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New Zealands true walk through creators deathr0w- & [legion] now present you 
Heart of darkness
Hey. This is very probably the very first Heart of Darkness walkthrough. 
We played this on medium difficulty so there may be slight differences from 
other difficulty levels.

START: Your standing in Your Teleport Machine

Jump off and your teleport machine will explode and walk to the right  Walk 
right and jump over hole in pathway and keep walking to the right  Shoot the 
Black Critter on the ground and destroy the skeleton and move on to ya right
Shoot the skeleton and move on to the next screen to the right When you enter a 
Black Critter will be waiting destroy him and shoot the cliff face in front of 
you Attack Black Critters and move on.

Kill black critters and cross the Bridge and go onto the next screen  Ok Black 
critters can pull you off the cliff so try shoot the crawling critters and jump 
over the running ones cross onto next screen  You now shoot the critters and 
make sure you clear all of them cause one hides at the top of the bones Once all 
clear climb the bones and travel right to the next screen

Move along and shoot the cliff 2 big Critters appear run fast past them

Ok you are being followed by a critter walk slow over the bridge and then run 
fast Run past the light and the critter will DIE and move onto the next screen


Jump onto the right side of the wall and make your way up then cross left and go 
into the next screen  Move up and get near the cave hole you will have to jump 
across by doing a Double jump then move up a little and let your self Drop onto 
the ledge and move a long to the next screen

Move up the cliff and jump over to the right this is hard and needs timing now 
move up and go to the next screen
Jump up and down and the cliff will drop and u catch the dinosaur skeletons tail 
now move onto next screen.  move into the area of the skeleton bones and move up 
and go onto the next screen.

Ok gotta move quick and jump onto the wall to the right of the jaws of the 
skeleton or you get chomped Move up the cliff and make your way to the next 
screen.  Jump on the right side of the cliff then make the bone drop then it 
creates a bridge climb back down and Cross over it then climb up and enter the 
next screen


Move to the right and goto the next screen  there is a rope  pull it and 
something comes down stepping stones do a single jump to each stone then cross 
into the next screen.  The rope is in your face jump onto it and then land on 
the stepping stone and wait for the bug to be eaten by plant then Double  jump 
across when plant is eating the Bug and go up the cliff and turn right and goto 
the next screen.  Jump onto the rope and then onto the next beware of the rope 
on the next  screen now goto the next screen.

Jump onto the grey looking rock before you know it a swamp serpent bucks you off 
now move right and got the next screen.  Now your going into the swamps the 
trick is to duck when the Flying critters are there this will go on within
3 or so screens.  ok after that duck and becarefull.  then next goto the next 
screen  Duck and becarefull and make it to the ledge where the light kills the 
flying critters and now move  onto the next screen

Cross over the bridge and go up on the stone cliff and then go right and jump 
onto the funny looking vine that you found to be a killer plant and move on to 
the right and active the BUGS to fly above but first let the plant eat a bug 
then after u have made 20 or so bugs come out go back to the stone cliffs and 
climb up to the top and move onto the right there are 2 screens of no action :) 

now your in the  room with the bugs and 2 plants it's kinda Dark left plant 1 
eat one and run fast into next
screen.  Don't run in the next room cause there are 3 plants waiting for you :) 
and there is a rope jump                                                     
onto it and then wait for plant 2 to eat a bug then run and jump outta there.

Now your in a room with rocks climb on them and push the middle one


Now your hanging on a rope with some black hole below you it's a trap.  swamp 
Monster is there swing the rope the
monster will break ya rope then swim like mad and don't stop this will go on for 
2 - 3 screens then you come to some land with 2 trees and grass ok climb the 
second tree with he vines and goto the top then go into next screen

Now you see a pink dude and a flying Critter  jump onto the rope and help 



Swim right and don't go near the surface exit to the bottom  goto the GLOWING 
GREEN thing and get fire power now head to the right and in the next area exit 
to the bottom right after blowing up the rocks to the tunnel now follow the 
tunnel around and you will find land once you leave the water some rocks will 
block your way destroy the rocks that are blocking you way to the right now goto 
the next screen.

Kick the Brown egg to the cliff face and now do a strong shot and shoot it it 
will create a vine go up the vine and then jump onto ledge and head right.  Now 
on the next screen drop off the ledge to the platform below but DO NOT GO INTO 
THE WATER ok climb up the area with the pinky look and you will see another 
brown seed float across to the other side get across and make the vine grow 
climb up and jump onto right platform  and goto next screen

Ok Jump into the water below now watch out there are killer weeds in this area 
and suck plants just time you way round until you get the the space to get air 
with the white teeth looking things coming from the roof next move is hard so 
timeing is all on you.   Ok keep to the bottem left all the way and exit to the 
bottom left so the next few screens after that are easy but then the room with 
the 3 sucking plants is not easy swim away from he current and then make your 
way to the next screen then swim down and follow the passage this will let you 
get some air along there now swim back and go up this is more timing with the 
plants not to hard

Now your in a room with a killer plant at the top of the roof and also the 
sucking plant DON'T GOTO SURFACE
just becareful and move along the next ones are real easy just wait for the 
first plant to move then go and don't stop cause they move after each other.  
Now you can make it to land go into the room with 6 plants

In this room you'll exercise your strong life magic (triangle button). Fire your 
strong life magic at  the plant directly to your right - it will be stunned and 
then you can quickly jump and hold, and then shimmy your way across to the plant 
at the bottom right of the screen. The best position is directly to the left of 
it. Then shoot it as you did the plant before and clamber your way down to the 
exit below it.

This room seems more difficult than it is. The best method to exit the room and 
avoid the worms is to drop from the wall (down and X) and immediately run across 
to the left of the screen where you'll drop down into...


When you start off drop left and walk onto the next screen. 
On the ceiling above you will be some more shadow creatures that will drop down 
and savage you if you let them. Dispose of them with your quick green magic (O 
button) and then use your strong life magic to collapse vine into it's pod. Then 
use your magic again to stun the snapper plant and once more to regrow the vine. 
Climb up it.

In next screen walk left and push the boulder. Duck to avoid the plant above you 
as you crawl left.

You'll encounter more of those worms here - and this time you'll have to fight. 
Shoot towards them and walk slowly across. The worms will have ducked back to 
avoid your shots but now will stick their heads out to grab you. When they do 
this you'll have to shoot them and be quick about it. One shot will stun then 
and another will cause them to fly off the screen. After they are defeated you 
can climb down at the left hand side.

Climb down to the thin platform above the water.  Right right to fall into the 
water then swim down the small tunnel to the right. Swim all the way down the 
tunnel until you reach a small rock blocking your way - push it and then swim 
back left as quickly as you can - you have company. Climb out onto the platform 
again and climb up.
Return the way you had originally come. Don't forget to duck under the snapping 
plant and then drop down the vine and run right to avoid the plant at the 
bottom. Collapse the vine and stun the plant - then go right pushing the vine 
pod in front of you.

Push it off into the water - but don't fall in yourself. Stand near the edge of 
the platform and extend the vine on the island by firing on the diagonal at it 
with your strong life magic. Jump onto the vine (Jump and hold) and then across 
to the other vine. Collapse it and push the pod into the water. Walk right onto 
a screen much like the one before.

Walk to the edge and extend the the vine on the first island and wait for the 
pod to come to a stop on the other island. Leap across to the vine and extend 
the second vine by shooting the pod on the diagonal. Don't get to close to the 
water the shadow fish will leap out and kill you.
Now leap across to the second vine. Climb up it into the next area.


This part is easy - simpy stun the plant and walk across to the left then the 
wall up to the next level. Stun the plant on the right that is hidden in the 
cave and climb up .

You will need to be quick in this room. Start by climbing up and stunning the 
plant on your right with a diagonal attack - do the same with the one on the 
left. Climb a bit more and stun the third plant on your right. Then leap off 
onto the platform. Quickly kill the shadow creatures on the ceiling or run left 
into the next room.

Climb up. 


When you reach the top of the climb immediately run left as you will be chased 
by a mob of shadow creatures.
In the next room jump over the pod to avoid kicking it and then extend it. Fend 
off the enemies and climb up the vine to the next level and walk left.

Kill the creatures on the ceiling and then walk across to the edge. Shoot on the 
diagonal to safely destroy all the lurking monsters. When you are sure they have 
gone run left.

Continue running left and quickly climb up the rocks at the left hand side to 
avoid all the creatures and then go left off the screen.

Walk left across the precarious looking bridge.  There is a good reason that it 
looks this way.


CD 2

Now onto CD 2.


Defeat the flying creatures and run onto the next screen where there'll be more. 
Destroy the land creatures, jumping to avoid diagonal fireballs.  And when you 
have a gap run right. Don't try to kill everything - they'll only replenish.

Continuing running right onto the bridge you'll be stopped by running into one 
of the creatures and then the bridge will collapse.


You'll start off hanging on the swaying bridge. Shoot the flying creature and 
climb down.

Climb down and jump (and hold) across to the vine covered frame - climb up and 

Speed is of the essence here. Quickly clamber across and jump (and hold) across 
the gap in the rock face to the vines on the other side. Climb across to the 

Climb slowly across until the  shadow monster appears. Use your strong life 
magic to destroy the bone and the shadow will be destroyed. Climb right until 
you are standing on the bone. Jump onto the rope.

When you drop from the rope turn left and shoot the shadow creature then turn 
right and kill the other one. Climb up the ladder and collapse the vine. Push 
the pod to the right.

Continue pushing the pod until it won't go any further then extend it and climb 


Climb across the vines until the shadow monster emerges from the branch. Use 
your strong life magic to stun it by shooting the branch. Climb across then up.

Stun the shadow monsters by shooting the branches like you did before and climb 
up to the centre of the screen. Exit here.

Once again you stun the shadow monster like before and climb across to the 
bottom left. Patience is a virtue here. Slowly make your way up - and shoot the 
worms when the opportunity arises. I find that it is best to kill all the worms 
before continuing your climb upwards.


Here you'll see a group of flying creatures trapped behind a wooden scaffold. 
There is also a winch and a stone platform attached to it. . It that you might 
encounter some worms in this area as well. If you do kill them like you did 
before. Climb left and up and exit the screen to the left.

Similar stuff here - kill the worms and stun the shadow monsters. Exit the 
screen on the bottom left.

Push the boulder and wait for the flying creatures. Kill them and climb up.

Quickly climb across to the right. You will most likely be hit by the shadow 
monster. Hold down the X button until you grab onto the cliff-face down below.

Climb across to the right, stunning the shadow monster on the way, and then make 
your way up to the winch room. The stone platform will have moved so climb up 
and continue off the screen.


This part is quite dangerous. Climb up and when some small stones fall from 
above hold left until the large rock falls and misses you. Continue climbing and 
wait for the other rock to fall (if it hasn't already) and then leap across the 
gap to the other rock face and climb up.

Above you here will be some shadow creatures. When they hit the ground rocks 
will fall from above. Timing is essential here. Wait for the first rock to fall 
and then climb across and stop just before the second rock. When this has fallen 
climb right quickly and when the third rock falls jump across and grab the rock-
face. Climb up and kill the shadow creature. Walk left and then exit by climbing 


All you have to do is climb upwards as quickly as possible. A horde of shadow 
spiders will be hot on your tail. Continue until you reach the top of the 



Drop off the plant and shoot the shadow creatures that emerge from the left hand 
side. Exit to the right.

On this next screen kill the flying creatures and the land-based ones then walk 
right onto the next screen to kill one more. 

Here you will see a large stone obelisk jutting out of the ground. You will need 
to walk back the way you have come and activate the metal pressure pad on the 
ground which will cause the large obelisk to go down. Then quickly run right and 
do a running jump from the edge of the screen you are on. If you pull this off 
properly you will miss the pressure pad at the start of the room and won't 
reactivate the obelisk. Continue running and exit at the right hand side.


You will be in a cave with two lava geysers and two platforms. Timing is 
important here as the platforms will sink into the lava if you stand on them for 
too long. Wait for the first geyser to erupt then jump to the first platform. 
Jump to the second platform as soon as you can  - but don't get fried. Then 
quickly leap and hold onto the rocky wall. Climb across to the left, avoiding 
the lava geyser and climb off the screen at the top right.

There will be another one of those shadow spiders on this screen. It squirts 
slime on the rock face that will make you lose your grip. Climb over to the 
glowing lava outcrop and make your way across to the right avoiding the slime 
drops as you go. It is best to kill the shadow spider before continuing - so 
wait until it goes for you and shoot it. You'll have to be carefull as it moves 
fast. Climb across to the right.


Shoot the creature on your right and then quickly climb up. When you get level 
with it the shadow creature at the top right will stand up and slam the ground 
with his fists to try and dislodge you. If this happens hold X to grab hold 
again. Kill him as quickly as you can then climb down and jump across to kill 
the other creature.  Climb up and jump across to the right and continue climbing 
right to exit the screen.

Immediately shoot the flying creature on the right hand side then climb across 
jump off to exit on the right hand side.

Here you will need to kill all the creatures on the right hand side of the 
screen. Jump and duck to avoid the fireballs thrown by the flying creatures. Go 
back onto the previous screen.

Take the lower path by climbing along past the lava geysers to the screen that 
you just killed all the creatures in. Be careful and take your time to avoid the 
lava spurts.


Climb up the rock face onto the next screen where the shadow spiders are. Dodge 
the  slime they squirt and kill them before climbing up. Shoot them when they 
head directly towards you and are extremely close, otherwise they will dodge.

Use the same tactics as above to kill the creatures here and continuing climbing 



Walk right until you come to a screen with two lava geysers and a worm across to 
the right. Watching the lava geysers closely to determine the pattern and kill 
the worm. Then you have to climb up and jump across to the other rocks when both 
geysers go down. Climb off to the right.

Here you will need to kill some more shadow spiders before you can continue. 
Don't forget to avoid the slime that they squirt otherwise you will fall into 
the lava below. Climb above the large lava spouts on the right to avoid them and 
then watch the smaller one for the timing you will need. Climb down next to it 
and when it falls back quickly climb down and exit on the right.


Kill the shadow spider across to your right then clamber up and shoot right to 
kill a flying creature that can be very annoying. Climb back down and make your 
way across to the first lava spout and then watch it for the timing that you 
will need. You will notice that the lava spouts spurt three times then go down 
giving you enough time to make your way past them. Climb across and exit on the 

Make your way past the lava spout and drop down onto solid ground. You'll notice 
the flying creatures at the top head off the screen at the top - don't worry. 
They're only coming to get you. Shoot the pod with your quick life magic so that 
it slides under the rocky outcrop to the right. Shooting it with your strong 
life magic to expand the vine. Kill the flying creatures when the enter from the 
left hand side before continuing back the way you have come.

This time climb up to the top and drop onto the rocky outcrop. Jump your way 
across the other platforms, making sure that you avoid the lava spouts and 
continue right.

You'll be back in the room with the vine that you extended. Climb it and clamber 
across to your left stopping just before the gap in the ceiling. Some fireballs 
will drop down and then flying creatures will attack you. Drop down to dispose 
of them and climb up to exit. Then when you reach the  next screen go right.



When you start off drop right to avoid being crushed by a massive girder. Run 
right and quickly drop down the hole.
Walk over and stand on the girder to the right hand side. It will descend taking 
you along for the ride.

Using your strong life magic expand the pod to save yourself from being crushed 
into paste. Walk right and push the button on the far wall then return the way 
you came.

You can now drop down a hole that has appeared and exit across to the right.

Kick the pod across as far as it will go and then kill the gibbering shadow 
creature on the girder above you. Expand the pod, climb the vine and jump off to 
your right.

At last the Lifestone is revealed in all it's green glowing glory. But you can't 
gain access to it just yet. Kill the shadow creatures and then run across and 
drop down to your right. 

After you land immediately turn left and destroy some more shadow creatures. 
Crawl off the screen to the right.

Continue ducking and crawl across the room to the pod on the far side. You'll 
have to time your crawl under the stomping girder to get there. Remain ducking 
and push the pod back the way you came - once again waiting to avoid being 
pulped. If you stand up in this room you will die.

Push the pod under the girder jutting down in the centre of the room and then 
expand it. The girder will be pushed up raising the Lifestone from the briny 



This section is a piece of cake. Help the Amigos defeat the flying creatures 
then move on to the next screen.



Walk right until the shadow creatures flap above you then kill it before it has 
a chance to drop down. If it drops you are dead. Defeat the flying creature that 
comes to it's aid. Exit to the right.

Employ all your skills to defeat the shadow creatures and climb your way up the 
steps and off the screen to the left.

Leap across to the other steps and use your strong life magic to destroy the 
rocks thereby opening access to...


Kill the strange creature then use your strong life magic to destroy the 
bubbling remains. If you don't destroy the remains each part will regenerate 
into a healthy creature, creating double trouble. Follow the tunnel to the right 
to exit.

Stop moving as soon as you enter this new chamber to prevent yourself from 
falling off the chain bridge. Carefully step your way across to the centre of 
the chain and kill the creatures that fly up to attack you. Continute stepping 
across to the exit on the right.

Upon entering this room climb down the ladder to about half-way and kill the 
shadow creature lurking there. Next shoot on the diagonal to try to hit the 
shadow creatures crawling across the roof. Once they have been disposed of kill 
the regenerating beast and destroy their remains. Sometimes you will have to 
kill the regenerating beasts first. Guerilla tactics (attack and retreat down 
the ladder) seems to work well in this area. After they are all dead exit to the 

This next room is all about timing your jumps. The first stomper is activated by 
the pressure pad beneath it so you really don't want to touch the pad. You'll 
have to watch the timing of the other two stompers. After a while you'll notice 
that at some times they are almost syncronized in their movement. It is at this 
time that you must act. When two stompers hit the ground you must run right - 
jumping the pressure pad and continue running under the raised stompers. If you 
have timed it well you should make it - if not well, there's always next time. 
Go right to exit.


Climb out onto the steps and wait for the worms to come to you. Make sure they 
are all dead before continuing the climb downwards.

At the bottom right of this room you will notice a pink fleshy blob - this is a 
switch that you must activate before continuing. A shadow creature is patrolling 
the area below so drop from the wall, turn, and quickly defeat him.
Push the switch and climb up the newly formed stone steps then jump across to 
exit through the cave mouth to the

Press the switch and go back out to the right.

You will notice that all the stone steps have disappeared and there are now a 
group of shadow creatures patrolling the area. Kill them by shooting at them on 
the diagonal from your vantage point, your strong life magic seems to work well, 
then drop down and activate the pink switch again. Climb up before you are 
killed, into the room that had the worms in it.

Instead you must now face a group of shadow spiders. Avoid their slime and 
destroy them when they move in for the kill. Climb your way over to the exit on 
the top left.

You'll have to get past the stompers again so just do the reverse of the first 
time. Time your run and then jump the pressure pad.
Return to the room with the chain bridge and walk to the left hand side then 
jump, you'll fall off into a new area.


Kill all the creatures using any methods you prefer and go to the room to the 

In the next room kill any shadow creatures and make your way across to the 
pressure pad on  leap across the gap and activate the pressure pad on the 
ground. This will cause more stone steps to appear which you should then climb 
down. But, instead of dropping off onto the pressure pad directly beneath you, 
climb right and drop down onto the one there instead. This pressure pad will 
cause the wall on the left hand side to rise and unleash another mob of shadow 
creatures. Dispose of these before jumping over the middle pressure pad to exit 
on the left.

Climb down the ladder and push the pink button on the wall. Return to the room 
with the two pressure pads and stand on the middle pad to unleash some 
regenerating beasts. Kill them before continuing your journey by walking across 
to the right.

Exit this room using the ladder in the bottom right.


This next room is much easier than it looks. Climb down to the bottom and kill 
the regenerating creature by shooting through the gap. As soon as you have done 
this quickly climb back up and wait just out of the worms range. When the 
creature regenerates into multiple clones the worms will go for them. Climb left 
and exit the screen. Don't stop moving or the worms will get you.

Climb across and jump to the newly formed rock handholds that appear. Now jump 
left to the next set of handholds. Then you will notice some more handholds 
appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will need to jump to these 
avoiding the lava spout as you jump. Climb up and leap across to the handholds 
that form in the bottom left corner. You can then exit to the left.

Run left and encounter some more shadow creatures and the pink minion of the 
Master of Darkness.



Here you are reunited with your dog Whisky - unfortunately you are both 
imprisoned in the same cell. Escape is easy. Simply stand beneath the pod above 
you and shoot the roof with your strong life magic.  The roof will collapse and 
the pod will fall. So all you need to do now is extend the vine with your magic 
and climb up to escape. Push the boulder.


Walk over and push the button on the right hand side. Then exit to the left.

You have to push the button on the bottom left here. Start off by climbing out 
onto the stone outcrops and kill the regenerating creature below you. Wait until 
he regenerates and the worms go for him and his new friend, then quickly run 
across and push the left hand button. Climb up as quickly as you can and exit at 
the top left. If you do this fast enough the worms will not kill you.


Do a running jump and land on the platform at the far left - it will make the 
next room easier. Walk left to exit and prepare for battle.

Kill all of the creatures before continuing your journey to the left.

You'll have to kill some more regenerating beasts and shadow creatures here. 
Then push the pressure pad on the left hand side before climbing up and exiting 
to the top left. 

Walk left


You have now lost your life magic so running is the best option now. Drop down 
and stand on the wooden platform in the centre of the room. Wait until one of 
the regenerating beasts throws a fireball and jump it to fall down into 


As soon as you land run right - you will be chased by a horde of enemies.

Keep running and jump the crawling shadow creature. Stop running just before you 
enter the next room and walk across the chain bridge. If you are running you 
will fall. As soon as you are off the bridge start to run right again.

Drop off the ledge and quickly crawl down the passage to the right. You are 
being followed. 
Continue crawling left until you reach a room with a button on the left wall. 
Push the button and run and jump over the crawling shadow creature. Crawl back 
all the way to the right and climb up the newly formed stone steps.

Run left and don't stop. 

Jump the hole in the floor and continue running until you come to a dark circle 
on the floor to your left. Run into the hole.


You have been swallowed up by the huge creature - and are now trapped inside 
it's stomach. Press O to activate your lightning gun that you have now regained. 
Keep blasting until you are freed from the creatures stomach.
Destroy the shadow creatures and exit to the right.

Kill the shadow creatures until you can safely exit on the right hand side. 
Don't try to kill them all as more will just come to take their place.


Kill all of the regenerating creatures and exit to the right.

Here you will face more flying creatures and another group of regenerating 
creatures. Once again you must kill them all. Push the button on the right hand 
side before returning the way you came.

Climb up and push the pressure pad to open the door on the right.

Jump your way to the exit on the top right hand side of this room. Running jumps 
seem to work well to achieve this.


Kill all of the shadow creatures before continuing. You'll have to jump to avoid 
the fireballs that the flying creatures throw. Continue your journey to the 

Once again you'll have to kill everything before climbing up the ladder and 
exiting on the right hand side.


Walk towards the pink minon. 


You'll now have to find all the pieces of the broken Lifestone. Start out by 
going right.

Here you'll find the first piece of the Lifestone. Simply push it back to the 
room with the pink creature, then go back to the right and climb up the ladder.

Crawl down the small tunnel to the right - killing all the shadow creatures as 
you go.

Kill all of the creatures here and exit the screen at the top right.

Walk past the door, which will close and then make your way up the ladder to 

Climb up and quickly kill the shadow creature waiting for you. Walk over and 
activate the pressure pad on the right. Now exit the room.

Here you will find the second piece of the broken Lifestone push it back to the 
right until it falls down a hole. You'll need to do down after it.

The door on the left will have closed preventing you from moving the Lifestone 
piece any further. All you need to do is crouch on the pressure pad at the right 
of the room and push the Lifestone piece under the raised door and off the 
screen. Climb down the ladder and exit to the left.

Push the Lifestone piece across the platform and down the small tunnel to the 
right until it falls down a gap on the next screen. 

Go down after it  and push it back to the pink creature on the next screen. 

Now you'll have to look for another piece - climb back up the way you have just 


A few rooms on you'll notice a door that was closed is now open. At the bottom 
of the screen you'll see a crawling shadow creature in a tunnel with three 
pressure pads. The creature will follow you as you move across the screen. You 
need to run left and climb up the ladder - then jump across the gap before the 
door comes down to stomp you. Walk right onto the next screen and kill the 
regenerating creatures - this will make it easier for you later on. Then return 
to the previous screen and climb up the ladder.

Kill all of the regenerating creatures. And then  exit the room to the right 
hand side. Push the Lifestone piece under the rocky outcrop with your Lightning 
gun. It will fall down on a platform. Return left.

Climb down and push the pressure pad in the bottom left  corner of the room. 
Then walk back to the right and push the Lifestone piece to the right with your 
Lightning gun. Return left again.

Climb up and activate the pressure pad in the top left of the room. Go right and 
push the Lifestone piece off to the right with your Lightning gun until it falls 
down a hole. Go back down and right for a few rooms until you find it.

Push it off the screen to the left and then follow it onto the next screen. 

Keep pushing it until it falls down a gap then drop after it and stand in the 
bottom left corner. The crawling shadow creature will go over and activate the 
pressure pad at the bottom left. This lifts the door to the right and allows you 
to push the Lifestone piece off the screen to the right.

You can now use the same steps as above to get the piece of Lifestone to the 
central chamber with the pink creature.


A piece is missing so you will have to find it. Exit to the left.

Continue left and kill the regenerating beasts.



Drop down the hole and kill all of the creatures in the next room except the one 
beneath the platform and the one at the bottom left corner of the room. Do a 
running jump off the platform and quickly run left and fall down the hole to 


Kill the regenerating creatures and go right. Things are going to get really 
nasty from now on.

You'll have to kill all of the shadow creatures before continuing right.

On the next few screens kill all the shadow creatures and when the Master of 
Darkness appears dodge the fireballs he throws with a somersault jump (press 
jump and then jump again). When the screens are clear make your way across to 
the right as soon as you can.

Finally, after a string of difficult battles you will find the last part of the 



You have now plunged into the Heart of Darkness you will have to fight your way 
out. Use your Lightning gun to hit the ghostly tentacles and spectral hands that 
appear. Remember to dodge the hand as it plunges down into the ground and 
eventually the glowing red eyes will start to go away. A shaft of light will 
appear to pierce the darkness. 

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the great end sequence. 

If you were wondering about the why Heart of Darkness comes with 3D glasses - 
you'll wonder no longer.



Creators: John Kramer
                 Campbell Tobin

Contact Info:  [email protected]

We purchased the game from WWW.GAMESMAN.CO.NZ

please don't remove our tags from this walkthrough we have spent long hours 
doing this so others can complete the game with our help

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