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                              Krazy Ivan FAQ 1.1
                              by Wendell Martin
                               Created 5/25/96
                               Revised 7/11/96



 Krazy Ivan is a Psygnosis game for the Sony PlayStation.  It has a look
 somewhat similar to giant robot/mech games, and resembles them in a few
 ways, but is more of a 3D shooter.  Actually, it plays rather like an
 improved (*much* improved ) version of Cyber Sled.  Viewed from this
 perspective, Krazy Ivan succeeds well.

 You are Ivan Popovich, commander of a Steel Cossack powersuit, who is
 fighting to free Earth from alien domination.  Your psychotic hatred for
 aliens makes you perfect for the job.  "Ivan" is pronounced "ee-VAHN" in
 most of the game (since that's the correct Russian pronunciation), but the
 American in a cut scene does pronounce it "EYE-van."  BTW, the Russian word
 appearing sideways on many pages of the manual and on the CD is OPASNO (in
 Latin letters) and means "dangerous."

 The game has well-done FMV introduction and cut scenes (especially if you
 like heavy Russian accents ), and the in-game graphics are beautiful.
 The controls can be reconfigured into one of several useful presets, so
 they're pretty easy to get used to, regardless of how you prefer them.  One
 odd aspect is that side-stepping/strafing is not continuous; you must
 repeatedly press the button to repeatedly side-step (unless your controller
 has a turbo option).

 There are five zones in the game, each with several "sentients" (bosses)
 and several types of drones (20 sentients and 10 drone types total).  You
 are free to engage the sentients in any order, but it's probably wisest to
 take out the toughest one first, while you're at full capacity.  Once you
 engage a sentient, you must defeat it before going on.

 Destroying sentients and drones releases prisoners, which you can pick up
 for points, and various pickups which are usually, but not always, helpful
 to pick up.  You can destroy drones in order to gather prisoners and
 pickups, but if you take too long between engaging sentients, Black Knight
 will appear, and you must defeat him before going on.  Once you've defeated
 all sentients on a level, you must destroy the zonal shield generator to
 complete the zone and get to the upgrade section.

 After each upgrade, you may save your game to a memory card before
 continuing.  You also need to save your configuration if you want to keep
 your high scores and audio and control settings, but don't save your
 configuration onto a saved game or you'll lose your progress in that game.

 The game has three difficulty levels, and it's simple to beat it on Easy.
 It's correspondingly more difficult at Medium and Hard, but is a fairly
 quick game at any level (each zone takes about 10-20 minutes to play,
 depending on how much time you spend on the drones).


 This is one of the easier games available for PlayStation, and seems to have
 no cheat codes (if I learn of any, I'll post them).  If you're having
 trouble winning, try the Easy setting (it's *really* easy).  If Easy gives
 you trouble, try circling your enemies (side-stepping while turning to
 bring your guns to bear).  Fire quickly and repeatedly, and use your
 heaviest (missile/special) weapon against the toughest enemy on the level.


 Guns Rearm (vertical bullet) - rearms all guns
 Missiles Rearm (angled missile) - rearms your missiles
 Special Rearm (five small yellow balls) - rearms your special weapon

 Energia Mode (yellow lightning bolt) - brief invincibility plus speed boost
 Zombie Mode (skull) - brief invincibility plus speed reduction
 Schizo Mode (light/dark circle) - brief invincibility plus reversed controls

 Air Strike (large yellow ball) - Arrow drones appear and attack you

 Energy Core (red sphere) - repairs your shields and provides a variable
   number of energy cores which are used to "buy" post-mission upgrades.

ZONE INFORMATION (sentient strengths are the initial levels on your HUD)

 Available in any zone

  Arrow - flying dark green drone, summoned by Air Strike pickup

  Black Knight - black powersuit sentient - strength 7

 Zone: Russia - 50% difficulty - 154 prisoners

  Trilobite - tracked black land drone that lays mines
  Bane - flying green drone with four jet engine pods
  Manta - flying red drone with flapping wings
  Transona - flying green drone with three jet engine pods

  Dedlok - gray and brown, ape-like sentient - strength 5.5
  Dwarf - gray and red bipedal walker with huge launchers - strength 5.5
  Raptor - green bipedal walker sentient, toughest in zone - strength 5.5

 Zone: Saudi Arabia/Middle East - 70% difficulty - 187 prisoners

  Manta, Trilobite
  Hovertank - green land drone with turret on top
  Demonseed - floating brown drone with two engine pods

  Prowl - orange tiger sentient, toughest in zone - strength 5
  Qualm - light blue humanoid sentient - strength 5
  Sentinel - floating brown squid sentient - strength 6.5

 Zone: France/Europe - 80% difficulty - 416 prisoners

  Bane, Hovertank, Trilobite
  Contrail - flying dark blue/gray and red drone with hang-down turret
  Wasp - flying brown wasp-like drone

  Arachan - tall, white, four-legged spider sentient - strength 8
  Behemoth - gray and red "Empire Strikes Back AT-AT" walker - strength 8
  Buzzsaw - flying green and yellow insectoid sentient - strength 5
  Carapace - flying brown insectoid sentient with jet engines - strength 6.5
  Scorch - dark green snake sentient - strength 6

 Zone: North America/USA - 90% difficulty - 362 prisoners

  Arrow, Bane, Contrail, Demonseed, Transona, Trilobite, Wasp
  Reaper - red and white land drone with helicopter blades
  Roach - brown roach-like land drone that lays mines

  Fireball - purple and yellow bipedal walker sentient - strength 7
  Granite - green, domed, quadrupedal sentient - strength 7.5
  Reflex - flying red "Empire Strikes Back probe droid" sentient - strength 5
  Thunderfoot - red and gray humanoid sentient - strength 8

 Zone: Japan - 100% difficulty - 408 prisoners
       (Runnning into the shield generator as is explodes will take you
       to the "real" last zone, facing Black Knight.)

  Arrow, Contrail, Demonseed, Reaper, Roach, Transona, Wasp

  Arclight - gray and yellow tripedal sentient - strength 9
  Claw - yellow and red crab-like sentient - strength 8
  Colossus - tan bipedal walker sentient - strength 9
  Flamefront - light blue humanoid sentient - strength 9

(Energy core "prices" are for Easy/Medium/Hard)

 Armor - 1/2/2 energy core per 10% (up to 100%)

 Guns (up to five)

   2 x 30mm Rotary Cannon - infinite ammo - initial equipment
   2 x 50mm Rotary Cannon - 300 rounds each - initial equipment
   2 x Laser Cannon - 250 rounds each - 10/12/14 energy cores
   2 x Plasma Cannon - 60 rounds each - 14/16/18 energy cores
   2 x Z Beam Cannon - 70 rounds each - 20/24/30 energy cores

 Missile Weapons (one at a time)

   2 x Wolf Rocket Launcher - 10 rockets each - initial equipment
   Hyena Missile Launcher - 10 missiles - 10/12/14 energy cores
   2 x Hyena Missile Launcher - 10 missiles each - 5/7/9 energy cores
   Cerberus Missile Launcher - 10 missiles - 12/14/6 energy cores
   2 x Cerberus Missile Launcher - 10 missiles each - 6/8/10 energy cores
   4 x Cerberus Missile Launcher - 10 missiles each - 10/12/14 energy cores

 Special Weapons (one at a time)

   Scythe Beam - 5 charges - initial equipment
   Vortex Bomb - 3 charges - 10/12/14 energy cores
   ULF Pulse - 1 charge - 12/14/16 energy cores
   EM Pulse -  1 charge - 15/17/19 energy cores
   Kraken - 1 charge - 18/20/22 energy cores
   Medusa - 1? charge - 23/25/27? energy cores

If you have corrections or additions to this FAQ, please e-mail me and I'll
implement them with credit.  The latest version of this FAQ can be found via
my home page.

  [email protected]

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