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                            __      ________
                           / /     / ____  /
                          / /     / /   / /
                         / /     / /   / /
                        / / __  / /___/ /  __
                       /_/ /_/ /______  \ /_/

                  I N T E L L I G E N T   Q U B E

         _    _
        / \  / \
        | |  | |  _   _   _____   _   _   _____   _   _   _
        | |_/ /  / \ / \ /  _  \ / \ / \ /  ___| / \ / \ / \
        |  _ <   | | | | | | \_/ | | | | | |___  | |_| | | |
        | | \ \  | | | | | |     | | | | \___  \ |  _  | | |
        | |  | | | |_| | | |     | |_| |  ___| | | | | | | |
        \_/  \_/ \_____/ \_/     \_____/ |_____/ \_/ \_/ \_/


           TITLE:     Intelligent Qube aka Kurushi - Cheat/Guide/FAQ
           VERSION:   1.5
           DATE:      06 / 05 / 99
           AUTHOR:    Argonaut
           EMAIL:     [email protected]


                  1 ................ COPYRIGHT
                  2 ................ UPDATES
                  3 ................ GAME CONTROLS
                  4 ................ GAME RULES
                  5 ................ GAME TALK
                  6 ................ GUIDE
                  7 ................ CODES
                  8 ................ CONTACTING THE AUTHOR
                  9 ................ CREDITS AND THANKYOUS


   This Walkthrough/FAQ may not in any form be reproduced without
prior consent of the author. If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ
on or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of
distribution (other than for personal use only), please contact me
first ( [email protected] ).

   The only places to find this Walkthrough/FAQ are listed below:
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   If you obtained this file from any other place that is not listed
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I can track down who has got this file.


   1.5 - Redone into .faq format. Released 03/05/99
   1.4 - Added More codes and character. Released 30/03/99 
   1.3 - Added more rules and other stuff. Released 10/03/99
   1.2 - Just added a few things to the FAQ. Released 06/03/99
   1.1 - Added some codes and changed the title to suit all known
         version names across the world. Released 03/03/99
   1.0 - First Version. Released 02/03/99

                            GAME CONTROLS
                   ______                   ______
                  |__R1__| <--- Moves ---> |__L1__|
                   ______   Camera Angles   ______
                  |__R2__|                 |__L2__|

                  Movement                 .- Trigger
                     |    Null Options     |  Advantage
                     v      |    |         v  Cube
                     _      v    v         _
                   _| |_    __   __     _ |_| _
                  |_   _|  |__| |__>   |_| _ |_|
                    |_|                 ^ |_| <--- Mark Active
                                        |          or Deactivate
                            Accelerate -·          Square

                             GAME RULES

   The concept of the game is to capture the cubes. A player can mark
a spot on the stage by pressing the 'X' button. By pressing the 'X'
button again, the player can de-activate the mark. The game is played
be marking the spot and then successfuly de-activating the spot.
   How to capture a cube: First mark the spot where a cube should be
captured. When the cube is about to land on the marked spot, press 
the 'X' button. The marked spot is then de-activated and the cube is
captured. Repeat this to capture all the necessary cubes. 
   If any cubes are left to fall off the stage, the number of fallen
cubes will be calculated on the block scale. Every time the number 
of fallen cubes exceeds that of the block scale, the player loses 
the last row of the stage.
   The player must prevent the cubes from falling off the stage. When
the player is avalanched by the cubes and falls of the stage, it's 
   I.Q. is measured against the players efficiency in capturing the 
cubes, as well as the total amount of cubes captured.

   Not all of the cubes should be captured. The black cubes are 
called the 'Forbidden Cubes', the player must leave these cubes 
alone. For every forbidden cube captured, the player will lose the
final row of the stage. Let the forbidden cubes pass by off the 
stage. The player can accelerate the speed of the cubes by pressing
the square button.

   The player can use the green cubes or the 'Advantage Cubes' to
efficiently capture the cubes. When the player captures an advantage
cube the spot will be marked. By pressing the triangle button, the
player can capture the surrounding cubes, all the cubes in the marked
area will be captured.
   Using the 'advantage cube' the player should be able to 
efficiently capture multiply cubes. But at the same time the player 
must make sure that no forbidden cube is included in the marked area.

                              GAME TALK

   If you capture all the NORMAL and ADVANTAGE CUBES and allow all
the FORBIDDEN CUBES to drop over the edge of the stage, you will get
a PERFECT score. One section will then be added to the stage and you
will recieve a PERFECT BONUS. The PERFECT BONUS is calculated 
according to the number of steps used to solve the puzzle. The ideal
step number for each puzzle is decided by the computer and is 
displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
   For example, if the ideal step number is 5, and if the player
solves the puzzle in one step less than the ideal number (i.e., 4 
steps), the bonus will be 10,000 points. If the player solves the
puzzle in the ideal number of steps (ie., 5 steps), the bonus will be
5,000 points. And if the player solves the puzzle in one step or more
than the ideal number of steps (i.e., 6 steps), the bonus will be
1,000 points.

   If a player is crushed by a CUBE, the remaining CUBES in that
puzzle move forward quickly and drop over the edge of the stage and
AGAIN! is displayed on the screen. This means that the same puzzle 
will be repeated. However, if there are no CUBES left at the end of
the stage (i.e., if the puzzle which crushed the player was the final
puzzle), the puzzle is not repeated.

   If a player falls from the stage it's GAME OVER.


   The main thing to do in this game is not to use the correct quota 
of moves that the game gives you, but to beat it. (It is possible 
with abit of thought). I know that some of the puzzle can be done 
under the move quote but there are some hard ones to that you have
to go over the quota.
   Now the main tip that I advise the players to do if they are not 
doing it already, is to watch the green blocks. These are the key to 
completing this game. If you use them and activate them in the 
correct order then you will either get equal or under the move
   If you ever die and there is an active green square on the board, 
NEVER get rid of it. It sometimes is the key to getting under the 
   When your playing try and note down in your head the puzzle and 
how to solve it. This is because the game gives them back at you
alot and if you know how to do each one then it makes your gameplay 
faster and more efficient.
   Below are some sample puzzles and there solutions.

   Key:   [] - Normal   ## - Black   ** - Green   GG - Active Green


      [][][][]  0  Okay. Activate the green block on the right and
      **[]**[]  -  destroy it right away making the left green block
      [][][]##  4  active (1). Let the Blocks come forward twice and
      [][][][]     and on the second move forward detinate the 
      ##****[]     active green block (2, 3). This should destroy
                   the back right and left blocks, then let the 
                   blocks move forward once and then detinate them
                   destroying the rest of the blocks (4).

      [][][][]  [][][][]
      **[]**[]  GG  GG[]
      [][][]##        ##
      ##GG      ##


      [][][]##  0  Destroy the front green block (1). Run over to 
      [][][][]  -  the Normal block in the front row and destroy 
      [][][][]  5  that (2). Let the blocks move forward once and
      ****[][]     then detinate the first green activating the 
      []##**##     right green in the second row (3). Run back and
                   destroy the left green in the second row (4). Now
                   let the blocks move forward once then detinate
                   the blocks destroying all the remaining Normal

      [][][]##  [][][]##  [][][]##  [][][]##
      [][][][]  [][][][]  []        []
      [][][][]  [][][][]  []        []GG
      ****[][]  ****GG[]  **GG      GG
      []##GG##    ##  ##    ##  ##    ##  ##


   Ok as you get though the levels they gradually get harder and 
give you a wider set of blocks. This looks menacing but after a 
while you will think the first three levels are boring and dread
going back though them. But watch them and when you can use the 
advance block function to get you out of trouble.
   I can't stress this point enough. You have to learn from this game
not let the game learn from you (Yeah I know that it might not be 
able to learn from your mistakes, but it is good to always be one 
step infront of a AI, it really helps).
   There will be more examples and hints as I get to them, as I have
not played this game in a long time and I have to get back into how
to play it before I can actually give you some good advice.

   To access Stage 5 of level 1 go to 'OPTIONS', then into 'GAME 
   MODE' and set the game mode to 1. Exit this and go to the 'RULE
   SECTION' whilst holding down R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 (don't let go) and
   select 'DEMO 1. The game will load and you will be able to play on
   Stage 5 of level 1. 
      ((Code by Unknown))

   These four tricks work on the Playstation Demo, I haven't tried 
   them on the full version.
      1. If the unfired trigger is left in an area that is destroyed 
         by a green-cube blast, the cube above the trigger is
         protected. This will effectively sheild black cubes from 
         green blasts.
      2. There is enough time in one cube flip to destroy multiple
         squares, and all the blasts will count.
      3. You can walk between cube rows while they're flipping, and
         put triggers down. This is exceedingly dangerous, but highly
      4. About half the time when you hold the speed-up button while
         the last cubes are falling on red blasts, the counter will 
         not go over and the blocks will be destroyed without costing
         you a move. 
      ((Code by Chris Canfield [email protected]))

   1. CYNTHIA - To play as Cynthia you must first clear the game's 
      Final Stage and save it to a memory card. Cynthia is fast than
      Eliot and thus easier to win with. 
         ((Code by [email protected]))
   2. SPIKE - To play as Spike, beat the game with Cynthia and have
      an IQ over 400. 
         ((Code by Greg Steele [email protected]))
   3. ELIOT - Remain in survival mode for 10 minutes.
   4. CHERRY - Remain in survival mode with Eliot for 15 minutes.
   5. APRIL - Beat the game with an IQ score of over 100.
   6. DICKSON - Finish with April with an IQ score of over 150.
   7. MORGAN - Finish with Dickson with an IQ score of over 200.
   8. KIMTI - Beat the game with Morgan with an IQ score of over 300.
   9. ATLAS - Beat the game with Morgan with an IQ score of over 400.

   First, clear the Final Stage and save it to memory card. (If you
   do not have a card, you will lose this when you turn the system
   off.) Now go into Options and select Game Mode, Choose SYSTEM and
   press RIGHT to turn Original Mode on. Exit Options and select the
   1P game. You can now make your own puzzles!
      NOTE: You cannot view the rules, get an IQ, or play a 2P game
      in Original Mode, but you can always switch it back to Normal
      mode by pressing LEFT at the game mode option. 
      ((Code by [email protected]))

   Two Rows of Blocks Move Forward at a Time    8006C4B4 0002 
   Takes Zero Moves to Get rid of Blocks*       8006C804 0000 

   * This code gives you a higher score. This keeps the fraction
     thing in the top right hand corner at zero, which makes you a
     genius when you get rid of the blocks.

                        CONTACTING THE AUTHOR

   Any type of feedback (other than abusive) is welcomed. Although I
can't promise that I will reply to every email I get I will try to.
Any email that asks for specific help will not be read. All that I
know about the stages in this game I have put here. If you are
writing to me please put in the topic in caps 'IQ-KURUSHI FAQ REPLY:' 
then what ever topic you want after it. This will help me moderate 
what mail is coming in from where. You can contact me at this 
address: - [email protected]

   Anyone found abusing me will be automatically put onto a SPAM list
that will be sent for NO profit to many spam outfits across the net.
Yes I hate SPAM, but this is the only way to deal with people who
just email me to abuse me. Thank you for reading this FAQ.

                        CREDITS AND THANKYOUS                        

ARGÖNAUT (a.k.a Scott A. Moss) for writing this FAQ.

   Chris Canfield - ([email protected]) Contacted
   Greg Steele - ([email protected]) Can't be contacted....
   ? - ([email protected]) Can't be contacted....

      Made With FAQEdit - Get it at:
                                              COPYRIGHT ARGÖNAUT 1999

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