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          T A C T I C A L    E S P I O N A G E    A C T I O N
      ####      #####   #######  ########     #####          ##
     ## ##    ##  ##               ##                       ##
    ##  ## ###   ##   #######     ##      ##########       ##

   ##   ####    ##   ##          ##     ##         ##     ##

  ##    ##     ##   #######     ##    ##            ##   ########

##           ##########    #######      #####          #######

           ##                                                ##

         ##     #####   #######     ##########       ########

           ##     ##   ##         ##         ##     ##      ##

            #######   #######   ##            ##   ##        ##
************************************************************* ##                     
*******************   S   O   L   I   D   *******************
*************************************************************  ##
                  METAL GEAR SOLID FAQ v 1.0
                   for the Sony PlayStation 
                      by Rudy Hendrawan

***This FAQ is dedicated to my dearest friend CM who is having her birthday at 
22 November
Hope with this birthday you're becoming more mature, and bring many blessings 
for your family, friends, and others. Don't let your worries hanging above you, 
just trust in HIM. God Bless You Always. Consider this FAQ as your birthday 
present ^_^.

Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Rudy Hendrawan

This FAQ is for private and personal use.  It can only be reproduced 
electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as 
this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appear unaltered and in full.  
This FAQ is NOT to be used for PROFITABLE or PROMOTIONAL purposes.  This 
includes being incorporated, reprinted, or otherwise used by magazines, books, 
guides, etc., in ANY way. This FAQ was created and being maintained currently by 
Rudy Hendrawan ([email protected]) All copyrights and trademarks are 
acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.

I'll Make it Simple : this FAQ is MINE there is NO unauthorised use of this game 
FAQ ANYWHERE unless it is shown in its MAY put this FAQ  on your 
site but ONLY in its COMPLETE FORM. I do not write this walkthrough so some hack 
writers can sit back and get paid for it.

Metal Gear Solid is (c) Sony Computer of Entertainment and (c) Konami of Japan

***** Table of Content ******

0. Version
1. What's New
2. Forewords
3. *Character Profiles*       
4. Control      
5. Item & Weapon List
6. Complete Walkthrough 
7. *Rank Determination*        
8. *Special Pictures*          
9. Tips
10. Stuff
11. *Game Shark Codes*
12. *My Playing Experience*
13. VR training
14. *The Story*
15. I Wish List
16. Contribution Credit
17. Personal Credits

##########  0.VERSION  ###########

Version 1.0 (21/11/98) - Adding story (for import version players), more moves, 
special pictures, game shark codes, and rank explanation.
Version 0.8 (04/10/98) - Adding more moves, more ways to kill enemies and 
bosses, 'amusing ^_^' stuffs, Wish List, stuck notes list, Contribution Credits, 
Tips, more stuff, What's New section and VR training. (And still don't have 
someone to do the translation!!)
Version 0.5 (14/09/98) - Initial release, already contains complete walkthrough. 

##########  1.WHAT'S NEW  ###########
What's new in version 1.0 :
- More moves for Snake (see chapter 4)
- Tips and new ways to defeat bosses.
- The uses of Cardboard Box - See Ch.5
- Some little things that are amusing to know !! Check them out!!
- Change the Translation section to Story section.
- Adding Special Pictures Section, GameShark Code, Rank Explanation, Character 

The new things are put in this FAQ with the NEW NEW NEW sign. Most of them are 
put in the walkthrough (chapter 6). Here are the list. Enjoy ^_^.
NEW NEW NEW  1 : More Moves
NEW NEW NEW  2 : The Use Of CardBoard Boxes
NEW NEW NEW  3 : Name's Bond...Err Snake......Solid Snake
NEW NEW NEW  4 : Holding the Rifle Animation 
NEW NEW NEW  5 : More Hidden Rooms 
NEW NEW NEW  6 : Recognizing Meryl 
NEW NEW NEW  7 : More Ways To Knock Meryl
NEW NEW NEW  8 : Mantis Looks Deep Into Your Soul ...Err Your Memory Card 
NEW NEW NEW  9 : Blank Screen 
NEW NEW NEW 10 : Slap Meryl And Hide In The Box Trick
NEW NEW NEW 11 : Massage Anyone ?? 
NEW NEW NEW 12 : Tips on ascending the stairs.
NEW NEW NEW 13 : Sniper's Snake ??
NEW NEW NEW 14 : What Happened To Liquid ?? 
NEW NEW NEW 15 : The Right Way To Use The Nikita Missiles On Wolf 
NEW NEW NEW 16 : Don't Kill the Ravens
NEW NEW NEW 17 : New Boss Tips : Vulcan Raven.
NEW NEW NEW 18 : Unfreeaing Ration Tips
NEW NEW NEW 19 : Make Mei Ling Angry
NEW NEW NEW 20 : Precise Shooting Tips

##########  2. FOREWORDS ###########

Metal Gear Solid is a combination of action with little RPG elements (maps, 
items, etc). But this game differs from the other action games. Other action 
games just use more brawn than brain. This game uses brain (& patience) a lot. 
The game is about a spy infiltrating an enemy base. This guy is not supposed to 
be discovered, so instead of shooting all the enemies, this guy waits, avoids 
direct confrontation with guards, avoids vidcams, and so on. 
This game has the best action scene EVER, not seen in any other games. Shoot a 
helicopter with a stinger launcher, guide a rocket to hit power generator in the 
other room, swing from the top of the building, use C4 like a pro, etc - the 
list goes on and on. And this game features the coolest enemy bosses, too. After 
playing this game for some time, I know that Konami's staffs really put their 
hardest effort and a lot of time on this game. 
I really like the first Metal Gear on 8-bit NES. It was the game I considered 
very special. Sometimes, I still play it. When this game screenshots appeared on 
game magazines, I was so happy to know that one of my favourite games sequel is 
coming to my PSX. I even bought the import version of this game even though I 
cannot read Japanese at all and the game will be released in US on October 22, 
just a month away. 
This is my very first FAQ. I do not want to write this at first, but this game 
is so GREAT. After all those hard works that's been done by Konami's staff - 
this is the least that I can do for this game.
This is an advice for you, Playstation Owner : Buy the game if you are impatient 
to know what a great game it is. But if you miss the import version, save your 
money and buy this game before it sold out !!

Version 1.0 Forewords : 
I've finally got the US version ^_^. It is really fun to play with. And I 
finally learn how the story goes. It is really incredible - the most intriguing, 
thrilling, shocking, surprising story ever known on Playstation games !! Great 
Job, Konami (and especially Mr. Hideo Kojima). Keep up the EXCELLENT work !! 
Here's what I think about the US version : 
1. The voice over are better than I expected, especially Snake, Meryl, and the 
Colonel. Congratulation !!! On the lowdown, I felt that Liquid's voice lacks of 
expression, and Sniper Wolf's voice is unnatural.
2. There are 4 difficulty levels (hurray !!), but we cannot change our 
difficulty level when we load the finished saved game.
3. The theatre mode is good - but we have to watch it from the start - we cannot 
start the theatre from the middle.
For you who already had the import version, I suggest you get the US version. 
It's beyond expectation. 

Finally, I want to thank you for all of the contribution that you have made. 
This maybe the last major update that I do (or maybe, the last update) - further 
update is just for the missing things (like the Special Picture). I've spent too 
much game just for this game, and for this FAQ. As Snake says : I must find a 
new path of life... A new purpose ... and of course a lots of new games ^_^.

##########  3. CHARACTERS PROFILES  ###########
Here are the profiles :

1. Solid Snake
   Age : 30+
   Nationality : USA
   Height : 182cm
Note : Hero of this game. Ex-FOXHOUND member. IQ 180. Speaks 6 languages. Became 
a legendary war hero after single-handedly resolving "Outer Heaven" and the 
"Zanzibar" incident. Subsequently retired from FOXHOUND to a secluded life in 

2. Roy Campbell (140.85)
   Age : 60+
   Nationality : USA
   Height : ?
Note : Ex-FOXHOUND commander. Used to be with USMC (United States Marines Corp), 
Green Beret, and Delta Force. Old friend of Solid Snake. Commander of Snake's 
sneak-in mission. Now retired. 

3. Meryl Silverburgh (140.15)
   Age : 18?
   Nationality : USA
   Height : 175cm
Note : Campbell's niece. Newly recruited to Shadow Moses when the terrorist 
incident happened. VR trained with no live combat experience. Heroine of this 

4. Naomi Hunter
   Age : 20+
   Nationality : ?
   Height : ?
Note : FOXHOUND's lead biochemist, specialises in genetic engineering. 
Colleagues call her Dr. Naomi.

5. Mei Ling (140.96)
   Age : 16?
   Nationality : China
   Height : ?
Note : MIT graduate, inventor of the Soliton radar. In charge of communications 
and satellite imagery.

6. Liquid Snake 
   Age : 30+
   Nationality : ?
   Height : 183cm
Note : High IQ. Speaks 7 languages. Appearance is similar to Solid Snake. Became 
leader of new FOXHOUND after Zanzibar (Solid Snake retired). Terrorist leader 
(final boss) in this game.

7. Revolver Ocelot
   Age : 50+
   Nationality : Russian
   Height : 182cm
Note : FOXHOUND member. Loves westerns and guns. Also an expert torturer.

8. Vulcan Raven
   Age : 30+
   Nationality : USA
   Height : 210cm
Note : FOXHOUND member. Has Alaskan, Indian, and Eskimo blood. Strong body 
resistance to cold temperatures. A Shaman who identifies with Ravens. Fights 
with a gigantic Vulcan gun.

9. Sniper Wolf
   Age : 20+
   Nationality : Iraq
   Height : 176cm
Note : FOXHOUND member. Genius sniper with extreme patience. Loves and 
identifies with Alaska wolf dogs, whom she feeds.

10. Psycho Mantis
    Age : 30+
    Nationality : Russia
    Height : 190cm
Note : FOXHOUND member. Ex-KGB psychic agent with mind-reading and psycho-
kinesis powers. Defected to USA after dissolution of old Russia, becoming a free 
agent. In charge of FOXHOUND's intelligence.

11. Decoy Octopus
    Age : ?
    Nationality : ?
    Height : ?
Note : FOXHOUND member. Master of disguise. No other info.

12. Cyborg Ninja
    Age: ?
    Nationality : ?
    Height : 181cm
Note : Mysterious cyborg ninja. Neither friend nor foe of Snake. Motive unclear. 
Blocks bullets with laser sword. Has stealth camouflage capability. Extremely 

13. Deep Throat (140.48)
    Age : ?
    Nationality : ?
    Height : ?
Note : Mysterious figure helping out Snake.

14. Big Boss
    Age : ?
    Nationality : American?
    Height : ?
Old FOXHOUND commander. Legendary great warrior, fighting in wars round the 
world as a mercenary since the 70s. Assigned commander of hi-tech special forces 
FOXHOUND in the 90s. Used his amassed wealth and manpower to form independent 
military nation "Outer Heaven", but foiled by Solid Snake. Next built a military 
fortress at Zanzibar land, which was also destroyed by Snake. Died at Zanzibar 

15. Otacon (141.12)
    Age : 30?
    Nationality : American-Jewish
    Height : 177cm
    Weight : 62kg
Note : Original name "Hal Emmerich". Arms Tech scientist. Cowardly by nature, 
but genius at inventing weaponry. Loves anime (Japanese animation), hence his 
nickname Otacon (Otaku Convention).

16. Nastasha Romanenko (141.52)
    Age : 30+
    Nationality : Ukranian Republic
    Height : ?
Note : Military analyst, expert in hi-tech and nuclear weaponry. Worked for DIA 
(Defense Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency). Lost her job 
after the Cold War, becoming a private military analyst. Chain-smoker.

17. Master Miller (141.80)
    Age : 50+
    Nationality : USA
    Height ?
Note : Original name "Macdonell Benedict Miller". Third-generation Japanese. Ex-
SAS, Green Beret, USMC leader and FOXHOUND trainer. Retired and living in 

18. Donald Anderson
    Age : 50+
    Nationality : USA
    Height : 185cm
Note : Head of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Held hostage 
on Shadow Moses island.

19. Kenneth Baker
    Age : 60+
    Nationality : USA
    Height : 168cm
Note : President of ArmsTech. Held hostage on Shadow Moses island.

20. Jim Houseman
    Age : 70+
    Nationality : USA
    Height : ?
Note : The Secretary of Defense. Supreme commander of the anti-terrorist 
operation, monitoring from AWACS.

The character profiles is translated by Pang Sie Piau ([email protected])
Based on the MGS Perfect Guide Book

##########  4. CONTROLS  ###########
Directional Pad : to move your character (Solid Snake), to choose  the 
inventory, or weapon,etc.
Square : to grab the enemy or use weapon. 
Circle : to punch the enemy. Press it repeatedly to combo.
X : to crouch, or to duck. Press it with the directional pad to move.
Triangle : use it to look from the first person view.
R1 : Toggle between empty hands or weapons.
L1 : Toggle between using your inventory or not.
L2 : Select an item from your inventory
R2 : Select a weapon from your inventory
Select : is used to enable Radio Mode.
Start : to pause the game.

That's the basic moves. Snake can do more advance moves, such as :
a. Hold Direction pad to the wall : Snake will flatten himself to the wall. 
Press the directional pad while holding the direction to the wall will enable 
Snake to walk sideways. Press X will make Snake duck.
b. Hold Direction pad to the wall + X : Snake will knock the wall. This move 
will attracts enemy's attention.
c. Tap Square repeatedly (no weapon): Snake will break the enemy's neck. While 
holding the enemy, Snake can use it as a shield against other enemy's shooting.
d. Tap Square + directional pad (no weapon) : Snake will flip the enemy.
e. Press Square and X together when equipping FAMAS or SOCOM : Snake will shoot 
and run simultaneously. (This move was sent by [email protected])
f. Press L1 or R1 when pressing the triangle button : Snake will side step a 
little when he looks thru his eyes. (This move was sent by [email protected])

       +++ NEW NEW NEW 1 : MORE MOVES +++
g. Hold Square : Snake will hold the guard. You can move while still holding the 
Square button. This way you can make the guard as your shield. But after some 
times, the guard will shake himself, try to free himself. Tap Square and hold 
Square to make the guard stop moving again. Remember, if you tap Square 10 
times, Snake will break the guard's neck. 
h. (While firing Nikita Missile) Hold Triangle : Snake will see thru 1st person 
view to control the Nikita. This will make the targeting much easier. In 
addition, there's a special sensor for the enemies in this view.
This was first sent by Ariel Sergio Wollinger Martins . 
i. (While equipping C4) Press Square and directional pad to the enemy from 
behind : Snake will stick the C4 on the enemy's back. This is rather hard to do, 
because the enemy will sense you, but it's a very fun move.  
This was sent by Coen van der Geest ([email protected]) ++ 

##########  5. ITEMS & WEAPONS ###########
Here's a list of the items that you will find in Metal Gear Solid. BTW, you can 
access them by pressing L2 Button
a. Ration : use this to fill your life bar. You can only bring limited number of 
b. Diazepam : use it to stabilise yourself while you are in the sniper mode.
c. Thermal Goggle : use it to find infra red traps, mines on the ground, and so 
on. Get it on LV1 - Enemy's Base A
d. LV1 keycard : use this to open LV1 door. Given by DARPA
e. Cardboard Box A : use this to cover yourself. Get this in LV1 - Enemy's Base 
f. LV2 keycard : use this to open LV2 door. Given by old man after defeating 
g. Disc : don't know what the use of it. Given by the old man after defeating 
h. Mine Detector : uses to detect mines on the ground - combines with your map 
(radar). Get it on LV1 - Enemy's Base A (LV2 door).
h. LV3 keycard : use this to open LV3 door. Get this after defeating tank.
i. Gas Mask : use this to cover yourself from the poisonous gas. Use this to  
protect yourself from poisonous gas. from LV B2-enemy Base B.
j. LV4 keycard : use this to open the LV4 door. Get it from Otacon.
k. Night Vision Goggle : Use this to see in the dark area. From LV B2 - Enemy's 
Base B.
l. Cardboard Box B : to disguised yourself from enemy. Get it from the LV B1 - 
Enemy Base B
m. LV5 keycard : Use this to open LV 5 door. Get this from Meryl.
n. PAL key : Use this to operate Metal Gear - Get this from Meryl.
o. Ketchup : Use this to fake death. Get this from Otacon in prison.
p. Scarf : It's Sniper Wolf's Scarf. Get it from Otacon in prison. Equip it when 
you enter the cave filled with wolves. The wolves will fall in love with you ^_^ 
The use of scarf was sent by Olong ([email protected]) ++  
q. LV6 keycard : Use this to open LV6 door. Get it from Otacon in prison.
r. Body armor : To protect yourself against enemy's shot. Get it from LV B2 
Enemy Base B.
s. Rope : use this to go to Communication Tower B. Get this from Communication 
Tower A.
t. LV7 Keycard : Use this to open LV7 door. Get it from Vulcan Raven.
u. Time Bomb : It's a trap to kill you. Throw this away. Get it from the Snake's 
inventory, and from the water in Central Base.
v. Camera : to take a picture (it takes 2 memory block for each picture). Get it 
from the south east room from where you fight Ocelot.
w. Stealth : use this to make yourself invisible. Get it from Otacon at the 
ending 2.
x. Bandana : from Meryl at ending 1. Equip it, and you will have unlimited ammo 
for your weapon. The use of Bandana was first sent by Jon Norton 
([email protected])
y. Cigarette : you get this from your inventory. Equip it in front of the 
infrared detector. You will see that the smoke will reveal the infrared. But 
beware, your health will go down slowly. SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, you 
know !! ^_^. The use of cigarette was first sent by Cyrille ([email protected]   

       +++ NEW NEW NEW 2 : The Use Of CardBoard Boxes +++
++ The Cardboard boxes can be used to travel to another place much faster. To 
use it, go into the back of the truck, then use your Cardboard Box. There are 3 
boxes in this game : Cardboard Box A (labelled Heliport), Cardboard Box B 
(labelled Nuke Building), and Cardboard Box C (labelled Snowfield). For example 
: if you want to go from snowfield back to the helipod, get to the behind of the 
truck, and use Cardboard Box A. After some time, the guard will see it and drive 
you to the Helipod. 
This was first sent by thomas  +++

3B. Weapons
a. Grenade : it's a grenade...Don't you know it ??
b. Stun Grenade : use this to stun enemies.
c. Chaff grenade : use this to make cameras jammed.
d. Claymore mines : blows when the enemy walks on top of it.
e. C4 : explosives. Trigger it to blow.
f. Socom : Snake's first gun. Can be combined with a suppresser. Get it at LV 1 
Enemy Base A.
g. FAMAS : Machine gun. Holds a lot of ammo. Get it at LV B2 - Enemy Base A.
h. Nikita : Remote Controlled Missile. Get it on LVB2 - Enemy Base A.
i. PSG1 : a sniper rifle. Get it on LV B2 - Enemy Base A.
j. Stinger : A Missile Launcher. Very Powerful. Get it Communication Tower B. 

##########  6. COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH  ###########
Note : In this walkthrough, I included special notes, called the stuck notes. I 
put these notes on every difficult points, which most of the people are stuck. I 
give ONLY HINTS, not FULL EXPLANATION on the notes. When playing a game, I 
enjoyed finding out things by myself, not by reading a full walkthrough. That's 
why I put these notes on, so that the people who feels the same way as I do just 
browse my walkthrough, find the hints they're needed, and finish it by 
themselves. And if they still can't solve it, They can read the more thorough 
explanation below the notes. HAVE FUN !!
More note : This walkthrough is based on the import version. There might be some 
difference with the US version - because the US version has 4 difficulty levels. 
Those 4 difficulty levels differs on the location of items (ammunitions and 
ration), and how much items that Snake could bring after he defeats each boss. 
Furthermore, you will find the story in the animation are different. That's 
because I'm making the FAQ when I played the import version - and I'm just 
guessing the story at that time. I think it's better this way - cause it doesn't 
spoil the whole 'real' story. If you want to know the 'real' story, you can read 
it at the story section.
List of Stuck Notes :
1. How can I save the game ??
2. Where should I go after escaping from jail ??
3. What should I do after I defeat Ocelot ??
4. How do I get pass the electrified floor ??
5. What should I do after I defeat Ninja ??
6. How do I shot the sniper ??
7. What should I do to get rid of the time bomb ??
8. Where do I drop the Pal key ??
9. Where do I find the 2nd and 3rd Pal key ??

**************************DISC ONE WALKTHROUGH**********************

*******1st Act - The Dock*******
You finally arrive in the enemy base. The animation shows that Snake is coming 
from the water, using the diving suit. While he IS hiding, the Colonel calls him 
on channel 140.85. Now, let the action begins !!!
There are 3 enemies on this place, and 3 rations to get (even though right now 
you can only bring two rations at this time). 
The rations are : in the south west corner (in the water), in the north east 
corner, and in the south east corner. 
Kill the first two enemies, then wait for the third enemy to come in the 
elevator. Enter the elevator to go to the outside enemy's base.
++If the guard sees you and sounds the alarm, run to the water. Snake will jump 
into the water. You can not do this if the alarms don't go out.++

**Solid Snake opens his diving suit, and opens his goggle, revealing his face. 
When he stands up, the title METAL GEAR SOLID appears. Ain't it cool ?? ( And 
you thought that the first action was cool !! That is just the intro, you know 
?? )**

++ If you have finished the game with both endings (have bandanna and stealth in 
your inventory - and the save game has red colour letter), Snake will change his 
appearance. Instead of wearing his sneaking suit, he will wear a tuxedo. 
This was sent ++

*******Outside Enemy's Base - Helipod*******

The colonel & Naomi calls Solid Snake (140.85) thru the Codec

**Solid Snake hide behind the container, watching his enemy Liquid flies the 

The Colonel & Naomi call Snake again (140.85) and introduce Mei Lin. Mei Lin 
tells you that you can contact her in channel 140.96.

    ############## STUCK NO 1 #################
     How can I save the game ???
    ---------------- ANSWER   -----------------
     Contact MeiLin by using your Radio.

From now on, if you want to save your game, contact Mei Lin in 140.96 and choose 
the first option.

**Snake walks around and uses his scope to explore the area. The colonel tells 
him what to do.**

After the animation, go to the south west corner to get a ration. Go east to the 
snow, and go north. Hide behind the container, and kill a guard there. There's a 
ration to the left of one container, too. Go to the truck in the middle area. 
Jump behind the truck. Get the Socom gun. Go to the south-western of the truck. 
Get a chaff grenadex3, but be very careful with the lights.
Go west from there to go into a room with a camera. The animation shows that 
Snake notices the camera. Go behind the container. When the camera looks at the 
other way, get the stun grenades. 
You have got all the items you need in this place. You can now proceed to go to 
the air duct. There are two air ducts that you can go in. The first one is the 
duct in the north west corner, guarded by the camera. The second duct is in the 
upstairs, in the middle section. You can choose which duct to go. It doesn't 
matter because they all lead to the same place (The 1st level of enemy's base).
Before you enter one of the duct, the Colonel will call you through the radio 
(140.85). And when you are in the duct, someone will call you to the radio, too. 
It's Master Miller on 141.80. Go through the duct. If you choose to enter the 
upstairs duct, you will see the animation of 2 enemy talking to each other. Each 
duct contains one ration inside.
The Colonel will call you again on 140.85.

*******1st Floor of Enemy's Base A*******

If you choose to get in the lower duct, you will arrive in the lower level, but 
if you choose to enter the upstairs duct, you will arrive in the upstairs, too. 
Assume you come through the upstairs duct. Go to the left to get chaff grenade 
x3. Go right, but be careful because there's a camera there. Go south a little 
bit and enter the open door to the right. Get a thermal goggle there. Go 
downstairs after avoiding the camera. There's a box of Socom bullets under the 
stair. Take it then go into the elevator in the north middle part. Push the 
button beside elevator using O button.
Inside the elevator, go to floor B1.

*******Floor B1 of Enemy's Base A (Cell)*******

When you go out of the elevator, Mei Lin calls you at 140.96. After receiving 
that call, go along the aisle to the south, then to the east. On the end of that 
corridor, there's a duct containing a ration and a stair to the north. When you 
position yourself in front of the ladder, the Colonel will call you at 140.85. 
Answer that call, then climb the ladder.

   ***In The duct****
Just crawl through the duct. Then you will come to the junction. Turn left on 
the junction, and crawl until you reach the air holes. Use the look button 
(Triangle) + press Down on direction pad to see animation of a guard in the 
toilet. Proceed crawling farther to get Socom bullets. Go back to the junction, 
and go left. Crawl until you see the air hole, and look through the air hole ( 
with triangle + Down) to see Meryl doing sit up in her cell. 

++ After you see Meryl, go back and get out of the duct. Go into the duct again 
to see Meryl. You will see Meryl is doing one hand push up. Repeat going out of 
the duct and go back to see Meryl stretches her leg on the wall. Now repeat 
going out and back to see Meryl doing her sit up again. BUT NOW NOTICE THIS : 
MERYL IS NOT WEARING HER TROUSERS ^_^. Get out of the duct and go in again to 
see Meryl does her one hand push up (still not wearing her trousers). Get out of 
the duct and go in once again to see Meryl stretches her leg (still not wearing 
her trousers). If you go back and into the duct again, you only see Meryl does 
her sit-up, but now she wears her trousers. If you repeat going back and in the 
duct again, you see nothing changes. 
This was sent by Siepiau ([email protected]) ++

Crawl again, and the Colonel will contact you through your radio at 140.85. 
Proceed crawling farther, and you will see this animation :

**Snake finally reached Office Chief DARPA's cell. Snake looks through the air 
hole, opens the airhole, and goes down to the cell. Then Solid Snake has a very 
long conversation with DARPA. This conversation brings Meryl attention, so she 
overhears it through the prison's wall. One soldier comes across the cell and 
warns DARPA not to talk to loud. DARPA continues his conversation with Snake. He 
told Snake about Metal Gear, Psycho Mantis, and PAL Card. Near the end of his 
conversation, DARPA gives Snake a LV1 Keycard. This keycard can open LV1 doors. 
Suddenly something struck DARPA......something mysterious !! DARPA is in pain, 
and then died. Meryl hears DARPA's voice, then starts to bang the prison 

After the animation, crawl under DARPA's bed. You will find a ration there. At 
this time you should be hearing someone knocks down the guard. Then the prison 
cell door opens. Go outside the cell ........

**Snake cautiously go outside. He looks on the floor, sees the guard that he 
previously saw in the duct was only wearing underwear. He was knocked down and 
tied up. Suddenly a rifle is pointed at Snake's head. Snake turns around. The 
girl who points the rifle at him shouts at Snake, tells him not to move.(By now 
I think we all know that the one pointing the rifle at Snake is Meryl. She wears 
the guard's uniforms). With his lightning speed, Snake manages to point his gun 
at her. They are talking so loud that they do not realise that there are three 
guards by the door. The door opens, and the guards come in.** 

++ If you haven't got a Socom when you entered the prison, you will see that 
Snake won't point his gun on Meryl (cause he didn't have it ^_^) - Instead, he 
will grab Meryl's rifle.
This was sent by Mike Meevasin  ++

Shoot the three guards with your Socom gun. There are 2 box of Socom Bullets. 
You can take them if you run out of bullets. Sometimes the guards drop Socom 
bullets or Ration. After the three guards died the alarm rings. Three guards 
come to attack you and Meryl. Meryl will kill these three guards (animation). 
Three guards appear again. Kill them all. Three guards appear once again. Kill 
them again. Then the last three guards throw three grenades on the floor. Avoid 
them by moving towards the door. Then kill the last 3 guards.

**Meryl go to the door, and check if everything's safe. After she feels it is 
safe to go outside, she runs to the elevator. Snake follows her. Then there's 
another animation, about a person's tied up in a room, being questioned and 
tortured. There were three other men inside that room (Psycho Mantis, Liquid 
Snake, and Revolver Ocelot). The animation is back to Solid Snake. Solid Snake 
tries to follow Meryl. Meryl, who is now inside the elevator, starts shooting at 
Snake, preventing Snake to follow her. Snake jumps to avoid the bullets and 
takes cover behind the wall. The elevator door closes. After that Solid hears a 
sound outside the elevator door. A floating figure appears.... it is PSYCHO 
MANTIS. He is saying a few words then disappeared into thin air.***

Then Naomi calls Snake at 140.85. Answer that call, and then go into the cell 
door again. Go south to the computer room. Get the Socom Bullets near the table. 
Go east to the toilet to get more Socom Bullets. Then go outside to the 
elevator, heading to Floor B2.

*******Floor B2 of Enemy's Base A - Armory *******

When you comes out of the elevator, wear the thermal goggle. There are 4 path to 
the south. Three paths from the left contain trap doors. You can see it through 
the goggle. 
There are 7 doors in this room. 6 doors to get the weapons, and 1 door to the 
south. Right now you can only open 3 doors.
Use the 1st level key card to open north middle door - get C4 explosives.
Go to the south middle door to get Socom Bullets.
Use the 1st Level key card to open south-west door - get grenades.

    ############## STUCK NO 2 #################
     Where should I go from here ??
    ---------------- ANSWER   -----------------
     Check the wall in level B2 
     there's a wall that you can blow using C4.

Check the southwestern corner wall. Using the look button (triangle), you will 
see that the colour of that wall is different from the other. Equip C4, then 
push yourself to the wall. Stick the C4 to the wall by using Square button. Move 
away, then press Circle button to blow the C4. The wall will be blown away, 
revealing a path.

       +++ NEW NEW NEW 5 : MORE HIDDEN ROOMS +++
++ There are two other hidden rooms on the north wall. One is in the left of the 
elevator, and the other is in the right of the elevator. The left room contains 
1 box of chaff grenades, and 1 box of stun grenades. The right room contains 1 
box of C4 and 3 box of Socom bullets.
This was sent by Jason Bernard Williams ([email protected]) ++

Going through the path, you will find that the path leads to nowhere. But by 
using the look button again, you will see that the wall on the right can be 
blown too. Blow that wall and go through. Use the look button again. Blow the 
wall on the east and the Northeast (there are two paths to take). Before going 
any further, I suggest you check your Socom Bullets. If you're running out of 
it, go get them first or you will be sorry. Then go to the Northeast hole in the 

**Snake goes through the hole in the wall. There is a room behind that wall. 
There are 4 pillars inside the room and 1 big pillar on the centre of that 4 
pillars. An old man is tied on the big pillar. There's a lot of wire connecting 
the 4 pillars with the old man. Snake tries to help this old man. But when he 
approaches, the old man told Snake to stay away. There're bombs everywhere near 
the old man's body, connected by those wire. When Snake tries to come close 
again, there's a shot out of nowhere. Snake jumps to avoid the bullets. An enemy 
shows up with his 6-bullet gun, demonstrating his skill with his gun by spinning 
his gun around and around ( WHAT A COOL ENEMY ... ^_^). Then the enemy 
challenges Snake for a fight.

   *****BOSS NO 1 : REVOLVER OCELOT*****
Use your Socom gun. Ocelot will try to keep his distance with you. So run 
around, trying to get a close distance with him so you can shoot him. But don't 
waste your bullets here. There's only 3 box of Socom Bullets in this room. One 
of the box is positioned near the wire, so I don't advice you to get it, unless 
you are really short of bullets. And if you do, I suggest you get the bullets by 
crawling. DO NOT TOUCH THE WIRE. If you do, the bombs will explode, and the game 
will end. Try to get clear shot of Ocelot. And shot twice if you have the 
chance. This is an easy enemy....REALLY EASY, unless you are short of bullets.
---->BOSS TIPS : 
1. Try to get close and shoot him when he's reloading.
2. You can make the fight faster by using C4. But beware, don't plant the C4 too 
close to Baker. If you do, you will make the C4 tied in the rope explodes. This 
was sent by [email protected] ++ 

**Ocelot hides behind one of the pillar, reloading his gun. When he jumps out to 
shoot Snake, something's happening. A very fast and invisible figure moves in 
front of Ocelot and cuts his right hand, which is still holding a gun. Ocelot's 
jumps back, holding his arm painfully. Then that invisible figure cutting all 
the wire, so fast that the old man tied to the wire is released even before the 
bomb blow away. The mysterious figure then revealing himself to be seen....IT's 
a Cyborg Ninja (One of the coolest character EVER in a game ^_^ !!!). Ocelot 
runs away. Snake points his gun to the ninja. The Cyborg Ninja shouts and shakes 
his body then disappears before Snake can take any action.
Snake then talked to the old man, The old guy talks about Metal Gear, and 
there's a film about a rocket and military bases. Then the old man gives the 2nd 
level Keycard and a disc. Suddenly something strikes the old man, just like 
DARPA. The old man died without Snake knowing what or who does that.**

Then Solid calls the Colonel, Naomi, and Mei Lin at 140.85. After the 
conversation, Snake's life got longer and he can carry more of his inventory.
	Socom Bullet  - 25  -> 49
	Grenade       - 8   -> 12
	Stun Grenade  - 3   -> 6
	Chaff Grenade - 3   -> 6
	C4 bomb	  - 4   -> 6
	Ration        - 2   -> 2 ( doesn't change )

Go back to the weapon's room. Note that there are guards guarding this place 
right now. With the LV2 Keycard, you can now open the Southeast door to get FA 
MAS (Machine gun) and 2 box of bullets. Be careful with this room. Use your 
thermal goggle before you take FA MAS. There are 2 red lines on the ground. It 
means that there are infra red trap. Avoid the infra red ray by crawling under 
it. Go to the elevator and go to the 1st floor.

++ Equip your cigarette. The smoke that comes out of your cigarette will reveal 
the infrared. You can now see the infrared traps. But beware... your health is 
going down little by little. 
This was first sent by Cyrille ([email protected]) ++

*******1st Floor of Enemy's Base A*******

Do you notice that the tank on the right is missing ??? I won't spoil the fun 
right now.
Go to the Northeast corner. Use the keycard to open the 1st level door. Take the 
Socom Suppresser. Combine Socom with the surpresser. With this weapon, you can 
shoot a guard without sounding the alarm.
Go upstairs and open the 1st level door to the west. Get a chaff grenade and 
cardboard box A. Get out of this room and go to the north-eastern door (LV2) 
beside the camera. Get the mine detector.

    ############## STUCK NO 3 #################
     Where should I go from here ??
    ---------------- ANSWER   -----------------
     Use your radio to contact Meryl. 
     Find the right frequency

Press Select button to access the radio. Use your radio to contact Meryl at 
140.15. She will help you open the big gate downstairs (near the lift). Just 
wait until she opens the gate. After that gate opens, go through that gate. BUT 
BEWARE....Use the thermal goggle or your cigarette. You will see 5 infrared ray 
traps in this area. If you touch the light, the gate will be closed and the room 
will be filled with poisonous gas. You will die instantly.

******* Snow Area - Canyon *******

GOGGLE. You will see that there are Claymore bombs under the snow. They will 
explode if you step on them. Instead of trying to avoid them, crawl along the 
minefield. You will get the claymore mines in your inventory ^_^. Get all 5 
mines and check & equip your grenade in your inventory. Equip rations, too. Then 
go to the north ......

**Solid Snake sees a tank heading in his way (that's why the tank in the LV B1 
is missing), with Vulcan Raven riding on it. Raven shoots the mortar to Solid. 
Solid Snake jumps to safety.**

   *****BOSS NO 2 : TANK*****
The key to defeat the tank is to approach the tank and throw grenades in the 
tank. You must approach the tank in this way : Go south, approaching the gate 
where you come from, then go to the easternmost path, and go north. After you 
reach the safety rock, you will see a path along the snow that is lower than its 
surrounding. Crawl in this path to the west. You cannot get shot by the tank, 
because the snow is higher than the path (you are protected by the snow 
surrounding you). After you reach the western part, go north and hide behind the 
iron pillar. When the turret is not heading your way, approach the tank and 
throw the grenade on the tank. Run around the tank and throw grenades. After 2 
hit, the guard who drives the tank will fall from the tank, and a guard will 
replace him. Throw grenade two more times to the guard, and it's over.
---->BOSS TIPS : 
1. if you throw the grenade accurately on the guard steering the tank, you will 
see that it will only take one hit to take him down.
2. you can use chaff grenades to confuse the tank's detector. You can approach 
the tank.This was first sent by Jim Tamangan  

**Solid Snake approaches the guard, and takes the LV3 keycard from him. After 
Solid Snake goes to the Enemy Base B, the animation shows that Vulcan Raven is 
still alive. **

*******1st Floor of Enemy's Base B (Nuke Building 1)*******
Solid Snake gains longer life and more inventory space.
	Socom Bullet  - 49  -> 73
	Grenade       - 12  -> 16
	Stun Grenade  - 6   -> 9
	Chaff Grenade - 6   -> 9
	C4 bomb	  - 6   -> 8
	FA MAS Bullet - 101 -> 151
	Claymore      - 6   -> 8
	Ration        - 2   -> 3 

Proceed to the north gate by crawling. You will get a radio call from the 
Colonel and Naomi (140.85). There are rules that you must obey in this room : 
1. You cannot use any weapon except for chaff grenade.
2. You should not be detected by the camera or the enemies. If you got caught, 
the enemies will release poisonous gas in the room.
There are some items in this room : chaff grenades in the north western part 
(behind the missiles), FAMAS bullets in the south east wall (under the camera), 
and Socom bullets on the north-western part of the truck.
Proceed upstairs, and go into the elevator. Go to level B1 go to the south door, 
and open the northeast door to get Nikita Missiles. Then go to level B2.

*******Floor B2 of Enemy's Base B(Nuke Building B2)*******

After you go out from the elevator, go east and press yourself to the wall. You 
will see a man on the other side of the wall. That's where you want to go right 
now. After that, go to south by using LV3 key. There are 2 cabinet-like-full-of-
holes devices on the left and right side. Those are air purifiers. Notice that 
the door in the south have yellow colour. That's because the room in the south 
has poisonous gas. 
Use the 3rd level keycard to open the south door. Beware of the poisonous gas. 
You can only stay for a limited time only in that room.
When you entered the room, You will see this animation.

**Snake surprises to see that the floor on this aisle is electrified. Solid 
Snake then looks at the wall, tries to find where the source of the electricity 
comes from. The animation shows where the power generator is. But it's in the 
other room.**

Then Snake had a call from someone that is not known (the vidcam shows no one). 
I think that man is trying to say that Solid Snake has to destroy that generator 
to proceed. 

    ############## STUCK NO 4 #################
     How do I destroy the Power Generator ??
    ---------------- ANSWER   -----------------
     Use your remote controlled Nikita Missile.

Solid Snake has to use the Nikita missile to destroy the power generator. It 
takes a few practises to do that. Do you know that you can control the Nikita 
missile ?? Just shoot it, and control it with your directional pad. Shoot the 
Nikita Missile and guide it through the aisle to the south. When there's a T 
junction, guide the missile to the west into another room. Then guide the 
missile to the northern room. Beware that the camera-controlled gun can shoot 
the missile, and the missile can explode if it hits the table, cabinet, and 
wall. After the missile goes to the northern room, guide the missile to the 
eastern room and guide it so the missile hits the power generator. The floor is 
now safe to walk on, but beware....the poisonous gas is still in there. So go to 
the north room between the air purifier, so you can breathe normally again.
Tips : use your triangle button to control the Nikita Missile from 1st person 

There are 3 doors in the aisle :
1st door (northern east) : contains rations
2nd door (middle east) : you can not open it right now (LV4)
3rd door (south east) : contains gas mask.

Use the gas mask to protect you from the poisonous gas. The gas will still 
affects you, but you will be able to stay longer in the gas filled room. 
Go south through the electric-before-floor. Go east and enter the door. Be 
careful of the camera-controlled-gun. Go to the air purifier. Right now you 
should hear a fight in the other room.
Go to the east room and to the north, using the LV3 card.

** Snake walked into the aisle. He stunned. The aisle filled with dead people. 
Bullets hole everywhere in the wall. Bloodstains are everywhere, on the wall and 
on the ceiling**

Go north, then .....

** A soldier comes from the north. Seems like he was really hurt. Then he fall 
and died **

Go a tiny little bit to the north again, and .......

** Snake hears a machine gun and someone's screaming. Snake runs to the voice, 
and sees something's weird. Snake sees a soldier floats on the air, as if 
something that is not seen holding him. The soldier then is thrown by that 
'something' to the floor - dead. That something now is revealing himself. He is 
the cyborg ninja who cut Ocelot's hand. Now the ninja goes to the northern room. 
The door's lock is broken.**

Go follow the ninja - enter the northern door, then ......

** Snake sees Otacon (the man that you saw behind the wall before) is frightened 
by something that can not be seen...something transparent. Otacon is so afraid 
that he pissed on his pants ^_^. The ninja reveals himself in front of him. 
Snake walks towards Otacon, and Otacon is surprised by Snake, thought that Snake 
is Ninja's friend. The ninja turns around and talks to Solid Snake. Feeling that 
the ninja's attention is drawed by Solid Snake, Otacon sneaks behind Ninja, 
runs, and hides inside a cabinet. Then ninja feels very angry and asks Snake to 
fight him.**

   *****BOSS NO 3 : CYBORG NINJA*****
Use only punches and kicks (O button), because the ninja can deflect your shots 
with his sword and avoid your bombs by jumping (including your C4 bombs).
Punch him 2 times, then there's animation where ninja puts away his sword. Now 
use hit and run tactic. Avoid his spinning kick. DON'T EVEN THINK THAT YOU ARE 
can break through windows, so just stay away. Sometimes he will try to stomp 
After his energy is depleted to 50 %, Ninja now uses his 'transparency' 
technique. Run around to find him ( and of course, kick and punch him ) before 
he finds you and kick your ass !!
After you managed to find him 3 times, the animation will show the Ninja is now 
hurts. He will now stay appear and fight like a man.
But beware, when you try to punch him, he will disappear and reappear behind you 
& punch you from the back.  The tactics is : punch once then go away from him. 
After he punches, go back and punch him.
After all of his energy depleted, the ninja is not dead yet. There's some 
explosion in his body. Don't go near because the explosion can hit you. The 
explosion is sometimes big, sometimes small. Wait when the explosion is small, 
approach him, and kick him. Do this three times, and you'll win.

++ 1. You can use your thermal goggle to see the Cyborg Ninja while he was 
disappearing. This was first sent by Siepiau ([email protected])    
2. Use your chaff grenade. Ninja will stun (kinda like malfunctioning). When 
he's stun, you can shoot him. 
This was first sent by Jon Norton ([email protected])    
3. When Ninja is exploding, you can use your gun to shoot him - You do not need 
to use your punches. 
This was sent by Jon Norton ([email protected]). ++

**Ninja talks to Snake, admitting his defeat. Then suddenly Ninja starts to 
shake again, slamming his head on the floor, making loud noise, screams, goes 
away, and disappears.**

Snake calls his Colonel & Naomi - 140.85

**Snake calms Otacon that is still hiding in the cabinet, and manages to get him 
out of there. Snake talks to Otacon, asks him questions. Snake becomes impatient 
with Otacon's answer. Snake grabs Otacon by the collar. Then he releases him, 
and Otacon starts to tell the story about Metal Gear. The story continues with a 
film about the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima 09/08/1945. Then Otacon shows Snake 
that he can make himself transparent, just like the Ninja. Snake then calls 
Meryl at 140,15. But then something's happening to her and the radio is out. 
Otacon gives Snake a LV4 Security Card. Then Otacon tells a story about robots 
(Policenauts), then Otacon tells Snake that Snake can contact him at frequency 
141.12. Otacon then uses his transparent technique, and goes away.**

Solid Snake gains longer life and more inventory space.
	Socom Bullet  - 73  -> 97
	Grenade       - 16  -> 20
	Stun Grenade  - 9   -> 12
	Chaff Grenade - 9   -> 12
	C4 bomb	  - 8   -> 10
	FA MAS Bullet - 151 -> 201
	Claymore      - 8   -> 10
	Nikita        - 12  -> 12
	Ration        - 3   -> 3 

Get FAMAS bullets in the middle east and south east corner. Get a box of chaff 
grenade in the Southeast corner, and ration on the north of chaff grenade. 
Go back to the electrified-before-floor. You can now open the 2nd door - get 2 
boxes of stun grenades.
Go south to the junction and go to the left. There are 4 doors on the east.
1st door (north east-LV4) contains Night Vision Goggle.
2nd door (middle north east - LV3) contains 2 boxes of Nikita Missiles
3rd door (middle south east - LV3) contains 1 box C4 and 2 boxes of grenades.
4rd door (south east - LV6) - you can not open it yet.
Go north then go east (where the power generator was) - there are 1 box of chaff 
grenades and one ration.
Go back to the elevator. Go to the floor B1.

*******Floor B1 of Enemy's Base B(Nuke Building B1)*******

Go into the men's toilet (it's the west door). Go to the northernmost toilet - 
get a ration there. Get out of men's toilet then go to the south door. There are 
5 door in this room. Get a box of stun grenades in the northwest corner. 
Open the northwest room - get Cardboard box B and a box of ration.
Open the southeast room - Get Famas Bullets and Socom Bullets
Open the northeast room - get nikita missiles there.

    ################### STUCK NO 5 ####################
     Where should I go from here or what should I do ??
    ---------------------- ANSWER ---------------------
     Find Meryl. She disguised as one of the guards

++ Hide, and push yourself behind the desk or other sorrounding's item. From 
there, the camera will change and you will be able to watch the guards. Meryl 
has a cute way of walking - wiggling her behind ^_^. 
This was sent by John C ([email protected]) ++ 

One of the 2 guards in this room is Meryl. When she sees you, she will get out 
of the room and run to the women toilet (that's the east door that you can't 
open - Now you know why you can't open that door ^_^).
Go to the northernmost toilet ......

**Snake finds a set of the guard's uniform. Suddenly a rifle is pointed behind 
his head. Snake turns around to finds out that it's Meryl who points the gun at 
him. Meryl and Snake introduce themselves. Snake is interested on Meryl's tattoo 
on her left arm. Then they have a very long conversation. Meryl gives Snake PAL 
Key and 5th level card. Meryl gets out of the toilet, waits for Snake there.**

++ When Meryl sees you and goes to the toilet, follow her QUICKLY to the 
northernmost toilet. If you are quick enough, you will see that Meryl does not 
have time to change her clothes. You will see that in the animation, Meryl will 
not wear her trousers ^_^.
This was sent by Siepiau ([email protected]) ++

Go outside, then go to the south room. Now that you have the 5th level key, you 
can now open the southwest door. Get Diazepam (you'll need it later) and 3 box 
of FAMAS bullets. Get out of the room to join Meryl, and go to the aisle beside 
men's toilet. Open the door using the 5th level keycard. There's 5th level door 
there. When you approach the door, Meryl will approach that door, too. Approach 
Meryl, then ......

**Meryl suddenly has headache. Then the animation shows what inside the room (in 
B/W) - from the eyes of something / someone's floating. You can hear his breath. 
That something is floating approaching the door fast. Meanwhile Meryl's headache 
is suddenly lost. She asks Snake to open the door. But Snake is feeling strange 
about Meryl. She is not herself anymore. Her voice sound different 
.....Mysterious, isn't it ??**

Note : After the animation, try pressing the look button (Triangle). You will 
see that you are no longer looking from your eyes, but from Meryl's eyes ( or 
from someone's inside Meryl, maybe ?? )

******* The Commander's Room *******

Open the door, and go inside. Animation will show that the door shuts behind 
you. Wander around the room and you will see ....

** Meryl is controlled by someone behind her. That someone is the one that Snake 
saw in front of the elevator after DARPA died. He is Psycho Mantis. Meryl, under 
Psycho Mantis' control, points her gun at Snake.**

The Colonel and Naomi calls Snake at 140.85
Now Snake is ready to face boss no 4.
   *****BOSS NO 4 : PSYCHO MANTIS & MERYL*****
Meryl is pointing her gun at Snake. She tries to shoot you, but you mustn't hurt 
her - How ??
There are two ways to confront Meryl : 
1. punch her until she's unconscious. But this is not a good way to treat a 
lady, so don't use it.
2. use your stun grenade. Meryl will fall down.

++ 1. Flip Meryl a few times, by pressing Square (without equipping any weapon) 
and direction pad. Flipping has no effect on Meryl's health, and is very fast. 
This was sent [email protected]
2. Choke her 2 or 3 times. She will become unconscious. This was sent by Sean 
([email protected])  ++

Then there's animation where Psycho Mantis appears in front of Snake - floating. 
Snake points his gun on him.

++ Mantis says that he will look deep into your soul. Actually he's accessing 
your memory card. If you have other Konami's save game, such as Azure Dreams, 
Castlevania, etc - he will say : " So you like AZURE DREAMS ?". 
If you have US version, the import Konami's save game such as : Beat Mania 2nd 
Mix, Winning Eleven 3, etc will not be read by Mantis. Guess, the US version 
Mantis cannot read Japanese ^_^.
This was sent ++

++ It says in the animation that Mantis is boasting about his telekinesis 
ability. Mantis tells you that he can perform his telekinesis on your Joypad ?? 
^_^ (Man, have you ever think that a character in the videogame can control 
things outside the game ??). He then tells you to put the joypad in the flat 
surface. Then he began to make the joypad moves by activating the strong 
vibrator on the joypad (if you have Dual Shock Controller). Fun  eh !! 
This was sent by Siepiau ([email protected]) ++

Then the screen turns to black for the 1st time (it's normal - everybody I know 
experience it !! ). Then he begins to attack you.

       +++ NEW NEW NEW 9 : BLANK SCREEN +++
++ When you first fight Mantis, the screen will turn to black - and there's a 
word on the right side of the screen. It's called Hideo. In Japanese, when you 
have a problem on the transmission of the TV station, the station will show you 
this screen. It means that Mantis' power is so powerful, that he can control 
your TV. This was sent by    
But maybe this word is taken from the director of this game, Mr. Hideo Kojima.++

Use your punches and kicks only to defeat him. Don't use your bombs, cause they 
will explode as soon as you throw it. And don't use your gun, because he is 
really good at avoiding your bullet. 
Psycho Mantis has 5 patterns, so watch it carefully. Here's how to defeat them :
1st pattern : Mantis disappears for a short time, then he appears in other 
places - throwing a force ball on you. He does this 3 times. To defeat this 
pattern, use the triangle button to see from Mantis' eyes. From his view, you 
can predict where he's hiding. go there and punch him. 
2nd pattern : Mantis uses his telekinesis to raise 3 chairs in the room and uses 
them to protect himself from you. The chairs are circling on Mantis, making big 
and small circles. To defeat this, crawl and move beside Mantis (still 
crawling), then get up and punch him after the chairs' gone.
3rd pattern : Mantis uses 2 vases from the table to attack you. To defeat this, 
crawl and wait until the vases' gone, then punch him.
4th pattern : Mantis uses 3 deer heads to attack you. To defeat this, crawl and 
wait until the deer heads' gone, then punch him.
5th pattern : Mantis uses books from the cabinet and pictures from the wall to 
attack you. To defeat this, go to the upperleft corner, near the statue. Wait 
until Mantis comes there, then punch him.

After Mantis' energy depleted to 50%, he will control Meryl again to attack you. 
Use the stun bomb again on her. After that, he control Meryl again. He orders 
Meryl to commit suicide. Use the stun bomb again on her.
Now Mantis starts to use the 1st pattern over and over again. Find him all the 
time, and punch him. After his energy's become 15%, he will combine his 
technique. First, he uses pattern 3 & 4. Then he uses pattern 2 & 5. To defeat 
him, just crawl to avoid those things, wait until they're gone, then get up and 
punch him. You'll defeat him. 

1. Don't get discouraged while fighting Mantis. Mantis is really good avoiding 
your punches. You maybe will only land one sixth of your punches. 
2. If you cannot defeat Mantis, there's an easy way to do that. Just lose to 
Mantis once, then continue. When you begin this fight, break the statue on the 
northwest and northeast corner. After this, Mantis will not be able to avoid 
your punches as good as before.

++ 1. Use your thermal goggle to see Mantis while he was disappearing. This is 
easier than using the triangle button.
This was first sent by [email protected]    
2. When you face Mantis, the Colonel will inform you this way to defeat him. 
This is the theory : Mantis can read people's minds. He can read your mind, too. 
That explains why he can avoid your punches so well. In order to defeat him, you 
have to use 'your other mind' (like you have 2 minds !!). Consider your 'current 
mind' is your 1st controller. You can now use your 'second mind' by using your 
2nd controller. Plug your 2nd controller to the Playstation port, and use it to 
fight Psycho Mantis. Psycho Mantis cannot dodge your attack now. You can even 
shoot him, but you still cannot use your grenade or bombs. 
This was first sent by Kamui ([email protected]). ++

Colonel and Naomi calls Snake at 140.85.

**Psycho Mantis is nearly died. The animation shows that his spirit is flying in 
the room. He tells Snake that there's a secret passageway behind the cabinet in 
the northeast. Then Mantis asks Solid to open his mask. Meryl sees Mantis' real 
face then shocked. Mantis then tells a story to Snake. Then he asks Solid to put 
his mask back on. At his last breath, he uses his telekinesis technique to move 
the cabinet. Then Mantis dies.**

Solid Snake gains longer life and more inventory space.
	Socom Bullet  - 97   -> 121
	Grenade       - 20   -> 24
	Stun Grenade  - 12   -> 15
	Chaff Grenade - 12   -> 15
	C4 bomb	  - 10   -> 12
	FA MAS Bullet - 201  -> 251
	Claymore      - 10   -> 12
	Nikita        - 12   -> 16
	Ration        - 3    -> 4
	Diazepam      - 6    -> 6

Get FAMAS bullets in the upper left (near the statue).
Go to the passageway behind the cabinet - there're ration, FAMAS bullets, and 
Socom bullets beside the stair.
Go to the door to the north.

*******Cave Area*******

**Meryl speaks to Solid. She seems to know this cave. Then she leaves Solid 

Go east, then go north. Use your Night vision goggle if you can not see clearly. 
There's a box of ration and a hole in the wall where you can see Meryl in the 
other side of the wall. Go south to get Socom bullets. Then go back to the west. 
Take the north path (snow covered). Crawl to the hole in the wall. Go north till 
you reach the junction (there's water in the floor). Go west to get FAMAS 
bullets. Then go back to the junction and go East. Then go south on the 
junction. There're two holes that you can go into in the south west area, to the 
south and to the east. Go to the south first to get FAMAS bullets, Diazepam, and 
ration. Then go back and go to the east hole to meet Meryl (see that the wolves 
are all fond of Meryl ^_^).
There's a ration behind Meryl. Then open the north door using your keycard.

++ Try hurting Meryl by punching or choking her when she's with the wolves. If 
you do that, the wolves will attack you. ++

++ Equip your Cardboard box first. Then unequip it by pressing L1 button. Get 
close to Meryl, then hurt her by punching, choking, or shooting her - then 
quickly press L1 button to equip your Cardboard Box. Meryl will not ask the 
wolves to attack you. Instead he orders the wolf to pee on your box ^_^. Don't 
be ashamed. There's an advantage. You can walk around the wolves in the box 
without getting attack, because the wolves think that you're one of them. But 
don't forget which box to use. If you use different box, the wolf will still 
after you. 
This was first sent by [email protected] ++

*******Path to Communication Tower A(Underground Passage)*******

**Meryl says to Solid that the path is full of booby traps (claymore mines), so 
Solid have to be very careful about it. Then Meryl show Solid how to get pass 
the mine field.**

Guide Snake to follow Meryl's footprint, then ......

**Suddenly, from unknown place, a sniper is targeting Meryl. Seeing the infra 
red on Meryl's body, Snake warns Meryl about the danger. Meryl doesn't move 
because she's so surprised. She just follows the red mark pointing at her body, 
then down to her left leg. Then Meryl's got shot on her left leg. Meryl screams. 
Snake jumps to safety. Then the sniper shoots Meryl at her right leg. Meryl goes 
down. Her pistol drops. Meryl tries to reach for her gun, but the sniper shoots 
Meryl on her left hand. Snake wants to get close to help her, but he can't. 
Meryl knows that somewhere in the tower there's a sniper aiming at them.**

    ################### STUCK NO 6 #########################
     How do I shot the sniper ??
    ---------------------- ANSWER --------------------------
     You have to go back to Enemy Base A to get Sniper Rifle

The Colonel and Naomi then call Solid at 140.85. 
After some time, you will see that you cannot get close to Meryl, because the 
sniper shots you first. Get 4 claymore mines from the snow. Then the Colonel 
contacts you again in the radio - orders you to get the sniper's rifle in the 
floor B2 Enemy's base A (I know, it sucks - but we have to save Meryl ).

Go back to the elevator - go to floor 1, then go out to the south. Cross the 
open area (snow) again. This time, please be careful. The enemies have put some 
camera and more claymore mines on the ground. Go to the elevator, then go to 
floor B2. Get the sniper rifle (PSG1) in the northwest door - use the LV5 
keycard to open it. Be careful, there are infrared traps on this room. Use 
thermal goggle.

The colonel calls Snake again at 140.85.

After you pick up the rifle, go back where Meryl was shot (It's a long way again 
). You will see that Meryl is no longer there. You can only see Meryl's blood. 

   *****BOSS NO 5 : SNIPER WOLF*****
Use your sniper rifle. Find the enemy. Shoots before the enemy does. If you ran 
out of bullets, you can get one box of bullets to the left. Don't waste your 
bullet, because it is limited. If you feel that Snake is not stable anymore, use 
Diazepam. Diazepam is a pill or drug to keep a sniper calm. Shoot her a few 
times, then she's down.

Solid Snake gains longer life and more inventory space.
	Socom Bullet  - 121  -> 145
	Grenade       - 24   -> 28
	Stun Grenade  - 15   -> 18
	Chaff Grenade - 15   -> 18
	C4 bomb	  - 12   -> 14
	FA MAS Bullet - 251  -> 301
	Claymore      - 12   -> 14
	Nikita        - 16   -> 20
	Ration        - 4    -> 4
	Diazepam      - 6    -> 8

Go north, then check the ledge on the left wall. There's a box of PSG1 bullets. 
Go north until you come to the tower. Then go west to get a box of ration. Go 
behind the barrel to get a box of Socom Bullets. Go to the right. There's a box 
of FAMAS bullets under the stairs. Go upstairs and get a box of PSG1 bullets.

*******NOTE : NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO SAVE .The choice you are about to make in 
the next scene will affect the ending of this game. And you cannot let Snake 
dies in the next scene, because you cannot continue if you fail.   *********

Go downstairs and head towards the LV6 door to the right (even though you know 
that you can not open it ^_^). Then ....

**The alarm rings when Snake approaches the door. Two soldiers come from Snake's 
behind and point their rifle on Snake. Then Sniper Wolf comes along with the two 
soldiers. Sniper Wolf asks Snake to drop his gun. Snake drops his gun and raises 
his hands. Sniper Wolf admires her enemy then scratches Snake's left cheek. Then 
one of the soldiers hits Snake in the back of his neck. Snake falls down.... 
When Snake begins to regain his consciousness, he can only see 6 lights, like in 
the operation room. Snake cannot move. His hands and his legs are tied to the 
bed. Snake can hear 3 people are talking. Then the bed rotates, so the Snake is 
now in standing position. Snake can see that 3 persons: Liquid, Sniper Wolf, and 
Revolver Ocelot. Snake talks to Liquid, then Liquid got called from someone. 
Liquid leaves the room. The conversation continues - than Sniper Wolf leaves the 
room, too. that leaves Snake with Ocelot. Ocelot is about to torture Snake.**

You control Solid Snake right now. Snake has two choices in this place : 
1. Do not surrender. Tap O (circle) repeatedly.
2. Surrender. You can do this by pressing Select.


Assume you did not surrender. Ocelot will try to torture you three times. There 
are two bars on the screen : 
   1. Life bar - it's Solid's life bar.  
   2. Time bar - it's shows how long the torture will end.
The object of this scene is : Snake has to survive the torture. Ocelot will 
torture you three times. During these torture, Snake's life bar must not empty. 
When the torture begins, tap O repeatedly to fill the life bar. Tap really fast, 
because the life bar carries on to the next torture. The 2nd torture is longer 
than the 1st torture, and the 3rd torture is the longest. If you don't make it, 
you will have to load the game, because there's no continue option. 
Snake then is put in jail. In the corner of the jail, Snake sees DARPA's corpse. 
When you press L2 or R2, you will see that Solid doesn't have anything in his 
inventory. No stuff, no weapon, ZIP.
There's a guard walking around Snake's jail - sneezing all the time. 
Then the Colonel and Naomi call Snake at 140.85.
After the call, the guard will go to the cell door, and call you for more 
torture (Actually the guard says : It's ShowTime !! ). You are brought into the 
torture room once again. Survive this torture again. Then Snake is put in the 
jail once again.

       +++ NEW NEW NEW 11 : MASSAGE ANYONE ?? +++
++ If you use Dual Shock controller, and you survived the torture, then you will 
hear this conversation in the Codec. When Naomi contacts you on Codec, she will 
asks what's wrong. Snake will say that his arm hurts. Naomi then orders you to 
put the controller on your arm. Naomi then sends 'signal' to relieve the pain - 
by vibrating the controller !! ^_^. Talking bout massage, eh !! ( Is there any 
massaging game in PSX ?? ) ++

### If you choose to surrender in the game, this is where you will start. In 
other words, if you choose to surrender, you will automatically put in jail and 
don't have to endure the second torture.

The Colonel calls you at 140.85 again.

Wait for a moment, use the look button on the guard. You will see that the guard 
will have a stomach-ache. It was so sudden and so bad, that you will see the 
guard running very fast to the toilet ( I think it's about to explode ^_^ ).
After the guard leaves you, wait for a moment. Someone will call you at the 
door. It's Otacon !!

**Snake is so relieved to see Otacon. After they have a conversation, Otacon 
gives Snake a bottle of ketchup, a scarf, a LV6 Security card, and a ration. 
Then Otacon hears that the guard is coming back. Then Otacon leaves.**

Now you got to act fast!! You want to get out of the prison. There are two ways 
that I know to escape from the prison, but you got to do it before the guard 
arrives from the toilet.
1. Use the ketchup by equipping it, lying down by pressing X button, and press O 
button. You have to do it before the guard arrives. Snake will pretend to be 
dead. The guard arrives, sees that Snake is dead, then open the cell door to 
check him out.

++ If you use the ketchup to fake dead when the guard is around, he will laugh 
at you. 
This was first sent by Siepiau ([email protected]) ++

2. Hide (crawl) under the bed. When the guard arrives, he will think that Snake 
has escaped. He will open the prison door to check him. 
3. If you do not do anything to escape, you can escape by just waiting in the 
cell. When the guard has his stomach-ache, someone will rescue you. It's Cyborg 
Ninja !! 
This was first sent by Siepiau ([email protected])  

Then what should we do with the guard ? You can kill him, but there's a more 
amusing way!! Run from the guard, go outside the cell, go north, then east. You 
will see a LV6 door on the north and a ration on the south. Pick the ration, 
then open the LV6 door. You will see the animation that the guard runs after you 
and finally be able to point you with his rifle. But he has a stomach-ache again 
!! So he will leave you and go to the toilet ^_^.
Look to the right of the torture bed. You will see there is a red box. Pick it 
up. It's Snake's belonging. There's an animation where Snake go behind the 
torture bed, changing and equipping his stuff back ( NOW WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS 

NOTE 1 : Check your inventory (L2 button). Please check if you are carrying a 
time bomb. Sometimes the enemy put a time bomb on Snake's inventory. When the 
time bomb runs out of time, it will explode. The explosion will kill Snake 

    ################### STUCK NO 7 ####################
     How do I get rid of the bomb ??
    ---------------------- ANSWER ---------------------
     Just throw the bomb. 

NOTE 2 : After the torture, sometimes Snake will catch cold. ( IT'S TRUE !! ). 
Maybe because he don't wear any shirt in the prison. SO from now on be careful 
while hiding, sometimes Snake will sneeze. The enemy can hear it, and will check 

To get rid of the bomb, you must wait for the mysterious man to call you. 
Usually he will call you 1 minute before the bomb explodes. To throw the bomb, 
hold L2, and press the directional button to choose for the time bomb, then 
while still holding the L2 button, press O button. It's the same way of using a 
ration or Diazepam.

Open the door on the east, with LV6 keycard, but be careful with the camera-gun. 
When you open the door, you will see that the area is familiar to you. IT'S 
LEVEL B1 at ENEMY BASE A(Cell). But the enemy has put 2 camera + gun outside the 
elevator, so you have to be very careful.

Go to the elevator and go to floor B2. Pick every ammo there, and go to the 
place where you fought Ocelot. Go south and go east. Now you can open the 2 
doors that are previously locked. Open the lower door to get stun grenades and 
chaff grenades.

Go back to the elevator to Level 1, and proceed to Enemy's Base B.

******* Enemy's Base B *******

We're here just to collect the items that we cannot get previously.
Go to the elevator - floor B2. Go south to the electric-before floor. Go south 
until you reach the junction, and take the left path. You can now open the south 
east door. It contains body armor.
Go back to the elevator - floor B1. Go to the south and open the middle west 
door (LV6). You will get medicine. This medicine will cure Snake's cold.
Then go to the place where Meryl got shot.

++ When you go to the cave where the wolves are, equip your scarf. You will 
charm the wolves, like they're charmed by Meryl. 
This was sent by Olong([email protected]) ++

**Solid looks at the place where Meryl get shot by the sniper. The floor is 
still covered with Meryl's blood. Snake got a flashback about Meryl's getting 
shot. Then the Colonel, Naomi, Miller, and Mei Lin call you at 140.85.**

After the animation, proceed north to COMMUNICATION TOWER A.

Enter the LV6 door where you previously get caught. Go along the aisle, and pick 
FAMAS bullets, & Socom bullets along way. Now check your FAMAS bullets, and 
equip FAMAS. Enter the door to the west. The camera will spot you, the alarm 
will go off, and guards are coming, trying to catch you !! At this place Snake 
doesn't have to sneak. He will have to fight all the guards. Get the Stun 
Grenades and Rope, then go south - open the door. Go upstairs fast. Shoot 
enemies that are trying to catch you. Run upstairs as fast as you could. 
Eventually you will find LV6 door. When you approach it, Otacon will call you at 
141.12. He told Snake not to open the door. Just go upstairs (you cannot open 
the door anyway). There's a lot of ration, FAMAS bullets, and Socom bullets on 
the way, so pick them up.

++ 1. This can be done if you have a bandanna. If you're trying to get the FOX 
rank, then you know that you may not kill more than 25 enemies and may not use 
more than 1 ration. This place should give you a headache, because if you must 
kill all the enemies to survive. If you don't shoot the enemies, then you must 
use your rations to survive, which means you cannot get the FOX rank. To fix 
this, equip bandanna and stun grenades. Throw stun grenades FREQUENTLY as you 
ascending the stairs. By this the guards will be stunned all the time. But the 
screen will be white all the time - makes it hard for you to see the way (when 
you're in the top floor). If it happens to you, you can stop throwing the stun 
grenades for a while to look where you go. Usually when you reached the top 
floor, the guards won't be able to follow you. You will not lose your live and 
not kill even a single guard if you do this right.
2. If you haven't got a bandanna, then try this : Flip the guard instead of 
shooting him. I've tried this, but you musn't get too close to the guard. If 
you're to close, the guards will hit you with his weapon.
This was first sent by Johny Cage"  ++

On the top floor, you can get Socom Bullet and FAMAS Bullets. Go along the path 
and you will come to a ladder with ration on the south of the ladder. Pick the 
ration and climb the ladder. Then open the door at the northeast corner (LV6 
door). You're on the roof now.

**Solid Snake arrives at the roof. He examines the roof, and notice that there's 
a satellite disc. Below the satellite disc, there's a LV 6 door on the nearby 
building (Communication Tower B).**

Go to the stair to the north, then ...

**Solid Snake is on its way to the satellite disc. Suddenly some missiles strike 
the disc, causing the disc to be broken. The disc falls to the ground below. 
Snake jumps to safety. While Snake is wondering who shot the disc, suddenly 
Liquid Snake with his chopper comes from behind. Apparently, it was the chopper 
that shots the Satellite disc. Snake runs towards the Communication Tower B 
roof, but the path there is damaged by the missiles that wrecked the Satellite. 
Snake could not cross, but Snake has to reach that LV6 door he saw before, so 

Equip the rope, and go to the fence in front of you.

**Solid Snake ties the rope on the fence, while the chopper blows the building 
behind Snake. Snake comes down the building and lands on a ledge. Liquid's 
chopper comes and try to shoot Snake**

Snake got call from the Colonel - 140.85. Apparently, the Colonel explains to 
Snake how to use the rope.
Press X button to jump down - you can swing to the left and to the right by 
holding the directional button.
Press O to climb - it's not much use.

The objective is : to go down to the bridge that connect the Communication Tower 
A to Communication Tower B. On the way, avoid gas and the chopper's bullets. 
Keep going down until you arrive in the snowy area.

++ Notice the LV6 door on the ledge. It's the door that you previously can not 
open when you climb the stairs. You can not open it because it is frozen. Now 
you can open the frozen door by blasting it with C4. Just stick the C4 on the 
door and blow it.  You can now go back to the stairs area. But I guess there's 
nothing that we can do by going back.
This method will not work if you try it from the other side of the door (when 
you are chased by the guards previously). 
This was sent by [email protected] ++

In this area, you can pick a ration to your left and a C4 to your right. DON'T 
TRY TO CROSS THE BRIDGE FIRST. By using your scope, you can see that three 
guards are guarding the bridge on the other side. If you get too close, the 
guards will start shooting at you and you won't be able to shoot them. Instead, 
use your Nikita Missiles to kill them. Usually it takes about 3 missiles to 
bring them down. You will know whether the guards are dead by listening to the 
music. If the music fades, then the guards are all dead. Cross the bridge. Near 
the end of the bridge, the chopper will appear in front of you and try to shoot 
you. Use your keycard to open the door to the west. Don't forget to pick the 
ration along the way.

   +++ NEW NEW NEW 13 : SNIPER'S SNAKE ??+++
++ You can use your sniper rifle to take the guards down. It's harder than using 
the Nikita, because you might get hit from their shots, but it gives you a 
feeling like you're a sniper.
This was first sent by Johny Cage"  ++

Inside the room you will find Stinger Launchers and Stinger Missiles. Then open 
the door to the south. 

Go south to reach the elevator. Press the elevator's button. You will see that 
the elevator is not working. Check the elevator by walking to the elevator's 
gate. Then go back to the door, and now take the path to the right (behind the 
elevator). Get grenades, FAMAS bullets, and Socom bullets. Go east, and climb 
down the stairs. Keep climbing down until you find that the stairs are broken.  
Go up again to the elevator. Before reaching the elevator ...

**Snake hears someone is trying to operate the elevator as well. Snake hides 
behind a pillar, getting ready with his gun. When he jumps out to point the gun, 
he finds out that the man is Otacon. Otacon had a long conversation with Snake. 
Then Otacon makes himself disappear, and go to the stairs leading to the bottom 

Now you can go to the east - go upstairs. But beware, everytime you climb the 
stair, use the look button. There're camera-equipped-guns on the top wall. Use 
the chaff grenade to make the camera jammed. Then climb upstairs again. There're 
4 sets of camera, so you will need 4 chaff grenade to go to the top.
On the top floor, you will see a ladder leading upstairs. Instead of climbing 
the ladder, go along the south path to get 2 box of stinger missiles, chaff 
grenades, FAMAS bullets, and ration. By now you should have a full inventory of 
Stinger Missiles (20/20). Now go back and climb the ladder. Go through the door 
on the northeast side. You will reach the roof.

** The chopper appears in front of Snake. Liquid talks to Snake, then he flies 
his chopper to attack Snake.**

   *****BOSS NO 6 : CHOPPER (HIND)*****
Use your stinger missiles to shoot the chopper. Stay beside the container in 
front of the door. This container will be your safety place. It will be your 
'shield' against the chopper's bullets, so don't go to far from this container. 
There's a ration on the south west area of the container, and a stinger missiles 
on the south east corner. Don't waste your stinger missiles, so don't shoot if 
you don't have a clear shot.
Use your radar to know the chopper's location. If the chopper is shooting from 
the south, take cover on the north of the container, etc. Use your stinger radar 
to check where the chopper is. After the chopper takes a few hits, usually the 
chopper will then fly below the building. You cannot shoot it when he's under 
you, so shoot the chopper only when the chopper flies above you. If you put the 
crosshair of the Stinger on the chopper, the stinger will lock on the chopper. 
But in some cases, the lock does not guarantee to be sure hit. For instance, if 
the chopper is too far, then the missile will miss. 
When you hit the chopper 4 or 5 times, the chopper will go away, and animation 
shows that the chopper is shooting the south area. Go to the north before the 
missile hits you. 
Shoot the chopper 8-10 times again, then the chopper will fire its last 
missiles. Avoid it by running to the south west corner. Then the chopper is 
toasted !!

**The chopper is starting to fly unstable. Liquid is panic. The chopper falls 
apart. Then the chopper falls to the ground. Liquid screams " 
SSSNNNNAAAKKEEEEEEEE !!!". Then the view changes : from the Snake's back. Snake 
is watching an explosion causing by the chopper.**

Solid Snake gains longer life and more inventory space.
	Socom Bullet  - 121  -> 168
	Grenade       - 24   -> 32
	Stun Grenade  - 15   -> 21
	Chaff Grenade - 15   -> 21
	C4 bomb	  - 12   -> 16
	FA MAS Bullet - 251  -> 351
	Claymore      - 12   -> 16
	Nikita        - 16   -> 24
      Stinger Miss. - 20   -> 25
	Ration        - 4    -> 5
	Diazepam      - 6    -> 9

Otacon calls Snake at 141.12. He tells Snake that he has fixed the elevator.

Go back down to the elevator - don't forget the security cameras!! You still 
have to use 4 chaff grenades to go to the elevator. Then press the button on the 
elevator. You can use the elevator now.

**Snake enters the elevator. Suddenly the elevator bell rings. Snake feels 
confused. Is there something wrong ??** 

Then press the elevator button to go to floor 1. The elevator door closes, and 
the elevator starts to move. Suddenly Otacon calls at 141.12. He says that some 
guards are in the elevator, too. They're using the transparency technique, so 
Snake can not see them.

Now is fighting time. Kill 4 transparent guards. Use FAMAS or C4.
++ You can see the guard by using your thermal goggle 
This was sent by Siepiau ([email protected]) ++

After they're all be killed, enjoy your ride to the 1st floor.
Go out of the elevator, then go west. follow the path to get a ration and a box 
of PSG1 bullet (behind the elevator). Go in front of the elevator, and get a 
chaff grenade. Open the door in the south east corner. There're 2 boxes of PSG1 
bullets, guarded by a camera -equipped-gun. Then go through the west door. Get 2 
SOCOM bullets and 2 FAMAS bullets. Be careful, there are 3 cameras in this room. 
Open the door in the end of the aisle - that's to the north.

*******Open Area - SnowField*******
       +++ NEW NEW NEW 14 : WHAT HAPPENED TO LIQUID ?? +++
++ Before going north, go to the east until you reach the wall, then go north. 
Push yourself to the ledge on the north. You will see a parachute outside the 
wall. That's the place where the Hind fell. Snake then contacts the Colonel. 
From the conversation, it seems that Liquid survived the crash, even though he 
barely got the chance. Talking about luck, huh !!
This was sent by Chris McFadden  ++

Go to the north, and ...

**A sniper shoots Snake**

Then Snake got calls from Otacon - 141.12. In the conversation, suddenly Sniper 
Wolf interrupts. 

   *****BOSS NO 7 : Sniper Wolf - 2nd Encounter*****
Use your sniper rifle (PSG1)- It's sniper Vs sniper fight !! Like before, shoot 
her before she shoots you - it's a game of speed and accuracy. Sniper Wolf hides 
behind trees. Just follow her down, then shoot her when she tries to shoot you. 
If you runs out of bullets, you can get them on the west and on the east 
(there're 2 boxes). Pick a ration on the south east corner. Use Diazepam to calm 
you if you become unstable. 

++ You can use your nikita missiles on her, but it would be difficult to spot 
her. Just hide well behind the tree.
This was sent by [email protected] ++

++ Go to the east until you reach the wall. Then go north. You will find a safe 
place where a step of rock protects you, where you cannot be shot by Sniper 
Wolf. Face west then fire your Nikita Missile there. Press your Triangle button 
to look in 1st person view mode. After you feel that the Nikita Missile has 
reach the middle south area, move the missile to the north west (behind the 
truck). After the missile is behind the truck, move your missile to the north, 
to go behind the trees. Then move the missile to strike Sniper Wolf. You should 
hit her every time on her feet without getting hit at all. Here is the map : 

             *  -------------->              *      
             *  \    #      #      #    #    *      
             *   \                           *      """ = ledge or rock.
             *    \                          *      *** = wall
             * @@  \                         *      #   = tree 
             * @@   \                        *      @@@ = truck
             * @@    \                       *      - and \ = the missile's path
             *        \                      *
             *         \          """""""""""*
             *           <--------------S    *
             *                               *

Solid Snake gains longer life and more inventory space.
	Socom Bullet  - 168  -> 192
	Grenade       - 32   -> 36
	Stun Grenade  - 21   -> 24
	Chaff Grenade - 21   -> 24
	C4 bomb	  - 16   -> 16
	FA MAS Bullet - 351  -> 401
	Claymore      - 16   -> 16
	Nikita        - 24   -> 28
      Stinger Miss. - 25   -> 30
	Ration        - 5    -> 5
	Diazepam      - 9    -> 9

After the fight, go north a little bit, then .....

**Snake approaches Sniper Wolf, who is now waiting for her death. She coughs, 
her blood mixed with her coughs. Then she has the last conversation with Snake 
(listen to the Background song - It's perfect, Does it make you want to cry ??). 
Sniper Wolf asks Snake to end her pain ( to kill her ). Snake points his gun on 
her. Otacon, watching the scene from far, feels very sad for Sniper Wolf. Sniper 
Wolf asks Otacon to bring her rifle. Otacon brings the rifle to her. She holds 
the rifle, and asks Snake to shoot. Otacon does not have the courage to watch 
this, so he turns his back and covers his ears. Then the camera zooms out fast, 
the screen becomes all white, then..... BANG !!
Snake uses the scarf to cover her face, then he leaves the place. Otacon shouts 
to Snake while watching Snake leaves. Then he makes himself disappear, and leave 
the place too.**

You are now free to roam the snow field area. There's a lot of door. I list them 
all :
- There are 2 doors on the west. The northern one (LV6) contains 4 Nikita 
Missiles and guarded by 1 camera. The southern one contains Cardboard box C and 
2 rations, guarded by 2 cameras.
- There are 2 doors to the east. The north one contains 2 boxes of PSG1 bullets, 
2 boxes of Socom Bullets, and 3 boxes of FAMAS bullets no camera. The south one 
contains 2 boxes of chaff grenades and 1 box of grenades guarded by 2 camera.
- There are 3 doors to the north. The left door leads to the enemy's last base. 
You cannot open the middle one right now, because it's LV7. The right one 
contains 1 box of diazepam, 1 box of stun grenade, and a ration - but the place 
is covered with claymore mines. 

Go to the north - northwest door, which leads to the enemy's Last Base. Avoid 
the cameras, go to the north west corner to get a box of Socom bullets. Go east, 
then go downstairs........ DISC ONE Ends.

++To change to disc two, wait until the METAL GEAR SOLID logo appears on the 
screen. Then open your disc cover by pressing the open button, BUT DO NOT PRESS 
THE POWER OR THE RESET BUTTON !! You will see that the disc has stopped 
spinning. Remove the first CD, and put the second CD on your PSX. Close the 
cover, and press START on your controller. The game will now load.++

**************************DISC TWO WALKTHROUGH**********************

*******LV 1 of Enemy's Central Base - Blast Furnace*******
Go downstairs, and open the door. Go north and go west to the bridge to get a 
box of chaff grenade. Then go to the bridge on the south, leading to the west 
wall. Press yourself to the wall, then walk sideways to the south to get a box 
of Socom bullets. Then walk sideways to the north to reach the north bridge. But 
be careful - there's a crane moving around. If this crane hits you, you will 
fall to the molten iron and burned to death !! Walk sideways and press X to 
duck. When the crane moves above you, get up (by pressing X again) then go to 
the north bridge. 

++ If you have problem when crossing the ledge, you can destroy the crane with 2 
stinger missiles or with 2 nikita missiles. Actually, it's OK if you shoot just 
one time, cause the crane will stop moving.
This was sent by [email protected] ++
Go north and go downstairs. You will find Socom bullets under the stairs. You 
can find a ration if you take the west path (downstairs), and you can find C4 
explosives if you walks to the south. Go north and downstairs. There's a box of 
Socom bullets under the stairs and There's a door on the northeast. Don't enter 
this door first. Go through the south - it leads to STEAM ROOM (REMEMBER THIS 
PLACE AS YOU WILL COME HERE AGAIN). Get 2 boxes of PSG1 bullets and 2 boxes of 
Nikita Missiles. Crawl to the south west under the pipes. You can get 2 box of 
Stinger Missiles, and 1 box of chaff grenades. Go back through the STEAM ROOM - 
go north. Open the door to the northeast.

In the next room, go north and you will see that an elevator is coming to your 
way. Before you go to LV B1 with the elevator, explore the room first - There 
are 2 boxes of FAMAS bullets on the south west, and 1 box of Socom bullets on 
the northwest corner. Get 2 boxes FAMAS bullets on the east, and get one box of 
Socom bullets behind the east container. Now you are ready to go down with the 
elevator. Just press the button on the panel with O button.

**Just as the elevator starts to move down, 3 guards appear from behind the 
container. They jump on the elevator.**

Fight those 3 guards with your FAMAS rifle. These guards are tougher than the 
ordinary guards. If you want to kill them fast, you can throw them outside the 
elevator. After those bad guys are dead, proceed to LV B1 of the enemy central 

*******LV B1 of Enemy's Central Base*******

Go north of the elevator, then go to the east. There's a camera-equipped-gun 
inside. Get a Socom bullets on the north. NOW USE YOUR THERMAL GOGGLE and go 
south. There are claymore mines on the south side. Crawl to get the Claymore 
mines. While still crawling, go to the southeast corner to get ration and to the 
north east corner to get a box of FAMAS bullets.
Then go down with the elevator. Press the button on the panel - Use O button to 
do that.
Now you are going down on the elevator. There are lots of birds circling you. 
Then Master Miller calls you at 141.80. Enjoy the ride to floor B2.

     +++ NEW NEW NEW 16  :  DON'T KILL THE RAVENS +++
++ If you kill the ravens that are flying there, the Colonel and Naomi will warn 
you - calling you not to become a scarecrow and not to kill the raven's again 
This was first sent by Jim Tamangan  ++

*******LV B2 of Enemy's Central Base*******
This place is so...chilling. You can see that this place is colder than any 
other place in this base. 
Go west behind the container to get Nikita Missiles and C4 bombs. Then go to the 
east containers to get ration and Nikita Missiles.
Then open the door on the north.

**Snake goes into a big-refrigerator-like room. There're a lot of raven birds in 
there. Then Snake sees someone's lying on the container in front of him. The 
person stands up and talks to Snake. It's VULCAN RAVEN, the one who attacks 
Snake with the tank (remember boss no 2 ??). Vulcan Raven jumps down to meet 
Snake. Now Vulcan Raven is fully equipped. He has this HUUUGGGEEEE Gaitling Gun 
(looks cool, isn't it ??). Then Vulcan Raven demonstrates his ability - the 
ability to control the bird. A bird lands on Snake's shoulder, stays there then 
leaves. After a few words, Raven is now ready to fight Snake.**

   *****BOSS NO 8 : Vulcan Raven - 2nd Encounter*****
Don't walk in front of him, he will shoot you wildly. Instead, use Nikita 
Missiles. Guide the Missile so it hits him. But don't underestimate him, he can 
shoot your Nikita Missile if he sees it. So guide your Nikita Missile to hit him 
from behind or from side. You have to guide it around the container - not in the 
straight line so he will have tough times to gun it down. If Raven gets close to 
you, predict which path he will take and plant claymore mines and C4 bombs. 
There are Stinger Missiles, Nikita Missiles, and ration. After a few hits, Raven 
starts to shoot at containers, so the containers are falling down, blocking 
several ways. Raven is now moving much faster than before. Claymore mines don't 
work on him right now, so use the Nikita Missiles only.

++ 1. Use your grenades. Pick one of the sets of boxes in the room and have 
Raven follow you there (or just wait until he comes there).  Throw a grenade at 
the corner that Raven is one side away from and then continue around the box 
towards Raven's back.  The grenade will land just past the box's corner and 
Raven should see you just as you turn the corner (his gun should just become 
visible)... while he stands there shooting the grenade will explode, hitting 
him. You can do this until he has 15-20% life left... where the pattern still 
works but you have to throw the grenade earlier (in other words, make an 
educated guess as to Raven's exact path) and you obviously can't use an area of 
only 1 set of boxes.
This was sent by : chrisk ([email protected])  
2. Use the stinger missles against him. They lockon thru walls, so as soon as 
the gun started to appear around the corner you could launch and by the time the 
missile arrived all of him would be in view, the explosion would give you time 
to clear off to another vantage point and start lining up again.
This was first sent by [email protected] (Gojira) ++

**Vulcan Raven is now hurting very bad. Bloods are everywhere on his body. He 
talks to Snake, and give him the LV7 keycard. And then he tells Snake about 
DARPA's dead - while in prison : After Snake went away from the cell, Vulcan 
Raven came and picked up his body. It was not DARPA's after all !! It was 
someone disguising as DARPA. After telling him the story, he orders the birds to 
eat him !! The birds are starting to eat him, then Snake leaves him. When Snake 
turns around, he finds that Vulcan Raven's body is no longer there. The birds 
have eaten him completely. **

Solid Snake gains longer life and more inventory space.
	Socom Bullet  - 192  -> 217
	Grenade       - 36   -> 36
	Stun Grenade  - 24   -> 27
	Chaff Grenade - 24   -> 27
	C4 bomb	  - 16   -> 16
	FA MAS Bullet - 401  -> 451
	Claymore      - 16   -> 16
	Nikita        - 28   -> 
      Stinger Miss. - 30   -> 35
	Ration        - 5    -> 5
	Diazepam      - 9    -> 9

Then Snake got calls from the Colonel and Miller, talking about Naomi at 141.80.

Note : You can now go back to the snowfield area to open the 7th level door. It 
contains 4 boxes of Stinger Missiles and guarded by 3 camera.

After you defeat Vulcan Raven, open the door on the north. Get a box of chaff 
grenade on your left. USE YOUR THERMAL GOGGLE. You will see that there are 2 
trap doors on the floor. After crossing the trap doors, take a box of ration. 
Take a look around with triangle button. There is a lot...A LOT of camera-
equipped-gun. So use your chaff grenade to distract the camera. Cross the 
bridge. You can go to east to get 3 boxes of Stinger Missiles. Open the door to 
the north, but before doing that get a box of Stinger Missiles in front of the 

*******METAL GEAR REX's ROOM*******

Go downstairs to the north then ........

**Snake is now standing in front of METAL GEAR REX !! (Man, look how big it is 

Go north to the junction then take the path to the left. Get a chaff grenade on 
the corner.  Then go to the north, and go downstairs to get a ration. There's a 
river to the west. There are sometimes items in the river (the position of the 
items are random), but you will take damage in the water. To check whether 
there's an item or not, use your thermal goggle. Go back upstairs and go back to 
the front of Metal Gear Rex. Take the east path now, and go downstairs to get 
FAMAS and SOCOM bullets. Go back upstairs and proceed to the northeast. There's 
a ladder there. Before you climb the ladder, Otacon will call you at 141.12. 
Climb the ladder afterwards.

Go east to pick up the chaff grenade. Go back to the junction and take the west 
path. Go south to get FAMAS bullet. Go to the north. Just before you climb the 
ladder, Otacon will call you again at 141.12. Climb the ladder afterwards.

There's a ladder to the left, but you maybe want to explore the area first. Go 
to the north path to get FAMAS bullets, chaff grenades, and 2 boxes of stinger 
Missiles. Now you are ready to climb the ladder. 

Now you are on top of Metal Gear REX. Otacon and the Colonel will call you at 
141.12. Now climb down the ladder to the left.

Go along the path to the north, west, then south. Get FAMAS bullets, and 2 Socom 
bullets on the way. Go east a little bit, and climb stairs to the south. Then 

**Snake sees two persons in the Control Room. They are Revolver Ocelot and 
Liquid Snake (apparently he's not dead from the helicopter blast !!). They're 
talking about their plan. Snake hides behind the wall to hear their 
conversation. They talked about project FOXDIE (??) and project OUTER HEAVEN 
(??). Without Solid's knowledge, there's a camera near Snake. 
Snake calls Otacon at 141.12. Otacon explains to Snake how to use the PAL Card. 
He also explains about the three marks on the computer. One of the marks is the 
same as the mark on the PAL card. 
Then Ocelot sees Solid in the camera. Ocelot shoots at Solid. Solid is so 
surprised that he dropped the PAL card. The PAL card is now falling to the river 
below. Snake tries to catch the card, but he can't make it. Liquid calls Snake 
from the control room, and the Control Room's door closes.**

The alarm rings. The guards are coming at Snake. Kill the guards. Run back to 
the top of Metal Gear Rex. The guards will stop following you. Go downstairs. 
You must look for the PAL key in the water. Sometimes you will get a bomb. If 
you do, Master Miller will warn you at 141.80. Drop the bomb by accessing the 
inventory screen (L2) button, selecting it by using directional pad, and while 
still holding the L2 button, press O button. 

    ################### STUCK NO 8 #######################
     Where do I drop the PAL card ??
    ---------------------- ANSWER ------------------------
     The PAL card is brought by the rat. 

Look for the PAL card. The rat brings the PAL card. You can get the PAL card by 
touching, shooting, or bombing the rat. The rat will drop the PAL card. But 
sometimes in the US version, the card is not brought by the rat, it's just in 
the water. I experienced this once. 

After you get the PAL card, go back to the control room (where Ocelot and Liquid 
having a chat previously). Use the chaff grenade to make the cameras jammed. 
Then use the PAL key on the computer laptop according to the symbol. Look at 
your PAL key's symbol in your inventory. Go to the computer with the same 
symbol. Then there will be an animation where the square thing behind the 
computer goes down, and the card will go out of the computer. Now you have to 
put the PAL key with the same symbol on the computer.

    ################### STUCK NO 9 #######################
     Where can I find the 2nd and 3rd PAL key ??
    ---------------------- ANSWER ------------------------
     You don't find them. You change the symbol.
     PAL keys symbols change according to the temperature.

Now this is really tricky : The symbol on the PAL key can change. The change 
depends on the temperature on the room you're at. The yellow symbol (C) appears 
when you're on a normal temperature room. The blue symbol (W) appears when 
you're on a low temperature room - cold. The red symbol (Z) appears when you're 
on a high temperature room. 

I assume you have put the yellow card into the computer (yellow colour is the 
default colour). To change the card colour to blue, you have to be in a room 
where the temperature is low, such as : the room where you fight Vulcan Raven, 
or the snow area outside. Stay there for about 2 minutes, then the card colour 
will change automatically. Then go to the Control room to insert the second card 
into the computer. Then go back to the elevator to floor B1. On the elevator 
Master Miller will call you at 141.80. Proceed to the elevator to level 1. Go 
south to the STEAM ROOM (the room where there pipes and steam everywhere - It's 
a high temperature room). Stay there for two minutes, then the card symbol will 
change to red. Make your way back to the control room on Level B2. On the 
elevator, Naomi + Colonel will call you at 140.85. Naomi will tell you about a 
guy name GREY FOX. 

Go to the Control Room - once again, use the chaff grenade to make the cameras 
jammed. Then equip the PAL key then walk to the right computer. 

**The square thing behind the computer goes down. All keys are opened. The 
computer says that Metal Gear is now ready to use !! Snake is so surprised. He 
thought that the PAL keys are supposed to stop it !!
Then 141.80 Miller calls, thanking Snake for 'helping' him to operate Metal 
Gear. Snake is so surprised and angry. Then the Colonel appears on the vidcam 
and angry at Snake.  Miller opens his glasses, and changes his hair, revealing 
himself. MILLER TURNS OUT TO BE LIQUID SNAKE ALL ALONG !! Miller has used Snake 
to operate the Metal Gear REX, without Snake even knowing it !!. Then Liquid 
sounds the alarm. The door in the Control Room closes, and the room now is 
filled with poisonous gas !!**

Equip your gas mask, then use your radio to call Otacon at 141.12. Otacon will 
try to help you. Wait, then Otacon will call you at 141.12, tells you that he 
manages to override the security. The door now opens.
When Snake goes out from that door, he sees Liquid is running towards the Metal 
Gear REX. Get a ration to the south then follow Liquid. you will see the 

**Snake sees Liquid is standing beside Metal Gear REX. Snake points his gun on 
him, but Liquid says something that makes Snake put down his gun. Then they have 
a conversation (something about FOXDIE and Naomi). After a long talk, Metal 
Gear's cockpit is opening. Snake quickly points his gun on Liquid, trying to 
shoot him. But Liquid is faster. He jumps into the Metal Gear REX's cockpit, 
closes it then starting the elevator. Snake jumps to the Metal Gear REX's base. 
Then the base elevates until it reaches the upper floor.**

   *****BOSS No 9 : METAL GEAR REX*****
Use your stinger missiles. Aim at the disc on the Metal Gear REX's left 
shoulder. Lock on it, then shoot. The tactics is : to shoot the Disc, then run 
between Metal Gear REX's feet to the back. Wait for Metal Gear REX to turn 
around, and shoot the disc again. By running between the legs, Metal Gear REX's 
homing missiles will miss. But avoid going near his right leg. He will stomp you 
- and if you hit, you will die instantly !! Do this until he is defeated. But 
remember, don't waste your life bar because the fight will continue.

1. FOR IMPORT VERSION : One thing you should know when you fight Metal Gear REX 
(1st) is : Metal Gear REX uses detector to find you (you can see it in the top 
right map) and luckily, his detector can be jammed with chaff grenade. So when 
the fight starts, go directly in front of him before Metal Gear REX moves. 
Before Metal Gear REX gets up, equip chaff grenade and throw it in front of him. 
Metal Gear REX will not be able to move. Then quickly equip your stinger 
missiles, aim it at the drum-like thing on Metal Gear REX's left shoulder and 
shoot it. When the missile is on its way, quickly equip the chaff grenade and 
throw it. Quickly equip your stinger missiles and shoot him again. So the 
tactics are : quickly switch between chaff grenade -> stinger missiles -> chaff 
grenade -> stinger missiles etc. If you do it right, you will not lose any 
This was sent by Will Bakali ([email protected] 
2. Somehow the 1st tactic doesn't work on the US version. I've tried it on 
normal mode, and I ended up getting hit by the missiles. So here's the tactic : 
stay under its feet. Metal Gear REX will have hard times finding you, and he 
will stop for a while. Take this chance to go to his behind- left side, then 
shoot the Radome with your stinger missile from behind. Then repeat the method. 
Sometimes Metal Gear REX will move so fast that he will see you at times. He 
seems to move all the time, making it hard for you to shoot the radome. If it 
happens, use your chaff grenades. The chaff will make the Metal Gear REX to miss 
all his shot, and sometimes keep repeating his last moves (such as : keep firing 
his laser without aiming you). You can shoot the stinger at this time or you can 
go under his feet like the tactic above. The chaff grenade will make the cone of 
vision sensor from red to blue. 
This was sent by Mark Hartmann"  ++ 

   ***Animation*** - THE COOLEST ANIMATION IN THIS GAME ^_^ !!!
**Metal Gear REX is now broken. It seems to malfunction. When Snake approaches 
it, suddenly Metal Gear REX starts to move again towards Snake, try to stomp 
him. Snake retreats, then a figure running and jumping from Snake's behind 
towards Metal Gear REX. It's Ninja, or should I say Grey Fox !! Grey Fox helps 
Snake by holding Metal Gear's leg. Metal Gear REX tries to stomp Ninja, but Fox 
dodges, and jump backward. While on the air, Fox uses his right arm to shoot 
Metal Gear Rex's Disc. The disc malfunctions for a little while, giving time for 
Fox to hide behind the container with Snake. Snake and Fox had a conversation, 
while Metal Gear REX is trying to find them by shooting all the containers. Fox, 
thinks that hiding is useless now, tries to reach for the Stinger Missiles. He 
jumps, dodges every Metal Gear REX's attack. But when he jumps in front of Metal 
Gear REX, Metal Gear REX fire his laser beam. This laser beam cuts Fox left arm. 
Fox jumps backward, trying to shoot REX with his right arm, but before he does 
that, Metal Gear REX runs forward and slams Fox on the wall with its head. Now 
Fox is stuck between the wall and Metal Gear REX's head. Fox is still trying to 
shoot the disc. Metal Gear REX now retreats. Fox drops to the ledge in the 
second floor. The cockpit now opens. Liquid talks to Fox. Fox shouts to Snake, 
ordering Snake to shoot Liquid. Snake aims his stinger to Liquid, but he seems 
to hesitate. Liquid, in Metal Gear REX, then push Fox from the ledge to the 
floor, then stomps him on his body. Fox speaks to Solid. But then Metal Gear REX 
walk backwards, stomping over Fox whole body !! Fox is dead. Solid Snake feels 
so angry and start to attack REX.**

   *****BOSS NO 10 : METAL GEAR REX - 2nd Encounter*****
Use your stinger missiles again. Now aim for Liquid inside the cockpit. Use the 
same strategy as before, until he is toasted !!

++ Move behind Metal Gear REX all the time. Liquid will have troubles on finding 
you. After some time, Metal Gear REX will stand still. Shoot the cockpit from 
under his feet. Repeat this until Metal Gear REX is toasted !! 
This was sent by Will Bakali ([email protected] ++

**Metal Gear REX seems to be malfunction. When Liquid tries to stomp Snake, 
Metal Gear REX becomes unstable. Metal Gear Solid is now wrecked. There are 
explosions everywhere. The explosion hits Snake, and throws Snake to the wall. 
Snake is unconscious. Apparently, Liquid is still alive. Liquid approaches 
Solid. Then the screen fades. 
Then the animation shows Liquid talking to Snake on the top of Metal Gear REX 
(which is now wrecked). The place is now surrounded by fire.  Snake is being 
tied up by Liquid. After a long conversation, there's a real live video about 
scientists, and about the Desert Storm operation in Iraq (1991). After another 
long conversation, Liquid shows Snake that he had Meryl !! Snake's so surprised 
to know that Meryl is not dead. Meryl is lying unconscious and being tied up 
too. Snake calls the Colonel on 140.85. After the chat, something's happening. 
Snake asks Mei Lin, then someone (unknown) appears in vidcam and talks to Snake. 
After the conversation on the radio, Liquid releases Snake and asks him to fight 
one on one. To get the situation more exciting, Liquid put a time bomb beside 
Meryl and put the timer for 3 minutes.**

   *****BOSS NO 11 : LIQUID SNAKE *****
You don't have anything on the inventory or weapon, so you can only uses punches 
and kicks (O button). Approach him, then punch him. Don't go near the edge of 
Metal Gear, you can fall down ( Not exactly fall, because you will be hanging on 
the edge and manages to get up - but it will waste a lot of time ). The time 
limit is 3 minutes. If time is up, then Game Over. Beat him up. If his energy is 
low, he will use his dash attack on you. Go away from him, wait for his dash, 
then dodge at the right time. He will miss the attack and stand still for 
sometime, leaving himself vulnerable. Punch and kick him at this time. you will 
defeat him.
Tap the buttons to get up faster if you're knocked and hanging on the edge of 
Metal Gear REX. 
This was sent by "Johny Cage"  

**Liquid falls from Metal Gear Solid to the Ground. While falling he shouts : 

Then go to the ending animation.

There're two endings in this game. The ending depends on which choice you made 
on the torture room. If you choose to hang on, then go to ending 1, but if you 
choose to surrender, then go to ending 2. 

********ENDING ANIMATION I********
Note : This ending will occur if you choose not to surrender when you are 

**Snake walks toward Meryl, untie her, then wake her up. Meryl awakes, and she 
hugs Snake. She feels so glad to see Snake. Then they have a little chat. 
Suddenly Otacon calls from 141.12. Then Snake jumps down from Metal Gear REX. 
Meryl jumps to Snake's arm. Then there's an earthquake. Meryl runs to get an 
orange jacket (??) then runs to the door - Go to the Chase Scene**

********ENDING ANIMATION II********
Note : This ending will occur if you choose to surrender when you are tortured.

**Snake walks toward Meryl, untie her, and then try to wake her up. But Snake is 
too late. Meryl is dead. Snake cries aloud, calling Meryl's name. Suddenly 
Otacon comes from behind. He calms Snake and tells Snake not to grieve so much. 
Then he talks to Snake. Then there's an earthquake. Snake and Otacon jump down 
from Metal Gear REX head to the ground and run to the door. Before going out, 
Snake watches Meryl for the last time, then leaves. - Go to the Chase Scene**

********CHASE SCENE********
Note : the difference between the two endings on this scene is just Meryl and 
Otacon. The story is the same, just different person. Meryl for ending 1 and 
Otacon for ending 2.

Go to the right through the door. Pick a ration there. Then go left. You can 
pick a ration beside the stair. Get the ration, climb the stairs, and go to the 
door on the left.

Animation will show that Meryl (or Otacon) will be seen by the camera. The alarm 
rings and the 3 guards are coming your way. Fight the guards with your punches 
or kicks, while Meryl (or Otacon) tries to start the jeep. You can find the 2nd 
hidden ration box in the south west area. Pick it up before you enter the jeep 
(sent by Will Bakali - [email protected]

When the jeep starts, go to the Jeep. Snake will now uses the gun on the jeep. 
The gun has unlimited ammo. Meryl (or Otacon) will be the driver. Use your gun 
on the barrel outside the gate. The barrel will explode and the gate will be 
open. Meryl (or Otacon) will drive jeep through.
After some driving without any enemy, then Meryl (or Otacon) has to stop the car 
because there're barricades. Blow the barricades by shooting at the barrels in 
front of the barricade. Kill 2 guards there. Then Meryl (or Otacon) will drive 
through. After some driving, they will be stopped once again by the second 
barricades. Shoot all 3 guards there. Then go through. 
After a few moments of safe driving, then a jeep approaches from behind. IT'S 
LIQUID SNAKE !!! (Oh man.... How can I kill this man ???). Liquid is trying to 
follow you and bumps you with his car. Just shoot him. After a few shots, the 
camera will change. Shoot him again. After a few shots, the camera will change 
again, like the first one. After a few shots, Liquid is now trying to shoot you 
from the side. Aim your gun to him. If you aim correctly, Liquid will be shot 
everytime. Then Liquid will try to bump your car from the side. Shoot him. Then 
Meryl (or Otacon) will try to warn you that there's a cliff outside. Liquid 
accelerates his car, and suddenly stops in front of your car. The two cars crash 
each other, and fall to each side.

++ When firing from behind the jeep, use your look button (triangle). It is MUCH 
easier this way. This was sent by [email protected] ++

***The Last Ending Animation***
Snake and Meryl (or Otacon) is trying to get up, but they can't. Their feet are 
stuck on the car. From Liquid's car, Liquid manages to get up. He holds his 
rifle, and comes to Snake. Snake and Meryl (or Otacon) are trying to free 
themselves, but they can't. Liquid points his rifle on them. Then suddenly, 
Liquid falls to the ground. Then Liquid died in front of them. 
Snake and Meryl (or Otacon) manage to free themselves from the car. Then the 
Colonel calls at 140.85. Then Naomi speaks through the Codec, too. Now Snake and 
Meryl (or Otacon) walk to the streets, then they go down to the beach. There's a 
cave, containing a Snowmobile. Snake and Meryl (or Otacon) ride the Snowmobile. 
Meryl gives Snake a bandanna (or Otacon gives Snake the stealth item - to make 
yourself transparent). Then they go on the Snowmobile.

    *************************   END GAME  **************************

##########  7. RANK DETERMINATION  ###########
Information about ranks was sent by Mighty-Man .

After the credits appear on the screen when you finish the game, you will get 
your game statistic. The statistic consists of :
- Game time
- How many times you save
- How many times you continue
- How many times the enemies spotted you.
- How many times you used rations.
- How many enemies that you killed.
- What special items that you used.
- What special items that you get.
- Rank.
There's a lot of questions about what the ranks are, which ranks are better, and 
what statistic that determines the rank. 

I divide the ranks into three groups :
1. Normal group : you can get one of these ranks if you play normally. I think 
all the stats above affects which rank you get.
They are (Best on top) :
      - Leopard
      - Grizzly
      - Jackal
      - Tarantula
      - Gazelle
2. Ultimate group : you can get one of these ranks if you play exceptionally 
well. There are some rules to get them. 
They are (Best on Bottom) :
   - Falcon -> Clear time less than 2:30
   - Fox -> Found less than 4 times
            Killed less than 25 enemies      
            Rations less than 1 used
            Continue = 0
            Clear time less than 3:00
   - Big Boss -> use all Fox's rules + no radar.
3. Special Code Names group : you can get one of these ranks if you do these 
things. They are : 
   - Jaws -> kill more than 250 enemies
   - Pig -> ate more than 130 rations
   - Hippopotamus -> save more than 80 times
   - Turtle -> clear time more than 18:00
   - Chicken -> Pig + Hippo + Turtle

A few unknown ranks : Iguana, Puma, Elephant and Shark.
Ranks that I don't know if it's exists : Komoda Dragon Rank, Mongoose
Note : To get the FOX rank, you can use your special items (Bandanna, and 
stealth) - it still works. A person even e-mailed me, saying that even though we 
cannot use continues to achieve FOX rank, you can save as many as you can.

##########  8. SPECIAL PICTURES  ###########
Special picture is a picture that contains a 'ghost'. It's not really 'ghost', 
actually. It's the picture of the teams that create this game. To take the 
picture, you must photograph certain place or items, then save the picture on 
your memory card (it takes 2 memory block per picture).  See the picture in the 
Album Menu from the Special Menu. If you photograph right, you will see the 
'ghost' in your picture - and a new edit option in the picture called 
To take a picture, you have to get a camera. Camera is one of the special items, 
along with Bandanna and Stealth Unit. You can get the camera in the south 
western place where you fought Revolver Ocelot. You have to bomb the wall to 
access this place. The camera is in the LV 6 door. 
I suggest that you finish all 2 endings in this game to acquire Bandanna and 
Stealth Unit before taking any picture. These special items will help you when 
you take the picture, such as : getting close to the picture object without 
getting seen with your stealth unit. 
Karim Benmeziane ([email protected]) is the first who told me about this 
picture. At that time, I thought that picture is the only special picture. But 
then people started e-mailing me, telling me more of those special pictures. 
From the e-mail, I predicts that there are about 15 special pictures, but then I 
visited Segasages ( To my surprise, there are actually 43 
special pictures in the game !!
I tried to get all those picture, and I only managed to get 35 of them. Some 
pictures are difficult to get than the others. That's why I'm making this 
section. This section will explain to you how I got those picture. It takes me 
lots of trials and errors in getting those pictures. Please take note on the 
direction, and the place where you should stand (location)  

I try to arrange the pictures that I found in order. Here they are :

1. The Dock - picture of Muraoka. 
Description : a blurred face who opens his mouth and looks downward on the left 
side of the screen.
Object Photo : The river.
Location : South of the watertank like location on the south east area - you 
know, where there is a pipe from the water.
Direction : south
Note : You have to be on the south of the water-tank like structure in the south 
east. Face south, equip your camera, and take the picture WITHOUT zooming or 
adjusting the height. You should see the tunnel (from where you swim) in the 
right side of your picture, not in the middle. MEDIUM.

2. Helipod - picture of Ishiyama.
Description : A man putting his right hand on his left shoulder and his right 
hand on his left waist - wearing a jacket and looks pale on the center of the 
Object Photo : The top of the building (the sky slightly on the top of the 
building roof).
Location : Move a little to the east of your first location - so the container 
doesn't block your vision.
Direction : North.
Note : Zoom in, so you can still see the two big lights in your picture. Then 
adjust the height, so the crosshair is on the sky, slightly on the building 
roof. In the picture, you will still see the building on the below section 
(about 30%) of your picture. You can move your camera to the northwest roof, 
too. MEDIUM.

3. Helipod - picture of Fukushima.
Description : A standing man who opens his both hand.
Object Photo : The sea
Location : from the cliff
Direction : South
Note : you must stand between the elevator to the east wall. You mustn't take 
the picture from the west of the elevator (where the ration is). Go south until 
you reach the cliff and you cannot go any further. Equip the camera, and take 
the picture WITHOUT zooming or adjusting the height. In your picture, you should 
see the line between the sky and the sea is about 20% from the bottom of your 
picture. EASY.

4. Helipod - picture of Shigeno.
Description : A laughing man in the center of the picture.
Object Photo : the security camera beside the staircase.
Location : in front of the camera.
Direction : North, or Northwest
Note : You must stand close to the camera (in the camera's range). Use the map 
to position yourself in front of the camera. You have to line with the second 
container from the top on your left (the long container, not the square 
container on your right). Take your picture WITHOUT zooming or adjusting height. 
The crosshair is on the black wall. You should see the security camera is on the 
top of your picture, not in the middle. Or you can position yourself on the 
south of the ladder, but still on the north of the square container. Then face 
your camera to the black wall. The security camera is on the top of the picture. 

5. Helipod - picture of Tanaka. 
Description : A saint-like man (with circle on his head) - put his hand on his 
Object Photo : the sleeping guard standing in front of the lower duct.
Location : in front of the guard, or from the right of the guard. 
Direction : North or West.
Note : You can stand rather far from him. Zoom your camera to the guard, and 
take the picture. You cannot get the picture if you don't zoom in enough. You 
can take the picture from the west of the truck - from the guard's left side. 

6. Upper Air Duct - Picture of Yoshimura.
Description : A woman wearing a white clothes - smiling - with her hair on her 
Object Photo : the dead end of the duct.
Location : the duct's exit. 
Direction : don't know - west, maybe ?
Note : You have to enter the upper duct from the Helipod. Just as you want to 
climb down the stairs, take the picture on the duct's dead end. EASY.

7. Tank Hangar - picture of Ito.
Description : A person with short hair & wearing white clothes in the center of 
the picture.
Object Photo : the elevator.
Location : inside the elevator.
Direction : North.
Note : You have to be in LV1 (Tank Hangar)- don't take the elevator down. You 
have to take the picture from inside the elevator, not from outside. Take the 
picture on the north elevator's wall - WITHOUT zooming or adjusting the height. 
Or you can take the picture from inside the big gate (that Meryl opens for you). 
Push yourself to LV2 gate to the north (without equipping your keycard, off 
course) - Face south and take the picture. EASY.

8. Cell - picture of Kitao.
Description : A face of a man showing you this thumb (??) on the left side of 
the picture.
Object Photo : Fake Darpa's (Decoy Octopus's) dead body.
Location : inside the Darpa's cell.
Direction : North.
Note : go to the southwest corner. Then take the picture on the body. You don't 
have to take the whole body - it will often fail, actually. You can put the 
crosshair on the left side of the sink - you can still see Decoy Octopus' left 
foot. Or you can go to the southeast corner, and put the crosshair on the bed - 
still show his foot. Don't go a little bit outside on the edge of the open door. 

9. Cell - picture of Kobayashi.
Description : A man thinking - with his left hand holding his chin - wearing a 
rabbit hat (??)
Object Photo : The tied up-with-no-clothes guard.
Location : Outside the cell.
Direction : East, or North
Note : Don't zoom in on him. Instead of making him as the center of your 
picture, put the crosshair on the east wall. You can see a little part of his 
body. Or you may take the picture from his south. Aim your crosshair in the 
Meryl's cell. Put the guard on the lower part of your picture. MEDIUM.

10. Armory. Sth - picture of Onoda.
Description : A man with glasses, making signs of victory with his 2 hands in 
the center of the picture.
Object Photo : the pillars where Ocelot tied Baker up.
Location : south of the pillars.
Direction : North.
Note : You have to face north to get this picture. Just push yourself against 
the south wall (where Snake will face north) - equip the camera, then shoot. You 
can do this when you're fighting Ocelot, or you can do it after the fight. EASY.

11. Armory. Sth - picture of Nishimura.
Description : A man with glasses - wearing a white apron (??) - looking 
downward. Looks like Otacon.
Object Photo : Baker's Corpse.
Location : East or South of Baker's Body
Direction : West or North.
Note : You have to be real close to Baker. Walk from his south or from his east 
until you touch his corpse. Then equip your camera. Without zooming, lower the 
picture to max (until you cannot lower the picture again). Then take the 
picture. DIFFICULT.

12. Canyon - picture of Kozyou.
Description : A blurred picture of man - bald and have moustache (??)
Object Photo : The place behind the water structure in the northeast area of the 
canyon. (South east of the Nuke Building's gate).
Location : from the Northeast corner of the water tank structure (next to the 
east wall).
Direction : West.
Note : Push yourself to the wall on the Northeast corner of the watertank 
structure - equip you camera, then take the picture WITHOUT zooming or adjusting 
the height. EASY.

13. Nuke Building 1 - picture of Yamashita.
Description : A man wearing a white T-shirt and has a funny looking hat on his 
Object Photo : The tip of the nuclear warhead.
Location : from the container under the left tip, or other place.
Direction : All.
Note : You can see take the picture from all direction ( from North, South, East 
or West - it's up to you). You should have the nuclear's tip in your picture. 
For example : go to the west nuclear tip (near the stairs on the west), then go 
south - push yourself to the south container. Equip the camera, then take the 
picture without zooming or adjusting the height. EASY.

14. Nuke Building B1 - picture of Korekado.
Description : A man from behind - wearing a black T-shirt with a picture of a 
cheerleader (??) - kinda like taking a piss.
Object Photo : the northern-most toilet, where the guard used it. Men restroom.
Location : from the west wall of the northernmost toilet. 
Direction : West.
Note : You can do this when the guard is pissing, or not - it doesnt matter. 
Just push yourself to the west wall, equip the camera, then take the picture 
without zooming or adjusting the height. If you position the picture right, you 
will see Korekado is peeing on that toilet, too ^_^. EASY.

15. Nuke Building B2 - picture of Shikama.
Description : A standing man wearing a white T-shirt. He's holding something 
(maybe Nikita Launcher ??) in his left hand - in the center of the picture.
Object Photo : the electric floor.
Location : From the north of the electric floor, or from the junction in the 
Direction : North, or South.
Note : The easiest way to do this is equipping the camera right after DeepThroat 
contacts you. and just take the picture. You can do this when the floor is 
electrified or not. You can lower your camera - it doesn't matter - but don't 
move the camera to the right or to the left. You can go to the south juntion and 
face north to take the picture. EASY

16. Nuke Building B2 - picture of Matsuhana.
Description : A blurred picture of a man wearing a tie. 
Object Photo : A twitching guard on the hallway of corpses outside Otacon's lab 
- The yellow guard lying on the south east of the door in front of Otacon's Lab.
Location : from anywhere.
Direction : All.
Note : You can take the picture from anywhere. Lower the picture and zoom in to 
see the guard on the floor. EASY.

17. Lab - picture of Kojima.
Description : A man wearing a T-shirt and glasses, with a nametag on the left 
trouser's pocket.
Object Photo : The Policenauts' robots poster - not the picture of men with the 
title Policenauts.
Location : beside the desk - South of the picture.
Direction : north.
Note : Adjust the height and zoom in so the picture shows all of the poster. 

18. Lab - picture of Takade.
Description : A man ducking from behind (kinda like hiding from something)
Object Photo : The window to the north of the door. 
Location : from the south of the supercomputer row on the west wall.
Direction : East.
Note : Go to the south of the supercomputer on the west wall. Push yourself to 
the north to the supercomputer, then face east. Take the picture without 
zooming. You can adjust the height, but don't adjust the direction. MEDIUM.

19. Nuke Building B1 - picture of Kaneda.
Description : A man wearing a white T-shirt and a watch on his left hand - 
wearing a cat mask(?)
Object Photo : the mirror on the women's restroom.
Location : from the row of chairs in front of the mirror.
Direction : East.
Note : You have to face east to get the picture. You cannot get the picture from 
the diagonal. When you take the picture, Snake's should be on the mirror. EASY.

20. Commander's Room - picture of Sasaki.
Description : A scary face with a fiery white hair and glasses. 
Object Photo : the pictures on the north wall.
Location : from the south of the desk.
Direction : North.
Note : You can zoom in and adjusting the camera's height to take the picture 
frame (just like taking the Policenaught's poster picture). Don't zoom out too 
much. EASY.

21. Cave - picture of Shimizu.
Description : A man's face from his side. 
Object Photo : the first crawling point.
Location : from the snowy area on the north of the crawling point.
Direction : South.
Note : You have to crawl through that place, then take the picture from the 
north area (where there are wolves). There's a wall on the south west of the 
puddle - push yourself to the wall. Then take the picture without zooming and 
adjusting the height. MEDIUM.

22. Cave - picture of Mukaide.
Description : A man with glasses and an apron (??) - wearing boxing gloves (??)
Object Photo : the reflection on the puddle (water).
Location : close to the puddle to the west or east.
Direction : West or East.
Note : Don't take the picture from the south - you will fail. Go really close to 
the puddle from West or East. Take the picture of the reflection of the snow on 
the wall on the water. Aim for the white object on the water. Lower the picture 
to the max (until you cannot lower the camera). MEDIUM.

23. Underground Passage - picture of Nakamura
Description : A rather bald man wearing white shirt and glasses from above in 
the center of the screen. His head looks real big.
Object Photo : Meryl's blood pool (where she is sniped)
Location : North, East, West - close to Meryl's blood.
Direction : South, East, or West.
Note : You can take the picture from North, East, or West, but you cannot do 
this from South. That's why you can't take this picture when Meryl's around. For 
example - push yourself to the west wall to the west of the blood. Equip your 
camera, adjust the height so you can see all the blood, and zoom in if you need 
to. EASY.

24. Underground Passage - picture of Shinkawa.
Description : A man with a turtle neck T-shirt - photograph from his side.
Object Photo : Behind the pillar where Sniper Wolf used to hide (2nd floor) - 
there is Sniper Wolf's blood.
Location : South east corner of the second floor. 
Direction : West.
Note : Face west, then just take the picture without zooming. You can move the 
camera a little bit to the right (to the wall behind the pillar). MEDIUM.

25. Medi Room - picture of Okajima
Description : A laughing face. 
Object Photo : the Real DARPA's Chief corpse in the cell.
Location : to the left of DARPA's chief, or south west of DARPA's Chief.
Direction : to the DARPA Chief's body. 
Note : You can get it by moving to Donald's side from the west. Equip the 
camera, lower the camera to the max (until you cannot lower it again). Then take 
the picture to the east.
There's another way to get this picture. It's from another room. Go to the 
torture room. Notice a camera there ? Move under the camera. Then face south, 
equip the camera, and take the picture without zooming or adjusting height. 

26. Medi Room - picture of Sonoyama
Description : A man raising both of his hand and shouting (maybe he wants to 
simulate Snake being tortured) in the center of the picture.
Object Photo : The torture bed.
Location : from behind the torture bed.
Direction : South.
Note : This is really tricky. You have to take the picture from behind the 
torture bed (from north of the bed). Push yourself to the panel on the table - 
face South, and take the picture without zooming or adjusting the height. 

27. Communication Tower A - picture of Sato
Description : A woman wearing a white shirt with a few upper buttons opened and 
a jacket in the center of the screen.
Object Photo : the Communication Tower A's roof (which was destroyed by Hind D's 
missiles) - near the sattelite dish.
Location : from the south fence.
Direction : north or northwest.
Note : You can take the picture before or after the sattelite dish is destroyed 
by Hind D. Go to the middle south section of the fence, face north, then take 
the picture WITHOUT zooming or adjusting the height. MEDIUM

28. Walkway - picture of Scott Dolph 
Description : A man with beard wearing stripped T-shirt showing certain handsign 
with his left hand.
Object Photo : Way down in the dark from the walkway between Com Tower A and B.
Location : from the fence of Com Tower A or from the bridge.
Direction : North or West.
Note : The target is the black area way down on the west of the bridge, not the 
east. So you can go to the fence on Communication Tower A to the north west 
(before crossing the bridge). Push yourself to the north fence, then face North. 
Equip your camera, and without zooming, lower the picture to the max (until you 
cannot lower your camera anymore). You should see the black pictures with white 
stripes from the bridge fence. Take your picture. Or you can take the picture 
from the middle of the bridge (you'd better kill the guards first). Then push 
yourself to the west fence - face west - then equip your camera. Without 
zooming, lower your camera to the max, then take the picture. MEDIUM

29. Blast Furnace - picture of Tougo
Description : A hand on the center screen with a man's face on the palm (talking 
about weird!!)
Object Photo : Dead end of the steam room near the crawling point.
Location : the junction just before the crawling point.
Direction : North
Note : Enter the steam room (where you warm your PAL key). Then near the 
crawling point, there's a junction that leads to dead end (where steam is coming 
out). Stop at the juction, then push yourself to the juction wall to the south 
so syou will face north now. Then equip your camera, then take the picture 
without zooming or adjusting height. You can take the picture if you stand in 
the southwest corner (south of the crawling point) and face north. EASY.

30. Cargo Elevator - picture of Uehara
Description : A bald man's face with glasses on the right side of the screen.
Object Photo : Edge of Elevator (where the ravens are) 
Location : North side of the Cargo Elevator (that leads to Raven's warehouse)
Direction : South
Note : You can only do this after the elevator stops moving (you are in the cold 
area). You cannot take the picture while the elevator is still moving. After you 
exit the elevator, go on the north side of the elevator, face south, then take 
the picture, qithout zooming or adjusting height. You can even do this if you 
take the picture diagonally. EASY.

31. Warehouse - picture of Toyota
Description : A stripped arm (??) - not clear - the only picture that doesn't 
show a person.
Object Photo : Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse. 
Location : Near the middle container 
Direction : All.
Note : There are 3x3 container in that room. The container that you must take 
the picture is the container in the middle. You can take the picture from any 
direction, but you have to be close. For example, push yourself to the north of 
the north container. You will face south. Then take the picture without zooming 
or adjusting height. You will see that the picture contains only the container 
without any other object. Shoot the picture, then BINGO !! You can even shoot 
the picture from diagonal - EASY.

32. Warehouse - picture of Negishi.
Description : A three-face glassed man on the top center of the picture. 
Object Photo : Sewage waterfall 
Location : from the bridge to the door.
Direction : west
Note : You have to take the picture from the bridge (the lower one, not the 
stairs that leads to stinger missiles). Face west, then equip your camera. 
Adjust the height so you can see the waterfall. Take the picture. EASY

33. Underground Base 3 - picture of Kimura
Description : A man with white shirt pressing his both cheek with his hands on 
the left of the screen.
Object Photo : Tip of Metal Gear REX's railgun.
Location : from the bridge or the ledge outside the Commander Room.
Direction : East, South, West.
Note : You can take the picture from anywhere in front of the commanders room as 
long as the tip is in the picture. You can even shoot the picture from below the 
railgun tip - by adjusting the camera to the top. And you can take the picture 
from the bridge that leads to Metal Gear REX's cockpit. EASY.

34. Commander Room  - picture of Kutome
Description : A short haired man with white shirt and glasses - crossing his 
hand in front of him.
Object Photo : World Map in the Observation Room
Location : South of the PAL computer's desk.
Direction : West, East, South.
Note : You can take the picture from anywhere, including if you stay in the 
south east corner then face west (to the door), as long as the world map is 
exist in the picture. You can adjust your camera's height, or shoot the picture 
from diagonal. EASY

35. Supply Rte - picture of Mizutani
Description : A smiling face on the center top of the picture.
Object Photo : Metal Gear REX (in the middle of the fight) or maybe the door on 
the south.
Location : North section
Direction : South
Note : I don't know what exactly makes the 'ghost' appears, but this is what I 
did : I managed to drag Metal Gear REX to the south area, then I used my chaff 
grenade and go to the north area (where he first emerge from the floor). Then I 
faced south - took the picture from the place where he emerged. Metal Gear REX 
was facing north at that time. The picture was taken far enough from Metal Gear, 
so I managed to get all of his body into the picture (without zooming or 
adjusting height). DIFFICULT

I didn't manage to get these pictures. 

1. ? - picture of Kinbara - dark area of stairs.
2. Communication Tower B - picture of Hirano - Elevator - deep in the shaft of 
the top level.
3. Communication Tower B - picture of Fujimura - Elevator
4. Communication Tower B - picture of Mori - Lowest Point of Elevator.
5. SnowField - picture of Jerem Blaustein - Sniper Wolf's corpse.
6. Blast Furnace - picture of Yoshioka - Bridge on the 3th floor 
7. Armory - picture of Makimura - Hidden armory store room (behind the weakened 
8. Canyon - picture of Kobayashi - Rock in Canyon

Thanks to Segasages ( and Michael Nescio 
([email protected]) - the one who submits the trick on - 
for the location of these pictures.

##########  9. TIPS ###########
- When facing the boss, always equip ration. If your life bar is depleted, the 
ration will be used automatically.
- Be careful when using your thermal goggle while detecting the mines. Thermal 
goggle only detects where the mines are, but the mines itself has larger range 
dangerous area. If you are trying to get the claymore mines, be sure to crawl 
from a distance. If you can use the mine detector, use the mine detector instead 
of thermal goggle.
- Don't stay too long in the cold area (snow or Vulcan Raven's area). Your 
ration will get frozen, and you can't use it. 

++ You don't have to go to hotter place to unfreeze the ration. You can just 
equip the rations, and stay for a while. The rations will be unfreezen. You can 
do this even when you're on the cold place.
This was sent by Ariel Sergio Wollinger Martins  ++

- You can blow cameras by using C4 bombs or stinger missiles.
- Finish the game with Otacon first - then Meryl, because Stealth is more useful 
than Bandanna. You will finish the game more quickly.
- Stealth is very useful. It even can pass thru infrared traps. If you uses 
stealth and touch the enemy, the enemy will not find you - he will just 
- When you are shooting the enemy using Socom or FAMAS, sometimes Snake will 
stop for a while to reload. This is often annoying, because sometimes the enemy 
detects you during your reloading. To fix this, press the R1 button twice to 
unequip and equip your gun. The gun will be reloaded. Use this before shooting 
any enemy. This method is VERY useful in Gun Shooting mode and Survival mode in 
VR training.
- If you are using a Dual Shock Controller, then you are lucky. You can feel the 
shock everywhere, such as : when the alarm goes off, when you choke the enemy to 
death, etc. You can even feel the shock in the middle of the animation.  I 
myself have the older analog controller, so I can only feel the weak vibration. 

++ You can make Mei Ling angry with you by contacting her a few times without 
saving. First, she will not say a word. After 4 times, she will looks you 
cynically. After about 8 - 10 times, she will stick her tongue out at you ^_^ 
This was sent by Jim Tamangan   ++

++  If you want to shoot at a guard (this works very nicely on wolves) that's 
too far for Solid to auto target - use a gadget with a cross in the middle (like 
the thermal thing or the night visin goggles), then aim the cross at the one you 
wanna shoot and then start shooting if he (or it) hasn't moved and isn't 
tooooooo far away for your gun to reach you can kill him.
This was sent by "Johny Cage"  ++

##########  10. STUFF ###########
- Complete the VR training ( 10 levels ). You can get Time attack option on VR 
training. Complete the Time Attack to get Gun Shooting Option, and complete the 
Gun Shooting Option to go to Survival Mode. If you survived it, you will get 
Technical Demonstration Mode, where Konami's team shows you how to get the best 
This was first sent by Karim Benmeziane ([email protected]).
- Finish the game. If Meryl's alive, you will get a bandanna, but if Meryl's 
dead, Otacon will give you Stealth item.
- Finish the game, and you will get no radar option on the Special Menu (import 
version) or you will get Extreme difficulty level (US version).
- If you use your camera, you can access the picture by choosing the Special 
menu on the Title Screen and choose the Album Option. You can change the colour, 
give a title to that picture. It uses 2 memory block for each picture you took. 
There's another feature you can use for special picture - exorcise. With 
Exorcise command, you can change the special picture to normal picture.
You can see how to get the special picture in NEW NEW NEW 4. 
This was sent by Karim Benmeziane ([email protected]).
- When you finish the game, you will be asked to save the completed game. After 
you save, the colour of the letter changes. I have finished the game twice. 
First I got Jaws ranks (got a stealth) - the colour of the letter turns to 
yellow. Then I finish the game the 2nd time, got Leopard rank (got a bandanna). 
The colour of the letter changes to red. The colour of the letter changes 
according to how many ends you get when you completed the game. 
- If you start your game from the red colour save game, you will see a 
difference : The ninja will have new body colour (which is red). 
This was first sent by [email protected]
- And if you finish the game from the red save game, you will hear different 
ending song, which is kinda techno. 
This was sent by Rizal Z. ([email protected]).
- You can change the title screen's colour by pressing direction buttons. This 
was first sent by Rizal Z. ([email protected]).

##########  11. GAME SHARK CODES ###########
Note : I myself don't have a game shark, so I cannot try them at all. But I 
think the Game Shark codes is for the US version. This information was sent by 
Collado, Al .  

| NAME	                CODE	   |         NAME	                  CODE	  
| INFINITE AIR	      800AE1AC 03E7  |	INFINITE HEALTH *	      800B7526 03E7 
| SOCOM PISTOL & AMMO	800B7532 0019  |	FA MAS RIFLE & AMMO	800B7534 0065 
| GRENADE	            800B7536 000C  |	NIKITA & AMMO	      800B7538 0004 
| STINGER & AMMO	      800B753A 0004  |	CLAYMORE	            800B753E 0006 
| C-4	                  800B753E 0006  |	STUN GRENADE	      800B7540 0006 
| CHAFF GRENADE	      800B7542 0006  |	PSG1 RIFLE & AMMO	      800B7544 0006 
| NEVER RELOAD	      800AE164 000D  |	SCOPE	                  800B755C 0001 
| CARDBOARD BOX A	      800B755E 0001  |	CARDBOARD BOX B	      800B7760 0001 
| CARDBOARD BOX C	      800B7562 0001  |	NIGHT VISION GOGGLES	800B7564 0001 
| THERMAL GOGGLES	      800B7566 0001  |	GASMASK	            800B7568 0001 
| BODY ARMOR	      800B756A 0001  |	CAMERA	            800B7572 0001 
| RATIONS	            800B7574 0002  |	MEDICINE	            800B7576 0004 
| DIAZEPAM	            800B7578 0004  |	PAL KEYCARD	            800B757A 0001 
| MINE DETECTOR	      800B7580 0001  |	MO DISC	            800B7582 0001 
| ROPE	            800B7584 0001  |	HANDKERCHIEF	      800B7586 0001 
| KETCHUP	            800B756C 0001  |	STEALTH SUIT	      800B756E 0001 
| BANDANNA	            800B7570 0001  |	LEVEL 10 KEY	      800B757C 000A 
| NEVER HAVE TIME BOMB	800B757E 0000  |	EXTRA AMMO SOCOM	      80067CD0 0001 
| EXTRA AMMO FA MAS	800682EC 0001  |	EXTRA AMMO STINGER	8006951C 0001 
| EXTRA AMMO CLAYMORE	800698D0 0001  |	EXTRA AMMO C4	      80069C1C 0001 
| EXTRA AMMO PSG1	      8006A370 0001  |	EXTRA AMMO NIKITA	      80068FD8 0001 

Note : to use the LV 10 key code, you can check my friend's FAQ - Nathan Prima 
Suwanto ([email protected]) on And you can read My 
Playing Experience Chapter - maybe it's useful to you. If you had tried it, 
please e-mail me so I could know whether it works or not. 

##########  12. MY PLAYING EXPERIENCE ###########
Hope my experience can help you - especially for GameShark owner.

I had a Mega memory-card, which is a memory card with 120 blocks. Mine does not 
work correctly. That memory card often erases my save games, or sometimes does 
not work well. I happened to save my MGS finished game in this memory card. But 
something happened when I load the game : I GOT ALL THE ITEMS AND ALL THE 
Then I had a thought on how to use the card's glitch. I played the game until I 
reached the Heliport, then use the Cardboard Box C on the truck, and I was 
brought to the SnowField Area, skipping almost all the bosses (including the 2nd 
encounter with Sniper Wolf) !! But the disadvantage was : My energy bar is still 
short, so I was killed when I was attacked by the 3 guards on the elevator, or 
by Vulcan Raven. This sucks.
Then I tried to defeat bosses to get longer health bar. But when I fought 
Ocelot, My LV7 Cardkey changed into LV2 (because in the story Baker gave me the 
LV2 key). Off course I cannot skip the bosses no more.
Then I thought about bosses that does not grant you cardkey. My choice came to 
Psycho Mantis. Then I started the game again - when I reached Heliport, I used 
the Carboard Box B in the truck that brought me to Nuke Building 1 (skipped 
DARPA's Chief animation, Ocelot's Fight, and Tank's Fight). Then I took the 
Elevator to reach Nuke Building B1. I went to the Commander's Room. When I 
opened the LV5 door, suddenly Meryl joined me. It means that I skipped the 
Women's Toilet animation without getting Meryl's LV5 keycard. Then I defeated 
Psycho Mantis (by the help of 2nd controller and thermal goggle). Then I went 
with the story until I reached the animation where Meryl got shot. Cause I got 
PSG1 rifle, I fought Sniper Wolf without getting back to the first building 
(Have you ever fought her when Meryl is still around ^_^). Instead of using 
Sniper rifle, it was easier to use Stinger Missiles on her (of course you 
haven't found the Stinger if you played normally). 
After winning against Sniper Wolf, Meryl is suddenly dissapeared - I messed up 
the story, didn't I ?? Then I went back to Nuke Building 1 to hitchhike on the 
truck by using Cardboard Box. In this place, I was unable to use my Cardboard 
Box C, so I had to use the Cardboard Box A to the Heliport, then used the 
Cardboard Box C to go to SnowField. By this, I skipped the torture animation, 
Hind D fight, and Sniper Wolf's 2nd encounter fight. Because I had defeated the 
Sniper Wolf 1st fight, I got longer life bar now. I proceeded to the 2nd CD, and 
followed the story as it was supposed to be. Don't worry about the life bar - 
when you won against Vulcan Raven, your life bar will be max. You'll finish the 
game very fast - about 1:25 hours or maybe less.

you are ABLE TO INPUT AT LEAST 4 CODES SIMULTANEOUSLY, then you can possibly use 
the trick that I explained above. You should use PALkey code, CardBoard Box B, 
CardBoard Box C, and LV 10 keycard code, then follow the way that I did. Of 
course you should get the weapons, and items first (like Thermal Goggle). 

##########  13. VR TRAINING  ###########
VR training is a feature that Konami made for Metal Gear Solid's starter to 
learn how to control Solid Snake. There are 10 missions available for the 
training mode. If you finish them all, you will get Time Attack Mode. If you 
finish it, you can get Gun Shooting Mode. Finish it again to get Survival mode. 
Training mode is really for the starters. Player can use as much time as he 
wants to complete each level of this mode. Training mode introduces starters on 
how to move on certain terrain and how to hide. The goal of this training mode 
is just to reach certain place, which is shown with the triangle symbol.
Time Attack Mode is almost the same as the training mode, just a little harder. 
The main difference is : you've got limited time to complete each level. 
Gun Shooting Mode is harder than Time Attack Mode. This time you are equipped 
with Socom-with-surpresser gun. More enemies are present on this level. This 
mode is different than the Time Attack Mode. This time you have to kill all your 
enemies. After all enemies are killed, the triangle symbol is then appears. 
Touch it to finish each level. BTW, you only have 5 bullets per enemy, and you 
need 3 bullets to kill an enemy - so use your bullets well. The remaining 
bullets will be used to decrease your time.
Survival Mode is the combination of all levels of Gun Shooting Mode. You have to 
finish all 10 levels of Gun Shooting Mode in 7 minutes. And one enemy of each 
level carries a box of bullets. The number of bullets is carried to the next 
level. If you fail in one of the levels, you still be able to repeat it but the 
time will goes on. If you press Start and choose to restart level, you have to 
restart from the 1st level. 
You should notice that the terrain of every level is similar on every modes. It 
means that the terrain of LV1 of Training Mode is the same as LV1 of Time Attack 
Mode, LV1 of Gun Shooting Mode and LV1 of Survival Mode. That's why the 
explanation will be based on each level, not based on each mode. 
In this section, you will find the description of each level, each guards, and 
everything else included in the VR Training. I try to draw the map on each 
level. There are numbers on the left and bottom side of the map. They represent 
the Cartesian Coordinates. With this system, I can describe the guards' 
location, the guards' moving, etc. Hope it helps.
You can see that the terrain on the VR training level is made of blocks, so it 
is easy to draw the map. I draw each 1X1 block as 2X1 block in my map, because 
it looks more proportional. 

Here's the legend of the maps :
   S = Snake's starting point
   F = Finish Point
   @ = Walls with 1 block high
   # = Walls with 2 blocks high
   Q = Walls with 3 blocks high
   <<,>>,or ^^ = Stairs
   [[ = tunnel
   % = 'squeaky' floor
   . = path
   , = snow path.

Description : this is the first training level. I think this level is the 
introduction of what Snake will face on his mission. 

       LV 1 Map

   9  ####......F.      Time Attack Mode time limits = 20 s
   8  ####........      Gun Shooting Mode spec :
   7  ####....####         Time limits = 15 s
   6  ####......##         Bullets = 5
   5  ####....####         Number of enemies = 1
   4  ##......####
   3  ####....####
   2  ........####
   1  .S......####

   0  -1-2-3-4-5-6

a. Training Mode & Time Attack Mode :
   - There's just one guard. Walks back and forth from (3,8) to (3,5)
   - Tactic : run towards the guard and flip the guard. Then reach the finish 
point. My time = 4:13
b. Gun Shooting Mode & Survival Mode :
   - there's just one guard. Just standing on (3,8). 
   - tactic : run towards him and shoot him simultaneously by pressing Square + 
X. Then reach the finish point. 
   - in Survival Mode, the guard carries 3 bullets.

Description : This is the 2nd level. This time Snake has to learn how to hide 
behind walls.

          LV2 Map

12  ........................
11  ......................F.
10  ....######....######....   Time Attack Mode time limits = 25 s
 9  ....######....######....   Gun Shooting Mode spec :
 8  ....######....######....      - time limits = 40 s
 7  ........................      - bullets = 20 
 6  ........................      - number of enemies = 4
 5  ....######....######....
 4  ....######....######....
 3  ....######....######....
 2  .S......................
 1  ........................
 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2
a. Training Mode 
   - There are 2 guards : 
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (6,11) to (6,8)
     Guard B : stands on (11,2)
b. Time Attack Mode : 
   - There are 2 guards : 
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (2,10)-(2,11)-(11,11)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (6,2)-(6,11)-(11,11)
   - Tactic : Run north to (2,10), then go east. Flip guard A, then go to the 
Finish Point. My time = 6:58.
c. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode :
   - There are 4 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (6,5) - (6,2) - (3,2)  
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (5,7) - (2,7) - (2,11)  
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (6,8) - (6,11) - (11,11)  
     Guard D : walks back and forth from (8,7) - (11,7) - (11,2)  
   - In survival mode, guard A carries 12 bullets.
Description : The third training introduces how to crawl in the tunnel. In the 
mission, the tunnel represents the place under the truck, under the tank, and 
under the bed.

         LV3 Map

11  ................####....
10  ................####..F.
 9  ....##[[[[##....####....        
 8  ....##[[[[##....####....    Time Attack Mode time limits = 30 s
 7  ....[[[[[[##....[[[[....    Gun Shooting Mode spec :
 6  ....[[[[[[##....[[[[....       Time limits : 40 s
 5  ....##[[[[##....####....       Bullets = 15
 4  ....##[[[[##....####....       Number of enemies = 3
 3  ....##[[[[##....####....
 2  ..........##............
 1  .......S..##............

 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2

a. Training mode and Time Attack Mode
   - There are 2 guards : 
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (2,8) to (2,5)
     Guard B : stands on (9,2)
   - The tactic : just run to guard A and flip him. Then go east, south, and 
flip guard B. Then reach for finish point. My time = 13:42.
b. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode
   - There are 3 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (2,3)
     Guard B : stands on (3,10)
     Guard C : stands on (11,5)
   - In survival mode, guard A carries 9 bullets.

Description : This level introduces Snake on how to use walls and corner to hide 

                LV4 MAP

14  ................................
13  ................................
12  ....##########....##########....
11  ....##########....##########....   Time Attack Mode 
10  ....##########....##########....      time limits = 40 s
 9  ....####................####....   Gun Shooting Mode spec : 
 8  ....####................####....      Time limits = 45 s
 7  ....####....########....####....      Bullets = 25
 6  ....####....########....####....      number of enemies = 5
 5  ..........S.########.F..........
 4  ............########............
 3  ....##########....##########....
 2  ................................
 1  ................................

 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3-4-5-6

a. Training Mode
   - There are 2 guards :
     Guard A : stand on (12,9)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (5,2) - (11,2) 
b. Time Attack Mode
   - There are 3 guards :
     Guard A : walks from (11,5)-(11,8)-(6,8)-(6,5)-(3,5)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (15,4) - (15,2) - (3,2)  
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (15,6) - (15,13) - (2,13)  
   - Tactic : Wait for guard A to reach (7,9), then run to him and flip him. 
Reach the finish point. My time = 8:00.
b. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode
   - There are 5 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (3,13)-(2,13)-(2,4)-(6,4) 
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (4,13)-(8,13)-(8,9)-(5,9) 
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (13,4)-(11,4)-(11,8)-(8,8)  
     Guard D : walks back and forth from (15,4) - (15,13) - (8,13)  
     Guard E : walks back and forth from (15,2) - (2,2) 
   - In survival mode, guard A carries 15 bullets.

Description : This level introduces Snake on 'special' kind of floor. The floor 
that makes sound if Snake walks on them. In the mission, the floor represents 
the floor with water on it or 'squeaky' floor.

                   LV5 MAP

 19                ........
 18                ....F...
 17          ....................
 16          ..%%%%%%....%%%%%%..
 15      ......%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%......
 14      ..%%%%####%%%%%%%%####%%%%..       Time Attack Mode :
 13      ..%%%%####%%%%%%%%####%%%%..          Time limits = 30 s
 12  ......%%%%####%%....%%####%%%%......   Gun Shooting Mode :
 11  ..%%%%%%%%%%%%%%....%%%%%%%%%%%%%%..      Time limits = 40 s
 10  ..%%%%....%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%....%%%%..      Bullets = 20
  9  ..%%%%....%%....%%%%....%%....%%%%..      Enemies = 4
  8  ........%%%%....%%%%....%%%%........
  7      ....%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%....
  6      ........%%%%####%%%%........
  5      ........%%%%####%%%%........
  4          ........%%%%........
  3          ........%%%%........
  2                ...S....
  1                ........
  0 -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

a. Training Mode 
   - There are 4 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (5,15)
     Guard B : stands on (14,15)
     Guard C : sleeping on (7,9)
     Guard D : sleeping on (12,9)
b. Time Attack Mode
   - There are 3 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (4,15) - (4,8)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (15,15) - (15,8)
     Guard C : stands on (10,7)
   - Tactic : step on squeaky floor on (10,4). Guard C will check on the sound 
you make by going to east. Go to (8,4), then go north to reach finish point. My 
time = 7:00.
c. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode
   - There are 4 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (8,13) - (8,5)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (12,13) - (12,5)
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (14,15) - (14,5)
     Guard D : walks back and forth from (5,15) - (5,5)
   - In survival mode, guard B carries  bullets.

Description : This level teaches Snake how to deal with the cameras.

         LV 6 Map
16  ..................
14  .F................
13  ......######......               - Time Attack Mode :
12  ......######......                    Time limits = 45 s
11  ......##....................     - Gun Shooting Mode spec :
10  ......##....................          Time limits = 40 s
 9  ......##....####............          Bullets = 15
 8  ............####............          Enemies = 3
 7  ............####....##......
 6  ....................##......
 5  ....................##......
 4            ......######......
 3            ......######......
 2            ................S.
 1            ..................

 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3-4

a. Training Mode 
   - There are 2 cameras : on (7,9) and (7,7)
b. Time Attack Mode
   - There are 6 cameras ; on (11,7), (8,3), (7,7), (7,9), (6,13) and (3,9).
   - Tactic : One thing that you have to know : the camera will not see you if 
you stand below it - so just walk near the wall all the time. Go west and north 
beside the wall (12,5) to (12,8), then go west to (9,8). Go north (9,10),go west 
(7,10), then go north (7,14). then go west to reach finish point. My time = 6:70  
c. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode
   - There are 3 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (10,8)-(10,5)-(8,5)-(8,4)
     Guard B : walks from (6,14)-(7,14)-(7,10)-(13,10)-(13,6)
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (3,10)-(3,7)-(6,7)-(6,9)
   - There are 4 cameras ; on (11,7), (3,8), (7,7), and (7,9) 
   - In survival mode, guard A carries 6 bullets.

*** LEVEL 7 - LOW WALLS ***
Description : This level trains Snake on how to hide behind low walls. In the 
mission, low walls represents the barrels.

           LV 7 Map

14  ........................
13  ...........F............
12  [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@....
11  [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@....    - Time Attack Mode :
10  [email protected]@@@..........         Time limits = 30 s
 9  [email protected]@@@..........    - Gun Shooting Mode spec :
 8  [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@....         Time limits = 30 s
 7  [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@....         Bullets = 30
 6  [email protected]@@@..........         Enemies = 6
 5  [email protected]@@@..........
 4  [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@....
 3  [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@....
 2  ...........S............
 1  ........................

 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2

a. Training Mode 
   - There are 2 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (11,4) - (11,8) - (11,12)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (2,4) - (2,8) - (2,12)
b. Time Attack Mode
   - There are 6 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (11,3)
     Guard B : stands on (2,3)
     Guard C : stands on (11,8)
     Guard D : stands on (2,8)
     Guard E : stands on (11,12)
     Guard F : stands on (2,12)
   - Tactic : stay in the middle path. The guards vision will not reach you 
there. So wait until the guard look south, then go to north. Wait again, and go 
north to reach the finish point. My time = 8:71.
c. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode 
   - There are 6 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (11,3)-(11,1)-(7,1)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (2,3)-(2,1)-(6,1)
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (8,5)-(11,5)-(11,9)-(8,9)
     Guard D : walks back and forth from (5,9)-(2,9)-(2,5)-(5,5)
     Guard E : walks back and forth from (8,9)-(11,9)-(11,13)-(8,13)
     Guard f : walks back and forth from (5,13)-(2,13)-(2,9)-(5,9)

*** LEVEL 8 - SNOW AREA ***
Description : In this level, Snake has to move across snow area. Snake will 
leave tracks if he walks on them. If the enemy sees the track, he will try to 
follow the track. 

               LV 8 Map

10  ################################,,,,
 9  ########,,,,####,,,,####,,,,####,,F,   Time Attack Mode :
 8  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,     Time limits = 25 s
 7  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   Gun Shooting Mode :
 6  ,,,,####,,,,####,,,,####,,,,####,,,,     Time limits = 40 s
 5  ,,,,####,,,,####,,,,####,,,,####,,,,     Bullets = 20
 4  ,S,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,     Enemies = 4
 3  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 2  ########,,,,####,,,,####,,,,########
 1  ####################################

 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

a. Training Mode 
   - There are 2 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (5,7)
     Guard B : stands on (14,7)
b. Time Attack Mode
   - There are 3 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (5,6)
     Guard B : stands on (9,6)
     Guard C : stands on (17,6)
   - Tactic : just go south (to the wall) and just go east. If you're close 
enough to the wall, the guards vision will not reach you. Then go north on 
(17,3) to (17,6) and flip guard C. Continue going north to the finish point. My 
time = 7:48.
c. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode 
   - There are 4 guards :
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (5,7)-(5,4)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (9,4)-(9,7)
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (13,7)-(13,4)
     Guard D : walks back and forth from (17,4)-(17,7)

Description : I think this area introduces Snake on how to move across long 
alley. Some guards are too far away, making it hard for Snake to approach them. 
Snake has to knock on walls to lure the enemy.

          LV 9 Map

30  ##..................##
29  ##........F.........##
28  ##....##########....##
27  ##....##########....##
26  ##....##########....##
25  ##..................##
24  ##....................
23  ########......########
22        ##......##
21        ##......## 
20        ##......##        
19        ##......##           Time Attack Mode :
18        ........##              Time limits = 1 m
17        ##......##           Gun Shooting Mode :
16        ##......##              Time limits = 1 m
15        ##......##              Bullets = 30   
14        ##........              Enemies = 6
13        ##......##
12        ##......##
11        ##......##
10        ........##
 9        ##......##
 8        ##......##
 7        ##......########
 6        ##..............
 5        ##..............
 4        ##......####....
 3        ##......####....
 2        ##...........S..
 1        ##..............

 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1  

a. Training Mode 
   - There are 2 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (6,6)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (5,30) - (7,30) 
b. Time Attack Mode
   - There are 3 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (18,4)
     Guard B : stands on (29,5)
     Guard C : stands on (29,7)
   - Tactic : It takes precise timing on this one - go west and north . Then 
knock the left wall on (15,5). This will alert guard A. Approach guard A and 
flip him. Then go north again, take the left path and go north. If you do it 
right, guard B will not look at you. Just go to his north. If you timed it 
right, he will turn 180 degree clockwise just as you pass on his north. Go to 
Finish Point. My time = 13:29
c. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode
   - There are 6 guards :
     Guard A : stands on (8,14)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (6,24)-(6,6)-(10,6)
     Guard C : walks back and forth from (2,24)-(5,24)
     Guard D : walks back and forth from (10,24)-(7,24)
     Guard E : walks from (7,29)-(9,29)-(9,24)-(7,24)-(7,7)
     Guard F : walks from (5,29)-(3,29)-(3,24)-(5,24)-(5,7)

            +++ NEW NEW NEW 25 : GHOST GUARD ?? +++
++ IT'S A GLITCH !! Watch carefully guard E and F. When they go back from (5,7) 
and (7,7) to north, follow them and watch them walking through the wall to reach 
(5,29) and (7,29) !! ++

*** LEVEL 10 - BIG LIGHTS ***
Description : This level introduces Snake on how to avoid the big lights.

               LV 10 MAP

21  QQQQQQ<<<<@@@@@@[email protected]@@@@>>>>QQQQQQQQQQ
20  QQQQQQ<<<<@@@@@@@@@@@@>>>>QQQQQQQQQQ
19  [email protected]@^^^^@@......QQQQQQQQQQ
18  QQQQQQ....................[[[[[[[[[[   Time Attack Mode :
17  QQQQQQ....................QQQQQQQQ[[      Time limits = 1 m
16  QQQQQQ....................QQQQQQQQ[[   Gun Shooting Mode :
15  QQQQ............................QQ[[      Time limits = 1 m 20 s
14  QQQQ............................QQ[[      Bullets = 30   
13  QQQQ........................^^^^QQ[[      Enemies = ? (6)
12  [email protected]@@@QQ[[
11  [email protected]@@@QQ[[
10  [email protected]@@@[[[[
 9  [email protected]@@@[[[[
 8  ....####[email protected]@@@QQ[[
 7  ....####[email protected]@@@QQ[[
 6  ....####....................^^^^QQ[[
 5  ................................QQ[[
 4  ................................QQ[[
 3          ..................QQQQQQQQ[[
 2          ..................[[[[[[[[[[
 1          ........S.........QQQQQQQQQQ 

 0  -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

a. Training Mode 
   - There are 2 guards : 
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (7,18) - (10,18)
     Guard B : stands on (16,9)
   - There are 2 big lights that moves around in the middle area
   - There is a camera on (3,16)
b. Time Attack Mode
   - There are 2 cameras : on (3,16) and (14,16)
   - There are 3 guards : 
     Guard A : walks back and forth from (2,9) - (4,9)
     Guard B : walks back and forth from (7,18) - (10,18)
     Guard C : stands on (15,9)
   - There are 2 big lights that moves around in the middle.
   - Tactic : Go to east (15,4) near the south wall. If you are close to the 
wall, guard C will not see you. Time your movement well. Approach guard C when 
he's not looking at you and flip him. Then go to north wall under the camera. 
Quickly go to northwest. If you time it right, guard B should be on (7,18) and 
he will not notice you. Just proceed to the stairs and go to Finish Point. My 
time = 10:12.
c. Gun Shooting Mode and Survival Mode 
   - There are 6 guards :
     Guard A : circling (2,9)-(6,9)-(6,3)-(6,5)-(2,5)-(2,9)
     Guard B : stands on (3,13)
     Guard C : circling (15,9)-(15,4)-(11,4)-(11,14)-(15,14)-(15,9)
     Guard D : walks back and forth from (6,18)-(10,18)
     Guard E : walks back and forth from (15,20)-(2,20)
     Guard F : sleeping on (18,1) 
   - There are 2 cameras : on (1,11) and (14,16)

##########  14. THE STORY ###########
Note : I replaced the translation chapter with the story chapter. The 
translation is no longer needed because the US version has come out. This 
section is dedicated for the import players who have finished the game and 
wished to know the game's story. I try to write the story as thorough as I 
could, cause I know you guys want ALL the details. DO NOT READ THIS SECTION IF 
DIDN'T WARN YOU!! For Import Players, HAVE FUN ^_^.

*** INTRO ***
Location : Alaska - Bering Sea
The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadows Moses Island in Alaska's Fox 
archipelago was attacked and captured by Next Generation Special Forces, being 
led by members of Fox Hound. They're demanding that the government turn over the 
remains of Big Boss and they say if their demand is not met within 24 hours, 
they'll launch the nuclear weapon.
Snake has 2 mission objectives, first Snake has to rescue DARPA's chief Donald 
Anderson, and the president of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker. Both are being held as 
hostages. Secondly, Snake has to investigate whether or not the terrorists have 
the ability to make a nuclear strike, and stop them if they do. 
The insertion method available for Snake is approaching the disposal facility by 
sub, then launching a one man SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle). After the SDV gets 
as close as it can, Snake has to dispose of it. From there on Snake'll have to 
FOX-HOUND is a Hi tech Special Forces Unit, which was happened to be Snake's 
former unit, and was formerly under command of Colonel Campbell. They're six 
member of the FOX-HOUND involved in this terrorist's activity.
1. Psycho Mantis with his powerful psychic ability
2. Sniper Wolf, the beautiful and deadly sharpshooter
3. Decoy Octopus, master of disguise
4. Vulcan Raven, giant and Shaman, and
5. Revolver Ocelot, specialist in interrogation and a formidable gunfighter
and finally in charge of them, 
6. the FOX-HOUND squad leader, Liquid Snake, the man with the same code as Snake
The nuclear weapon disposal facility covers the whole island. The Colonel will 
instruct Snake by Codec after Snake reaches his target. As usual, this is a one-
man infiltration mission. Weapons and equipments are OSP (on-site-procurement).
This mission is a top-secret black op, so there are no official support.

*** On the Dock ***
Snake arrives safely at the dock. The Colonel calls him on the Codec. He 
explains the how the Codec works - The Codec's receiver directly stimulates the 
small bones of Snake's ear. No one but Snake will be able to hear it. The 
Colonel then asks Snake to go into the elevator to the surface.

*** Helipod ***
Snake arrives safely on the surface. The Colonel tells Snake that he has sent 2 
F-16 to distract the enemy. Naomi checks Snake's equipments. Apparently, Snake 
was equipped by special sneaking suit that is able to prevent hypothermia, and 
was injected by anti-freezing peptide. The animation then shows Liquid flies the 
HIND D chopper (Russian gunship) to destroy that 2 F-16. The Colonel tells Snake 
that it's a good time for Snake to sneak in unnoticed. The Colonel then 
introduces Snake to Mei Ling. She was assigned to the visual and data processing 
specialist. She designed Snake's Codec, as well as Snake's Soliton radar system. 
Meryl then explains how the radar works. Mei Ling warns Snake that the radar is 
easily jammed. After that explanation, Snake told Naomi that he manages to 
smuggle out his smoke when he was stripped search by Naomi. Then the animation 
shows Snake using his scope to find out where the air ducts are.

*** DARPA Chief's Cell ***
Snake manages to go inside DARPA chief's cell thru the air duct. Donald 
surprised to see Snake. He cautiously asks Snake who he is and asks Snake to get 
him out of the cell. Snake asks Donald whether the terrorists have the ability 
to launch the nuke. Donald told Snake that they could launch the nuke with the 
help of walking armoured units. With these units, the nuke can be launched 
anywhere on the face of the earth. This conversation attracts Meryl from the 
nearby cell. Snake recalls that walking armoured units as Metal Gear - that he 
thought he has destroyed in the last mission. Donald then tells Snake that it 
takes 2 detonation codes to operate Metal Gear. One code is with Donald, and the 
other code is with Baker - the president of ArmsTech. Donald tells the enemy the 
code because Psycho Mantis has the ability to dive into Donald's mind. Snake 
then asks Donald about the whereabouts of Baker. Donald says that the terrorists 
have put Baker in the room inside the wall, but they don't have time to paint 
the wall. Donald tells Snake about the PAL Card - the emergency override system 
that can override the detonation codes. The PAL card consists of 3 cards - now 
is being held by Baker. Donald then gives Snake his LV1 keycard to open the LV1 
door. The keycard works this way - it uses the salt in your body to transmit the 
signal from the keycard. If you equip the keycard, the door's detector will 
receive the signal from the card and open the door.
Snake plans to get Donald out of the prison. Donald then suspiciously asks Snake 
about the Pentagon, whether they will agree to the terrorists' demands, and what 
they know about the mission. Then suddenly Donald got a heart attack - then 
died. Snake uses his Codec to contact the Colonel and Naomi - asks them whether 
they know about the heart attack. The Colonel and Naomi don't know anything 
about it.

*** Outside DARPA Chief's Cell ***
Snake cautiously goes out of the cell. He notices a guard is tied up without 
wearing his clothes. Then suddenly a rifle is pointed on Snake's head. Snake 
turns around. The guard (who is Meryl) sees Snake's face and thinks for a second 
that Snake is Liquid. Snake then tells Meryl that she's a rookie - that she 
cannot hold the rifle steadily. Snake then points his gun on her. Meryl asks 
Snake to use the keycard to get out of the cell. At that time, the guards are 
swarming the cell. In the fight, Meryl hesitates to shoot. Snake orders her to 

*** After the fight ***
Meryl checks the hallway, then runs to the elevator. Snake follows her - looks 
at her. She is wiggling her behind ^_^ (Hey, hold that dirty thought! It's part 
of the clue later on!). Then the animation shows Liquid, Psycho Mantis, and 
Ocelot in the torture room. Liquid blames Ocelot for killing Donald in the 
torture - then says that they will never get the detonation code. Psycho Mantis 
then tells Liquid he has a good plan. Then the animation shows Meryl and Snake 
again. After Meryl enters the lift, Snake sees Psycho Mantis floating in the air 
- appraising Meryl for what she does. Then Psycho Mantis disappears. Snake then 
calls Naomi. Naomi tells Snake that it was not a hallucination - it was Psycho 
Mantis' power. 

*** The Showdown with Ocelot ***
Snake sees Baker is being tied up on the pillar. Snake wonders whether he is 
dead. Then Baker moves. Snake approaches him - but then Baker warns him not to 
come close. There are C4 bombs everywhere. Then a shot is directed to Snake. A 
figure appears, introduces himself. Ocelot says that Snake is as good as the 
Boss said. Ocelot tells how he loves his gun, how he loves to put bullets on the 
chamber, and so on. Ocelot boasts about his ability to control his bullets' 
ricochet. He says " That's why they call me ... REVOLVER !!"

*** After the Fight with Ocelot ***
Ocelot hides behind one of the pillars, tells Snake that he is just getting 
warmed up. Ocelot shows himself, then a figure blazes in front of him and cuts 
Ocelot's hand. That figures then cuts all the wire surrounding Baker's body. The 
C4 explodes - and throw Ocelot to the wall. Ocelot says : " Stealth 
Camouflages... We'll meet again" - then disappears. The invisible figure 
appears. Baker surprised to see the Cyborg Ninja and mumbles : " That 
exoskeleton ... ". Snake asks Cyborg Ninja about who he was. Ninja answers : 
"I'm like you ... I have no name". Then the Ninja shakes himself, screams and 
runs away.

*** Rescuing Baker ***
Snake asks Baker who the Ninja is. Baker says that the Ninja is a part of a 
secret project - that Snake has to asks Dr. Naomi. Snake then asks Baker whether 
he has given his detonation code. Baker says that he is given some kind of chip 
that is able to block Psycho Mantis' power diving into his mind - and that chip 
was planted on Donald, too. Snake is confused because Donald said that Psycho 
Mantis managed to get into his mind. But then Baker confesses that he has given 
his password, because he cannot stand Ocelot's torture. His broken right arm is 
caused by the torture. Baker then tells Snake the story behind Metal Gear's 
development - that ArmsTech was on the edge of bankruptcy, that Metal Gear was 
one of the black project - if ArmsTech is able to develop Metal Gear, it would 
give them a few steps ahead of the competition, thus survives. Baker tells Snake 
that he has given the PAL card to Meryl when they were in jailed together. Baker 
wants to give Meryl's frequency to Snake, but he forgets. Then Baker says that 
Snake should see the back of the CD case for Meryl's frequency. Baker gives 
Snake his LV2 card. Baker tells Snake that he should meet Dr. Hal Emmerich, the 
designer of Metal Gear. Baker then gives Snake his disc. The disc contains the 
Metal Gear test data. Baker says that the Pentagon wants the disc so bad - and 
suspects that Snake was sent to pick up the disc. Then Baker has a heart attack. 
Before Baker died, Baker says " So they (the Pentagon) actually went and did it 
... ". Snake calls the Colonel and Naomi, suspecting they're hiding something 
from him. The Colonel and Naomi still won't answer about it. When Snake asks 
Naomi about the Ninja, Naomi still won't answer. The Colonel then asks Snake to 
contact Meryl.

*** Conversation between Meryl and Snake ***
The conversation begins with the introduction between those two. Snake tells 
that he was sent by Meryl's uncle. Meryl then is able to recognise Snake - for 
being a legend. Snake then tells Meryl that he knows Meryl is a good girl - 
judging from her eyes (beautiful and compassionate eyes ^_^). Meryl feels that 
Snake wants to sweep her off her feet.   
Snake then asks Meryl about the real situation. Meryl says that the place is not 
really the nuclear disposal facility. This base is owned and operated by a dummy 
corporation of ArmsTech, for the development of Metal Gear. FOX-HOUND and the 
Next-Generation Special Forces were called here for the test launching of a 
dummy nuclear warhead, because they're Special Ops groups used to handling top 
secret missions. They figured they could help it all hush-hush. This was to be a 
final test before the formal adoption of the Metal Gear program. 
Snake tells Meryl to stay out of danger, because if she hesitates once again in 
front of the enemies, she would get killed. Meryl tells Snake that it was the 
first time she has to kill someone. She says that she has no problems in 
Then Meryl volunteers to help Snake. She says that she can open the cargo door 
because she has LV 5 keycard. Meryl promises to contact Snake as soon as she 
opens the cargo door.

*** Entering the Canyon for the first time ***
Someone contacts Snake with his codec. That someone tells Snake that there are a 
lot of mines hidden in the snow - that Snake should use his mine detector. Snake 
then asks him who he is - he says "Just call me ... DeepThroat". Then Snake 
realises that DeepThroat doesn't use burst transmission - it means DeepThroat is 

*** Conversation between Vulcan Raven and Liquid ***
Raven admires Snake, and tells Liquid that he is as good as Liquid said. Raven 
then asks Liquid to be cautious. He tells Liquid not to underestimate Snake. 

*** Entering the Nuke building ***
The Colonel and Naomi tells Snake that he shouldn't use his weapon on the room. 
That's because there are nuclear warheads in the room. 

*** Fighting Ninja ***
Snake enters the room where Dr. Hal Emmerich is. Ninja is on his way to kill Dr. 
Emmerich. Dr. Emmerich pisses on his pants. Snake tells Ninja that he needs Dr. 
Emmerich alive. Ninja then asks Snake to fight him. 
When fighting, Ninja is able to dodge all your bullets and bombs. If you punch 
him twice, the Ninja will jump back and tells Snake that he loves to fight Hand 
to Hand Combat - " Only a fool trusted his weapons!". In the fight, he keeps 
saying : " I remember this pain...", " Hurt me more... " and " Do you remember, 
Snake? Do you remember me?".
After the fight, Snake calls the Colonel, says that he finally know who the 
Ninja was. He tells the Colonel that the Ninja is actually GREY FOX. The Colonel 
surprised because Grey Fox was supposed to be dead 6 years ago in Zanzibar. Then 
Naomi tells the Colonel and Snake that Grey Fox was not dead at that time. Grey 
Fox was fitted with the exoskeleton body, was given drugs to stay alive, and the 
lab used him as an experiment on genes. Naomi says that today's genome Soldiers 
were build from these experiments. Snake then tells the Colonel that Grey Fox 
does not have any memory - kinda like a mindless robot. 

*** Conversation with Dr. Emmerich ***
Snake then asks Dr. Emmerich to get out of the cabinet. He then asks about Metal 
Gear. Dr. Emmerich tells Snake that Metal Gear is just for defence purpose only. 
Snake loses his patience, grabs Dr. Emmerich on his collar, and calls him a 
liar. Snake tells Dr. Emmerich that Metal Gear is for carrying nuclear missiles. 
Dr. Emmerich still doesn't believe what Snake said. Snake then says that he 
heard it from Baker himself. Dr. Emmerich then finally realises his mistakes.
Dr. Emmerich tells Snake that he has nothing to do with it. He then tells a 
story that his father and his grandfather were all killed by the nuclear bombs - 
part of the Manhattan project, so he hates nuclear bombs. Dr. Emmerich finally 
figures out why ArmsTech has to test Metal Gear - It's because the nuclear bombs 
that they'll be using is the new type - so they have to test it to get the 
actual data, cause the simulation data is not enough. Metal Gear REX is the new 
prototype of Metal Gear. It was armed with rail gun, missile launcher, and 
Dr. Emmerich then slams his hand on the floor, calling himself an idiot for not 
knowing what the real situation is - and that he's been used to work on nuclear 
weapons without him knowing it. Dr. Emmerich then tells Snake that he will help 
Snake, and gives him his LV 4 keycard. Snake waits whether Dr. Emmerich will get 
a heart attack, and asks him if he feels okay. Then Snake calls Meryl, asking 
her to protect Dr. Emmerich. On the Codec, Meryl is found out by the guards. 
Meryl had to flee. Snake then asks Dr. Emmerich to take care of himself. Dr. 
Emmerich asks Snake not to call him Emmerich - instead to call him Otacon. 
Otacon is short for Otaku Convention - A group of people that loves Japanese 
animes.  Otacon tells Snake the reason he worked on the Metal Gear Project - 
that's because he likes robots in Japanese animes and he wants to build one, 
just like in the animes. 
Otacon then tells Snake how to find Meryl. Meryl disguised herself as one of the 
guards, so Snake has to find her. Otacon tells Snake that Meryl has a very cute 
way of walking - wiggling her behind (See... I told you it was a clue !! ^_^)
Otacon then tells Snake not to worry about him because he has the Stealth unit 
that enable him to be invisible. Otacon then leaves the place.

*** Talking to Meryl in the Women's Restroom ***
Meryl points her gun on Snake, telling that she's able to outwit the famous 
Snake for the second time. Snake says that she won't last long with her way of 
walking. Meryl tells Snake that his approach for her will not work because she 
had training on how to lose the interests on men.
Meryl then tells Snake that she will help Snake - that she's not afraid anymore. 
She gives Snake her PAL key and her LV 5 keycard.  Meryl says that she finally 
understands why she joins the army. That's because she wanted to know about her 
Meryl then asks Snake to go to the tower, passing the Commander's room.

*** Commander's Room - Encounter with Psycho Mantis***
Psycho Mantis blames Meryl for not being able to kill Snake. Snake tells Psycho 
Mantis to show himself out of his optic camouflages. Mantis fells so insulted 
with these words. He says that it was not optic camouflages - It was pure power. 
Seeing that Snake does not believe his words, Psycho Mantis demonstrates his 
power on Snake. He says that he can read into Snake's deepest soul (he sees into 
your memory card ... see whether there are save games on other Konami's games 
^_^). If you have analog controller, he will ask you to put the controller in 
the flat ground. Then he boasts that he can move the controller (by vibrating 
the joystick ^_^).

*** Psycho Mantis' Last Word ***
Psycho Mantis tells that he cannot read Snake's mind. He claims that he has read 
thousands of human minds. He tells about the hidden door behind the bookcase.  
He says that he's sick of all the person in the world because they all have only 
one same wish, which is passing on the genes. But he says that Snake is 
different. He says that Snake and he have one thing in common - They all have a 
trauma in the past. He says that he doesn't agree with Liquid's idea for global 
domination - he just joins the terrorists to give him excuse to kill as many 
people as he wants. Meryl fells so angry on him. Psycho Mantis then read Snake's 
mind. He says that the world would be better with someone like him and Snake 
around. He says : "You are like the Boss... No, you're worse. In fact, comparing 
to you, I'm not so bad !!". Then he reads Meryl's mind, saying that Snake has a 
large place in Meryl's heart (So..the training for resisting men obviously does 
not work on her !!^_^). Then he asks Snake to put his mask back on. He wants to 
be by himself just for a while. He then helps Snake by moving the bookcase. His 
final words are : "This is the first time I've ever helped. It feels ... so ... 
Meryl then felt so ashamed that Mantis is able to control her. Snake says : " 
Don't doubt yourself. Just let it make you stronger." 

*** Meryl Get Shot ***
Meryl then get shot. Meryl don't want Snake to come out, because she feels that 
she is just bait. The real target is Snake. She tells Snake to just leave her. 
Snake then calls the Colonel. Colonel suspects that the shooter was Sniper Wolf, 
then tells Snake not to come out. Snake promises the Colonel that he will save 
Meryl. This statement makes Naomi surprised. She thought that Snake only cares 
about himself. Snake answer this by saying that he will rescue Meryl for 
himself, not for anybody else. Snake suspects Sniper Wolf is on the 2nd floor of 
the tower. The Colonel tells Snake to get the Sniper Rifle, cause all weapons 
does not have the range.

*** Get Caught !! ***
Sniper Wolf and her 2 guards finally catches Snake. Sniper Wolf told Snake to 
drop his gun cause she won't miss her shot in the close range. Then Sniper Wolf 
says that Snake will be her prey. She says that a wolf would never release its 
prey. Then Sniper Wolf scratches her fingernail on Snake's cheek - marking Snake 
as her prey. Then the guard strikes Snake behind his neck. Snake's unconscious.

*** On the Torture Chamber ***
Liquid warns Ocelot for not killing Snake, just like he did with DARPA Chief. 
Sniper Wolf agrees with Liquid, saying that Snake is hers to kill - Snake is her 
prey. Ocelot defends himself by saying that the DARPA Chief's death was an 
Liquid then says that he finally meets his brother, after the sacrifice of all 
their brothers - after 30 years - that they're the last sons of Big Boss. Then 
Sniper Wolf asks Liquid whether he wants to get Snake's DNA. Liquid says yes, 
but he says that Snake's DNA will not be able to cure the Genome Soldiers. They 
still need the Big Boss' DNA. Then Snake's awake and the bed was revolved.
Liquid sees Snake's face and tells Snake about the resemblance between them. 
Then Liquid gets a call from Raven, saying that the government will not give in 
to their demands. Liquid feels strange about this - usually the American are the 
first to negotiate. Liquid feels that the American must have other plans. Liquid 
still hasn't found out what kills Baker and Decoy Octopus. Liquid still hasn't 
found out who the ninja is. The ninja has killed 16 of their men, and cut 
Ocelot's hand. Liquid leaves the place to make the preparation for launching the 
nuclear. Then Sniper Wolf is leaving the room to feed her wolves. Before leaving 
the room, Sniper Wolf tells Snake that Meryl is still alive. 
Ocelot is now alone with Snake in the torture room. Ocelot asks Snake about the 
Optical Disc - whether the disc is the only one and whether there is a copy. 
Then Ocelot asks Snake about the whereabouts of the other two PAL keys, and the 
trick of using the PAL key. Ocelot asks Snake to play a little game - if Snake's 
submit to his torture, Ocelot will end the pain, but Meryl's life will be in his 

*** In the Prison ***
The Colonel says that the government has decided not to give in to their 
demands. The Colonel is trying to buy some time. Snake asks the Colonel whether 
Metal Gear was designed to launch a new type of nuclear warhead. The Colonel 
won't answer. He just says that Metal Gear was a secret advanced nuclear weapons 
research and says that the President hasn't been briefed with this problem. The 
terrorists' deadline is set for the signing of START 3 ACCORD between the 
President and the Russian. That's why this problem cannot go public. 
Then Snake says that he saw the corpse of the DARPA Chief, which was strangely 
looked and smelled like he's been dead for days. All his blood's been drained 
out too. Naomi surprised to hear this, because there were only nanomachines and 
the transmitter in his blood. 
Snake then feels worried about Meryl's condition. He then asks Dr Naomi to cheer 
him up. Dr Naomi then asks Snake about his family. Snake tells her about his 
father, Big Boss, that he had forced to kill in Zanzibar. He then tells Dr. 
Naomi about his friends Roy Campbell (the Colonel), and his other friend... 
which is Frank Jaeger. Frank Jaeger is the only member of FOX-HOUND ever to 
receive the codename "FOX." ... Grey Fox. Dr. Naomi then asks about their 
friendship. Snake says that he knew Grey Fox in the prison in Outer Heaven. Fox 
taught Snake a lot - but they never talked about their personal lives. The next 
time they met, they were on the different sides. They fought each other - 
without hatred, or personal feelings. Just two professionals on the different 
sides - just like sport. Dr. Naomi feels sick hearing about this.

*** Memory of Meryl ***
In the Codec conversation, Snake apologises to the Colonel for not being able to 
save Meryl. Miller then asks Snake not to regrets himself. Snake's regret makes 
Naomi curious. She starts to ask Snake about Snake's feeling for Meryl. Snake 
then feels so cornered with her questions. Colonel then tells Snake that Naomi 
must have had his father's genes. Naomi father was an assistant secretary in the 
FBI during Edgar Hoover's time. Then Naomi starts to tell about her grandfather. 
Her grandfather was Japanese and he became a special undercover investigator to 
nab the mafia - in the 50's in New York. Miller concerns about Naomi's past a 

*** On the Way to the Roof - In Front of LV 6 Door ***
Otacon calls Snake and says that the door is blocked by glacier. To open the 
door, you must clear the ice by using C4 from the other side.

*** Checking the Elevator ***
Snake hears someone's beside the elevator. Snake then points his gun on him. The 
man, who is using stealth camouflages, is now revealing himself. He is Otacon. 
Otacon says that he admires Snake's action on the tower, and calls Snake a truly 
hero. Otacon then says that he just follows Snake for one question. Otacon asks 
Snake : " Can Love bloom even on the battlefield ? ". Snake surprised to hear 
that. He doesn't expect Otacon to follow him just to ask that question. But then 
he answers : " Love can bloom anywhere, even on the battlefield - but if you 
love someone, you have to be able to protect her". Otacon then asks Snake not to 
kill Sniper Wolf. He says that Snake should know her better, so Snake could know 
that she's a good person. Snake then asks Otacon about how he managed to get up 
there. Otacon says he used the elevator. Otacon surprises to know the elevator 
is not moving. Snake then asks him to repair the elevator, while Snake will 
heads to the top of the tower to face the Hind. 

*** Top of the Tower ***
Snake fights Liquid (and his Hind D). Liquid keeps calling Snake his brother. 
Snake says : "Why do you keep calling me brother? Who Are You ?". Liquid says : 
"I'm you !! I'm your shadow!!"

*** After the Fight with Hind D ***
After the fight, the Hind D falls to the ground and explodes. Snake says to 
himself : "...that takes care of the cremation ". Then Snake calls Otacon on his 
Codec. Snake thanks Otacon for making the elevator works again. Otacon tells 
Snake that it was strange - that he didn't do anything for the elevator. The 
elevator moves by itself. 

*** In the Elevator ***
Snake finds it strange that the elevator senses overweight. Otacon then calls 
Snake. Snake tells what happened to Otacon. Otacon tells Snake that he 
experienced the same thing when he was on the elevator. Otacon tells Snake that 
he was about to give Snake a stealth unit from the lab, but 4 stealth units 
where missing from the lab. Then Otacon tells Snake to be careful - that there 
might be 4 guards using the stealth camouflages in the elevator.

*** On the Snowfield ***
Snake gets shot by someone in the blizzard. Snake then contacts Otacon, asks him 
whether there are any stealth guards. Otacon says that there's no more stealth 
unit in the lab, and that the shooter must be Sniper Wolf. Otacon begs Snake not 
to kill her. Snake tells Otacon to be rational - that she's a merciless killer. 
Then Sniper Wolf appears on the Codec - tells Snake that she never quits the 
hunt - that the wolf will catch its prey. Sniper Wolf asks Otacon not to 
interfere between 'a wolf' and its 'prey'. Snake then tells Sniper Wolf that 
it's a mistake for a sniper to reveal her whereabouts and that he will pay for 
what Sniper Wolf did for Meryl.

*** Sniper Wolf's Last Word ***
Sniper Wolf tells Snake to end her misery. She then tells Snake that when she's 
little she used to be on the battlefield. Scream and sirens are her lullabies. 
Then she was brought up by Big Boss (Saladin). She can now sees the war from the 
outside, not from the inside. She used to wait for the target for hours, days, 
and weeks without moving her muscles. She says that she feels ashamed of 
herself, ashamed to her people - they should not call her Wolf, but call her a 
dog. Snake then says that some people have their prices, and people call 
mercenaries as 'Dogs of War', but Sniper Wolf is different. Wolves are noble 
animals, and Snake thinks that she deserves to be called Wolf. She says that 
finally she understand - She is not waiting to kill someone, but waiting for 
someone to kill her, A man like Snake.
She then asks Snake to set her free. Snake gets ready to fire his Socom. Then 
Otacon appears from the distance. He's mad at himself for not being able to 
protect her girl. Seeing Otacon, Sniper Wolf asks Otacon to fetch her weapon. 
Otacon brings her rifle. Wolf puts her arms around his rifle then asks Snake to 
finish his job. Snake does his job.
Otacon regrets himself for not being able to protect her. Snake then puts the 
scarf on her face. Snake says that he doesn't need the scarf anymore - for 
there's no more tears to shed. Snake then leaves the place. Otacon then asks 
Snake : " What is Wolf fighting for? What am I fighting for? What are you 
fighting for? ". Snake turns around and says that he will answer it after the 
mission is completed. Otacon then tells Snake that he will search for the answer 
too and he will help Snake on his mission. 

*** Riding the Elevator - on His Way to Meet Vulcan Raven ***
Snake gets a call from Master Miller. Miller asks Snake to turn the monitor off 
- he does not want anybody to hear the conversation. Miller then tells Snake 
that he was in the FBI, too - that he feels something is wrong with Dr. Naomi's 
story. Miller went on checking, and this is what he finds: that Dr. Naomi lied 
about her background. At that time Edgar Hoover was known racist, so there were 
no single Asian investigator working with him. The Mafia sting operation was 
begun in 1960's so it hasn't even begun in 1950's. And the Mafia's sting 
operation was in Chicago, not in New York. Miller suspects Dr. Naomi had 
something to do the death of Donald and Baker - that she might be working for 
the terrorists after all.

*** Vulcan Raven ***
Before the fight, Raven is angry with Snake for killing his friend, the Ravens. 
Then he curses Snake with Raven's power. Snake cannot move. He seems to be 
After the fight, Vulcan Raven says that he admires Snake. Vulcan Raven says that 
it's time for him to join the ravens and the mother earth, which bore him. He 
says that he'll be watching Snake from above. Vulcan Raven then says that Snake 
is not an ordinary snake - a snake that doesn't come from this world, just like 
his boss (Liquid). Vulcan Raven gives Snake a hint : That it was not the real 
Donald Anderson that Snake's met in the cell. It was Decoy Octopus, a FOX-HOUND 
member that is good in disguising himself. He is disguising himself by sucking 
the victim's blood. Hearing the story, Snake asks Raven why they did so much 
trouble to do that. Vulcan Raven won't answer that. He says that it is the part 
of the riddle that Snake must find out himself. Vulcan Raven gives Snake his LV7 
keycard. Then he orders the ravens to eat on him. 

*** Miller's Investigation ***
Miller contacts Snake again. He says that it is about Naomi. The Colonel hears 
the conversation, then joins the club. This is what Millers finds out : The 
woman that claims to be Dr. Naomi Hunter is not Dr. Naomi Hunter at all.
That there was a real Dr. Naomi Hunter - but she was disappeared somewhere in 
the Middle East. So this woman somehow got her identification papers. Miller 
suspects her for working with the terrorists or other group, thus betraying 
them. Miller asks the Colonel to arrests 'the so-called Naomi'. Colonel seems to 
hesitate. He says that without her they would not be able to finish the mission.

*** Otacon's Investigation ***
First, Otacon calls Snake, saying that he will help Snake to try accessing 
Baker's file to find out how to use the PAL key. Snake then finally realises 
that Otacon is actually a hacker.
Otacon calls Snake, tells him that he is able to access the confidential Metal 
Gear file, even though he hasn't found out about the PAL override system. But he 
finds the secrets of the new nuclear weapon : the nuclear warhead is designed to 
be fired from the rail gun like a projectile... It doesn't use fuel, so it isn't 
considered a missile. That way it can get around all sorts of international 
treaties. That's not all : it's a stealth weapon, so it won't show up on radar. 
Actually they've been working on a stealth missile since the late 70's. They 
weren't they able to develop one up until now because of the missile's rocket 
propulsion system will be picked up by enemy satellites. But unlike a missile, 
the rail gun doesn't burn any propellent. So it can't be detected by any current 
ballistic missile detection systems. It will be an invisible nuclear warhead 
that will be totally impossible to intercept. And on top of that it's got a 
surface piercing warhead designed to penetrate underground bases (remember Gulf 
War ?). So the point is : It's the ultimate weapon. And from a political point 
of view, It avoids the problem of nuclear reduction and nuclear inspections.
Then the Colonel tells Snake that : If word of this got out, it could delay the 
signing of the Start 3 Treaty and cause a huge international incident. The 
United States would be denounced by the UN. It could even bring the President 
Otacon tells Snake that the new nuclear weapon is never actually been tested, 
only simulated on a computer model. They needed to get actual experimental data 
to back up the simulation. That's why they were conducting this exercise. The 
data is then stored into the optical disc that was given by Baker. Now the CD is 
on Ocelot's hand - during Snake's torture.

*** Further Findings from Otacon ***
Otacon finally finds Baker's top-secret files. He says that the ArmsTech is in 
financial trouble - worse than they thought. Snake says that they've finished 
inputting the PAL codes. Snake asks Otacon how to deactivate them. Otacon then 
explains how the PAL key works : it can also be used to input the detonation 
codes. If Snake inserts the keys when the warhead is active, it will deactivate 
it. And if Snake inserts them when it's inactive, it becomes activated. And 
Snake can only use the keys once. But this is the trick : the card key is made 
of a shape memory alloy - a material that changes shape at different 
temperatures. So the key is actually three keys in one.

*** Liquid and Ocelot Conversation ***
Liquid says to Ocelot that he just inputted the detonation codes - Mettal Gear 
is now ready to use. Ocelot asks him where to launch the missiles - in Russia ? 
Liquid says that he will not launch it to Russia, but to Lopnor, China. If they 
launch the nuclear to the population, it's the end of the story, but if they 
launched it to nuclear test site (in Lopnor), the government still can cover it. 
It will ruin the governments' reputation. And if other countries knew about this 
weapon, they will bid for it. The government will have no other choice than to 
give them their demands: 1 billion dollars plus the Big Boss' DNA. This money 
will be used to cure Genome Soldiers.
Then Ocelot asks about FoxDie virus. He says that it seems the FoxDie virus 
affects the old man first. Psycho Mantis is not infected by FoxDie because he 
wears his mask all the time, and Sniper Wolf for taking her tranquillisers. And 
he says that the FoxDie works according to the blood's adrenaline level.
Liquid then asks Ocelot about his friend, Col. Gurlukovich from Russia, that 
planned to buy Metal Gear REX. Ocelot says that he will buy it after he sees the 
test data. Liquid got his Hind from Col. Gurlukovich. Liquid then plans to join 
forces with Col. Gurlukovich for his 1000 men - then not leaving the base in 
Alaska. Liquid then says : " From now on, call this place ... OUTER HEAVEN "
In this animation, Snake calls Otacon and asks him how to operate the PAL key. 
Otacon tells Snake that Snake has to look at the PAL symbol card and matches it 
with the computer. There are 3 laptops on the table. One with yellow symbol 
(means normal temperature), one with blue symbol (cold temperature), and the 
other is red symbol (warm temperature). Snake has to input the codes from left 
to right. Snake has to put the card into the first laptop, then cold the card. 
Enters the card to the second laptop, etc. Then Ocelot shoots Snake- making the 
card falls into the sewers. Liquid tells Snake that it's no use to attack him, 
because the place is covered with bullet-proof glasses. 

*** Miller's information ***
Miller says that he got a good friend in the Pentagon. It looks like the DIA 
recently developed a new type of assassination weapon, called FoxDie. It's some 
kind of virus that targets specific people. Miller points out the similarity in 
the cause of death of fake DARPA Chief's Decoy Octopus and Kenneth Baker - heart 
attack. Apparently FoxDie kills its victims by simulating a heart attack. Then 
Miller suspects Dr. Naomi is behind this, because she is in the best position to 
do that. From the conversation, seems like Snake is injected with the FoxDie 
virus by Dr. Naomi - when she says that the injection contains anti-freezing 
peptide. Then the Colonel says that she has put Dr. Naomi under arrests for 
sending a coded message to the Alaskan Base. The Colonel suspects Dr. Naomi 
works with the terrorists. Now Dr. Naomi is being interrogated. Miller warns 
Snake that Snake may get infected by the virus. 

*** Codec Call from Naomi ***
Snake is surprised to receive a codec call from Naomi. Naomi somehow manages to 
contact Snake without being known. She then begins to explain her background : 
she doesn't know anything about herself. All she knew is that she was found in 
Rhodesia in 1980's - by someone that she considers as her 'big brother'. Her big 
brother is Frank Jaeger - who is known as GRAY FOX !! At that time, Frank Jaeger 
was a soldier and found her near the river. Frank shared his rations with her - 
then protected her. When they were in Mozambique, Big Boss came and brought her 
to America. Then Big Boss and Gray Fox went back to Africa to continue their 
war. That's when Snake killed both of them. Snake killed Naomi's benefactor and 
sent home her brother as a cripple. She planned on taking revenge on Snake - 
waited two long years - then got the chance in the mission. But now she feels 
wrong about Snake. She says that Gray Fox (Ninja) comes to Alaska not to kill 
Snake, but to continue their fight in Zanzibar. 
Then Snake asks her about FoxDie. Then Naomi explains : FoxDie is a type of 
retrovirus that targets and kills only specific people. First it infects the 
macrophages in the victim's body. FoxDie contains "smart" enzymes, created 
through protein engineering. They're programmed to respond to specific genetic 
patterns in the cells. Those enzymes recognise the target's DNA. They respond by 
becoming active, and using the macrophages, they begin crating TNF epsilon, a 
type of cytokine, a peptide that causes cells to die. The TNF epsilon is carried 
along the bloodstream to the heart, where they attach to the TNF receptors in 
the heart cells. The heart cells suffer a shock and undergo an extreme apoptosis 
(the heart cells commit suicide). Then the victim dies.
Snake then asks Naomi, whether she programmed the virus to kill him. Naomi won't 
answer (but it seems the answer is yes). Then Snake asks her how much time he 
got left. Naomi then tells him that it was not her decision to use the FoxDie - 
and that FoxDie is a part of the operation.
Before explaining any further, the Colonel catches Naomi. Snake asks the Colonel 
what Naomi meant by FoxDie is a part of the operation. The Colonel won't answer 
and asks Snake to finish his mission. Snake feels the Colonel double-crosses 

*** Putting the Last PAL Key ***
When the 3rd key is inserted into the slot, the computer says that Metal Gear is 
now been activated. Snake shouts : " No! I DEactivated it !!". Then Master 
Miller calls Snake. Miller thanks Snake for activating the Metal Gear for him. 
Snake is still confused with Miller's behaviour. Miller says that Snake found 
the key and even activated the warhead for him - that Miller really must express 
his gratitude to Snake. Miller then tells Snake that they weren't able to learn 
the DARPA Chief's code. Even with Mantis' psychic powers, he couldn't read his 
mind. Then Ocelot accidentally killed him during the interrogation. In other 
words, they weren't able to launch the nuclear device and they were all getting 
a little worried. Without the threat of a nuclear strike, their demands would 
never be met. Without the detonation codes, they had to find some other way. 
That's when they decided that Snake prove useful. First, they thought they might 
get the information from Snake. So they had Decoy Octopus disguise himself as 
the DARPA Chief. Unfortunately Octopus didn't survive the encounter - thanks to 
FoxDie. Snake then realises that they had this planned from the beginning, just 
to get him to input the detonation code.
Miller then says now that the launch preparations are complete, the White House 
will have no choice but to surrender the FoxDie vaccine to them. He says that 
the Pentagon's plan to use Snake was already successful in the torture room and 
Snake is the only one who doesn't know.
Colonel then interrupts the transmission by saying that the man Snake's been 
talking to is not Master Miller. Master Miller's body was just discovered at his 
home. He's been dead for at least three days. The Colonel didn't know because 
his Codec link with Master was cut off. But Mei Ling said that the transmission 
signal was coming from inside the base.
The fake Master Miller then reveals himself - opens his glasses and changes his 
hairstyle. He was Liquid !!! Then Liquid tells Snake that Snake is no longer 
needed - then tries to kill him. 

*** Before Liquid Enters Metal Gear REX ***
Snake points his gun on Liquid. Liquid then tells Snake whether he wants to kill 
his own brother. Snake then puts his gun down, and asks him why Liquid is 
disguising himself as Miller. Liquid says, by becoming Miller he can manipulate 
Snake more easily. Then Liquid says that the Pentagon was right - sending Snake, 
who is so stupid for asking no question about the mission. Liquid says that 
Snake is just a pawn. Snake's real mission was to come in contact with all the 
people. Snake was just used as a vector for FoxDie virus. Then Snake asks Liquid 
whether Naomi works on the Pentagon. Liquid says that Naomi was, but she takes a 
different path then. She altered the FoxDie program just before she was 
arrested. Liquid says that FoxDie is not affected him - because Snake and he has 
the same genes.
Liquid then explains that they were really twins...linked by the cursed genes. 
They were made by Big Boss' DNA. That Snake got all the dominant genes, while 
Liquid got the recessive genes. Liquid is angry with Snake because he was just a 
leftover so Snake could be the perfect Soldier - that he was just a garbage from 
the day he was born. 
Liquid's angry with Snake for killing Big Boss. He says that Snake has taken 
away his chance to revenge on him. Liquid will finish the work that Big Boss has 
started. He will surpass him, and destroy him. 

*** After Metal Gear REX 1st fight ***
Snake sees that Metal Gear REX is now damaged. He's wondering whether the fight 
has ended. Surprisingly, Metal Gear REX manages to get up and tries to crush 
Snake. Then, out of nowhere, Gray Fox comes to rescue. He lifts Metal Gear REX's 
foot and tells Snake to run. He says that Gray Fox is the name from his past - 
but sounds better then DeepThroat (Now you know who Deepthroat was !!). 
After some dodging and some shooting, Gray Fox and Snake manage to hide behind 
the container. Snake asks Gray Fox about his intention. Gray Fox says : " I'm 
the prisoner of Death... Only you can set me free ". Snake reminds Gray Fox that 
he has someone to take care of - Naomi. Gray Fox tells Snake that he cannot go 
back to her. Gray Fox says that he was the one who actually killed Naomi's 
parents, but then he could not bear to kill a little child. He then raised Naomi 
as her own sister. But every time he looks on her, he still sees Naomi's parents 
died on his hand. Then Gray Fox tries to help Snake by damaging Metal Gear REX's 
Gray Fox then crushed to the wall by Metal Gear. Gray Fox manages to shoot the 
radome - a cornered jackal is more dangerous. Then Liquid admires Fox by saying 
that Fox's name is suit for him. Gray Fox asks Snake to shoot Liquid while he 
opens the cockpit, but Snake can't do that because it will kill Gray Fox as 
well. After going down to the ground, Fox says to Snake that they're not tools 
from the government. They're just doing what they do best, which is fighting. 
But at least they're fighting for what they believe in. Then Liquid crunches him 
with Metal Gear REX's feet. Liquid says to Snake that Snake could not protect 
everyone he loved. 

*** After Metal Gear REX is down ***
Liquid walks to Snake. Snake says that the revolution is over. But Liquid says 
that the fighting is not over. Liquid wants to create a world like before - a 
world where warriors like them are praised - just like Big Boss' dream. He says 
that now the world is full of hypocrites. Liquid will start a war. That way, the 
world will become like what he wanted to. He says that the problem was balance.
He then says that Snake has that ambition, too. He asks Snake, why he keeps on 
completing the mission while his comrade betrays on him. He says that Snake 
actually likes the killing. Snake denies that. Liquid says that they were 
created to be that way.
Liquid says about 'Les enfants teribles' or 'The Terrible Children' - a project 
to make a perfect soldier. Their plan is to get children from the best soldier - 
who is Big Boss. But then Big Boss is in coma, so they took his DNA and form 8 
eggs from it. The eight eggs are then planted, then bore. To create the perfect 
soldier, they sacrificed the 6 eggs, and just planted two eggs - Solid Snake got 
all the dominant genes, while Liquid has all the recessive genes. Liquid then 
says that he was created so they could create the perfect soldier - which was 
Solid Snake. 
Liquid says that the Genome Soldiers was created from Big Boss' DNA, so they are 
Snake's brother. By the research in DNA, the scientists finally found out which 
genes that create the perfect soldier. The research was based on human 
experiments that was made in the Gulf War, 1991. Liquid says that the syndrome 
that the soldiers feel was the side effect of these experiments. But they 
covered it up by saying that there's a radiation, etc. 
Liquid says that the Genome Soldiers project was a complete failure. He then 
explains about the Asymmetry theory - that nature tends to create asymmetry - 
and that the species that tends to extinct all shows the same signs - symmetry. 
Liquid says that by using the Big Boss' DNA, he hopes that he can cure them.
Liquid then shows Meryl to Snake. She says that Meryl was a fool to love someone 
without a name. Snake shouts that he HAS a name. 
Liquid tells Snake to contact Colonel Campbell. From the conversation, the 
Secretary of Defence is about to drop nuclear bombs on that place to clear the 
evidence - since Metal Gear REX is now wrecked. But the Colonel will buy some 
time by giving them another order. The Colonel is now arrested by The Secretary 
of Defence, Jim Houseman. Jim tells Snake that Colonel Campbell was a fool to 
think he was in charge for the mission. Jim then asks Snake to give the optical 
disc to him - but Snake says that the disc is not with him. Jim then plans to 
send B-2 Bombers to the place. 
Liquid then asks Snake for a fight to the death - Only Snake's death will 
satisfy him. Only Snake's death will give Liquid's back what was rightly his.


*** Ending 1 Animation : Meryl's Save ***
Snake unties Meryl and tries to wake her up. She coughs and regains her 
consciousness. Meryl says : ' that you?". Snake asks Meryl whether 
she's alright. Meryl then hugs Snake like she never wants to let him go. 
Snake says to Meryl that it must have been terrible for her. Meryl says that she 
didn't give up in the torture room - that she was fighting, too. By doing that 
she felt close to Snake - she hope she could understand Snake. There's a hope 
that keeps her to stay strong, that is a hope to see Snake once again. 
Snake then calls Otacon to tell him that Meryl lives and tells him that the 
Secretary of Defence is about to bomb the place. Otacon tells Snake to get out 
thru the loading tunnel. Otacon will help Snake to unlock all the gates. Snake 
asks Otacon to run, too. Otacon says that he will stay to help Snake - the 
unlocking process takes a lot of time. Snake then warns Otacon that the missile 
has surface piercing - Otacon could die. Otacon says that he's a new man now - 
that he already found a reason to live. Otacon tells Snake to take care of 
Meryl asks Snake about Otacon. Snake says that he's fighting with himself to be 
a man he wanted to be. Snake then jumps down from Metal Gear REX. Meryl jumps to 
his arms. Then they feel that the bombing has started - they have to postpone 
their love scene ^_^. Meryl tells Snake to get his sneaking suit. 

*** Ending 2 Animation : Meryl's Death ***
Snake unties Meryl, but he is too late. Meryl is dead. Snake screams her name : 
Snake regrets himself - by saying that he gave in to his fear - that he sold her 
live for his - that he's a loser, not the hero like she thought he was. Otacon 
comes behind him saying that Meryl can no longer forgives - that she's gone. 
Snake says that It's all because of him. Otacon says - that blaming will make it 
easier - but Will Snake just stay there and die?. Otacon says :" People die. But 
death is not defeat. I lost Wolf, too. But it is not defeat. She and I will be 
together forever. Our love will never die. Live is more than a game of win or 
lose. Lets LIVE !!" . Otacon then says that there's a car in the garage that 
they could get away with. Snake says that Otacon is a different person now. 
Otacon says that he is through regretting his past.
Snake then comes down from Metal Gear. Says that Meryl will be watching him. 
Snake hopes that he would be the hero that Meryl thought he would be. Then 
Otacon asks Snake to wear his suit - for it's cold outside. Snake wears his 
sneaking suit, then go away.

*** Wrecked Jeep ***
Snake and Otacon are stuck in the car. Liquid then comes out and tries to kill 
Snake with his rifle. He points his weapon on Snake, then suddenly he got a 
heart attack - FoxDie kills him. Snake then wonders - if FoxDie could kill 
Liquid, then it can kill him too. The Colonel then calls him, saying that the 
Secretary of Defence has been arrested. The Colonel managed to call the 
president, and found out that the mission is the act of the Secretary of Defence 
alone. The President then calls the B-2 bombers and F-117 back. 

*** Ending 1 : Codec call about Meryl ***
Snake says that he manages to save Meryl. The Colonel thanks Snake for that. The 
Colonel tells Snake that he shouldn't worry about affecting FoxDie to Meryl, 
because Meryl is not the part of the program. The Colonel then asks for Snake's 
forgiveness for keeping lots of secrets from him. That's because the Pentagon 
asked him to in exchange for Meryl's life. The Colonel then asks Snake to hide 
himself as Snake has been officially died from the crash. The Colonel held the 
hardcopy of all Mei Ling's data as insurance, so Snake, him, and Mei Ling could 

*** Ending 2 : Codec call about Meryl ***
The Colonel then says that he has heard about Meryl's death. He says to Snake 
that Meryl was really his daughter. The Colonel plans to tell her that after 
they return from the mission. The Colonel then asks for Snake's forgiveness for 
keeping lots of secrets from him. That's because the Pentagon asked him to in 
exchange for Meryl's life. The Colonel then asks Snake to hide himself as Snake 
has been officially died from the crash. The Colonel held the hardcopy of all 
Mei Ling's data as insurance, so Snake, him, and Mei Ling could live.

*** Codec call from Naomi, about FoxDie ***
Then the Codec turns to Naomi. Snake says to Naomi that Gray Fox has a message 
for her saying that Naomi should forget about her brother and goes on with her 
live - that Gray Fox loves her - that Gray Fox has just save Naomi, Snake, and 
the world. Naomi then says that Gray Fox was not really her brother anymore - 
because since the day he came back from Zanzibar, he looked like a ghost waiting 
to die. Naomi says that at last he found peace. Naomi cries. 
Snake then asks about the FoxDie. Naomi says that people has their time to die. 
That Snake should not worry about how long he will live, but how to live his 
life. He tells Snake to choose life. 
Then the animation shows Snake and Otacon (or Meryl)walk to the snowmobile. 
There's a narration from Naomi : Each person is born with unchangeable genetic 
code. But that's not life. She was into the genetic research because she wanted 
to know about herself and her parents. And if she did that, she hoped that she 
would know what path she should take. But now she realises that it was all 
wrong. Genetic Code governs a potential strength and destiny. But we cannot 
allow ourselves to be chained to fate. Choose life, then live. For so long, she 
looks for a reason to live, but now she will just live.
Gene is past to the children. Living is a link to the future. Loving each other, 
teaching each other. It's a part of life. Finally Naomi understands the meaning 
of life, thanks to Snake.

*** Ending 1 Animation : The Snowmobile with Meryl ***
The animation shows Snake and Meyl are now riding the snowmobile. Meryl finds a 
bandanna in the snowmobile. She gives it to Snake. Snake says that that he will 
keep the bandanna as a reminder. Meryl asks which it is, a reminder for 
finishing the mission, or for their first met. Snake says that it's a reminder 
of how to live. Snake says that until today he just lived for himself - that 
surviving is the only thing that cares - and that he only knows life when death 
is in front of him. Now it's time for Snake to live for someone else - like 
Meryl. Snake then says that his real name is David. When they're about to leave, 
they see a deer-like animal in front of them. Meryl asks Snake what animal is 
that. Snake says that it's a caribou - it means that the spring is near. Spring 
brings a new life. Snake says : Alaska never looks so good, the sky, the ice, 
the Caribou, and especially Meryl. Meryl says that she will enjoy the new life. 
Then Snake starts the Snowmobile and says to Meryl : Let's enjoy life.

*** Ending 2 Animation : The Snowmobile with Otacon ***
The animation shows Snake and Otacon are now riding the snowmobile. Snake says 
that until today he just lived for himself - that surviving is the only thing 
that cares - and that he only knows life when death is in front of him. From now 
on Snake wants to enjoy life. Otacon says that he will leave science and studies 
human psychology. The reason that he studied science is because he was afraid of 
people, that people are illogical. Snake then says that they are alike. Otacon 
continues by saying that he is tired to become spectator, and wants to just 
live. Otacon then gives Snake his Stealth Unit.
Otacon tells Snake to say goodbye to their love. Then Snake says that he has a 
name, David. He asks Otacon to call him Dave. Otacon then says that he is Hal. " 
Hal and Dave... that's a good one !". They both laugh. Then Snake (now David) 
says that he will find a new path. A new purpose. " I know I'll find it". Then 
they're gone with the snowmobile.

*** Ending 1 : The Last Conversation - After the Credit ***
There's a phone call. It is unknown from and to whom. The man says something 
like :" Yes... the entire unit is wiped out. Those two are still alive. Yes sir, 
FoxDie should be activated soon. Yes sir, I succeeded in getting REX's test 
data. Yes sir, my cover is still intact. Yes sir, the DARPA Chief managed to 
find out who I was, and he's been disposed of. Yes... the inferior one is the 
winner after all. Liquid thought that he was the inferior one. They did not know 
that there's you - the third one - SOLIDUS. What about the girl? Yes sir, we'll 
keep her under surveillance. Yes sir. Goodbye ... MR PRESIDENT "

*** Ending 2 : The Last Conversation - After the Credit ***
There's a phone call. It is unknown from and to whom. The man says something 
like :" Yes... the entire unit is wiped out. Those two are still alive. Yes sir, 
FoxDie should be activated soon. Yes sir, I succeeded in getting REX test data. 
Yes sir, my cover is still intact. Yes sir, the DARPA Chief managed to find out 
who I was, and he's been disposed of. Yes sir. Goodbye ... MR PRESIDENT "

( Possibility of a sequel ???.... hmmmm )

##########  15. I WISH LIST  ###########
The more I played Metal Gear Solid game, the more I amazed, as I found out some 
new things in the game ( NEW NEW NEW part ). But at the same time, I feel that I 
can look the game more objectively. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE THIS GAME, 
and I LOVE IT A LOT !! 
These are the things that I feel about Metal Gear Solid, and I hope that these 
ideas will be put on Konami's MG next game ( if there's any ).
1. I think the game is too short, don't you think ?? If you're good at this 
game, you can finish the game less than 2.5 hours.
2. The animation should have better quality. The animation in Metal Gear Solid 
have the same quality as the game itself.  
3. There are only one type of guards - the ones that carry machine guns (FAMAS). 
It should have been a lot of type of guards - which is more difficult as you 
progress further in the game.
4. It's better for Snake to search the body for bullets or ration then the 
bullets or rations come out itself. 
5. The game lacks the time factor. Like Mission Impossible series, time is the 
main factor of succeeding the mission. It seems like Snake has infinite of time 
to stop Liquid.
6. Rather than killing the guards, I think Solid Snake should have a move to 
stun the guard (such as using the back of FAMAS to knock him down). When the 
guard is stunned, Snake can tie them up, get their weapons, drag them, and lock 
them up in the cabinet (maybe  ^_^ ). Snake can take his clothes, and put them 
on him (like Meryl's did !). 
And when the guard is locked up, he will regain his consciousness in certain 
times. When he's conscious, he will shout, and the alarm will go out. This is 
connected to the time factor that I mention in point number 5.
7. Solid can have wounds on certain limbs. Such as : if Solid is wounded on his 
hand, then his shot will be less accurate (or maybe trembling). If he's wounded 
on his leg, then he will not be able to run. Yeah such things !!
8. Solid should be able to use his surrounding for his advantage, such as : push 
the pile of boxes so the boxes fell on enemies, or maybe Snake can make a trap 
or a weapon out of the surrounding.
9. Snake can move in first person mode. In the game Snake can only look from his 
eyes, not walking around with that view. This will make the game more realistic, 
since in the real life, you cannot see something on your behind. But please, do 
not change the top down view - I like it, since it reminds me of the first Metal 
Gear game, and seeing in first persons view sometimes confusing.
10. Really wants to see a prequel of Metal Gear Solid - where FOX-HOUND still 
exists into one group. Imagine : Snake, Psycho Mantis, and Gray Fox in one team. 
Or maybe a game starring Gray Fox - he is so COOOOL ^_^. 

Yeah, these are some of my thoughts. I hope these are useful.

##########  16. CONTRIBUTION CREDITS ###########
First I like to thank all my FAQ's readers. I never thought that my very first 
FAQ would attract so much attention from you. Thanks !!! ^_^. 
These credits are given for their contribution on my FAQ. This update is mainly 
from their information. 
I list all the people who contribute to my FAQ. If there are some person who 
mention the same thing, I will give special credit for the FIRST person who 
mentions it by putting their names on the NEW NEW NEW section in the 
walkthrough. I hope I don't miss no one. OK, Here they are :
Note : There may be someones that wonder why I didn't put their names on the 
contributor's list. That's because either you have sent the trick that I have 
put in the last update, or I haven't tried it the trick you sent me, or I tried 
the trick and failed. Sorry for that.

*****Version 0.8 *****
1. Kamui ([email protected]) - for the information about using 2nd controller 
against Mantis (1st). 
2. [email protected] for the information of Ninja's red colour and 
confirmation on the colour of saved games.
3. [email protected] for the confirmation on color changes of saved games.
4. [email protected] for giving the information about : 
   - using 2nd controller on Mantis.
   - Blowing up crane with 2 stinger Missile 
   - Blasting the frozen door with C4 
   - Easy firing on Jeep technique 
   - Snake's new moves 
5. Alex Kish ([email protected]), for the information about using the 2nd 
controller against Mantis.
6. Karim Benmeziane ([email protected]) for the information on:
   - survival mode (1st)
   - special picture (NNN4)
   - confirmation on the change color of save game.
7. Coen van der Geest ([email protected]) for mentioning the gun 
training mode.
8. Ricky Pool ([email protected]) for putting my FAQ on his homepage. You 
can see it at
9. [email protected] for the information on using the thermal goggle for Mantis 
10. [email protected] He's about to make the Swedish version of my FAQ, 
but I never heard of him since. How you're doing ??
11. [email protected], for confirming that the PAL card is brought by the rat, 
and mentioning the ninja's red colour.
12. Cyrille ([email protected]) for information on the use of cigarette 
13. Rizal Z. ([email protected]) for the information of :
   - ninja's changing colour ending (1st).
   - Mentioning person at 141.52 - the girl with cigarrette (1st)
14. Siepiau ([email protected]) for the HUUUGGEEE information:
   - mentioning 2nd controller against Mantis
   - mentioning Mantis demonstrating his power (1st)
   - mentioning what happenned when ketchup trick fails (1st)
   - mentioning Grey Fox rescuing Snake on Prison (1st)
   - mentioning that Snake may/may not catch cold and find bombs.
   - using the thermal goggle on invisible enemies.
   - the use of cigarette
   - using nikita missile on Sniper Wolf (2nd encounter) (1st)
   - mentioning the place of Pal Key
   - The Amusing ^_^ Fun Watching Meryl ^_^ part. (1st)
15. Jon Norton ([email protected]) for mentioning :
   - use thermal goggle to see invisible enemies
   - Use the chaff grenade on Ninja (1st)
   - Shoot Ninja when he's exploding (1st)
   - The use of Bandana (1st)
16. Andrew Soong ([email protected]), for providing me with 
background story. 
17. Will Bakali ([email protected] for the :
   - using the chaff grenade on Psycho Mantis (1st)
   - Tactic for defeating Metal Gear REX 1st and 2nd encounter (1st)
   - getting 2nd ration pack on the chase scene (1st)
   - mentioning the guard laughs when ketchup fails and ninja rescues Snake 
18. Olong([email protected]) for the information on the use of scarf (1st).

*****Version 1.0*****
1. Rizal Z. ([email protected]) for changing the title screen colour's trick.
2. Mr. Ryan Charles ([email protected]) for mentioning the Psycho Mantis 
Looks Deep into Your Soul trick, and gives me the sneak peek story from Metal 
Gear Solid US.
3. Carl Smith  for the correction on Ocelot's name (I agree 
with you, Ocelot sound's much better than Ocerot ^_^ ).
4. [email protected] for mentioning the slap Meryl trick (1st) and gives me the 
sneak peek of the US version. 
5. Ariel Sergio Wollinger Martins ([email protected]) for mentioning :
   - how to unfreeze the rations
   - how to control Nikita Missiles with first person's view (1st)
   - 'Ghost picture' in psycho Mantis' room (number 20)
6. Richard Banks ([email protected]) for mentioning how to control Nikita 
Missiles with the first person's view.
7. Gregory Chua ([email protected]) for giving me 
   - the location of the ghost pictures (number 5, 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 
32, 34) 
   - a few tips on getting a few of the picture. 
   - frequency table, and 
   - a few ranks.
8. thomas ([email protected]) for mentioning the use of the cardboard Box 
9. Axe ([email protected])  for mentioning the use of Cardboard Box.
10. Chris McFadden  for mentioning about the Liquid's 
parachute whereabouts.
11. [email protected]  for mentioning what Hideo means.
12. chrisk ([email protected]) for using the grenades on Vulcan Raven.
13. Collado, Al ([email protected])  for mentioning : 
    - change title screen colors trick, 
    - gameshark codes 
    - change Ocelot's name
    - a few ranks.
14. [email protected] for corrrecting the ending story.
15. [email protected] for for mentioning the Psycho Mantis Looks Deep into Your 
Soul trick 
16. [email protected] for mentinoning about flipping Meryl when she's controlled 
by Psycho Mantis.
17. [email protected] for Colonel and Naomi's warning when you kill the ravens.
18. Mighty-Man  for the rank section.
19. [email protected] for the story
20. Jason Bernard Williams  for hidden rooms in the 
20. Jim Tamangan  for mentioning : 
    - the locations of a few 'ghost' pictures (number 7, 14, 16, and Sniper 
Wolf's corpse), 
    - using chaff on Vulcan Raven's tank, 
    - the use of cardboard boxes, 
    - and making Mei Ling Angry trick. 
21. [email protected] (Gojira) for using the stinger missiles on 
Vulcan Raven.
23. "DJ \"Crash\" Brookshire"  for the story.
24. John C  for recognizing Meryl among the guards trick, 
and the PAL key difference.
25. [email protected] for tuxedo trick.
26. [email protected] for using C4 trick on Revolver Ocelot.
27. Hendra Wong  for slapping Meryl trick.
28. Sean Jones  for choking Meryl at the Psycho Mantis 
29. [email protected] for correcting the ending story
30. Mark Hartmann  for chaff and stinger trick
31. [email protected] for correcting the ending story
32. Solid Dragon  for the gameshark trick. Good luck 
with your Dragon's Hound organization ^_^. 
33. Johny Cage  for mentioning lots of things, such as :
    - tips for fighting REX for the second time.
    - tips on fighting Liquid
    - precise shooting 
    - Kill the guards in the bridge tips
    - correcting the story
    - more secret rooms in the armory
    - chaff on tanks
    - flipping the guards on the stairs in Comm Tower A
    - stingers for Vulcan Raven
    - Colonel's warning for killing the Ravens
    - PAL key difference
34. Phoenix Fox  for correcting the ending story.
35. Mark Kim a.k.a. Vestiroth for correcting the 
ending story.
36. Mike Meevasin  for different animation in prison cell 
(holding the rifle trick.
38. Charles Miller  for correcting the stories.
39. Coen van der Geest ([email protected]) for the amusing "put C4 on 
Guard's back trick". 

SPECIAL THANKS : for Siepiau ([email protected]) - the major contributor 
for this FAQ, and the one who answered me when I needed the translation. He sent 
me a thorough translation (word by word) for almost half of the game. Although 
the translation that you made cannot be used in the FAQ (because the US version 
has come out), but I really appreciate for what you've done to me. It's the hard 
work that counts. THANKS A LOT - Hope we can work together again.

I am very grateful for all your help and hope that we can work together again.

##########  17. PERSONAL CREDITS ###########
I'd like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the following:
1.Thanks to God, for everything.  
2.Thanks to Konami, for making the COOLEST game right now that I know. You 
really did A VERY GOOD JOB - CLOSE TO PERFECT !!. Thanks for the exciting 
moments that I have while playing your game. Keep the good work, guys !! I liked 
Metal Gear (8-bit NES version), and I LOVE this sequel. I couldn't wait for the 
next sequel (if you have a plan on doing that).
3. Thanks for my parents, my brothers (Teddy and Freddy), and my sisters (Jenny 
and Shienny). God Bless You All !!
4. Thanks to TS63 boys (Ical, Wildan, Chairul, Senna, Didit, Abdi, Krisna, 
Denny, Thoriq, etc). You are the reasons I'm writing this FAQ. Thanks.
5. Thanks to my friends at Dynamic labs and at Sion. You are great. Thanks !!
6. Thanks to VEGA store & its group in Bandung, who sold me this game. Please do 
not copy, alter, or sell this walkthrough without my permission. I have tried so 
hard to write this FAQ. BTW, I am one of your members. Thanks !! 
7. Thanks to Metal Gear Solid Unofficial Homepage (, 
where I got the information about the names of the characters, and other 
information. Thanks !!
8. Thanks to Kamui ([email protected]) for all his help. You always help me out 
everytime I e-mailed you on BFM. Thanks Man! Without you, I won't be able to 
finish the game.
9. Thanks to David Presnall, for all of your help, too. You always give me an 
extensive explanation on BFM. What could I do without you?
10. Thanks to psxtwyst, for sending me a walkthrough on BFM. 

This FAQ is dedicated to someone that I really adore (CM). You're my inspiration 
- always. God Bless You.

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