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The Nitro Pack for Interstate ’76 Survival Guide

V 2.0 (Final Version)

By: Stephen Atkins


Just recently released, the Nitro Pack for Interstate ’76 is definitely worth it’s weight in gold. I have played it and loved it. Although there are no cheats, there is a trainer for it. (I, personally, don’t know how to work it, but I’m sure it’s good.) There are difficulty levels, but they’re all really the same… EASY. Well, some anyway. Some missions are downright hard. For example, Stop N Go with Jade. That’s pretty hard… if you have the right car and weapon configuration, it can be easy. [NOTE: ALL missions were completed using a "special" car. And by that I mean one that isn’t suggested every time… a Jefferson Limo, with a 595ci v-10 engine, EtherX Rally suspension, Aircraft Brk brakes, and 16 IN Billit tires. Weapons are as follows… 3 DrRadar Missles, and a 7.62 Machine Gun TURRET. I balanced the entire armor and chassis. That’s about it. If you don’t want to be that cheap, well, concerning this hint file, you’re shit out of luck.]

Training With Jade and Taurus

Easy. Do what Taurus says, don’t fall off the mountains, don’t flip over the bumps, and destroy the drone trucks. Drive out of the training arena when you’re done.

The Taurus Files

A NEW HOPE - This one is really easy. Just drive past all your friends and target the enemies as they come. Fire one DrRadar at each car and use the machine gun turret to finish them off. Anyway, just don’t let the trucks, the gas station, or Jade die. If you want, link the missles and take the creepers out that way. Just don’t waste them.

BAD FUEL - Just keep driving straight. When you hear Taurus say, "Here’s the dirt road," then turn right onto it. Radiator Mother will turn at the upcoming intersection; you stay straight. After some time has passed, Taurus will talk over the radio, meaning he has found the Fuel Depot. Target the creepers and kick some ass! When they’re all dead, fire away at the fuel tanks. 

MAD CLOWN DISEASE - Race Drinky four laps. Here’s an inside tip I picked up on my own… you can fire at him once, before the computer will stop you and say, "It’s a race, not a gunfight." You’re dead then. The secret is to link your missles and fire at him. Make sure they all hit at once or you’re dead. Change your weapon to the machine gun, and race his ass! You can knock him off the road a little… just make sure he doesn’t turn over. When you win, he’s gonna try and escape. Depending on how much health he has left (use your best judgement) you may want to use missles or the gun. I suggest the gun, because if you accidentally kill him… it’s over. Get him to the SEVERE red… which means one sliver left. As soon as he’s there, the computer will play the winning movie.

VELOCITY - Some people find this mission tough. I don’t. From the Mondo Burger, drive straight. The bus is ahead of you, and off to the left, driving south. It doesn’t hurt that much to go off road to align with it properly. Just before impact with the side of the bus, activate a Nitrous Oxide. You should hear the driver say something like, "The bus… it stopped!" Now drive back to the Mondo Burger. Keep pressing "T" until you target Whirlwind. Link up those DrRadar missles, and kick his ass!

ASSASSINATION - This one is medium in difficulty. Look at your map to find your route (around the mountain and airfield). Keep to that route. Press "T" once in a while to get your enemies bearing. Fire a missle, and if the creeper doesn’t die in one hit, use the turret to finish him off. Once you kill the limo (which will cross your path at one point), head to the airfield and take care of the police until Hell Toupee comes on the chopper (he says he’s gonna land on the strip, but he actually lands on the street behind the buildings). Once you’re a certain distance from him, the mission will end, and you will be home free.

TWO DAYS BEFORE - This one is medium to hard. Drive down the road you’re on, and turn onto the access road, pressing "T" rapidly. When you target an enemy, make sure you’re able to hit him with a missle and fire. There should be two creepers by the entrance. Blow them up. Keep pressing "T" and kill any creeper around, especially the one that trails Jade and Skeeter just after their escape from the airfield. Drive ahead of the truck on the main road and kill any sucker that gets in your way. [REMEMBER: Use one missle per creeper, and finish them off with the gun.]

The Jade Files

CRIMSON - This one is once again, very easy. Race against Taurus, but don’t use any Nitrous Oxide because the turns and mountains in this level are rough. Top speed should be sufficient. Turn left on the first access road you see. Even though Taurus says he’s gonna take a shortcut, it’s the only way to get to the gas station, well winningly at least. Watch out for the second hill (on the access road)… it’s a duesy! The road will fork ahead… stay to the right, but don’t go up the hill onto the ramp. It’s almost guaranteed death. Instead, stay left of the ramp and mountain, all the while maintaining a constant speed (not too fast). You’ll see the road up ahead… this time stay on it. A little ways later is the gas station. But, it’s not over yet. Fight Crimson and her cronies. It’s real easy with the weapons configuration I gave you.

PIECE BE WITH YOU - Again... easy. Drive straight, and when you have an opportunity to turn left, do it. Heading west towards the town, press the "T" button frequently. When you see some targets, make sure your path is clear and fire away. Kill them all.

BETRAYED - Yawn...easy. Drive all the way towards the town and target some creeper ass. Blow the man away. Drive back towards whence you came, and repeat. Make sure all of the creepers are dead.

BREAK IN - When you’re able to move do a 180 and drive up the access road… slowly. When you see the ramp, accelerate… a little bit. Make the jump, and follow the road again. Press "T" a lot now. Once an enemy is targeted, blow the hell out of him. When all is calm, look towards the landing strip. Now look for the two helicopters. Right behind them is Warehouse 3. Watch the movie, and when you have control of the car, drive to the end of the strip (the end that’s closest to the warehouse). Face towards the mountains. Turn left (there should be a mountain straight ahead. Move towards it. Off on your right is a gate. Wait for it to open, then head out of it. Drive on the new road, killing enemies as they come (there might even be a few before the gate is opened). Go underneath the upcoming tunnel, and start pressing "T". When you lock onto a target, drive over and kick the shit out of him. A few waves of creepers will come, but don’t fear… it’s easy, remember? Kill them ALL and you’re done.

STOP N GO - Drive up the access road and into the riverbed. (For this mission you’re gonna have to watch the movie, restart the level, and the next time the movie plays, hit escape. Don’t ask me why, it’s just easier.) Press "T" a lot and kill all creepers. You can drive ahead of Hell Toupee. Look at your map to find out when you’re supposed to surface. There’s one more guy left and he’s near the gas station. Target him, and kill him. That’s it. I give this mission a medium to hard rating.

The Skeeter Files

NEVER GET OUT - This is hard, only if you’re bad with directions. Drive on the road you’re on, until you see the Frostee sign. The next right is your ticket to saving Taurus’ butt. Follow the road, but don’t go too fast or you might flip over. Just after some rough hills is a jump. Hit it at medium speed. Follow the road and start pressing "T". Find the creepers before they level all the buildings. Reinforcements will come, but your DrRadar and 7.62 Turret can handle it.

MOTHER - This mission is easy. [NOTE: Just use the TURRET, and the TURRET ONLY. Anything more powerful will destroy Radiator Mother’s car.] Once the carjacker is in the red, you win. You’ll meet him going north, but you’ll want to be going slow, because when he passes you, you’re not gonna want to be left behind because of skidding. Don’t pay any attention to his friend.

MOJO RISING - Medium difficulty. Drive forward until you pass the gas station. The access road (on the left) directly after it is the way you want to go. Hit the ramp at a medium speed and start pressing "T". Beat up Natty Dread and his pals, and that’s it.

ALLIES - This is probably the toughest mission in the game. Watch the opening movie, restart the level, and again while the movie plays again, press escape. Target the helicopter that’s near you, and fire ONE missle. He’s dead. Drive where you saw the creeper go in the opening movie (it’s a cement road). Keep going down that road until you reach the access road. Turn left. Press "T" a lot. Drive towards the barrier and blow the shit out of the guard. Follow the road once again and press "T" a lot. There are two cars that circle around this looping road find them both and kill them. Now here comes the hard part. At one point in the looping road, you will be able to see some sort of warehouse. You don’t know it, but you’re on elevated ground. Drive off the cliff, target, and fire. Find all the creepers, and kill them all. Hell Toupee will try and hot-wire the helicopter, so if you’re quick, you’ll be waiting around a lot. That’s it.

The Natty Dread Files

[NOTE: Now you’ll be able to play as Natty Dread, the creeper from "MOJO RISING". It replaces the "?" in the title screen.]

NICE TRY - Medium to tough. Drive along the road, but be wary of the two vigilantes with their engines off. Once you’re in their sight, they’ll start up and attack. Watch out. They pack a punch and will down your health in seconds. Kill them and move on, staying on the cement road. Press "T" while driving and find the next target. There should be two around the ghost town. Kill them. Head towards the extreme east of the (ghost) town. Turn south. Drive forward towards the cement road. Turn right (still on the cement road). Drive a little bit, and turn left on the access road. Go slowly! Press "T" a lot here. The ranch is just a little farther ahead. Destroy it, and any vigilante around. You’re done.

DECOYS - This is really easy. As soon as you have control of your car, drive towards the hearses. Lock and fire. Kill them all. Do it quickly.

SHUTDOWN - Again, this is easy. Look at your map and determine where the buildings are. Creepers will appear throughout the mission, so whenever you’re not destroying a building, press "T". A lot. That’s this mission in a nutshell. Only one more…

FOXY CAT - Easy. Drive to the Foxy Cat and waste all the pigs. Reinforcements will come, so be prepared. 

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