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    | |  | |   |__ \       | |     |     
    | |__| |     /  \      | |     | |¯¯¯   
    |      |    / /\ \     | |     |  ¯¯|  |_____|                        
    | |¯¯| |   / /  \ \__  | |___  | |¯¯                                
    |_|  |_|  /_/    \__/  |_____| |_|                                      
                               _        _    _____    
                              | |      | |  |  ___|  |  ___|   
                              | |      | |  | |__    | |__    |_|
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                              | |___   | |  | |      | |___   |_|             
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                        TEAM FORTRESS CLASSIC 
                       An in-depth multiplayer 

                                Matt Beisser                   
                            [email protected]
                            Version 1.1 
This guide is for:
   Half-Life: TFC (PC)
   Half-Life: TFC (Mac)
   Half-Life: Opposing Forces: TFC (PC) 

   1.  Overview
         1. Introduction
         2. Starting off
            1. Computer requirements
            2. Modem
            3. Ping vs. Lag vs. Latency
            4. Controls
         3. The characters
            1. Scout
            2. Sniper
            3. Soldier
            4. Demonian
            5. Medic
            6. HW Guy
            7. Pyro
            8. Spy
            9. Engineer
         4. The maps
            1. Two Fortresses
            2. Canal Zone 2
            3. The Well
            4. The Rock
            5. Hunted
            6. Alpine
            7. Blood Tube
            8. Open Fire
   2.  Legal Info
         1. Disclaimer
         2. Copywrite

[1.1] Introduction

Congratulations!  If you are reading this FAQ then you probably have 
bought Half-Life. =)  Half-Life is one of the best games I have ever 
played.  It got several awards in 1998 including game of the year.  

If you bought Half-Life because the plot of the single player sounded 
interesting then this FAQ isn't for you.  If you bought Half-Life and 
decided that the single player sucks and you don't like getting fragged 
every five seconds in a death match game then you're come to the right 

Team Fortress Classic.  2 teams (usually) going against one another 
trying to get the most frags and accomplish a common goal.  Unlike 
single player you have other intelligent teammates to help you 
(intelligent being the key word.)  And unlike a death match game it 
isn't a free for all, so you don't have to worry about getting killed 
every 5 seconds.

In my opinion Team Fortress Classic, or TFC as it is commonly know as, 
is the best online game that there is.  It's a balance between skill, 
teamwork, and luck.

[1.2] Starting off

All computer games require a computer to play them. (DUH!) For some of 
the games out, especially the new ones, you have to make sure your 
machine can handle it.  That's one of the great parts about TFC you 
don't need a speed machine to be able to play.

[1.2.1] Computer Requirements 

For Half-Life:TFC you need a Pentium 133 or faster, Windows 95, 98 or NT 
4.0, 24 MB RAM, 400 MB hard drive space, Windows-compatible sound card, 
SVGA 256-color graphics, 2X CD-ROM,  Online play requires 32-bit ISP 
with 28.8+ modem or local area network. Supports 3Dfx 3D graphics cards.

For Half-Life: Opposing Forces: TFC you to have Half-Life installed. You 
also need a Pentium 133 or faster, Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0, 24 MB RAM, 
200 MB hard drive space, Windows-compatible sound card, SVGA 256-color 
graphics, 2X CD-ROM,  Online play requires 32-bit ISP with 28.8+ modem 
or local area network. Supports OpenGL or Direct3D graphics cards.

[1.2.2] Modem

While it says that you only need a 28.8 bps modem in reality the minimum 
is more a 33.3 bps modem.  That is the absolute minimum.  If you have a 
slower modem the game won't be very fun because you will move so slow 
that almost anyone will be able to frag 'ya.  Again if you  have a 33.3 
bps modem you can still play Half-Life:TFC but I would strongly 
recommend getting a 56 bps modem.  They're really not that expensive and 
make the game a lot more enjoyable.

[1.2.3] Ping vs. Lag vs. Latency

This is a large controversy in Half-Life:TFC.  Some people disagree with 
others about what is what.  Others use all three interchangeable.  So to 
set the record straight here are the differences:

Latency, measured in milliseconds, is based on the average number of 
packets sent to the server. 

Ping is based on two things. How long it takes for a _single_ packet to 
be sent to the server and how long it takes for the server to redirect 
that packet back to your computer.  Basically, a high number is bad and 
a low number is good.  So you want to try and keep a low number if at 
all possible.

Lag is bad.  It slows your game down.  It is produced from your computer 
and the internet.  So you don't want lag.

Basically the faster your computer the less lag you get, the lower the 
latency and ping you will have.

Sometimes even if you have a real fast computer you will still have a 
high latency.  Well since two things, your computer and the internet, 
create lag and you know it's not your computer then it is unfortunately 
your isp.

Large isps like AOL, Prodigy, MSN, etc. are not good isps too have for 
online gaming.  These providers are meant to be used to surf the www, 
chat with friends, etc. not to play online games.  So get rid of em!  No 
one said that you have to use a large company to get onto the internet.  
As a matter of fact the local providers in your area are almost always 
faster, more reliable, and can guarantee a good service.  Not to mention 
they are usually a lot cheaper.

If getting rid of your current isp isn't an option then you do have 
other options that will help your latency out. Close all programs except 
Half-Life.  Use a lower resolution setting.  Don't download anything 
while your playing.  Be sure you're using the most recent version of 
HL:TFC.  Try downloading a program that helps reduce lag.  There are a 
couple out there (lowlag, lagkiller, and usethisifyoulagonhalflife, 
etc.)  You can also try turning off the sound (though I don't really 
recommend it.)  

[1.2.4] Controls

No matter how low your latency is you're still going to get fragged a 
lot if you can't move quickly.  There are good control setups and bad 
control setups.  A good control setup allows you to move quickly, have 
an accurate aim, and be able to use all your special abilities without 
moving your fingers all around.

Here's what I use:
|  __                                                    |   ______
| [__]  [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_][_] [_][_][_] |  |  ||  |
|                                         ___            |  |__||__|
| [_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][___] [_][_][_] |  |      |
| [__][_][W][E][R][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][  | [_][_][_] |  |      |
| [___][A][S][D][F][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][____|           |  |      |
| [Shif][Z][X][C][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][___][_]    [_]    |   \____/
| [Ctr] [__] [________Space________][_]   [__] [_][_][_] |

W - Move forward
E - Use  
R - Reload
A - Strafe Left
S - Move backwards
D - Strafe right
F - Grenade type 2
C - Use special ability 
V - Set detpack
Z - Call medic
X - Drop extra ammo
Shift - Drop flag
Ctrl  - Crouch
Space - Jump
Left Click  - Shoot
Right Click - Grenade type 1
Mouse Wheel Up   - Next weapon
Mouse Wheel Down - Previous weapon

You don't have to use these exact controls just use whatever is 
comfortable and allows you to play well.  You absolutely, positively, 
MUST use a mouse, however.  I don't care how you play other games.  If 
you don't you'll never be able to hit any one, nor will you be able to 
move quickly enough.

[1.3] The characters

Half-Life:TFC offers a variety of characters to choose from.  Each has 
there own skills.  Try to use the best character for the job.  A master 
of TFC will know how to utilize each characters special skills and 

[1.3.1] Scout

Scout - The perfect flag capturer. 
   Weapons:    1 Crowbar
               2 Shotgun
               4 Nailgun
   Grenades:   Primary: Concussion
               Secondary: Caltrop

   Speed:      Very fast
   Armor:      Low armor (maximum of 50 green armor)

   Abilities:  - Removes an enemy's Spy's disguise by touching him 
               - Disarms detpacks set by enemy Demomen when he comes in   
                 contact with them 

      Skill:   Display flag status

Scouts are the best flag capturers, so they are utterly essential in any 
map which involves a flag (maps with objectives like Capture the Flag or 
Territorial Control). Scouts can be effective even without firing a 
single shot, since their strength lies in their speed rather than in 
their combat skills. If you like moving twice as fast as everyone else, 
and screaming for an escort as you escape the enemy base with the Flag 
and the entire enemy team pursuing you, then the Scout is your class.           
Run. Don't fight.

  Every single enemy you meet is a better fighting class than you are.   
  Remember, your goal is to get the Flag, not kill the enemy. Leave the 
  killing to your teammates who are playing fighting classes.

Don't run in straight lines. 

  Your enemies will be doing everything they can do to prevent you from   
  getting into their base. Use your "Move Left" and "Move Right" keys  
  to dodge incoming fire. Even if you can't see an enemy, keep dodging 
  as you run, because chances are good that there's a sniper aiming at 

Call for help. 

  If the enemy has a defensive position that you just can't get past, 
  or a sentrygun that keeps killing you, call for backup. Tell your 
  teammates where the enemy (or sentrygun) is, and let them take care 
  of him for you. 

Concuss enemy defenders. 

  If there are a lot of enemy defenders in a room, use your Concussion 
  grenades to soften them. Hold down your "Throw Grenade Type 2" key   
  for a couple of seconds before releasing it. This will throw the 
  Concussion grenade a second or so before it goes off. Hopefully the 
  defenders won't have time to avoid it with only a second's warning. 
  After the grenade has exploded, run like the wind! Concussed 
  defenders find it hard to hit any target, let alone a Scout running 
  at full speed. 

Slow down pursuers with caltrops.

  Caltrops are small metal spikes that injure and slow down anyone who 
  walks over them. When you're being pursued, hit your "Throw Grenade 
  Type 1" key to drop a canister of caltrops. Try and drop the canister 
  just around a corner or in a narrow passage to ensure the enemy runs 
  over the caltrops. If you're lucky, this will slow them down long 
  enough for you to escape.

[1.3.2] Sniper

Sniper - The ultimate long-range fighter. 

   Weapons:    1 Crowbar
               2 Sniper Rifle
               3 Auto Rifle
               4 Nailgun
   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: None

   Speed:      Medium 
   Armor:      Low armor (Maximum of 50 green armor) 

      Skill:   Zoom

The Sniper is the only class that can kill an enemy on the other side of 
the map with almost no warning at all. Be careful though, for if the 
enemy engages you at close range you're weaker than most of the other 
classes. If you like settling down into a good sniper position and 
methodically killing every enemy who exits his base with a single shot 
to the head, then the Sniper is for you.
Become one with your sniper rifle.

  The sniper rifle takes awhile to master. The trick to using it is to 
  learn to aim effectively. When you press your "Fire" button, you   
  begin to aim. Your rifle will raise slightly and a red laser sight   
  will appear where you're aiming. When you release the "Fire" button, 
  the rifle fires. The longer you hold down the "Fire" button, the more 
  damage the shot does. If you aim for a full 2 to 3 seconds before you 
  fire the shot, you'll kill almost any class in a single hit. If the 
  enemy is a fair distance away, use the zoom capability of the rifle 
  by pressing your "Use Special Skill" key (right mouse button by 

Use your sniper rifle like a rifle.

  Always remember that the sniper rifle is a rifle, not a pistol or  
  shotgun. You can't just shoot from the hip.  If you're running, you 
  won't be able to fire the sniper rifle until you slow down and take    
  aim. If you need to fire on the run, use your nailgun or auto rifle. 

Aim for the head.

  The sniper rifle does more damage if you hit your target in the head. 
  This damage adds to the damage created by the amount of time you 
  aimed before firing. You'll kill anyone if you aim for a couple of 
  seconds and hit them in the head. Another thing to note is that if 
  you shoot them in the legs, you'll slow them down.

Avoid letting enemies get close.

  You're fairly weak when it comes to close combat, so don't let your 
  enemies reach you. Find a position where they can't get to you 
  easily.  If they do get near you, don't try to kill them with the 
  sniper rifle.  Change to your nailgun or auto rifle and gun them 
  down. You can try lobbing some grenades at them to keep them away 

Hide your laser sight.

  It's a good idea to start aiming before you see your enemies so that 
  you can build up a bit of damage before you fire at them. Since your 
  laser sight is visible, learn to hide it in places where your enemies 
  can't see it. 

Use your auto rifle to finish them off.

  The auto rifle is a great weapon for finishing off targets who you 
  know are low on health. If you hit them with a well-aimed shot from 
  your sniper rifle, it's more than likely they'll be low on health, so 
  switch to your auto rifle and pump a few rounds into them. They'll 
  have a hard time dodging you

[1.3.3] Soldier 

Soldier - The best all-around fighter.

   Weapons:    1 Crowbar
               2 Shotgun
               3 Super Shotgun
               5 Rocket Launcher
   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: Nail Grenade

   Speed:      Slow 
   Armor:      Heavily armored (Maximum of 200 red armor) 

      Skill:   Reload

The workhorse in any TFC team, soldiers perform well at any task and 
specialize in none. If you like killing lots and lots of enemies in 
straight man-to-man combat, this is the class for you. Soldiers are a 
core class in any offensive or defensive squad. 

Reload regularly.

  Your rocket launcher only holds 4 rockets at a time. When it's empty, 
  you're vulnerable. You can reload at any time by hitting your "Use 
  Special Skill" (right mouse button by default) or "Reload" (R by 
  default) keys, so whenever you've got a moment throw a rocket or two 
  into your launcher. Smart enemies will be counting the number of 
  times you've fired, and they'll try and attack you when they think 
  you're empty.  Reload before you run out, and you can give them a 
  nice surprise when they charge you. 

Use your nail grenade to pin your enemies down.

  When your throw a nail grenade, it rises into the air and then begins 
  to spit nails in all directions for a few seconds before exploding. 
  It's a great room clearer, and the perfect way to keep enemies pinned 
  down. If they're pursuing you, drop one behind you as you run. If 
  you're defending a room, you've been told enemies are incoming, and 
  you need health, drop one into the room before you run to the  
  Resupply Room. 

Learn to rocket jump.

  One of the unique things a soldier can do is rocket jump. It's a term   
  for a fairly brute force method of gaining some height. Aim your 
  rocket launcher straight down at your feet, and press your "Fire" 
  button and your "Jump" button at the same time. The rocket will hit 
  the ground at your feet, exploding and propelling you up into the 
  air.  It'll hurt you a bit, but it's a great way to get into areas of 
  the map that are normally inaccessible. It takes a bit of practice, 
  but once you've got it you'll be the bane of snipers everywhere as 
  you rocket jump into their sniping positions from the ground below.

[1.3.4] Demonian

Demoman - A lethal close-range fighter.

   Weapons:    1 Crowbar
               2 Shotgun
               4 Grenade Launcher
               5 Pipebomb Launcher
   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: MIRZ Grenade

   Speed: Medium 
   Armor: Medium armor (Maximum of 100 yellow armor) 

      Skill:   Detonate Pipebombs
               Set Detpack

Carrying more explosive weaponry than any other class, the Demoman 
clears whole rooms in seconds. He's essential on maps where the use of 
high explosives can destroy barriers, allowing access to more entrances 
into the enemy base. His remotely-detonable bombs make him a vicious 
defender in enclosed spaces. If you like watching the smoke clear and 
seeing bodies everywhere, the Demoman's your class. 
Use your launcher.

  Your main weapon is your grenade/pipebomb launcher. It has two modes, 
  grenade and pipebomb. In grenade mode it lobs grenades that explode 
  on contact with enemies. If the grenades don't hit anything they  
  explode after a couple of seconds. In pipebomb mode, the launcher   
  lobs pipebombs. These are simply grenades that don't explode on 
  contact.  Instead, you remotely detonate them at any time by hitting 
  your "Use Special Skill" key. These are great for setting traps! 

Don't use too many pipebombs.

  You can have too many pipebombs lying around at once. If you reach 
  your limit, your oldest pipebomb will automatically explode when you 
  lob another one. Pipebombs will explode after they've lain there for 
  a couple of minutes, but you'll rarely have to worry about this. 
  Also, your pipebombs are rigged to your heartbeat, so when you die, 
  all your pipebombs explode. It's not uncommon to see them blow up the 
  same guy who just killed you. 

Reload regularly.

  Your grenade/pipebomb launcher can only hold 6 grenades at a time, so 
  when it's empty, you're in trouble. You can reload at any time by 
  hitting your "Reload" key, so whenever you've got a moment, throw a 
  few grenades into your launcher. Smart enemies will be counting the 
  number of times you've fired, and they'll try and attack you when 
  they think you're empty. Reload before you run out, and you can give 
  them a nice surprise when they charge you. 

Clear rooms with your grenades.

  No other class carries as powerful grenades as you do, let alone as 
  many. Your MIRV grenades explode into smaller grenades which then 
  explode again, killing anyone and everyone near them. These are great
  for clearing entire rooms. If you know there are enemies ahead, throw 
  a few grenades in and watch them come running out. 

Get up close and personal.

  All your weaponry is powerful at close range, but none of it is very 
  useful at long range. Avoid having fights with enemy classes that are 
  dangerous at long range, like the Sniper and Soldier. Either charge
  them, dodging as you go, or retreat behind cover and hope they come 
  to you. Wherever possible, fight in enclosed areas where they can't 
  avoid getting hit by the explosions from your grenades. 

Use your detpack to open new pathways.

  Some TFC maps have specific obstructions that can only be destroyed   
  by a detpack. These will be identified in the map Briefing screen. 
  There are 3 different "Set Detpack" keys to allow you to set the 
  timer on the detpack. Place a detpack in front of the obstruction by 
  pressing your "Set 5 Second Detpack" (M by default) key. You must 
  hold down the "Set 5 second Detpack" key for 4 seconds to place the 
  detpack, during which time you'll be unable to move or shoot. If your 
  enemies are smart, they're going to try and kill you during this 
  time, so you might need to get a teammate to escort you. You can stop 
  setting the detpack at any time by releasing your "Set 5 second 
  Detpack" key, at which point you'll pick up the detpack and be able   
  to move again. You can only carry 1 detpack at a time. 

Learn to pipebomb jump.

  Pipebomb jumping is a crude method of gaining access to areas you 
  can't get to normally. Throw a pipebomb out, then go and stand on it. 
  Press your "Jump" key and your "Use Special Skill" key at the same 
  time. This will cause you to jump and detonate the pipebomb 
  simultaneously. The pipebomb's explosion will do a fair amount of 
  damage to you, and propel you up into the air. It takes some 
  practice, but once you've got it, you'll be able to get to places you   
  couldn't before, like up into the middle of the enemy sniper 

[1.3.5] Medic 

Medic - The most indirectly lethal class in the game. 

   Weapons:    1 Medikit/BioWeapon
               2 Shotgun
               3 Super Shotgun
               5 Super Nailgun
   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: Concussion Grenade

   Speed:      Fast 
   Armor:      Medium armor (Maximum of 100 yellow armor) 

   Abilities:  Can heal his teammates with the medikit 
               Automatically heals himself    

      Skill:   Select Medikit           

A solid close-to-medium range fighter, the Medic moves swiftly and 
carries a gun that enables him to mow down any of the weaker classes 
without too much trouble. His real strength lies in his ability to heal 
himself and his teammates with his medikit. If you love seeing eternal 
gratitude in the eyes of your teammates, or can't aim at all and still 
want to be incredibly useful to your Team, go for the Medic class. You 
might not kill a lot of enemies, but the teammates whose lives you've 
saved sure will. 
Heal your teammates.

  When you look at your teammates (by pointing your crosshairs at 
  them), the status bar in the lower leftm corner of your screen will 
  show you their health and armor. If their health is less than 100%, 
  they need some healing. Select your medikit by hitting your "Use 
  Special Skill" key, run over to your teammate, aim your medikit at 
  them (just like you would a crowbar), and press your "Fire" button. 
  One "hit" and they'll be back to full health. 

Cure your teammates.

  Your medikit will heal everything. If you see that one of your 
  teammates is concussed, hallucinating, infected, crippled from a leg 
  shot or caltrop, or burning from a pyro's flamethrower, use your 
  medikit on them to cure them of their affliction. They'll be   
  eternally grateful. 

Power up your teammates.

  You can do even more than just heal and cure your teammates. If you 
  use your medikit on a teammate who's already at full health, you'll 
  inject him with adrenaline, increasing his health 5 points over his
  maximum health level. The maximum you can adrenalize him up to is 50 
  over his normal maximum health. Adrenaline is short-lived, and the 
  player's health will slowly drop down until it's back at his normal
  maximum health. This is an excellent way to give an attack squad a   
  boost before they enter the enemy base. The only drawback is that the 
  medikit needs some "ammunition" to do this. You can get more medikit 
  "ammunition" by picking up health packs in your Resupply Room. You'll 
  need medikit "ammunition" to heal yourself over time too. 

Infect your enemies.

  If you use your medikit on an enemy, you'll infect him with an 
  infectious virus. It'll drain his health slowly, until he either dies 
  or is healed by a Medic on his team. The virus is particularly lethal 
  because it's airborne.  If the infected player gets near any of his 
  teammates, the virus will infect them as well. 

Listen for "Medic!".

  Other teammates might signal to you that they need healing by 
  shouting out "Medic!". You'll see a flashing red icon above the 
  player who is calling for assistance. Heal 'em!

[1.3.6] HW Guy 

Heavy Weapons Guy - A walking tank. 

   Weapons:    1 Crowbar           
               2 Shotgun
               3 Super Shotgun           
               5 Assault Cannon
   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: MIRZ Grenade

   Speed:      Very slow 
   Armor:      Extremely heavily armored (Maximum of 300 red armor) 

   Ability:     Due to his size and armor, the HW Guy isn't fazed much   
                by injury, and rarely gets pushed around much by 

      Skill:   Select Assault Cannon

The name says it all. A slow moving, heavily armored beast toting an  
enormous assault cannon, the HW Guy can mow down any enemy in seconds. 
Not a lot of finesse in this one, since the cannon spits out so much 
fire you barely need to aim it. If you like picking a defensive position 
in a map and saying "No-one, and I mean no-one, is getting past here", 
then the HW Guy's the class you want. 

  Don't go on Offense with this class until you're fairly experienced. 
  You're the slowest moving class in the, game, and you'll be picked 
  off by enemy snipers before you even get into the enemy base. You're 
  one of the strongest defensive classes in the game. Just keep firing 
  your assault cannon at anyone firing at you, and they'll be the ones 
  to die first. 

Work in relatively open areas.

  Your assault cannon takes a second to wind up before it begins 
  firing. This means that it's not a good idea to guard places where a 
  Scout can appear and get past you before you've begun firing. 
  Enclosed spaces are also bad for you because they allow the enemy to    
  jump out, lob rockets and grenades at you, and then duck back behind 
  cover before you can hit them. That said, large open spaces are also 
  dangerous for you due to your slow speed. Snipers and Soldiers can 
  pick you off from a distance, where the inaccurate fire of your 
  assault cannon renders it fairly ineffective. Luckily, enemy snipers 
  rarely make it into your base. An ideal defensive position for a HW 
  Guy is at one end of a long corridor that enemies have to move 
  through, allowing you to fire at them as they approach. 

Stand in doorways.

  Scouts hate you. You're their worst nightmare. The only thing on an 
  enemy Scout's mind when he sees a HW Guy on Defense is "How can I get 
  past him?". Do your part to make it harder for Scouts by standing in 
  doorways that they need to get through. Scouts will run up and 
  attempt to squeeze by you. Ignore them if they're shooting at you, 
  since they have about 1/5 of the armor you have. Wind up the assault 
  cannon and let 'em have it. If you're feeling particularly nasty in a 
  Capture The Flag map, go and stand right on top of your Flag. Watch 
  out for their concussion grenades though. 

Work with a Medic or Engineer.

  Try and get an Engineer or Medic to defend near you, so that you can 
  get them to heal you and repair your armor. Since you're so slow, it 
  takes you longer than any other class to get to the nearest Resupply
  Room, stock up, and return to your position. If you've got a Medic  
  and/or Engineer nearby to save you the trouble, you can ensure your 
  position is never left undefended. Remember to use your "Call for
  Medic!" key to signal that you need assistance from them. 

[1.3.7] Pyro 

Pyro - Set them on fire, and watch them burn.

   Weapons:    1 Crowbar           
               2 Shotgun
               4 Flamethrower
               5 Incendiary Cannon
   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: Napalm Grenade

   Abilities:  Wears flame retardant armor, making him impossible to  
               set on fire. 
      Skill:   Select Flamethrower 

A great first line of defense, the Pyro can easily knock chunks out of 
the enemy with his flamethrower. He doesn't have much in the way of 
killing weaponry, but he can make sure no-one gets into the base without 
being set on fire, and being burned alive tends to upset people. If you 
like running into a room, firing wildly, and then watching enemies run 
around screaming as they roast, then the Pyro is perfect for you. 
Set them on fire.

  The strength of a Pyro comes in his ability to set enemies on fire 
  with his flamethrower and incendiary cannon. The more you hit your 
  enemies with fire, the longer they'll burn and the more damage 
  they'll take. You're a great class for sowing confusion in the enemy 
  ranks, mainly because it's really hard to aim effectively when you're 
  burning to death. Keep in mind that your weaponry doesn't do a lot of   
  damage though, and it'll take quite a while to kill armored classes 
  like the Soldier and HW Guy. Get in close, set them on fire, and 
  retreat while they burn. Keep doing it until they die. 

Use your incendiary cannon effectively.

  The flamethrower is your main method of setting enemies on fire, but   
  the incendiary cannon has two advantages that make it essential in 
  some situations. First, and most obvious, is that it has a far 
  greater range and can ignite multiple targets at once. The rockets 
  travel fairly slowly, but have a larger blast radius than the 
  Soldier's rockets. They don't do much damage, and they don't set 
  everyone on  fire, so they're great for lighting up the enemy Snipers 
  and providing the confusion your team needs to get a squad across the 
  open areas  between bases. Secondly, and most importantly, they 
  ignite enemies through walls. The heat generated by the rockets 
  penetrates right through walls, floors and ceilings, setting any 
  enemies on the other side alight as well. If the enemy Snipers are 
  causing you trouble on 2fort, run under them and fire some shots into 
  the ceiling. 

Be the first line of Defense.

  One of the most useful things a Pyro can do is be the first line of     
  defense for a team. Guard the entrance to your base, and make it your 
  mission to set every single enemy who passes you on fire. Don't worry
  too much about killing them, just make sure you ignite them a bit. 
  Once they're past you, warn the rest of the team's Defense that there 
  are incoming enemies. This early warning, combined with the fact that 
  no attackers reach the main Defense without being singed, can often 
  be the thing that prevents the enemy from breaking through. 

Hold them off with your napalm grenades.

  Napalm grenades set an area of ground on fire for a few seconds, 
  igniting any players who try to move through it. They're great for 
  blocking off an area, saving time and probably your life. Drop them 
  on the ground if you're being pursued, or throw one into rooms filled 
  with enemy defenders to force them to move away from their positions. 

[1.3.8] Spy 

Spy - The perfect infiltrator and terrorist, all in one. 

   Weapons:    1 Knife
               2 Tranquilizer Gun
               3 Super Shotgun
               4 Nailgun
   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: Hallucinogenic Grenade

   Speed:      Medium 
   Armor:      Lightly armored (Maximum of 100 green armor) 

   Abilities:  Removes an enemy Spy's disguise when he touches him 
               Can disguise himself to look like any class, team or 
               Can feign death 

      Skill:   Open Disguise Menu

A class who can disguise himself to look like anyone, the Spy can often 
walk into the enemy base, right past the defenders. Able to kill an 
enemy in a single hit with his knife, the Spy is someone you definitely 
don't want to turn your back on. After a few of their members have been 
knifed in the back, teams tend to get fairly paranoid. You know you're 
winning when they start to shoot each other for fear they're Spies. If 
you like matching your wits with the enemy instead of your reflexes, 
then the Spy is your class. 
Pretend to be one of them.

  Your number one skill as a Spy is your ability to look like a member    
  of the enemy team. Wherever possible, avoid letting the enemy see you 
  as a Spy. Once they know you're playing a Spy they'll be much more 
  alert. Luckily, the paranoia induced in a Team from the knowledge 
  that there is an enemy Spy wandering around is worth playing a Spy 
  for in itself. It takes a couple of seconds to disguise yourself, so 
  try not to be discovered. 

Think before you disguise.

  The Spy is the thinker's class. You need to outwit your enemy. After 
  your first couple of infiltrations, it's fairly likely the enemy is 
  on the lookout for you. They'll be watching for anyone on their team 
  who's doing anything out of the ordinary. You need to watch the enemy 
  so you can become one of them. Pick your disguise carefully, and 
  change it whenever you're alone and the disguise is no longer 
  fitting. If the enemy has one Sniper, and he's defending the base 
  entrance, don't disguise yourself as a Sniper and walk into their 
  Flag room. 

Remember your teammates.

  Remember that your teammates will also see your disguise. So if 
  you're disguised as an enemy Sniper, your teammates will probably 
  think you're an enemy Sniper too. If they're smart, they'll read your 
  ID in their status bar and know you're a Spy, but usually, they'll 
  pump a few rounds into you. You can help prevent this by sticking to 
  a simple rule: Never change your Team disguise inside your own Team's

Think before you shoot.

  As a spy, attacking anyone is not a decision to be made lightly. This 
  is because when you attack, you lose your disguise. That's right. 
  You're back to looking like a Spy, and you can be sure that any 
  enemies who see you won't be amused that you've been pretending to be 
  their buddy for the past 2 minutes. The only exception to this rule 
  is grenade throwing, which means that you can throw a grenade and 
  still maintain your disguise. Unfortunately, any enemy who sees you 
  throwing grenades around is probably going to get a little 

Avoid enemy Spies and Scouts.

  Enemy Spies and Scouts will remove your disguise if they touch you, 
  so avoid them if you're disguised.  Try not to look like you're 
  avoiding them though. 

Be careful when picking up Flags.

  Some maps have objects that remove your disguise. For example, in 
  Capture The Flag maps, if you grab the enemy Flag while you're 
  disguised, your disguise will be lost, and you won't be able to re-
  disguise while carrying it. 

Lie in wait for them.

  Use your ability to feign death a lot. Spys are very effective at 
  killing specific individuals on the enemy team, so they are 
  particularly lethal on maps where 1 or 2 classes are important. For 
  example, in CanalZone 2, Scouts are essential because they're needed 
  to carry Flags from their base out to points on the map. Find places 
  where the Scouts will be moving past, and lie in wait for them. Be 
  careful not to look around while you're "dead", because the enemy 
  will be able to see your "corpse" moving. Wait until they pass you, 
  then stand up and knife them in the back. Another useful thing to 
  know is that you can disguise yourself while you're feigning death, 
  which is often the safest way of disguising yourself. 

Knife them in the back.

  When used right, your knife is the most lethal weapon you carry. If 
  you stab an enemy in the back with it, it'll kill him in one hit. 
  Even if your stab isn't perfect, it'll still inflict severe damage 
  upon him. Bear in mind that as a result you'll lose your disguise, 
  and you can be sure that if there are enemies around to notice this, 
  they won't be amused.

Provide intelligence.

  If you're in the enemy base, waiting for the perfect opportunity to 
  grab their Flag while no-one's looking, or to knife a particular 
  Defender in the back as your Team's attack squad comes in, make 
  yourself useful.  Report back information to your teammates. Tell 
  your Team where the enemy Defenders are located, what classes they 
  are playing, where their sentryguns are, and so on. 

Take out their sentryguns.

  Sentryguns are dumb. They won't fire at you if you're disguised as a 
  teammate of the Engineer who built them. They won't even fire at you 
  when you throw grenades at them. This makes you the ultimate anti-
  sentrygun weapon. If your team's Scouts are getting mowed down by 
  enemy sentryguns, walk on into the enemy base and put some grenades 
  on the sentrygun when no-one's looking. 

[1.3.9] Engineer
Engineer - The perfect remote defender. 

   Weapons:    1 Wrench
               2 RailGun
               3 Super Shotgun

   Grenades:   Primary: Hand Grenade
               Secondary: EMP Grenade

   Speed:      Medium 
   Armor:      Lightly armored (Maximum of 50 yellow armor) 

   Abilities:  Can build automatic sentryguns 
               Can build ammunition & armor dispensers 
               Can repair his teammates' armor 
               Can create ammunition

      Skill:   Open Build Menu

When your base needs some heavy defense, the Engineer comes to the 
rescue, building automatic sentry guns that track enemies and kill them. 
Able to repair his teammates' armor and build machines to dispense 
ammunition, the Engineer is often the core player in large defensive 
squads. If you need to defend your base against all those hardcore 
players out there with much better aim, the Engineer's the perfect 
Get Metal.

  All your abilities as an Engineer rely upon you having enough metal. 
  To get metal, grab armor from your Resupply Room. Any armor you can't 
  wear is automatically converted to metal. To see how much metal 
  you've got, select your Wrench and looking at the "ammo" count in the 
  bottom right corner of your screen. 200 metal is the most you can 
  carry. You need 130 metal to make or upgrade a sentrygun, and 100 to 
  make a dispenser. 

Build a Sentrygun.

  Your most useful contribution to the Team is your sentrygun. You can 
  only have one of these built at a time, so positioning it well is 
  important, although you can always dismantle it and build another. 
  Don't worry if it quickly gets destroyed the first few times you 
  build it. Just look for a new place to put it where the enemy will 
  have a harder time killing it. Keep an eye out for other Engineers, 
  and see where they're placing their sentryguns. Once you've picked a 
  place to build yours, hit your "Use Special Skill" key to bring up 
  the Disguise menu. If there's no option 2 to build a sentrygun, that 
  means you don't have enough metal, so go get some more from the 
  nearest Resupply Room. It takes 4 seconds to build your sentrygun, 
  during which time you won't be able to move or shoot, so if you're 
  building outside your base you might need someone to guard you. 

Upgrade your Sentrygun.

  Once you've got your sentrygun built, you'll want to upgrade it 
  quickly. Sentryguns have 3 levels, and at each increasing level they   
  have more health, fire faster, and hold more ammo than at the 
  previous level.  Level 3 sentryguns fire rockets as well as their 
  gattling guns, making them particularly vicious. To upgrade your 
  sentrygun, make sure you've got at least 130 metal, and then hit your 
  sentrygun with your wrench. The maintenance menu will come up. If   
  there's no option 2 to Upgrade the sentrygun, you don't have enough 
  metal, so go get some more from the nearest Resupply Room. Note that 
  once your sentrygun is level 3, you won't be able to upgrade it any 

Maintain your Sentrygun.

  Once the sentrygun's up and running and killing some enemies, you'll 
  need to maintain it. If you look in the bottom left of your screen, 
  you'll see your sentrygun's health and ammunition. If it's low on 
  health, you'll need to repair it. Hit it with your wrench and select 
  the "Repair" option from the menu. Keep doing this until it's fully 
  repaired or you run out of metal (you can see the amount of metal 
  you've got in the ammo count in the bottom right corner of your 
  screen). If your sentrygun is low on ammunition, you need to restock 
  it. Grab some shells from your Resupply Room, hit your sentrygun with 
  the wrench and then select the "Put ammo in sentrygun" option. If 
  it's a level 3 sentrygun, make sure you grab some rockets and put 
  them in it. Keep doing this until it's fully stocked with ammunition. 
  Finally, make sure your sentrygun's facing the right way. Sentryguns 
  track better if they're facing the direction the enemies' are coming 
  from, and they'll sometimes swing around and end up facing the wrong 
  way after they've shot down an enemy. Hit the sentrygun with your 
  wrench and select the "Rotate Sentrygun" option. Keep rotating it 
  until you're happy with the direction it's facing. 

Build a Dispenser.

  The next thing that your team would be eternally grateful for is an 
  ammunition & armor dispenser. This is a small machine that creates 
  ammunition and armor inside itself every 10 seconds, and lets anyone 
  get some from it. It's like a mini Resupply Room. If you've got a 
  group of Defenders in a place where they can't get to a Resupply Room 
  quickly enough, a dispenser's the perfect thing to allow them to 
  resupply without leaving their posts. Dispensers are also great if 
  they're hidden somewhere near the enemy base to allow your attack 
  squads to resupply right before they go into the enemy base. Like 
  sentryguns, you can only have one dispenser built at a time, so place   
  it wisely. They have little health, so keep your dispenser fully 
  repaired if you can. Hit it with your wrench to bring up the 
  Maintenance menu, just as you do for the sentrygun. 

Repair your teammates' armor.

  Another important and often overlooked trait of the Engineer is his 
  ability to repair his teammates' armor.  Simply hit your teammates 
  with your wrench. You'll need a bit of metal to repair them, but not 
  much.  Keep hitting them until their armor's fully repaired, or until 
  you've run out of metal. Note that your teammates will probably use 
  the "Call for a Medic!" command to ask you to repair their armor, so    
  if you hear them yell for help, look around. The player who called 
  for help will have a floating red cross above his head. 

Make ammunition for your teammates.

  The other useful thing an Engineer can do is make ammunition. This is 
  great for swiftly delivering ammunition to Defenders, like HW Guys, 
  who don't have time to get to the Resupply Room and back to their 
  posts before the enemy attacks. Making ammunition is easy. Simply hit 
  your "Drop Unused Ammunition" key (X by default). Unlike every other 
  class, who only drop the ammunition they're carrying that they can't 
  use, Engineers always drop some ammunition of each type, using their 
  metal supply to fabricate ammunition that they don't have. If you 
  don't have much metal, you won't be able to make much, but its 
  probably still a better idea than sending that HW Guy back to the 
  Resupply Room. 

Protect your Sentrygun with EMP grenades.

  Your EMP grenades are tricky. They explode like any grenade, but 
  instead of doing any damage themselves, they detonate anything 
  explosive around them and rely on that to do damage instead. This
  means players with explosive ammunition, like rockets and shells, 
  will explode like firecrackers. Detpacks will go boom. Pipebombs will 
  detonate. Ammo packs will go up in smoke. Roughly speaking, the more
  ammunition lying around, the more dangerous the EMP blast is going to 
  be, and some classes, like the Soldier and HW Guy, are carrying a  
  heckuvva lotta ammunition. The only downside is that some classes, 
  like the Scout, are carrying almost no explosive ammunition at all, 
  and can simply walk right through an EMP blast. Use your EMP 
  grenades, combined with your hand grenades, to destroy enemies who 
  are trying to destroy your sentrygun. Your sentrygun is far more 
  dangerous to them than you are, so if you're lucky, you'll be able to 
  throw a grenade at their feet while they're otherwise occupied.

[1.4.1] Maps

There are always new maps being made but here are the official maps 
along with some other common TFC maps.

[1.4.1] Two Fortresses

Two Fortresses - Capture The Flag. 

  Two fortresses, separated by a small bridge. Break through the enemy 
  defenses and steal their Flag from the basement. Bring it back to the 
  Capture Point in your battlements to score. Watch out for enemies 
  coming through the underwater entrances.

  Objective:  Assault the enemy Base, and steal the enemy Flag from 
              their basement. Bring it back to the Capture Point in  
              your battlements to capture it. Defend your Flag to 
              prevent the enemy from stealing it.

  Scoring:    10 points per Flag Capture. 

  Notes:      If a player carrying a Flag is killed, the Flag will fall   
              to the ground. It will remain there for 60 seconds and 
              then return to its starting position. If it's your Flag, 
              you need to defend it, wherever it is. Don't let the 
              enemy touch it, because they'll pick it up, and even if 
              you kill them the 60 second time starts all over again.

  Players:    4 to 24.

[1.4.2] Canalzone 2

Canalzone 2 - Territorial Control. 

  Two Teams vie for control of a group of buildings divided up by 
  canals. Capture strategic points on the map, and hold them to score 
  points. Use the light, fast classes like the Scout to capture points, 
  and back them up with heavier classes to hold the points once 

  Objective:  Capture and hold as much territory as you can by placing  
              Flags on the Command Points throughout the map.

  Scoring:    1 point for every 30 seconds you hold a Command Point. 
              25 bonus points for gaining control of all 5 Command      

  Notes:      Capturing a Command point is done by taking a Flag from   
              your Command Center and placing it on a Command Point. 
              You can see which Team holds a Command Point by the Flag 
              and colored light around the Point. If the enemy holds a 
              Command Point, you need to recapture it with a Flag.  
              Players move at half-speed while carrying a Flag.  

  Players: 8 to 32.

[1.4.3] The Well

The Well - Capture The Flag. 

  2 large fortresses separated by a large no-mans-lan, where Snipers  
  reign supreme. This map uses the same scoring system as 2fort, but 
  it's bigger and caters to larger teams. Use Demomen to destroy the 
  underwater grates and open more entrances into the enemy base.

  Objective:  Assault the enemy Base, and steal the enemy Flag from 
              their tower. Bring it back to the Capture Point in the 
              base of your tower to capture it. Defend your Flag to 
              prevent the enemy from stealing it.

  Scoring:    10 points per Flag Capture. 

  Notes:      If a player carrying a Flag is killed, the Flag will fall 
              to the ground. It will remain there for 60 seconds, and  
              then return to its starting position. If it's your Flag, 
              you need to defend it, wherever it is. Don't let the 
              enemy touch it, because they'll pick it up, and even if 
              you kill them the 60 second time starts all over again.

  Players:    8 to 32.

[1.4.4] The Rock

The Rock - Capture The Flag Variant. 

  Set in two opposing prison-like bases, Rock plays similar to a 
  Capture The Flag map, but with slightly altered rules. Teams break 
  into the enemy Warden's office, steal the keycard within, and carry 
  it across to the enemy Gas Chamber, where they use the keycard to 
  release the Gas and kill the entire enemy team.

  Objective:  Assault the enemy Base, and steal the Keycard from  
              their Warden's Office. Take it across to the other side  
              of the enemy Base, where you can gain access to their Gas 
              Chamber and release the Nerve Gas. Defend your Keycard to 
              prevent the enemy from using it to release the Nerve Gas 
              in your Base.

  Scoring:    15 points each time your team releases the Gas. 

  Notes:      If a player carrying the Keycard is killed, the Keycard 
              will fall to the ground. It will remain there for 60 
              seconds, and then return to its starting position. If 
              it's your Keycard, you need to defend it, wherever it is. 
              Don't let the enemy touch it, because they'll pick it up,  
              and even if you kill them the 60 second time starts all 
              over again.

              When the Nerve Gas is released, you have 10 seconds  
              before the Gas will kill you. To survive, you need to 
              either get a hazard suit (located behind the 
              appropriately marked doors) or get underwater. 

  Players: 8 to 32.

[1.4.5] Hunted

Hunted - Assassination / Escort. 

  The most heavily teamwork-oriented map in TFC, this map has 3 teams 
  who each have strong roles. The first is The Hunted, a single player 
  with no weapons or armor, whose only objective is to make it to the 
  waiting truck at the end of the map. The Second Team consists of 
  Bodyguards, whose only objective is to ensure The Hunted player makes 
  it to his objective. The Third Team is the group of Assassins, and 
  their objective is to simply kill The Hunted.

  Objective:  The Hunted: Make it to the white truck waiting for you  
                          behind the doors at the edge of the Helipad. 

              The Bodyguards: Prevent the Assassins from killing The  
                              Hunted before he gets to the truck. 

              The Assassins: Kill The Hunted. 

  Scoring:    The Hunted: 50 points each time he makes it to the truck. 
              The Bodyguards: 50 points each time The Hunted makes it 
                              to the truck. 
              The Assassins: 25 points each time The Hunted is killed. 

  Notes:      There is a limit of 5 players on the Assassin team, and 
              Assassins may only choose the Sniper class.

              Bodyguard team has no player limit, but Bodyguards may 
              only choose the Soldier, Heavy Weapons Guy, and Medic   

              Whenever The Hunted is killed or makes it to the truck,   
              every player in the game is respawned back at their 
              starting positions.

              The truck is parked behind the doors at the edge of the  
              Helipad. The doors can be opened by pressing a button in 
              either of the towers next to the doors. The doors don't 
              stay open for long, so The Hunted needs to move fast.

  Players: 4 to 24.

[1.4.6] Alpine

Alpine - Assault

  Objective:  Blue must penetrate the Red mountain base, retrieve the   
              flag, and bring it back to their cave outpost.  If Blue  
              can find a way to seal off the  Flag  Turret, they will 
              gain easy entree.  Falls from a height can be deadly.

  Scoring:    25 points if Blue captures.
              10 points per minute that Red keeps their flag.

  Notes:      Flag carriers drop the Flag when they die. Dropped flags 
              return to their Base after 30 seconds.

[1.4.7] The Blood Tube 

The Blood Tube - Capture The Flag

  Objective: Enter the enemy Base and make your way to the back of the 
             lower level where their flag resides. Grab it and bring it 
             back to the capture point on your roof.  Place it on the  
             raised square to capture it. 

  Scoring:   10 points per Capture. 10 frags to the player who captures  

  Notes:     Flag carriers drop the Flag when they die. Dropped flags 
             return to their Base after 60 seconds.

[1.4.8] Open Fire

Open Fire - Capture The Flag

  Objective: Enter the enemy Base and deactivate the lasers which guard   
             access to their Flag. Grab the flag and bring it back to 
             your Base. Place it on the glass square to Capture it. 

  Scoring:   10 points per Capture.

  Notes:     Flag carriers drop the Flag when they die. Dropped flags 
             return to their Base after 60 seconds. Lasers stay 
             deactivated for only 30 seconds.

[2.1] Disclaimer

Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Forces is the registered trademarks of 
Sierra.  All other trademarks are the copywrite of their respective 
[2.2] Copywrite

This FAQ is the copyright (c) of Matt Beisser.  It may not be reproduced 
in partial or full without the consent of the author.

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