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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Walkthrough Version 1

				by Joey & Brian Gray

Since Soul Reaver is one of those games that is mind numbingly huge, we thought 
it would be nice to write up a 
walkthrough for those who may get stuck here and there and anyone else who needs 
help. This is my first 
walkthrough I have written up for a game so I'm sure there are things that I 
could have done better. It is my 
sincerest hope that this guide helps anyone who reads it. 

References from Christopher Patrick Bruno's Soul Reaver Walk Through >From 
Crystal Dynamics

Revision History:
August 18, 1999- First version written in approximately four days.

Provisions of Use:
This walkthrough is c1999 Katastrophe Publishing. This walkthrough may be freely 
distributed to anyone in the 
original form. 
You can find a rich document with pictures at our website

If you find any major errors (wrong directions etc.) please inform me at 
[email protected] to get those bugs 
worked out. Please don't send email about bad grammar, spelling etc. This 
walkthrough was written quick and dirty 
to have it done by the day Soul Reaver hits stores.

To Do List:
1. Secrets back in Malchia's clan area need to be added.
2. Need to list ALL of the warp gates.
3. Re-structure for easier reading

This walkthrough contains many spoilers so don't complain if you read on.

1. Beginning of the game (Underworld)
	a. tutorial

2. Off to Raziel's stomping grounds
	a. simple puzzle
	b. learn of warp gates
	c. intro to Malchia clan
	d. spiral staircase
First Boss

3. Force Glyph

4. Kain first encounter (Pillars of Nosgoth)
Second Boss

5. Search for Zephon (Silenced Cathedral)
	a. climb the silos
	b. find the entrance
	d. power the air shaft
	e. breaking crystals
	f. room o' three pipes
Third Boss

6. Stone Glyph

7. Tomb of Serafan Sleeping Priests
Fourth Boss

8. Sound Glyph

9.  Drowning Abbey
Fifth Boss
Special Weapon
	get the fire reaver

10. Mad Glyph search

11. Your brother Dumah (Ash Village)
	a. furnace room
	b. find the Oracle Caves
Sixth Boss

12. Kain's scent (Oracle Caves)
	a. letter puzzle
	b. pretty colored prisms
	c. clock on floor
Final Boss

13. Game over

Beginning of the game

1. In the very beginning of the game you will be treated to a basic walkthrough 
of Raziel's abilities etc. so you 
shouldn't have much trouble here. You will learn of the differences between the 
spectral and material world and 
learn that in Soul Reaver, you can't die. This is the Underworld.

	tip: the beginning of the game has a small square platform outlined with 
green glowing fire which 
	will give you tips about your next objective in the game. If you get lost 
remember to return here to 
	find out what you are doing.
	a. As you progress through the mini tutorial you will also be taught on 
the ways of the portals.
	 The portals are a way of moving through the game in a very quick fashion 
and are similar to the
	 bat beacons of Blood Omen. This first portal will open a way for you to 
return at any time back
	 to the very beginning of the game. Unlike the other portals, this portal 
is not represented by a 	 
	 symbol be sure to remember where this green portal takes you.

Off to Raziel's stomping grounds

2. After you learn about all of the game's functions and Raziels abilities your 
next journey is to the old 
stomping grounds of Raziel himself. The game will clue you (see tip 1) as to 
where you should head next. 

	weapons: Along the path to the Abyss, you will pass by a large Cathedral 
like castle with many 
	flags waving above. You can snag your first weapon from the walls of this 
Cathedral. It is a large 
	spear like ornament on the left side of the giant door. Hold onto this 
weapon as it will be a short 
	while until you can grab another.

We suggest you follow the path all the way to the old wooden bridge spanning 
across the the Abyss Cliffs. Assuming 
you are now atop the first pillar across the wooden bridge, you should look 
westward to find your way. Using the 
high jump along with Raziel's gliding ability, maneuver yourself across to the 
cliff to the left of the wooden 
bridge. This will lead you to Raziel's clan territory.

	a. Once inside the westward cave travel forward until you should travel 
until you reach the wide 
	open territory of Raziel's Clan Castle Courtyard. Here you will be 
presented with one of the 	game's 
	first puzzles and an easy one at that.

		puzzle: A large gate will be blocking any further progress and 
two fledgling vampires 	
	will be pestering you as you ponder your way through the gate. If you 
were clever enough 		to 
hold onto the spear you tore from the walls of the Cathedral you should use this 
to 		impale then engulf 
the souls of the poor bastards standing in your way. As you would 	
	expect this will trigger an event.

	b. Now that you have solved the simple puzzle that was impairing your 
journey you should now 	come to the 
difficult task of choosing your direction. You should encounter a large flame in 
the 	center of the screen flanked 
by two doors, one on the right being a brown door with a circular 	green 
ornament and the other being a plain 
door. Now both doors need exploring, we suggest 	trying the door to the 
right first. This door will become a 
familiar theme throughout the game. 	These doors mark the entry to a portal. 
Go inside the portal room and 
step on the design on the 	floor next to the portal to activate it. You now 
can at any time return here. 
Here being west of the 	Abyss Cliffs and inside the courtyard of Raziel's Clan 

	c. Now that you have enabled the portal and hopefully saved your game 
(Soul Reaver has the nice 
	ability to save at any point) you should head through the normal door to 
the left of the flame. 
	Through this passage way you should continue your journey until you reach 
a small metal gate 	door.
		weapons: Just inside the metal gate door and to the right of the 
large bonfire there is a bat 	
	headed staff waiting for your handy work. If you like, grab this staff 
and dispose of the 	
	basic spear. 
	Continue on your merry way going right from the metal gate and follow the 
path until you arrive at 	a 
large pillar emerging from the center of last room inside this path. There will 
be some enemies 	to contend 
with here so if you are low on energy head on up the spiraling stairway that 
crawls up 	the center pillar. 
At the top of the pillar there will be a knob in the center of the room (which 
will 	serve purpose later in the 
game) as well as a switch on the wall. You are now in what looks to be a 
	dead end. So do as you must and flip 
the switch which will, low and behold open a new path for 	your travelling. 
What will happen is a drawbridge will 
drop to the left of the switch. Head up the 	new path and down  a set of 
stairs which will take you to one 
of the best views in the game. You 	are up high enough to see for miles, all 
kidding aside it does look 
pretty cool from up there doesn't 	it. Well enough gawking and drop down 
this mighty high  perch and head up the 
ramp along the 	right side of the wall. Atop the ramp you will get to see a cut 
scene which will clue you in 	on 
your 	next action. Hop down again from this archway and get your gloves on 
because 	there will be two  
	zombie like vampires just itching to send you back to your maker. Douse 
out a 	few drops of 
	whoop-ass on these beasts and then head through the gate along the right 
(right side from where 
	you dropped down from) wall. After passing through this green gate kill 
the annoying archer 	enemy and 
climb the short cliff ahead. You will then see the introduction to the Malchia 
	From here, keep going along passing by the clan's graveyard. You may have 
to face a vampire here 
	but he should be no trouble if you have a weapon.

		weapons: Close by the tombstones and slightly in the darkness 
against the left wall, look 
		for a new staff. The staff will have a new head that resembles 
Egyptian design. We call it 
		the cursed pharaoh staff.

	From here, climb up to the right and enter a tall cave like room. Inside 
you should find a large box.
	If the past was any indication of what to do, do your thing and move this 
massive object against the 
	opposite side of the room. The added height of this block will allow you 
to jump to a ledge above. 
	Once you are atop this ledge, you will see another cutscene about 
Malchia. You should be close by 
	a smaller graveyard that is decorated with 2 half circle, spiked 
ornaments. There isn't much to see 
	here so keep moving and head into the room above using either of the two 
ramps by the fire. Once 
	in this room you will encounter two zombie vampires which you should 
slay. After extinguishing 
	those menaces, look for a metal gate door to the left of the sunlight. 
Head in this door and down 
	a long spiral staircase.

	d. After following the spiral staircase all the way down you should now 
proceed into into a new 
	warp room. This warp room will from here on be referred to by the "Spiral 
Staircase Warp 	Room", or 
you can just remember it will take you to the Malchia Clan Territory. After you 
	activate this warp continue your journey, not by heading back up the 
stairs, but passing  across the
	warp to a passage that leads to a warp gate door. Exit out of this door 
and you will now be very 
	very close to finding Malchia. Outside of the warp gate door you should 
be in a small secluded lake
	engulfed in a greenish fog. Look for two large pillars standing erect on 
the center of the shore.
	Move to the center of these pillars and you should see broken pillars and 
structures protruding out
	of the water. Jump from pillar to pillar across the lake using patience 
and your floating to land 

		tip: If you fall in, don't worry. Look for a short cliff along 
the right side of the lake basin 
		to jump out.

	Once you reach the other side of the lake,  you will have to battle with 
a young vampire. Then head 
	up the broken stairs to a doorway. Go inside the door and prepare to 
battle again. Two vampires 
	will be waiting for you. After you dispose of your enemies, head through 
the door way which is
	down one level and in the center of the room. Pass again through the door 
and head down a dark

		tip: If you have a brightness control on your television, turn it 
up until you are able to see
		all of the details in the game. This is useful not only for here, 
but other places as well.

	Turn right at the bottom of the rampway and you should find a dead black 
vampire on the ground.
	The dead vampire is in a large square room that looks to be a dead end. 
With no way out and no
	where else to go, you may be thinking you went the wrong way. Once again 
this room will lead to a 
	helpful hint that goes for much of the rest of the game.
		tip: When in doubt, switch to Spectral mode. You would be 
surprised how the spectral 
		warps, twists and distorts the world.
	Using the above tip, switch to spectral mode and you will see a short 
cutscene that introduces the
	wraiths. Kill the wraiths and then look against the left wall close by 
the dead black vampire. You 
	will see two protruding blocks that stand out from the wall. 

		tip: If you have a weapon and are about to be forced into 
spectral mode try throwing your 	
	weapon up close by a transformation portal. This way you can keep your 
weapon when 		you return 
to material.

	These blocks will now allow you to jump up higher and find the secrets to 
this confusing room. 
	Switch back into the material plane using the transformation portal next 
to where you are. From 
	here move across the + shaped rafters going first forward and then to the 
left. You should now be 
	close to a movable block. Flip this block using L1 then Square atop the 
higher ledge to your right. 
	From here move the block farther to the right and into the square hole 
against the wall. This will 
	open a large metal gate to your right. Go through the metal gate and jump 
down to the ledge that 
	encircles the room below. From here look for a for a block that is inside 
the wall across the
	the room. Pull this block out of the wall and flip it down into the 
lowest level in the room. Jump 
	down with the block and move it back towards the closed metal gate in 
this secondary room. Move
	the block towards a ledge on the right side of this pit so you can flip 
the block out and up again. 
	Flip the block onto the ledge and repeat until you have it on the second 
level. Once you have it on
	the second level shove the block into the hole on the right side of the 
closed gate. This will open 
	the gate on the lower level so that you can go back above to the higher 
gate using the steps above.
	Now that you have gotten back to the higher gate in the room, you will 
now need to jump up to a 
	higher rafter that is directly in front of where you are. Look up and 
then hop to this. Once atop this
	rafter, move to the right and jump out onto a platform against the right 
wall. This platform will 
	lower and in turn raise a platform on the left side of the room. Go out 
of this room and back into
	the room with the black dead vampire and repeat the steps to return to 
the high open gate only this
	time don't change back to material. Remain in spectral mode. Go back 
through the high gate and
	once again atop the high rafter in front of the high open gate. Now, 
still in spectral realm, jump to 
	the platform on the left side of the room from the rafter you are 
standing on. From the platform 
	jump to the far rafter and from there down to the ledge below. Here 
switch back into material and 
	and go through the doorway to a room with two blocks stacked one atop the 
		puzzle: You are now at one of the game's first block puzzles. 
Your objective here is to 
		match each of these blocks into the respected holes in the wall. 
The real trick to this
		puzzle are the two blocks stacked atop one another. In order to 
use the blocks you 
		must find a way to separate them. We suggest moving these blocks 
to the corner
		across the room that has a ledge protruding. Once the blocks are 
near the ledge, jump
		to this ledge and shove the upper block off onto the floor. Then 
line up all of the blocks
		and place them into the wall accordingly.

	When all of the blocks have been inserted correctly a click will sound 
and a gate will open. Pass 
	through this gate to a set of double doors. Go outside of the double 
doors and to the right you will
	see a block. Push this block forward and off down to the ground below. 
>From here you will want to
	jump down below by the block and move the block by another block already 
on the ground. Flip 
	the new block atop this one and move the stack to the right against a 
white pillar. Now climb atop
	these blocks and jump upwards to reach a new triangular pathway. Travel 
through this triangular 
	passageway until you reach another greenish lake, only this time much 
smaller. Move your way 
	around this smaller lake and up to the small building above. Go inside 
this building and travel the 
	corridor until you reach two screwlike pillars protruding from the 
		weapons: Inside this large mechanical like room, you will find 
another staff along the 
		right side of the room, snag it if you like.
	Now find the elevator like contraption against the far wall. Move onto 
the metal grate of this
	elevator and flip the switch inside. The elevator will take you to a 
lower level and from here you 
	will begin a large puzzle.
		puzzle: Whether you know it or not, what you are trying to do is 
to break into Malchia's
		stronghold. To do so, head to the right from the elevator. 
Continue on your way up a short
		ramp and inside a large industrial like room. Here you will need 
to flip a switch against 
		far wall and then to use a large crank on the opposite side. This 
will start a large drill.
		Now head back out of this room and back to the elevator. Flip the 
switch to return to the 
		upper deck and right outside of the elevator you will see a 
switch on the floor. Use this
		to drop the center of the room down a level. Jump down to this 
new level and look for a
		passageway against the walls of the pit. Go through this 
passageway and down to a level
		below. Now you will use four burning blocks to drop the level 
above down once again.
		Move each of the four burning blocks in the room until they burn 
away the supports 
		above. Each one will show a short cutscene to let you know you've 
done it right. Now
		once all four blocks have been positioned right, the level above 
will come crashing down. 
		The floor will now be raised in the middle with four notches, one 
on each corner. Move
		the burning blocks once again to each of the four corners and 
then the floor will drop a
		final time. 

	Using the brightness tip above, look for the darker of the two passages 
and pass through it. This
	will take you to the first boss, Malchia.

First Boss: MALCHIA

	Malchia is the last born of Kain's sons. Because of this, his form is 
imperfect and his body is trying
	to reject the evil vampiric infection. While the game introduces him as 
immortal, Raziel is quite 

To defeat Malchia, around in his circular chamber for two gated rooms. These 
rooms will serve as the first
two of three attacks needed to kill Malchia. To use these rooms as devastating 
weapons, look for ledges
on both sides of the gates which allow you to enter these chambers. Do so, and 
move towards the switch
in the center of the room (Both rooms are identical). Walk up and hold the 
switches which will open the 
bloody spiked gates and keep them ajar. Hold the gates open until Malchia is half-
way through and then
let him have it. The gates will drop and impale the huge beast. Do this using 
both chambers.

Once Malchia has been wounded twice lure him into the circular cage in the center 
of his stronghold. Once he is 
inside the cage, jump outside and quickly move to Malchia's throne chamber. Here 
on the left wall there will be a 
crank. Use the crank to send a grinder down, crushing Malchia and ending his 

Special Powers:
	After defeating Malchia you will receive his special power of being able 
to will yourself through
	simple barriers such as immovable gates and doors.

Phew, that wasn't too hard was it? Well, let's put it this way you aren't even a 
tenth of the way done yet. =)
We suggest a save of your game is in order.

Force Glyph

3. After you have defeated the mighty Malchia, your next journey is to gather 
your first Glyph. Glyphs are the 
magical artifacts that give Raziel elemental based powers. The first Glyph will 
be the Force Glyph. Here is how 
you get it. Head out of Malchia's bastion and back up the dark pathway and back 
into the room with the four 
burning blocks where you dropped the floor many times. Continue your way across 
to the opposite tunnel and follow 
this path up to the upper levels. Using a handy block climb atop and jump back up 
to the room with the elevator. 
To the left of the elevator look for a blue transformation portal and switch back 
into material mode. From here 
head back out of this room passing by the large screw-like pillar and continue 
out. Pass through the doorway and 
around the smaller lake. Follow the triangular pathway back to the larger lake 
and drop down to lake level. From 
here, hop into the lake and take the foggy blue path directly to the right. 
Follow this path to until it opens 
into a larger room. From the entrance, take advantage of the energy artifact 
behind a metal gate by using your 
pass through abilities gained from Malchia. Once you have picked up this goodie, 
head back out through the metal 
gate and look for another ornate gate blocking your path towards the left side of 
this room. Pass through this 
gate and head up the path and out of the water. Using the transformation portal 
switch to material world and get 
ready to gain your first Glyph. In the room you should see three pointed pillars 
standing erect. Each will have a 
symbol atop. Walk up to each one and push them over to unlock the powers within. 
After you knock all three down, 
you will witness the Glyph's powers and you can gain them by walking up to the 
shield-like object. Tada! You know 
have the power of the Force Glyph.

Kain first encounter (Pillars of Nosgoth)

4. Your next journey in the game is to find Kain. No this isn't the end of the 
game but it will help you 
understand the story a little more. Head back through the underwater passage ways 
passing through through the 
metal gate and back into the large lake. Jump out of the lake using the short 
cliffs on the right walls of the 
lake. You will now be close to the Spiral Staircase Warp Room. Head into this 
room and use the warp gate to travel 
back to Razzias Castle Courtyard. You may be asking yourself why are you taking 
this warp gate instead of the 
closer "Dreamcast Logo" warp gate? Well because you are going to grab another 
energy artifact which will take your 
total to four. Once at the courtyard warp room, head out of the door and down 
past the open metal gate. Stop here 
and look to your right. There will be a large block against the wall which you 
will need to grab and move across. 
Move the block to the far wall which hides the energy artifact behind a prison 
gate. Move the block to the center 
of this wall. Hop to the top and switch to spectral mode. Then use your pass 
through ability to gain access to the 
artifact. Exit from this cage and hop down and head back towards the courtyard 
warp room and by the blue fire use 
the transformation portal to switch back into the material plane. Now head out of 
the courtyard and back towards 
the Abyss Cliffs. Once at the Abyss Cliffs, head across to the platform in the 
middle using your high jump and 
glide technique. Now head back down the old wooden bridge and back towards the 
huge cathedral like castle with the 
many flags flying high above. Once you are there you will be able to infiltrate 
this stronghold through the red 
metal gate on the right side. Switch to spectral and pass through this mild 
barrier. Once inside grab your fifth 
artifact. This should now give you more energy. After this head to the left and 
then take the first bright right. 
You will now be in what looks to be another dead end. A large room with a 
overpass and shallow pond. Two vampires 
will be guarding the bridge and a close door lie across. Toss both of these 
minions into the acid like puddle and 
the door will unlock. Head across this short bridge and through the opened door. 
From here take the right path. 
Switch to your spectral mode to pass through the gates blocking your path. After 
travelling through two gates you 
will now be at a blue transformation portal which will allow you to switch back 
into material. Do this and then 
head through the double doors on the left. You are now about to have your first 
sprawl with the mighty Kain.


	If you remember the original Blood Omen then you are somewhat familiar 
with the ending to the 
	upcoming battle. You aren't going to win this time. That aside, Kain is 
one powerful mofo. He 
	still carries the Soul Reaver he acquired in Blood Omen and because of 
this, he is 	somewhat invincible. 
During the fight Kain will charge up the Soul Reaver. While he is doing 
	this, you will need to whack him. Do 
this three times and you will get to see a nice cutscene of 	Raziel almost 
biting the big one. (editors note: WHY 
the hell don't we get to hear Kain cry Vae 	Victus!)

Special Powers:
	Although it may seem Kain has just sent your butt back to oblivion, what 
he did was actually 
	destroy his prized possesion. He will slam the Soul Reaver into the 
ground destroying the 
	physical form of the sword. Once he does this you will actually gain the 
Soul Reaver as your
	own. It will fuse to your body becoming a wraith blade which is active 
only in the spectral mode 
	or when fully energised in the material realm.

Kain will make a hasty retreat and foreshadow events to come. You will now meet a 
familiar character from the 
Blood Omen title. Ariel will speak to you about Kain's horrible actions and hint 
you on your next objective.

	tip: Once a loyal assistant to Kain, Ariel now holds allegiances to no 
one. However she helps those
	who are out to end Kain's rule. You can return to Ariel whenever you need 
and she will give you 
	tips, refill your energy and glyphs.

After you are done with the cinematics of this classic room, use your newly found 
Soul Reaver to open the door and 
exit. Once outside of the room holding the Pillars of Nosgoth, head to your left 
and pass through the gates once 
again. Continue until you see a light green passage on the right. Take this path 
back over the bridge and back to 
the left and to the metal gate that you first used to enter this castle. Pass 
through this gate you will be 
treated to another cutscene. This will lead you onto your next journey.

Search for Zephon (Silenced Cathedral)

5. Your next objective is to find your brother Zephon. He holds the Silenced 
Cathedral hostage. To get to this 
secluded place of holiness head to your closest warp gate. This should be rather 
close to you but any old warp 
room will work. Once in a warp room, warp back to the Underworld using the first 
selection on the warp. From the 
Underworld, head back through towards the circular room with tall pillars. A blue 
transformation portal will be in 
the center. Don't switch back into material but use this for a reference point. 
To the left of the portal there 
will be a metal gate blocking your path. You will need to pass through this gate 
and head upwards to a large open 
area. From here, head to your right and switch back to the material world using 
the transformation portal at the 
end of the path. From here you will want to look for a drawbridge over the moat 
that will lead to a closed door 
with a circular opening. While you don't have a huge round key to fit in this 
hole you do have a glowing blue 

	tip: Just about any door that looks like the one above will need to be 
opened using the Soul
	Reaver. To open these doors simply swing the blade at the door.

Open this door using the Soul Reaver and you will be presented with another 
barrier. Switch into spectral and pass 
through. Head to the right over the pit and switch back into material on the 
portal. Now make your way back 
towards the way you entered passing over the pit of water. Keep going through 
this path. You will encounter the 
first of what will become a very annoying enemy. Kill the spider vampire and then 
high jump up to the cliff above. 
Follow this path to a double set of doors. Open these doors.

	a. Through these double doors you will enter a huge room that is full of 
giant silo like buildings.
	If you were paying attention to the cutscene that played from the 
entrance, then you should know
	that you need to get to a high alcove above this room. To do this, jump 
atop the stair like blocks 
	immediately to the right from where you entered. Jump atop these two 
blocks and atop the silo.
	Now face away from the wall and look forward and slightly to the right to 
find a shorter silo. Jump
	across to this short silo. From here look for another set of stair-like 
square structures almost
	directly in front. Jump across to these. Now from the block structure 
turn Raziel left so that he 
	faces wall. You will see an indention to the wall where you can jump to. 
Do this and then face 
	against the flat side of this indention. Using your high jump, climb to 
the higher level above. Now 
	look to the left to find another ledge. This ledge will be slightly 
higher than where you are and 
	across a 	short span. Use your high jump to make your way atop this 
secondary ledge. Once atop, 
	face away from the wall and look outward and downward to find two silos. 
One short silo and in 
	front of it, a taller silo decorated with spikes just along the edge of 
the roof. Jump down to the 
	shorter silo and from there, jump to the block jutting out of the tall 
spiked silo. High jump from the 
	block to 	reach the roof of the spiked silo. At the top of the silo 
turn to your right and look 
for a 	ledge that leads up a short ramp. Jump to this ramp and you will be where 
the cutscene pointed you

	b. Go up the ramp and through the short dark pathway. Once you reach the 
large pointed block
	partially closing off the path, a cutscene will play showing you where to 
go. After it plays, hop 
	down to where the scene showed the spider vampire bundling its prey. Kill 
this nasty varment
	and then climb the ledge against the left side of the room. Climb the 
full way up to reach a bright 
	room with set of large doors.
		weapons: Flanking both sides of the double doors are two 
identical staffs. Grab either or
		both if you like.

	d. Inside these doors a cutscene will play. You will now be in the huge 
organ room of the silenced
	cathedral. You can look around all you like but unless you know the 
secret to these organ pipes
	you won't get anywhere. Look back to Tip #4 for more specific help. Once 
you figure out what to 
	do, head on up the distorted organ pipe farthest to the left. Jump atop 
this pipe and follow it up to
	a metal grate which holds a transformation portal. Use this and jump up 
to a metal grate above on
	your right side. Follow this jumping across to the larger metal platform 
and follow this along the 
	wall until you see a brown wooden door in the distance. Use your high 
jump to reach the rock cliff
	by the door and follow this along until you reach a switch on against the 
wall. Use this switch and 
	a bellow (organ foot pedal) will fall down to the left. Now move past the 
switch your right until 
	you reach a wooden door. Head in this door and follow the pathway to a 
metal gate. Pass through 
	this and then move to the right once inside the rectangular room. Jump 
onto the ledge holding the 
	blue transformation portal and switch mode into material. You are now at 
another block puzzle.
		puzzle: In this room is one of the game's many block puzzles. As 
a suggestion before
		trying to solve this puzzle, kill each of the spider vampires in 
the room so you can move
		the blocks without being attacked. These enemies re-generate but 
do so slowly so you 
		will have time to work. The only tricky part to this puzzle is a 
block slot that is not on the
		ground level. You must fill in this hole first. Do this by 
stacking blocks atop one another
		and allowing yourself room to shove the block into the wall. Make 
sure that the pictures 
		match up accordingly and the puzzle will be solved.

	With the puzzle solved, a cutscene will show you a now accessible switch 
back in the other 
	wooden door room along the wall. Head out of the puzzle room and back to 
the ledge along the
	wall. Move to your left until you reach the other wooden door. Inside is 
the ledge shown in the
	cinema. Hop atop this and use the switch. The second bellow will drop. 
Head out of this room and
	back along the ledge to your right. Jump atop both bellows until they 
slam down and click. This 
	will activate the airflow from the pit below noted by a cutscene. Hop out 
away from the wall and 
	hold the x button to hold out Raziel's wings. Float upwards until the 
game takes over and lands you
	on a ledge way above. Climb up the ledge to your right and follow this 
pathway to reach the large
	purple foyer. 

	e. From the purple foyer, you will begin your journey to shatter four, 
count 'em four, crystals.

		1st crystal: Head through the purple foyer to a large, white 
stained glass window on the
		right side. Inside this window will be a brown door which you 
will want to pass through 
		and travel up the winding passage. Moving past a wooden door to 
the left and then a large
		bell, take the wooden door just past the bell. Go inside and down 
the incline and use your
		spectral mode specialty and pass through the red gate at the 
bottom. Inside the gate look 	
	for a blue transformation portal on a ledge in the far right corner. Use 
this and switch 	
	back to material so you can begin yet another block puzzle.

			puzzle: This room's puzzle differs from the previous in 
that you aren't lining up 
			the pictures on the blocks to merely complete the 
picture. Here you will be 
			completing a conduit for a solid current of air. This is 
a relatively simple puzzle
			which is more than self explanatory.

		With the puzzle solved and the hum growing louder from the now 
complete airstream, the 
		first crystal will shatter.

	With the first crystal shattered you now will have to go back out into 
the passageway with the large

		tip: When passing through gates in spectral mode, you will as 
expected drop any weapons 	
	you are carrying. However if you switch to spectral mode directly in 
front of any gates 
		you must pass through, your weapon sometimes fall slightly 
through the gate allowing you
		to grab it from the other side when you return to the material 

		2nd crystal: Once you are back in the hallway, move back towards 
the large bell to the 
		first wooden door. Open the door and move down the passage until 
you reach a similar 
		red gate. Again pass through this and look for a transformation 
portal to switch. Once you
		have done so, you will have to complete another conduit block 

			puzzle: Similar to the puzzle in the far room, the 
objective here is to complete 
			the pipe in the wall using the blocks. The only change 
here is that all of the
			blocks are stacked atop one another in the center of the 
room. Use the deep
			indention against the far wall to knock the blocks down.

		Again, once the puzzle is solved, the tone breaks a crystal and 
you are left with two
		crystals to shatter. 

	Now head back into the hallway with the large bell. What you will be 
doing here is breaking a 
	large stained glass window at the end of the hall. Move up the the large 
bell and whack it. Then
	quickly turn away from the bell and jump out the opening. Jump STRAIGHT 
across to the purple
	foyer. Once there continue going straight down a ramp between two firey 
lanterns to another bell.
	Whack this bell to create another tone that will shatter the huge stained 
glass window. From here
	head back up to the path with the first large bell. Move through this 
passage and past the bell until
	you reach a large crank on the right wall. Jump up to the crank and swing 
it around. A cutscene
	will show you a timed door opening. Rather than trying to reach this door 
in time, the truth being
	that you can't actually. Be sneaky and cheat.

		tip: In spectral mode, time does not pass.

	With the tip above, switch into spectral after using the crank. Then move 
further up the path to the 
	area that was once blocked off by a solid stained glass window. Jump out 
here and you will land in
	the purple foyer. Along the left wall, head down the ramp that hides the 
second large bell and just
	as you begin your descent turn to the right to find the crevice and the 
Secret Room. Right now
	what you are searching for are the second set of puzzles that will 
shatter the second two crystals.
	Inside the Secret Room, head for the path against the left wall and use 
the transformation portal
	to switch to material. If you ever need to return to this room, head back 
into the Secret Room and 
	use the circular wheel switch against the right wall. This will 
permanently move the large block
	that you moved with the crank earlier. After that, head back up the path 
on the left side. Open the
	wooden door and move across the chasm to another door inside a large 
stained glass window. Use
	your high jump to pass this obstacle and continue the journey through 
this door. Inside here, follow
	the path taking advantage of the weak enemies and follow this path to 
another brown door. Here 
	you will face two of those annoying spider vampires which you should 
kill. Now travel down the
	left path that leads to a large cylinderical capsule. Inside is an energy 
artifact. Now your objective is 
	to get this thing out of the capsule. Move past the capsule and pass 
through the red metal gate
	blocking your path. As expected , this is another block puzzle.

		puzzle: Classic line-up the pictures block puzzle. You've seen 
this one many times 
		before. The change here is that there aren't enough blocks to 
solve this puzzle.  Or are 
		there? When you plug in all of the blocks here, more will drop 
from above allowing you
		to complete this time consuming task. 

	With that completed a cutscene will show the capsule breaking up allowing 
you access to the 
	goodies inside. Pass through the gate again and grab the energy artifact. 
Ahh, the gentle hum of a
	new energy artifact. Now head back to the Secret Room and get ready to 
journey to break the last
	two crystals. From the Secret Room, move into the room directly across 
from the crevice opening 
	that you first entered the room from. Jump into this room and notice the 
piping scaling high along
	your left.

		weapons: This tall pipe covered room hides two pointy staffs. One 
at the very bottom on
		the same wall as the pipe and the other at the top on a 
completely different pipe.
	Move yourself atop this pipe and follow it along the wall, fending off 
any spider vampires that may
	be there, and do so until the pipe reaches a new path. Jump into this 
pathway and follow it until the 
	path splits off into two directions. Take the left path since the other 
way leads you to a dead end.
	In this more open space, continue your happy journey to the left until 
you finally reach those 
	darned crystals. To the left of the crystals you will see a crosshatched 
brown gate door and to the
	right there will be another tall airshaft. Move up to the brown gate and 
pass through in spectral.

		3rd. crystal: Just inside the brown gate, the path splits 
immediately into two directions.
		For simplicity's sake, take the left path. Follow this path until 
it opens up into a broiler 
		room. Three broilers with bronze metal lids will seem to serve no 
purpose what so ever.
		The truth is, that these broilers are the secret to breaking the 
crystals. Jump up to the
		middle broiler and open the lid. A loud high pitched hum will 
sound as the air escapes.
		Now, open the broiler lid on the far left. Both tones will once 
again create a harmonious
		crystal shattering experience. Now head back to the brown metal 

		4th crystal: From the brown metal gate, take the other path to 
the right and keep on until 
		you reach another broiler room. This time the secret is the same 
as the left room. Open the
		middle and lid furthest away from the screen to again produce a 
sound that will break the
		crystal. With that done, head back out of the brown gate and back 
to where the crystals 

	Outside of the gate, head for the closest transformation portal and 
switch to material mode. Then
	come back to the floor with the four blocks and many handles (crystals 
once covered these) and 
	move each one of these blocks once using the square button. There isn't a 
pattern here so just make 
	sure each one is turned once, and they all are the same direction. To 
your right, the air shaft should
	begin to smoke and you should jump in and float up. 

	f. Float up in the airshaft and land on the first of two yellow pipes 
above. Here there will be a large 
	gray piece of pipe standing on end vertically. Walk up to this pipe and 
knock it over. Now what 
	you have done is complete the lower section of pipe. From here, jump and 
float to the higher
	yellow pipe and again, knock the gray piece of pipe down to complete the 
pipe. Now that both
	pipes have been completed, enter the brown path above and in-between the 
yellow pipes. Follow
	this path to a tall room full of platforms We'll call this the Room O' 
Three Pipes. The reason
	being that what your next objective is to turn three valves to open the 
air flow to three pipes in this
	here very room. Inside this room there will be numerous spider vampires 
which we suggest you not
	to try and fight these. Make your way to the right side and switch both 
of the block switches in the 
	floor to open a new passageway above. Now find your way to the left side 
of the room and hop up 	to 
a metal shelf-like platform. From here make your way on top of the three pipes 
and then up to 	the very top 
platform in the room. 

		weapons: On the very top platform, you can find another staff to 
impale your foes with.
		grab this if you like.
	From the top of the room, you will now glide to the open path that you 
unveiled when you used the 
	switches on the floor. Once you are inside this green pathway, continue 
your way down to a dark
	brown metal gate. Use your spiffy skills and get your butt to the other 
side. You will now be in a 
	large room that resembles the Phantom of the Opera's huge organ room. 
Large yellow pipes will 
	scale one wall and a contraption will lie at the bottom against another. 
Hop down from your high 
	perch here and move inside a short cave to transform back to material. 
Now here is a tricky part.
	The game will coldly put you in a fight for your life when you arrive 
back in the material realm.
	Two spider vampires will appear immediately in front of you. Start 
swinging madly to fend these
	guys off. Then head to the contraption.

		1st valve: At the contraption, there will be a valve wheel in the 
center of the middle
		block. Turn this valve to unleash the first of three streams of 
air coming from the three
		pipes in the Room O' Three Pipes.

	With the first valve turned, head up the other side of the yellow pipes 
and into a shallow alcove. 
	Pass through the gate here and into a room with a large bell. Jump onto 
the pipe along the wall and
	follow it up to the top. At the top, move down the dark path and into the 
room it pours into.

		2nd valve: Inside this room will be a tall yellow pipe that has a 
valve on it which is much
		too high to turn from the ground. There will also be a stack of 
broken stones against the
		far wall. Walk up to the stack of broken stones and pull the cube 
out from the bottom. 
		This will send the stones crashing down allowing you a way to 
continue your journey.
		Now with the cube in hand, pull this block back to the tall 
yellow pipe. Hop atop this
		block and turn the valve to send the second stream of air passing 
through the three pipes.
		Now climb up the stones on the far side and out of this simple 

		3rd valve: Follow the path out of the simple room until it opens 
into a larger room. Here
		you will need to complete a section of piping as well as turn a 
valve. To do so, climb up
		the pipe against the right wall and follow the pipe until it 
splits off to the left. Head up
		the far branch until it ends. Then look down and hop on the pipe 
below. Then turn left and
		push the pipe down completing the section. Now turn back to your 
left and follow the 
		pipe up to the third valve. The airstream will now be complete.

	Now make your way back to the Room O' Three Pipes. Once you get to the 
room with the broken
	stones, you will have to move the block you used to reach the switch over 
to the opposite side of
	the rock stack so you can reach the high ledge above. Then continue back 
through the organ room
	and into the Room O' Three Pipes. Once there, jump onto the pipes and 
glide upwards to a path 
	inside the shaft. In this path, take the first right path and follow this 
down to a warp gate room. 
	Let's refer to this warp gate as Zephon's Keep Warp Gate. Remember that 
this gate will take you 
	the Zephon Boss room. Activate this gate and then head back out into the 
main passageway. 
	Get ready to battle Zephon. Move down the path until you reach a broken 
soldier holding a still
	burning flame thrower. Remember this flame as it will play a role in 
defeating the huge beast.
	You are now at Zephon. Took long enough didn't it?

Third Boss: ZEPHON

	Zephon is one of the harder bosses in the game. He is a huge insect like 
vampire and on sheer 
	power terms, only Kain's attacks are more vicious. What you will need to 
do to defeat him is 
	approach him with caution and make him slam one of his pointed claws into 
the ground. It will get
	stuck and you will then be able to smash it. Zephon will then let out a 
groan and an egg. Grab the
	egg and take it back to the flame thrower. Then hurl the burning egg at 
Zephon. Do this three times
	to defeat him. 

Special Powers: 

	Like most insects, those of Zephon's clan have the ability to stick to 
surfaces. Once Zephon is 
	defeated, you too will gain this ability of wall scaling. This ability is 
limited strictly to the 

Stone Glyph

6. Now we will head out on a journey to grab another glyph to add to your powers. 
The glyph we will seek is the 
Stone Glyph. Once Zephon is defeated head to the close by warp gate and warp to 
the Spiral Staircase warp gate. 
Once here jump into the lake and move to the path on the left side of the lake 
bottom. Move up this path and out 
of the water. Since you are in spectral, use the close by transformation portal 
to change to material and use your 
wall scaling abilities for the first time on the gray patch on the wall ahead. 
From here follow the path to a 
valley where the skull from Nupraptor's Keep now lies. Jump into the skull's 
right eye socket and move up the path 
until you reach another patch of wall to scale. Climb here and then climb again 
once at the top. Once you have 
scaled both walls. You will be at a more open cliff. From where you have pulled 
your self up, jump up to the log 
suspended in front of Raziel. Then turn to your left and hop inside the ledge in 
the wall. Now use the spectral 
tip to warp and distort the world. In spectral, move towards the edge and turn 
Raziel to the right. You will see a 
tip of a distorted log. Look up and judge the jump from here and hop on. 

	tip: High jump in place and then glide onto this log for an easier jump. 

Now move carefully along this twisted log to a cliff above. Once you are here 
look to your right for another 
twisted log that leads to a ledge holding a transformation portal. Follow this 
twisted log over to the portal. 
Switch to material and look back towards the large cliff and then up to find a 
log just above. Jump up to this log 
and then look up again to find another log suspended even higher. Make your way 
up to this log and then move up to 
a bloody spiral staircase. Follow this out to a beam that jutts forward to a 
small cliff. From this cliff follow 
your way up to the right and up to a higher level. Move to the right and enter a 
cave. Follow this out until you 
reach the perch where the skull once was. Now all that lies here is the broken 
jaw. Move towards the gap in the 
jaw and look outward. Pretty isn't it? Look out the opening and down to the left 
you will see a small ledge with a 
torch. High jump and glide down to this ledge. Don't Fall! You must make this 
jump or you will be going back 
through all of that tedious jumping again. Once you reach the secluded ledge 
follow the path into a cave and up 
the path inside. Upon entering the room you will see two large flames. Just past 
these flames, look up on the 
right side to find a ledge. Hop up there and push down the block inside. You will 
need this for the upcoming block 
puzzle. Push this block into the room ahead and plug it into the wall where it 
	puzzle: Oh, my another block puzzle. This puzzle has few tricks up it's 
sleeve besides the hidden
	block outside the room. With that in mind, jump up to the second level in 
this room on either side
	and pass through the small doorway to a hidden room behind the statue. 
Here you will find the 
	remaining blocks to solve the puzzle. There are a few tricks here but use 
your skills and previous
	knowledge to separate stacked blocks etc. Once you finish the puzzle, the 
statue will come to life.

The Statue will smash the stone in front of him when you complete the puzzle 
unleashing the Stone Glyph. With 
Stone Glyph in hand, head back out of this cave. Once you reach the outside, turn 
to the left and jump straight 
out. Glide down until you reach a new warp gate door. Enter here and activate 
this warp gate. From here on, let's 
refer to this warp gate as Nupraptor's Skull Warp Gate. 

Tomb of Serafan Sleeping Preists

7. If you listened to the narrator after you defeated Zephon then you know you 
need to head to the mountains past 
the Pillars of Nosgoth. Where are the pillars? Well they're inside the large 
cathedral like castle towards the 
beginning of the game. How do you get there? Well use a warpgate and warp to 
the "Dreamcast" warp gate. Make your 
way to the cathedral castle and head inside. Continue over the bridge and past 
the many gates. Head into the 
pillars and have a nice chat with Ariel to find out what you are doing here. Then 
use your newly found wall 
scaling abilities to scale the wall to the right of the entryway. Climb up and 
follow the the path to the right 
and enter the path. Continue down this pathway to a dead end that ends in two 
doors. Take either door and drop 
down to the valley below. Follow the path from the valley until a cutscene plays 
about the Tomb of the Serafan. 
Now you are at the Tomb of the Serafan. Apparently the Serafan were these 
ruthless group of vampire hunters that 
included Malek. With that being said, move to the left of the tomb and look for a 
place to climb up. Scale the 
cliff and enter a green passage that leads to a warp gate room. For reference 
we'll call this the Tomb of Serafan 
Warp Gate. Now head back out to the tomb and enter the ruins. Pass through the 
gate inside and follow the path to 
a transformation portal. 

	weapons: Just behind the portal is a staff against the wall, snag this if 
you like.

Now in material mode, continue down the path to a wooden door. Exit out the door. 
Head down the triangular path to 
what looks to be a dead end. However, what looks to be a movable block lies in 
the center of this closed path. 
Pull this block and enter the tomb. Once inside a cutscene will show you the 
truth to your beginnings and being 
said the story really starts to blossom here. After it plays you are again thrust 
into a dead end with nowhere to 
go. Oh really? Use tip number four and switch into spectral and the floor will 
drop out. Putting you in a chamber. 
Pass through the gate and follow the tunnel into a rectangular arena. Use the 
transformation portal on the left 
and get ready to battle one of the easiest bosses in the game. 

Fourth Boss: MORLOCK

	Morlock could be considered the wimp in the vampire family. Either he is 
intentionally weak or 
	this guy is just a wuss. All you need to defeat this puppy is to smack 
him around until he is stunned
	and then chunk him into the moat around the center platform. Either that 
or explode him with the
	Soul Reaver.

Special Powers:

	When Morlock is no more, you will gain his force projectile ability. This 
will allow you to break
	objects that you once could not. 

Sound Glyph

8. Finished with Morlock and endowed with new powers, we should head for another 
Glyph to augment our growing 
arsenal. This time around we are looking for the Sound Glyph. To find this nifty 
artifact we must head back to the 
Sunken Cathedral. First we must leave the tomb. Look to the east of the closed 
metal gate to find a now open 
passage. Follow this passage up and out a wooden door. Just inside this room 
stick to the right wall and climb up. 
Then pass through the triangular door in spectral. This will drop you back 
outside of the tomb. Head to the Tomb 
of Serafan Warp Gate and warp back to the Underworld. Travel back to the Sunken 
Cathedral through the many steps 
to arrive back to the first room where the large pipes travel upwards and a large 
pit circulates air. Jump into 
this pit but don't float upwards. Instead head inside the triangular cave at the 
bottom. Follow this path until 
you reach an alcove with a stained glass window inside. Aim at the window and 
fire a force projectile to shatter 
the glass. Then jump across to the wall and stick to the scalable surface. Climb 
up and into the path. Head 
through the way until you reach a metal gate. Pass through this and travel into a 
huge room. We're talking tall 
and long. Three tall pillars sky high into the air. Head to the far side of the 
room and grab the drumstick off of 
the wall. You will need this to ring a huge bell later. Then make your way back 
to the metal gate and climb the 
walls on either side to a ledge above. From the ledge, look to your left to find 
a small alcove to which you will 
want to aim and throw the drumstick into. The reason for this is that you are 
about to have to switch to spectral 
and you will need the stick with you. Once you have tossed the stick, switch to 
spectral to warp and shift the 
world. This will cause the first tall pillar to move close enough to jump onto. 
Jump onto the pillar and then use 
the portal to switch to material. Then jump over to the left to pick up your 
drumstick. Then jump back out onto 
the pillar. Then jump across the second pillar and again jump to the third. At 
the third pillar set down the 
drumstick by crouching and then pressing square. Now look up towards the stained 
glass window in the wall and 
shatter it using a force projectile. With the window broken,  pickup the 
drumstick and hurl it into the hole where 
the window was. Switch into spectral mode and then jump into the hole. From there 
switch back to material mode and 
then pick up the drumstick. Walk up the short path to the huge bell and ring it 
using the drumstick. Voila! 
Instant Sound Glyph.

Drowning Abbey

9. After you get the Sound Glyph, you need to head back to the Tomb of Serafan. 
So head to your nearest warp gate 
and warp to the Tomb of Serafan Warp Gate. Once you are there, head back into the 
tomb through the metal gate and 
through the long path to the arena where you fought Morlock. Once you are there 
look for a target symbol directly 
across from the gate. Aim at the target and blast it until it falls through the 
other side. Then head through this 
new passage. Jump down and go to your left and follow the passage down to the 
water. Move through the water and 
follow the path up a ramp that leads out of the water.  Here change back to 
material and continue your way to the 
left. Here there will be a small pool of water which you need to jump across to a 
patch of wall on the other side 
that you can scale. Get your butt up this wall and inside the semi-circle ledge. 
From here face away from the wall 
and jump across out to the taller of the two pillars. Once you are on this 
pillar, use your force projectile to 
shove a block off of the pillar up ahead. Once it is knocked off you can jump to 
the far pillar and then up to the 
ledge ahead. Then take Raise up the stairs and and through the wooden door ahead. 
Just inside the room opens up 
and splits into two paths. Ahead is a somewhat secret room you can fill your 
energy and glyphs but this is 
somewhat of a waste of time. For now, take the right path.

	weapons: Inside this dual path room, there are two staffs that you can 
grab. These are located 
	on both sides of the entry hallway.

Down the right path you will need to pass through a metal gate and then head up 
two sets of stairs. A blue 
transformation portal will be waiting for you to switch to the solid world. As 
soon as you do, swing like mad to 
fend off two beasts that will be waiting to attack you. Once they have been dealt 
with, move forward up to the 
large metal cage inside this room. Inside you will see a tall block in the middle 
of the cage. Use your force 
projectile to send the block against the far wall so you will be able to reach 
the high pathway above this room. 
Use your spectral skills to pass through the cage and jump atop the block you 
shoved a few seconds ago. From the 
block jump up to the path above. This path leads to a very long passage which you 
will need to follow all the way 
through past a green metal gate and out a triangular cave door. Once you are 
here, look down for a large Spanish 
sailboat. Jump down to this boat and move to the higher right to reach a small 
ledge against the left wall. Jump 
up to this ledge and follow this path back inside the wall. Use the blue portal 
to switch back to the material 
world. Just inside again you will encounter a small room with two choices for 
continued passage. On the right, you 
should head inside the warp gate door and activate the warp gate. We'll call this 
warp gate the Rahab Clan Boat 
Warp Gate. Once you have completed this simple task, head back out and through 
the other door in the small room. 
Enter this door and follow the tunnel to a dark closed door. This door will have 
a target like symbol in the 
center which signifies force projectile. Smack the door with a projectile and the 
door will open. A cutscene will 
introduce the Drowned Abbey as well as introduce the clan of Rahab. The trick to 
the enemies here is that they are 
not susceptible to water attacks so forget about using the good old H2O to kill 
them. Enough of that, you will now 
be at the entry way for the Drowned Abbey. Your objective here is to infiltrate 
Rahab's water filled bell tower 
and ultimately put the end to his existance. From the ledge you now perch atop, 
drop down forward to the lower 
step below. Then turn to your right and look for a platform poking out of the 
water. High jump and glide over to 
this pillar. Ahead lies another platform so jump across. Again, ahead lies 
another place for Raziel to jump atop 
only this time you need to place him on a semi-circular ledge along the wall. 
Follow this ledge around and jump to 
the slanted edge against the right wall. Continue along this slanted embankment 
and around the tall pillars to the 
end. Then high jump into the doorway to the left. Sure there were more platforms 
you could have jumped to, but 
this way was much easier. You probably see the snake like vampire now that you 
are inside the doorway. See those 
things he is hurling at you? Well if you were on those platforms out there and he 
nailed you with one you would 
fall into the water having to go back a long way. Now that the snake vampire is 
in reach, slay him and continue 
your journey through the door on the left. Inside the wooden door, fire a force 
projectile to impale the vampire 
waiting ahead. Then move on and through the pathway to a green room that splits 
into four ways. Move through and 
around the large screw in the center of the room to the path opposite of the 
entrance. At the end of this passage 
you will come to a metal gate door.

	weapons: Two pipes lie on both sides just before reaching the above 
mentioned door. Both make
	nice weapons for fighting snake vampires.

Pass through this door and just inside will be two more of those lovable snake 
vampires. Smoke those babies and 
then continue down the path to another metal gate door. Head out this door and 
continue your journey until the 
path opens up into a larger room. From here you will see many pillars projecting 
from a medium sized pool of 

	weapons: Just outside of the large room entry, look for two gold pendulum 
staffs. Grab one of 
	these staffs for use on the other side of the pool of water.

Now move up to the pool of water and high jump glide out to the first pillar. 
Then move from pillar to pillar 
until you reach the other side. Once you reach the last pillar move quickly to 
the solid ground ahead.

	tip: One of those fireball chunking snake enemies is waiting for you on 
the other side of this pool
	of water. To keep him from frustrating you by knocking you in the water, 
shoot him from long 
	distance on the second to last pillar.

At the other side of the pool, head down the tall green path until you come upon 
a gray metal door. Enter here and 
keep moving. Follow this path all the way until you start to descend into a deep 
pool of water. When you reach the 
water, hop in and continue moving forward until this underwater passageway opens 
into a large room with a 
checkerboard floor. As soon as you enter this room, follow the right wall around 
until you are under a short 
ledge. Hop onto this ledge and climb above to a transformation portal above. Once 
you switch back to material, 
climb up the scalable wall to your left. At the top of this sticky patch, there 
will be a shallow ledge which will 
open up directly to this tall room's rafter system. And guess what? You are about 
to have to tediously jump across 
from rafter to rafter to get to the other side. Sounds like a bunch of fun right? 
Well get to it and hop your butt 
across those rafters.

	tip: To make jumping from rafter to rafter easier, take your time and be 
patient. Try to always 
	make your jumps from the center of each rafter. Most importantly, let off 
the D-Pad once you

Once you have made it to the last rafter in this room, your path may look to end. 
Look to the left wall to find a 
nice doorway to jump into. Move into this path and you will face two more of the 
snake vampires. These buggers 
will get on your nerves if you don't smoke them so kill them before you continue 
on. If and only if they are six 
feet under, move down the short path to a large stained glass window. Shatter the 
window with your force 
projectile ability and get ready for frustration. When you break open the window 
you will see a series of spigots 
spouting out water. If you guessed that you have to jump to each one of these 
things, then you guessed right. So 
get busy and be patient and make your way out to the first spigot. This is a long 
jump so make sure you will make 
it by running and then jumping from the very edge. 

	tip: Once you are up on the first spigot, to make the rest of the jumps 
easier move to the very
	edge before jumping. Then high jump and glide to the next one. The jumps 
should be close but
	Raziel will pull himself up if done correctly.

After you make it to the last spigot, move on to the short ledge ahead. Be 
careful not to follow this ledge as it 
ends abruptly. Now jump across to a silo that sits in the water off to the left. 
Go around the silo to the right 
and look out to the right. You should see a bell tower which you can easily reach 
from your current position. High 
jump and glide over to this tower and pull the chain inside to ring the bell. 
This will open a door at the bottom 
of the spiral staircase over to your left. Now take the stairs down and follow 
them through the water and up to 
another set of stairs. Head up these stairs and you will be in the Rahab boss 
room. Here, move across to the far 
side of the room and use the short pillars to proceed up and out of the water. At 
the tallest pillar switch to 
material and the boss battle will begin.

Fifth Boss: RAHAB

	Rahab is a water creature who is very susceptible to attacks by sunlight. 
Notice inside this circular
	room that there are many stained glass windows. The trick to beating this 
boss is to shatter each of 
	the windows in this room allowing enough light to come through so you can 
burn the poor bastard.

Special Powers: 

	After you defeat Rahab, you will no longer be forced to change to the 
spectral realm when 
	submersed in water. In effect you gain invulnerability to water as well 
as the swimming ability.

Once you have defeated Rahab, you will now have all of the requirements you need 
to acquire the rest of the 
Glyphs. In no way are the Glyphs needed, and to tell you the truth they really 
don't help much during the game. 
But then again, they aren't that hard to get and I have included how to get them 
below. Still your first objective 
after defeating Rahab is to exit the Drowned Abbey. This is a somewhat long 
journey so lets get started. Jump into 
the water inside Rahab's tower and swim down to the bottom. Look for a doorway 
from which you entered from and 
head back up this path and out of the water to the top of the bell tower. Here 
you will watch a short cutscene 
that will tell you about the upcoming boss, Dumah and tell you where he is 
located. After this plays you will need 
to head back to the tall room with the checkerboard floor which you jumped from 
rafter to rafter. The closest 
route to this room from the bell tower is to jump out into the water below to the 
left. Once in the water follow 
the left wall to reach an underwater gate and a short wall above. Use your new 
speed jump to burst out of the 
water and onto the top of the short wall above. Then jump into the water on the 
other side. Follow the water back 
to where the floor changes to checkerboard and then pass through the gate to 

	fire reaver: Once through shift back into material and then continue out 
around the cylindrical 
	structure and around to the face. Face towards the large stained glass 
window here and shatter it 
	using a force projectile. Now head into the path this creates and down a 
spiral staircase. At the 
	bottom, follow along the left wall up to an opening to the right that 
leads down more stairs. Travel 
	down these stairs and at the bottom follow forward a short bit to a large 
stained glass window 
	against the left wall. Shatter this and enter up the shaft and out of the 
water. Walk up to the fire 
	ahead to acquire the fire reaver. With this ability you can from now on, 
set the Soul Reaver on fire
	where ever you encounter a flame.

Now head back out of this small room head back up the stairs to the right and 
just as you exit the staircase, move 
to the right and head up the third window shaft. A stream of sunlight will 
distinguish this window from the 
others. Now follow the path here up to a tall cylindrical pathway above. Swim up 
through this room again to a 
pathway above. This path will then open up into a large underwater room which you 
will navigate up and across to a 
path in the first alcove to the left. Again move through this path which leads to 
another underwater room only 
this one can be distinguished from the others because it has an underwater 
staircase on the bottom below where you 
enter. You are now outside of the Drowned Abbey.

Mad Glyph search

10. Now you can either skip these next few sections or continue through the 
walkthrough in a continuous path. I am 
writing this as one complete journey but once you get familiar with the future 
world of Nosgoth, you will be able 
to use this more for reference and less as a hand holding, take you completely 
through the game write up. For now, 
lets get the Glyphs. 

	fire glyph: Since you should be already in the underwater room with the 
stairs on the bottom, 	move to the 
opposite side of the room from these stairs. Take the passage here through and 
out to a 	deep pool. Swim to 
the surface and head left at the top to a wooden door. Take the wooden door 
	and inside, use the crank on the 
right wall. Now quickly switch to spectral mode to hold the doors 
	that the crank opened ajar and pass through into a room with another 
crank on the wall. Switch 
	back to material and use the crank here to open the red metal gate. Then 
head back outside and 
	move around the room to a deep cave with a wooden door at the end. Head 
in the door and you
	will see a cutscene showing you how to reach a fire across the room. 
Switch to spectral mode from
	the perch you start on and drop down to the ground. Then climb up from 
pillar to pillar making 
	your way up to the other side and the flame. Light your Soul Reaver and 
then head back out of this
	room and back outside to where the red metal gate was once closed. Follow 
through to a new room
	inside that holds a large statue. Walk up and torch the bowl the statue 
is holding to receive the Fire

With that done, head back out from the way you came and down through the path by 
the underwater stairs. Go up and 
take the passage to the right and you will exit directly into Raziel's clan 
castle. To your right from here is the 
Raziel Clan Castle Warp Gate which you should use to warp back to the Silenced 
Cathedral Warp Gate. Once there 
head back out to the cathedral moat and jump in.

	sunlight glyph: From the Silenced Cathedral moat, swim to the right until 
you reach a gate. Pass
	through and shift back to material. Then swim up past a widening of the 
passage up and into 
	another passage above. Continue up the path until a cutscene plays 
showing you where to go. Now
	swim along the right wall to an underwater passage and follow this up 
into a Warp Gate. We'll call
	this the Sunlight Glyph Warp Gate. After you have activated the warp 
gate, head back out into 
	the to the deep water and swim to the surface. Then move over to the rock 
wall and climb up along
	the left wall. Make your way up along the wall jumping from cliff to 
cliff, and climb up until you 
	a short path that leads inside the rock wall. Move into this path and out 
into the new room. From 
	here turn away from the wall and jump across to the glass lighthouse 
below. To the left of the 
	lighthouse, go through the wooden door to the other side. You will then 
be at the other side of
	the actual lamp of the lighthouse. A cutscene will again show you where 
you need to head and
	then make your way down the path on the left wall down to the first 
wooden door. Move into this
	room and follow the path inside to a room with metal duct in the center. 
Climb atop the duct
	to the top and look to the left to find a dark block you will need to 
shove off. Then drop down and
	move the block around to the crank. Then use the crank and watch the 
action it performs. After 
	you see that you need to block the flywheel position the block over so 
you can quickly shove the
	block in the way of the wheel after you use the crank again. Once the 
flywheel is blocked, notice
	the torches in the room and their now constant lit state. Then head back 
out of this room back onto
	the sloping ledge and follow this down to the waters edge below. Then 
jump out onto the platforms
	floating in the water and onto a mossy rock and then into what seems to 
be the bottom entrance of
	the lighthouse above. Follow the short path inside through a door and you 
will then be in a tall 
	cylindrical room with a spiraling catwalk along the wall. You need to 
reach the bottom of this silo
	but don't bother with trying to walk down, jump down to the bottom and 
head out the path there. 
	Continue following the path to the left through the drill like structure 
and into another room with a 
	second drill like structure. Only this time there won't be a triangular 
opening for you to pass 
	through. Here, use the old trick and switch to spectral mode. This will 
raise the drills so you can
	pass by. Head up the path continuing to the to the right and use the 
portal here to switch back to 
	the material side of things. Open the wooden door and move down the 
passage to a set of double
	doors. Go inside here and move towards a tall pit to the left. There will 
be two pipes projecting 
	into this here pit and plenty of blocks as well. Use the blocks here to 
connect the piping and then
	jump out. Now follow the pipe out of the pit and back into a secluded 
little room and switch on the 
	water flow. A cutscene will show all that you have done and believe me 
it's a lot. You have not 
	only turned on the water but you have also started a water mill which is 
pumping a huge bellow 
	to the right of the tall pit. Make your way over to this structure and 
climb atop using the three
	greenish steam flows. Float Raziel atop the mill and then climb onto the 
huge bellow. When the
	bellow is fully extended use the added height to reach a small catwalk 
ahead. Now scale the many
	catwalks up to the top and enter a door. Then jump down and follow the 
path up to a room with
	three huge pistons churning away. Head on to the far side of the room and 
against the left wall, fall
	through a small hole to the room below. Turn away from the screws here 
and head out the path 
	back into the tall silo. Climb all the way back up the catwalks and out 
across the water back to the
	sloping path on the side of the wall. If you payed attention you will 
have noticed that the 
	light house is now working and spinning a beam of light across the land. 
As for where the boats 
	and rocky shores are? Well who knows. At the bottom of the sloping rock 
path, enter the room
	ahead and watch the cutscene showing the light projecting across to the 
wall ahead. The next time
	a beam of light passes through, quickly shift to spectral and the 
Sunlight Glyph will be yours. Now
	make your way back to the Sunlight Glyph Warp Gate and warp to the 
closest gate ("Dreamcast")
	to the Abyss Cliffs. 

Once you reach the Abyss Cliffs you will need to head out onto the second pillar 
in the center of the Abyss. On 
the second pillar there are two places you can travel. Directly across lies the 
path to your battle with Dumah and 
to the left lies the Human Citadel. Jump over to the left and enter the upward 
path that drops off into the water. 
Once in the deeper water, swim outward and then to the surface. This will begin 
your search for the Water Glyph.

	water glyph: Look on the far wall to find a small wooden door situated in 
the rock. Enter this door 
	and head up the stairs inside. Here at the top, there will be two blocks 
sitting inside the walls. Pull
	both the blocks out and stack these puppies atop one another so you can 
reach the ledge above. 
	Then continue the short path to the window and high jump across so you 
can infiltrate the human
	city. From the orange walls, move forward through the the passages here 
until you reach a set of 
	double doors that open into the actual human city. Ahead will be a short 
bridge over a stream of
	water that you will need to hop into. In the water look for a circular 
gate and blast the center of
	this barrier with a force projectile. Head up the pipe here and swim past 
the spinning fan blades 
	into a pipe above. Make your way through lower sewer tunnel here and 
continue until you reach
	a nice waterfall. Jump out of the water into a room to the right of the 
waterfall and head up the 
	stairs and past the statue to a room on the right. Go up stairs here and 
jump across a short brook.
	Then pull the close by block out of the wall and push it into the brook. 
Then push the block to the
	left and down into a tall room with a square hole in the center. Plug the 
hole with the block here 
	and water will fill the room. Now go back to the statue and the Water 
Glyph will appear. Once you
	get this nice artifact head back to the city. Now jump out of the water 
and head up the first passage
	on the left of the city through a door and up a nice set of stairs. 
Continue on the path until you
	reach a large alley like room that flows around in a square. Take Raziel 
along to the right and look 
	for the first upward pathway on the left. Head up this to enter a warp 
gate. We'll call this the 
	Human City Warp Gate. 

At the warp gate here, you will need to head back close to the Abyss and seek out 

Your brother Dumah (Ash Village)

11. Your journey to find Dumah will send you back to the Abyss Cliffs. This time, 
head out to the second pillar 
again and jump in the water in front of the unreachable path ahead. From the 
water, use your swift jump technique 
to reach the ledge above to pull yourself to the previously unreachable path. 
Inside follow the path to a snowing 
valley. From the valley past through a tall archway and follow the right wall to 
a tall scalable pillar. Behind 
this pillar and further to the right move into a dark tall cave to find another 
warp gate, we'll call this one the 
Ash Village Warp Gate. Now with this warp activated, head back to the tall pillar 
with the climbable face. Climb 
atop this pillar and face away from the warp gate and look down to find a castle 
wall which you will glide down to 
and over.

	a. Just over this castle wall lies the entrance to the actual Ash 
Village, the home to Dumah and his
	kind. On the far side, pass through a gate. Inside this gate a large 
caged room will sit in the center.
	With Raziel still in spectral, head around this cage to the far side 
where you can switch back to 
	material. Then move up to the gate ahead and blast the block in the 
center of the room flush against
	the far wall. Then switch to spectral to pass through this gate so you 
can move to the block you just
	blasted and jump atop to a pathway above. Here switch back to material 
and drop down through
	hole ahead. Now move along the passage way to a wall holding a block 
which you need to grab
	and drag back a bit so you can reach a ledge above on the right wall. 
>From the ledge here, you will
	be above the outside courtyard and you will need to jump across to the 
alcove. From there move 
	through the path until a nice cutscene plays and shows you what to do. 
Below will be two green 
	pools of water. In the middle a piece of dry land will play an integral 
part for the pseudo block
	puzzle you are about to endure. Glide down to the bridge in the middle 
and then jump up to the
	ledge on the right side of the room. There use a crank to drain all of 
the twisted looking water from
	the two pools of water. Now hop inside the first pool and situate all of 
the blocks so that you can
	move one atop the divider. Do this and then shove the block down into the 
second pool. Now 
	move back to the first pool and move the blocks again so you can shove 
another block atop the
	bridge only this time don't shove it into the pool. Hop into the second 
pool and stack two blocks
	atop one another and shove the stack against the bridge wall. Climb onto 
the bridge and push the
	block here onto the stack creating a stack of three blocks. Now push this 
to the other wall and use
	it along with the single block to reach the high ledge above. From there 
follow the passage to
	the Furnace Room which you will enter from the venting. Drop down from 
the venting and make
	your way around this circular room to a valve. Use the valve to turn on 
the gas flow here and then
	head on around to the floor switch to set off an explosion. This will 
open a new path directly
	behind the floor switch. Through this path will lead you to an area above 
the caged room where
	you blasted the block against the far wall. Just ahead you will see a 
block. Push this block down to
	the ground and then move the block over to the block already there and 
stack these puppies. Now
	move the stack over to the opposite wall from where you just jumped down. 
Hop atop and climb in
	the path here. Now head down the yellow path and another cutscene will 
play showing your 
	objective. You need to reach the top here. So switch into spectral to 
warp the world and move from 
	alcove to alcove all the way to the very top. At the top there will be a 
cog and switch but before
	you can use this switch, you will need to jump across to the portal. Do 
this and then jump back
	across. Use the switch and a drawbridge will drop below. Then jump down 
to the bridge and head 
	into the gray passage. Follow this path until it splits to the left and 
right. Take the right path until
	it ends by a gate. To the left look for a block inside the wall. Now pull 
the block back towards
	where Raziel looked upward and jump up to the ledge there. A cutscene 
will play showing you 
	again where to head only where it wants you to go, you can't reach 
without any spectral trickery. 
	So do your thing and switch to spectral and move from pillar to pillar to 
reach the slanted
	path above that the cutscene showed you. Jump into this path and glide 
over the gate below 
	and land next to the tall object. Once inside this gate, push over the 
object to break the gate and the
	door to Dumah's chamber of entrapment. Follow the path up to Dumah and a 
cutscene will play.

Sixth Boss: DUMAH

	To battle Dumah, you must first awaken him by pulling out the three 
staffs that have impaled him.
	Dumah is just about the strongest boss in the game and is actually 
invincible to normal attacks
	from Raziel. To defeat this mighty beast you must lure him out of his 
chambers and all the way
	back to the Furnace Room. Once he is there, he will stand in the middle 
of the room. Then use the
	two switches in the room to burn him to a crisp.

Special Powers: 

	After you defeated Dumah you will receive the powers of constrict. This 
power is both a weapon
	and a tool that Raziel can use to move objects he previously could not.

	b. With Dumah defeated, head out of the Ash Village castle and back into 
the snowy valley. Head
	to the left and follow the valley all the way until you reach a large 
sundial on the ground in front 
	of two huge closed off doors. The passage ahead leads into the Oracle 
Caves but first you will need
	to use your constrict ability to turn the sundial and open the doors.

Kain's scent (Oracle Caves)

12. Ahh, Dumah is dead and all that is left is to reach Kain. It has been a long 
journey right? Well lets embark 
on the last leg and find out what happens next. Now head into the doors that you 
opened with the sundial. You will 
then head down a purple cave past a fire to reach a metal gate door. Head through 
the gate up to a warp gate 
passage on the right. Head inside and activate the warp. We'll call this the 
Oracle's Warp Gate. Now head back to 
the right and pass through what looks to be a dead end. 

	weapons: In front of the rock on the left side, you can find a staff with 
an hourglass cutout. Grab
	this later on. 

Now switch to spectral to pull off some of that loving magic and look to the left 
wall. A crack will have opened 
and you can now pass through and continue. Walk through and switch to material on 
the other side. You will now see 
an opening ahead and two closed doors to your left and right. In the middle, use 
the constrict ability to circle 
around the spindle to open the doors on the left and right. Now head through the 
left door and enter the gate.

	a. What you are about to begin is one of the more confusing objectives in 
the game. Just inside
	the metal gate switch to material. Now look along the walls and notice 
the symbols above each
	hole. Now head to the other side and pull out the block below the green 
slanted "7". Push this
	block out into the lower courtyard to the right and then pull the block 
out from the red slanted
	"Z" and shove it into the hole under the green slanted "7". Now shift to 
spectral and pass through
	the gate and make your way back to the left side. Pass through this gate 
and switch back to material
	and grab the block from the courtyard and drag it back to the hole under 
the black "Z". Shove the
	block in and then head back to the other side through the gates. At the 
other side switch back to 
	material and grab the block under the green slanted "7" and shove it in 
the hole under the black
	"O". Once completed, this will open all of the doors in this puzzle room.

Now head back into the courtyard and out the large double doors into a tall 
passageway with pink pillars. To the 
right, follow a path until you reach a room with another spindle in the center. 
Constrict this spindle to open a 
passage to the right where you can recharge your Glyphs. Then head to left up a 
short ramp until you reach a gate 
which you must pass through in spectral. Do this and continue up the path until 
you reach a room full of warped 
rafters. Here jump across to the other side. Then jump to the alcove on the right 
to switch back to material. 
Carefully move to the edge and jump back across. Move through the doorway to a 
block puzzle room across a red and 
yellow pit. Position both blocks in front of the holes on each side and then jump 
across the pit and use your 
force projectile to shove them into the holes. Then the door in the center of the 
room will open. Continue through 
the door forward until you reach a room with four tall spindles. Here point each 
spindle towards the gold picture 
in the center of the floor. Once this is done a cutscene will show a new door 
opening back at the beginning of the 
level. Notice that this door that is shown in the cutscene is actually back by 
the crack in the wall from which 
you entered this cave. Head back there and switch to spectral once again to open 
the crack. Just outside, switch 
to material and head up to the new open door and walk up to the Oracle's 
Cauldron. A cutscene will introduce the 
Oracle and after this plays you will need to constrict the pot. A gray passageway 
will then open which you will 
need to follow out to a circular room. Head to the right by the switches in the 
floor and a cutscene will play. 
After it plays use the switches to set the clock to 12:00. Another cutscene will 
show the floor below this clock 
dropping out. Jump down to the very bottom here. 

	b. At the bottom of this clock tower, there will be many glass prisms 
which need to be set to the
	corresponding colors on the wall. Use common sense to set each of the 3 
blocks and then turn the
	mirror in the center of the room using constrict to flash each color. 
Once this is done you will see
	more doors open. Go out the path here and down to a set of two tone 
double doors. Open them and
	and head inside.

	c. You are now inside a circular room with a gigantic clock on the floor. 
Notice that on the sides of
	the walls there are colors and symbols that correlate to clock hands and 
symbols on the floor. 
	There are also three colored barrels situated in the room. Each colored 
barrel will be used to move
	one of the clock hands by constriction. Use constrict to set the clock 
hands to match the symbols
	on the wall. Once done, this will open the triangular gated door. 

		tip: Although this may be attributed to our early copy of the 
game, the tuning of each 
		clock hands seems to be buggy. If you watch the circular gated 
door you can actually
		see if you are moving the hands correctly as the opening will 

This door leads to a path that progressively heads down. At the bottom head right 
and across to a ledge next to a 
red spiked cogwheel. Keep heading down this path until it opens to a huge room 
with two giant cogs on the floor. 
Drop down by the cogs and notice three gray blocks lined up between the two cogs. 
Move all three away from the 
cogs so that the cogs can spin freely. This will make a large clock pendulum move 
a platform back and forth across 
the far wall. Now jump onto the left cog and look left to find a raised platform. 
Jump to this platform and then 
onto the ledge along the wall. Follow this down the side of the wall down by 
where the platform is swinging back 
and forth. When the platform gets close, jump atop and ride to the top where you 
can move into a doorway. Inside 
this doorway there will be a steep drop. Drop down then follow the pathway from 
here to the first opening on the 
right. You will come to a gate that blocks you and a block on the other side. 
Blast the block off using force 
projectile. Then continue down the pathway to a second opening on the right. 
Repeat the previous procedure 
knocking the block down to the ground below. Then head to the very bottom of the 
path and into a large room with a 
picture gram puzzle on the floor. Move the blocks to match the picture on the 
ground and then a door will open 
allowing you to continue. Head through to a room with a hole in the ground which 
you will jump into and follow the 
passageway ahead. Move through to a large area where you will come to three 
separate circular rooms. On the wall 
outside look for three black symbols. One looks like a football goal. Each symbol 
consists of two pieces. Walk to 
any of the three rooms and match the symbols together correctly using your 
constrict ability. Once all three 
symbols have been completed a swinging platform will drop down and allow you to 
reach a switch in each room. 
Switch each of the switches and this will open a door back in the main passage. 
Go through this door into a 
winding passage that leads to the final battle. Proceed to the very end watching 
each of the cutscenes until you 
reach the actual battle room where you will fight Kain.

Final Boss: KAIN

	Kain is the most powerful boss in the game. However defeating him is not 
as hard as Dumah. Just 
	like in the first battle with Kain, he will teleport around the room and 
zap you from afar. Each hit
	will either send you into spectral or darn near close. You must hit him 
three times to defeat him.
	Once on each tier of the room. 

Special Powers:

	Since you actually never get to engulf Kain's soul you don't get any 
powers from him.

13. End of the game. 

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