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----------------------------trey (wouldnt you like to know!)------------------------

     M     M  EEEEE TTTTTTT    A     L           GGG   EEEEE     A      RRR
     M M M M  E        T      A A    L          G      E        A A     R  R
     M  M  M  EEE      T     AAAAA   L          G  GG  EEE     AAAAA    RRR
     M     M  E        T    A     A  L          G   G  E      A     A   R R
     M     M  EEEEE    T   A       A LLLLLL      GGG   EEEEE A       A  R  R

                          SSS    OO   L     IIIII  DDD
                         S      O  O  L       I    D  D
                          SS    O  O  L       I    D   D
                             S  O  O  L       I    D  D
                          SSS    OO   LLLLL IIIII  DDD
                                       part 1


                 1.Legal crap
                 2.Important notes

If snake has so much gear where does he put it? Wouldnt he look kind of bulky?

                                    Legal Crap
This FAQ was typed by Trey ******* on 4/24/2005. It was started at 6:53 PM.DONT 
COPY THIS !!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Important notes

-when you are at the tower and all the guys are chasing you be sure to hold down X 
will you are running so you can shot and run at the same time.

-If your gun isnt full take any ammo you see. Trust me it will be needed.

-when Myrle is following you make sure you dont punch or shoot her because me will 
die and you will get a gameover and you cant continue or she will slap you and it 
will take half your health.

-try not to get caught. It hurts your over-all score. So does getting shot or 


Camera-you can take pictures. No real use but is cool to have any way.

Bandanna-you get this from Myrle if you get the Myrle ending. Unlimited ammo

Body armor-Reduces damage when shot in half.

Cardboard box A-you can hid under it. takes you to the heliport.

cardboard box B-"  "  "   "  "  "  ".takes you to the Nuke building

cardboard box C-"  "  "  "  "  "  " .takes you to the snowfield

Gas mask-slows down Oxygen meter decrease in half.

Cigarettes- does really nothing but hurt you and show you where some lasers are.

Diazepam-stops your hand from shaking when useing sniper rifle.

Cold medicine-stops Snake from sneezing.

Ketchup-use it when in the cell and heals you.

level 1-7 ID card- opens door when next to right number door.

PAL key-use to turn off........or on.......the Nuke in the end.

Mine detecter-lets you see where mines are on the radar and pick up the mines.

Ration- heals you some.

Rope-use when ligide snake in in plane to get of the tower.

Night Vision goggles-lets you see in the dark. good for the cave and nothing else.

Scope-used to see far away objects.

Handkerchief-has no use. Give it back to Sniper wolf when shes dying.


steath suit-makes you so nothing can see you. Get if you the Oticon ending. Doesnt 
work on bosses.

Suppresser- make your SOCOM silent.

Thermal goggles-makes any thing living light up on the screen.


SOCOM- Snakes main weapon. Pistol.

Granades-kills anything any in blast area.

Chaff Granades-stuns cameras in the area.

stun Granades-stunes enemys in the area.

C4-blows holes in the wall.

Claymores-mines blow up stuff.

FA-MAS-automatic rifle good for more than 2 enemies.

PSG1-sniper used for Sniper wolf.

Nikita-controleble missil launcher. Not very useful though.

Stinger missile-guided missiles.good for Liugid Snake both times and for Raven 2nd 


DARPA chief-is killed by begining of the game.

Otacon-your Nerd-ish friend in the game. A scientist being used by FOX-hound to 
make a Nuke.

President Baker-same as DARPA chief

Liguid Snake- Your evil twin.leader of FOX-hound.

Meryl-snakes partner that he meets in the game. Snake falls in love with her.

Ninja-Grey Fox re-built helps you and trys to kill you.

Psycho Mantis-Evil psychic who reads peoples minds and likes to kill people.

Revolver Ocelot-evil now hand-less guy that is in love with his revolver.

Sniper wolf-evil(ar'nt they all)really good aim lady with a big sniper.

Vulcan Raven-buff dude(oops I forgot evil!)who loves ravens and belives that Snakes 
dont belong in Alaska.

Solid Snake-awsome guy with a lot of guns. You play as him in the game.

---------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------



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