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From: "Jonny" 
Starting off.
My team.
Choose the 'no staff' option as the coaches etc. you are given are usually 
pants.When you enter your name you can put in whatever cheats you want before 
your name.
Check out your squad.Defence is v.important so make sure that your defenders are 
good,also you need good strikers-you can't win if you can't score!Make sure that 
you have 'backup players' as injuries and suspensions are as frequent as they 
are annoying.
Clear out the pap first,dump anyone who is letting the side down to make way for 
someone good.You have to be realistic,will Stam leave Manchester to join 
Shrewsby Town,even if you offer him loads?
Start with defence:  
Good targets are R.Ferdinand,T.West and C.Ziege.Don't start off with Thuram and 
the like until they might want to come(if your team plays well they may be 
tempted to join).
M.Overmars,Denilson,A.Ortega and Luis Enrique.Most half decent midfielders will 
want a high wage,give it to them.
As with defenders don't shoot to high at the start.
B.Carbone is available at quite a low price but for a bit 
more,D.Trézéguet,D.Yorke,T.Flo and E.Heskey are good bets.Remember:Strikers are 
more expensive than most other positions but keep your eyes open for bargains.
E.Van der Sar,F.Bartez and A.Peruzzi are good goalies but for subs you can aim a 
little lower as goalies are less prone to injuries and bans than other 
 A decent goalie is essential so if you don't have one,get one.
  Some transfer tips:
1.Don't necessarily stick to the transfer list.You'll have to pay a bit more for 
players not on the list but all the best players wont be on it. 
2.Don't be too keen to dump loads of players and go on a spending spree,there's 
no garrentee that you'll come back with anything decent or,in fact,anything at 
3.Balance is important.It's easy to find yourself with 6 attackers and no 
4.The Bosman ruling is great if you haven't got much cash(if a player's contract 
expires you don't have to pay a transfer fee).Just remember that you still have 
to convince the player so offer high wages.
5.Check out the high scorers and the star team sections. It's a good way to find 
out who's playing well.
6.Scouts are great as they tell you how much the player gets paid,how much 
they're worth and other things such as morale(if a player's a bit miffed he may 
be keener to move).
Choose your team carefully,ie. if you have Trézéguet up front but he hasn't 
scored for 5 matches,swap him for a while.Or,if Denilson has just recovered from 
a broken leg, let him rest for a while.
  Play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 depending on your players.Play a direct syle of play and 
use the long-ball strategy,
This is to stop defenders passing among themselves. .Only play a deep formation 
when you get a corner-the opposition can break away and score if you don't.
  Check the stats at half-time.Always leave a substituion for an emergency.
  If you're losing at half-time play an attacking formation.
I am playing the challenge where you take a side up from division 3 to win the 
premiership in 4 seasons.I chose Manchester Utd and have so far won division 3(I 
was un-beaten in the division) and I'm coming 3rd in division 2.
   This is my team:
RCF- D.Yorke
I also have Bosnich,Carbone,Giggs,Beckham,P.Neville,Newsome,Keane,
Blomqvist,Cole,Figo,Okocha,Heskey(injured) and 
Luis Enrique(injured).
                            THE END!
                                         by Jonny.

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