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-- Lucifer Ring --
Author: Strife132 
Version 1.0

Lucifer Ring is one really cool game! Unfortunately, though, it is
only available as a Japanese import. The import has a lot of English
in it, though, making it much easier to play than most imports.
Lucifer Ring is like a cross between an action/adventure game and an
action RPG. The way you fight regular enemies is similar to Golden
Axe, but I like Lucifer Ring much, much better. It is short, but very
fun and seems to have good replay value. Anyway, time to move on.


General Information
Legal and Copyright Junk


Hold R1 - Run
Circle - Jump
X - Slow but powerful double attack
X while running - Double Slice attack
Square - Regular attack
Square while running - Sliding Pierce attack
Triangle - Special Attack (uses SP, varies with sword)

General Information

Status (shown while playing)

HP - Hit Points (Life)
SP - Special Points (?) This is used to use a special attack. It's
best to use your special attack when it's full.
Timer - ???
Nash x # - Your lives
Torch - Another representation of your life
Enemy> # - How many enemies are left in the current set of enemies

Pause Menu Translation

Here are the options of the pause menu, in order:
Continue Game
Quit Game
Dual Shock ON/OFF


-Stage One: Valley~Forest-

First off, you'll have to kill a bunch of enemies. When you're first
starting out, if you're running you might find yourself accidently
doing the sliding pierce move a lot. Don't worry, once you get used
to it that probably won't happen so much. After killing two sets of
enemies, there is a treasure chest. Open it by hitting it and take
the 1up by pushing square or x over it. You'll come to a place
where you have to drop off. Walk very carefully and just barely drop
so that you land on the ledge right below. If you did it right, you
should be on a ledge with a treasure chest. Open it and you will
receive the Fire Sword.

Continue along the path, fighting off your enemies, and you will soon
exit the area.

Fight off the first set of monsters. Move on and another set of
enemies will attack. There is a box nearby. Open it the same way as
the treasure chests to receive an herb, which will restore your HP.
After fighting off all the K'Hammers, you will move on to fight a


Just attack, avoiding its attacks. If your SP meter fills up all the
way, be sure to use it because you will get an item to fill up your
SP right after the fight.

Open the chest behind where the Treant was to fill up your SP meter.

Move on and you'll arrive at some boxes. Break them up, then make
your way up the stairs (sort of) by jumping. When jumping from
platform to platform, be sure not to hold R1 or it will make it MUCH
EASIER to fall off. Open the chest to get the Ice Sword. Finish
jumping all the platforms until you arrive at an area where you can
jump down to an area in front of a bridge. Fight off the enemies
there to move on and fight the boss of the stage.


Run up and attack the dragon's head to hurt it. Be sure to use your
special attack if your SP meter fills all the way up. Watch out for
it's spinning tail attack and it's fire attack and you should be

-Stage 2: Remains-

To get past the first area, simply defeat all the enemies. In the
next area, fight off all the enemies but be sure not to go into the
first door. Continue onward after the first door, jump up the giant
steps, then go into the door at the top. In the next area, you'll
have to fight off several enemies called Liung S. and some other
weaker enemies. To beat Liung S., it's best to hit him once or twice,
or with the double slice attack, then run around him and hit him again
and so on to avoid his attacks. Fight off all the enemies, and move
on to the next area.

Open the chest to receive the Thunder Sword then jump down and fight
a mini-boss.


Beat the Minotur and his companion by running around using regular
attacks and the double slice. They really aren't too hard..

In the next area, you'll see some faces on the wall. You have to jump
over their line of sight, because they shoot beams out at you through
their eyes. In the next room, you can jump from block to block to
find a treasure chest with a 1up in it, if you want. Remember not to
hold R1 when jumping. After you're done in here, just move on to the
next room. This room is the same as the room before the last, except
in this one the gargoyles come to life. Proceed to the next area to
fight another mini-boss.


Lars is a big jerk. Actually, he is not that hard. The thing that
makes him a little annoying, though, is that he can get accross the
red line, making it harder for you to hit him since you can't. Be
sure to save your special attack for the boss, who is next..


The Centaur is quite hard, unless you have the Thunder Sword. Be sure
to use your special attack as soon as your SP meter is full (if you
saved it like I suggested, it will probably already be full.) It
should do some pretty good damage to him. After that, just try to
attack him as much as you can, avoiding being run over if possible
and avoiding his attack where he puts something in the middle that
tries to shoot at you. If you are using the Thunder Sword, the
Centaur should be beaten quickly and easily.

-Stage Three: Cave-

Beat the first six enemies then open the chest to receive a potion
then move on to the next area. Fight off the enemies then run down
the stairs from the boulder. You might open the treasure chest along
the way to receive an herb (the boulder won't kill you, only hurt you
if it runs over you.) Now get going to the next room.. Open the two
chests to fill up your SP meter and receive the Ice Sword. Beat the
enemies and you will automatically proceed to the next area.

In here, just run straight accross the bridge and through the next
door, ignoring all enemies. Beat the set of enemies and open the
three chests to fill up your SP meter and get a 1up and the Normal
Sword. Continue on to fight some more enemies and proceed to the next


Use your special attack if your SP meter is full, then just start
running up behind it wherever it goes and attacking with X until it
is defeated.

-Stage 4: Castle-

You will find two treasure chests containing a 1up and the Fire Sword
in two different corners of the graveyard. There is also a chest
behind one of the graves that you can open to fill up your SP meter.
Kill all the zombies to open the gate then go through it.

Beat the two enemies on the drawbridge to proceed into the castle. If
you want to get the chest with the Thunder Sword in it, get it before
you beat all the enemies. Defeat all the enemies and you will
automatically go on to the next room. In the next room is, already, a


Easy. Just keep running around and using double slice until he dies.

Go up the stairs and kill the ghosts to move on to the next room.
Beat all the ghosts to automatically go up the stairs. Defeat all the
ghosts here and you'll go up the next set of stairs. Beat these
ghosts to go through the door, where you will fight the boss.


This guy is easier than he looks, but I think the battle is quite
fun. As always, use your special attack if your SP meter is full and
use whatever regular attacks you want against him when he appears,
preferably the double slice attack. He does have the ability to use
some magic, including summoning another S-Knight, but don't worry
about that, just worry about attacking him.

-Final Stage: Hell's Gate-

These stages are really starting to get short. Here's where my advice
handy. Keep jumping until you reach a larger platform, killing the
Mimic along the way. The next area is just like the previous one. Be
sure to get the chest, because it holds the all-powerful Holy Sword.
Jump to the larger platform to fight Lars, once again..


Use the same strategy as before. Be sure to save your SP. This time
he is REALLY defeated. Yay. After you beat him, move onto the next
area to fight the final boss. ("Already?" d=)


First off, your SP meter should be already filled if you haven't been
using it, so run right up to him and use your special attack which
does an enormous amount of damage with the Holy Sword. After that, go
around destroying each of the four crystals that the rings you
collected turned into. Once these are destroyed, get back onto the
center platform and finish him off (if you destroy one of the crystals
close to him last, then you should stay on the ledge to finish him
off.) Don't worry if you have some trouble at first, you get infinite
continues. He does have one large attack where he sends out a huge
blue beam. This can be avoided by standing on one of the ledges that
are/were holding a crystal near him. It will show the credits, and
then it will say to try once more to 'make something different
happen.' After that it will give you a bunch of Japanese mumbo jumbo
and give you the choice between yes and no. Choose yes. If it asks
you another question, say yes again (the first is asking to save and
the second to overwrite file.) Now, go back and continue your game to
do it all over again just to 'make something different happen!' The
second time through is the same as the first, except that it asks you
after each stage which sword you wish to use, so just use the
walkthrough over again if you need it. If, and only if, this is your
second time through, read on..

After Beating it the Second Time

What the heck?! All this only for one different screen? Haha, no..
You have to save it like before, then continue. It will not only let
you select which stage to go to, but select WHERE in each stage to go
to. Sometimes you'll miss an area or two, also, so if you want to go
back and find some of the blank areas it won't let you go to, this is
quite useful.


Normal Sword - You start with it
Fire Sword - Found in stage one and four
Thunder Sword - Found in stage two and four
Ice Sword - Found in stage one and three
Holy Sword - Found in final stage


These are ordered by how early they first show up.

-Regular Enemies-

 A weird blue guy
 Found in: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 4

 An eyeball on legs
 Found in: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

 A short green goblin
 Found in: Stage 1

 A flying...moth bee!
 Found in: Stage 1

 A large scorpion
 Found in: Stage 1

 A weird hammer-wielding, feather-wearing guy
 Found in: Stage 1

 A bird-type enemy
 Found in: Stage 1

 A turtle-frog
 Found in: Stage 1

 Duh, it's a werewolf
 Found in: Stage 2

 A big elephant
 Found in: Stage 2

 A reasonably strong, tall stone guy
 Found in: Stage 2

 Accompanies MINOTUR
 Found in: Stage 2

 A flying annoyance
 Found in: Stage 2

 An enemy treasure chest
 Found in: Stage 2, Stage 3

 A live, flying gargoyle
 Found in: Stage 2, Final Stage

 A weird red guy
 Found in: Stage 3

 An annoying little flying enemy
 Found in: Stage 3

 A giant scorpian
 Found in: Stage 3

 A green fish guy
 Found in: Stage 3

 An undead enemy
 Found in: Stage 4

 A skeleton
 Found in: Stage 4

 A spirit
 Found in: Stage 4

 Summoned by Bair
 Found in: Stage 4

 One of four crystals formed by the rings in the final battle
 Found in: Final Stage

 One of four crystals formed by the rings in the final battle
 Found in: Final Stage

 One of four crystals formed by the rings in the final battle
 Found in: Final Stage

 One of four crystals formed by the rings in the final battle
 Found in: Final Stage


 A big red, fire-breathing dragon.
 Found in: Stage 1

 A centaur, half horse half human (well, this one's actually not half
  HUMAN); easy to beat if you're using the Thunder Sword
 Found in: Stage 2

 A strange serpent-like ice elemental monster
 Found in: Stage 3

 A staff-wielding, S-Knight-summoning, spell-casting wizard guy
 Found in: Stage 4

 A very large, strange creature
 Found in: Final Stage


 An evil tree
 Found in: Stage 1

 A minotaur
 Found in: Stage 2

 An odd sword-wielding man
 Found in: Stage 2, Final Stage

 A weak so-called knight
 Found in: Stage 4

Legal Junk

This walkthrough can be distributed freely, as long as it is in it's
full, original, unchanged form and I receive entire credit for it.
Not even the smallest edits are acceptable. This walkthrough is
Copyright (C) 1999 Strife132 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Got it? Good.

Oh, and you also can NOT under ANY circumstances make money off of it.


That's it. The end of the first walkthrough for this game that I've
ever seen. I guess it's because it is only available as an import,
but it is a very, very cool game and is worth the trouble of having
everything necessary to play an import and finding a place to buy it!
Thanks for reading..

Send any comments, suggestions, or mistake reports to
[email protected]

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