Oisu! (grunt) for good measure
  - Finally, Faust slaps his opponent with a hard chop in the air.
    (61 damage.. total chain damage 126.)
!  Nani ga deru ka na?      236P     What will come out?
  - Faust throws a random item in the air.  The following items are
    possible - which one you get is random.
       - Faust Doll - harms the enemy if it lands on them.  If it
           doesn't, walks along the floor to get them for 30
       - Bomb - lies on the floor and blows up with a VERY large
           explosion when anyone touches it or a timer expires.
           Faust can be caught in the blast too, and it WILL hurt
           him.  If it lands on the opponent, it will probably
           hurt you both.  96 damage to anyone in it.
       - Food - anyone who touches it gains life.  If it lands on
           the opponent, you give them free life.
       - Hammer - hits the opponent for damage, but only if it lands
           on them from the initial throw.  If it misses, the hammer
           disappears.  53 damage.
   Soutenenshinranbu        236W     Lance point centrifuge dance
  - Faust props himself up on his scalpel.  From here, you can ONLY do
    the follow-up moves listed below.  As Faust props himself up he
    sways forward, dealing 53 damage.
   Zenkata idou             ..66     Forward Movement
   Goukata idou             ..44     Backward Movement
  - Faust leans forward, bending his scalpel and moving forward or back
    while propped on it.  He will do 48 damage to the opponent if he hits
   Kubibiyoon               ..P      Neck exercise
   Gurooingufurawaa         ..K      Growing flower
  - Faust does various weird attacks with his head.
   (no offical name)        ..2      Dismount
  - Faust hops off his scalpel and returns to normal mode.
!  Gooingumaiuei            ..H     Going my way
  - Faust performs a Going My Way from the top of the Scalpel.  He will
    return to normal mode after doing so.  About 82 damage.
A  Gooingumaiuei             236H   Going my way
  - Faust turns into a weird kind of sideways whirlwind and flies at the
    enemy.  About 70 damage.
   Metta kiri                214H   Meta Murder
  - Faust twirls his scalpel in a circle near to him.  Does about 100
!  Mae kara ikimasu yo       214W   Go from above
!  Ushiro kara ikimasu yo    214K   Go from behind
!  Ue kara ikimasu yo        214P   Go from the front
  - Faust disappears under a blanket and appears from one of three
    places.  For W, he appears above the opponent and lands on them.
    For P or K, he appears through a door in front of or behind the
    opponent, hitting them with the door as he comes in.  W deals
    46 damage, whereas K and P deal 53.
A! (no official name)        2K     Scalpel Straddle Spin
  - Faust does a dhalsim-style drill attack with his scalpel.  42

*! Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken   236236W Stimulating Deathfist (!!!!)
  - Faust swims along the floor.  If he touches the opponent, he does
    36 damage, and four treasure chests appear.  The opponent can press
    a button to choose one.  If they choose one with a grim reaper
    inside, Faust stabs them for a further 163 damage!  If they
    choose one with an angel inside, Faust gets blown up, and
    FAUST takes damage.
*! Nanananani ga deru ka na! 236236P W-W-W-What will come out?
  - Faust throws four random items as described above.

D  Konjyuu no YAMABA         236236H This week's Yamaba
  - Faust charges in and grabs the opponent.  He then drops the
    opponent on an operating table where he's left a big bomb nearby
    to kill them.  He pushes the plunger on the bomb, but it doesn't
    go off, so he tries again a few times, then gets annoyed and goes
    to see what's wrong.  The bomb goes off when he gets near it,
    DESTROYING the opponent and injuring Faust (don't worry, he'll be
    alright for the next match).

4.14                    JOHNNY (New, Weapon: Sword)

!  Misutofainaa              236[PKW] Mist Finer
  - Johnny readies his sword and strikes.  The button chosen
    determine the height: P for high, K for middle, W for low.
    You can delay the sword strike by holding down the button.
    While the strike is being delayed you can still move Johnny left
    and right.  You can abort the strike by hitting H.
      When you do this move, a "Level" will be shown at the bottom
    of the screen.  Normally this will be Level 1, but you can improve
    it by doing Glitter*Is*Gold.  At Level 2, the strike will do more
    damage, and at Level 3, Johnny will do a whole series of them.
    Damage is as follows:

                   Level        1       2       3
            Height P            32      71      115
                   K            29      71      110
                   W            26      71      117

!  Guritaa*Izu*Goorudo       236H   Glitter*Is*Gold[1]
  - Johnny throws a coin at the opponent.  If it hits, the level of the
    next Mist Finer will be increased.  Johnny has a limited number of
    coins available (shown above the Tension bar) and when it runs out,
    you can't use this move anymore.  The coin does 10 damage.
!  Bakkasusai                214P
  - Johnny creates a cloud of mist which envelops the opponent.  I'm not
    quite sure what else it does.
A! Deibainbureido            236W   Divine Blade
  - Johnny fires a streak of fire down from the air.  51 damage.
!  Deibainbureido            623WW  Divine Blade
  - Johnny jumps forward quite low; on the second W, he does the aerial
    Divine Blade from where he is.  51 damage again.

*! "Sore ga ore no namae da" 632146H "That's my name"
  - Johnny slashes with his sword, and if successful, he carves a letter
    J into the opponent, which explodes.   131 damage.

D! Jookaatorikku             236236H Joker trick
  - Johnny throws a card.  If it hits, the opponent is turned into a
    Joker card, and Johnny cuts it in half with his sword.  Note: don't
    use this on Baiken - the card will fly right over her head!
    (And possibly May's..)

[1] I think this is "Glitter is Gold", but it might be a pun on
"Greater Is Good."

4.15            TESTAMENT (Returner, Boss, Weapon: Scythe)

[Note: I'm *NOT* going to risk guessing at Testament's gender.  I mean,
the picture on the loading screen is clearly female, but the in-fight
graphic and the voice are male.  I think that perhaps Testament is two
spirits mixed together - one male and one female (the female one being
the "white woman" that appears in the Ichigeki Hissatsu and in one of
Testament's victory poses), but I'm not sure.  So, Testament's an It.
End of story.]

[Arc System works says he's a he.  End of supplement.]

[Also, I have no official names for Testament's moves.  These names are
my guesses based on the ones from the previous GG game.]

   (no offical name)        236[PK] Phantom soul seal
  - Testament throws a skull, which meanders across the screen.  The
    button determines its initial height.  If it hits, it does
    15 damage and a seal will be created around the opponent, and the
    raven that flies near Testament will attack the opponent from time
    to time with missiles or a dive.  The seal will break after a little
    while, and it will also break immediately if the opponent hits
    Testament.  The raven's missiles do 5 damage, and its dive does
    40.  If you are close and the opponent's still, the Raven will do
    the Enchantress attack which does 51.
   (no offical name)        214P   Grave digger
  - Testament charges forward and slams down the scythe for 61 damage.
   (no official name)       41236S Exe Beast
  - Testament creates an alligator-like beast.  W behind H in front.
    Either way deals 40 damage.
   (no official name)       214W
  - Testament opens his own defence.  If an opponent strikes him, he will
    teleport to the other side of the opponent.  His teleport rising
    can hit for 12 damage.

*  (no official name)       632146H Poison Wind
  - Testament creates a seal, and a blast of gas comes out of it which
    deals 61 damage and poisons the opponent.

D  (no official name)       236236H Enchantress Harlequin
  - Normal move range.  A bed appears with the opponent laying on
    it.  A white-coloured woman reaches over and touches the opponent's
    chest, which bursts into blood, DESTROYING them.

4.16    DIZZY (New, Boss, Weapon: Having a Demon and an Angel sticking
                          out of her back)

!  (no official name)       236W    Death spirit hammer
  - Dizzy's demon wing throws a hammer, which bounces down then
    upwards.  53 damage if all 3 hits connect.
!  (no official name)       236H    Life spirit freeze
  - Dizzy's angel wing creates an ice spike out of the ground about a
    characters length away.  61 damage.
!  (no official name)       421W    Life spirit shock
  - Dizzy's angel wing throws an electric ball upwards that turns into
    a spike and flies down at the opponent.  56 damage.
!  (no official name)       214any  Life spirit new birth
  - Dizzy's angel wing creates a small creature.  Its behaviour is
    determined by the button you choose:

    P:  The creature will move across the screen, biting occasionally.
    K:  Same as P, but the creature moves longer between bites.
    W:  The creature will float next to Dizzy for a while, and if the
        opponent comes near, will go in for a bite.  It can bite twice
        before it is dispelled.
    H:  The creature will fly over toward the opponent and fire a beam
        at them.

    A bite from the creature deals 25 damage, and the beam does 46.

*! (no official name)       632146W    Death spirit inferno
  - Dizzy's demon wing creates a series of fire explosions.  20 damage
    per explosion.
*! (no official name)       34123646P  Death spirit counter arch
  - A seal shoots up in front of Dizzy.  If it captures the opponent, they
    are locked in a coffin, and the demon wing shoots a bow and arrow
    which splits into energy and hits them.  157 damage total.
*! (no official name)       64641236H  Gigacheese laser: the revenge
  - Dizzy's demon wing shoots the opponent with a beam from his hand, then
    a beam from both hands, then a HUGE energy blast that's so powerful
    it knocks Dizzy over.  Does about 301 damage, hence the name.

[ Dizzy has no Ichigeki Hissatsu.  Also, check out her bizarre Dust
  Attack. ]

5 **************************** COMBOS ********************************

In combo descriptions, the following notation is used to indicate
linkages between moves:

,       No cancellation required.
     - Just do moves one after the other.
..      System followup
     - The second move is a follow-up move as specified in the move
       list, so no cancellation is really needed.
->      Use button chaining
     - Press the second button during the move initiated by the first.
XX      Special move cancellation
     - Perform the special move while your character is in the process
       of performing the previous move.  The previous move will abort
       early and the special move will hit as a combo.
/\      Chase jump
     - Hold UP after the first move to jump into the air.  The first
       move will launch the opponent so you will be following them.
\_      Landing
     - Perform the move on the opponent as they land after the previous
!xX     Roman cancel
     - Perform a Roman Cancel (press three buttons) after the number of
       hits indicated by x.  You must enter the next move very quickly
       after the cancel.
{ }     Buffering
     - This is a trick you can use to make it easier to perform combos.
       When you are entering a special move, the game does not care if
       you press extra buttons in the process.  It also does not care
       what your character's doing while you enter the command as long
       as they're able to do the move when you FINISH it.  Because of
       this, you can hit a button partway through entering a special
       move command and have the normal move for that direction a button
       still come out, yet still be able to do the special.  The curly
       brackets will surround a number of moves to indicate that by
       doing the earlier moves, you are preparing the buffer for the
       move named at the end.
   The classic example for this is charge moves, for example the following
   combo for Axl:
         {4K -> 4W -> 4H XX Scythe Throw}.. Curve Chain
   After the 4K -> 4W -> 4H, you would never be able to charge up a
   Scythe Throw (4+ 6W) and execute it before the opponent fell over and
   the combo ended.  But, since you are holding 4 on the earlier moves
   anyway, you can count this towards charging up the Scythe Throw, and
   when time comes to do the Scythe Throw, all you need to do is the
   6W.  The motion for this would look like:
         [hold 4] K, W, H, [release 4] 6W

5.1               SOL BADGUY (Returner, Weapon: Sword)
(73 damage - more an example of Roman Cancelling, really, as it's not
  worth the level) P -> K -> Bandit Revolver 1!X W Volcanic Viper
(87 damage) P -> K (2 hits) -> W -> H Volcanic Viper
(97 damage) H Volcanic Viper !2X H Volcanic Viper
(125 damage) P -> K (2 hits) -> W -> Tyrant Wave

5.2                 KY KYSKE (Returner, Weapon: Sword)
(90 damage) Crescent Slash /\ P -> W XX Stun Edge
(95 damage, corner) P -> W -> H XX Stun Edge

5.3                   MAY (Returner, Weapon: Anchor)
(135 damage) Restive Rolling !1X -> air {2H XX H Irukasan! Tate}
  \_ 6H
  { Start the estive Rolling near the opponent and hit with the opening
    roll.  Roman cancel immediately into the anchor dive and hold 2 down
    to charge for the Irukasan! Tate which must start as soon as May
    hits the floor.  When the opponent reels back, smack'em with the
    anchor with 6H.  This combo also looks really cute. :) }

5.4                MILLIA-RAGE (Returner, Weapon: Hair)
(75 damage) P -> K -> W (2 hits) -> H
(81 damage) P -> K -> W (2 hits) -> 6P (2 hits)
  {Go very quickly from W to 6P after the 2nd hit.}
(161 damage) Winger !4X P -> Bad Moon
  {Cancel the Winger only when Millia's about to come down again - do
   it too early and the Bad Moon will whiff.. probably not worth the
   50% level.}

5.5         BAIKEN (Former Secret Character, Weapon: Sword)
Nothing interesting..

5.6     JAM KUADOBERI (New, Weapon: Can you tell these banners are
               just cut'n'pasted out of Characters yet?)
(69 damage) P -> K (3 hits) -> W -> H (2 hits) {Multihit normal milking!}
(112 damage) P -> K (3 hits) -> W -> H (1 hits) XX Ryuujin
(117 damage) Ryuujin XX Kenroukyaku (3 hits) XX Ryuujin
  {Guaranteed to get the opponent in the corner, too.  This WON'T WORK
   if you have Dragon Icons only.  If you have Dragon Icons and Grace
   Icons, you can do the first two bits for 176 damage but NOT the
   final Ryuujin.  Actually, there is SOME way of doing the final
   Ryuujin (I've got 200+ damage with 2 Dragons and 1 Grace), but I
   couldn't reproduce it.}

5.7                CHIPP ZANUEF (Returner, Weapon: Sword)
(80 damage) P -> K -> W -> W XX Resshou.. Rokusai
  {After Resshou.. Rouksai, you can Roman Cancel and do Resshou..
   Rokusai AGAIN, but it's not worth the bar..}

5.8                       ANJI (New, Weapon: Fans)
None yet.

5.9               POTEMKIN (Returner, Weapon: Being Big)
(138 damage) Hammer Fall !1X 6H
  {Yes, I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking Hammer Fall !1X
   Potemkin Buster.  Doesn't work, I'm afraid.}

5.10                ZATO-1ONE (Returner, Weapon: Shadow)
Not many, but I'd like to explore the potential of
  P Eddy Shouken -> P -> {H (Eddy turns into mine) !2X Amorphous}, Drill
You can cancel into the Amorphous from the H, but if you do, the opponent
lands too early.  I'm wondering if allowing a few moe hits on the H and
then Romanning to get the Amorphous will sort this out..

5.11                 AXL LOW (Returner, Weapon: Scythes)
{4W XX Scythe Throw}
   {This is how the computer seems to throw the scythe twice, I think..}
(153 damage)  {4K -> 4W -> 4H XX Scythe Throw}.. Curve Chain

5.12           VENOM (New, Weapon: Snooker Equipment (!!!))
{107 damage, corner} P -> K -> 4W -> 4W -> 4H XX H Stinger Aim
  [The last two must be cancelled very quickly.  If you are too late on
   the H, it will whiff.  If you are too late on the Stinger Aim, it
   won't combo.]

5.13      FAUST (Kinda-Returner, Weapon: Scalpel and weird stuff)

5.14                    JOHNNY (New, Weapon: Sword)

5.15            TESTAMENT (Returner, Boss, Weapon: Scythe)

5.16    DIZZY (New, Boss, Weapon: Having a Demon and an Angel sticking
                          out of her back)
(102 damage) P -> P -> 6K -> 6W (4 hits) XX Life spirit freeze
  {6W should make Dizzy's angel fire a beam.  If Dizzy hits the
   opponent instead, do *another* 6W before Life Spirit Freeze.}

6 **************************** CREDITS *******************************

  Since this is the first version I am the only direct contributor
so far, but big thanks go out to Arc System Works for making this
groovy game, and to Jim Breen for JDIC/EDICT.

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