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From: beng wah 

Last update on 30/11/99			


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. The Beach
3. Room 33 and 78
4. Mansion
5. 4 Rooms/Microcosms
6. Elseworld Places
7. Final Room
8. Objects
9. Credits

This is not a thorough walkthru. It serves as a guide to the 'problematic'
areas in the game (for instance, the rotating skulls) and also gives some
advice on what to do next/where to go after certain events. Except for
these areas, most parts of the game should be relatively straightforward
(e.g. there are only one or two places that you should obviously go).
Hence, I will not walk a full walkthru. However, if there are enough
requests, I will do so. I am writing from recollection because it is quite
tedious to replay the game again and I also do not have the time. Hence my
apologies first if you still get stuck after reading my guide. I hope you
will get through it and you can e-mail me if you have problems at
[email protected] I will try my best to answer you. Enough said, on
with the game.

Warning: This Walkthru is copyright and is my original work. Do not steal
it to publish elsewhere. If you want to use it for your page, you must
obtain my permission.

At the beginning, you will be transported into Sarah's soul. Before you
enter the tower-like building, there are two forest paths on the left and
right. One is blocked while the other contains a painting. Take the
painting. You will then observe a hooded man and he will disappear,
(regardless of what questions you ask him). Note the time on the watch in
the cage (6 o'clock). Next, place the painting on the painting stand (note
that there are two there). Remember to remove the painting later (after
solving the area) and place it on the next stand to open up another area.

ROOM 33 and 78
In the next few scenes, you will go to either building with number 33 or 78
on the doors (depending on which stand you placed the painting). Here, you
need to play a recorder with the correct number indicated on it. Listen to
the music. In either building 33 or 78, there are 4 coloured doors; red,
blue, green and brown. Each door plays a different part of the tune in a
different note. If you enter wrongly, you will come out of the house. OK,
the correct sequence for door no.33 is red, green, red, green while the
correct sequence for no.78 is red, brown, blue, brown. Now, you will
proceed to the next area where you will receive a card. The card can be
reversed to read 'dog' from 'god' and 'evil' from 'live'. After reversing
them, you will be transported to the mansion.

The mansion involves the most tedious part of the game. You first begin
there in your soul with a physical body. Hence, you need to obtain a
physical body to open doors or objects. The soul will only be able to go
through an opening if you want to move around. After exploring, obtain a
physical body on the ground floor. With it, you can explore more areas. To
add to the tediousness, there are several small doors which both the soul
and physical body cannot open (because it is too big). Hence, you need to
leave your physical body and obtain a smaller physical body. The juvenile
body is in the second floor. In the mansion, there are many puzzles strewn
around for you to solve. I will reveal the answers for a few. The locked
door combination is 538. The other locked door involves playing a cassette
and pressing the correct alphabets in the same sequence (in terms of sound
and noise) played by the recorder. The answer is D, F, A and C (on the
bottom right side). 

There are 4 doors in the mansion (so-called microcosms) which you have to
solve in order to 'unwarp' a door leading to the final confrontation. Let
me explain about the doors. Here is roughly what you have to do in these 4
rooms. They are in no particular order.

Here, you need to mix the blue paint (which is obtained from the locked
door inside the big room with the candles and 'pushable wall' on the second
floor of the mansion. In order to get the key to open this locked door, you
need to convert the metal piece to a key in the iron stamping machine) with
the yellow paint to get green. The door next to the red apple says 'Wet
paint'. Hence, paint the green paint on the door. Now you will be able to
go inside the door and solve 'elseworld' areas. I won't go into that yet,
as they are relatively straightforward. There are two 'elseworlds' in each
of the 4 rooms/microcosms. It doesn't matter which one you solve first.
When you solve all 8, the main purple door (which gives you a splitting
headache) will unwarp then. Ignore the paintings and message regarding the
red apple. I did not find anything useful or solvable with them. Please
e-mail me if anyone knows what they are for, credit will be given.

Throughout the mansion, you will come across several films with a letter
indicated on them. Place them in the respective film box indicated. When
the films are placed correctly, the box will be locked. If you try playing
the projector without placing all 4 films, you will only see bits of the
entire film. There is a film without any letter which is not relevant to
proceed ahead. I cannot remember clearly, but I do not think I used it at
all. However, you can still try to put it in any box and play the
projector. You will still see parts of the film only. I believe a lot of
gamers are stuck because you are missing one last film. This particular
film (I cannot remember which letter and I do not think it is necessary to
be specific here) is located in the 'Rotating Skull' room. 

You need to be in a big body in order to rotate the skulls. There is a
button on the door. Do not push it unless necessary, as it will reset all
that you have rotated. If you enter the room in a big body (regardless of
whether you pressed the button on the door or not), you will see 2 doors on
the right and left. These are the two doors which you need to rotate from
outside and align in position before you are able to enter. If you enter in
the room in a small body, you will see a painting and a dining table (which
is not clear from this angle). These are the things you will reach when you
rotate the skulls and align the doors correctly. A bit of trial and error
and patience are needed here. First, note the skulls' position. Turn the
skull on the left once. Then rotate the skull on the right until you see
the movie clip of your hands rotating the skull. If the right skull does
not remain in the original position which you noted before, the door can
now be opened to reveal either a painting or a dining table. If you reach
the painting (a big body is required), you must stab the painting to
destroy your past with a knife. If you reach the dining table in a big
body, nothing will happen. You need to change into a small body and come
back here. Do not rotate any skulls or press the button as it will reset
everything. In a small body, you will be able to retrieve a film under the
dining table. After solving either the dining table or painting, go out and
press the button to reset everything. Using the method described above in
rotating the skull, you will be able to align the next door/room. You have
to be patient here and try rotating different skulls instead. The trick
here is that after the movie clip (which shows the hand rotating the skull
to a certain position), the skull must be in a different position from its
original one to work. After obtaining all films, play the projector and you
will be transported to another 2 elseworlds.

Room 3: Hidden Wall 
This is the room with a cupboard and some drawers. Notice that there is a
wall which has a different shade of colour (in a vertical rectangular
shape). Place your rectangular mirror on it to reveal a hidden wall behind.
In order to access this door to the next 2 elseworlds, you need an axe. The
axe can only be obtained after you have destroyed all the 3
paintings/picture of your past. One of the paintings is accessed from the
rotating of the skulls as mentioned earlier. The second is the photo of the
mansion in the room where the bed is not crumpled on the 2nd floor. The
last one involves you to bring a crank and rotate it at the tiny opening
(in a small body) to move slabs of walls to reveal the painting. It is very
tedious here as you need to change your bodies often, e.g. you can only
open the door to reveal the crank hole in a small body, however you need to
change to a big body later to open the door after cranking. After all the
paintings have been stabbed and destroyed, the painting of your hacked body
(the place where you started in the mansion as a soul) will explode. Go
back there and retrieve an axe. With this axe, go back to the hidden wall
room and use it. You will now be able to go to the next two elseworlds.

Room 4: Red and Blue knobs 
In order to know which knobs to turn, you need to solve the clown machine
at the billiard table room on the 2nd floor of the mansion. Give it the red
pastel (blood). Give it the clown coin (found after draining the water tank
at the top of the mansion after pushing the movable wall) to start the
machine. Once it starts, the clown will begin to draw/paint on the board,
indicating which position is red and blue. Copy this picture and return to
the Red and Blue knobs room. I have also provided the answer as shown
below. Turn the red knobs up and the blue knobs down.  
				  +   +		
  				+   B   +
                 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 
                   +  R   +  +        +  +   R   +
                     +  +   B  +    +  R   +   +
                      +  +  +  +  +  + + + + +
                    +   +   R   +   +  B   +   + 
                  +   B   +   +       +_ +   B   +
                 +  +   +   +  +  +  +  +  + + +  +
                              +   R   +
                                +   +
B= Blue, R= Red
With this solved, the door will open to another two elseworlds.

The eight elseworld places are roughly divided into several areas like the
forests, jungle/beach, prison and the future. Most of them are relatively
straightforward. I will talk about the problematic ones here.
Prison: There is a prison where you must input passwords in order to
proceed to the next few floors. First, obtain the Dart Gun and the
Tranquilizer darts. After knocking out the guards, obtain the red and blue
memo pads. However, notice that the fourth floor code is not given. This
has to be calculated. I will list here all the floors' passwords.

	First floor : 0010100
	Second floor: 0202020
	Third floor : 3030303
	Fourth floor: 0404040
       Fifth floor : 0050500
	Input 'Birdcage' to open up this prison to get a Gas Gun. Do not bother
with the 'Pigpen' or 'Insectcage' as they will not open.

Jungle/Forest/Beach: These areas are pretty straightforward, so I will not
discuss them. If you are stuck, simply visit other new areas or revisit old
areas to trigger off an event.

Future: In one of the future, the password to prevent the catastrophe is
'bloodyworms'. This is pretty easy to figure out, just match the numbers to
the cards.
In the other future where patients are being murdered, you need to use the
'Hacking Program' and 'Search Engine' at the appropriate times, that is
when you are connected to the net. Notice that N.Atas is actually Satan
spelt in reverse.

After all 4 microcosms (i.e. 8 elseworlds) are solved, the main purple door
downstairs will unwarp and you will be able to go through it finally.
Before you go through, you might want to save because this is the only
place to do so as you will lose Sarah's pendant shortly after entering it.
After entering the door, you will be treated to a beautiful and peaceful
meadow. Follow the path to reach Sarah's tomb. Use her pendant and Sarah
will grab it. Suddenly, the sky turns dark and ominous pillars emerge. Move
along and pick up the cross, coin and garlic. Sarah appears next with the
devil-like monster. It will come and attack you. Here, you need to decide
which item to use. You can play around and see what happens if you use
certain objects in different sequences. You will simply restart this part
only if you die. The correct objects to use are in this sequence: 1) cross,
2) coin and 3) coin again. The monster will be destroyed. Now, you will be
tempted by Sarah/Demon and be asked a series of questions. Likewise, if you
answer her wrongly, you will restart this part again. The correct answers
and sequence are 1) "Yes, let's make a deal", 2) "don't show me your face"
and 3) "No, I won't be deceived". Finally, you will fight Sarah. Destroy
the demon that creeps out from her and you will win…… not! Refer to the
'Objects' Section and look at the 'Chess Piece' for an explanation.

Here, I will discuss briefly about what to do with certain objects and what
they will in turn, lead to.

Iron Piece: After obtaining the iron piece, go to the iron stamping machine
(at the basement from the 2nd floor) and convert it to either an iron key
or an iron crank. I suggest converting it to the iron key first to obtain
the blue paint (behind the locked door in the 'pushable wall' room on the
2nd floor) as it is nearer and you will only use it once.  
Iron Crank: There are two places for you to crank. First, go to the
'pushable wall' room and inspect the candle. The candle will move to reveal
a hidden button on the table. Push it to shut down the machinery. Next, go
to the corner and inspect the wall. You will be able to click on it and
will subsequently push the wall back and simply say "So, that was the
trick'. There is a button next to it, however, nothing happens if you push
it. This part might be problematic here because gamers may not press their
controllers properly and hence when they turn, they will turn away from the
wall and the wall will close back. While the wall is pushed back, press
triangle and later up so as to move towards the wall instead of turning
away from it. Turn right to see a ladder. Climb it and you will reach the
top part of the mansion.
Here, there is only one significant room. It is the tank. Upon reaching the
room next to the tank, examine it to reveal an opening for the crank. Crank
it to drain the water and climb into the tank. Here, you will pick up the
'Clown Coin' and 'Knife'. Simply search around. The other room on this
floor is the Knight's room. However, you will not be able to move past them
as this room can only be accessed after completing the game. The other
place for cranking should be obvious. It is the big door leading to the 4
microcosms/rooms. You need to come in a small body to open a smaller door
on the big door itself. There are 3 possible results from cranking thrice.
The first cranking will remove a slab of wall to access a 'film'. The
second cranking will move another wall to reveal a painting (for stabbing
purpose). The third cranking will shift it back to its original position to
access the 4 microcosms.

Chess Piece: This can only be obtained after completing the game. After the
ending credits, you will receive a chess piece and be allowed to save the
game one more time. Load this record and you will now be Sarah instead of
her boyfriend. It seems that the evil is not ended yet, hence, you will go
back to the mansion again. You cannot go anywhere now except to the chess
set on the 2nd floor in the mansion. Use the chess piece to enable the
chess set to come alive. As you move the chess pieces, you are also
manipulating the knights literally on the top floor. Hence, knock out the
chess pieces and you will knock out the knights who barred your entrance
earlier on. The correct piece to move is the 'knight'. Simply move it to
the position as shown below and you will defeat the rest of the pieces.
		      |	|	|	|	|      |

		      |	|	|	|	|	|

		      |	|	|	|	|	|

		      |	|	|	|  X	|	|

		      |	|	|	|	|	|


After doing this, go to the 'pushable wall' and climb up the ladder to go
to the knights' room. Enter the final door. Here, the game will take over.
Sit back and enjoy the puzzling ending.

- GameFaq, for listing my walkthru.
- Tokinhouse, for making this game. Horror games of this kind are   simply
- Jaleco, for publishing it.
- Me, on finally getting down to write a walkthru.
- My brother, for helping me solve the 4th floor's lift password and
typing half of this.
- My girl J, for her support and help on the diagrams.
- To you gamers who read this walkthru.  

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