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Hey You, Pikachu!! FAQ v 1.5, December 11th, 2000

Written by Elissa Dukes ([email protected]). I'm also known to
various Netheads as Wish, The Original Wishdragon, or even Lockdown.

This electronic file and everything in it is copyrighted material ((c)2000
Elissa Dukes) and is _not_ to be reproduced anywhere, in whole or in
part, at any time for any reason without my permission. You're also not
allowed to give it away or sell it for any reason without my permission.
If you'd like to put a copy of it up somewhere, on the web, in print or
in ANY form of media, email me for permission first! (This goes double
for profitable publishing) If I give you permission to post this
document, it must remain in it's original form, including this copyright
information. Everyone's happier that way, especially me when I don't
have to sue someone for copyright infringement.

I'm sending this in to first just because I admire
their site. (It's been hugely helpful to me many times over, so I hope
this somewhat returns the favor) I've also given, and permission to post. I might allow 
other sites to use it in the future, but if you see it somewhere and it 
looks like they've taken it without permission, if you'd shoot me a 
quick note and tell me, I'd deeply appreciate it.

If you are one of the offenders, I will have no compunctions against
prosecuting you to the fullest extent of the law. And, I'll inform your
banner ad clients of your actions and encourage them to take their
business elsewhere.


    1.5 (Dec 11th, 2000) - Added a few questions to the Q section.
Corrected a few things in the walkthrough, item list, and in the Pokemon
list. Added walkthroughs for most of Pikachu's Play Days. Small update
to the Author's notes and credits.

    1.0 (Dec 5th, 2000) - First Edition. Wrote Introduction, basic game
premise, Listed Main characters, human and Pokemon Also listed common
voice commands and items. Wrote How to Play. Wrote Q section.
Walkthrough coverage of the 'training' levels (Pikachu's Discovery
Days). Authors Note, Credits, Final Words and Copyright info also


Further versions will be released as time permits.

Table of Contents ====================================================




    1. INTRO 
         -First Things First/Introduction 
         -Basic Premise of the Game
         -Main Characters (Human) 
         -Main Characters (Pokemon) 
    2. HOW TO PLAY 
         -Pikachu's Discovery Days 
             *First Day 
             *Second Day 
             *Pokemon Picnic, Part One 
             *Field Trip, Part One 
             *Caring for Caterpie, Part One
             *Gone Fishing, Part One 
             *Toolbox Adventure 
             *Fishing After Training
         -Pikachu's Play Days 
             *Bedroom/Front Yard 
             *Pokemon Picnic, Part Two
             *Little Lost Poliwag, Part One 
             *Pinata Party 
             *Treasure Hunt, Part One
             *View Training 
             *Megaphone Game 
         -Voice Commands 
    5. Q SECTION 
         -Answered Questions 
         -Mysteries and Questions Still Unanswered 
         -Final Words/Review

Chapter 1 ============================================================

    This is my first FAQ. I'm writing it because no one else has and I
took pity on the other older siblings who might be asked to help younger
children play this game. It will probably never be a comprehensive
guide. I don't know if I'll ever find out every single little thing
about this game, and I doubt that I really want to. I'm just trying to
help out the people who are utterly stuck on a crucial part of the game
and need help, not people who want to know every single place where you
can find a certain flower, or fruit. Also, if you're viewing this on 
Internet Explorer, you might want to pick a mono-space font like 
Courier, as this document is made for mono-spaced fonts. Monaco will 
also work.

    The game's been out for about a month now and I haven't been able to
find a single thing about the American version of this game. There is a
Japanese FAQ, but it's a bit sketchy at best. Therefore: if it stinks,
if it's wrong, if it doesn't have the information you're looking for,
then you have my deep and humble apologies. I'll try and improve it as I
have the time. As a busy and semi-productive human being with two jobs
and student work to do, that probably won't be that often, so please be
patient if I can't get to updates right away.

    'Hey You, Pikachu!' is the America version of a Japanese game called
'Pikachu Genki Dechu' (Roughly translated, that means 'Pikachu is Doing
Great'). It was out in Japan for a little under two years before it came
to America, due to the heavy-duty software rewriting and testing that
had to be done to translate the game from Japanese to English. One could
say that this long time lag between the original and the American
version is at least partly to blame for the somewhat low-quality
graphics. Still, this game is intended for children, who probably won't
care a bit.

    This game, although more than a bit corny, is (or WAS, when it was
first built two years ago) a real breakthrough in video game console
technology. It's the first (as far as I know) Nintendo 64 game that you
can actually speak to. I don't know much about the workings of such
voice-recognition systems, but I do know that it's pretty darn cool to
interact with your game cart by giving vocal commands. There's even a
nifty little microphone that plugs into the Player Four slot! (More
about that below) Don't get your hopes up for an electronic best friend
that understands your deepest secrets just yet, though. The whole voice
recognition thing is still pretty primitive. Even so, just think about
all the improvements to standard games that might be possible if the
engine can be improved! Characters that actually 'Go left! LEFT!!' when
you scream at them! Music and sing-along games might become very popular
soon.. but those are all thoughts for the future. On to the FAQ proper.


Basic Premise of the Game


    As the game Hey You, Pikachu! starts out, you are a young child (age
could be anywhere from 6 to about 11) who loves Pokemon. The beginning
of your 'awareness' is when your mom wakes you up for a 'test' that
Professor Oak will be giving you today, a test that involves Pokemon (of
course). When you go to take this test, you'll be introduced to Pikachu,
the little yellow mouse Pokemon who will become your constant companion
throughout the game. Once you've befriended the electric rat (it's an
affectionate nick name, I swear!!), you'll be required to help Pikachu
with many different tasks, quests, and games that will bring you both
closer together in the bonds of friendship, or something like that.


Main Characters (Human)


    Professor Oak - You'll be seeing a whole lot of the good Professor
in this game. He's your guide and teacher as you get to know that most
infamous of pokemon: Pikachu. Oak will often call you, or pop up on your
screen with little reminders or messages about things that you and
Pikachu can do together.

    Mom - Mom is kind of a non-entity in this game. She tells you when
it's time to get up, makes you snacks, cleans your room while you're out
on adventures, and shows up in the little pictures between levels, but
other than that, there's not much to say about Mom.

    You - Your character is an average, Pokemon-loving boy of
undetermined age (probably about 6 to 11). You're basically playing as
Ash, the main character from the Pokemon TV Series and Pokemon Red and
Blue (notice the hat and jacket hanging on the hooks inside the
bedroom), even though the game never comes right out and says it.


Main Characters (Pokemon)


    Pikachu (#25) - The lightning rat comes first, of course. It's his
game. Pikachu is the yellow puffball that'll you'll have to befriend in
this game. It's not that hard, as the little critter seems to be fairly
friendly naturally, but it can also be very, very stubborn and
hard-headed. The good news is that it's so adorable that you'll forget
all your frustrations after watching it play with some of the props
around the various stages. It will also learn to preform tasks and use
it's electric powers to manipulate objects throughout the game. Pikachu
is the only Pokemon that you'll directly influence with your voice in
this game. Other Pokemon will show up and take part in the mini-games,
but they remain independent. In 'natural' Pokemon evolution, Pikachu
evolves into Raichu (#26) (doesn't happen in the game, sorry!) and comes
from the 'newly discovered' (thanks to Pokemon Gold and Silver) baby
form Pichu (#172).

    Bulbasaur (#1) - This plant-type Pokemon loves to cook. To bad he's
so bad at it. Bulbasaur will show up in no less than three picnic games
through the various levels of Pikachu interaction. You might recognize
him from an earlier Pokemon game, Pokemon Snap.

    Venusaur (#3) - This huge plant-type Pokemon is the evolved form of
Bulbasaur, and acts as a kind of tribal chief/master of ceremonies over
the Pinata Party. He divvies out the prizes and keeps everything

    Charmander (#4) - This little fire-type pokemon often help Pikachu
taste-test Bulbasaur's cooking (poor guy). He also shows up in other
levels of the game, usually in the background. Another Pokemon Snap

    Squirtle (#7) - Another victim.. err.. taste tester.. for Bulbasaur.
This water-type Pokemon also hangs out in the background of various
levels AND helps bring home the missing Poliwags in a later level. Yet
another Pokemon Snap character.

    Magnamite (#81) - Hailing from Pokemon Snap, this electric-type
pokemon is mostly delegated to step and fetch tasks for Bulbasaur (The
plant-types are running the whole Pokemon world. It's true!) during the
picnic. It cam be seen drifting up and down the shores of the river on
some of the fishing games, however.

    Oddish (#43) - This plant-type Pokemon can be found on the Field
Trips sleeping the day away underground. Watering them can make them
wake up!

    Gloom (#44) - Sometimes, the odd Oddish will decide to evolve. This
plant-type Pokemon is the result. Found in the Field Trip levels.

    Poliwag (#60) - Water-type Pokemon. You and Pikachu must find five
of these little guys and return them to their protective Poliwrath
guardian in at least two levels. These cute little Pokemon were featured
in Pokemon Snap.

    Poliwhirl (#61) - Water/Ice-type. Catch it in the Olivine fishing
game after you get the lucky hook.

    Poliwrath (#62) - Water/Ice-type Pokemon. Poliwrath takes care of
the Poliwags. Return them all and you'll get a prize!

    Caterpie (#10) - Bug-type Pokemon. You and Pikachu can prove how
responsible you are by taking care of five little Caterpie critters for
a day. Make sure you feed rosebuds to the ones that get hungry!

    Butterfree (#12) - Bug-type Pokemon. Butterfree is usually
responsible for taking care of the Caterpie, but when it needs a day
off, it calls you and Pikachu to fill in. Butterfree is the third
evolved form of Caterpie and also holds the Pinata during the Pinata
Party. You might have noticed them in Pokemon Snap as well.

    Haunter (93) - This ghost-type Pokemon hands out in the background
on two different levels and stalks the lake in one of the later (and
more difficult) games. While Pikachu can easily drive it away with a
Thundershock, it's still pretty annoying.

    Slopoke (#79) - This guy keeps to himself in the background of
several different levels. Featured in Pokemon Snap.

    Lapras (#131) - This Pokemon takes you to Celedon after you complete
the Pinata Party successfully. Hangs around in the background in one of
the fishing stages. Yet another Pokemon Snap star.

    Abra (#63) - A psychic-type that runs a store on at least two
different levels filled with random items. Use Pika Points to buy useful

    Togepi (#175) - Buy the Togepi egg in Abra's shop after finding it
in the second Pokemon Picnic level. You can hatch the egg, but Togepi
stays with Abra. Stinks, hun?

    Magikarp (#129) - One of the first kinds of water-types you catch in
the fishing game. Pokemon Snap cast member.

    Krabby (#98) -  Catch this water-type Pokemon in the fishing game.

    Goldeen (#118) - Fishing game Pokemon. Also in Pokemon Snap.

    Seaking (#119) - Another fishing game water-type.

    Horsea (#116) - Gotta fish 'em all!

    Staryu (#120) - This Pokemon falls for it, hook, line, and sinker.
(little fishing humor there... Ehehehe... Okay, I _know_ it wasn't
funny.) Yet another Pokemon Snap character.

    Starmie (#121) - Fishing game. Catch this Pokemon after you buy the
lucky hook.

    Dratini (#147) - My personal favorite in the whole game. (So 
adorable!!) Catch it at the Orche fishing hole with the lucky hook.

Chapter 2 ============================================================
How to Play:

    As noted above, the primary controls in this game are voice
commands. The microphone that comes with the game enables you to talk
directly to Pikachu, who then carries out your instructions, thus
completing the tasks in each level, and earning the reward at the end..
At least, this is how it SHOULD work. In reality, talking to Pikachu can
be a little frustrating if you don't remember the correct commands.
(Okay, so it's a LOT frustrating) It's also important to speak clearly
and distinctly into the microphone, especially when using Pokemon names.
If something isn't working, keep your cool, don't shout, and repeat the
command exactly as it appears on the screen.

    There are four basic buttons that you'll have to use to interact
with Pikachu. Start, A, B, and the Z trigger. If you don't know what
these buttons are, then god help you. The Start button brings up your
PokeHelper and Toolbox. It also pauses the game. The A button lets you
pick up items and move forward through Professor Oak's explanations. The
B button gives you information about objects that the hand cursor points
to. The Z trigger allows you talk to Pikachu. Hold it down for the
length of the command, and when you're finished talking, release to send
the message to Pikachu.

    For extra credit, the top and bottom C buttons are used to switch
between viewing modes later in the game. The bottom C button engages the
'View Mode' which allows you to look up and down using the control
stick. The top C button puts you in 'Pikachu View Mode' which keeps you
trained on Pikachu where ever it goes.

    There are two icons at the bottom of your screen when you're out on
your own. The one on the left looks like a heart that switches with a
small lightning bolt, and the one on the right looks like the profile of
a child wearing a ball cap. The left icon shows how happy Pikachu is and
how much electrical energy Pikachu has left by the lighted level. When
Pikachu is as happy as possible, the heart will be brightly illuminated
and Pikachu will be quick to follow your commands. When it's not happy,
it'll ignore you, or even yell at you when you call it. The right icon
just shows when you're forming a speech bubble to send to Pikachu.

    If you're in doubt about any of these controls, the game itself will
teach you exactly how they all work. Speaking of such training.. On to
the walkthrough!!

Chapter 3 ============================================================



    This walkthrough is not complete. I haven't got conclusive evidence
of exactly how to beat the higher levels, but I'm working on it. If
you'd like to help me out, point out my mistakes, or send in tips that
you've discovered to be helpful, just email me and I'll add your name to
the acknowledgements at the end. And now, without further ado:

-------========= Part One - Pikachu's Discovery Days =========------- 

    Most of the first few scenes are cinematic. You won't be able to
control anything, just move through the steps. You start in your own
bedroom, with your mom telling you to wake up. It's time to see
Professor Oak to take your test.

    Your mom reminds you to take your PokeHelper (looks like a yellow
Pokedex) so you can talk to Professor Oak. Then, Mom wishes you good
luck and you're off to Viridian Forest to meet the Prof!

* Viridian Forest Edge  *
    Here is where you get to meet Pikachu. Professor Oak explains how to 
use the Z trigger to talk to Pikachu. Your first job.. Get that rat to
notice you! Hold down the Z trigger and say 'Pikachu!' into the
microphone, then release the trigger. Pikachu will hear you calling it
and perk up, curious and puzzled. It doesn't know where the noise is
coming from so, you have to do it again.

    You'll have to call out to Pikachu at least five times before it
looks towards you. Anything you say will work, so far as I can tell.
Just babble to your heart's content. (If you find something that Pikachu
will NOT respond to, please email and tell me!) When you finally get
Pikachu's attention, it will look at you for a moment, then turn around
and leave. That's it for your Pikachu-related activities that day.

    Oak will tell you you've done a good job and send you home to get
some rest so you can come back and try again tomorrow.

 * Bedroom  *
    When you get home, Mom will ask about your day, and then you'll go 
to bed. This is the first save point in the game.

    The next morning, Professor Oak will call you and tell you to come
with him to Viridian Forest to meet the same Pikachu again. Run along

*Entrance to Viridian Forest  *
    The first thing you'll see is the sleeping Pikachu. It's your job to
wake him up! Just saying it's name should do the trick. When Pikachu
wakes up, Oak will show you the Pikachu signs that pop up on your screen
when Pikachu wants to talk to you and explains them. Say 'Hello' to
Pikachu, as instructed.

    Now Pikachu will start to play some simple games with you. First, it
will pull out a multi-colored beach ball and hold it up so you can use
the PokeHelper to look at the ball's description. Words in the
description written in red are phrases that Pikachu knows. Say 'Throw
it!' to Pikachu, and the rat will throw it to you! (The ball vanishes,
but don't worry.. it'll be back later). Pikachu finds this vastly

    Then, Pikachu will look up at the sky, apparently enthralled by
something you can't see. Call Pikachu's name twice to get it's
attention, then ask 'What's up there?' Pikachu will do a weird little
mime of what it sees (I think it's a bird, but I'm not entirely sure).
Professor Oak isn't any help either, he just assumes you know what
Pikachu is trying to tell you. Hmmph. Smug old know-it-all.

    Next, Pikachu will bring out an apple. Guess the name (say 'apple'
of course, duh..) and Pikachu will happily eat it. If it doesn't
understand what you're saying, it'll still eat the apple. Pikachu wins
either way. Such is the way of the world.

    Now the day is over and it's time for good-byes. Say 'Good bye,
Pikachu,' as instructed. Pikachu will start to walk away slowly,
glancing over its shoulder at you every few steps. When it does this,
say 'See you later!' to witness a delighted Pikachu.

* Bedroom  *
    Save and sleep, just like the day before.

    In the morning, when you wake up, you'll have a little yellow
stalker waiting for you at the sliding glass door. Pikachu apparently
surfed the Internet all night, tracked you down and showed up at your
house, intending to make you its love slave!! Run! Run while you still
have the chance! Oh the humanity!! Err.. Just kidding, parents, don't
snatch the game out of your children's hands.

    Pikachu will be waiting for you at the door, however, much to the
delight of your Mom, who wistfully wishes that such an adorable ball of
fluff would obsess over (*ACHEM!!*).. I mean.. ummm.. befriend her.
Then, having imparted her approval upon the Pikachu Project, she sends
you out to play.

=========== Ochre Woods - Pokemon Picnic!! Part 1 ===========

    Pikachu leads you to the entrance of Ochre Woods ('Ochre' meaning
'Where the Pokemon hide the bodies.' No, no, I'm NOT serious. Please
don't sue me.).

    Pikachu's friend Bulbasaur is waiting there, getting together a
lovely picnic for all its friends! Bulbasaur will ask Pikachu to gather
some of the ingredients for the main course (It's a random recipe) while
you and Pikachu play in the woods.

    Icons of the different ingredients Bulbasaur requires (There's
usually three) will appear over the 'saurian's head as it gives the
grocery list to Pikachu, who draws each item on a sketch pad for future
reference. Pay close attention to this list when Bulbasaur gives it,
because Pikachu's drawings are pretty hard to make out most of the time.

    With that task over, it's time to play in the woods! Don't pick up
any ticks!

* Deep in Ochre Woods  *
Here the ground is absolutely littered with various foodstuffs. (Looks
like an exploded Farmer's Market, really.) Have Pikachu pick up the
items on Bulbasaur's list and call Magnamite to take them to the master
chef. The key to wining this game is to get two of one ingredient. It
doesn't seem to matter which. For example: if the list says to get
onion, carrot, and wild herb, sending two carrots would be enough to
make the stew come out properly. Also, if you can't find one of the
three ingredients, sending double helpings of the other two will cover
for the lack (For example, when making stew, which contains onion,
carrot and wild herb, if you can't find a wild herb, send it two onions
and two carrots). Pikachu will try to tempt you into picking up it's
favorite woodland food, the acorn, but don't give in. This holds true
for all three Pokemon Picnic areas.

    If you're having a hard time getting Pikachu to pick up items, try
saying the name of the item while the hand cursor is pointing at it.
Also try 'take this' while standing next to an object. That's a phrase
that you'll use after you've learned how to pick things up, but it
sometimes works here as well.

    Don't let Pikachu go to sleep. If it lays down and starts to snore,
wake it up by talking to it, or it'll be confused for the rest of the
day. It's really frustrating. This holds true for all the levels.

    After you get four ingredient (any four ingredients) or time runs
out, it's time for the taste-test! Charmander helps out, the poor slob.
Unless you've got your four correct ingredients, the results are
disastrous. Bulbasaur doesn't seem to be much of a cook unless you
improve on his own grocery list. And don't feel bad if you can't finish
this one 'just right. I think this particular Pokemon Picnic is the
hardest of all, since you can't pick up items or use View Mode. If you
get it right (oh happy day!) Pikachu will do a delightful little dance.
Professor Oak will calculate your score, and it's time to go home.

* Front Yard  *
    Pikachu will follow you home to say good bye. Say 'See you later!' I
think just saying 'good-bye' makes Pikachu mad. If you make it mad
anyway, don't worry about it. You've got the critter hooked now.

* Bedroom  *
    Save and sleep. Nothing new.

    Next morning.. see!! What'd I tell you? It's back! Go on outside for
another fun adventure!

===========Springleaf Field - Field Trip! Part 1===========

    This adventure seems to be there just for the fun of it. Follow
Pikachu around as it inspects the world around it. Play guessing games
with Pikachu and tell it to 'taste it' or 'smell it' if it picks up
berries or a nice flower. You can also tell Pikachu to 'throw it' if
it's something that isn't good to eat. One of the cutest things Pikachu
does is play with the little leaf whistle you might find on the ground.
Tell Pikachu to 'play it' if it's confused about what to do with the

    There are several weird blue radish-like plants with green leaves
all around the field. Some of these are just strange vegetables, but
OTHERS are actually the Pokemon Oddish in disguise. You can tell the
difference from afar by watching the leaves of the plant closely. True
Oddish plants will quiver and shift a little every now and then.

    Charmander shows up on this stage, and yells a hello to Pikachu, but
it's up high and Pikachu can't reach its friend. After a little while,
Charmander will go away again. Mysterious.

    After awhile, Prof. Oak will tell you it's time to go home. What a
fun day with Pikachu!

* Front Yard/Bedroom *
    Time to say good-bye. Only don't actually say good-bye, say 'See you
later.' Pikachu says a happy goodbye and runs back to the wild.

    Now it's time for the save and sleep shuffle. Yehaw! Wake up in the
morning to find Pikachu ready to whisk you off to play again.

=========== Viridian Forest - Caring for Caterpie! Part 1 ===========

    Today, you and Pikachu prove how responsible you are by taking care
of five small Caterpie for one of the local Butterfree. These baby
bug-types are a breeze to watch, except when they get hungry! Pikachu
will play happily with the Caterpie (This is probably one of the more
adorable moments in the game. Pikachu is a great babysitter who'll go to
great lengths to entertain its charges. It dances for them, twirls
around and makes itself dizzy for them, even sings them to sleep. So
cute!) You can also watch Pikachu play with the assundry items laying
about, as you did in the Field Trip.

    When one of the Caterpie get hungry, it'll start to turn blue and
bounce up and down. And when that happens, there's only one solution. A
rosebud snack! Pikachu will find the rosebud bush on its own, but you
have to help it get those high rosebuds down to its level. Tell Pikachu
to use its 'Thunder Bolt' attack. Be sure you use the right one, as
Thunder and Thunder Shock won't do jack-diddley.

    After Pikachu gets the rosebud, it'll feed the flower to the
Caterpie (which has probably turned red since you left and might be
yowling with hunger). Then, things will settle down.. until another
Caterpie gets the munchies. Then it's the same thing all over again.
Expect to feed two Caterpie before Butterfree gets back. If you satisfy
both the little nippers, you'll receive a beautiful (and valuable) ruby
as an award. Fail, and you'll only get a balloon.

    Once Butterfree gets back, it'll be time to pack up and make for

* Front Yard/Bedroom  *
    Same old same old. Say Sayonora, save, and secure some shut-eye.

    The next morning, when you look outside, Pikachu's got an ice cream
cone on it's head!! Actually, it's a fishing lure and hook. Today, you
and Pikachu'll be heading over to the Ochre Woods Fishing Hole to catch
some water-type Pokemon.

=========== Ochre Woods - Gone Fishing! Part 1 ===========

    This introduction to the fine art of fly fishing is pretty easy.
Pikachu, as usual, does all the work. You're just there for moral
support and suggestions.

    Pikachu will cast out the line without any prompting from you. As
Pikachu reels in the line, some kind of water-type Pokemon will probably
take the bait. When it does, tell Pikachu to 'Reel it in!' or 'Pull!'
The only exception to this rule is when it's a really big one (by big, I
mean, Pikachu-sized or larger). In those cases, tell Pikachu to 'Hold
on!' until it can yank the monster closer to the shore, THEN say 'reel
it in!'. It's tricky and takes practice, but landing one of those
beasties sure feels good!

    The game will keep a record of your catches, how many you have and
how long each fish is. The point is to catch bigger fish than those on
your current record, of course. Oh, the game mentions something about
finding a better hook than the one you have now, but I haven't located
it yet. If anyone has any info on this, please email me!

    After a few casts (I got in about 6 the first time around) Prof. Oak
will tell you to get yourself on back to the house.

* Front Yard/Bedroom  *
    Say your good byes. Do I really need to go over this again?

    The next morning, there's something new. Prof. Oak calls to give you
a neat new thing - The Toolbox!! This handy lunch-box-like contraption
holds your PokeHelper, snacks, items, and all kinds of good stuff!
You'll be using it quite a lot, so make sure you get the commands down.

    Then, Oak will tell you to find Pikachu out in Viridian Forest. Mom
packs you a cupcake and some treats and tells you to share your lunch
with Pikachu. Then you're off!

=========== Viridian Forest - Toolbox Training ===========

* Viridian Forest  *
    Oak opens up the gate to Viridian Forest for you. Pikachu comes 
running in from the forest, obviously delighted to see you, even if it's 
on the other side of a wall of briars. Then the game lets you practice 
moving around on your own, and finding Pikachu when it walks out of your 
line of vision (You've been moved out of Pikachu View Mode and into 
Normal Mode, meaning that now you can move around without having to face
towards Pikachu).

    Greet Pikachu with a 'Hello.' When you have its attention, Professor
Oak will suggest that you share your cupcake with Pikachu. The only
problem is that you're on one side of the thorn barrier and Pikachu is
on the other. Pikachu will call you over to the left and use one of it's
attacks to cut a path through the briars. What a smart little rat it is!

    Take the cupcake out of the Toolbox. Pikachu will take it from you
and look at it for a moment. Then... it'll use Thundershock to make you
drop the toolbox! Then, Pikachu will pick up the toolbox and make a
break for it! That ungrateful little sparkplug rodent! After that

    Chase Pikachu into the next field and try to corner it. Each time
you get close, it'll get angry and shock you again, but you can't give
up. Corner the little beastie three times, and it'll give a really
powerful charge that'll white everything out for a moment. When you come
too (the crazed critter knocked you out!), Pikachu will be running
towards the deep forest and you'll be in hot pursuit.

    Now you're in the deep woods. You round a corner to find that
Pikachu has laid out a feast for the five Caterpie you babysat before!
The Caterpie will chow down, then scatter, leaving you alone with an
abashed Pikachu. It's obvious that Pikachu feels sorry for taking the
Toolbox, and returns the item, along with its pretty beach ball as a
means of apology.

    You take pity on the repentant little monster and invite it to come
and live at your house, with Prof. Oak's blessing. You actually have to
say 'Stay at my house' when the moment comes.

    You'll bring Pikachu back home, and Mom will be thrilled about the
idea, of course. Take Pikachu back to your room, save, and go to sleep.

    The next day, Prof.. Oak will call again and show you how to get to
any of the adventures you've just completed (Pikachu's Discovery Days)
AND to a set of new adventures (Pikachu's Play Days). You'll now have a
chance to try out new activities and get better at some of the older
ones as well. Congratulations!

* Fishing After Training  *
    Pikachu's Discovery Days contain the only Fishing Game areas in the
entire game. If you wanna fish, you gotta do it here. There are three
fishing areas (one you can't unlock until you've unlocked Pikachu's
Daring Days. More about that later). All follow the same rules as the
first fishing game. Get to be really good at them, and you'll have a
chance to win Fishing Flags (or posters) to hang on your wall. (A short
note: Fishing is the closest you'll come to actually 'catching' any of
the other Pokemon in the game, and it offers the widest range of Pokemon
to see, even if they are all water/ice/dragon-types)

    The 'special' fishing Pokemon (the last one on each list) can only
be caught with the blue fishing gear, which shows up in Abra's shop in
Springleaf Field (Field Trip, Part Two). Getting Pikachu to buy it is
tough, so just keep trying if it picks the wrong thing.

    Now, on to the specific areas, in order of appearance:


    Unlocked: After the Training Course Pokemon Spotted: Magikarp,
Goldeen, Krabby, Seaking, Dratini

    XXXXXX Olivine XXXXX

    Unlocked: After the Training Course Pokemon Spotted: Magikarp,
Goldeen, Krabby, Seaking, Horsea, Poliwhirl


    Unlocked: After the Pikachu's Daring Days are unlocked. (Win the
Pinata Party game) Pokemon Spotted: Magikarp, Krabby, Starmi, Staryu,
Horsea, Seadra, Tentacool, Tentacruel (?? Unverified)

--------========= Part Two - Pikachu's Play Days =========-------- 


    Now that Pikachu has come to live with you, you get to actually
explore your own house! Well, your room and the front yard, at least. 
Apparently, you keep your mother in your desk drawer or something, since
the front door of the house leads right into your room and there aren't
any doors that go to anywhere else in the house.

    First, the bedroom. This is where you 'wake up' every morning after
a save. Once Pikachu comes to live with you, it takes over your bed,
although you'll occasionally wake up to find the little critter snoozing
on your shelves, on the pillow in front of the TV, on your desk, on the
floor.... Just like a cat, give it an inch, and it'll take up the whole

    You've got a pretty cool room. Nice bed, pots for indoor plants, a
desk, shelves, a cabinet for all your stuff, and a TV, complete with
Nintendo 64 system (What else?). As your adventures with Pikachu
progress, you collect various knickknacks and assundries that show up on
your shelves and all around your room. Some of these items are fruit,
some of them are flowers, some of them are rewards, and some of them are
toys. If you want to pick up things and play with them, go ahead. Don't
worry, Mom comes through and tidies up your room while you're gone, so
everything'll be right back in the same place when you return.

    There's not really much to do in your room, so Pikachu won't want to
stay there long. The only game that you can play in your room is the
Pokemon Quiz Time game on your Nintendo 64, and Pikachu gets bored with
that pretty quickly. If you want to play it, just say 'Pikachu! Quiz
time!' and it'll turn on the N64 for you.

    Out in the front yard, there's even less to do, even after you
gather enough flowers and vegetables to make a proper garden (I'm not
sure exactly how it's done yet). While Pikachu likes playing out here
more than indoors, it'll get bored fairly quickly with out some
wide-open spaces to explore. Luckily, being free to roam about your own
house means that you've opened the next set of adventures, so we'll get
on to those right now.

=========== Ochre Woods - Pokemon Picnic! Part 2 ===========

    This area is fundamentally the same as the first Pokemon Picnic,
only larger. Also, this time around, you'll have much greater freedom of
movement, which makes this level a breeze.

    Just as before, Pikachu takes you to Ochre Woods. Ochre, as I
mentioned before, means 'Pokemon Litter Box.' Don't step in anything!
(What a lame joke. Oh well.)

    Bulbasaur is waiting with its list of ingredients. Watch the icons
over Bulbasaur's head carefully, as Pikachu's little drawings are hard
to make out, especially concerning mushrooms. Now you're off to gather
up the makings of a fine meal on the go.

    The key to this, and the next Pokemon Picnic, is Abra's Shop. This
little merchant Pokemon is without a doubt, nearly the only way to win
this level. Here's how you use this handy little boon. If you don't have
Abra's shop, go to the cave across the stream and try to lure Pikachu
over there. Once Pikachu investigates, it'll find a Togepi egg and call
you to come look at it. Then, when you take a peek, Abra will show up,
then take the egg from Pikachu using Teleport. The shop should be open

    First things first, scour the level for all the ingredients you can
find right away and put them all in your toolbox. I recommend not giving
them to Pikachu as you find them, because it's easy to forget what
you've already done. Now, if my experience holds true, you've probably
got only three ingredients in your box, maybe four if you're lucky, but
chances are that you're still looking around for one more herb.

    Here is where Abra comes in. Go over to the log bridge next to the
tree on its own little raised platform and cross the bridge. You should
see a cave with a yellow sign over the mouth. The sign will have two
Pokeballs and a picture of Abra's face. This is the shop. Call to
Pikachu, and once its crossed the bridge to answer you, go into the
shop. Buy whatever you want. It doesn't matter.

    Now, when you leave, there'll be an entirely new set of vegetables
and mushrooms scattered on the ground. It's a bonanza! Gather up what
you're missing, and hand them to Pikachu one by one. A few times I've
ended up with five of a particular ingredient using this trick.

    Once you send in four ingredients, Bulbasaur will call everyone in
for lunch. Yummy! You've made.. whatever it is! Huzzah!

=========== Springleaf Field - Field Trip! Part 2 ===========

    This fun field trip has a purpose and a plan in Pikachu's Play Days.
(At last!) This time, you'll be deeper in to Springleaf and the area
will look a little different. The first time you play this level, you'll
get a little cinema scene with Pikachu and an Oddish. Pikachu will use a
small orange watering can to 'wake up' the Oddish, thus giving you your
quest for this level. Find the Oddish, wake them up, and hope that they
turn into Glooms.

    There's several parts to this particular task. First things first,
you're going to need a new watering can. The one you receive at the
beginning of the level is only good for one more 'serving' of water.
There might be a way to get Pikachu to fill it up for you again, but I
haven't deciphered it yet. The way you get the new watering can is
through Abra's shop. There's one inside the tree at the very top of the
hill. It pops up in the inventory there randomly. The large watering can
is blue and holds 40 'servings' of water.

    Even if you can't get the new watering can, you can track down at
least one more Oddish before the level is over. The way you can tell the
actual Oddish from the deformed vegetables scattering the field is that
the Oddish will occasionally rustle their leaves, if you watch them long
enough. Use your hand cursor to point to a moving Oddish, and tell
Pikachu 'Oddish!' Pikachu will look for the Oddish you're pointing to,
and, if your guess was right, it'll become happy and ask for the
watering can so it can wake the Oddish up. Hold out the can and Pikachu
will come to get it. You can get pretty close to the Oddish, but don't
get too close, or it'll jump up and run away before Pikachu can water
it.. and the little electric rat doesn't like THAT at all.

    If you were wrong in your guess, you'll get a little sign that says
it was a 'strange radish.' Then, Pikachu might get mad and fry the
radish, or just ignore it. In either case, you'll have to try again.

    Hopefully, when the Oddish wakes up, it'll evolve into a Gloom. This
is the purpose of the level, to make one of the Oddish evolve. Why? It
makes the sparkplug happy, of course!

    While you're on this level, don't forget to pick flowers and berries
to store in your collection. Flowers that you collect for the first time
will show up in your room for you and Pikachu to enjoy every day!

=========== Olivine Lake - Little Lost Poliwag, Part One ===========

    This quest opens up the first truly new area that you'll have seen
yet: The Olivine Lake/Marsh area. The whole thing is basically a series
of piers that link together small bits of island. It's very maze-like.
When you get to the lake, Prof. Oak will tell you to be careful and not
fall into the water. Don't worry about that. It's basically impossible
(I've tried to run into the water several times and it hasn't worked
yet. What kind of game would this be if you could fall in the water and
drown?? Anyway). You'll also find out about the five lost Poliwags who
are under the care of a Poliwrath who lives here. You and Pikachu
undertake the task of gathering up the little nippers to get 'em back to
their Mum.. Err.. Dad.. err.. whatever the Poliwrath is. Why? Because
there's nothing else to do in Olivine. At all.

    The only way to find the Poliwags is to get out there in the maze
and track 'em down. It's pretty easy, just wait for the hand cursor to
pop up somewhere, use the B button to make sure it's a Poliwag, then,
with the hand cursor still pointing, tell Pikachu 'Poliwag!' Pikachu
will look around for the baby Pokemon, and hopefully, will notice it.
Then, the Poliwag will come bouncing over and fall in line behind
Pikachu. Rinse and repeat until you find all five. If you happen to see
Squirtle while you're wandering around, don't get too close unless
you've got all the Poliwags. Going to see Squirtle signifies the end of
the 'day' and you'll be sent home no matter if you're ready or not.

    If you succeed, Squirtle will give you a silver coin for your good
deed. Good job!! If not, you'll still get some kind of prize, but it
might not be the silver coin.

=========== Cobalt Beach - Pokemon Pinata Party!! ===========

    It's a beach party!!! Hurray! This is one of the most difficult
mini-games of all because it relies solely on your ability to command
Pikachu vocally. This game... whew.. We (that's myself and my sibling
testing team) came dangerously close to teaching Pikachu a few new words
while trying to win this one. Four letter type words.

    The basic idea it to direct a blindfolded Pikachu to the Pinata that
Butterfree is holding. This sounds easier to do than it actually is. You
will use commands such as 'Wrong way!' 'Straight ahead!' 'Further Left!'
'Further Right!' and 'There!' to tell Pikachu where to go and when to
swing. You and Pikachu will have to break open the Pinata two times out
of three to 'beat' the mini-game, win the harmonica, and open up the
Treasure Hunt.

    Even though this is hard, there are several tricks that will make it
a little easier to reach your goal. First, move around the ring to make
sure that Pikachu is going in the right direction. Don't plant yourself
in one place and yell orders from there. If it looks like Pikachu is
getting close, scoot around for a fresh angle to make sure it hasn't
veered off to the right. Second, and this is very important, REMEMBER TO
USE THE RIGHT PHRASES. Screaming 'No!! Noooooo!! Not there, the OTHER
way!' won't do you any good. Use your commands calmly and with good
enunciation. If it doesn't work the first time, give the command again.
Third, and this is pretty obvious, know your right from your left. If
you're facing Pikachu and you need to tell it to turn, remember that the
directions are backwards. It's stupid and simple, but that's just a
little reminder. Pikachu doesn't know which way YOUR left is, it only
knows which way it's left is.

    If you're successful, you'll get the harmonica from Venusaur.
Pikachu will play the harmonica on the beach, and that will summon
Lapras, who will then transport you and Pikachu to the Treasure Island.
Inbetween, you and Pikachu will camp out in the woods, where you'll have
to tell Pikachu to scare off a pesky Haunter with Thunder Bolt. Then,
you'll be on the beach of the island, ready to hunt down treasure!!

=========== Celedon Island - Treasure Hunt! Part One ===========

    The premise of this level is simple. Find the treasure!! It's all
about the treasure chests, baby.

    Basically, there are several buried treasure chests all around the
island. Calling attention to one of them with the hand cursor and
'Pikachu!' 'Treasure!' will cause Pikachu to dig it up. Each treasure
chest has a sign that tells you what Pikachu has to do to open up the
chest. On this level, it's mostly variations on Pikachu's electric
powers (Thunder Bolt, Thunder Shock, and Thunder). Give Pikachu the
commands when it asks you what to do, and you'll get the treasure

    On this level, most of the treasures aren't all that great, but this
is just practice for the NEXT treasure hunt in Pikachu's Daring Days
(Which you've opened now). Collect everything you can, and go home 

=========== Pikachu's Playground ===========

    After all of this excitement, you'll go home, save, and sleep. When
you wake up, Oak will have a message for you. It's time for you to learn
two new view options that'll help you communicate with Pikachu: The C
Button Views. The down C button is your First Person View, which will
allow you to look up in the air, or down at your feet. This will help
you to be more specific in your item selections with the hand cursor.
The up C button is the Pikachu View, an option that keeps you faced
towards Pikachu all the time (This is the view that was enforced on you
during Pikachu's Play Days. Use sparingly). You'll get a small demo in
your room, but then it's on to some heavy-duty training in view usage.
For this training, Oak will take you to Pikachu's Playground.

    During this part, Oak will give you instructions on what to tell
Pikachu. Most of this is very simple. Point to the object in question
and say 'There.' So easy. The only part that is difficult is the apple
on the other side of the gorge, but it's very easy when you know what
you're doing. When Oak asks you to tell Pikachu to bring you the apple,
send Pikachu to the small mound of dirt (hard to miss, there's only one)
and it'll go through a cave that'll take it to the other side, where it
can use Thunder Bolt and knock down the apple. Yay! All finished!

=========== Megaphone Game ===========

    This is a random event that happens from time to time throughout the
game. Pikachu will run away with your Pokehelper and you'll be required
to use a Megaphone to call the miniature static electricity generator
back to your side.

    The first time this happens, your mom will wake you up with the bad
news that Pikachu has run away. Then, Prof. Oak will call, and seeing
your distress, send you the Megaphone. Then, you'll go out into the
fields to find Pikachu. When you track it down (this is automatic, don't
worry about actually finding Pikachu), you have to use the Megaphone to
'shoot' speech bubbles at Pikachu, who will be traipsing around with the
Pokehelper on it's head. As in the first time when you had to get
Pikachu's attention, what you say doesn't matter at all. I use 'Pika'
myself, because it's quick and easy to say. Use the control stick to aim
the Megaphone and the Z button to talk, just like always. If you 'hit'
Pikachu with your speech bubbles three times, it'll bring back the
Pokehelper. Too bad it never comes within throttling range. ;)

(Coming Soon (when I get around to it): Pikachu's Daring Days)

Chapter 4 ============================================================


Voice Commands


    This list is anything but complete. I'm listing some of the most
used commands and a few of the special ones that relate to certain
levels or areas. Here's a little suggestion when using voice commands:
If Pikachu isn't responding, try to break up the command into two
commands. For example instead of saying 'Pikachu, Thunder Shock!' all at
once, try 'Pikachu!' THEN say 'Thunder Shock!' Also, saying the name of
an item or Pokemon will cause Pikachu to look for it. (List of items
down below!)

'Good morning!'
'Good bye!'
'Wake up!'
'See you tomorrow!'
'Over here!'
'Taste it'
'Smell it'
'Throw it'
'Eat it'
'Play it'
'Take this'
'Thunder Shock!'
'Thunder Bolt!'
'Quiz Time!'
'What's up there?'
'You're so cute!'
'Good job!'
'Further right'
'Further left'
'Straight ahead'
'Wrong way'
'Reel it in'
'Hang in there'
'Tag, you're it!'
'Open Sesame!'
'Stay at my house'




    Hey You Pikachu! has a HUGE number of items that everyone's favorite
Pokemon can play with. I doubt that this list is complete, since I find
something new almost every time I play the game. I'll keep adding things
as I find them. Once you get the Toolbox, collecting items during
adventures will give you Pikachu Points, which equal money in Abra's
shop, so gather up things that look valuable.

***Ball - Bounces. Good for throwing.
***Acorn - A Pikachu treat when cooked with Thunder Bolt.
***Apple - Usually sour until cooked with Thunder Bolt
***Raspberry - Sweet and yummy. A Pikachu favorite.
***Strawberry - Tart and tasty. Beloved by Pikachu.
***Banana - Rare and scrumptious! The peels are slippery, though!!
***Cupcake - A delicious goody for Pikachu.
***Hook - Used for fishing.
***Watering Can - Comes in two versions, Big and Small. Water Field Trip 
Oddishes with it.
***Harmonica - Win this when you break open at least two pinatas at the 
pinata party. Pikachu can play it and call Lapras to get to Celedon 
Island for the treasure hunt!
***Leaf Whistle - Get Pikachu to play it (totally adorable!)
***Bolt - A part from a dismembered Magnimite. (Actually, it's probably 
not, but since you find them in those weird hidden caves during the 
picnic along with assundry magnets, it brought to mind a 'Secret 
Magnimite Burial Ground). Pikachu loves it, for some reason.
***Magnet - A Pikachu treasure. I guess that electric-types just like 
magnets. Don't ask me why.
***Lightbulb - It lights up when Pikachu holds it! Isn't that cute? 
Collect it on Pikachu's Playground while training with Prof. Oak.
***Megaphone - Use this to call Pikachu when it is far away.
***Ruby - Valuable gem. Get it for babysitting the Caterpie.
***Saphire - Valuable gem. Location: ?
***Yellow Gem - Valuable. Location: ?
***Gold coin - Valuable. Location: Treasure hunt?
***Silver Coin - Valuable. Get it for rescuing the Poliwag in Little 
Lost Poliwag, Part One
***Copper Coin - Valuable. Find it at the Treasure Hunt, Parts One 
and Two.
***Chocolate Coin - Yummy and cool. Not worth much.
***Toy Sword - Hiyah!! It's a neat sword! Find it at the Treasure Hunt, 
Part Two.
***Balloon - A prize for watching the Caterpie if you don't feed them 
all before Butterfree comes back. Also found in Abra's store.
***Pokedisk - Frissbeeeeeeeee!! Buy it in Abra's store and it'll end up 
in your front yard.
***Bottle Cap Ring - Utterly worthless.  Don't throw it on the ground, 
you'll be accused of littering.
***Spiny Shell - Weird. Pikachu doesn't really like it. When it grows on 
trees, a well placed Thunder Bolt will turn it into a roasted chestnut! 
(Chestnuts roating on an open Pikachu...) Worth about 800 Pika points.
***Feather - It floats very well!
***Marble - A gift from Pikachu. How nice! Comes in red, yellow 
and blue.
***Togepi Egg - Will it hatch? Who knows? Find it at Abra's shop.
***Lily - A flower. Collect it for your garden.
***Stink Plant - Pikachu hates the smell, but it's good when cooked.
***Bluebell - Makes Pikachu sneeze. Collect it in Springleaf Field for 
your garden.
***Daffodil - Pretty yellow flower. Pikachu, the narcissist, loves it.
Collect it in the Caring for Caterpie levels to add it to the planters 
at your house.
***Daisy - Cute white flower. Another Caring for Caterpie flower for 
your house.
Tulip - Pink flower found on the Caring for Caterpie level.
***Sunflower - Same color as Pikachu! Collect it in Springleaf Field to 
put it in a pot in your room.
***Sweet Potato - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it 
un-cooked. Collect during picnics to add to your garden. Use Thunder 
Bolt to make it all nice and yummy for Pikachu.
***Onion - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it un-cooked. 
Collect during picnics to add to your garden.
***Cabbage - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it 
un-cooked. Collect during picnics to add to your garden.
***Carrot - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu likes it's color, but not 
the raw taste. Collect during picnics to add to your garden.
***Corn - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it un-cooked. 
Collect during picnics to add to your garden. Tell Pikachu to use 
Thunder Bolt on it, and it turns into a tub of popcorn! How cute!
*Wild Herb - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it un-cooked.
***Radish - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it un-cooked. 
Collect during picnics to add to your garden.
***Jumbo Mushroom - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it 
***Pumpkin - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it un-cooked. 
Collect during picnics to add to your garden.
***Truffle Top - A Bulbasaur ingredient. Pikachu doesn't like it 
un-cooked. Collect during picnics, and you'll get a row growing in 
your yard.
***Charcoal - Leftovers from a Pikachu temper tantrum. Garbage.

Chapter 5 ============================================================


Questions and Answers!


    These are some questions that I had. I managed to eke out some
answers for myself. If you have questions, I probably WON'T have time to
answer them personally, but I'll try to put the answers I find in future
FAQ updates.

    1. Who made this game?

    Ambrella, Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and Game Freak. Mad props go to
them for making such a cool little game.

    2. How many Pokemon are in this game?

    Not all of them, that's for sure. I've only seen 26 myself at the
time of this writing. I know there are more, simply because I haven't
caught every possible water-type Pokemon in the fishing games.

    3. Can I capture/talk to other Pokemon besides Pikachu?

    Sadly, no. Most of the other Pokemon won't even get close to you,
much less let you capture them. You don't have any Pokeballs anyway, so
it's a moot point. All your speech bubbles go directly to Pikachu, so
there's no chance to directly speak to the other Pokemon either. Pikachu
can sometimes talk to them for you, however.

    4. Wait a minute! I heard that you could get a Togepi egg in this
game! You mean I can't keep Togepi even if I get the egg?

    Again, no. The Togepi egg hatches inside Abra's shop and the Pokemon
itself stays right there. Bummer.

    5. This *$%@#! electric rat won't do what I want it to!!! Help!

    When in doubt, make SURE you're holding down the Z button, and speak
in simpler phrases. The VRE (Voice Recognition Engine) is really good,
but it can still misunderstand words that seem perfectly clear to the
speaker. Break commands up into smaller pieces. Say 'Pikachu!' to get
the critter's attention, THEN say the command, 'Thunder shock!' Try not
to shout. It doesn't help. The more excited and frustrated people get,
the faster they tend to speak. Slow down and pronounce each word
carefully. Besides, if you shout at the game too much, other people will
think you're nuts. :)

    Also, use the hand cursor and the B button to look at the
descriptions of objects. They usually contain key phrases in red that
help you use the object in question. If that doesn't help, go back to
the simple phrases  'Yes.' 'No.' 'Take this.' 'Taste it.' 'Smell it'
'Play it.' 'Pull.' 'Over here.' Use the name of the object or Pokemon
you're trying to get Pikachu to focus its attention on. Just speaking
the name of most objects will cause Pikachu to look for it.

    6. Pikachu is showing me something, but I don't know why!

    Relax. Most of the time, Pikachu shows you things just to be
playful. It wants you to name the object, then suggest what it should do
with the thing. Use the B button to get the name of the item, then use
the direct commands like 'Throw it,' or 'Taste it.' to give Pikachu
suggestions on what to do with it.

    Sometimes Pikachu shows you things that are important to finishing
the task that's vital to the stage. The most notable example is the
Pokemon Picnic, when Pikachu will show you little drawings of the
ingredients on Bulbasaur's list. Most of those weird little pictures
aren't always helpful, but sometimes they can jog your memory. Again, B
button will help figure such things out.

    7. Hey.. what are these little floaty clouds on the Adventure maps?

    Those are areas that you haven't unlocked yet. Having problems with
a particular quest? That one might be the reason why the new areas
haven't opened up yet. If you think you've beaten everything and there's
still little clouds in your way, go back to all the adventures and look
for things that you might have missed before.

    8. AAAAAAAAAAHHH!! I woke up and Pikachu wasn't there any more!!

    Yes, it can happen. Sometimes in the later levels, if you do badly
on an adventure, Pikachu will get annoyed, run off, and won't be there
in your room the next morning, AND it'll take your Pokehelper with it!!
Little scamp. Then you'll have to play the Megaphone game to get Pikachu
to return the Pokehelper. Fortunately, you actually get the Megaphone
the first time Pikachu runs away, so from then on, you always have a way
to call Pikachu back.

    9. Oh cool.. there's a little N64 in my room here! Can I play on it?

    Absolutely! After Pikachu comes to live with you, you can play a
little quiz game on your N64. It's a Pokemon naming game, which means
that you'd better know how those names are pronounced, or you're dead
meat! There are ten questions and you have ten seconds to answer each
one. You don't get a prize if you win, just the satisfaction of making
Pikachu happy. To play the game, just tell Pikachu that it's 'Quiz
time!' and it'll turn on the game for you.

    10. How do I beat the game?

    To be honest.. I don't know. I don't know if there IS such a thing
as 'beating the game.' Hey You Pikachu is really more like a virtual pet
than any kind of contest or RPG. It's fun because you like hanging out
with Pikachu, not because you're trying for the highest score. At least,
that's what my understanding of the game is. But, since I haven't
completed all the areas of the game, I can't say for sure.  As soon as I
have, I'll let you know.

    11. Are there any cheat codes for this game?

    I'm reading the message board as I type this and I'm seeing some
people who claim they have 'codes' for Hey You Pikachu that make Pikachu
do weird things. I haven't seen a single one work yet. Most of these
guys are just yanking your chain. Don't get all worked up over someone
who says that speaking code words from other popular games will make
Pikachu bow down and worship you and stuff like that. It's just silly. I
won't believe it until I can see one work with my own two eyes.


Mysteries and Questions Still Unanswered


Where can I find the yellow jewel?

Are there any levels/games beyond Pikachu's Daring Days?

How can I get to the fort up on Celedon Island?

Is there any purpose to the pool of water in the front yard?

Chapter 6 ===========================================================


Final Words/Review


    Basically, this game is for children. Don't think differently for a
moment (not that games for children are BAD things, but don't pick this
up thinking that it'll be the next Forsaken or something). If you're
under the age of 10 or so, you will probably miss the point. The point
is (for those who missed it) to watch, talk to, and be amused by
Pikachu, currently the world's most famous sparkplug rodent. If that
prospect doesn't thrill you, then don't buy this game. Don't even rent
it. It'll be frustrating and boring to you. If you're transported into
the heavenly realms by the mere thought of talking to Pikachu, you'll
probably like this game. My younger siblings love it.

    The controls are hard to master, the music is repetitive, and the
graphics are less than beautiful. Keep in mind that the original
Japanese version was released in 1998, BEFORE the Expansion Pack.
There's nothing to blow you away here other than the VRE. Even so, the
character animation and voice-overs are great, and the concept is very
popular, so don't be surprised if you see this on some young
whipper-snappers' gift lists. Still, it's a pricey little nugget with
the microphone and all, so think twice before you buy. There's always
Pokemon Puzzle League.




    -Thanks/Credit goes to Adam Einhorn ([email protected]) for
writing the FAQ for the Japanese game. I didn't actually copy anything
from him, but I did get some ideas about what to include in this file
from his format.

    -Thanks goes to my younger sibs who messed around with the game and
told me about the weird little things they discovered.

    -Thanks to, of course. This is a great site with
more information than you could shake a 40-foot pole at. May their hit
count always be numerous and may their banner ads never go un-clicked.

    -Thanks to the people who emailed me with suggestions, tips, or
corrections ([email protected], [email protected],
[email protected] and [email protected]). I was able to figure out
lots of this on my own, but I still appreciate the feedback!

    -Thanks to my cousin Darkstorm ([email protected]) who proof-read
this sucker for me. (He's got several Breath of Fire FAQs around Check them out, it's a cool name and he writes very cool

    -Thanks to you for reading my FAQ! I worked hard on this sucker and 
I'm glad that it's helped someone. :)

    -Thanks to Ambrella, Nintendo, Creatures Inc. and Game Freak for
giving me one more way to keep by siblings out of my hair for an
afternoon or two!! (Blessed peace. Ahhh..)

    If you're waiting for the shameless site-plug.. Here it is, I guess.

    There's nothing there but this FAQ, so don't get your hopes up too
much. :)

    Pikachu, Pokemon and all related names and symbols are Trademarked
by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. This FAQ is not intended as
an infringement on those trademark rights.

(c) 2000 Elissa Dukes

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