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*                    Author: marshmallow                              *
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*                       Version 1.5                                   *
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This is the first game of Rare's elite three (Jet Force Gemini, Donkey 
Kong Country 64, and Perfect Dark), which are a string of AAA+ titles 
that are going to sell like crazy. Thus, people will want to read guides 
for them. Therefore, I am here, like I always am...

Jet Force Gemini is definitely a triple A title. I could go on about the 
awesome artificial intelligence, hordes of secrets, tons of weapons, 
enemies, puzzles, music that is CD quality yet on a cartridge, etc. for 
paragraphs...but I won't. I'll just mention one thing: This game is 
long. I don't mean "long", I mean "LONG!" Gargantuan, enormous, 
titanic...these words only begin to describe this colossal game. In 
fact, some people actually complain it is too long! Now, this seems a 
bit hypocritical to me. People keep complaining that games are too short 
and too easy. What does Rareware do? Make a long and hard game (though, 
they've doing this for the past decade and a half...). What does 
everybody do? Complain. Stop being so darn picky, sit down, and play the 
damn game! Geez! :p

Quite frankly, if I were to list all of my favorite games of all time, 
this would definitely be in the top 15 (coincidentally, I've been 
playing video games for 15 years, so I've played *a lot* of games, and 
this isn't just your average shoot-em'-up). 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*               T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                     *
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                 1) Revision History / Updates
                 2) Important Legal Information 
                 3) Basic Jet Force Gemini Information
                 4) Weapons, Power-Ups, & Others
                 5) Where to Find Everything
                 6) Juno Walkthrough
                 7) Vela Walkthrough
                 8) Lupus Walkthrough
                 9) The Meeting
                 10) A Breakdown of Every Stage and World
                 11) Frequently Asked Questions
                 12) Enemy Characters
                 13) Secrets, Easter Eggs, Strange Observations, & More
                 14) Credits
                 15) Contact Information           


Version 1.5 (Saturday, December 4th, 1999):

* Thanks to Brian Zabell for sending me a list of every Gemini Holder in 
  the game! It can be found at the bottom of Chapter 13 ("Secrets, 
  Easter Eggs, Strange Observations, & More"). This is the largest 
  addition from a reader I have ever received! 

* Added Brian Zabell to the Credits Section

* It is now been proven that Jet Force Gemini never gets old. I've 
  beaten it four times from start to finish, and I still want to do it 
  again! Add in the fact that Mizar is the best last boss in a 3D game 
  EVER...and well, you have a good game to play into the night :D

* Arghhhh. My e-mail is so screwed up, I decided to switch on over to 
  Planet2000's server. My brand new spankin' e-mail address is as so: 
  [email protected] Nice, eh?


Version 1.2 (Sunday, October 31st, 1999):

* Fixed various mistakes

* Added a new Observation to Chapter 13

* Added person to the Credits Chapter

* Revised some of the specific character walkthroughs

* Fixed various typos that were not caught by the spellchecker (e.g. 
"clam" should have been "calm")

* Added the Night Vision Goggles to the "Where to find Everything" 

Anyone else have any additions at all?


Version 1.1 (Thursday, October 28th, 1999): 

I fixed some tiny mistakes here and there, but it's nothing to really 
get ecstatic over. I haven't been getting very much Jet Force Gemini 
related mail, so I assume I've done my job of providing a helpful guide 
for you people. Likewise, I haven't received any additions, so again, 
I'm assuming I've covered just about everything that is possible. Unless 
something new is discovered, this could possibly be the last update to 
this guide. Here's looking at you, kid...


Version 1.0 (Tuesday, October 26th, 1999): 

* Added the final areas to Chapter 10, including the final confrontation 
with Mizar (hey, if you want to find out how to make Mizar even more 
difficult, be sure to check that section out).

* Chapter 13 (the secrets section), I added the following: an in-depth 
analysis of the Drone Head cheats (under "General Secrets"). More easter 
eggs/strange observations. All Floyd Bonus Missions, and extra mini-
games finished. 

* The last of the Ship Parts have been added to the "Where to Find 
Everything" chapter.

* More questions answered in the "F.A.Q" chapter

Now that version 1.0 is here, feel free to send any additions, 
corrections, or whatever you want to myself, at my e-mail address: 
[email protected] 


Version 0.9 (Monday, October 25th, 1999):

* Added numerous areas to Chapter 10, "The List of Lists: A Breakdown of 
Every World and Stage."

* New weapon in the weapons chapter.

* New weapon in the "Where to Find Everything" chapter

* Various new sections within chapter 13, " Secrets, Easter Eggs, 
Strange Observations, & More" 

* Two more important questions to the "Frequently Asked Questions" 
chapter, regarding the Ichor arcade/disco/chip objectives.

* Last enemy to the "Enemy Characters" chapter. It's the Octopoid!

There is, however, one question that still baffles me. What is the point 
of being able to collect Tribal heads? It seems counter-productive to 
me, seeing as the objective of the game is to RESCUE them, not decorate 
the ceiling with their entrails (though, that is mighty fun). 


Version 0.8 (Sunday, October 24th, 1999):

* I beat the final Mizar last night...and he was incredible! Imagine, a 
last boss that is difficult! Feel free to ask me any questions about the 
game now.

* In the "Where to Find Everything" chapter, I divided each section into 
three parts: Keys, Weapons, and Character Oriented Items. This way, it's 
a lot easier to pin down something.

* I put a ton of levels in Chapter 10, more to come soon of course.

* More weapons, items, and space craft parts to the "Where To Find 
Everything" chapter

* New enemies in the "Enemy Character" chapter. I also changed the name 
of the "roach" into that of the "weevil" (correct name). 


Version 0.7 (Wednesday, October 20th, 1999): 
* Everything in the "Lupus walkthrough" chapter has been completed.

* Finished the "Meeting" chapter as well. So now, the biggest portion of 
the FAQ I have to finish is chapter 10...which lists the locations of 
Space Ship Parts, Tribals, and miscellaneous guns in secret 
stages...this is going to take awhile to finish -- I sure have my work 
cut out for me! 

* I put "-" lines under the headers, making it look so much nicer, not 
to mention more readable.

* Many new questions in the "FAQ" chapter

* A few new items in the "Where to Find Everything" chapter

* In the Ichor Military Base (for Vela), the first header was "Fight 
Fire with Guided Missiles." It should have been "Fight Fire with 
Fire...And Guided Missiles." I've corrected fault! :)

* Added the "Mite" to the "Enemy Characters" chapter

For your information, I'm going to be on a little hiatus for the next 
couple of days. Why? None of your business -- it's personal (no, nothing 
traumatic :P). So, I won't update the FAQ for awhile...sorry to break it 
to ya. When I do return, I'll be sure to give this guide a meaty update. 
Until then, adieu! 


Version 0.5 (Sunday, October 17th, 1999): 

- Added everything to the "Vela Walkthrough" chapter

- Finished first level for the "Lupus Walkthrough" chapter; the rest 
will come soon enough.

- Added the "Airbornes" to the "Enemy Characters" chapter 

- Added all weapons to the "Weapons, Power*Ups, and Others" chapter

- Added a bunch of stuff for Vela/Juno/Lupus in the "Where to Find 
Everything" chapter

- I changed chapter 10 around. Instead of ONLY listing Tribals, it will 
now list any other weapons or items you can get (Spaceship parts, for 

- Cheat Code Central is in the "Credits" chapter, booyah, etc.

- I added "Spaceship Parts" to the "Where to Find Everything" chapter. 
When I get to the point, I will add spaceship parts there, where to find 
them, and what character (s) you can also use, and the more detailed 
guide will be in Chapter 10


Version 0.2 (Saturday, October 16th, 1999):

First release, so everything is brand spankin' new -- plenty of stuff to 
read, though this FAQ is _far_ from complete. Try not to make any 
additions or suggestions for this FAQ until I get to about Version 1.0., 
because I'm still playing the game quite a lot, and will add information 
as I get deeper into this awesome title. 

I bet you anything that the final version, that will have everything in 
the game, will be over 200KB. I just know it...


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- GameFAQs 
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Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
job, guys and gals. 

I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
this note) to put an end to it! 

Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...


Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
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answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
legal section. So there. 

Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, 
Rareware, nor any companies that were/are involved with this game.

This document is © 1999 marshmallow
All rights reserved


If you're a newbie to the world of Jet Force Gemini, you should read 
this section -- unless, that is, you have the instruction manual...

====================== BACKGROUND STORY ================================

"There goes another one," sighed Juno as one more dot on the splintered 
on-screen galaxy map flickered and turned red.

The twins were fast losing count of the number of urgent reports they'd 
made to the Federation since the whole affair begun. But still the 
Federation refused to commit. Just another petty tyrant, they kept 
saying. Let him have a few minor stars, and he'll be satisfied...

But of course that wasn't happening. Savage attacks on the Jet Force 
Gemini patrol ships had left the squadron crippled, with only a single 
ship -- that of Juno, Vela, and Lupus -- escaping by the skin of its 
teeth. And with their hyperdrive unit damaged beyond repair, they were 
trapped in a war zone that was expanding by the day.

As if that weren't bad enough, Mizar had invaded Goldwood, home world of 
the peace-loving Tribals, and taken almost the entire colony into 
slavery. The Tribals were valued allies, and it was a source of guilt 
and shame to Jet Force that they hadn't been there to help.

Vela rose suddenly from her seat. "We're out of options, Juno," she 
announced. "It's time to go."

"I know," he nodded, rubbing his head wearily. "We're a sitting target 
and we're not going to last another day if we...."

He found himself cut off in mid-sentence, as without warning, the floor 
beneath them shuddered from the force of a furious blast down in the 
bowels of the ship. 

"What now!?" yelled Vela, wheeling to face the main monitor as it threw-
up an abrupt, horrifying image of shuffling Drone raiders pouring from a 
Stealth Ship docked at the devastated cargo bay doors.

"You two get going, and I'll join you down in Goldwood when I've secured 
the ship." 
"Now a chance!" sputtered Vela. "What if you...." 

But Juno was already steering her out and into the corridor. "Vela, 
there's no time!" he hissed. "If Mizar takes the ship, we're all 
trapped, and the Tribals lose the only chance they have. Now take Lupus 
and get out of here!" 
Vela took a deep breath, then turned and sprinted alongside Lupus in the 
direction of the teleport bay -- and the death-or-glory crusade that lay 

==================== CHARACTER PROFILES ================================

With aspirations to be part of a crack Jet Force team since the day he 
and Vela's trader parents fell foul of murderous pirates, Juno has 
become a well-liked and respected fighter of the Gemini squadron. 
Thoughtful and deliberate, all he's ever really wanted to do is keep his 
part of the universe safe.


Juno's twin sister, Vela naturally shares his passion and dedication to 
their cause, but she often relies on her temper to get her out of tricky 
situations. Always the feisty one, she's followed the Jet Force dream 
both through a fierce sense of justice and a determination to prove the 
equality of the fairer sex in the skeptical military world.


Each Jet Force squadron mascot comes cybernetically enhanced, as to hold 
their own as efficient fighting units should the need arise. Tough, 
unshakable, and totally loyal, Lupus the dog is a long-time companion of 
Juno and Vela and a vital member of the Jet Force Gemini crew.


The relentless brutality to Mizar's ambition is even beginning to take 
its toll on his own forces. While the Drones are created subservient, 
other functions have their dissenters: in particular, the AI of the 
elite Airborne Squadrons improves with every new batch, to the point 
where some of the most recent versions are actually beginning to 
question the morality of their tasks. Floyd is among this number -- and 
unfortunately for him, he's about to find out the price of disloyalty to 

Tyrants come and tyrants go, rising from nowhere only to be overthrown 
by revolution or other tyrants. It's this constant cycle that has lulled 
the Federation into complacency. Though shrouded in mystery, Mizar and 
his seemingly-endless Drone army have already broken the mold and proven 
themselves the biggest threat to intergalactic peace in centuries.

===================== BASIC GAMEPLAY INFORMATION =======================

Control Set Up:

By going to the weapon menu on the pause menu and pressing the digital 
"+" buttons, you can assign four different weapons to four different 
buttons: left, up, right, or down. Press one of these during gameplay to 
automatically bring up the weapon for use.


Press the "Z" button to fire the weapon you have selected.


Obviously, by varying the degree of the analog control stick, you can 
move your character around the levels.

Press "C UP" to do a vertical jump. This can be turned into a horizontal 
attack by running, and obviously, the longer you hold the button, the 
higher the jump. You will not use this button often, which is why it was 
placed in a rather odd position (compared to other N64 games, that is).

Press "C RIGHT" or "C LEFT" to cause your character to side-step in the 
appropriate direction. By holding this button, you will run in that 
direction. Combine these two buttons along with the analog stick to 
evade gunfire...


By pressing the "A" or "B" buttons, you can easily switch between 
weapons. Rareware borrowed the onscreen weapon menu from the Turok 
series, which makes it much easier to know what weapon is next in the 

By simply pressing and holding the Right Shoulder Button, or "R", you 
can cause the camera to get right behind your character, make them 
transparent, and totally change the controls. In First-Person-Mode, or 
FPM as I will refer to it in the walkthrough, the Four-C buttons control 
the character, and the analog stick controls the aim of the gun, and 
hence your character. If you noticed, this is the exact same control 
concept from the Turok series -- which, quite frankly, makes this mode 
easy to pick up. Unfortunately, Rare, for some odd reason, did not give 
any options on what direction you have to pull the stick to control the 
cursor, even though they did in GoldenEye 007. Hmmm...

Regardless, FPM is a very, very useful technique, and you will be using 
it most of the time while fighting drones, seeing as it is the only way 
to hit enemies off the ground, or on a higher plane. 

Finally, by tapping the "R" button, you can bring the camera behind you 
when it is in an awkward position (e.g. in front of the character, and 
you know Drones are in front of you). 


========================== WEAPONS =====================================

# 1 - PISTOL:

Your default weapon at the start of each mission, the pistol gives you 
practically unlimited ammunition...however, you will only be able to 
shoot about eight rapid fire shots before you will be required to 
recharge (a process which takes about one second -- which, in a game 
like this, is a very long period of time in the heat of battle).

Get used to this weapon; you are going to be using it about 80% of the 
time, depending on the level and situation. Not only can it shoot hot 
lead at eye-melting speed, but it can literally rip apart the enemy 
within seconds. Add in the fact that is sprays quite nicely, and you'll 
soon come to understand just how useful this weapon is. Always be sure 
to keep some Machine Gun ammo with never know when you'll need 


By tapping the fire button, this gun will rapidly shoot its energy 
pellets and do a small amount of damage to the enemy. On the otherhand, 
if you hold down the fire button, you will charge up a shot. Once 
released, a huge fireball will be unleashed, searing opponents.


Read the name, think of what it means, and hey, I don't even have to 
write a description for this gun! 


This rather gruesome bit of military mayhem will shoot three, count 'em, 
three volleys of spiraling rockets. Upon striking an object, it will 
unleash a fiery explosion, heavily damaging anything around it -- and 
that includes you, buddy. Although slow, the blasts following should 
take care of anything within striking distance. However, due to the 
extreme power of the missiles, you can only hold a few shots. Collect 
backpacks to get the maximum way up there in the upper 30's. 

Allowing you to zoom in from a great distance, the Sniper Rifle will 
make quick work of any Drones not paying attention. However, due to the 
fact that most of the battles in the game are relatively close up, this 
item is of little use, save for a few key situations.


Chuck this metallic cylinder, then back away and watch the large 
explosion that follows; ripping apart anything that is unfortunate 
enough to be on top of it. 

# 8 - FLARE:

Not an actual weapon, this tiny sphere will light up dark tunnels. You 
can either carry it like a torch, or set it down on a wall.


First it acts like a grenade, except the first explosion will unleash 
three smaller arbs, which will go over a wider area and cause further 
damage. Useful against a large squadron of Drones!

# 10 - SHURIKEN:

A serrated blade, you throw it at the enemy and watch in joy as it is 
decapitated. Best used against the Shield Drones for an easy kill in 
what would otherwise be a huge battle.


A weapon that is, er, well, pathetic. It has almost no range, and if it 
does hit anything, it will run around as the fire eats it flesh -- and 
if it touches you, your energy goes down.

# 12 - SHOCKER:

A short range tazer that shoots electrical blasts, you will only use 
this in a desperate, last attempt to stay alive.


Throw these into a horde of Drones, back off, press the trigger, and 
watch as the blood flies.


Imagine the remote mines. Now think back to GoldenEye 007. Any 
questions? No? I didn't think so.

# 15 - FISH FOOD:

Not a real weapon, and not all that useful to boot. You can, almost too 
obviously, feed the fish with it. You can also use it to distract 
enemies, and feed Flopsy the Dog...which is pointless, considering it's 
not much of a threat.


Throw them to a suitable wall, then back away. If anything gets near it, 
including yourself, it will create a rather fiery explosion.. 

======================== POWER * UPS ===================================


Depending on the color, these small jewels will effectively raise your 
health bar. You can find these scattered around the ground, or will 
sometimes be given up after destroying an airborne foe.

Small green and blue containers, these will add more sections to your 
health bar. There are four separate "bars" you can have in total.

These will totally fill the magazine of a particular weapon, depending 
on which weapon you have out. 


By collecting these, you will be able to carry more maximum ammunition 
of a particular weapon, depending on the power. For example, you will 
gain 50 shots for the Machine Gun, but only a scant 5 for the Tri-Rocket 


Far and few between, these glowing spheres will give you temporary 


Many doors in various levels are locked with a special, colored lock; by 
collecting the matching key, you will be able to open any and all doors 
with the same colored lock. For example, once you get a red key, you can 
open ANY red locks in the least for that character.


By coming upon certain computers, you will unleash this robotic 
assistant, which will give you ammunition and health...for Mizar Tokens.


Use this to pay the robotic console operator, and use for various mini-
games, such as Jeff & Barry Racing, Floyd Bonus Missions, and for use on 
transformation pads.


By touching these cleverly hidden poles, you will unlock cheats, 
multiplayer characters/arenas, and more.


Upon being shot with a projectile, they will erupt into a column of 
fire, engulfing enemies around it. 


When you shoot and kill a Drone, sometimes their head will be left 
behind -- it all depends on where you shoot their body. By collecting 
heads, you can earn certain cheats.


There are three kind of pads: Fuel pads will fuel up your jetpack once 
you have the upgraded armor. Floyd Pads will take you to a secret bonus 
stage where you control Floyd. Finally, transformer pads will change you 
into either a Drone or a Tribal, depending on its location.

Go up to these and press "A" to open up and collect the item inside!


Each level has handfuls of these disgustingly adorable Ewok-like 
creatures. By touching them, you can rescue them from their 
prison...alternatively, you can shoot them in the head and watch a 
fountain of pink blood erupt from their skull. :p

Seriously now...when you defeat Mizar # 1, you will learn that you must 
rescue ALL of the Tribals IN THE GAME to stop Mizar's evil plans. Good're definitely going to need it, along with about 50 hours of 
free time!


In previous guides for large games, many readers have had a hard time 
finding a particular item in the large mass of text. Since Jet Force 
Gemini is arguably the largest and most complex game I have ever 
attempted a guide at, I knew this problem would arise again. To solve 
this, I have made this section. It will list the particular item, be it 
a key or weapon, and list the level it is in. Then, you simply scroll 
down to the appropriate character's walkthrough, find the level, find 
the header, and you're home free! 

The setup goes as so:

World Name/Stage Name (very vague description)

======================= JUNO'S ITEMS ===================================

                   . . . KEYS . . . 
Goldwood/Outset stage (Underground sewer) 

Goldwood/Outset stage (Magnus gives it to you).

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (In the one and only lava room, walk through the 
                       lava to discover a pipe that leads to a room) 

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (The room with the glass you have to shatter; the 
                        same location as Vela's in the walkthrough) 

Eschebone/Thorax (Almost at the very end, after countless Drone battles; 
                  the same location as Lupus' in the walkthrough) 

                       . . . WEAPONS . . . 

Goldwood/Outset stage (Inside red lock door).

Anubis/First Room (Top of crates)

Anubis/Hold (door behind shattered glass room)

Walkway/Peak (in the one and only building)

Tawfret/Bog (Given to you by King Jeff)

Tawfret/Bog (In small hut near King Jeff, you need an explosive)

Tawfret/Bridge (In small hut in Gimlet's yard)

Tawfret/Bridge (In small hut in Gimlet's yard)

Goldwood/Area 1 (secret pond located through passage in right wall)

Goldwood/Area 1 (through the door that requires yellow key)

Space Station/Abandoned Wreck (in the big holes near the start)

Tawfret/Bridge (In Gimlet's basement you get to via the chimney, shoot 
                the logs with explosives and you will find a secret 

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (in the area with the lava, go in the hole that 
                         is in one of the large pillars)

Water Ruins/Lost Island (near the run-down castle section. Very easy to 

                 . . . CHARACTER ORIENTED ITEMS . . . 
Tawfret/Bridge (Give Gimlet his pants)

Tawfret/Bridge (Up a tree, in the lake island before Gimlet's area)
======================= VELA'S ITEMS ===================================

                     . . . KEYS . . .

Cerulean/Dune (once you have the Tri-Rocket Launcher and exit the 
               desert, you will find it in the first underground room)
Spawnship/Troop Carrier (in the room that requires a yellow lock, go 
                        through the pipes in the side; the same area as 
                        in Lupus' walkthrough)

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (Found in the room where you must shatter the 

Eschebone/Thorax (Go to the underwater section, keep swimming, you'll 
                  find it in a chest) 

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (Give to you for free by Fishface)
Eschebone/Thorax (At the end of countless Drone fights, at the end of 
                  the level; same location as in the Lupus walkthrough)


                      . . . WEAPONS . . . 

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (The very first item you can collect, in the 
                        first room)

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (Room that branches off from the first huge area)

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (A few yards away from Fishface)

Cerulean/Dune (Give Fishface three bars of gold)

Cerulean/Dune (After getting the Tri-Rocket Launcher, you can go 
              underground. In the second large room, you will find a 
              hallway that leads to a can also find this in 
              the Walkway: Peak stage)

Tawfret/Bridge (In Gimlet's basement you get to via the chimney, shoot 
                the logs with explosives and you will find a secret 

Space Station/Abandoned Wreck (in the big holes near the start)

Goldwood/Area 1 (through the door that requires yellow key)

Goldwood/Area 1 (secret pond located through passage in right wall)

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (go to the area with water and swim down)

Water Ruins/Lost Island (near the run-down castle section. Very easy to 


               . . . CHARACTER ORIENTED ITEMS . . . 

Eschebone/Thorax (In the area with the lake, swim down into the secret 
                  tunnels using Vela, and you will find several 
                  chests...need I say more?)

Riff Essa/Bluff (Trade Fishface the Specialist's Magazine for this 
                particularly useful item that will open up a new stage) 

====================== LUPUS' ITEMS ====================================

                      . . . KEYS . . . 

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (in the room that requires a yellow lock, go 
                        through the pipes in the side)

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser (Found in the room where you must shatter the 
                        glass, the same as Vela's walkthrough)

Lupus CAN NOT collect the Blue Key! 

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (Behind a big bad Weevil, just look in the 
                         walkthrough, sheesh...)
Eschebone/Thorax (At the end of countless Drone fights, at the end of 
                  the level; same location as in the Lupus walkthrough)


                       . . . WEAPONS . . . 

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (Very first room)

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (Very first room also)

Tawfret/Bridge (In Gimlet's basement you get to via the chimney, shoot 
                the logs with explosives and you will find a secret 

Space Station/Abandoned Wreck (in the big holes near the start)

Goldwood/Area 1 (through the door that requires yellow key)

Goldwood/Area 1 (secret pond located through passage in right wall)

Rith Essa/Bluff (first area after ship, jump in secret waterfall hole. 
                 Curiously, you can also find these in the Walkway: Peak 

Rith Essa/Bluff (in the area where you can access the chamber with the 
                 mine entrance -- it has water and a blue lock door)

Goldwood/Rim (a secret antechamber where you need to use your rocket 

Water Ruins/Lost Island (near the run-down castle section. Very easy to 

Tawfret/Bridge (in the area with Gimlet's house, use some explosions to 
                break down the steel door on the nearby hut. Open the 
Rith Essa/Mine Entrance (in the chamber that houses Flopsy the dog, be 
                         sure to pay careful attention to the ledge 
                         along where you enter.)

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (the same location as the Yellow Key)


                . . . CHARACTER ORIENTED ITEMS . . . 

Mizar's Palace/Chasm (After the area with the reflective glass, you can 
                      open the chest to get this sweet item)

======================= SPACESHIP PARTS ================================

After defeating Mizar # 1, you will also have to search for several 
pieces of a spaceship. In this section, I will give you the parts, along 
with what level they are in, what section, and what character (s) you 
may use to get it. 

It will go like this: 
World/Stage (vague description) 
For the more detailed walkthrough on getting it, check out Chapter 10.

# 1 - RADAR DISH: 
Gem Quarry/Landing (push lots of gems into the vacuum, watch cinema, and 
                    then talk to Magnus)

# 2 - FIN: 
S.S. Anubis/Passageway (Talk to Magnus at the end)

# 3 - CARGO KEY: 
Tawfret/Bridge (Using Vela, swim into the hole under the island where 
                you collected Gimlet's pants, and talk to Gimlet in 
                the secret cave there)

Goldwood/Lodge (this place is so confusing I can't even give a vague 
                clue...just read the Tribal walkthrough)

Spawnship/Troop Carrier (look around in the magma area)

Ichor/Military Base (fly through the pipe in the wall in the room after 
                     the multi-colored platform chamber)

Water Ruins/Lost Island (as Vela, swim under the castle and through the 

Rith Essa/Mine (Change into a Tribal, then talk to Fishface, also in the 
                mine, and accept his gift)

# 9 - POWER CELL: 
Water Ruins/Lost Island (Give Ivanna the Bear the ear-plugs; the ear-
                         plugs are found by getting a gold for Floyd's 
                         Bonus Mission on the S.S. Anubis)

# 10 - FUSE: 
Mizar's Palace/Meeting Point (Achieve first place in the Mizar's 3D 
                              Racing mini-game)

# 11 - OXYGEN TANK: 
Eschebone/Cortex (Use the platforms in the brain room to reach the top)

Mizar's Palace/Meeting Point (Collect every Tribal in the entire game 
                              and then talk to King Jeff)


The actual planet will be represented by "=====", while stages within 
the planet will be represented by triple "...........". Within this 
walkthrough, I will only (I repeat, only) do sections that must be done 
in order to meet up with Lupus and Vela in Mizar's Palace. If you want 
information on finding secret Tribal stages and such, look down a few 

====================== JUNO WORLD 1: GOLDWOOD ==========================

Goldwood is a peaceful forest planet, home to the adorable little 
creatures known as Tribals. Just imagine Endor from Star Wars: The Jedi 
Strikes back, minus the walking robots and storm troopers...Also, 
Goldwood has the worst graphics in the entire game. Blurry textures, low 
polygon rate...going underground, however, will fix the problem. 

.......................GOLDWOOD AREA 1.................................. 


After your ship touches down, run forward, down the bridge, and talk to 
Magnus, the Tribal Ambassador. He will explain a few things, then allow 
you to go through the door. Go inside the hut that is straight ahead, 
and talk to King Jeff, the leader of all Tribals. Aside from explaining 
more things, he will replay the invasion that lead up to the present. 
After he is done talking, go up the stairs behind him to pick up a 
GEMINI HOLDER. Then exit the go behind the hut to again find 
Magnus. He will explain LIFE FORCE DOORS, which only open when all 
enemies in the area have been killed. So, shoot the three, stationary 
circles, and go through the door, to meet your first test!

...................... GOLDWOOD FOREST: OUTSET.......................... 

After the briefing that explains a few items, head forward. You will 
quickly meet up with the foe...Blue and Green Drones!  Pick the Green 
Drones off the tree tops using FPM (First Person Mode) and, if you wish, 
use auto-aim for the blue ones. However, I like to use FPM in all 
battles, because it gives me better aiming -- you may think differently, 
but I do suggest trying it out. After about an hour of playing, you 
should have the controls down pat, and switching from regular play to 
FPM should be easy to do. 

In the wide open area BEFORE the wooden bridge that goes over the water, 
you will find two Life-force doors -- the only difference between them 
is that one is wooden. Go through the wooden door, and you will go into 
an underground sewer type place riddled with dozens of Drones. There are 
many forks in the road, but they all lead to the same room, so just go 
in random directions. Eventually, you will reach a deep chamber with 
several Tribals: and in the middle of the room is, naturally, the YELLOW 


The second area first introduces you to Oil Tanks! So, you may want to 
play around with those...After climbing a set of blue stairs, go to the 
left to meet up with Magnus again. He will explain what happened to 
Vela, and then give you the RED KEY if you ask for it. 


After receiving the RED KEY from Magnus, head in the opposite direction. 
Go up the dirt ramp, and go through the previously locked door. Run 
through the crates, and blast the alien beast until it dies. Go up to 
the glowing, blue box -- press the "A" button to open it, revealing the 
MACHINE GUN! Exit this room the way you came in.


Go down the ramp, and to the door with a strange, blue/red crystal next 
to it. Take aim with the MACHINE GUN, and shoot until all of the blue 
mechanisms lock, forcing the door open. Go inside to reach the Interior 

....................GOLDWOOD FOREST: INTERIOR...........................


You will now be able to collect backpacks, which increase the capacity 
of a weapon, and ammo boxes, which fill up your magazines. Definitely 
build up your Machine Gun ammo, and then unleash it on the flying 
enemies that swoop from the trees. Keep moving, and you should be able 
to kill them with minimal damage done to your self. You will continue to 
fight the insects, learning much as you go along. You will be able to 
rescue many Tribals, as well. Eventually, you will reach the last door 
to the Goldwood Forest, and fly away to the next, new world!

================= JUNO WORLD 2: S. S. ANUBIS ===========================

The Anubis is an enormous cargo ship, filled to the brim with boxes and 
crates. Recently, it has become a prison for the Ewok look-alikes, the 


Go forward and talk to Magnus, he will show you a very cool cinema in 
which Vela is captured by the aliens when attempting to rescue a Tribal. 
After the cinema, go away from the door behind Magnus, and go up the 
stairs, and up to the blue treasure chest. Open it up to find the PLASMA 
SHOTGUN. Near the chest, on a ledge, is a GEMINI CONTAINER as well. Now, 
go to where Magnus is, and open the door. 

.........................S.S. ANUBIS: HOLD..............................


The first order of business is to clear out this cargo hold. So head 
into the next room and take cover behind one of the boxes, lean out and 
shoot as many of the Drones as you can, then lean back in, covering 
yourself from danger. When all of the Blue Drones are done, rush out and 
pulverize the obese purple monster near the middle of the room. This 
should unlock the door, so into the next room.

This titanic room holds six enormous drums, three on either side of the 
room. Weave in and out of them, using your Machine Gun to quickly take 
out air targets. Soon, the room will fall silent, the exit will open, 
and you will step into the next room.

...This colossal chamber truly uses the N64 power, for it is simply 
astounding they can get this at an acceptable frame rate! Run amongst 
the boxes to the right, killing ants, to the beat of the military music 
that rocks in the background. After collecting power-ups, jump onto the 
platform in the electrical pit, go on the other side, jump off, take 
care of this ants, and go through the next door.

Quickly run through the maze of boxes, shooting the Drones before they 
even know what's happening. Stand on the boxes and carefully pick off 
the Green Sniper Drones on the far away crates, and jump onto the 
platforms, going around the conveyor belt. That steady beeping you hear 
is the sound of a landmine...when you get near, it explodes -- so I 
advise you to stay away. When you finally reach the top of the area, and 
have killed all the Drones, a fleet of airborne foes will be let loose. 
Make short work of them with the Machine Gun, and the door at the bottom 
level will unlock. Before doing anything else, blast through the large 
glass panes, and collect the GEMINI COLLECTOR.


After collecting the aforementioned GEMINI COLLECTOR, drop down into the 
boxes below. You will see a small monitor on the wall: shoot it until it 
explodes, and "You have deactivated a cell door!" will flash on the 
screen. Remember the door that opened? Go down there, and go near Vela 
to start an informative cinema. When it's done, go through the door at 
the end of the corridor to exit the level.


In the room with the monitor that you shot to open Vela's cell...the one 
with the shatter-able glass...well, behind the glass is a doorway. Go 
through it, and into the glass tube. You will be forced to go across 
catwalks which hang over a previous the other side you will 
find a small hallway where you can just fit in. After blasting dozens of 
Mites, you will come upon a treasure chest. Open it up to find the 
Cluster Bombs! 

===================== JUNO WORLD 3: WALKWAY ============================

I said I was only going to include stages/worlds that are absolutely 
necessary to go through in order to reach Mizar's Planet -- but this 
stage houses an important item that will be very useful later, so I 
thought I would mention it.


First, you'll have to go to the Anubis. In the first room, climb over 
the boxes, making your way up, until you find a fuel pad and a door. Go 
through the door (you'll need the Yellow Key). You will now be in the 
"Hold Stage", so make your way around the perimeter of the room and go 
through the next door. You will now be inside a secret stage, the 
"Depository." Fight your way to the other side to find your ship, which 
is the exit, and you will land on the "Walkway" planet. 

............................WALKWAY: PEAK...............................


Walkway is the smallest world in the game. It consists of a long 
(ironically enough) walkway that leads to a building. Inside the 
building is a chest, and inside the chest is the HOMING MISSILES, which 
will lock on to the nearest enemy and turn them into four or five 
different parts, making for a gruesome death as blood spurts all over 
the place, along with appropriate sound effects. The rest of the level 
is devoted to Tribals, so you may leave now if you wish.  

====================== JUNO WORLD 4: TAWFRET ===========================

Tawfret was once a beautiful planet, but has now been reduced to a 
swamp, while it rains all day, and the creatures have been turned into 
the Undead, stalking anybody and everybody who comes into their domain. 
Houses have been turned into dilapidated messes, and the last of the 
Tribal colonies has been raided. 

Tawfret is definitely the most atmospheric level in the game...the rain, 
the music, the color of the sky, the sound of your feet over damp 
grass...everything comes together perfectly.

...........................TAWFRET: BOG.................................


Run through the murky swamp, ignoring the marching Zombie Drones, as 
they moan and groan at you. Shortly, you will come upon what was once a 
Tribal Village, reduced to nothing more than broken down pieces of 
stone, a few graves, and four small houses. In the middle of it all is 
King Jeff, who will explain what happened in an odd cinema, and give you 
the TRI-ROCKET LAUNCHER to help you defeat the Undead foes. Likewise, if 
you ever find yourself overwhelmed by Drones...don't think twice about 
using this to clear them away!

After collecting the Tri-Rocket Launcher, use it to blast open the doors 
on the small huts. Some contain Tribals, other contain ammo cases -- but 
one contains a chest. Open it up to find the GRENADES!

On another note, one of the houses contains two backpacks. Collect these 
when the Tri Rocket Launcher is out -- you will be able to up the 
maximum storage to 15 shots! 

Simply go behind the large mass of stone and brick to find a passageway, 
and then exit through it.

........................TAWFRET: BRIDGE.................................


Run across the bridges and various tree houses, avoiding any fire, and 
you will reach an elevator that will take you down. Go through the 
passageway to find another swamp area, heavy with zombies. After 
blasting your way through, you will be forced to fight a squadron of 
airborne attackers. Destroy them all to open the door, and go through to 
find a large area, occupied by a blue lake with an island in the middle. 
Run along the banks, using trees as cover as you blast Red Drones. At 
the end you will find a huge village type area, but no one seems to be 
home. Go up the stairs and...aha! A house! Go inside to meet Gimlet. 

Is it me, or did the webmaster of have something to do with 
this character? Not only does he speak in a strange, yet amusing hippie 
language ("Since then, I've been in here nursing my karma"), but the 
main objective is to RESCUE HIS PANTS! Yes, apparently one of the more 
perverse Drones stole Gimlet's only pair of pants and put them up a 
tree. So, naturally, it's your job to go fetch them.

Backtrack to the area with a large lake. Swim to the island in the 
middle, and blow up the Red Drones at your leisure. In the middle of the 
island is a tree, and there are roots and branches you can stand on. 
Keep going up, holding C UP to jump higher, and as you collect the pants 
on the second or third branch, a delightful zipping sound will come to 
your ears. Yes, Rare is a strange company, folks...

Return to Gimlet's house and bequeath his khaki pants to him, and he 
will give you a Crowbar as a reward. Also, immediately after getting it, 
talk to Gimlet again. He says, and I quote, " yin and yang are 
warming up nicely." If you leave the hut, and then come back in, he will 
be gone, so be sure to talk to him after the trade. 


On one side of Gimlet's house is a small hut: go inside, kill the Drone, 
and open the chest to find the Sniper Rifle!


Get in front of Gimlet's house, so the entrance is in front of you. Now 
turn 180 degrees around, and tap "R" to bring the camera behind you. In 
front of your view will be a small fire, and a large, stone structure on 
both the left and right of the fire. Go to the structure on the RIGHT 
SIDE, jump on top, and you will find Floyd's head nailed to a post. He 
tells a sad story of how he went against Mizar, and tells you three of 
his parts are scattered about Gimlet's yard. If you can find all three, 
he will help you exit the level. So...


On the side of the yard with the exit door is a large structure, climb 
on top of it and collect the glowing piece of metal! 

Along the side of Gimlet's house are small platforms that you can use to 
climb onto the roof. Once on the roof, jump down the chimney to fall 
into the watery basement, ripe with cobwebs and torches. After going 
down a few passageways, you will come upon the piece. 

Near a group of Tribals in Gimlet's basement is a brownish log against 
the wall -- blow it away and crawl through the passageway behind it to 
find this almost useful bomb item!

On the side of the yard with the exit door is a small hut with a metal 
door. Use the Tri-Rocket Launcher, Homing Missile, Grenades, Cluster 
Bombs, or anything explosive to blow it off its hinges. Go inside, go up 
to the chest, and open it to receive the Flares! Now, use the crowbar to 
open the trapdoor (happens automatically), and go down into the dark 
sewers. At the end of the corridor is the final Floyd component.


With the three pieces of Floyd in hand, talk to the robotic head and 
watch the cinema as he assembles himself. When it ends, go up to the 
exit doorway, and Floyd will allow you to open it.

..........................TAWFRET: CASTLE...............................


The way to the boss is a long and hard one, but I'm sure this won't stop 
you, right? To get inside the actual castle, you will have to destroy 
all of the enemies behind the parapets -- I suggest using the Tri-Rocket 
Launcher (hopefully with a maximum capacity of 15, which I advised you 
to get) to get at them easily. Go across the drawbridge, and the 
slaughters begin! Toss a grenade or two around the corner, and reel back 
in laughter as literally gallons of green blood rain, splat, and shoot 
across the room. Now, isn't this the definition of fun?

Soon, however, the Shield Drones will put a stop to your guffawing. For 
you see, you will need to use your precious supply of explosives to 
easily kill them! After a lot of battles, you will end up in a room with 
several pillars, each marked off with a torch. Unless you follow these 
directions, you will get turned around: go to the right side and into 
the passageway, you will meet more Drones soon. You see a Life-force 
door, but it is locked, so destroy all the enemies in the immediate 
area. When you come to the bank of a river, turn around and go to the 
door, it will be open. Inside is a massive chamber, and several cases of 
ammo, which will totally refill your Machine Gun, Pistol, Tri-rocket 
Launcher, Homing Missile, and Laser Shotgun.

Step onto the symbol and an impressive cinema will play out, introducing 
the BOSS! A gigantic roach, beetle combination. After an ear-splitting 
war-cry, the battle begins! 

In boss battles, you must hit specific regions of the leader's anatomy 
at very specific times of attack. You could call it...specific! :p In 
the first part of the battle, you must hit the foe's "fangs", which lie 
below his eyes. He has two attacks: The first involves him rearing up on 
his hind legs, and "spitting" several bat-type creatures at you. You can 
take care of the bats rather easily with the Machine Gun. Next, he will 
pound his legs against the ground, causing two red shockwaves to form 
around the floor. Get in the MIDDLE of the battlefield and the two rings 
will hit each other, meaning you only have to jump once instead of twice 
to clear the fiery maneuver. To hit his fangs, get our your Homing 
Missiles / Tri-Rocket Launcher and carefully watch his patterns. When he 
does the bat attack, he lifts his head into the air for a split-second. 
If you have your cursor over the fangs at this time, it turns red, and 
you can fire! Quickly do it, and the fang in question will be gone 
(unless you used something non-explosive, which will take you a long 
time to take off the part). If you are a split-second too late, it won't 
work. Remember: The second it turns red, fire. After both fangs are 
gone, it's on to phase II! 

In this mode, the boss will fire large bombs at you, along with the 
fiery shockwaves. This time the target is his "antlers", on top of his 
head. When they are vulnerable your cursor will turn red, and they will 
turn white: fire away with a few missiles and watch them be ripped off. 
Last phase coming up...

The target is his head, and you can shoot at it any time. Continually 
fire volleys of rockets into his face before he has a chance to shoot 
his electrical blasts at you, and he will quickly die. In the overly 
dramatic death sequence, all of his antlers fall off. Then, in a 
deafening scream, his entire face explodes, and the torso of the body 
crawls around as blood pours out by the gallons from his exposed 
arteries. The headless victim squirms in place, writhing in agony. After 
a final death twitch, the body lies motionless. Juno runs around the 
enormous corpse, as blood flows out of the gaping hole that used to be 
his head.

You will now be able to exit this long and quite awesome level.

================== JUNO WORLD 5: MIZAR'S PALACE ========================

Mizar's palace is a sprawling temple whose architectural design rivals 
that of the ancient Egyptians in sheer awe and disbelief. The entrance 
in and of itself will make you look around for several minutes, amazed 
at how something can look so real.

.......................MIZAR'S PALACE: LOBBY............................


In the Lobby, which is large enough to fit a few football fields, you 
will find a plexi-glass screen which has a map of the room. You will 
notice that one of the small acloves has a circle on it -- make your way 
to that cubby, and you will find a jump down it! 
In the bowels of the palace, you will make your way through several 
squadrons of Shield Drones. At the end, you will find a door that leads 
to a simply GIGANTIC cathedral, whose sheer size will dwarf that of any 
other area in the entire game. In the center are two enormous, golden 
rings, flipping about. To the right of this is a wall -- follow it and 
you will find a Floyd Pad in a separate area. Stand on the pad and press 
the "A" button to activate a Bonus Mission. You simply have to collect 
three pyramids and make it to the end by the time limit -- really easy 
stuff. When you have completed this simple task, a lengthy cinema will 
show a titanic sized pyramid float in and SLAM against the golden rings, 
and then settle down.

After the cinema, go investigate the pyramid. There are three doors, and 
above each door a symbol that represents each character: Juno, Vela, and 
Lupus. Go through Juno's door, and a cinema will show him stand on a 
pillar, and get taken away...


You have completed Juno's initial quest of getting to the Mizar Palace 
meeting place. However, you must now go control the other two characters 
-- Vela and Lupus -- and get them to this point as well. The levels will 
be different, the enemies will be different, and the Palace will be 
different. Read the following chapters for more information...which, 
might actually be different ;)


The actual planet will be represented by "=====", while stages within 
the planet will be represented by triple ".......". Within this 
walkthrough, I will only (I repeat, only) do sections that must be done 
in order to meet up with Juno and Lupus in Mizar's Palace. If you want 
information on finding secret Tribal stages and such, look down a few 

====================== VELA WORLD 1: SEKHMET ===========================

Sekhnet is a mighty battle-cruiser, which is filled to capacity with 
weapons, drones, and of course, puzzles. As Vela's first mission, she 
will have to escape the ship and continue to look for her companion, 

.....................SEKHMET: BATTLE CRUISER............................

After a short chat with Midge (another Tribal ambassador, which looks 
strangely similar to Magnus), you can search the first room to find a 
chest with some Grenades inside. These will be very useful because you 
do not yet have your Machine Gun...


In the first room, go through the only door that you can go through (the 
other two require keys you don't have yet). As another of the games 
great musical scores begin, go down to the waterway and search for 
hapless drones to destroy. Boom, boom, fire, fire -- basic description 
of the battle. When they are all vanquished, two doors will flash green, 
meaning you can go through. One will lead to a small room with a chest, 
and inside the chest is the mighty MACHINE GUN!


Go in the room with the Drones, and destroy them all to open both doors. 
One leads to the Machine Gun, the other to a room that looks very 
similar to the last one, except with Shield Drones. Go to the far end to 
discover a door -- shoot the crystal next to it with the Machine Gun 
until all four mechanisms lock in place, then you can go through it. 
This tight corridor contains a group of Shield Drones behind a trio of 
Oil Tanks -- hurl a few grenades their way and feel free to laugh as you 
see gallons of blood spray against the walls. Exit this hallway through 
the door behind them.

Talk to the hobbling alien character, named Fishface, to learn a bunch 
of stuff about the ship. Then, he hands over the RED KEY! 
A few yards away from Fishface (see above), in plain sight, is a chest 
containing the PLASMA SHOTGUN!
Go to the large chamber with the Shield Drones, and be sure to slaughter 
them all. Once that is done, go to the other large chamber that looks 
similar, and go up the slanting floor until you find the door that 
requires a RED KEY -- go through this to be on a higher level in the 
room with the Shield Drones. The reason I told you to destroy the Shield 
Drones, is that the door will not open if they are still alive.

In this tight room, several bots will fly in, and Drones will be 
hiding/running besides several crates. A few grenades here and there, a 
laugh or two, and the door is unlocked, allowing you to go into the next 

Go across the catwalks that are above the boiling lava, carefully 
avoiding the persistent shots of the bots (don't run _too_ fast, or 
you'll slip and fall to your doom). The next three rooms will be filled 
with elevators and Drones, which make for an interesting combination. 
Simply jump to the platforms and let them carry you away. In the third 
room, the exit is on the bottom; not near the ceiling, like the last 
two. After a short Bot fight, you will come upon a room with a circular 
glass pane on the floor -- shoot to shatter it, then fall in and open 
the chest to collect the GREEN KEY!


From where you receive the Green Key, go through the exit. You will not 
have to fight your way out, shooting squadrons of Drones and Bots. You 
will eventually come to the very first room where you started out: 
through one of the green doors. Go through the other green door to enter 
a massive, massive chamber with a large ramp twirling around the wall, 
leading hundreds of feet up into the air. Destroy all of the Drones on 
the ground level to open the exit; you won't have to worry about the 
enemies on the ramp. Force your way through and you will reach your 

==================== VELA WORLD 2: CERULEAN ============================

Cerulean is a desolate planet -- a desert made of blue sand and gray 
walls that stretch in every direction, as far as the eye can see. It is 
set into a permanent night, and Mizar's troops are in full force. In a 
stark contrast, the underground caves are lush with plant life and 
insects, a hidden Eden of sorts.

.......................CERULEAN: DUNE...................................

To exit the harsh desert, you're going to have to collect three bars of 
gold and give them to Fishface in exchange for the Tri-Rocket Launcher. 
To open the way to the desert and Fishface's room, simply destroy all of 
the nearby Drones. 


* One of the bars is hidden behind a pillar at the very start of the 
level, where your ship lands in the opening cinema.

* The second bar is along the edges of the desert. Simply circle the 
desert and you will find a small lake, along with the golden rectangle.

* The third, and final, gold piece is also on the edge of the desert. 
You will find a sewer pipe with water flowing from it: look on top of 
the pipe.

Then, simply go back to Fishface and make the trade, and the Tri-Rocket 
Launcher is yours!


Along the wall of the desert is a small tunnel dug in the rock, and 
several Drones live within it. Destroy them, then enter the gate. If you 
have the Tri-Rocket Launcher, it will open, giving you full access to 
the underground caves.


After the room with the Yellow Key, you can go through a side hall and 
get into a small cal-de-sac, and open the chest to find the Homing 


In the first room after the desert, on a ledge.


I refuse to do a "guide" for the underground caves of Cerulean, 
considering it is simply destroying legions of Drones/Goliath Beetles 
and moving on to the next room. It is quite fun, but I very much doubt 
you will be stuck on any particular gate for more than a minute.

======================= VELA WORLD 3: ICHOR ============================

Ichor is Mizar's biggest and baddest military base, teeming with Drones 
and other insectoid menaces. Though short, it will provide some fun 

........................ICHOR: MILITARY BASE............................

The first eight rooms or so are filled with boxes, crates, corners, and 
a plethora of other items. Add in a few dozen Shield Drones, and you 
have an interesting battle in your hands. I can't provide any strategy 
for this, it's all your skill...


At about the halfway point, you will have to make your way across a 
ledge as several, large, metal tubes come out of the wall over and over, 
attempting to push anyone who tries to run across off and onto the floor 
below. To get past them, you'll need to watch their patterns very 
closely. Get to the point where you know how many numbers of time it 
pushes outwards before going slower...count in your head..."1, 2..." and 
when you get to the magic number, run across as fast as you can! For 
best results, run while in manual targeting mode, nearest to the ledge.

Near the last big Drone battle, you will have to actually use your brain 
for a few seconds. You'll need to stand on the various colored switches 
to control platforms, and make a "bridge" of sorts to get to the exit. 
It's nothing major, though.

After several Drone battles, you will find yourself on a thin metal 
platform suspended above a lake of flowing acid! And, in front of you, 
is a huge beetle boss with you in its target! 

Fighting Vela's Boss is very similar to Juno's; at least in strategy. 
You'll have to put your cursor over a particular body part right before 
it attacks, and when it turns red, fire immediately.

First you will have to shoot the two "arms" on its shoulder with a Tri-
Rocket Launcher (preferably), which shoot laser at you. Throughout the 
battle, it will cause a large mass of maggots to fall on you, then a few 
seconds later they will explode. To avoid this, simply side-step a few 
times. When both arms are knocked off, you will need to aim for the 
chest. Once the shell around the animal has shattered, it will start to 
fly around in random directions, shooting machine gun fire at you. Use 
Homing Missiles on each individual arm to blow it off. Finally, with 
each set of arms off, the head becomes targetable: lock and load my 
friend, for it is the end. Now, wasn't that easy?


After the boss, you will find your old pal, Lupus the dog (he now 
becomes a selectable character). After a particularly actiony cinema, 
Lupus boards the Spawnship while it is taking off, going off on his own 
adventure, surely to catch up later. Now you may exit the level via your 

================== VELA WORLD 4: MIZAR'S PALACE ========================

Vela comes to Mizar's domain in hopes of reaching Juno, but she is 
unaware that he has already made it (if you cared to follow my 

To reach Vela's stage, you will need to go towards the "Lobby" entrance; 
it is locked. In the river you had to go through is a hole in the side, 
go through it...

......................MIZAR'S PALACE: FLUME.............................


Flume is a particularly nasty, confusing, and of course frustrating 
series of underwater pipes and tubing, creating a virtual labyrinth to 
wander about. There is only one entrance: it looks like a bright white 
circle. The exit looks somewhat like a triangle at the end of a long 
corridor...due to the massive size of the maze, I can not even begin to 
tell you directions. The only thing I can tell you, is to follow the 
path straight ahead until you hit an intersection, then go right. After 
that, it's all up to you...

After exiting, you will find yourself at the enormous cathedral you 
found as Juno! If you activated the titanic sized pyramid, it will be 
there, so you simply need to walk inside Vela's doorway and watch as she 
is "abducted", leaving you with only Lupus to play through up to this 
point in time...Good luck.


The actual planet will be represented by "=====", while stages within 
the planet will be represented by triple "........". Within this 
walkthrough, I will only (I repeat, only) do sections that must be done 
in order to meet up with Juno and Vela in Mizar's Palace. If you want 
information on finding secret Tribal stages and such, look down a few 

================== LUPUS WORLD 1: SPAWNSHIP ============================

The Spawnship is rumored to be the source of Mizar's seemingly endless 
Drone army. If this is so, then even the defeat of the mighty tyrant 
will not stop the Drones from taking over the galaxy!

..................SPAWNSHIP: TROOP CARRIER..............................


In the very first room, the chest will be on the other side.


In the very first room, the chest will be on the other side...using your 
boggling intellectual capacity, you should be able to come to the 
conclusion that both of these weapons are side by side! :p


From the start, step on the elevator so it lifts you up. Go through the 
door, and destroy the hovering bots to unlock the door. Shoot the Weevil 
across the chasm, and then take a running leap and use your rocket shoes 
to clear it. Go through the door. Here, shoot the Shield Drones with the 
Machine Gun until they die, and be sure to collect the ammo they leave 
behind. This chasm is much to long to rocket across, so you'll need to 
make use of the moving platforms. On the other side, destroy more 
drooling insectoids to open the door. Here, you are on catwalks above a 
pit, and several regular Drones, so kill them easily, and go through the 
life-force door. Quickly destroy the black Centurion by shooting it in 
the face; otherwise it would take far too long. Behind its corpse you 
will find the RED KEY! 

After collecting the Red Key, return to the catwalks area, and go 
through the other door, which leads to a different life force door 
(several airbornes will appear as you go in). After unlocking several 
security doors that require the Red Key, you will come upon a room with 
a yellow lock door, and two sewer pipes in the wall occupied by Snipers. 
Kill the obvious, and then get as close to the edge of the bridge as you 
dare. Press and hold "C UP" to do the highest jump possible. At the peak 
of your jump, press "C UP" again to activate the rocket, and then 
control Lupus so he glides smoothly into one of the pipes (doesn't 
matter which one). You will be led into a small room with the YELLOW 

Strangely enough, the Sniper Rifle can be found in a chest in the same 
room as the Yellow Key.

After collecting the Yellow Key, use it to open the security door that 
requires said item, and you will have to navigate through a chamber 
filled with magma, and then you will find your ship soon afterwards.

==================== LUPUS WORLD 2: RITH ESSA ==========================

Rith Essa is full of deep canyons, sheer cliff faces, and monstrous 
mountain peaks, raising hundreds of feet into the air. Due to this, it 
has a rather large mining operation underway. However, with the arrival 
of the Drone army, most of the planet's inhabitants have fled. 

........................RITH ESSA: BLUFF................................


In the area immediately after the ship (it has a blue locked door), you 
will find a waterfall to the right. As you go up the criss-crossing 
ramps of dirt, you will soon reach an area where you can see the peak of 
the waterfall: and behind the water is a dark cavern. Using your rocket 
boots, glide over into it, and open the chest with the HOMING MISSILES!


After the area near the ship, you will have to go along the ledge of a 
mountain, fighting off dozens of drones, airbornes, and of course, 
Goliath Beetles. I can't really give you any strategies, seeing as this 
is skill. After about three minutes, you will come upon a small Eden of 
sorts, with a flowing river, and a blue key door...and next to the door 
is a chest, and inside it is the TRI-ROCKET LAUNCHER! I suggest building 
its maximum capacity up to at least 20 -- you'll be thanking me when you 
see Lupus' boss in action.

Simply go through the only door you can open, aside from the one that 
leads to the mine entrance.

.........................RITH ESSA: INTERIOR............................

At the end of dozens of battles, which will take upwards of three 
minutes to get past, you will reach your ship, docked on a clam, yet 
peaceful pad...

================= LUPUS WORLD 3: ESCHEBONE =============================

Eschebone is a smoldering world full of crimson blood, boiling acid, and 
flowing sulfur...brimstone tainted air...Perhaps the one feature that 
sets it apart from other such worlds are the literally titanic sized 
worms that live on its surface, sitting completely still...

This is my favorite level in the entire game! Not only is the music 
simply awesome (not to mention creepy), but the battles are full of hot, 
steamy action! If you like hot, steamy action, this is the world for 
you! Add in the fact that most of it is spent going through the 
digestive tract of an alien, and you'll see why I love this level so! 

......................ESCHEBONE: APPROACH...............................


The first few areas are rather bland...lava here and there...then you 
reach a large, open area, and stuck in the wall is an ENORMOUS alien 
face, with serrated teeth sticking in, and a slimy, pink tongue twirling 
about in the air. Beside it is an island in the boiling lava, and on the 
island is a chest: open it to find the GRENADES! 
Simply toss a well-aimed grenade into the beast's mouth, and it will 
open up wide. Use its tongue as a bridge, and you're now inside the 
belly of a monster! Well, throat, at least.

After battling it out in the esophagus (use the big threads coming out 
of the walls as a shield) you will find yourself in a large room, with a 
bridge at the top, and a door at the far side -- a life-force door, and 
all the Drones are on the bridge, out of your reach. So, whip out your 
trusty Homing Missiles, aim, and fire! After a few explosions, which 
will cause the blood to literally rain down into the water, the door 
shall open, and you can make your way to the Thorax.

.........................ESCHEBONE: THORAX..............................


This stage is LONG! It will take you, the first time, about 20-30 
minutes to clear it, maybe 15-20 if you've done it before. Though it may 
be long, it is rather straightforward -- you have a big battle with tons 
of Red Drones...move to the next room...big battle... Somehow, the level 
designers made it so this doesn't get boring, I suppose you could thank 
the AI programmers for that. 

...more big battles....even more...and the process keeps going until you 
find a room where you can not go on anymore until you find the MAGENTA 
KEY. Luckily, it is only a few yards away, on a pedestal. Speaking of 
pillars and pedestals, shortly before that room there will be a large 
chamber filled with water -- and there's a pillar out there. Use your 
rocket to glide there and pick the Gemini Holder! 
After collecting the Magenta Key, you will go through several doors 
requiring it, and you will eventually be pooped out of the giant animal, 
returning to the hellish outside. After an un-necessarily long cinema 
involving a Tribal, you will face a very difficult BOSS!! 
Yes, you read correctly: bosses. Plural. More than in two. It's 
a battle royal with two vertigo inducing Mantids! Oh, how pleasant...

At first, one Mantid will attack you. It will shoot its small gun at you 
in two different ways: Shooting you from its side, and putting its 
insect eye behind the targetting-reticle and then shooting. When it puts 
its eyes through the target, you have a clear shot at it: so take out 
the Pistol (you'll want to save your other weapons of mass destruction) 
and keep shooting it until it blows (nice effects, eh?). Then, it will 
use its other, clawed arm to fire bombs at you. When it raises its arm 
high into the air, quickly shoot pistol fire at it until it blows. It 
will move into the background, and the other will come, so repeat the 
process. However, the difference now is the one in the background will 
shoot homing missiles at you: quickly strafe left and right, to hide 
behind the rocky ledges, and the missiles will slam into the obtrusions, 
missing you completely. Use the Homing Missiles on the second one in the 
same manner as the pistol for the first, and its arms will blow off as 
well. On to Phase II...

Now it will use its tail to shoot powerful, exploding lasers at you. 
When it shows you its tail, quickly fire off a Homing Missile (you can 
hit it twice, because it will show you its tail twice), then quickly go 
left and right to hide behind the rocky shelf as the other will shoot 
homing rockets at our poor canine friend. When both their tails have 
been reduced to bloody stumps, it is time for the final round, Phase 

Both the monsters will leap to the ledge in front of you, and their 
heads will become target-able for a few seconds. Whip out your Tri-
Rocket Launcher, lock, load, and shoot-'em! When the rockets hit their 
target, quickly move in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the farthest Mantid, 
this way you will avoid the first one's spit. Then move closer to the 
center one to avoid the second one's spit, which will arc over you.

Here's a diagram...The "R"s stand for a rocky outcropping you can hide 
behind. The "___" indicate an area where a single Mantid can stand at.

  ___1____            ____________2______________            ___3_____

There will always be a mantid in the "2" position. So you'll have to 
shoot it...and then move away from the other Mantid. Let's say the other 
Mantid was on "3" would move towards "1" after shooting the 
center, as to avoid the "2"'s spit. Now, when "3" is about to fire (it's 
always delayed), you will want to move towards "2" (which will not 
attack). This way, the spit from "3" will go over your head, missing you 
completely. Capish? Good. 

Now, Keep this up until they are all dead! You will then be able to exit 
the world!

================== LUPUS WORLD 4: MIZAR'S PALACE =======================

Supposedly, Lupus is the last member of the JFG team to reach the 
tyrant's abode. It's up to you to decide his fate...

.....................MIZAR'S PALACE: CHASM..............................


You're first going to start out in one of those ever-so nice looking 
arenas with reflective glass floor-tiles, thick pillars reaching to the 
sky, and seemingly "clean" walls with Drone symbols. Mizar's interior 
decorators sure have strange tastes...

Regardless, you will have to open the door by killing all of these big 
bad Weevils. Shortly afterwards, you will find a chest, and if you open 
it, you get the NIGHT VISION GOGGLES! Step on the "Night Vision Goggle" 
pad, press "A", and watch in amazement as the screen turns green, 
signifying the use of said goggles.

The underground maze contains hordes of Drones (surprise, surprise), 
boxes, and of course, guns. Though slightly confusing due to the fact 
that everything is green, you will soon find an elevator that takes you 
above ground (takes 1-2 minutes). When you reach sunlight, you will need 
to use your rocket boosters to glide over a huge -- appropriately enough 
considering the level's name -- chasm! Remember to hold "C UP" to make 
the highest possible jump while standing still, then activate the 
booster...easy stuff. Once you reach the door on the other side, you 
will come to the large cathedral that contains the pyramid. Find Lupus' 
door, and step right on in. 



This section will explain what happens when you have Juno, Vela, and 
Lupus inside the pyramid that resides in Mizar's Palace.


After an interesting cinema, Mizar will be revealed in all of his 
astonishing glory. He appears as a gigantic, jet black 
beetle/spider/mantid hybrid, with yellow stripes covering his legs, and 
with one of his right claws being made of metal, which has great 

                     And then...

It's Lupus against a 40 foot tall arachnid! Hardly seems fair. 
Thankfully, Mizar under-estimates you terribly in this battle. His 
attacks are as so: 1) Shooting a green fire breath at you. Simply go in 
one direction to avoid 2) Shooting purple energy bolts through his eyes. 
Dodge left and right, because he will track your movements. By moving 
constantly, his accuracy decreases. Just be careful not to step into a 
previously fired shot...3) Occasionally firing a bomb at you, and 
finally, 4) Stamping his claw on the ground, causing two large 
shockwaves. Unlike Juno's boss, these do not gather at the center, so 
you will have to either jump twice (the hard way) or move to the 
immediate left/right side of the arena (the easy way).

To cause damage to him, you simply have to target his head, and fire 
away with rockets when it becomes red (which is most of the time). When 
you have caused sufficient damage, he will cover his face with his 
clawed hands, and then counter with a powerful attack. Do this over and 
over, and a cinema will show him "dying." 

As Lupus inspects the body of Mizar, the supposedly dead Tyrant's eyes 
flutter open, he stands upright, and two giant jetpacks on his back 
ignite, sending him high into space. You learn from King Jeff that he is 
on his way to destroy your planet. However, your Gemini Vehicles have 
been drained of too much power to make the trip back fast enough. 
However, King Jeff shows you a vehicle his ancestors used to find is, sadly, broken down, and many, many pieces of it must 
be found. The furry-leader owns the final piece, but will not fork it 
over until you rescue EVERY SINGLE TRIBAL in the ENTIRE game. Ouch, that 
one stings...


As a gift to you from him, King Jeff upgrades your armor. Besides the 
obvious cosmetic differences, you now have JETPACK CAPABILITIES! Now, by 
standing on the Fuel Pads found around the galaxy, you will be "fueled 
up", and can use the jetpack to reach previously unreachable areas.

          Now, the game of Jet Force Gemini truly begins...

For information on Space Ship Parts, Tribals, and the inevitable battle 
with the final Mizar, you will need to check out the next chapter. Good 
luck; you're definitely going to need as much of it as you can get!



This section will break down every level IN THE GAME and show you how to 
collect everything you need to know how to collect, including: Tribals, 
Space Ship Parts, and weapons. Note that, unlike the walkthroughs, each 
header that has "="s will have both the world AND the stage. This is 
because, generally, the Tribals, Secrets, and Ship Parts take up more 
space that completing the level itself.

Now, let us begin...

================= GOLDWOOD: STAGE 1 -- OUTSET ==========================


In the section with King Jeff's hut, scan the right wall and you will 
find a small crevice that will let you find a secret lake. On the banks 
of the lake is a chest that contains the FISH FOOD! 

In the same area as Jeff's hut, you will find a high platform with a 
yellow locked door. With the Yellow Key in hand, you can step inside to 
find a small cave. Besides a Goliath Beetle, you can discover a chest 
that contains the SHURIKENS! 


It doesn't matter what character you use for this stage.

As you start the stage, you will go around several bends. Below the 
first Sniper Drone, you will see a single Tribal on the ground, near a 
crate (1/7). After a few more turns, you will come upon a Tribal village 
that is being attacked by the Drones! You will able to find two Tribals 
behind various buildings (3/7). When you have vanquished all the foes, 
two life-force doors will be open: one is made of metal, while the other 
is made of wood -- take the wooden one to find an underground cave. As 
you go deeper into the moist earth, you will come upon a large chamber 
with four more TRIBALS being used as slaves (7/7). 


In the same secret pond where you locate the Fish Food, you can use Vela 
to dive deep into the water and touch this Totem Pole.


This is found in the same area that Juno can collect the Red Key, you 
simply go through the door. In this mission, you must collect 12 (even 
though the total is 16) metal ore samples, destroy 10 pyramid type 
things, and make it to the end in under a minute to unlock a special 
targeting range in the multiplayer mode! 


In the village where you collect the Tribals, you can shoot the doors of 
the huts with an explosive ammunition of some kind and find several 
goodies, including Mizar Tokens, and a Robotic Operator that will 
replenish your supplies.

================ GOLDWOOD: STAGE 2 -- LODGE ============================


In the "Outset" stage of Goldwood, the last region contains a bridge 
going over a river. Using Vela's swimming capabilities, dive into the 
life-giving fluid and locate the secret cave which will, naturally, get 
you to this area.


See below walkthrough.


Vela is the only character that can enter the stage, so...

This particularly nasty stage starts off in a long underground cavern, 
which happens to be soaked in water. On the left side of the corridor, 
you will find a hut door (similar to the ones in Tribal villages). Enter 
and collect the four Tribals sitting there (4/15). Continue until you 
exit the desolate cave.

This is one huge section -- though, not at first sight. Use your large 
supply of Shurikens to quickly and efficiently take out the hordes of 
Shield Drones, and then look upwards for Snipers. You will quickly come 
upon a life-force door, but you must ignore it. Instead, continue, 
deeper into the maze of rock and foliage, and you will go into a cave 
region with wooden planks nailed to large rocks, and many more Shield 
Drones waiting. At the end of all of this is another life-force door: 
take it.

This area is drastically different than the one before it, sporting a 
turquoise colored sky, and everything seems much darker. As soon as you 
enter, quickly collect the Invulnerability Shield Item, and promptly 
dispense of the dozens of airbornes that come in (if you need another 
shield, look behind one of the crates). After the tough battle, be sure 
to pick up the red emerald (all health restored). You will notice three 
teddy-bear like Tribals sitting on platforms, suspended in mid-air. When 
you collect the first one, the platforms will begin to sink! Going as 
fast as you can, jump to the other two Tribals, and then back to the 
mainland. If you can not rescue a Tribal while it is falling, kill 
yourself, because it will reset the pillars...hopefully, good luck will 
be on your side (7/15).

Return to the life-force door I told you to ignore, and go inside.

This region is inhabited by Black Centurions, which are virtually 
invincible...except, for one weakspot, their head. Shoot direct missile 
volleys at their face, and these behemoths will be taken down briskly. 
Explore the area, clearing it of Mizar's troops, and you will again find 
two life-force doors (though this time, much closer together). Take the 
one that is at the end of a jungle type trail. Inside, the forest will 
abruptly stop, and a mountainous terrain will begin. Grab the Shield 
Item, and kill all the Drones and Airbornes to open the life-force door. 
Inside is a small chamber that holds VELA'S HATCH KEY . 
Also, in the same room, behind a pillar, are two more Tribals (9/15).

Return to the area before, and go through the other life-force door. In 
the Tribal Village, it will be raining, and many Tribals will be 
outside, getting their furry hide wet (I wager they smell rather awful 
afterwards). The rest of the furry critters can be found here (15/15). 
Through the next door contains a Jet Force Gemini Ship, which will 
deliver you to the secret world: ABANDONED SPACE STATION! 

=================== GOLDWOOD: STAGE 3 -- RIM ===========================


In the Interior, you will surely notice the enormous ravine that 
separates you from a Life-force door. Once it is open (kill the nearby 
Drones), you will need to use Lupus' rocket boost to float across rather 


Covered in below walkthrough.


Since Lupus is the only character that can reach this stage, you won't 
have to worry about which character to select for the Tribals! 

The first life-force doors can be unlocked by destroying all the nearby 
Drones, so there's not much to talk about here (be sure to use the 
Shurikens against the Shield Drones, though; saves a lot of ammunition). 
After the first life-force door, keep along the left wall and you will 
find a path that goes downward, leading to two Tribals. As you enter, 
several Airbornes will appear and hover over the furry ones: DO NOT 
shoot them, because if you do their explosions will kill the rescue them first (2/11).

In the third area, Drones will fall from above and hide behind the oil 
barrels: aim at each barrel, fire off a few shots, and watch their 
various appendages fly like some obscene ticket-day parade. As you go 
through the next tunnel, take the left passage to find a Tribal behind 
some rocks (3/11).

Continuing on, you will find a large chamber filled with water, and 
there are some makeshift islands made out of rock, going higher and 
higher. Get on the highest pillar, and look above the entrance to this 
room: a ledge with a Tribal (better take care of the Drone next to it, 
as well). Glide to the ledge and rescue the little furball (4/11). Also, 
you should have noted the life-force door in the wall, with a tiny ledge 
sticking out. When all the Drones in the room have been extinguished, 
this door will open, and inside is a cal-de-sac with two Tribals (6/11)! 
Also, in the corner, you can collect the SHOCKER! 

Returning to the previous room, rocket boost to the obvious exit, and 
you will find yourself on a higher plane from a previous room. Across 
from you, plainly visible, is a Tribal on a ledge: simply rocket to it 
(7/11). Rocket boost to the next exit, and you will come upon an 
intersection: go right. In this room full of oil tanks, your first 
reaction will be to let loose a flurry of grenades: DON'T! A small 
Tribal lies in the middle of it all, so be sure to rush in and collect 
the little fellow first (8/11).

After the exit door, you will be outside, on a thin ledge, battling 
dozens upon dozens of Drones, Weevils, etc. There is nothing to find 
here, so let loose with whatever you have. Soon however, you will find 
yourself back underground...I hope you like spelunking...

At the first intersection, go left, down the hill, and you discover a 
horrifying sight: two Tribals, surrounded by mines, and a Black Drone. 
As fast as you can, use your rockets to boost over the mines (no time to 
shoot them, and if you walk past them it will blow the Tribals away).  
and land on the precious cargo of furry love (10/11), then turn around 
and blast that Black Drone to hell! Talk about some intense action... :p

Shortly thereafter, you will come upon a large chamber with a Cyborg 
Stag -- a missile to his face should put an end to his moaning. At the 
top of the makeshift stairs you will find another drooling Tribal 
(11/11). As you collect it, a dozen or so airbornes will attack, so be 
ready. Now go through the life-force door...and then exit the world on 
the Jet Force Gemini Ship!

================ GOLDWOOD: STAGE 4 -- INTERIOR =========================


Use which ever character you want to find all the Tribals here.

As you enter the stage, you can find a Tribal in one of the first bends, 
behind a box, much like the first one of the Outset (1/9). In the first 
village, there will be a dilapidated house -- on top of this is a 
Tribal! To get to it, get next to the place where it is, and do a mighty 
jump (hold C UP) and you will collect it (2/9).

In the area after the large ravine, you will go through a life-force 
door that leads to a cal-de-sac with dozens and dozens of stacked boxes. 
Before doing anything, you'll want to destroy the Black Drone, and then 
you can frolic with the four Tribals here (6/9). In the area immediately 
following, you will do battle with an entire squadron of airbornes, and 
then cross a bridge. This is the exit door...and to the left of the door 
are a stack of three boxes: the same number of Tribals hide behind them 

============ SPACE STATION: STAGE 1 -- ABANDONED WRECK =================


Complete GOLDWOOD: LODGE, and the ship will deliver you to this 
desolate, empty satellite, forever orbiting Goldwood, who's mysterious 
damage could have only come from that if Mizar's troops. This is 
definitely one of the most atmospheric/horrifying worlds of the entire feels like a mix of Super Metroid and Aliens...I advise you to 
play with the lights on if you are easily frightened! :p


From your starting point, fall through the cracks of the space station's 
hull, and search around there, you will quickly find the chest that 
contains this not-so-useful weapon. 


You may use any character you wish for this stage.

From your starting point, go forward and into the abandoned vessel. 
Soon, you will adjust your eyes to the dark, ominous corridors...Go 
directly forward, and you will come upon an intersection: go down the 
hall with the lights that quickly go down the hall in a pattern, 
lighting up the unseen for only an instant. It ends at a hall, and the 
hall stops in a dead-end room. Ah! Drones! Quickly dispatch of them, and 
pick up the cute, cuddly Tribal, that looks so out of place in this 
melancholy atmosphere (1/12). As you move on, you will notice that the 
Drones go through the halls randomly, which means you will have to be on 
alert at all times. Add into the equation the fact that the Drones blend 
easily into the blue frame of the ship, and you got yourself one hard 
trip ahead...

After exploring around, you will quickly (and quite accidentally) find 
that there is a basement floor to this level. In it, there is an 
elevator that goes down into a hole, which is across from a Totem Pole -
- ignore it, and move elsewhere. You will find one Tribal in a hall 
(2/12), and another in another dead-end room which was below your 
starting point (3/12). You will soon find another lift that will take 
you to the upper part of the floor, allowing you to get another Tribal 
(4/12). Of another interest is the fuel pad, which you can use to go 
across the gap and return to your ship (don't use it now though). Go to 
the elevator that was going up and down, and use it to go to the first 

Go forward and hastily snatch up the two Tribals (6/12) before the 
Drones slaughter them. This floor is in the shape of a circle, with 
different rooms branching off, and a lot less confusing than the first will find one chamber which has a Weevil, and another, guarded 
by a Drone, that holds two more Tribals (8/12). You will also discover 
another lift that goes to the lowest part of the station, but there is 
nothing more than Drones down there, so find your way back to the Jet 
Force Gemini Ship...but listen closely, if you hear the screams and 
shrieks from the Drones, you know something is up...

Before exiting the world, fall through the large, melted cracks of the 
space station's hull to find several passages. Here, you will find boxes 
to use to get higher, and not only will you discover the Flame Thrower, 
but you will uncover four Tribals (12/12)!! Return to your Jet Force 
Gemini ship to exit this region.


If you can't find're pathetic. It's right under one of the 
Tribals on the very first floor, near the jetpack pad.

============== GEM QUARRY: STAGE 1 -- LANDING ==========================


In the GOLDWOOD world, find and complete the RIM stage. This level 
branches off of Goldwood, as well. It is a small moon, inhabited by 
Tribals, and they use it to mine precious gems from the underground 


Any character can be used here.

All five (5/5) Tribals can be found in the first section, in groups. 
Without a doubt, this level will have you exert the least effort in this 
area than any other world of the GAME! 

Go to the large hut, and you will find Magnus inside. He explains that a 
meteor is on a collision course with the moon (as illustrated in the 
world's opening cinema). There is a satellite in orbit around the moon 
that can deflect it, but it needs power from a special machine. Said 
machine is in the second area, and when powered up by the emeralds, will 
allow the satellite to do its deed. Magnus will have an appropriate 
reward for this tiny deed.

So, as the flappy eared Magnus said, you need to go into the next area. 
In the middle is a machine with a dish on it, and a vacuum at the front' 
the machine itself constantly turns in space, ever so slowly. At the 
extreme end of the clearing is a Tribal who will constantly supply you 
with emeralds...simply shoot the emeralds into the clearing, and watch 
as the machine sucks it up. When the machine has eight emeralds in a 
certain amount of time (which doing so is easier said than done), you 
will be treated to a cinema of the satellite pulverizing the meteors, 
turning them to harmless space dust. Return to Magnus, and he will award 
you the RADAR DISH ! 

============== S.S. ANUBIS: STAGE 1 -- HOLD ============================


The Floyd Mission can be found by going where the Totem Pole is, then 
across the catwalks, and then following the narrow corridors. It 
involves collecting circuit boards and shooting consoles. To get the EAR 
PLUGS, you need to collect all EIGHT circuit boards, shoot THREE 
consoles, shoot one REACTOR HUB, and make it to the end in under a 
The only tip I can give you, is that when you get to the point where you 
shoot two consoles on large drums, instead of going straight ahead, turn 
to your right. A shortcut to the end -- with the last circuit board to 
Remember; practice makes perfect. And you'll need plenty of practice for 
this near-impossible task. 


In the room with the conveyor belt and the glass panes, go through the 
passage behind the glass to find yourself in an area with many catwalks, 
above a previous room. Explore each side of the ledges, and you will 
find this Totem Pole easily.


The first two Tribals are in the first room, next to the Oil Tanks and 
by the Goliath Beetle, so quickly run in and get them before they get 
nicked by stray fire (2/10). The rest of the Tribals are in the holding 
prisons, and you must find the individual switches that open I 
will give you the locations of the consoles.

# 1 - In the first room again, stand on the boxes near the life-force 
door that leads deeper into the level. Look on the opposite wall, and 
you will see the console on the wall. Shoot it!

# 2 - In the second room, the one with the six large containers, it is 
right next to the entrance door.

# 3 - The third chamber contains a large pit in the center, with 
electricity permeating the emptiness, and a platform going to and from 
each side. The console is on the first side. On another note, you can 
find a Tribal in the boxes if you poke around (3/10).

# 4 - After crossing the gap with the electricity, look behind you, deep 
in the pit, and you will see a cleverly hidden console on the wall, 
almost touching the rim of outer space.

# 5 - Finally, you've entered the room with the conveyor belt and large 
panes of soon as you get in, use your Sniper Rifle to look 
above and around the life-force door that leads to the prison 
facilities. Bingo! 
# 6 - Go in the passage behind the panes of glass, and you will find 
yourself on a higher level from a previous room. Go over the catwalks, 
and look on the left wall, then shoot the console (you may need to use 
the Sniper Rifle). 

# 7 - The final console is in the prison facility itself, next to the 
one of the holding cells (the first one, in fact).

3/10 + 7/10 = (10/10)

============ S.S. ANUBIS: STAGE 2 -- PASSAGEWAY ========================


To reach this stage, you'll need the jetpacks. In the very first room of 
the ship (where Magnus was), use the rocket pad to go up to the door on 
the ledge, and...there ya go!


Obviously, everyone can easily find the "dead-end" part of the level 
that contains 6 Tribals on a platform (6/8), but there are still two 
left. Well, listen up the sector where you must use your contains small platforms where you can fuel up at, lots of 
flying airbornes, many Sniper Drones, will also spot many 
"fake" door textures on the wall. Well, at one point you will find a 
tunnel that contains many electrical charges flowing inside. BEFORE 
this, to the very RIGHT, is an ACTUAL DOOR, with NO platform in front of 
it. Fly into it to open it up, revealing the last two Tribals (8/8).

Is Rare a genius or what?


In the long corridor filled with water, one of the doors to the side 
lead to a small antechamber with Midge (Magnus' alter ego you could say; 
simply a color swap and shorter ears). Midge will give you the ever 
beautiful FIN !

============= S.S. ANUBIS: STAGE 3 -- DEPOSITORY =======================


In the first room of the ship (where Magnus was), climb up towards the 
top of the room. If you have the Yellow Key, you will be able to enter 
this short, but sweet stage.


The depository is a simply enormous cargo hold, filled with literally 
hundreds of crates and boxes, stacked on top of each other, forming 20 
foot tall walls; creating a labyrinth filled with Drones. Follow the 
walls and you will find two doors on the other side. One is a small 
antechamber that contains a Black Drone! Kill it quickly (no explosives; 
I suggest the Pistol, because the Machine Gun is too imprecise). In here 
are five Tribals to be found (5/14). It is actually rather easy to miss 
the little baby one, which runs around in random directions.

Finally, in the room with the Jet Force Gemini Ship, there are nine (!) 
to be collected. All are rather easy to find, except for two on the 
platform with the ship (one is on the very edge, almost over the brink 
of the dark coldness of space), while the other is tucked in a corner, 
near the stairs that lead down (14/14).

================= WALKWAY: STAGE 1 -- PEAK =============================


Complete the ANUBIS: DEPOSITORY level and the ship will take you here.


Use the Jetpacks to reach the top of the building, and you will find 
this on one of the columns.


If you haven't already, you can receive the Homing Missiles in the 
building; simply open the chest that is in plain sight.


Rather, easy, eh? You must use Juno because he is the only one that can 
open trapdoors.

Four Tribals can be found on the top of the on the roof 
(1/6) on a column...(2/6)...and one on either side, on a ledge, 
making two more additions (4/6). You need to use the jetpads to get 

Finally, go inside the building, into the trapdoor, and into the 
underground corridors, filled with water. After wasting dozens of Shield 
Drones (and creating a rather large mess in the process), you will come 
upon two Tribals (6/6)...hehe, don't accidentally blow them away with a 
missile like I sometimes do :p

================== TAWFRET: STAGE 1 -- BOG =============================


You must use Juno, because he is the only one that can use the crowbar.

In the area immediately after your ship, you will come upon a long piece 
of land submerged in brownish water, with several Zombie Drones. Kill 
them all, and a life-force door will open on the side (I suggest using a 
Tri-Rocket Launcher). Inside will be another piece of land in brown 
water that twists around some gnarled trees -- huddling in the trees are 
two Tribals (2/10).  

Eventually you will reach the cemetery/church place. Use some explosives 
to blow open the small huts, and you will find many different items -- 
one even has two Tribals (4/10). On the other side of the dilapidated 
building is a Tribal on a ledge, you simply have to jump to it (5/10). 
Near the one on the ledge is a trap-door, use the crowbar (happens 
automatically) and it will open. You will immediately find a Tribal 
running towards you for help (6/10). When you get near the various doors 
on the sides of the wall, they will open, revealing either 1) a Zombie. 
Shoot it with your Tri-Rocket Launcher! or 2) a Tribal. You can find 
three Tribals in the doors (9/10). When all the Zombies are dead, the 
gate will open, revealing the last of the demonic teddy bears (10/10).

================ TAWFRET: STAGE 2 -- BRIDGE ============================


While on the tree-suspended bridges, use Lupus to glide to the distant 
hut. Destroy the nearby squadron of enemies to open the door, and go 
inside it.

In the same tree-bridge area, use Vela to swim in the water, and you 
will see bubbles coming from under one of the boulders...this is your 
cue to swim down there and into the secret hole! 


You must use Juno because he is the only one that can open trapdoors.

In the tree hut region, you should be able to find four Tribals behind 
the large trees that hold the suspension bridge up (4/12). Skip ahead to 
the area with Gimlet's house...In the same hut with the Sniper Rifle, 
you can find a Tribal/Drone combination -- thankfully, the Drone is 
unarmed (5/12). On the other side of Gimlet's yard is a hut with a metal 
door -- blow it away with some explosives and go inside to discover a 
trapdoor and the flare item. Before opening it, use a flare in the dark 
corner and you will see several platforms going up, towards another 
ledge with two Tribals (7/12). Now go down the trapdoor, and you will a 
Tribal at the end, behind the pillars (8/12). 

Returning outside, jump on the ledges near Gimlet's house, up to his 
chimney, and fall down. You will easily find two Tribals around the 
corner (10/12). Use some explosives on the nearby wooden pillars that 
are nailed to the wall, and you will find a secret passageway. Crawl 
though, and the final Tribals await (12/12)! 


Using Vela, go to the area where you collected Gimlet's pants. On the 
island where the tree is, swim down and through the hole. Surprise! 
Gimlet is here in a tiny room, walking in circles, waiting for 
something...which must be you. Talk to him to receive the CARGO KEY 

============== TAWFRET: STAGE 3 -- CASTLE ============================== 


From the start, keep opening gates until you get to the point where you 
see a waterfall. Instead of taking the path with the Shield Drones, take 
the colored corridor (red, blue, yellow, etc.). When you reappear, you 
find a lonely Tribal (1/6). Continue down the river, but do NOT shoot 
the Drones -- you might miss and hit a Tribal. You will find two more of 
the hairy creations in a darkened aclove (3/6). Two more are found 
deeper, near the entrance to the boss area (5/6). The final one is in 
the area with the columns/torches. 

============ SPAWNSHIP: STAGE 1 -- TROOP CARRIER =======================


In the room with the large chasm (the one not even Lupus can glide 
across), there are various platforms going back and fourth, allowing you 
to go from one end to the other. Using Lupus' hovering ability, jump 
down, and glide inside the pipe that is sticking out of the wall.

Read below walkthrough.


You must use Vela for this one, seeing as she has the mad skills when it 
comes to swimming/diving.

From the start of the region, go forward, use the lift to go to a higher 
level, and through the door. Kill the airbornes that come, and go 
through the life-force door. Destroy the Weevil across the gap, and go 
to the left (before using the floating platforms) to find a Tribal 
(1/15). Instead of going across, fall down to the lower level, in the 
water, and collect the Tribal in the corner (2/15). Exit, and you will 
be in a large corridor with several other doorways -- take the one 
directly across from you. In this room are several boxes, and a squadron 
of airbornes will come down! Don't shoot them; instead, run around and 
find the two Tribals before they get killed (4/15). Now shoot the flying 
goes, and exit the room.

Return to the watery area, and go through another passageway, the one 
leading to the chamber filled with even more water. Dive down into the 
deepest part, and go through the pipe. After two rooms of killing 
Drones, you will come to a dead-end chamber with a chest -- open it to 
find the SHOCKER WEAPON! Also, there are three Tribals in this room 
(7/15). Two are on top of the entrance pipe, and another is on a ledge 
near the ceiling; simply use the nearby jetpack pad. Return to the 
watery corridor, and fall to the start of the entire stage.

Use the elevator to go up, and through the door. Instead of going across 
the bridge, fall down to the lower catwalk, and jump to reach the Tribal 
above the doorway (8/15) -- go through this same door, as well. 
Continue, and you will find the area with three Drones, along with a 
Green Locked Door; go through here as well, and you will go through an 
obstacle course where you must avoid electrical blasts. At the end are 
four Tribals waiting in a pool (12/15).

Now, make your way to the room with the Yellow Locked Door...since you 
should have beaten this level before, I shouldn't need to explain it 
(for reference, it has the two pipes in it with Sniper Drones). In it is 
a Black Drone! Quickly fall down and plaster it before it can do its 
evil deed -- then simply collect the three remaining Tribals in the 
corner (15/15).


In the magma room through the Yellow Lock Door, use Juno's fire 
resistant armor to wade through the boiling liquid. You will find a 
corridor that leads to a pipe that has JUNO'S HATCH KEY !! Also, you should be able to find three or four capacity crates 
for both the Tri-Rocket Launcher AND Homing Missiles! Your Tri-Rocket 
Launcher/Homing Missile ammunition maximum should be at least above 30 
after that! 


Use the same strategy as when collecting Juno's Hatch Key, except look 
for a hole in one of the columns floating out in the lava. After that, 
it leads to a can do the rest, surely.

================= RITH ESSA: STAGE 1 -- BLUFF ==========================


You can not do this with Lupus, because the Blue Key is required...and 
Lupus can't get the Blue Key anywhere.

Go through the Blue Locked Door to find an extensive underground network 
of tunnels, with roughly three or four life-force doors to be opened. 
You can find a total of four Tribals down here (4/8)...two are in a 
corner near the start, the last pair is at the end, behind some crates. 
When you get near them, a squadron of airbornes will come: DO NOT shoot 
them! If you do, their explosions will kill the poor hold 
your fire until after they are collected.

When you exit the sewers, you will be on a high cliff, with two more 
Tribals (6/8) that couldn't be found otherwise. Drop down and continue 
with the level. At about mid-way through the ever-so long cliff area, 
you will come upon a nasty situation...when faced with three Goliath 
Beetles being backed up by squadrons of Airbornes and Drones, most 
people will push the panic button and unleash volley after volley of NOT do this! Behind the Goliathes are two Tribals that 
would be killed if you carried out that plan (8/8). Nearby, you should 
also be able to find several Capacity Crates on a secret ledge...


Technically, this is after the stage, but it's separate from everything 
else, so...I just stuck it here. Use Vela to swim under the waterfalls 
in the area directly after the Bluff stage, and you will find this Totem 
Pole easily.

================ RITH ESSA: STAGE 2 -- ASCENT ==========================


In the area directly after the Bluff stage, there is a Blue Locked Door. 
Well, what are you waiting for? Go on in! 


Lupus is the only character that CAN'T get the Tribals, but that makes 
perfect sense considering he can't even access this level in the first 

Before the first life-force door, you should be able to easily locate 
two Tribals behind boulders and other obstructions (2/6). To open said 
door, simply kill all the Sniper Drones (using the Homing Missiles in 
this situation will provide bunches of laughs, because sometimes the 
head of the Drone will literally fly a hundred yards and land at your 
feet! Hahaha!).

The next part is a long vertical shaft, with a ramp spiraling around, 
leading to the bottom. Use your Homing Missiles to pretty much destroy 
everything in sight, and then go through the rusty door at the bottom. 
Here, you must use your jetpack to go across a simply staggering 
expanse, where you can just barely make out what's on the other side. 
Before going, however, you may want to destroy the flying Drone, 
otherwise he'll bother you to no end...

This is just like the last vertical shaft, except you start out at the 
bottom. In the middle are three Drones and a Tribal along side each one, 
and a bit above, on the spiraling ramp, is another Drone/Tribal 
combination. Thankfully, the Drones are unarmed, and do the little 
"surrender" pose, so go in and collect your just rewards (6/6). Now whip 
out your rockets and blast those defenseless insects to kingdom come! 
Hahaha! :p

Strangely enough, when you exit this region, you return to the criss-
crossing paths that STARTED this entire stage...but we DIDN'T go in a 
circle...that's pretty strange. Regardless of this sloppy level design, 
the entrance also serves as an exit, so do so... 

=============== RITH ESSA: STAGE 3 -- MINE =============================


Directly outside the mine entrance, you can find a chest that contains 
some Cluster Bombs. I forgot to put it in the walkthrough, so I thought 
I would stick it here instead.


In the watery area directly after the Bluff stage, you can go through a 
wooden door, and through the door is a small cavern with a hut. Inside 
the hut is another of the fishface creatures, and he is feeling, er, 
"lonely", and rather peckish...If you give him the Specialist Magazine 
(refer to the Eschebone: Thorax world for the location of that 
particular item), he will give you the MINE KEY, which allows you to, 
obviously, open up this stage.


Vela is the only character that can obtain the Mine Key, so you don't 
have to worry about which character to select.

From the entrance, go forward and you will reach a large chamber with 
several Tribals at the bottom. How many is "several"? Four, of course 
(4/16). Down the dark corridor, and you find another large room, this 
time holding two Tribals (6/16). Shoot the crates at the side of the 
room to reveal a switch -- shoot the switch and an elevator will come 
down from above, so step on to reach the second floor. When you get up 
there, you notice four things: The final fishface creature, a pillar, 
and two passages going in opposite directions. Behind the pillar is a 
Tribal (7/16), and you can ignore Fishface if you wish. 

                           1                    Legend:
                                               EEE = Elevator
               * *        0_0          2       1/2 = Passageways
              #* *                             * = Pillar
              __________EEEEEEEEE_____         # = Tribal
                                               0_0 = Fishface guy

Technically, you can go down whichever passage you want, because it will 
eventually curve around and spit you out the other, but for reasons I 
will explain later, take tunnel 1. You will soon reach another chamber 
that has a bridge leading to two Tribals (9/16). Behind the nearby 
pillar is another one as well (10/16). Now, look over the edge of the 
platform, and you will see land below, jump down there and collect 
another furry friend (11/16). Shoot the boxes to revel a switch, shoot 
it, and hop on the elevator to get back up to where you were before. 
Continue down the mine (the side with the pillar on it).

Soon, you will come upon a Tribal Pad. If you stand on it and press "A", 
you will transform into a Tribal! However, as of now, you will want to 
IGNORE this. On the same path as the pad are two more Tribals waiting 
for you (13/16). Shortly thereafter, near a stairway, is another in the 
middle of the corridor (14/16). 

Then, you reach an enormous room with a small river in front of you. 
Follow the river down (the other passage takes you to the fishface guy), 
and you will come upon a caged elevator shaft. Get inside, shoot the 
switch, and the elevator will transport you to the basement. Now, get 
out, and charge your jetpack on the fuel pad, then get back into the 
shaft and activate it, going higher and higher, until you get to the 
very top. Look around, and you will be able to see that there is a 
secret doorway near the uppermost region of the shaft: and inside are 
the last two Tribals! 

Deep inside the mine is a Tribal Transformation Pad that will allow you 
to metamorphosis into one of the adorable so, and return 
to the fishface character. Upon talking to him, you will learn much 
about his slave operation -- thinking you are one of his servants, he 
gives you the DEFLECTOR SHIELD  to look after.


In the elevator shaft, use your jetpack power to go to the uppermost 
floor, and you will find two Tribals, along with a Totem pole on a 

================== RITH ESSA: STAGE 4 -- INTERIOR ======================


The first three are near the start, while the last one is near the very 
end. Be careful after you get the first three, because you might 
accidentally blow the fourth one away, considering he's sitting right in 
the middle of an armada of Drones (4/4). Pretty easy level...if you 
can't find them all, consider yourself toilet when it comes to this 

================ ESCHEBONE: STAGE 1 -- APPROACH ========================


The first screen after the ship has two Tribals (2/6) in opposite 
corners. Just be careful of all the Drones, just because there are 
Tribals about doesn't mean they will hold their fire. In the second 
screen, a wave of airbornes will come up. DO NOT shoot them, because 
their explosions as they hit the ground will kill the two Tribals 
inhabiting the magma islands below (4/6). Finally, in the section with 
the head of the giant alien worm sticking out of the wall, look for an 
island in the lava, and the final two Tribals are yours (6/6). 

================ ESCHEBONE: STAGE 2 -- THORAX ==========================


You must use Vela for this, because you will be required to swim for 
quite some time.

In the first region of this gargantuan level, you will find four 
pillars, and two Tribals on either side of each pair. On the side of the 
wall are white slits; walk through these to return outside. If you go 
through the ones on the right-hand side, you will find a steel door 
imbedded in the side of the rock. Whip out some explosives and blow it 
off its hinges! Inside is a jetpack pad, use this to rocket up on top of 
the worm's back, and you will see four holes. Fall down them according 
to where the Tribals are, and with some trial-and-error, you will get 
both (2/12). 

Much later in the level, you will come upon a large chamber filled with 
steam vents. Tucked away in the corner is, yes, a pair of Tribals 

A tiny bit later, you find a large open area with a lake to the side. 
Using Vela's swimming capabilities, swim through the cave there to find 
a vast network of underground water tunnels! You will find two Tribals 
next to the Blue Key (6/12), two in the dead-end room with the round, 
pink sphere objects (8/12), and the final two Tribals are in the room 
with the water passage that LEADS to another room with a Red Emerald 
(10/12). Just look behind the pillars and you will see them...

Returning back to the main path, you will soon come upon the room that 
holds the Magenta Key. Below it, on the ground level, is the last pair 
of Tribals (12/12).


In the same room as the Magenta Key is a small antechamber containing 
the Floyd Pad. To reach it, simply make use of the nearby jetpack pad 
(or use your boosters if you playing as Lupus). In this mission, you 
must collect at least 21 (even though the total is 24) DNA strands and 
make it to the end in less than a minute to open up the RITH ESSA TARGET 
RANGE for the multiplayer section of the game.

This is a very difficult mission, but I find the easiest way to do this 
is to clear out one side, make it to the end, curve around, do the other 
side (not caring if I miss one or two strands), and then when I reach 
the intersection, curve around and go to the center room, then quickly 
fly to the end. 


As mentioned in the walkthrough, as Vela you can find a lot of 
underwater areas to swim through. The Blue Key is one of the many 
goodies you can find here.


A few rooms away from the Blue Key, you will find a chest containing 
this pornographic masterpiece, the SPECIALIST MAGAZINE! Take it to the 
fishface guy on Rith Essa to trade for the Mine Key.

================= ESCHEBONE: STAGE 3 -- CORTEX =========================


In the very first room of the "Thorax", go through outside of the great 
alien beast by running through the holes in his side. You will find a 
wooden door embedded in the side of the mountain; blast it away with 
some explosives and go inside to discover a jetpack fuel pad. Charge up, 
and then boost to the top of the worm's body. Go through the tunnel, and 
you will travel up the backbone and to the brain! 

Methodically search the halls, and you will be able to easily find the 
five Tribals that hide in them (5/5)...just watch out for the electrical 


Go to the last room, where the brain is held a few dozen yards above the 
ground. Use the spiraling platforms around it as footholds, and you will 
slowly make your way up towards the top of the chamber. On a ledge, you 
will find the OXYGEN TANK !

================ SEKHMET: STAGE 1 -- BATTLE CRUISER ====================


You must use Juno, because you will need to walk in some magma.

You should be able to find a total of four Tribals hiding in the very 
first room (4/15). Go through the door that doesn't require a Green Key, 
and follow the metal tube until you find a Red Key Door; enter. You will 
see a jetpack pad on the platform -- so power up. In front of the pad 
you should be able to make out a hallway, so use your boosting power and 
rocket there, flying over the river, and gracefully landing there. This 
circular passageway goes around the entire level. Besides some other 
items, you will be able to find two more Tribals (6/15). 

Now, when you circle the level, you will return to the area where you 
entered, so drop back down, kill the Shield Drones, go to the next room, 
through the Red Key Door, and through the life-force door that is now 
open. Inside, destroy more enemies, and you will once again be faced 
with the lava room. Fall down into the boiling acid, and go through the 
sewer pipe. In this room, besides the Blue Key for Juno, you can find a 
ramp that goes to a small antechamber, with two Tribals inside (8/15).

Returning to the main path, you will again find the dreaded obstacle 
course of moving platforms. This time, however, you have the jetpack 
booster capabilities! So, charge up, then get the two Tribals on the 
lonely platform (10/15). In the second obstacle section, another Tribal 
is to be found (11/15), and yet another Tribal in the final obstacle 
room (12/15). 

When you reach the chamber that holds the Green Key, shoot out the glass 
above your head, and then use the jetpack pad to fly above to a long, 
vertical shaft with several enemies/platforms to find. Keep going up, 
and you will find three more Tribals for your collection (15/15).


In the lava area, drop down and go through the sewer pipe, and open the 
pipe in the biggest room.


In the spiral walkway that ends the level, at the very top, use Lupus' 
hovering ability to fly to the central pillar (hint: you see it in the 
cinema that shows the life-force door opening).

Go to the door that requires the Magenta Key (hint: the room where 
Fishface used to be).   Besides LOADS of capacity crates, the totem pole 
will be in one of the acloves along the way.

============= WATER RUINS: STAGE 1 - LOST ISLAND =======================


In the Sekhmet stage, from the starting point, go through the door that 
doesn't require a Green Key, and follow the metal tube until you find a 
Red Key Door; enter. You will find a jetpad there, so fuel up and boost 
yourself over the river below and into the secret passage in the wall. 
It circles all around the level, so you'll need to walk quite a bit. 
Besides some other treasures, you can find the Jet Force Gemini Ship 
docked in a hidden launch pad! Use it to reach this world.


You need to use Lupus for this world's Tribal hunt.

The first Tribal is directly behind your ship (1/8). Two more are out in 
the expansive water, on floating debris (3/8). Yet another is around the 
central castle, beside a pillar (4/8). The last four are on the topmost 
sections of the castle -- as if you haven't guessed by now, you must use 
Lupus' hovering ability from a nearby rock to get up there. Once you 
have arrived, it is a reasonably simple task.


Also known as the Timed Mines, the Proximity Mines lay in wait behind 
some debris near the castle. All characters can attain it from this 


After searching the desolate castle, you should have effortlessly found 
Ivanna the Polar Bear. He loves to sleep, but all of these pesky Tribals 
are annoying the Heck out of him! If you bring back some ear-plugs, he 
will reward you with the POWER CELL . 

To find the ear-plugs, you must proceed to the S.S. Anubis: Hold stage, 
and get a gold or higher on the Floyd Mission. This is a very demanding 
task, but considering the prize, it's worth it. 


Thankfully, this part is much easier to obtain than the last. Simply use 
Vela's swimming prowess to dive beneath the castle, and find the 
NITROGEN TANK  on a pedestal, near the flaming skull statue.

===================== CERULEAN: STAGE 1 -- DUNE ========================


Use any character you wish for this one.

The first six (6/8) are found in the very first room of the underground 
caverns. Many-a-minute later, when you reach your ship after numerous  
battles, poke around behind the pillars and you should be able to locate 
two more (8/8). 


In the first underground room, the game will award you for getting out 
of the desert by letting you easily find this Totem Pole!

=============== ICHOR: STAGE 1 - MILITARY BASE =========================

Read the walkthrough, "Bonus Floyd Mission." 


Get a Gold Medal on the Floyd Mission (below).


In the third screen (the first indoor room), you will see two sets of 
glass panes on the wall, about 10 feet up. Using Lupus, jump onto the 
highest set of crates, and hover to the ledge above. Turn around, and 
shoot out the glass. The farthest pair of glass has a secret passage 
behind it that leads to the CLUSTER BOMBS, as well as the Floyd Mission.

To get a Gold Medal, you have to collect at least 45+ oil canisters, 
then make it to the end in less than a minute. Making it to the end in 
the time is easy, but the collecting part can be troublesome if you 
haven't become adapted to Floyd's unique controls. With practice, 
however, comes perfection, so do not give up hope.


You must use Lupus here, because his boosting abilities are required.

In the fourth screen (the second indoor room), you will find a total of 
four Tribals (4/16). Two are behind oil barrels, the other pair are 
hidden in a small aclove, surrounded by Octopoids. Some machine gun fire 
here and there will open the life-force door, allowing you to continue 
onwards. Just be careful...the Cyborg Stag might kill the Tribals with 
his missiles if you're not careful! 

Another three of the furry creations can be found in the next room. Two 
are in opposite corners, while the third is on top of the entry-way 
door. Simply go to the nearby jetpack pad, fuel up, and rocket to it. 
7/16 it is..

In the room with the yellow w/black stripe machines that try to push you 
over the edge, there are two more Tribals on a far-a-way ledge (9/16). 
You need to use Lupus' rocketing abilities to get there (surely you knew 

In the room where you control platforms via the colored switches, 
another three can be racked up in the corner. Reiterating what I said 
earlier, you simply glide to them (12/16).

In the room after the one where you control the platforms, the final 
four can be found (16/16). Two are alongside the wall, another is above 
the exit doorway, and the final one is on a high ledge. To reach the 
ones on a higher plane, simply make proper use of the jetpack pads. 
Also, be sure to kill that pesky Black Drone before he screws up your 


In the room after the area where you control the platforms, you will 
find a jetpack pad. Use it to reach the pipe that is alongside the wall 
that houses the entrance doorway. In the pipe is a short trail that 
abruptly stops at LUPUS' KEY .


In the room after the area where you control the platforms, you will 
find a jetpack pad. Power up, and use it to reach the doorway above. 
Here, use Juno or Lupus to cross the magma and find the Totem at the 
other end of the corridor.

=================== ICHOR: STAGE 2 -- PERIMETER ========================


In the second screen of the Military Base, where there are pairs of 
drones on blue towers, you will be able to find a Blue Key Door in one 
of the corners. Any questions? No? Good.


The first screen is rather empty, unless you count the Sniper Drones 
upon the blue towers. Keep running, and you will get to the second 
screen, which consists of a curved corridor, life-force door, an exit 
door, and two large slits in the wall. Get out your Sniper Rifle, 
position yourself in front of the slits, and have some fun as you snipe 
the Drones below. You should be able to find and kill Drones around 
THREE different towers. When they are dead, the life-door will open, and 
you can go in.

In this room, several platforms stick out of the wall, forcing the 
ground path into that of a zigzag shape. Destroy all of the Shield 
Drones using some Homing Missiles, then go to the far side of the room 
and look behind the platform there to find a Tribal (1/8). Backtrack to 
the start of the room, and charge the jetpack and fly into the small 
hole in the wall. Duck down using C DOWN, and crawl until you find a 
pair of Tribals in this tight hole (3/8). Instead of continuing on, turn 
around and return to the room with the zig-zaggy path. Keep going, and 
you will find another jetpack pad, along with even more hordes of Shield 
Drones. Be sure to collect the three Tribals here (6/8); one in a 
corner, and two on top of various platforms (use the jetpack, 

Around the corner are four Drones sitting in large, rotating machine gun 
apparatuses! Sure, you can try to run it; but you'll take more damage 
than you can stand through. However, near the corner is a box of Sniper 
Rifle whip out that baby, zoom in on the Drone's hand, and 
pull the trigger, then grin as the entire machine explodes in an 
electrical fizz. When it's safe, go ahead and through the door, entering 
the blue, sandy desert ahead.

Step on the Drone Transformation Pad and you will be turned into a 
DRONE! Take a few moments to look at yourself from varying angles, then 
march through the desert. You will soon reach a building that has the 
words "BIG BUG CLUB" in flashing neon bulbs. Outside are several lines 
of Drones waiting to get in, along with two Goliath Beetle security 
guards. Take aim, then let loose with a few rockets, enjoying the close 
up view of the bloody massacre.

Inside, you will doubtlessly fall to the floor laughing. I don't want to 
ruin it for you, so I won't mention what exactly is in there. Well, 
there are two wallflower Tribals, not caring to dance to the 
music...(8/8)...upon collecting those, the Goliath Beetle bartender will 
open fire on you, then all the dancing bugs start shooting at you. 
That's just a warning.


Inside the Big Bug Disco Club (read Tribal walkthrough for location) is 
a side door that leads to the arcades. Inside are two cabinets, though 
one doesn't work. The first one is JEFF AND BARRY ARCADE RACING. It is a 
simple car race which will bring back memories of the NES...

As for the second cabinet, if you can collect the Arcade Chip in the 
Ichor: Military Base area, you can restore it to its former glory. It is 
the same as Jeff and Barry Racing, except more complicated in its track 


In the races, you can boost by pressing the "A" button, and you control 
the speed of your vehicle using the analog stick. Any items you pick up 
(shown as colored spheres) can be activated by pressing the "Z" trigger. 
The items you can get are the oil canister (green), which spins out 
opponents, the bomb (red), which slows down the others, and the boost 
(blue), which allows you to boost one more time -- at first you can only 
boost three times.

The key to winning is about the corners. You must take them very 
sharply, so as it come very close to the inside curve. If you do this, 
you can greatly improve your chances of winning. The final thing to 
remember, is to not use up your boosts at the start of the game! 
Instead, use them on straight-a-ways, to gain more momentum.


If you can beat the best time on both the Jeff & Barry and Jeff & Barry 
II machines (30 and 40 seconds, respectively) you can open up the 
Greenwood Special for the multiplayer section. Upon getting first in any 
race, it opens up its multiplayer equivalent. 

================ MIZAR'S PALACE: STAGE 1 -- FLUME ======================


Water. Which character is the only one that can swim underwater? Did 
someone say Vela? You get a cookie my good fellow!

After getting out of that horrible underwater maze, you can find four 
Tribals in the corner as a reward for the torture the game put you 
through (4/6). The next screen also has some Tribals, up on a ledge, out 
of eye-sight (6/6). If it wasn't for the underwater labyrinth, this 
stage might actually be easy! :p

============== MIZAR'S PALACE: STAGE 2 -- CHASM ========================


You'll need Lupus' hovering abilities here.

As soon as you gain control of your character, you can find two Tribals 
behind you, along the wall (2/10). Head forward and the mighty door will 
swing open, revealing an even larger area full of Airbornes and Weevils. 
When cleared, the section's doors opens, and you will find yourself 
inside the night vision goggle maze once again!

Since everything is either three shades of green, and this is a maze, 
you might want to "mark" the places you've been (no, Lupus does not have 
a secret urine attack). When you see a box, shoot it, if you see any 
emeralds, collect them all, regardless of your health. This way, if you 
get turned around, you will know you're going in the wrong direction by 
looking at the hints you gave yourself.

Everytime you find an antechamber, search the walls methodically, and 
you will find a small aclove that holds four more Tribals (6/10). 
Continue on until you exit the maze, and find yourself back in the 
scorching daytime desert that is Mizar's Palace.

Instead of boosting towards the pyramid cathedral, go behind you to find 
a Tribal on a large stone column (7/10). After getting to the waterfall 
area, you can find one behind a cataract (8/10), and two more above, 
near one of the water fountain spouts (10/10).

=============== MIZAR'S PALACE: STAGE 3 -- LOBBY =======================


Because of some fire obstacles, you must use Juno here.

The first room contains several acloves, torches, a plexi-glass map of 
the section, and two small tunnels behind the map. In either tunnel, you 
will find airbornes, two Cyborg Stags (!), and several Shield Drones to 
play with. The first tunnel leads to a room that has three Tribals 
(3/14), while the second leads to a room with many capacity crates, 
while the Tribals are hiding in a corner in the room with the boxes -- 
be sure not to use any explosives, or you risk the chance of killing 
them (5/14).

Return to the main lobby, and throw yourself into the trapdoor / torch 

When you come to the first intersection, turn right and rush through the 
hordes of Shield Drones. You will find two rooms; one containing two 
Tribals, the other three -- for a total of five (10/14)!

Backtrack to the start of the maze, and then turn left. On the wall next 
to the lava room entrance, you find another door that leads to a dead-
end chamber, holding four yellow Drones. Kill them, then turn around and 
rescue the two impatient Tribals in the corner (12/14). 

Finally, in the magma room, cross the hot liquid, turn to the left, and 
rescue the final Tribals of the entire game...(14/14)


In the lava room, blast away the Goliath Beetle and crawl through the 
small tunnel behind him. 

============== MIZAR'S PALACE: MEETING PLACE ARENA =====================


Exiting from the Lobby area, go along the left-hand side wall and you 
will find a large pyramid inside a secret corridor -- go inside. Charge 
up on the jetpack pad, and boost to the top of the pillar that is in the 
center of the room. This is a Drone Transformation pad, and if you use 
it, you can metamorphosis into a that of a DRONE! Head through the next 
door, and jump on the elevator. In the next area, climb onto the car in 
the corner, and then drive through one of the tunnels.


Get first-place in Mizar's 3D Racer and you will receive the FUSE ! 


Without a doubt, this will take the longest time of any of the ship 
parts to collect. Go inside the large pyramid that serves as the meeting 
place, and you will find King Jeff, along with the vehicle he owns. When 
you have collected ALL the Tribals IN THE ENTIRE GAME, talk to him and 
he will fork over the STABILIZER.

================ ASTEROID: STAGE 1 -- MIZAR'S LAIR =====================

The asteroid that Mizar picked as his doomsday projectile to unleash 
upon the Earth is frigid, cold, uncaring, and very foreboding. Its vast 
network of underground tunnels are highly frigid; icicles hang from the 
ceiling, and a thick, white fog permeates the emptiness. Truly, this 
stage can only give you the feeling of wonderment, and melancholy...


Once you have collected all the space ship parts in the game (a task 
that will take an unbelievable amount of time and effort), talk to King 
Jeff, who resides in the meeting place of Mizar's Palace. The ship will 
take off, and land on Mizar's Asteroid -- though, it will be wrecked and 
twisted beyond recognition. Vela, Lupus, and King Jeff will stay back to 
see if they can fix it, while they send Juno (that's you, genius) ahead 
to find -- and stop -- Mizar.


Check your Homing Missile / Tri-Rocket Launcher ammunition. If the 
maximum capacity for both of them is less than 25 (or even 30), you'll 
going to find Mizar and this level a bit more difficult than it should 
be. Here are some areas that have a lot of capacity crates for these two 
devastating weapons... 
Tawfret/Bog: In the area with King Jeff, blow down the huts with the 
rockets and find the crates inside.

Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser: Open the Magenta Key Door, and as you go down 
the river, stop off at each aclove and really rack up on the crates.

Spawnship/Troop Carrier: In the magma room (through the Yellow Key 
Door), drop down to the bottom and scan the walls for a secret passage. 
YOU HAVE HIT THE MOTHERLOAD! If this doesn't send your capacity for 
missiles and rockets over 30, then you must have blasted through the 
regular levels. Shame on you. 


If you thought the game needed a "snow" level, then you got your wish. 
However, the hot, steamy action will make it seem a bit more 
toasty...Run down the halls, blasting Shield Drone, Centurions, etc. 
with missiles, rockets, and whatever you want, and keep trudging 
forward. This stage has no complex puzzles, just pure action. In one 
room, several sheets of ice will surround pairs of the ever-so powerful 
Cyborg Stags...just one stray bullet and they will awaken, and send 
volley after volley of missiles at you! You can either go through here 
covertly: finding a way around them. Or my way, going in with machine 
guns blazing, then whipping out a missile launcher and killing them all. 
Sure, you might take some damage, but it will be a lot more interesting 
(not to mention fun).

After several more hallways that are filled to bursting enemy-wise, you 
will come upon a large room occupied by half-a-dozen or so ammunition 
crates. Step into the next door, and...


As you step outside, you gawk as you see the planet Earth in the 
background, and a dark, blackish blue sky surrounds you, with gray/blue 
mountains sweeping around the arena. After a shudder, Mizar lifts his 
body over the ledge, grinning ear to ear (or, rather, horn to horn). 
Suddenly, Lupus and Vela appear behind you, ready to fight. Mizar takes 
care of them quickly, however, and then it's just you and one big, bad 
bug. It's a battle royal that entire galaxies have waited for!!

===================== THE FINAL CONFRONTATION ==========================


Mizar's home base is a large rocky outcropping about 30 feet away, and a 
huge chasm separates the two of you. At the start of each phase, dozens 
and dozens of gigantic boulders will be hurled at you by some unseen 
force generated by Mizar. These boulders will track you down, and when 
they explode you will be damaged greatly. The best defense is to stay in 
one spot, and when one is about to hit you, move in the opposite 
direction. To increase your chances of survival, constantly shoot your 
Machine Gun. 

Then, Mizar's leathery wings spread wide, and he takes flight! He rushes 
you and the real action begins! Unlike other bosses, Mizar's attack 
patterns are completely random. His attacks are as so: 1) His purple eye 
bolts return! They are the easiest of his attacks to dodge; simply 
strafe left and right 2) A green, frigid blast of cold air will be 
snorted by Mizar, covering the tiny space you can maneuver around in. 
The second he breathes in, get away from the corners of the field, 
because he can trap you there. To avoid it, move in one direction 3) His 
patented "fiery claw" attack, in which he flies right in front of you, 
his massive body taking up the entire screen, and slamming his mantid 
claw into the ground, creating a single, fiery shockwave. To avoid it, 
move to the left/right of the claw, and then jump into the center of the 
ring (your playing field is too small to avoid it otherwise). Finally, 
4) His most devastating attack; he spreads his fingers of his metallic 
claw wide, and arcs of electrical current slam into the arena, creating 
a small blob of concentrated energy, which he controls by moving his 
hand left and right. Merely getting hit by it for a split-second will 
cost you two life-segments; standing in it for more than two seconds 
will cost a staggering life BAR. Not segment, BAR (as in 1/4 of your 
entire energy capacity). As such, you're going to want to avoid this 
attack to the best of your ability. Unfortunately for yourself, it is 
the hardest. Sometimes it goes back and fourth very quickly. In this 
case, stand in one place and press and hold C UP when it comes towards 
you, hopefully you will stay in the air long enough to avoid coming back 
down on it. Another way he can do it is to move it very slow, in which 
case you must run at it and try to jump over it.

If you think that's all you need to know regarding his attacks, you're 
dead wrong. Since Mizar can fly, he can use his attacks in about 10 
different locations, each of which will drastically change the slope, 
slant, and angle of his attacks. If you really piss him off, he will do 
a really awful attack in which he does his electrical blast for about 
two seconds, changes direction without warning, turns it off/on without 
warning, switches his location and varies the angle...which will, of 
course, disorientate you very much.


Mizar's weakspot, at the start, is a large colored box on his back. 
After avoiding many attacks, Mizar will fly backwards, exposing it: take 
aim with your Homing Missiles / Tri-Rocket Launcher and blast away.  You 
know you nailed him if you hear a fizzle sound, it sounds almost like a 
short-circuit. Regardless of if you miss or hit, Mizar will abruptly 
turn around, charge your platform, and do the fiery claw attack. Before 
he does the actual attack, you can shoot him in the chest and damage him 
that way (any other time will not work, it must be when he does the 
fiery claw, and it must hit in the chest/abdomen area. If it hits his 
metal hand, it won't have any effect). 

A note on using weapons...some guides say to use Missiles, some say 
Rockets. True, Missiles will lock-on, but Rockets are twice as powerful. 
Pick whichever one you want. Just let me tell you, the best Rocket aimer 
could beat Mizar faster than the best Missile aimer. Rockets only take 
more skill, because you must use manual targeting, and you have only a 
split-second to shoot (because the rockets are barely faster than a 
flying Mizar). Also of note when aiming, is to watch out for Mizar's 
folded up legs -- they have been noted to deflect the shots.


Mizar will send rocks at you, allow you to hit him, do tons of random 
attacks, allow you to attack him...and when you do enough damage, he 
moves on to the next phase, which is exactly the same, only the attacks 
are much harder to avoid. In the third phase in particular, Mizar will 
get really PO'ed and use his electrical blasts like nuts, so you'll 
probably lose A LOT of life then.


After taking a critical hit, Mizar's flying becomes erratic. Just before 
a mighty explosion destroys his wings and creates a gaping hole in his 
backside, Mizar barely lands on the ledge you are on, clinging for dear 
life. As he lifts his head up, he screams a deafening war cry and we 
move to overtime!

Now, this is very similar to the first Mizar confrontation, but with one 
crucial difference: your energy is almost totally gone! Knowing this, 
Mizar attacks at a horrifying speed, sending attack after attack at you. 
Use your homing missiles to quickly shoot his metal claw, and it will be 
ripped off in a fiery explosion. After a fountain of rainbow colored 
blood spews from his shoulder, the battle continues. Now he uses his 
mantid claw to create double shockwaves! If you're low on energy (and 
you will be), this is a terrifying sight. When that claw is destroyed, 
Mizar is left with only his's time to end his suffering.

Though this has nothing to do with beating the game, I thought I would 
share my opinions.

Has anyone noticed that since the introduction of 3D machines, the last 
bosses have generally been complete and utter crap? Mario 64, Shadowman, 
Turok I, Turok II, Sonic Adventure, Zelda V, Power Stone, Soul Calibur, 
Diddy Kong Racing, GoldenEye 007, and I could just keep going. Though 
the games themselves were awesome, the last boss was rather 
disappointing, to say the least.

Rare seemed to have noticed this, and made Mizar the best boss I have 
ever seen for a 3D game! The battle has everything: Awesome graphics, 
adrenaline producing music (definitely a big plus there), and best of 
all, CHALLENGE! Yes! You will die many times at this boss! It's nothing 
to be ashamed of -- what, would you rather be able to kill him the first 
try? Even with all of those paragraphs I wrote about him, you will still 
die pathetically. It's mostly skill, which is why I like him so much. 
And let's not even mention how his attacks are random, instead of some 
crappy, monotonous repetition.

And the music. Whoohoo, it just made the battle oh so much sweeter. The 
first time I beat him, I was literally shaking, because so much 
adrenaline was pumping through my veins. It was that good. And still, I 
get that little rush when I'm about to die. 

And the ending was OK, but the credits were just plain hilarious, and 
that's all there is to it. Again, thank Rare for their sense of humor 
that could only come from England...


So you've beaten the game so many times and you want Mizar to be EVEN 
harder? You're quite a demanding guy, you realize? 
Thankfully, I can offer you some more bang for your buck. Between 
phases, when Mizar sends those huge boulders at you, don't avoid them. 
Just let go of the controller and watch as your hero's energy falls 
faster than the profits gained from the Bill Clinton blow-up doll fad. 
Surely, this will make the final fight much more interesting. 



Before e-mailing me a question, please check out this section to make 
sure I haven't already answered it.


Q: Am I the only person who thinks the snarling, screaming, etc. of the 
Drone enemies sounds almost exactly the same as the velociraptors of 
Jurassic Park movie fame? 
A: Actually, I always thought the same thing myself. Hmmm...I think it 
makes the Drones seem more dangerous that way :p


Q: Do the sound effects of the area near the ship in Goldwood (before 
the Outset) sound exactly the same as the Jungle mission in GoldenEye 
007 (another Rareware classic)? 
A: Yes, you're not the only one to notice the striking similarities.


Q: In Tawfret, I've tried to get the pants up the tree, but have failed. 
How can I get them?! 
A: You have to hold C UP for a second or two to jump higher, instead of 
simply tapping it.


Q: Where do I get the jetpacks? How do they work? 
A: After "defeating" Mizar # 1 (check chapter 9, "The Meeting") King 
Jeff will upgrade your armor. You now have the potential to use the 
jetpack! When you see a pad with an "F" on it, stand on it and watch as 
your tanks fill up. Then you can activate it by pressing C UP! Float in 
place with C DOWN (and save fuel by using the analog'll 
understand better when you use it).


Q: You do realize the "sticks" the Drones drop are guns, correct? 
A: Yeah, but they certainly don't look like it, which is why I referred 
to them as brown sticks...


Q: What percent of the game am I through? 
A: When you complete Juno's initial task, I'd say 10%. With Vela + Juno, 
20%. With Juno, Vela, and Lupus, I'd say maybe 25%. Yep, at least 75% of 
the game is spent searching for Tribals and secret worlds!


Q: Where is the Arcade / Disco located? 
A: Both can be found in the same place...the Ichor: Perimeter level! 
Check chapter 10 for more information. 


Q: How do I get the extra arcade chip to power up Jeff & Barry Racing 
A: Check out "Ichor: Military Base" in chapter 10, "The Lists of Lists: 
A Breakdown of Every World and Stage."


Q: I've seen you use the word "antechamber" numerous times throughout 
the guide -- what does it mean? 
A: An antechamber is, generally, a small room off to the side of the 
main path. For Jet Force Gemini, antechambers usually contain power-ups 
and secret items, such as Totem Poles, Tribals, etc.


Q: Is an Expert Rating different from a Gold Rating when dealing with 
Floyd Missions? If so, how do I get an Expert? 
A: Yes, an Expert Medal is rainbow colored, while the Gold Medal is, 
well Gold, obviously. Check out the secrets section (Chapter 13), and 
read the footnotes under the Floyd Bonus Missions area.


The Drone is the backbone of Mizar's entire army, and will be the most 
common enemy in the entire game. Appearing as a large ant with shiny, 
black eyes, they carry guns and are set out to stop you. Though weak, 
they often travel in groups of 4-5, and will attempt to overwhelm you in 

The Drone is, quite honestly, one of the smartest creatures I have ever 
witnessed in a game of this type. Instead of running at you and shooting 
regardless of the situation, they will hide behind boxes, and when you 
are not shooting, get back up and fire, then duck again. They will use 
corners of walls, crates, boxes, and other, more powerful creatures as 
shields, and will try to protect themselves at all costs. If a single 
Drone is left from what was once a group of six, it will often flee, 
looking for backup. They strafe left and right, evading gunfire, and 
even duck in open spaces. 

Drones come in a multitude of colors and hues. The basic Blue Drone will 
shoot at you, and lob grenades if the opportunity arises. Green Drones 
hide in high places, such as trees and poles, and snipe at you, often 
surprising you. Black Drones camp out in areas with Tribals, and the 
second they see you, will target the nearest Tribal and open fire: 
therefore, if you are on a hunt for Tribals, you will want to defeat the 
Black Drone as quickly as possible. Yellow Drones are rather idiotic, 
and just sit there and stare at you, but they are very rare. Finally, 
Red Drones are similar to Blue Drones, except faster, smarter, has more 
firepower, and better accuracy, defense, etc. 

And, as you get further into the game, you will see Shielded Drones. 
These are particularly nasty in that they can deflect all but the most 
powerful of projectiles. If you are reduced to something as pathetic as, 
say, the Pistol, you will need to run behind them and shoot before they 
turn around. Missiles, grenades, rockets, and the like will make short 
work of them. 


Being about twice your size, these purple monstrosities sit in place and 
shoot powerful machine gun volleys at you. Go for head shots, because 
their body is simply too strong...unless you have a rocket or two handy.


Also sitting in place, the Weevil is very similar to the Goliath Beetle 
in that it shoots long streams of energy at you. The darker the color, 
the more powerful it is.


A zombie will be of almost any type of insect, except the color brown 
and will have white, glowing eyes. They are roughly five times as 
powerful as their living counterpart: The Plasma Shotgun and any 
explosives you may have are your only hope.


Like Drones, Airbornes come in many, many different shapes and sizes. 
Some link up into giant formations and shoot at you all at once, others 
go on predictable rounds and shoot anything that moves. Others still 
will relentlessly track you down! I often refer to them as "Bots" or 
"Airbornes" in my walkthroughs. The best way to take them down is with 
some massive machine gun blasts.


Small, almost pointless insects which walk along the ground in certain, 
narrow passageways (such as ventilation shafts). You don't really have 
to kill them, considering the threat they hold is very low.


A gigantic behemoth, with one side of its body completely stripped of 
flesh, the other made of metal, and a single, glowing eye. One hand is 
that of a grotesque claw, the other of a rocket launcher. His armor is 
very strong, and having more than one of these on screen is rather 
terrifying unless you have a good supply of missiles! Try your best to 
avoid his rockets, because they hurt a lot.


A flying, tentacle-sporting monstrosity, it will continually shoot 
machine gun fire at you. In groups of four or five, these are not a 
pretty sight.


These black mammoths are the end all, be all enemy of Mizar's troops. 
Sporting double machine guns, their body is invincible to every type of 
projectile...the one and only way to destroy them is to shoot them in 
the face, continuously, with a strong weapon. Missiles and rockets are a 


"Cheats" are slowly becoming outdated in the video game world, and 
"Secrets" or "Rewards" are replacing them. Where as cheats will let you 
easily complete the game with little effort, secrets will add to the 
game, make it longer, and a more fulfilling experience.

Note: Many of these were taken from Cheat Code Central (with their 
permission). I have re-worded many of them due to detail issues.

====================== GENERAL SECRETS =================================

# 1 - After destroying a Drone, you will often be able to see their 
various appendages fly around behind a fountain of gore. You can usually 
spot a brown, "twig" like object: if you pick this up, it will add ammo 
to your Machine Gun.

# 2 - Also after destroying a Drone, you can pick up their heads. If you 
get 100 heads, you get the "Rainbow Blood" cheat. If you get 200 heads, 
you receive the "Character Kid Cheat." And finally, a staggering 300 
heads will allow you to proudly wield the "Ants Into Pants" cheat. 
Er...Rare is a bit psychotic if you ask me. ;)

RAINBOW BLOOD: The volume of blood unleashed by your ruthless attacks is 
increased by two, and it becomes a swirl of many colors: neon, green, 
yellow, red, blue, purple, and many different shades, such as dark 
green, dark blue, light pink, etc. I usually leave this on all the time, 
just to satisfy by perverse nature... ;)

JET FORCE GEMINI KIDS: The main characters become small children. Don't 
get too excited, now!

ANTS INTO PANTS: If you've visited for any amount of time, 
you should know of their "mascot" and ultimate inside joke -- Mr. Pants. 
Now, imagine this awful 2D drawing represented as a 3D model. Now turn 
this cheat on and see it as a reality! Mr. Pants! Ahhh!!! :p

# 4 - Not mentioned in the manual, so I thought I would share it with 
you. When using the jetpack, holding "C DOWN" will make you hover in 
place. This will consume less fuel that the standard way.

# 5 - If you are running low on Flamethrower fuel, shoot a Tribal that 
carries a lantern (only once), and pick up the lantern, it will add ammo 
to the thrower of flames! 

# 6 - You will often times see jewels out of reach...simply shoot them 
with a gun and they will come to you!

================== TOTEM POLE REFERENCES ===============================


# 1 - Yellow Drone (Goldwood/Area 1)
Use Vela's advanced swimming abilities to dive to the bottom of the 
secret fish pond.

# 2 - Blue Drone (S.S. Anubis/Hold)
In the room with the glass panes, take the path behind said panes, and 
you will find yourself on top of a previously explored room. Investigate 
the ledges, and you will find the Totem.

# 3 - Green Drone (Spawnship/Troop Carrier)
In the chamber with a chasm so wide that even Lupus can't cross, use 
Lupus' rockets to boost into the pipe that is in the side of the wall. 

# 4 - Male Tribal (Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser)
Use the Magenta Key to open the Magenta Door, and float down the river, 
collecting numerous capacity crates. At the end, waiting for you, is a 

# 5 - Female Tribal (Rith Essa/Mine) 
In the elevator shaft, use the nearby jetpack pad to rocket to the 
uppermost floor. The Totem is on the ledge.

# 6 - Zombie Termite (Tawfret/Bridge)
Use Lupus' hovering ability to reach the faraway hut in the first 
section. Blast away the nearby enemies to open the door, and walk 

# 7 - Beetle Termite (Tawfret/Bridge)
In the first section again, use Vela to swim into the secret cave 
(indicated by bubbles breaking the surface of the water).

# 8 - Metallic Termite (Sekhmet/Battle Cruiser) 
In the last region, there is a gigantic room with a spiraling ramp 
leading to the top. Before exiting, use Lupus to glide across to the 
central pillar, and awaken this Totem.

# 9 - Purple Termite (Mizar's Palace/Lobby)
In the area with the lava, blast away the Goliath Beetle and crawl 
through the hole that is behind him. 

# 10 - RED DRONE (Ichor/Military Base) 
In one of the last rooms, you can use a jetpad to fly around. In one of 
the above areas, you discover a long corridor filled with magma! Use 
Juno to walk across to the distant platform holding this Totem.

Receive an expert award on every Floyd Bonus Mission in the game.  That 
one is going to be pretty difficult...check the Inventory Screen via the 
Pause Menu to check your medals.


King of the Hill (Cerulean/Dune) 
The first underground chamber holds this easy-to-access Totem. Sort of a 
reward after the harsh desert...

Tunnels (Rith Essa/Bluff)
In the area immediately following Bluff, you will come onto a peaceful 
area with waterfalls. Use Vela to swim into the underwater cave, and...I 
don't really have to explain the rest, do I? 
Space Station Stage (Space Station/Abandoned Wreck) 
On the first floor, near the jetpad area. Simply fall down and you will 
get it, though it's a pretty obvious target with its light in this dark 

Rith Essa Mine Stage (Walkway/Peak) 
Use the jetpacks to rocket up to the roof, then onto the columns, and 
you will find this one rather easily. The trick is knowing which pillar 
it is...

Goldwood Target Range (Goldwood/Outset) 
Get a Gold on the Floyd Mission to open up this sweet multiplayer mode! 

Rith Essa Target Range (Eschebone/Thorax) 
Again, get a Gold on the Floyd Mission and you get another multiplayer 
stage for the new mode! 
Jeff & Barry Racing (Ichor/Perimeter) 
Get first place. The key to doing this is to take the corners very 
tightly, and to use any power-ups you acquire wisely.

Jeff & Barry Racing II (Ichor/Perimeter) 
Get first place, again. However, to "fix" this machine, you need to get 
a gold at the Ichor Military Base Floyd Mission to get the Arcade 
Circuit Board -- then get first place to open up its multiplayer 

Greenwood Village Race Track (Ichor/Perimeter) 
Beat the best times on both arcade machines (hint: the best time is at 
the top of the screen when you start a new game and it says the title). 

Mizar 3D Racing (Mizar's Palace/Pyramid Area) 
Get first place, and it becomes playable in multiplayer. If you've 
played Wipeout, F-Zero X, Extreme G, etc., then you should have a tight 
handle on this mini-game!

==================== FLOYD BONUS MISSIONS ==============================


The hardest thing about the Floyd Missions are the turns. If you take 
them too fast, you lose control. If you take them too slow, you drift. 
This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that items you must 
collect are often in the tightest curves...instead of using your 
targeting cursor as your guide (as most people do), use the horizontal 
lines at the bottom. It requires practice, but you should be able to 
master it with time.


A Gold Rating will allow you to unlock the secret that the particular 
mission has. For example, achieving a Gold on the S.S. Anubis stage 
allows you to collect the ear-plugs. However, an EXPERT RATING (the 
medal is rainbow colored) is different. To achieve an Expert, you must 
get ALL the items, destroy ALL the targets, and get to the end in a 
certain amount of time. Naturally, that will be much more difficult than 
acquiring a Gold.


This is found in the same area that Juno can collect the Red Key, you 
simply go through the door. In this mission, you must collect 12 (even 
though the total is 16) metal ore samples, destroy 10 pyramid type 
things, and make it to the end in under a minute to unlock a special 
targeting range in the multiplayer mode!


The Floyd Mission can be found by going where the Totem Pole is, then 
across the catwalks, and then following the narrow corridors. It 
involves collecting circuit boards and shooting consoles. To get the EAR 
PLUGS, you need to collect all EIGHT circuit boards, shoot THREE 
consoles, shoot one REACTOR HUB, and make it to the end in under a 
The only tip I can give you, is that when you get to the point where you 
shoot two consoles on large drums, instead of going straight ahead, turn 
to your right. A shortcut to the end -- with the last circuit board to 


In the same room as the Magenta Key is a small antechamber containing 
the Floyd Pad. To reach it, simply make use of the nearby jetpack pad 
(or use your boosters if you playing as Lupus). In this mission, you 
must collect at least 21 (even though the total is 24) DNA strands and 
make it to the end in less than a minute to open up the RITH ESSA TARGET 
RANGE for the multiplayer section of the game.

This is a very difficult mission, but I find the easiest way to do this 
is to clear out one side, make it to the end, curve around, do the other 
side (not caring if I miss one or two strands), and then when I reach 
the intersection, curve around and go to the center room, then quickly 
fly to the end. 


In the third screen (the first indoor room), you will see two sets of 
glass panes on the wall, about 10 feet up. Using Lupus, jump onto the 
highest set of crates, and hover to the ledge above. Turn around, and 
shoot out the glass. The farthest pair of glass has a secret passage 
behind it that leads to the CLUSTER BOMBS, as well as the Floyd Mission.

To get a Gold Medal, you have to collect at least 45+ oil canisters, 
then make it to the end in less than a minute. Making it to the end in 
the time is easy, but the collecting part can be troublesome if you 
haven't become adapted to Floyd's unique controls. With practice, 
however, comes perfection, so do not give up hope.

===================== OTHER BONUS MISSIONS =============================


Inside the Big Bug Disco Club (read Tribal walkthrough for Ichor: 
Perimeter for its location) is a side door that leads to the arcades. 
Inside are two cabinets, though one doesn't work. The first one is JEFF 
AND BARRY ARCADE RACING. It is a simple car race which will bring back 
memories of the NES...

As for the second cabinet, if you can collect the Arcade Chip in the 
Ichor: Military Base area, you can restore it to its former glory. It is 
the same as Jeff and Barry Racing, except more complicated in its track 

In the races, you can boost by pressing the "A" button, and you control 
the speed of your vehicle using the analog stick. Any items you pick up 
(shown as colored spheres) can be activated by pressing the "Z" trigger. 
The items you can get are the oil canister (green), which spins out 
opponents, the bomb (red), which slows down the others, and the boost 
(blue), which allows you to boost one more time -- at first you can only 
boost three times.

The key to winning is about the corners. You must take them very 
sharply, so as it come very close to the inside curve. If you do this, 
you can greatly improve your chances of winning. The final thing to 
remember, is to not use up your boosts at the start of the game! 
Instead, use them on straight-a-ways, to gain more momentum.

If you can beat the best time on both the Jeff & Barry and Jeff & Barry 
II machines (30 and 40 seconds, respectively) you can open up the 
Greenwood Special for the multiplayer section. Upon getting first in any 
race, it opens up its multiplayer equivalent. 


Exiting from the Lobby area of Mizar's Palace, go along the left-hand 
side wall and you will find a large pyramid inside a secret corridor -- 
go inside. Charge up on the jetpack pad, and boost to the top of the 
pillar that is in the center of the room. This is a Drone Transformation 
pad, and if you use it, you can metamorphosis into a that of a DRONE! 
Head through the next door, and jump on the elevator. In the next area, 
climb onto the car in the corner, and then drive through one of the 

This mini-game is similar to the Jeff & Barry Arcade games, except in 
3D, and much more intense. The gameplay mechanics are similar: analog 
stick for movement and acceleration, "A" for boosts (if you have one), 
get green spheres oil, red for bombs, and blue for one more boosting 
opportunity. If you've played any futuristic racers on the market today 
(F-Zero X and Wipeout in particular), then you should have a little 
trouble becoming a good Mizar 3D Racer player! 
If you come in first place here, you unlock its multiplayer twin. 

================== STRANGE OBSERVATIONS / EASTER EGGS ==================

# 1 - Gimlet's entire mission (pants) and his strange accent, suggests 
to me that the webmaster of had some heavy influence on the 
programmer's of this game! :p  

# 2 - After bequeathing the pants to Gimlet in the Tawfret world, talk 
to him immediately. He says, and I quote, " yin and yang are 
warming up nicely." If you leave the hut, he will disappear forever, so 
you have to talk to him immediately.

# 3 - When you trade the pornographic masterpiece known as the 
Specialist Magazine for the Mine Key, take care to pay special attention 
to fishface's words, and you can infer that he is going to be, to say 
the obvious, masturbating after you leave. I'm surprised Rare got this 
little joke past NOA (this is a T game, afterall, not an M). Regardless, 
it is rather comical! :p

# 4 - The entire disco area of Ichor: Perimeter is pure hilarity. 
Outside the gates, as you walk up dressed as a Drone, you can blow your 
"friends" away, and inside,'ll see for yourself. It's OK to 
burst out laughing.

# 5 - Also in the disco area, try talking to the D.J., you can change 
the beat of the music drastically. Don't have TOO much fun, now...

# 6 - Without a doubt, the biggest inside joke/easter egg of the entire 
game is the Ants into Pants cheat, which causes all the Drones to turn 
into 3D models of Mr. Pants. Who is Mr. Pants? Well, you might find out 
at I said, it's the biggest inside joke I've seen in a 
game of this type for quite some time. 

# 7 - In Tawfret: Castle, near the end, you will find a large carving of 
Mr. Pants in the wall. Heheh...

=================== GEMINI HOLDER LOCATIONS ============================

(marshmallow's note: A HUGE thanks goes out to Brian Zabell for this 

......................JUNO'S GEMINI HOLDERS............................. 

1. In King Jeff's hut at the very beginning of the game, there will be a 
   staircase next to the fireplace. On top is a Gemini Holder.  
2. Right before you exit the Outset, there is a river. Go to the left 
   when you enter down a staircase. There is a.....guess.  
1. When you enter for the first time, you will see some crates next to 
   you. Climb them to a Gemini Holder.  
2. In the room before the cells, there will be some glass. Shoot it with
   your pistol to break it. Inside is a Gemini Holder.  
1. In the Bog with the first Life Force door and you enter it, there 
   will be a Gemini Holder directly to your left.  
2. In the Castle, near the boss, there is a Gemini Holder in one of the
   alcoves in the wall. I'm too lazy to say its exact location. :p.  
....................VELA'S GEMINI HOLDERS............................... 

1. In the room with the machine gun (oy...) there is a Gemini Holder in 
   one of the corners of the room.  
2. In the room after the green key, there is a Gemini Holder as soon as 
   you enter. One of the ones where you should destroy every enemy in 
   the area first.  
1. In the room with Fishface (Mother must've wanted to insult him...) 
   there is an extremely easy-to-spot Gemini Holder near him.  
2. In a hard-to-spot room with the flying drones next to it, there is a 
   room with the Homing Missiles. Next to them is a Gemini Holder.  
1. In the fourth room after you kill the cyborg, there is a Gemini 
   Holder next to him. Another one of those which should wait until you 
   destroy all the enemies in the room.  
2. In the room with the other cyborg, there is a ramp in the center of 
   the room. The only point of interest is a Gemini Holder.  

......................LUPUS'S GEMINI HOLDERS............................ 
1. In the FIRST ROOM, there is an EXTREMELY easy-to-spot Gemini Holder 
   next to some glass....:p.  
2. In the room with the lava, there is a staircase to you left with a 
   Gemini Holder at the bottom.  
1. In the second room, there is a waterfall with a ledge with both 
   homing missiles and a Gemini Holder on it.  
2. After the Bluff and you enter the place with Flopsy, the CUTEST 
   doggie in the world, there is an easy-to-spot Gemini Holder on top of 
   its doghouse!  
1. In the 3rd room with the flying robots over some Tribals, there is a 
   Gemini Holder on the wall on the bottom of your right.  
2. In the ONLY room with water whatsoever, there is a pillar and on top 
   is the easiest to spot Gemini Holder in the game, which is 
   disappointing because it's the last one..


I have to thank the following people, companies, sites, inanimate 
objects, horrific demons, and whatever is left over.


Nintendo: If you didn't know, you're playing it on their system.

Rareware: They made this awesome game, along with GoldenEye, Donkey Kong 
1-4, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, Marble Madness, Battletoads, Snake 
Rattle 'n' Roll...and countless other AAA+ titles.  


Rareware : Rareware's official site. This is the best 
official company site ever made, for one of the best companies there is 
in the world of video games. This site's tongue-in-cheek humor is 
irresistible! You have to love those Brits...

Gamefaqs : Besides the fact that my massive collection 
of FAQs is there (cough, cough), it is also the largest FAQ site on the 
Internet. Please, if you copy this FAQ, make sure it's from THIS site 
and you keep it updated. If this FAQ has not been updated awhile and 
there's a lot of information missing, make SURE you're not viewing an 
outdated version. Please, for the sake of my e-mail box...

IGN64 : Apparently, I took many of their tips from their 

Cheat Code Central : The biggest video game code 
resource site on planet Earth. 


Jeff "CJayC" Veasey : For kindly accepting my 
FAQs, and for making such a cool site. 

Sir Ichaelchu : Informed me about the # 7 
observation for Chapter 13. 

Brian Zabell : I give a BIG thanks to 
this guy for sending me a list of every Gemini Holder in the game. It 
can be found at the bottom of chapter 13.


Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
condemnation, or death threats at: [email protected] I still 
accept mail sent to [email protected], but I don't check it as 
regularly as my primary, Nintendonext account.

Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
daily basis. 

I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
immediately. Who may get an answer hours after sending it, 
or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
 do have a real life outside the Internet. 
School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  

If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...


Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
support. As for your problem..." 

I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
they're always good for laughs.


Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?


No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
finally, I will *not* make out with you!  

I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for a T rated 
game with copious amounts of blood and violence, I assume you will not 
be offended by a little sexual innuendo. 

                           ~ End of Document ~  

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