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     This new Harry Potter offering plays a little differently than Harry Potter and
the Sorcerer's Stone.  One of the biggest differences is in how the spells are
learned and how the Challenge after the lesson is handled.
     Chamber of Secrets has TIMED challenges.  Your house point score is based on how 
quickly you complete the challenge.  At the end of each challenge you will have a
House Point Meeting where the leader in the point standings will have the 
opportunity to gather Bertie Bot's Everyflavor Beans against another clock.  
Another important difference is that, in Chamber of Secrets, you can REPEAT the
challenge.  This is where this Strategy Hint comes in.
     I have found it very effective to go through the challenge THE FIRST TIME as
quickly as possible, ignoring all chests, armor, etc.  Do only those tasks which 
result in getting a challenge star.  When you have completed the challenge and
attended the House Point Meeting simply return to the challenge course and, at your
leisure, pick up everything else.
     Note that, while you can negotiate a challenge any number of times to try and
improve your score, ONLY the first run-through is counted in the House Point Meeting.

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