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MAXIMUM FORCE secret rooms [for Playstation (PSX)]
Updated 09/03/98

What's New
-This is new
-Added 2 new secret stages 

Minor Fixes

This FAQ is for Playstation.  I've split off from the Arcade version because 
there are a couple of secret rooms that only can be found on PSX.  I don't 
know if it is the same for Saturn.  You will need a gun to play this game.  It
may cost from $15-40+.  You may need to shop around for the best deals or

People have asked me about the gun.'s your call, there are different
type of guns that you can buy for PSX and some may work as well in a Saturn.  
I don't know what the best gun used, but I do NOT recommend using a gun from 
Namco.  Namco guns are specificly used for games that came from Namco (such as
Time Crisis I and Point Blank).  They do NOT work in other types of games like
this one from Atari. Generally, you plug in the same port as in the 
controller.  I know that some guns are wireless.  I personally don't like to 
use them, but still, its your call..

If you want to contribute or have new stuff to this FAQ, then e-mail me at
[email protected]  I need a description of secret stages that I've not
mentioned here.

People asked me about Game Shark codes for this game..
The website has tons of Game Shark codes for different games.  Go there at  *or* at  They have codes 
for PSX and Saturn for this game.  I can put them here myself, but you should 
go there just in case you want to find more codes for other games.  If you 
want me to put them here on this FAQ, let me know.

Visit my URL at
My homepage is *not* that great, just the basics here.  My e-mail address at
that site is different, but it's the same.

You can visit the Atari Site for more tidbits of the game and others at

Update..Maximum Force itself is NO longer available at the official website.  
There is new game which is Area 51 Maximum Force Duo.  Sold in kits only.


Start of the Game

When you first start playing, you can choose of 2 out of the 3 missions.  The
3rd mission is labeled "Classified."  Technical thing means that it is
confidential/ top secret.  This was used in FBI, the military, and sometimes,
law enforcement (they don't use that term often).  Anyway, you cannot choose
level 3 until you complete Missions 1 and 2 (in no particular order).  After
that, you can choose whatever you wish.


Bone Mode

This mode is very short unlike Area 51 when you can be Kronn Warrior.  
From the Atari website, you do this in Mission 2, Scene 1 -- Shoot the 6 
windows as the camera pans up the outside of the building after the gazebo.
This mode is effective after you went to the Skeleton secret stage.  You only 
see about eight terrorist skeletons before it will go back to normal. 

See Secret Rooms -- Mission 2 on how you can access it.


Unlike Area 51, when you enter a secret room, you will never run out of 
ammo/bullets so you don't have to worry about "RELOAD"ing every time.  When 
you are in the secret room, one hit of an object is worth 100 points.  So if 
you hit 10 objects, you will get 1000 points.  The only exceptions is star 
shooting, poolside scene, and memory game (see description of stages for 

Secret Rooms

[ NOTE:  I assume that the secrets are similar in the arcade as in the PSX. ]  
[ There are similarities and differences so if you see something that is    ]
[ different, and only found in home versions, please let me know.           ]  

Mission 1, Scene 1:  Balloons (PSX ONLY)
On the Back of the boat, there are four boxes on the left of the civilian.  
Shoot the four boxes and the side of the two on the left.  Total is six holes 
or explosions on the box.

Mission 1, Scene 1: Bachelor Pad
After the section with the boat, hit the three square white cans.  Two near
the middle of the screen in front of the brown crate and one in the lower
right corner.  You *must* shoot in this order or you will not be able to go
to a secret room.  Shoot the first one on the left, then shoot the one in the
lower right hand corner.  Then the third one next to the first one that you
shoot already.

Mission 1, Scene 2: Sharks
>I'm not 100% sure about this one, but it seems like you have to hit
>"everything" while under water, including the stuff hidden behind the 
>grass by the entrance of the pipe that you eventually swim into. need to shoot the barrels that are underwater.  When you go 
underwater, you should shoot the first barrel that you see, then shoot the
others.  Still.. I'm not sure if you have to shoot all of the *others* as 
well.. You still have to shoot the stuff hidden behind the grass by the 
entrance of the pipe that you eventually swim into.  

>I'm curious as to what happens when you hit one of the occasional swimmers,
>you don't seem to lose any lives.  Maybe you lose points, or are they just a

I'm leaving that statement there. Yes, it is just a distraction _and_ you 
won't lose any lives.  I don't know about lose points, though. 

Mission 1, Scene 2: Poolside scene
Shoot all nine of the permanent objects in the decompression chamber.

What happens is that in the underwater room where you shoot the depth charges,
you stick your head above water for a moment and there's a bunch of people
sunbathing.  After a few moments, you duck back underwater and when you 
surface this time, it's a normal game.

Mission 1, Scene 2: Pain In The Glass
Hit all the scuba tanks on the beach.  Some near the guy with the metal
detector and some near the kneeling woman.

Mission 1, Scene 2: Falling Heads
Still on the beach, hit the two water towers.

Mission 1, Scene 3:  Balloons
After the door opens, as you go down stairs, shoot all 6 lights on the sides.
This one is very tricky for 1 Player.  It might help if 2 players do this.

Mission 1, Scene 3: Chicken Fry
Hit all the fire extinguishers.

Mission 1, Scene 3: Carnival
You are on a raised catwalk sort of thing.  It has a left turn in it and then
it goes through a short tunnel to get to where the missile launchers are.
There is a civilian in a lab coat hiding behind the barrel right where the
catwalk makes it's turn.  Hit the two lights on the wall on your right, beyond
the civilian.

Mission 1, Scene 3: Star Shooting
Hit all the nuclear warheads right before the part where the two missile
launchers start shooting at you.

Mission 2, Scene 1: Skeleton
This was from J C ([email protected])

As the truck runs towards the middle of the screen, There is a brown building 
on the right side with a bunch of windows.  Shoot as many as you can (maybe 
all of them).  Best if you have a shot gun.  You will eventually get closer to
them towards the gazebo and have another chance to shoot them.    

Mission 2, Scene 1: Carnival
Shoot all the posters on the gazebo.

Mission 2, Scene 1: Bachelor Pad
Shoot the three lights on the wall of the bank.  They are on the right hand
side of the building (facing as you are about to walk into the building). You
get a couple of opportunities to hit these.

Mission 2, Scene 2: Pain In The Glass
Shoot all the flower pots sitting along the top of the bank teller counter.

Mission 2, Scene 2:  Lollibot
After you are at the door with the security camera on the right side, the 
camera pans to the hallway with 2 pictures in the backside, shoot them. (I'll
need at better explanation on this.  If you can help, e-mail me).

Mission 2, Scene 3: Chicken Fry
Once you are in the elevator, shoot all the buttons (one you press for what
floor you want).

Mission 2, Scene 3:  Star Shooting
If you successfully shoot down the helicopter, you will be able to access it.

Mission 2, Scene 3: Falling Heads
Need help in this one.  Shoot the Heating systems, satellite, or something.
I've only seen it once.

Mission 3, Scene 1:  Bachelor Pad
Shoot the 6 papers attached to the bulletin board.  You need to do it fast.
Helpful for 2 players.

Mission 3, Scene 1:  Pain in the Glass
As you approach the port-a-pottie, there are green glass bottles (few on the 
bottom, few on the top).  Shoot them.

Mission 3, Scene 1:  Carnival
Shoot all 11 stacked tires just before the plane crash.  One of the tires is 
hidden in the crate.  I'm not sure if you have to shoot the white sign that 
goes along with the tires.

Mission 3, Scene 1:  Lollibot
As the jeep going to crash on you, shoot the front side of the jeep (main,
plus 2 fog lights (happy faces).  You'll need to do it fast.

Mission 3, Scene 1:  Star Shooting (PSX ONLY)
After you get on the 4-wheeler, a hummer drives in front of you.  Shoot the 
right front tire and the back two tires.

Mission 3, Scene 1:  Chicken Fry
Hard to explain this one.  Need help on this one. See diagram below.  After
you ride through the wilderness, there is a row of lights straight ahead on 
the building.

x = light(s)
    x            x             x             x                 x

                           Shoot the 3rd and 4th x

                          |                  |
                          |                  |
                          |                  |
                          |                  |
      Windows             |                  |                 Windows
                          | O                |
                          |                  |
                          |                  |
                          |                  |
                          |                  |

You come in this door to M3, scene 2.

Mission 3, Scene 2:  Pain in the Glass
You're in the lab (can't describe that well) as you see a row of glass, cups, 
etc. on the table.  Shoot them (located towards the left).

Mission 3, Scene 2:  Carnival
As the garage door opens, the jeep comes towards you, shoot the front side, 
and the headlights.

Mission 3, Scene 2:  Memory Game
I don't know where to shoot specifically, if you can help with this one, 
please tell me.  As you go down and see the tanker trucks, I think that you 
shoot windows, boxes, everything that you see before you go to the 
port-a-pottie area.

Mission 3, Scene 2:  Star Shooting
Need help on this one.  You're in the sewer.  Shoot all light fixtures, I 

If you can add or explain better on secret stages, e-mail me at
[email protected]
If you have new secret stages or other info, e-mail me as well.

Description of the Secret Stages

Sharks -- Mission 1, Scene 2 ONLY
If done correctly, before you enter the decompression chamber, a scuba women
swims by with sharks moving around.  Shoot the sharks.

Poolside Scene -- Mission 1, Scene 2 ONLY
You'll see women in bathing suits.  Shoot the umbrella, chairs, etc. as the 
people try to go undercover.  You won't be awarded bonus points, just damage.

Skeleton a.k.a "Bone Daddy" -- Mission 2, Scene 1 ONLY
I've haven't seen this myself, from what have someone told me, you shoot the 

In this one, you shoot targets on top of the screen as well as ducks moving
by.  The ducks moves very fast so you need to shoot quick, and accurate.

Chicken Fry
In this one, you see a sign says "Chicken Fry."  It's nighttime as the chickens
fly (thrown) towards the sign.  Shoot them.

Pain in the Glass
This is one of the easy secret stages.  Shoot all the cups, glasses, etc..

Star Shooting
Similar to shooting practice or what you see when you go to the amusement
center.  You try to shoot the red star out.  The number starts at 999 and it
goes down as you try to shoot the red out in the time allowed.  If you done
it successfully, you will be awarded 5000 bonus points.  If you do not get the
red out in time, you will get NO Bonus points.  

One of the ways to do it is as you shoot the star, hold the trigger.  You will
never run out of ammo/bullets.  2nd, try to shoot the outside edge of the star 
(like tracing a shape when you are kids), then work your way towards the 
middle. [I'll need a better explanation on it].

The Lollibot
It's similar to target practice, you try to shoot lollipops around. 

Bachelor Pad a.k.a. Roach Room
Shoot the Roaches as they move along.

Falling Heads
The background is the same as what you see in Mission 2, scene 1, which is
buildings with broken windows in it.  Shoot the heads as they fall from the
top.  Heads are usually people who made this game possible (programmers,
designers, tech, etc).

The door opens and you see a women in a black dress.  The wheel (wood) turns 
around.  The balloons are around her.  Shoot the balloons.  The same as 
Sharks, you won't lose a life if you accidentally hit the women.

Memory Game -- Mission 3, scene 2 ONLY
The door is room 207.  As the door opens, you will reveal cards.  Shoot the 
appropriate cards, to reveal what's behind it.  If you get a matching pair, 
you will be awarded 1 point.  



C. Kormendy  - ([email protected]) - Original FAQ writer.  Congrats on your 
               Masters degree from ASU

Atari        - Putting this game out/ more secret rooms.
LSDragon     - ([email protected]) - Mission 1, Scene 3 info.

J C          - ([email protected]) - Assistance in Bone Mode, and other 

Rob S.P.     - ([email protected]) - Mission 1, Scene 2 info

Brett Curtis - ([email protected]) - PSX Mission 1, Scene 1, M3, Scene 1 

Legal Stuff

c. 1997-1998 by Poln.  No part of this information may be taken without the 
express written permission from the author.  You may take the information 
here, but give credit where credit is due.  Don't stick you name claiming that
this FAQ is yours.  That's pure laziness and I don't like it.  Any plagiarism, 
and I'll tell your mother on you (that means I can tell everyone that you are 
a lamer).  RIPOFFS ARE _NOT_ ALLOWED (em.. EGM, etc).  This FAQ is free of 
charge.  This is not for profit.  If you want to distribute, fine, but it has 
to be in its entirety.  I don't want to see any abuse from this FAQ.  I hope I
made myself clear.

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