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Hybrid Heaven (N64)

This faq by [email protected]

First off, this is a SHORT faq for Hybrid Heaven, don't expect too much from
this (hey, I don't want to ruin the game now do I?).

Just so you people know, this is Version 1.0 written on 9/11/1999.

Also, some info for this faq was from Expert Gamer (hey, i needed help to

This is Copyright 1999 by megamakura. If you want to copy this, email me and I
will say if you can or not.

Now, since that's out of the way, here's the faq.

Level 1.1

Talk to the guy to get the Code Access Key. Then go down the ladder and update
the key; use it to go through the door. use the elevator to go down. Get the
bio-scanner. use it to release the hybrids.

Level 1.2

The trigger for the forcefield is at the top of the warehouse. Carefully go
across the ledge. When you get behind the containment area, you'll meet a

Level 2.1 

When you start, there'll be this monster that's chasing you. DON'T fight it.
Run counter-clockwise and find a door on the right. Keep going through the
level and keep looking for doors or ledges. Remember, keep you health up. At
the end, you have to run down a hallway until you get to an air vent.

Level 3.1

If you want items/experience, go through the containment rooms. Remember to go
to the access terminal. In the last chamber, there's a door to the next area.

Level 3.2

Not much, just carefully go across the rail.

Level 3.3 to 3.5

Follow the hybrid. You'll have to avoid the catwalk (he'll destroy it). After
a while, he'll go to a cloning facility. Go to the passage on the upper-left.
Follow the agent and confront him let him change into his natural form first).
After he's defeated, come back and get the memory card. Go down in the
elevator and help the Gargantuans. 

Level 3.6 and 3.7

Talk to the Gargantuans twice each. Go talk to the prez. Go back to the
hideout. Go through the tunnel into the next section.

Level 4.1

Take the first elevator down. Go straight and find the green switch, turn
around and get to the other side for the blue switch, go across again for the
red switch, and across again for the yellow switch. Take the OTHER elevator

Level 4.2

There's a robot waiting for you here. Follow it slowly, making sure it doesn't
see you. A bunch of combos wil take care of it. When the lift stops, go
through the small passage and shoot the switch. Keep going until you get to
the large robot. It'll take a lot of shots from the defuser, so don't use it
(yet). You have to wait for it to come into range for the defuser. The robot
has four attacks: missiles, lasers, machine guns, and plasma cannons. Keep
moving to avoid the missiles. You can move in for the lasers and machine guns
and stay relatively still so the shots go around you. To avoid the plasma
cannons, do this: Stand on the left and run to the right to avoid the first
shot, run back to the left to avoid the second shot, then keep moving in an
S-type pattern to avoid the shots. This will bring you into defuser range. Oh
yeah, watch out for mouse bots when the robot dies.

Level 4.3

Wtch out for the missile turrets, stay at maximum range of the defuser and
shoot. Keep going and get to the conveyor. You have to updtae the code key to
open the door. So, go through the converyors and come back to the door. Follow
the conveyors clockwise and get to the center control room. Update the key.
Also, the red switch is here. Go back out, through the access door, and
through the chute. 

Level 5.1

Keep going until you get to the main ring. Go right and go counter-clockwise.
Go into the four rooms. Also, you have to fight a hybrid in every room (the
door locks when you enter, no escape). After each fight, a panel shows up. Use
it to drop a force field. On the next floor, the method is the same, but there
are only two forcefields. You may also want to use the panels to unlock rooms
outside and look around.

Level 5.2

Same thing, and again, two panels to take care of. Check out the panels by the
lift if you want. Take the lift down to the bottom ring. Slide into the
reactor core. In the core, go up the red ramp and into a door on the left.
Now, you're in the cooling area. When you defeat a special hybrid here, one
lock to the power system will fail. Go counter-clockwise and disable all four
locks. Go to the center and join with the Navigator.

Level 6.1

Go to the small room and go under the door near the flamethrower. Now you're
in a maze. Go to the end of the weapon area, and go up in the elevator to the
code key terminal. Go through the access door and to the control room.

Level 6.2

Find the blue switch on the column and take care of it. Follow the hall to the
armory and go into the back hallway. Disable the missile launchers from a safe
area (try around a corner). 

Level 6.3 and 6.4

Keep taking the elevators and shooting the switches. The key terminal is on
the top floor, and the access door is in the center floor. There's a monster
by the access door. After the access door, there are a lot of monsters, so be

Level 6.5

Look around before you go anywhere. Don't shoot the hanging box (missile
launcher). The access door is directly across from you. The key tewrminal is
in a room on the left. Watch out for the missile launchers, they'll knock you
off the platform and you'll die. Stay by the railing or crawl (missiles won't
track you). After the access door, Dr. Bross is waiting. 

Level 6.6

Chase Dr. Bross and remember to SAVE at the next platform (you don't have to,
but it'll make life easier if you die). You'll face a really big monster and
it's plasma-firing friend. Kill the white monster first (it chases you, the
red one targets you). Make the white monster follow you into the red one's
plasma. Four hits will finish the white monster. Get to the big metal doors
(don't go too far, you need the red monster to chase you). The monster will
charge at you, so when it does, get out of the way. Make it charge the doors
four times, and it'll fall through. Make sure to get out of the way, or you'll
go with it. Exit through the normal door, and chase Dr. Bross. You might need
to use the four strong power-ups in this order: defense, power, speed,
offense. Dr. Bross will use power-ups also. If you don't want to use
power-ups, try and use drainers on him. Dr. Bross has some dangerous SP shots
(including the ice one, which will freeze you to give him an easy shot on

Level 6.7

Go farther into the area, and you might realize it's the place where the
Gargantuans were earlier. But, they are gone, the only person left is Dr.
Bross' prisoner. 

Level 7.1

The trigger for the blue forcefield is in a crate in a room off the left of
the main ring. Run into the room on the right, and down the ladder. At the
broken platform, jump up and grab the other platform to continue.

Level 7.2

Use the control panel to open the doors. Enter, and go right to get to the key
terminal. Use the ladder at the other end of the hallway and go through the
access door. Don't shoot the switch in the room, just go up to it. Go to the
key terminal between the second and third rooms. 
go back to the top room. A Terror Disc is guarding the lock. You need about 10
shots to take care of the lock. Go left and climb the ladder to get to the
terminal, then go back and head straight across to the access door. 

Level 7.3

Go down and through the access door. Go into the little room and go down. Run
into the clone storage place. Fire your way through the door on the right.
Update the key, and go back into the clone area. Go through the access door
and take care of the agent. Take the elevator up. There are some power-ups
under the waterfall. Take the ladder to the next area.

Level 8.1

Go counter-clockwise through the area. Go through each of the rooms, and take
the elevator. Use the balcony controls for access. Use the platform on the
right in the last room for the balcony control room.

Level 8.2

Go down and into the drained room. Slide under to get to a power-up area. Keep
going to the end of the ring area and use the elevator. There are a bunch of
monsters and security devices here. There's a save area before the sub-boss.

Level 8.3

The sub-boss is relatively passive until it used the speed booster. Sfter
that, be careful. Kill it quickly, before it charges up.

Level 9.1

Follow Jerry through a bunch of rooms. Try and avoid fights, but you have to
fight the monsters that protect the key teminals. At the top, you'll have to
fight six bosses. Remember to use your power-ups wisely, and save some for the


Has a bunch of Hurricane shots, use a defense enhancer. Three combos will do
the job.


Has power-ups and ion weapons (400 pt. damage each). Power up your defense and
try and take care of him fast.


Power up your defense. He has all elemental blasts. If you are knocked down,
power up if you can (he won't charge you). When powered up, charge him. He'll
run away if you get too near. You have to get near and attack him before he
run. A couple kicks should take care of him.


Watch your health. It will attack repeatedly if you get knocked down. It will
also counter-attack if you attack it from the front. Keep circling it since
it's slow and attack. You may want to power-up defense, power, speed, and


Same things done to hybrids in the game works here. Power up, and attack.


You think it's over, but it ain't. After the ship begins to explode, Diaz
shows up. Use the remaining power-ups. He's very fast. After he's dead, the
Prez will come and rescue you. 

The End

No more enemies. After you escape, there's one thing left. Remember Holly?

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